Communal Tension:Nepalgunj incident

Nepalgunj has remained a sensitive place ever since it showed signs of Hindu Muslim clash in 2004 after 12 Nepalese were killed in Iraq. And the recurrence of another communal conflict when the nation is in transition can be signs of danger if not addressed on time. Here is more about the first curfew order issued by the government after the 19 day April Movement from Ekantipur

6-hour curfew clamped in Nepalgunj

By J Pandey

BANKE, Dec 26 – The District Administration Office of Banke on Tuesday imposed a curfew in the wake of a rising tide of communal tensions in Nepalgunj.

The local administration issued the curfew orders effective from 11 am to 5:30 pm today “to prevent disruption of communal harmony.”

Tensions were high in Nepalgunj following a scuffle that ensued on Monday between Madheshis (people from Terai region) and Pahades (people from Hilly region) during a Madhesh banda (general strike) called by Nepal Sadbhawana Party (Anandidevi) (NSP-A).

A scuffle ensued this morning between protestors and transport entrepreneurs against vandalism that went on during yesterday’s strike, following which the DAO imposed the curfew order.

The police fired at least six rounds of tear gas earlier today in addition to firing shots in the air to control the street violence.

Both sides however defied the curfew order as they continued their agitation on the streets.

Meanwhile, major political parties including Nepali Congress, CPN-UML, NC-D, Jana Morcha Nepal, NSP-A, CPN-Maoist have appealed the locals to show restraint and to prevent the situation from worsening.

Likewise, representatives of the civil society, journalists and various others professional organizations also urged the locals not to act against the spirit of communal harmony.

This is the first curfew order issued after the April pro-democracy movement.

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53 thoughts on “Communal Tension:Nepalgunj incident

  1. I winder why Sadvavana in still kept in government.If government doesnt take strong action to this type of rouge party this type of incident is bound to happen.Next duty of govt. should be to tight security in whole nepal as this problem may expand to mountain region retailating Madhesis.

  2. All you guys/gals make sure you and your friends do not fall into this stupid communal conflict. It’s really stupid.

  3. The threats of communal issues have begun. The government must address to the whole nation not to enter in such issues and has to take strong action against such types of activities. All the organizations belongs to the different religions, castes, race must have to announce and aware to the people for not entering in such dangerous issues. And for Sadbhawana Party, is it their moral to do such types of protest against government while they are also one of the member of the present government? If such issues is not solved in time then there can be played and benifited by those elements who do not want to have stability, peace and harmony in this country.

  4. Mr Pokhrel,

    What strong action do you exactly have in mind? Do you want to send the Nepal Army there and suppress the Madhesi people who are demanding their rights? The government is not the solution here, they are the problem! Sure various communities can renounce the violence for a time being, but the government needs to stop dilly dally around with the status of monarchy (which is already a moot subject to begin with) and start recognizing these people’s rights. The talk of bringing inclusion has been nothing but a lip service and is quickly becoming a farce if interim constitution is an example to go by.

    More of this will follow if the bahun dominated parties continue on this bahunbad and not come to their senses. They are going to have their head in the chopping board next!

  5. Nice…a preamble to a much larger fire that is going to sweep Nepal and Nepalis – leaders and Maoists alike; Madhesis and Pahades at the same rate. Only G seems to have carefully planned himself out of this. Damn smart bugger!

    Get ready Madhesis, drop your fruit and vegetable baskets, start tying your turban and get your guns and machettis. Sacrifice ‘your kind’ and and your kids for the ‘rights’ you want. Lot less population would be left after ethnic cleansing, which would subsequently make easier to feed the surving ones, me thinks. Let’s make this another Rwanda. Please contact Lallo and his henchmen in Bihar, they will get you guns at extremely subsidized rates, or contact the Pakistani ISIs, they’d love to bust Indian chops by creating instability along the border – especially if Madhesi-Pahade shit hits the fan and becomes a Hindu-Muslim issue accross the border.

    A third world war is long overdue. Let us start with Nepal. Let the Madhesis raise arms of rebellion. First blood has already been drawn, now all you have to do is avenge the ‘oppression’ of ‘your kind’.

