Peace Process: Quarreling and Mistrust Continues

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By Dinesh Wagle
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All the wrangling, quarrellings and mistrust between the Maoists and Nepal government strongly indicate that the election of constituent assembly will not be held on time i.e. by Mid July 2007. It now appears that the plan to hold election by that time was itself with some flaws. We have already missed key deadlines related to the peace process (finalization and promulgation of interim constitution and formulation of interim government etc.) and it’s almost certain that we will be missing the date of CA election as well. No problem, we can vote in October, if not July but people must feel assured that they will hold the election. Missing the deadline of the election is not like missing the deadline of finalizing interim constitution.

Government, mainly Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and the Maoist party are involved in a series of ‘friendly verbal fight’ that is about to overshadow the peace process itself. Yesterday I heard Shekhar Koirala, a close aide and relative of PM Koirala who is involved in the peace process from the government side, saying in Nepal Television that the days ahead are tough and one shouldn’t expect the smooth transition. Yes, we are not expecting the “smooth transition” but general public is a bit confused over the exact status of the peace process. As long as there is no conflict and general strikes it wouldn’t be exaggeration to say that Nepali public doesn’t really care about the process. What they care about most is an environment in which they could live peacefully and do their work without any hindrance.

I am not satisfied with the way Maoists are handling the issue. In every speech and interview, Maoist leaders emphasize that the CA election must be held on time and the government must make favorable environment for that. No disagreement. Everybody wants the election to be held in time. But Maoist themselves are doing things that are contradictory to their speeches. Why stop government from reestablishing police posts in villages and sending secretaries to Village Development Committees? Maoists haven’t given us convincing reason for doing so.

Another twist is Prime Minister Koirala’s remark against the authority of the Prime Minister in the interim constitution. Koirala has said, several days after he signed on the draft, that he is not satisfied with the power given by the statue to the interim Prime Minister. What the hell he was doing when he signed the draft? He says that the PM should not appoint the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court because that would act against the checks and balances. But his remarks come after the Chief Justice and his deputy publicly said that they have no problem in taking oath under the Interim Constitution. Both justices also said that they see no wrong in the provision of interim PM appointing the Chief Justice. So the question is, Why Girija Prasad Koirala, who was advocating for the ceremonial monarchy until recently, suddenly decided to speak against that specific provision? Prime Minister hasn’t given us credible reason for this remark which only makes us suspicious about his intention that he wants to give some power to the king in one way or the other. The draft of the interim constitution that has been signed by all eight parties including the Maoist has put king in the state of suspension. There is no doubt reactionary forces are damn unhappy with the interim constitution of Nepal.

Both Koirala and the Maoist (I don’t really see other parties’ voice that much worth mentioning) are free to do certain amount of politics but they have no right to hold the whole peace process in hostage of their weird stands.






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  1. Neil Horning Avatar

    The Maoist position is articulated here

    I find it to be quite consistent. What assurence do the Maoists have that there will even be an interim parliment when all of the police posts are restored and all of their weapons are locked up?

    I can think of no scenario in which the Maoist leadership could responsibly allow them to be restored before they are allowed into the goverenment. This inter situation reaks of disenginuity on the part of the government. They are delaying the process and are hopeing that they can pin this on the Maoists for not allowing the police posts in; Something they never agreed to do.

  2. Neil Horning Avatar

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  3. Prakash Bom Avatar
    Prakash Bom

    I really appreciate Wagle’s contribution to the peace and democracy in Nepal. Our political leaderships in Nepal are failing especially in instutionalizing the basic electoral democratic process. Without establishing such procedures in the institutions of democracy the peace process cannot be accomplished.

    Political leaders like GP Koirala as the president of Nepali Cogress has committed and took part in the movement shoulder to shoulder with people’s movement II for the complete democracy. At this point and time after walking this far, we do no understand GP Koirala’s intension with the complete democracy that process competative electoral process for the legislative, executive and judiciary bodies of the government.

    The chief justice of the Supreme court should only be nominated by the Prime Minister for the Parliamenary hearing and voting to seek approval. Then only they should be appointed by the Prime Minister and sworn in the Parliament with the presence of the Prime Ministe.

    The Prime Minister has to learn to serve the Parliament but not to rule the house and the people of Nepap. Such honest and humble culture is must to sustain democracy. But GP Koirala like old fashioned stuborn leaders who are attached to the arrogance of their arbitrary political tradition and politics of power in the name of Democracy are not qualified for the modern day Democracy.

