A Message Comes From Pokhara

As SPA leaders are trying to save monarchy in Kathmandu, a strong message comes from Pokhara this afternoon.

What happened in Pokhara is surely an indication of the days ahead. Pro-republican students attacked a meeting of pro-royalists this afternoon. These students were not from one party as many would like to believe: they were from Nepali Congress, CPN UML and CPN Maoist. Rastriya Prajantra Party Nepal, breakaway ultra-royalist faction of RPP, was formed by people like Kamal Thapa, at the height of autocracy, when they were in power and in the royal cabinet headed by Gyanendra Shah. After the April Revolution, the leadership of the faction was handed over to Rabindranath Sharma who recently said that continuity of monarchy was necessary in Nepal. Sharma also appealed Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala to lead a Democratic Alliance against the possible Republic Front by the communists. Sharma was in the process of brining together royalists under his party’s banner and was holding a regional meeting of his group in Pokhara. Furious students spontaneously intervened the meeting, attacked the participants of the meeting as helpless police watched. Royalists, including Sharma, fled the venue. The incident can not be welcomed as such because in democracy even its enemy has the right to conspire against it. BUT the event is a clear signal that the popular uprising that was started in April hasn’t quite yet finished. The main slogan of the uprising (in April and other previous protests) was this: “Gyane Chor Desh Chod” (Thief Gyanendra, leave the country) followed by “Down with monarchy”. The reality is that Gyanendra is still enjoying inside the high walls of Narayanhitty with OUR money.

The timing of the Pokhara incident is worth noting. This has come exactly on the day when the government and Maoist negotiator failed to agree on the status of monarchy: government is struggling to provide some sort of space to the same Gyanendra Shah against whom people fought and died in April. Maoists want to declare Prime Minister or the Speaker of the House as the head of state but the government wants to keep quite on the issue (that is to say, continue accepting Gyanendra head of the state.) That is clearly against the spirit of popular uprising and its mandate. That is also against the basic principles of law and order. Gyanendra has been found guilty in suppressing the popular movement and to continue him as the head of the state would mean this government wants to give prize to a guilty instead of punishing him. To continue Gyanendra, a guilty, as the head of state is no different than releasing all the convicted killers from jail.

We must keep in mind that the situation in Nepal is still volatile, people can hit the streets any time against anyone who is trying to save monarchy and a final struggle against the feudal institution can be launched any time if the leadership in the government fails to act as per the mandate of the April revolution. It’s not just about Girija Prasad Koirala who is in favor of continuing monarchy but the stand of CPN UML leadership is also dubious. If they really want to do what they are promising to people publicly (they are for republican), this is high time that they left the government and exert pressure on Koirala and other forces that be. Take another example of what the public wants. Just today, influential young leaders of Nepali Congress, the party of Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala who seems to be trying to save monarchy, came together to say that the nation was now heading for republic. They include Gururaj Ghimire, Dhanaraj Gurung and Gagan Thapa, all former leaders of Nepal Student Union. The youth voice is clear, Nepal should not be made the hostage in the name of providing job to one person called Gyanendra Shah. -By Wagle






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  1. Bideshi Avatar

    Trying to save the monarchy is like beating a dead horse. Saving the country is what matters.

  2. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    SPAs and Maoists: End the Monarchy now. Declare King Gyanendra as the Interim President of the Republic of Nepal for now. Give him all the privileges as the President. No more Sri 5.
    If you wait and argue on who will be the Head of State before CA, Monarchists will gain momentum. So do it now.

  3. Kishan Avatar

    Where is Matrika Yadav these days? Does any one have a clue?

  4. Anno Avatar

    Making Gyane the president is like digging one’s own grave. It is better to have a headless state than a rotten head

  5. Anon Avatar

    There are still elements of feudal oligarchic elements in NC and in both RPPs. These are the regressive elements of the county.