  6. Well, the present shows the future. Without protest, no body listens. The more violent the protest is, the bigger the cake you get in power structure. ‘Means justify the ends’ holds no more in Nepal. Opportunism has become the culture of future. I wonder what would I teach my kids – forgive or fight, earn or loot, respect others or terrorise, be generous or exploit ???

  7. Lat ko Bhut Bat le Mandaina! Madhesis have been given too much rights. They have brought Bihari style politics to Nepal.

  8. We are already into communal riots even before announcing the interim constitution. This has never happenned in the 300 years of the hisotry of Nepal. Just imagine what will happen if Nepal becomes a republic !! Another Iran, another Afghanistan, another Cambodia?

  9. this was inevitable. only solving maoist problem n bringing peace is never a solution of nepal’s core problem. this all r the real problems which was actually one of the main reason for bringing the maoist movement to the present situation. now everyone wants to ignore this problem, even this gov n maoist. historically also it happend many times from the unification of nepal, fight against rana, panchayat n other. but never dealt with this problem always made a promise, exploit n throw into the gutters. n the crap system n policy that has been in nepal since 200 years proves to be a failure, wether ir is obsolute monarchy, democracy or watever. never ever tried to undersatnd the sentiment of mroe than its 65 percent population, only favouring those 30 percent ruling class n its people . state structure, legislation, religion, culture, education system, linguistic etc favoured only them. where i n the world would u see this kind of situation other than here when the country is running in such a manner???? n NSPA-A was only protesting against the unfair interim constituion, so did janjatis burnt it down, but the situation took differnt angle, there could b many reasons…..

  10. Kajiman,

    Janjati problems and Madesi probs are different. Most rich madeshi’s never consider Nepal their country. They always sing “Jana Gana mana” and Mera Bharat Mahan. True Nepali Madesi’s are always neglected. Annada Devi is one hell of madesi representing Terai’s jaminadars and exploiting poor.

  11. Senior Boka…Madhesi and Janjati problems are related in many ways than they are different. Of course being a pahade bahun you wouldn’t know, would you? 😉

  12. This problem will only get bigger and the govt seems too busy fighting for turf to pay any heed. I thought the rise of civil society during andolan would fill in some of these gaps but they have been a HUGE disappointment so far. Nepal is heading toward unprecendented chaos and we feel hopelessly helpless for the inevitable.

  13. I am surprished Mr. Utshab pokharel does not see a palace role in this riot. He is an idiot. I do not understand what strong role can possibly be plaid. Instead, a very careful and calculated moves are the need of the hour.

  14. When you leave a chink in the armor, people are going to take advantage of it. Whether palace ever had a hand or not we will never know for sure. But what we do know for fact is that if the dominant players in the current government were wise enough to recognize madhesi’s rights, there would have be no need for a strike to begin with. So what is the point of skirting the core issue by blaming the palace for everything? How long do you want to keep on playing this game? I am not sure who is the dumber of the two, the political parties or the people who do not see through the lies of puppet master Girija and company? I hope I don’t have to see janjatis and madhesis making refugee of pahade bahuns, not all of them deserve such a harsh treatment. They may be 30% of the population but they are unfortunately outnumbered in each of the ethnic regions.

  15. Ironic & B,

    Strong does not mean negative. If the government will not be strong in such crucial period than what about the condition of our country? The government should take strong action to those elements who are trying to inflaming such sensitive issues for their particular benifits, identifying them. And, the government should address these issues in this ongoing peace process. And, all the organizations should also make announcement to their communities not to enter in such destructive fights. Such types of conflict is more dangerous than the conflict guided by ideology and political theory.

  16. No. This is not a favorable incident at all. More of these then our nation is fragmented into 22 different kingdoms once again like it was before Prithivi Narayan Shah. It is very easy to shove it away by saying that the palace maybe involved but were we not saying that in 1996 when the Maoist movement started?
    I think we need to form an-all party government comprising also of the pro-monarchy elements. Then with the King’s consent we should go for the CA elections. Only then will we have an-inclusive democracy. Even if it is a republic, we can always say that the King also agreed to it.
    This way is not the correct way. There is no pterol, the doctors are on strike, all hospitals closed, there is curfew in nepalgunj, daily riots in kathmandu – how can we sustain this? And for how long?