    We have to rebel against such status quo and perhaps need another movement soon to put them out of their addictions to power of politics. If GP’s intension is to give the king power as per the peace accord he will have to wait until the complition of the elections of the constitution assembly. Let the first meeting of the constituent assembly decide the fate of the king. This provision in the peace accord was brought by GP and he should respect his own proposal. Otherwise, the best was the referendum.

    Nepal will need another people’s movement against the establishment of the GP Koirala’s legacy soon (which is agaist the legacy of the founders of Nepali Congress). The movement has to begin from within the Nepali Cogress leaders, student leaders and cadres who support the Federal Republic Democracy for new Nepal and they should be followed by the people of such like mind in the movement nationwide.

    GP Koirala like to rule democracy with his arbitrary decision making legacy of feudal oligarchic tradition. Perhaps GP is regreting the outcome of the people’s movement II.

  4. Shaman Avatar

    What’s new?

    Are not everyone saying these events will happen in ‘transition period’?

    C’mon, we screw up and mess things up. And we also expect things to fall in place automatically as if Girija or Prachanda has magic wand … Peace and stability does not come easy.

  5. Vahsek Avatar

    I fear of something bad.

  6. Prakash Bom Avatar
    Prakash Bom

    On this issue I also wrote and send it to Wagle to blog it. Since he has already blog the current situation my article does not need to be blogged. I should rather post it on the comment. Here’s what I thought on current political situation based on reading daily news online:

    Nepal must be able to avoid Socio-Political Turmoil

    Turmoil caused by the Regressive Force: After the unfortunate incident of communal violence in Nepalgunja the Prime Minister and President of Nepali Congress party GP Koirala realized on 28th of December 2006 the fact that the regressive force has not yet been completely eradicated. If this is true then the Prime Minister must have been proactive on hundreds of issues that came upon his table from every legitimate corner – legislature, HLPC with the mandate of the people’s movement II.

    It is obvious that the Prime Minister is not taking a decisive path for establishing complete democracy as per the mandate of the people’s movement II. But he is succumbed to too many choices and promises for compromising between the establishment of feudal oligarchic regime and the people’s aspiration for the Federal Republic Democracy. His own recent self-contradictory statements are the evidence of his state of mind that he is gambling with.

    For example, he said he had consulted all parties including Maoist on the nominations of the diplomatic missions and National Human Rights Commission, which unnecessarily caused the Maoist protest. After resolving this turmoil with the meeting of the Maoist and the UML leaderships, he is now insisting again that he will not withdraw the nominations. This is a reminder to the Prime Minister GP Koirala on his remark for the eradication of the regressive force that this nomination list has a member of the regressive force and need a thorough cleaning up beyond your Nepali Congress’s oligarchic party practice.

    Nepali people cannot forget the stubbornness of the President of Nepali Congress party GP Koirala that had created political havoc in the last twelve years’ democracy including the rise of insurgency of the Maoists and partition of his own party. If the Prime Minister continues as the Nepali Congress President to appease his feudal oligarchic party cadres, without democratizing his own party for bringing an end to his legacy of oligarchic party practice, then this will be unfortunate to Nepal and Nepali people. This means the political turmoil will begin with further insurgency.

    Turmoil of the Police Posts: On different occasions the Prime Minister and the Home Minister said that the Maoist party leadership agreed to rebuild village police posts. The Home Minister attended the west Nepal regional security seminar to create a feasible security for the elections of the constituent assembly elections. The whole process has been in themselves self-conflicting to the logistics of the democratic establishments.

    First of all the Maoist spokesperson Krishna Bahadur Mahara has refuted the Prime Minister GP Koirala’s claim that an agreement had been reached with the Maoist chairman on re-establishing police posts. Secondly any seminar on providing security logistics should have been scheduled after the prolongation of the Interim Constitution and the formation of the Interim Legislature and the Interim Government.

    This suggest that either the Prime Minister and his cabinet members are not coordinating it thoughtfully for establishing the Interim statue of the nation as committed among eight political parties to accomplish constituent assembly elections or there is regressive force active to accomplish the elections of constituent assembly under the current feudal oligarchic establishment. Apparently there is no initiation for the democratic establishment.
    Solutions to the socio-political turmoil:

    All political parties must respect the people’s mandate for the complete democracy. Honestly understand what the people meant by complete democracy. Clearly it is an end to the tradition of the arbitrary rule and establishment of the electoral procedures of the rule of law. Therefore the choice is obvious now for Nepali people to establish the Federal Republic Democracy that decentralize the central power up to the local level through thorough electoral procedures.
    The nominations of the diplomatic missions and the constitutional statues most follow the Parliamentary electoral procedures of hearing and voting immediately after the prolongation of the Interim Constitution and formation of the Interim Parliament and the Interim Government. The Prime Minister must drop the current list of nomination or must have nominees go through the Interim Parliamentary electoral procedures. However, their appointments must not be made before the Interim Statue of the nation is established and the nullification of the 1990 Constitution.