    If Gyanendra Shah is revived again even as ceremonial monarchy there will be final revolution in Nepal not only to eradicate the monarchy but its roots in feudal families that enjoy power linking with the monarchy.

    You will see end of the old leaders who do not want to see what majority of young generation see in the nation.

  6. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    I understand your sentiment but Gyanendra is still in Palace. You have to plan some graceful exit for him. I don’t think referendum for monarchy is a good idea. We know what most people want. Making him President of the Republic of Nepal for the time being is good idea. Once people vote for new President he is out of the palace. Unless SPAs and Maoists have better plan to get him out of the palace this is the only solution.

  7. sarki ko choro Avatar
    sarki ko choro

    While I agree with your right to write whatever you like in your blog, but hollow article like the above only proves that Nepali intelligential still do lot of ???????? ????.

    Some maturity rather than emotional out bursts in argument will go a along way in convincing the ?????? ???? about pro and cones of Monarchy in Nepal. Same applies with the dealing with the Maoists murders.

  8. sarki ko choro Avatar
    sarki ko choro

    ..who have caused much more death of fellow Nepalese and destruction of the nation’s properties than Gyanendra (your language) ever did.

  9. Anno Avatar


    I don’t see more stability by your “only solution”. It is a long way out from chaos.

    The other solutions: just say you are dismissed do whatever you want (so that he can run away to say, Bhutan?) or even better procesuting the man for ‘crimes’ and throwing the man in jail will finish it for him.

    Remember Saddam, who got the death sentence?

    Or what about Napoleon?

    Once you lose it it’s so easy to fall from heaven. Why resurrect the dead?

  10. RKA Avatar

    Why are we still talking about the King? Why is he still in Nepal? Why haven’t we tear down the wall between ourselves and the freedom? Who is protecting the King? Why do even Maoists look to the South to heed its call? Too many unanswered questions, and too many games in the name of politics over our lives.

  11. scoop Avatar


    you wrote:

    “What happened in Pokhara is surely an indication of the days ahead. Pro-republican students attacked a meeting of pro-royalists this afternoon. These students were not from one party as many would like to believe: they were from Nepali Congress, CPN UML and CPN Maoist.”

    You say it as if it is a good thing. Now it is clear to me there is nothing democratic about you. It’s probably all a pose to get foreign support and funding for your self.

    See your pathetic response to the incident :

    “The incident can not be welcomed as such because in democracy even its enemy has the right to conspire against it. BUT the event is a clear signal that the popular uprising that was started in April hasn’t quite yet finished. ”

    Wagle you are pathetic.

  12. mob Avatar

    We are clearly being run by the mob – A mobocracy. So what does this “message” tell peace loving citizens. Leave aside the attack on a rightist party. Say even Congress went to the polls with a ceremonial monarchy agenda, then would all the other parties be gettting together to hit, hurt, or even kill candidates who are in parties like the Congress, RPP (Rana), NJP and others? Maybe even some people like Gagan Thapa will be beating his own party leaders along with the thugs from the maoists and UML to stand down from the elections, and maybe even threating people at the poll booths not to vote for these parties. All this talk of CA election by 2007 will be a joke at this rate. It is more so leading toward the battle of the the young buck thugs posing to be in parties. We may well have grand civil unrest before we hit CA polls. If the so called leaders of the EPA cannot get a hold of their out of control thugs, I’m afraid it won’t be long before the rest of us get out of control as we have to fend for ourselves and our own.

  13. Afno Kura Avatar

    The students of Pokhara have given a good message to those who are trying to save this dust monarchy. It is not neccessary to save or to give place for the killer of democracy in democracy. To keep our democracy save and healthy such elements (enemies) should be completely chased from our country.

    And Mr. Shree,

    Why the Gyane should be made the interim president ? It should be suspended and kept in watch right now and the head of the state should be declared either PM or the Speaker of the House till the new president is not elected. If anybody tries to go against of this decision then he should be punished as “desh drohi or Arajak Tatwa” like before our students leaders were kept in custody while shouting in the against of Monarchy.

