Prachanda, Baburam call on Prime Minister

News we are following: Dec 24- In a bid to plug growing fissures between the government and the Maoists, Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala held discussions with Maoist Chairman Prachanda and Maoist-second-in-command Dr Baburam Bhattarai Sunday morning (Dec 24) at the formers’ residence in Baluwatar, reports eKantipur.

According to sources, the trio discussed the interim constitution, appointment of the ambassadors, arms management, among other issue, during the meet. Both Maoist leaders urged the PM to begin the process of arms management at the earliest possible to expedite the issuance of the interim statute, sources said. During the meet, Prachanda clarified to the PM that the CPN-M was forced to call the day-long valley strike after the government went against the spirit of the SPA-Maoist agreement to appoint ambassadors and officials at the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC).

The PM, meanwhile, urged the Maoist not to harbor any further suspicions “since all important decisions henceforth would be issued only after an agreement and consultations with the seven parties and the Maoists.” The PM on Friday had said that the government had consulted with CPN-Maoist Chairman Prachanda while nominating ambassadors and members of the NHRC, asserting that he wouldn’t be withdrawing the names. He also said that he had told Prachanda that he would keep some seats on the NHRC and the ambassadorship for France for the Maoists.





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  1. Supriya Anjaan Avatar
    Supriya Anjaan

    UWB, I like this idea of posting blogs on the side bar. Nevertheless, it opens as regular post when I want to post comment. No problem.

    I wanted to say something on this meeting of Koirala and Prachanda. Good move. That was needed because people are already speculating about the failure of the peace talks. I can’t even imagine of the failure of the talks. Some kind of misunderstanding between PM Koirala and Maoists was starting to appear and I hope this meeting will bury that mistrust and help the peace process move forward.

    But I am seriously pissed off by the stand taken by the UML in this whole issue. The UML stand is that they don’t have any consistent stand. Jata malkhu, utai dhalkhu. And look at the way they are playing politics: sending students on the frontline even though they are holding Deputy premiership in the cabinet. Their minister agrees in the decision taken by the cabinet and now they reject the decision. Why this contradiction? I don’t want to say the decision was good but the UML handling of the whole affair sucks.

  2. sasanka Avatar

    Nice teamwork, the fellows Girjay, Prachanday, and others have teamed up, formed a group. SEE, the indigenous nationalities(janjatis), Dalits, Madhesias have opposed and protested against the Interim Constitution still the constitution stays no changes whatsoever, the more than 80 percent people of the country has protested so to say, but still it makes no impact on them. GOOD, it shows the weakness of the other groups that want change in Nepal, their weaknesses, they are incapable of doing or making any impact. It bodes bad for the country, think of 8% ignore others some say 22% some more whatever, where they hope to reach, can they face the consequences of their settlements and decisions. Shortsighted decisions shall ruin the country.

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