Budhha boy meditating at new venue


BARA, Dec 27 – “Buddha” boy, Ram Bahadur Bomjan, who was found on Monday after disappearing for 10 months, resumed meditation at a new site at Halkhorea pond, Tuesday.

Bomjan reached the area, some eight kilometers away from Baghjhor–where he was discovered by a group of hunters on Monday night–after covering the distance on foot for three hours.

As per his “new announcement” on Monday, he started meditating under the historic five hundred-year-old tree near the pond.

“He’s now begun meditating in the same posture like in the past,” informed chairman of Namo Buddha Committee Bed Bahadur Lama.

Bomjan left Baghjhor jungle with his sister Manmaya and a local Indra Lama, whom Bomjan chose as his helper. “We three walked till here during night time. But he did not talk to us throughout the journey,” Manmaya told.

She claimed that he did not speak to anyone from Monday night.

Following these developments, locals have been continuing to turn up in huge numbers for a glimpse of the meditating teenager.

The new venue is located some 12 kilometers away from Pasaha River bridge of Pathlaiya-Nijgadh section of the East -West Highway. (more)







3 responses to “Budhha boy meditating at new venue”

  1. Dharma Avatar

    A Buddha in long hair sounds funny thuogh the possibility of long hair can’t be ruled out. But I feel this guy doesn’t seem real. Or may be he is real, why should we care? Just let him do whatever he wants to do. Why talk about him?

  2. ShawnySherly4 Avatar

    Yah lets just forget him and convert to Christianity

  3. jai nepal Avatar
    jai nepal

    Before putting our views on any issue regarding religion, we first must of course not forget that we are hereditily Nepalese and our tradition is purely and of course truly Hinduism. So being Nepali calls for being Hinduism. We also need to contemplate the To-be-status of our country after 20 years which has been shown a narrow path showing the symbols of religious chaos which has been effected by declaring Nepal as the Secular nation. So need to understand that Nepal exists by virtue of Hinduism only.

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