  14. mob Avatar

    afno kura,

    I rest my case. We don’t have to go to Pokhara to find the thugs I speak of or the mob mentality.

  15. sagarmatha Avatar

    Good lesson to royalists, isn’t it Mr. Wagle?

  16. arun Avatar

    Gyane and Paras Gunda in suspended state exiled back to Liglige Singhasan in Gorkha Durbar.

  17. Samjhana Khadka Avatar
    Samjhana Khadka

    I want to put forward my views on Pokhara incident and future president:

    I am not sure if I support the incident itself but I fully understand the sentiment of those boys. When I say sentiment, I am not just talking about emotional outburst as someone mentioned above but it’s a historical fact that kings have been the biggest enemies of democracy in Nepal. So as long as their supporters openly hold meetings and advocate for the continuity of monarchy in Nepal, the threat to democracy always remains there like the hanging sword.

    The idea of turning king Gyanendra into President Gyanendra doesn’t sound like a viable one to me. I fear that the move will put the CA election itself in risk. I would support the move if we decide to hold the election of the new President of the Republic of Nepal along with the CA elections. The proportionate voting system that we will be applying in the CA election would be the best for the presidential election. But if we go for that, I think, the CA election itself will be at risk because hidden forces might want to extend the term of Gyanendra by not going to election.

    There is another complexity I see. I think it’s best for Nepal to opt parliamentary republic system like in India instead of going for all out presidential system. And we have already decided for this one, at least for the time being. In parliamentary system, its better that the Prime Minister remained the executive head and President the ceremonial head of State. President in such system must be neutral, again like in India, with whom people from all political backgrounds can identify themselves. So after the CA election, the CA can find a president with consensus among the parties. Till then, its really really good idea to put monarchy in suspension. We can give Head of State authority to Prime Minister or the Speaker of the Interim House till then and give time to Gyanendra to go from Narayanhitti to Nirmal Niwas. As the CA chooses the President, he/she can go to Narayanhitti palace.

    Yes, some might say lets turn Gyanendra into the President until the CA finds ideal candidate to replace him. But I think there are some problems. When we talk about President, we talk about the son of Nepali people. Gyanendra is no the son of Nepali people. He is the son of Nepali raja. And I am sure you know the difference between raja and janata. Kings were never janata, by name they are raja. The ideal president of the republic fo Nepal must be accessible to people but Rajas won’t be accessible. They need special language (hajur, khaibakshyos) and we don’t expect a President to be elite like that. The best option for Gyanendra is this: self dethrone immediately. In that case we are ready to give an hour of airtime television to Gyanendra if he wants to say final goodbye to Nepali people as the king.

  18. Patriotic Citizen Avatar
    Patriotic Citizen

    The fact here remains completely unexplained. Now people’s mandate of April movement ANDOLAN II is being suppressed. Rayamajhi commission identified defaulters who were involved in suppression. There were 202 personnel including King Gyanendra. The report was handed over to SPA government (PM).

    On the other hand being the leader and PM of SPA Girija Prasad Koirala time to time hints that he is keen to keep monarch in the system. The majority of Nepali people wants republic state.

    Now, the way things are being delayed it is making general public extremely impatient. If SPA government fails to bring defaulters to justice this will surely increase volatility much worse.

    In addition the way SPA has endorsed defaulters in the system like the Army Chief this is making disatisfaction grow even higher. Nepalis now are waiting for SPA to take action on defaulters. The SPA is letting defaulters free. Like Kamal Thapa the enemy of general public has even went to campaign in front of the people.

    With deepest regrets general public may start people’s movement III at any time. If it happens then SPA, mainly Girija Prasad Koirala has to be responsible. This means Shaha dynasty is out but Koirala dynasty may also be out forever.