    Similarly if the concern of the Prime Minister is serious to curtail the power of the Prime Minister in the Interim Constitution then it is the electoral procedures of the Parliament or legislature for balancing the power of the executive body of the government. If all the national crises need the approval of the Parliament then the power of the Prime Minister can be curtailed. That means all constitutional and diplomatic appointments, all new government regulations, and all government budgets (expenditures, revenues, loans) need the approval of the Parliament through its hearing and voting procedure.

    None of the police post should be rebuilt before the Interim Statue of the nation and the nullification of the 1990 Constitution. Because it is the Interim Constitution, Interim Parliament and Interim Government committed to accomplish the elections of the constituent assembly. Therefore, the Interim Government has to manage the security logistics for the constituent assembly elections.

    Essentially the police force has to begin decentralizing from this point meaning the police personnel in each constituent district should as much as possible be the resident of the same constituent. There should be no authority of the chief district officer over the personnel of the election commission. All chief district officers should be under the monitor of the electoral representatives of the United Nations.

    The chief district officers are one of the most corrupt government personnel with the power politics in the district administrations. Often times they manipulate political parties rather than political parties control them. That’s the way they have been trained during the feudal oligarchic establishments.

    Either in the reinstated government or in the Interim government under the Prime Minister and the President of Nepali Congress the chief district officers will be used in support to get votes for his party. If other political parties also follow the footsteps of Nepali Congress then that will be unfortunate to the elections of the constituent assembly. In order to have transparent elections the government officials and security forces must be neutral under the rule of law.

    However, especially the chief district officers are conditioned with their practice for manipulating political power by dedicating themselves to the central leaderships. Therefore, under purposed state restructuring based on the Federal system the appointment of the government employees, as the chief district officer must be abolished with the elections of the district governors for finally eradicating the regressive force of the nation.

  7. Captain Crash Avatar

    I like to believe that people in the long run are going to do more to promote peace than our governments. Indeed, I think that people want peace so much that one of these days governments had better get out of the way and let them have it.
    – Dwight D. Eisenhower

  8. boka sr. Avatar
    boka sr.

    Girija’s met the King in Chhauni and assured him that he will keep so called ceremonial monrachy in the intereim period. The papers required to be signed by all parties has not been properly signed, only the preamble was signed by 8 parties. The documents should have been signed page by page. Further, Girija has never supported Republican set-up. I was surprised on his endoresement of constitution. He was senile and he is senile as he is 85. Let the old man go

  9. B Avatar

    We never really know what is happening in our politics anyway. The internation community (india and the us) has something to do with what and where we are today, i am sure. However, Neil’s claim that the maoists can not trust the government is simply ridiculous. How can the government then trust the maoists once they are in the government? How can the government be assured that the maoists are not going to try and take over? I am sure neil would say “but they have already committed to multiparty democracy” sh#t.

  10. Neil Horning Avatar

    Once the Maoists are in the government, the police posts and VDC’s will be a Non-issue. It will be in the Maoists interest to re-establish them, because they will have 1/3 representation in the parliment that controls them. The goverenment shouldn’t blindly trust the Maoists. It should simply live up to commitments it has made before it expects the Maoists to hand over all of their strategic resources.

  11. sarki ko choro Avatar
    sarki ko choro

    Enough of your bullshit… give me a break!

    Those who trust Maoists murderers will pay dearly (very dearly).

  12. pontiff Avatar

    Neil- can you assure us of Maoist holding unto their bargaining if they are included in the government. Past incidents have shown they are fickle in their committments to uphold agreement(s). There should be no issue of trust- just understanding if this is to move further. The way the things are- unless all this boils over, I see no solution. You take your pick.

  13. Patriotic Citizen Avatar
    Patriotic Citizen

    Nothing is new!! What can Nepalis expect from those immature politicians? No one in political circle think about Nepal. Everyone thinks about their own well being.

    Nepal and her politicians only come to right track if there is a new legislation. The new legislation must be passed in such a way that all politicians or any government officials be afraid of any wrong doings. If any politicians or government officials obstruct the development of the country or involve in corruption defaulters should be punished like Saddam Hussain. Otherwise Nepalis will keep fighting all the time and situation will not improve at all.