  17. “This way is not the correct way. There is no pterol, the doctors are on strike, all hospitals closed, there is curfew in nepalgunj, daily riots in kathmandu – how can we sustain this? And for how long?”

    The answer is we cannot. This government will not be able to hold the CA elections even with the police vans given by the Indian Embassy and the words of wisdom given by the Indian Election Commissioners. It is a matter of days not even months before everything is up on flames. It is chaotic. My motorcycle doesn’t ahve petrol for the past 4 days. How can I live in Kathmandu like this?

  18. This is a beginning. Its just a tip of an iceberg. We will see more. After all, they were asking for autonomy in the lines of ethnicity. They were simply flexing their muscles to press their demands. Unfortunately, they did not think about unity among janjatis and other marginalized sections of Nepal. They categorized all the janjatis (such as sherpas, rai, magar, gurung, etc) as pahades.

    According to NSP (A), there was infiltration of regressive and feudal elements that led to such unfortunate situation. They were protesting peacefully by forcefully shutting down businesses, educational institutions, transportation.

    Indeed, it is a great day for all. Welcome to New Nepal !!!

  19. Yes, welcome to New Nepal indeed! I ask all of you to raise your rakshi ko glass and let us make a toast to oblivion for a new Nepal while the hour is still not late.

  20. increase rakshi and churot ko tax….and use the revenue collected to solve some problems

  21. Mr. Pokharel,

    The strong action that needs to be taken against are the political leaders. People have the right to protest (or as it was implied by the spam during the april uprising). When people rise in support of the SPAM then it is the peoples wish but when they rise to protect their own rights then you see palace’s hand in it? Who are you planning to take action against? People who protested regardless of the curfew in place? Now it is wrong to defy curfew? Look the politicians have opened up a pandorax box and now they can not controll it but instead they go around blaming others without proper evidence. Tell, me Mr. Pokharel what do you think went wrong in Nepalgunj and who should be punished and why? Just answer this and i will leave you alone

  22. Yes there are madhesi problems and janjati problems, but communal riots is not the answer. The shortsightednsess of Sadbhawan party is to be blamed. Aren’t they in the government? Didn’t their rep. sign in the interim constitution? Same holds true for UML Akhiles who are protesting in the education sector. Educatoin ministry is run by their own. They agree something in the government and they protest the same thing in the strees. SPAM is dahi chiure.

  23. B,

    What proper evidence you are talking about? When SPAM say that is more than enough for the evidence. They have only right to say and take action, isn’t it? It seems democray is for SPAM only not for others. Super power of the universe…

  24. There is more of this to come until all the muslims are sent away to India or to their country of Pakistan from the Nepalese soil. Har Har Mahadev

  25. “increase rakshi and churot ko tax….and use the revenue collected to solve some problems ”

    The people are dodging taxes already with impunity.

  26. The April uprising was the seed of present chaos. Security officials who tried to restore order are now considered criminals by the people. Why should they now be responsible for restoring order? You have made your bed of anarchy, now lie in it.

  27. Bideshi

    You are absolutely right…

    The SPAM should understand blaming others for own fault involved is just a temporary game. It will backfire and bounce back. They are the one who ignite the fire of communual feelings by blaming Late King Prithivi Narayan just to step in the unimaginable power. If Late King Prithi Narayan was wrong then accept the federal or commual government. They should accept the demand of Tarai Mukti Morcha, they should accept the voice of Limbuwan, Khumbuwan, Newa, Tamang etc.

  28. B,

    I am not in the against of the rights of protesting. But, is it the right period to fight on the communal issues? Every organization has rights to make voice for their place in the nation but the way should be peaceful and sincere. This is the transitional period and this period is most sensitive period. Now, the CA Election is going to be held in our country. That is the right opportunity to all the communities to make their voice heard and to secure their rights. Nepalgunj incident is the cause of lack of sincerity of all and it is the lesson to all the stakeholders. Before doing anything there should always be thought about the situation of the country and the possible impacts (both negative and positive) by the action. So, this is not the time of making country weak this is the time of united and make solidarity. It seems that you are an idiot who only knows to blame the political parties. What do you think that who will make the solutions and how the problems will be solved? Only raising the problems is not great. Try to find out solutions. Be prejudice.