  19. sarki ko choro Avatar
    sarki ko choro

    Where is the priority of the seven parties? Obsessed with the King while Nepali children are dying of hunger? I am ashamed that this matter received such a little attention!

    Kids die of starvation

    ARGHAKHANCHI, Dec 8 – The seven parties performed the final rites of two children who died from starvation in Arghakhanchi’s Dhakabang VDC, Darimpata.

    In what comes as a shocking tale of neglect, brother and sister Ram, 4 and Rama, 6, cried to death after their father Cham Bahadur Pariyar abandoned the family some four years ago and their mother was out of the home in search of food.

    The two children who had been crying for the last four days longing for food finally died of starvation.

    Pariyar, the father of two, disappeared some four years ago and the mother had gone been out in search of food when the two children died suffering from extreme hunger.

  20. hell_supreme Avatar

    2 things stand here:
    1. are we ready to respect others opinions?
    2. if we respect others opinions will it backfire on democracy?

  21. hell_supreme Avatar

    another thing…the way people r hounding monarchy..it is like chasing a half-dead dog….why cant you hound the strong jackals who r where they r…..

    …is this the way nepalis worship the rising sun?

  22. hell_supreme Avatar

    i am also not for monarchy but i dont think monarchy is the root of all evils in nepal.

  23. Sugar Avatar

    Democracy in Nepal has always been misinterpreted. The politicians have misinterpreted democracy the most! And today because they see king as the only formidable obstacle for them to loot and plunder the country in the near future, they are using the naive students to achieve their this. Those students who are involved in propogating republicanism clearly do not understand the repercursion of removing monarchy. And they should look at countries who have retained monarchy and prospered.
    Nepali politicians have proved time and again that they can sell the country just to retain the power of their party. The congress have done that, UML wont lag behind , maoist have done that – they no longer talk about 1951 treaty and they pressurised the government to pass the controversial citizenship act.
    Next they will give away is – Kalapani !!

    The most reliable backup for this country is monarchy.

    There are nearly 25 million people whose opinion have not been had as far as monarchy is concerned. May be 20 million believe in monarchy and five million dont. Only speculations dont get us anywhere. What about the maoist? almost 95 % do not like maoist- Fear,intimidation,threating have only escalated people’s hatred towards the maoist.
    But still these ignorant students are chanting republican mantra.


    Monarchy MUST be RETAINED ! Even if it means resorting to harsh measures ! An Army coup is one OPTION.

  24. Talla Ghare Saailo Avatar
    Talla Ghare Saailo

    A rebellion does not run a legal course. We have to understand that the people of Nepal are still rebelling against dictatorship of all forms from monarchy to maoism. No legal codes can prevent them from doing so. The April revolution may be illegal but it was necessary.

    Similarly, I see nothing wrong in the Pokhara incident. It as a powerful outburst against the king and his pawns. ?????? ?????? ?????? ?????? ? People like Rabindra Sharma and Kamal Thapa are responsible for the loss of life and hope during the Gyanendra’s rule, and they certainly deserve no better than this.

    Wagle’s opinion is not ‘pathetic’. You cannot separate emotions from logic. After all we are all subjective beings, and Wagle cannot be an exception. You are right Wagle.

    ????????? ????? ??? ?

  25. Afno Kura Avatar

    Mr. Sugar,

    Whatever the condition of our country is in todays its all because of you people who can’t do anything rather than blaming others. Before blaming the politicians, think about yourself what you people have done for the country ? What you guys do in against of corruption ? What you guys have done in strengthening the democracy ?

    What you people think about the students ? Only you people are wellknown and wise and we all students are stupid? Can you explain some good points and things that your beloved king have done for this country? Have you ever read the history of the Royal Family of Nepal?

    “The most reliable backup for this country is monarchy” ha ha ha. Are you a normal person or had your eyes were blind and your ears were deaf at the period of royal coup of Panchyat period and Magh 19? If you people would like to keep monarchy than keep in your house. We can not afford such “jungali hatti ko bathan tyo pani useless” in our country paying taxes from our blood and sweat.