    The main problem is power hungry. Once power in anyone’s hand no one is there to develop the country. They are there to make lots of money from illegal means.

    By the look of it Nepal has no wayout. Only solution here is revolution. But the revolution will bring ethnic violence. The situation of Nepal is extremely volatile. Why our power hungry politicians don’t understand this?

  14. sagarmatha Avatar

    Are we heading toward “dark peace” or “open-sky peace”? It is not the matter of just abolishing the king which brings new nation and full democracy. It is the matter of concern how long this kind of democracy will sustain and sovereignity and unity of the counry will continue. Many theories and ideologies were introduced in many developing countries but most of them became futile-work instead brought more civil war. So, GPK or SPA should take every step as secured step toward peace and democracy. Before 2046 we were just talking about democracy and development now we went back and now just expecting peace in the country. Isn’t it the backstep or isn’t it known as returning to the past history of war. If we are ready to abolish the king and king’s gun then we should be ready to abolish the other guns and guns’ brought democracy as well. Otherwise people start to trust only in gun. This is the result of newly-born JTTM. If this ignite more, at the end people will have nothing except pray for their survival, which can be more worst than peace-pray of today.

    Easy to speak but difficult to work in practical.

  15. arun Avatar

    girija is nepal’s number one problem

  16. Talla Ghare Saailo Avatar
    Talla Ghare Saailo

    The only thing the Maoists want now is to be in the government. After all, this is what they have been dreaming for for the last 12 years. However, bringing Maoists to the government at this juncture will be a disaster. It will create a mess, which the people of Nepal can hardly clear.

    Girija could be senile, but whatever he has said is true. He would not debate with us about the validity of his remarks, but remeber he has the responsibility protect the nation from disparate interests of the Maoists, palace, international community, civil society, and so on. Agreeing to Maoists’ demands and pressure is easy, but its consequences will be a nightmare for the people.

    Maoists have spent a good time killing innocent people. They should now concentrate on healing the wounds of those they have robbed, mutilated, displaced, tortured, humiliated.

  17. Guyfromktm Avatar

    Neil wrote:
    “The goverenment shouldn’t blindly trust the Maoists. It should simply live up to commitments it has made before it expects the Maoists to hand over all of their strategic resources.”

    Yeah right! We should all trust these terrorists who deprived the nation of development opportunities for nearly 12 years and in the process kills thousands and displaces millions. And after signing the accord, the maoists haven’t quite fulfilled many of their commitments and we should all forget that and believe that everything will be fine once the Maoists are in power. That is very myopic. The Maoists have done NOTHING so far to win the trust of the people and it is they who have to first mend their ways and present themselves as worthy of taking care of this country and its people. Merely threatening people at gun point, killing all those who are not supporting them idea and trying to come our clean with populist rhetorics that they themselves can never fulfil will not make them leaders overnight. They are still terorrists and have a long way to go before people will accept them in any kind of politcal power. They have to cleanse themselves first and let the people live in peace so that we can all vote in free and fair election and may be by a remote chance, some may end up voting for the terrorists. Else, there is no way anyone can adn should trust these gun trotting thugs who have now resorted to verbal diarrhea to try and project themselves as a politicla force. As one who attended the World Bank organized economic forum where the Maoists tried to present their point of view, I could see that the terrorists are full of bull shit. That is why Pushpa Kamal started the meeting very apologetically saying as this meeting was organized in a haste, I haven’t come evry well prepared. Wel, what was he doing all this time when he was lying to the people of Nepal saying his aprty has all the economic polices worked out for Nepal to make it like Singapore in god knows how many years.

  18. Bideshi Avatar

    “They should now concentrate on healing the wounds of those they have robbed, mutilated, displaced, tortured, humiliated.”

    A good start in the healing process would be to stop robbing, mutilating, torturing, humiliating, kidnapping, murdering etc.

  19. Patriotic Citizen Avatar
    Patriotic Citizen

    I fully agree that Girija is the major problem of the country. In fact all Nepalis know Girija is the worste leader but why those leaders of SPA is following him? This is very clear that none of our politicians have gut to manage the administration of the country.

    This is where huge experience and good vision for the future is required. Regrettably our leaders? Now Prachanda joins to this lot. If we think carefully about present situation of the country, specially in regard of the Maoists; see what Prachanda has done!! The Maoist suprimo Prachanda made almost 75% of youth of Nepal gun dependent. None of those youths will work now. Because they are made idle and gun dependent. For this Prachanda and other Maoist leaders should be responsible.