  29. Mr. Pokharel,

    The supporter of the government never think it is the right time to protest. The SPA has taught us that. The Doctors are on strike, the medhesis are on strike, the students are on strike, the teachers are on strike. And what the hell can you or your government do about it. Obviously the madhesis feel they rights have been neglected and if they have been neglected they are not going to sit around thinking it is not the right time. Was it not sadhbhawana party (which is also in the government) that announced the bandh? Of course, now mr.tripathy says the bandh they announced was constitutional and was in the interest of the nation. I do not see any wise nepali accepting that except for may be you. Was not the april protests violent? This period is transitional for those who is getting something after the transition but if madhesis feel this transitional period is going to do them more harm than good why would they treat it as a transitional period?

    How problems will be solved? Certainly not by partnering with the terrorists. One one hand SPA say the maoists are not abiding by the agreement and on the other they are giving them money as if this is the best christmas ever.

  30. Mr. Pokhrel,

    What do you think Maoist ideology to win the monarchy by raising the communual voice is right? If SPA joined hands with their ideology then they should accept the voice of all ethnic groups and allow them to rule the country idependently.

  31. The people who have got the powers in their hands now is still suffering from dangerous delusions, they have not still realized the actual situations. What is decided and what is settled must be acceptable to the parties to whom it affects and that only 22 % of the population of the country should not be in mind while taking decisions and also the settlement should not be made with a view, idea that things would remain as it was in the past in the future too, the settlement must not be of a kind that is capable of working for some period of time, -a settlement that is unfair and would be eventually opposed, because that would give rise to situations that would be far difficult to handle when people have to oppose such unfair settlements . The Madhesis are doing the right thing because they have been disregarded by Mr Koirala and Prachanda and have been betrayed, they have the right to protest, just that they should not target those who are not responsible for the crime, Mr Koirala, Prachanda and Co can be targeted.
    Jai Bhim!

  32. all the politicians first should be hanged where everyone can c, so that others don’t make or repeat this same mistake.


  33. The protest itself should not be viewed as wrong. It was peaceful in most of the regions. We are witnessing such protests now and then.
    The eruption of comunal riot is indeed UNFORTUNATE. People here
    SPEAKING AGAINST THE PROTEST seems the cause for the riot and similar minded people might have added fuel to worsen the situation. Learned and
    civilized people are always good and you won’t expect slang words from them
    even in their dreams, leave alone the case of writing slangs here. It is definately
    not good for all of us Nepali to use filthy words to one another anywhere be it blogsiite or whatever.
    Say NO to COMMUNAL abuse and NO to COMMUNAL suppresion .

  34. Can’t this govt. even come down on extremist organizations like the JTMM and relgious fanatics? This SPA govt. is so useless! OK tackling the Maoists was beyond them but they can’t even control a bunch of hoodlums?

  35. Today Girija blamed this incident on regressive forces (which might be true) but he conveniently chose to overlook the bigger problem that threatens the country – that of Jatiya issue.

    If one comes to think about it, this was about exploiting a problem that was already there. Maoists did it and now as GP says regressive forces or whatever …

  36. Parties too are retrogressive and reactionaries!

    Instead of excelling in the run of “political progression” and establishment of sustainable peace, Nepal —with the recent incidents of vehemence, vandalism and violence that appear to be of communal color that took place from Jhapa in the East Tarai to Nepalgunj in the west– at present, the country seems to be getting stuck in sectarian squabbles.

    Those who are behind these incidents are the foes of progress of the country. I agree with the politicos from Prachanda to Girija who have called them those saboteurs as reactionaries and regressive elements. But only blaming others or deploring the wrongdoers is not the way out approach to solve crisis. It’s not the time for nitpicking; everybody should bear the responsibility–with honesty. Better is prevention. Why to let the reactionaries play?

    Meanwhile, the Seven Parties Plus Maoist Alliance looks as if it has been flotsam and jetsam. They are busy on bickering; they apparently are poles apart in the issues that call for consensus.

    Take the example of the Nepalgunj incidence. Saying that it has differences with the agreed upon Interim Constitution, the Sadbhawana Party (Anandidevi) that is in the government called the shut-down programme. Whatever be their point of view regarding their protest and the incident that took place with it on the background, is it rational to resort to violence by the party that is in the government? Is the party accountable to the people?

