After a Long Difficult Life, Time to Go Home

displaced nepalis

Two internally displaced women (pics above and below), with their children, from remote and super-improvised Mugu district of Nepal abroad an airplane in Nepalgunj airport. Many people who were living in a temporary camp in Rajhana of Banke district are returning home with the help of various non governmental organizations including Insec, B Group and INHUDEC.. 44 Mugelis flew out of Nepalgunj to Mugu on Tuesday, December 19. Most of them are from Srikot, Seri, Khamale and Narthuk VDCs. There are 17 children and 15 women among them. Member of Parliament from Mugu Chandra Bahadur Shahi and Chief District Officer of Banke Tilak Ram Sharma put tika on all returnees’ foreheads and saw them off at the airport. The Rajhena camp still houses more than one hundred internally displaced people from Humla, Jajarkot and Dailkeh districts. The local NGOs said that remaining people will also be returned soon. “Who won’t be happy on being able to return home after years of displacement?” said a jubilant Chinkala Budha of Seri. However, most of the IDPs were disappointed over the government’s indifference. Following the beginning of the peace process, a total of 500 IDPs from the Rajhena camps have returned home. However, over 100 IDPs of various western districts are still languishing in the camps. Pics by Janak Nepal

displaced nepalis





3 responses to “After a Long Difficult Life, Time to Go Home”

  1. Ananta Avatar

    Maoists must stop irresponsible behaviour like calling on Nepal Bandas etc at this time when all Nepalis are looking forward to a peaceful resolution. Nepalis want to return back to their homes. Police posts must be restablished. Reports say Maoists are stopping police from restablising posts. That must be stopped. I am happy that Humlis are returning home. Congratulations.

  2. healthandbiology Avatar

    Look at innocent face of the kids! They don’t know what is going on around but their reaction shows they are panicked.

  3. Yatri Avatar

    Humla and Mugu are two different districts of Northwestern Nepal. Simikot is Humla’s and Gamghadi is Mugu’s respective district headquarters.

    The plight of these people living is these districts other than displacement due to Maoist insurgency include famine, lack of primary healthcare and no motorable roads anywhere.

    UWB: The mistake has been corrected. Humla and Mugu are are two different districts. We mistakenly reported Mugu as the headquarter of Jumla.

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