    If the Maoist leaders are unable to control their cadres then Nepal is gone. There will be no democracy at all. Only there will be “GUNDA GARDI, EXTORTION and CORRUPTION”.

    We Nepalis have to understand and envision the future at least for 50 years from now. I urge not to depend on our cheap politicians.

    Actually our government officials have to change their attitude. Not to join politicians in corruption and stay rigid in their respective posts. The government officials should cooperate with general public as much as they can. They should not extort or ask for moeny in government offices. The government officials should provide better service to general public. If politicians try to fire government officials then general public will be behind them. This is the only way to unite government officials and general public. From this politicias can be isolated and minimize corruption.

    Look at the governance of the country now. Nepal is the riches in water resources but we are buying electricity from India. The middle Marshyandi Hydel power project is stopped. Why is this happening, because Nepalis are not being patriotic. Most of Nepalis are being selfish and only thinking about now not for future.

    As long as thinking of Nepalis don’t change Nepal will remain same or go even worse. Come on dear countrymen it is not very late. We can at least stop wrong doings now. If we don’t stop now it will go too far then Nepal will not remain. Let us unite and stop all wrong doings from anyone in the country.

  20. Prakash Bom Avatar
    Prakash Bom

    This is a possitive response of Maoist leaderships in today’s news paper:,

    Prachanda directs cadres to allow police, VDC secys in villages

    Maoist chairman Prachanda has directed his party ranks to cooperate in reinstating the police posts as well as returning the VDC secretaries to the villages.

    Issuing a ‘special direction’ Wednesday, Prachanda asked the party cadres to allow VDC offices and the police to operate in Terai areas right away and after consultation with other party parties in hilly areas. He also directed his party workers to help VDC secretaries in their election works and create an environment wherein activists of other parties could carry out their activities.

    The Maoist supremo claimed that even as the ruling parties came up responsibly during the talks, they had of late been making rumours that the Maoists were not allowing reinstatement of police posts and return of VDC secretaries to delay the constituent assembly elections.

    The CPN (Maoist) is ready to make all kinds of sacrifice to make the constituent assembly polls happen in mid-June, Prachanda said and added that for a new Nepal, the people are waiting for an interim constitution, interim parliament and interim cabinet and the date for the CA polls.

    He also demanded that the date of the CA polls be declared immediately.

    Prachanda’s statement came amidst growing criticism from the ruling parties for hindering the reinstatement of police posts destroyed or removed during the conflict and return of VDC secretaries to their working stations.

    The Maoists have forced the police officials out of their reinstated posts in different places over the last few days. This led to a warning from Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala that the Maoists would have to take responsibility for any delay in the CA polls because of such activities. mk Jan 03 07
    Prachanda directs his cadres to assist rebuilding police posts

    Kantipur Report

    KATHMANDU, Jan 3 – Chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist (CPN-M) Prachanda Thursday directed all his party cadres to assist the government in rebuilding the police stations in hills and Terai belts that were displaced during the decade-long insurgency.
    Issuing a press statement today, Maoist Chairman Prachanda said that the directive was issued in a bid to expedite the issuance of interim constitution and setting up of interim legislature as well as to hold the election to the constituent assembly by mid-June.

    Prachanda also gave special directives to the party cadres, asking them to “assist VDC secretaries in the electoral process and leaders of political parties in the election campaign.”

    ”Failing to hold the Constituent Assembly elections by mid-June and to issue the interim constitution and legislature in time will effectively render these decisions meaningless,” said Prachanda.

    He also clarified that the government’s unilateral directives for the reinstatement of police stations and VDC officials had created a “difficult situation.”
    Posted on: 2007-01-03 06:09:17 (Server Time)

    Sometimes we also have to read between the lines of the news on different newspaper.

    We must be united for our objectives to accomplish. Our main objective is to institutionalize ‘The Electoral Democratic Sytem of Government’ through the elections of the constituent assembly.

    This means the successful and transparent elections of constituent assembly will draft nation’s Democratic Constitution. And this is guaranteed with the elections of the constituent assembly by the ballots of the people of Nepal. Such a constituent assembly is bond to graft the Democratic constitution having nation’s sovereignty rest in people under the constitutional protections of people’s civil liberty that includes voting rights, civil rights, human rights and the rest.

    This is responsibility of all Nepalese living in the coutry and around the world to accomplish this objective to establish the culture and the institutions of Democracy. Those who goes against it will be considered regressive anti-nationalist.

    Therefore we must sacrifice all our petty little difference and political motives in party level, community level and individual level.