    Nepalgunj incident took place under the nose of the Seven Parties plus the Maoists. None can cut and run. Only calling the wrongdoers “reactionaries and regressive elements” doesn’t not suffice to the people’s longing for peace and harmony. Infiltration would have taken place in the protest of the ruling party; however, it should take the sole responsibility of the damage and cacophony. Moreover, the perpetrators should be tried. The state should not forgive the elements that are trying to disrupt the social and religious harmony in the country.

    Give up propagandist politics and work for the betterment of the society. Else, you parties who boast of democratic values and you Maoists who say are working for the people’s liberation are the real reactionaries and retrogressive elements.

  37. hello Guys,
    Its understandable we all are concerned about the situation in Nepal. I have a friend who’s leaving for Nepal to do something for the country itself. Is there anyone with similar thoughts? or everyone is just sitting on the sofa and bluffing that the politicians, this person and that person to do this and that.
    Enough of talks, act now.

  38. “all the politicians first should be hanged where everyone can c, so that others don’t make or repeat this same mistake”

    How can the money that they have stolen be recovered if they are hanged?

  39. The communal conflicts are sometimes normal in a post war transitional period. Many countries which move from a violent war towards a sustainable peace have faced such situation. South Africa can be an example in this connexion. In that country more than 2000 people lost their lives in the communal feuds during the talks between the blacks and the racist government.

    The problem in Nepal seems bigger than that. The Madhesis of the Nepalese tarai are gradually moving towards communalism. The communal feeling is becoming stronger especially among the educated and intellectual elites.

    The reason behind the spread of communal feeling is the interest of the Madhesi elites to gain position in the federal state. They know that the establishment of a federal state in the terai will provide opportunity to the handfull of elites who exist in the region. This self-interest has started to influence the perspectives of Madhesi intellectuals.

    However, the political parties are mainly responsible in giving rise to communal sentiment in the tarai. The Maoists first sowed this seed. Other political parties hesitated to act against it due to the fear of losing votes. The Sadbhavana which is facing a crisis to its existence is actively nurturing this sentiment. Today, Sadbhavana party organizes political rallies in the terai in which the Madhesi people chant this slogan: Pahadiya Chor Madhesh Chhod.

    The only way to subdue the communal sentiment is to free political process from communalism. I doubt that the political parties will ever be ready for it. The only thing in their mind is the votes.

  40. JMTT again killed one person by injuring two with destroying two vehicles. SPAM, try to understand and solve this situation on time. It might raise the fire where the government might not control like in Nepalganj. That time there might be no one to be blamed.

    The talk of the town is ethnic crisis and capturing Nepal land (about 1300,000 bighas of Nepali land) by India.

    UWB what is your comments?? Silent surrender isn’t it??

  41. the good and bad news is that like this and that keep reporting….
    these things take ages, in Argentina it is still so so
    like trouble in the family
    forget and forgive way too soon for that
    As much as possible Kantipur please we need those heads in the same direction.

  42. UWB!

    Who posted this comment under my blog name?

    “hello Guys,
    Its understandable we all are concerned about the situation in Nepal. I have a friend who’s leaving for Nepal to do something for the country itself. Is there anyone with similar thoughts? or everyone is just sitting on the sofa and bluffing that the politicians, this person and that person to do this and that.
    Enough of talks, act now. “

  43. The Nepalgunj incident is just the begining of a New Nepal. We as a People have choosen to ignore the atrocities which the Maoists committed over the past one decade and only whip a dead tiger in the form of the monarchy. I am no royalist, but this blame game is so pathetic that the whole world is laughing at our idiosyncracy.

    Girija is sick! Who will take over the chair should he fade from the present political scene? The obvious person now is no other than Prachanda. Three Cheers!

  44. Nepalgunj Riot is just a small beginning. Our country is breaking apart and our future is doomed….
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  45. Kirat, JTTM is no different than the Maoists, in fact they have equal credibility as the Maoists do in the current circumstances. Maoists are putting up a farce front of “peace” while attacking police posts and manhandling government officials in different parts of the country. JTTM are at least honest and doing it on your face.
    Welcome to a country where armed militias become the government.

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