    Let us unite and accomplish this historical goan of our nation.

  21. gooddialogue Avatar

    thank you prakash

  22. sagarmatha Avatar

    Prakash Boom,

    Your theoritical analysis and ideology is very much acceptable in terms of materialising the democracy in concrete way. Uniting the people is very difficult task at the moment. The players of democracy who themselves were (are) to be blamed for destroying it? But it shouldnot mean we should head backward. But there are many complications if one tries to settle it temporarily. Don’t get hurt, people are very much concerned with Brahmanbad in Nepal. If this thing will not be managed before CA, the whole exercise might become futile. Another group like maoist wake-up with the guns, the case of JTMM is one. The result, the coming constitution made by CA will become as useless as constitution of 2046 (considered as the best in the world). I would like to repeat again, the maoist ignite the fire of ethnic and geo- equlaity in politics. That fire is more dangerous and if SPAM try just to cover it by blanket (tactical politics) then that blanket itself will be useless in future.

  23. Neil Horning Avatar

    I must admit that I am quite surprised that Prachanda issued that statement. He must have either obtained some sort of concrete assurance that the interim government was coming. Maybe he just decided that he couldn’t afford to be blamed for the delay.

  24. Prakash Bom Avatar
    Prakash Bom


    Thank you for your response. I think we should continue our dialogue to make our objective as much transparent as it can be conceivable. This should take place among the political party leaderships, among the party cadres, intellectuals, students, workers and so on.

    We are trying our best to restructure new Nepal with Democratic establishment. To institutionalize democratic logistics in our political and governance culture we have to sacrifice the crude political and personal motives for power and position in party and personal level no matter to which party we belong.

    The foremost thing of all is to conceive clear ideas or thoughts for our objectives to build a new democratic Nepal and we have to stick to it for the sake of the country and the aspiration of people.

    Our communal differences part of our ignorance imposed on us during 250 years of Hindu feudal oligarchic regime – Rana and Shah. The caste system of Hindu is basically responsible for this. We also have to understand the caste system in Vedic religions (the contemporary popular name is Hindu).

    It would be our ignorance to pin point on Brahaminism. It is the Democratic institutions and its culture will wipe out the caste system. It is true Maoists have make the poeple aware of the communal injustice in Nepali society. We have to understand and respect that the practice untouchableness of human being in Hindu society of Nepal is deplorable and unhuman.

    Hindu religious leaders who represent VHM, the fundamentalists organizations in Nepal and Hindu society that supports these organizations have committed human rights voilations and will keep committing human rights violations against janajatis of Nepal.

    In order to settle all these deplorable socio-political ground issues we have to first understand the Democratic value and its political and government culture that sustains its pragmatic institutions.

    In Nepal at this juncture we have very few democratic institutions, party organizations that embrace democratic culture and individual minds who have conceptualized the democratic values of a civic society.

    Our mind no matter which political party we belong is conditioned with feudal oligarchic political practice (nepotism and favoritism) beyond irrationally. This our cultural problem (known as Rudibadi) which has become socio-political issues that stand against international human rights and national civil rights; therefore against the democracy.

    We have long way to go for institutionalizing democracy that will gaurantee civil liberty and protect human rights and civil rights for all. No Braminism and Thakurism in New Democratic Nepal.

    This will also be viable with the economic prosperity that come from institutionalizing Democratic institutions to meet international standard (law and order) for globle economy.

    Lets keep dialoguing on this blog.

  25. Prakash Bom Avatar
    Prakash Bom

    Reassessments Nepali Political Minds:

    Nepali politics particularly under Nepali Cogress Party and GP Koiral is having double standard which is aginst the principle of Democracy and aspiration of people of Nepal.

    Politicians along the line of GP Koirala (it is yet to discover the true face of Maoists with democracy abundance) wish to continue with their heirarchical arbitrary tradition in the government practice.

    This sort of government practice will not need check and balance from the legislative and judiciary bodies of the government. It is nothing different from the feudal oligarchic government practice. The difference is status quo in the name of democracy.

    The political minds that clings to the status quo is moving within the surface of feudal oligarchic tradition. If they can do away with the electoral process of Democracy having the heirarchical arbitrations in political and government decisions they will be fill powerful and secure.

    But that’s not the way Democractic institutions establish their political culture and government practice. With only the electoral process or culture the government practice is accomplished by seeking the concensus of the people.

    If we have fought on the people’s movement II for the establishment of complete democracy then we must be committed to accomplish our goal in every spare of the government – legislature, executive and judiciary.

    But we make big slogans but do not get our act together then it is double standard.

    I will continue with this issue dailoguing soon…….

  26. Prakash Bom Avatar
    Prakash Bom


    What should been done by now for institutionalizing the democracy that will gaurantee the civil liberty of the people – voting, public gathering, privacy, ownership, civil and human rights havng the sovereinty of the nation rest in the people of Nepal.

    Just by declaring the sovereinty of the nation rest in people does not necessarily gaurantee it. The institutions of the Democracy have to be established to protect democracy with daily practice of the governance.

    The sovereinty of the nation that rest on people will be breeched with status quo and continuation of the feudal oligarchic government practice that is still prominent in the practice of the current government in every spare of the practice.

    Therefore, before we begin to start restructuring the nation we must be clear what we really want to restructure with what principle of federations.

    Studeis show centrally controlled government systems are less efficiant than decentralized government systems that lay responsibility to the representatives of the people from grassroot local level.

    This means the community waste management in Kathmandu is more efficiant than the centrally controlled one. The community forest management is more efficiant than centrally controlled one.

    The most corrupt bodies of the current Nepal government are police, cheif district administrations and district judiciaries.

    All these three dempartments of the government are centrally controlled. Centrally contolled system is prone to corruptions. For example, if a police inspector kills the rhino in Chittwan with the pochers and found guilty he will be transfered to Jumla. Then what? Nothing happens.

    Similarly if a police office makes millions of money as a chief of the Sorakhutted police post networking with the pick-pockets and thieves of the city, who can do what? This is the kind of social and national corruptions these centrally controlled authorities commit.

    In order to controll the corruption this sort of government logistics have to be change with the local representatives through the electoral process of the Democracy. Can we think to establish such logistics of Democracy in Nepal?

    This is the question we have to aske and learn from most of the developed nations’ government logistics where there is such logistics established in the local level.

    The police cheifs of the constituent district are elected (known as sheriff) and police officers or personnel must be the permanent resident of the constituent where they are appointed.

    If some one from Jumla wants to be the police personnel of Kathmandu he or she has to first live in Kathmandu as permanent resident for a year. Then only such person is qualified to be the police personnel of Kathmandu.

    The constituent of the district administration are elected as governor or mayor to form the constituent governing cabinet from within the members of the constituent assembly member of the district.

    District judges and attorneys are elected from the permanent qualified resident of the constituent.

    All the candidates must be the permanent resident of the constituent.

    This is the way Democracy lays responsibility to people through electoral dicentralizations.

    This way the one who does good job will continue for life to serving the constituent. If no people of the constituent will not vote for him or her.

    This is the way corruptions can be controlled and the authorities in democracy will have to be afraid of public votings – reward or punishment.

    The foremost thing Nepal need now stop appointing government employees to represent the constituent of the nation like CDOS,

    All the constitutional and diplomatic appointments must process through the electoral process of the Parliament hearing and voting.

    No more arbitrary appontments of GP Koirala’s legacy. This legacy has to be burn down to ass.

    People must educate to understand the democractic process.

    I trust Wagle Ji does and thus I appreciate his afford and I put a lot of time on his blog.

    Get rolling to dialogue…………………

  27. Shaman Avatar

    After all the shit that the politicians, human right activists and others vomit day-in-day-out, here come another dishing out policy prescriptions. That is what pseudo-intellectuals are good at – taking big about theoretical conceptions and “what ought to” and “what should be done”.

    Damn these ‘khote-ustads’ of Bom type.

  28. Neil Horning Avatar

    This is exactly the type of discussion that needs to be happening. Thanks to Wagle for providing this platform.

  29. wow Avatar

    Please can anyone enlighten me as to why people would like to become MP’s etc. in this nation when the pay is not that good and the difficulty with all the strikes etc. for very small reasons is very high? Is it for social service? Popularity? Again very high price to pay for popularity?
    If not then it may be for power? If for power, it is’nt very democratic is it?
    Of course there is corruption money, but then these latter two are all the wrong reasons, so why should we vote for them?
    Service to the nation is the reason to vote? Is there anyone out there who is honestly serving the nation? – GPK? Prachanda? MNK? Anybody?
    If there is no one amongst the current crop, then why should we believe anything they say?

  30. Guyfromktm Avatar

    It is not the Maoist movement that made people understand the fallacies of our system– many people were well aware of it. The question was “who was going to bell the cat?”. There was and is a huge disincetive to the incapapable politicians (incapable to run the country not politicking) to bring our systemic changes because such changes leading to the strengthening of the democratic insitutions would only expose them by taking off the insulation they were enjoying. The same is true at this juncture and will be the same whether we have consituent assembly or not. I can’t see anyone (from the current lot of corrupt and terrorist thugs rising) above self to really try and bring about this change. Both the oliticians and the terrorists have benefitted immensely from the weaknses of the government machinery. The micocosm of this can see witnessed in Thamel where the traffick is “handled” (regardless of what the person known about traffick management) by a red bandana donning militia.

    Same is true for the clean chit that the three corrupt fatso received from the “special court” which surprisingly now has become a non-issue. Can someone tell me how is appointment of 12 Ambasadors by the government a bigger issue that world reknowned currupt thugs walking scot free. is anyone talking about giving more teeth to the CIAA- absolutely not because it is going to come back and haunt the same persons who have the power to make CIAA more powerful. These systems that we are talking about can be only as good as the people running it (of course the enabling/disabling environment will also make a difference) and sadly, what is on display right now is a huge disappointment. It is fine for Pushpa Kamal to give lip service to his social agenda but how many have been realized so far– each time he had a chance he has done a U turn only to make sure he gets to be captured in the picture frame that circulates around the world. The less said about the royalists and the napunshak politicians the better– they are no better than each other. So, the million dollar question is– we all know what should eb done in Nepal– strengthen the institution and establish a polished and fair check and balance system– but who will do it?

  31. krantikariuk Avatar

    This guy “Shaman” pro Girja and pro Gyane. Read his writing how he makes ‘HACHUWA’ remark:

    “After all the shit that the politicians, human right activists and others vomit day-in-day-out, here come another dishing out policy prescriptions. That is what pseudo-intellectuals are good at – taking big about theoretical conceptions and “what ought to” and “what should be done. Damn these ‘khote-ustads’ of Bom type”

    Gukhali like him represents the mind set of feudal oligarchic value of current rule of Nepal.

    Listen – Shaman – if GP Koirala does not promulgate the Interim constitution in 10 days you will how we get your Dimag together….. there will be another Janandolan against the GP Koiral legacy.

    We get together your brain cleaned up from Girja legacy and Feudal oligarchic mind attitude.

    If not improve your dialoguing manner and learn to behave democratically…..

  32. Shaman Avatar

    I am waiting for your another revolution.

    Before you comment on my democratic credentials check your own. As if you know how to behave democratically…look at your language. And you doing anything to remove legacy, lets see if you have ball$ between your legs, you Maoists pig.

  33. krantikariuk Avatar

    Hey you are not politically correct in using this sentence “After all the shit that the politicians.”

    Honestly, I do not see what kind of democratic credentials you hold on to by reading your comment like this “Damn these ‘khote-ustads’ of Bom type.”

    What you think of yourself need to cross check yourself which is call learning about your state of mind or in other word get your self-knowledge reflected to yourself.

    The ‘HACHUWA’ gukhali attitude of those Nepalese who are following the feudal olgarchic decision making process will have to eventually come to a termination as democratic institutes establish its electoral procedures in practice.

    That’s the objectives of the Janandolan II either through the legislations executions or inciating learning process through self-knowlege or public awareness programs that the NGO and schools bring into actions.

    The ‘Hachuwa para’ or arbitrary attitudes without reasoning will have to be eradicated from the mindsets of people like you.

  34. Shaman Avatar

    Frankly, no one really needs your lecture on democracy and democratic instution building processes. I have had seen advent of democracy in 1990s. At that time also, people like you gave big lectures on the same issues that you are lecturing now and ‘educating’ and spreading ‘awareness’ regarding the same issues; look at the end result and state that Nepal is in. So stop bullshitting … your theoretical models and prescriptions will not take us anywhere except to abyss. We have had already learnt enough from half-baked pusedo intellectuals like you.

    I repeat if you have ball$ between your legs, teach some of your Mao comrades about democracy and democratic institution building processes. Instead of showing your intellectualism here in this blog, why do not you travel to Rolpa, Rukum, Jajarkot to spread message of democracy. If that is too far, why do not you travel to Siraha or Janakpur to meet some of JTMM comrades to spread your message. If you cannot, then stop vomiting crap.

  35. Pradhan Avatar

    Well! wagle, its been nepal’s fate from the long time……..whoever ride the singhdurbar’s horse, they tend to forget the promise they had made with the people……and now we people became so much wide heart opened that we forget the past of maoist and even of NC’s supremo GP…….good luck buddies!!!! be prepared to be stabbed on back once again……………….

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