    You have presented the datas like you have personally visited the door to door of the Nepali People. Hey funny guy, don’t think yourself as you are the great astrologer who knows everything. Now i m confirmed that you are really blind and deaf that you haven’t seen the Janandolan part 2 and haven’t been hearing the voices in the street still now.

    Do you know who are the politicians and why they need in any country ? Do you know what is politics and what is its importance ? King should be retained! why? what is its important? explain me.

  26. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    I always prefer the President elected directly by the people of Nepal. Only question is what to do with King Gyanendra who is still in Narayanhiti Palace. May be SPA government should order him to move back to Nirmal Niwas as suggeted here in this blog. Why don’t the House elect interim President for the time being?

  27. Patriotic Citizen Avatar
    Patriotic Citizen

    Dear Nepali friends I do not think it is the time for us to throw comments to each other. I strongly feel we should unite and come up with our personal ideas. With personal ideas we can try to build brand new Nepal. This is where we express our ideas and try to spread to all Nepalis whom we know.

    I feel in order to build new Nepal we Nepalis have to change lots of sectors. If we succeed to build new Nepal we may not benefit but our future generation will definitely will.

    I see from the past few sectors became tradition. Like corruption, students being used by politicians, no intention to change, senior governmental and enterprise officials operating office from their residence. Those are all old tradition adopted by Panchayat system. If the attitude are not changed and followed same tardition then why Nepalis fought for democracy? I strongly feel that our great leaders are not concidering this simple facts which can change our country.

    In this regard I feel that corruption must be stopped. In order to stop corruption every single workers should receive enough salary to cover their daily expences. To decide minimum salary the government has to conduct a survey. The survey has to be based on family of 5/6 maximum. That is husband and wife, 2/3 children plus one old aged dependent. Children of 2 or 3 should be decided by the majority and naturally in our tradition old aged dependent is supported by young generation. If someone has more children then it is entire on the couple.

    I strongly feel students are our future of the country. Students do need to understand politics but they should not be misused by political parties. Their time is to study and built their future as strong as possible. Therefore, for students there should be defined age group who can involve in politics. The age of students’ eligibility to take part in politics should be decided by the parliament or University of Nepal. I feel suitable age would be around 25 years or after completion of Masters Degree. When students are much more mature. There again either parliament or University have to decide it.

    The politicians, once a candidate decide to campaign for a post everyone should have their views in writing to present to the general public. This would be in addition to the party policity or for individuals they express their ideas in writing. Then general public should vote to any candidate basing on his/her proposal to change their local areas and the impact of it benefit by the country.

    The government and enterprise officials must change their attitude of operating their respective offices from their respective residence. In fact that is old tradition this should be changed immediately. If senior officials are not in office during working hours you can very well imagine what will their subordinates do. In princle all government and erterprise officials should be in the respective offices during working hours. Regrettably senior officials only go to their respective offices for not more than two hours. If senior officials are not in office during working hours. How do they evaluate productivity of their respective offices. I strongly feel this is where the main problem lies. Responsible senior officials must be able to evaluate the productivity of the office and if performance is not up to the standard then officials should be fired. Old tradtion of operating an office by a “SUBBA” must not be there. With lack of proper productivity of offices general public are suffering.

    There are many sectors to discuss about. But these are general and important point that I felt to bring up.

    In addition to this there are several Hydropower projects coming up in Nepal. Now is the time for the government to fix minimumm salary for workers basing on the survey suggested. With adoption of this notion our fellow countryment don’t have to go abroad through brokers and suffer. Always when a project starts in the country the workers come from south. Our own people go to Middle East through Lisenced brokers and suffer.

    Moreover, our school leavers should be given opportunity on vocational training. The training should be organised by the government. Once school leavers graduate from vocational training institute they should have guarantee for job. This should be planned by the government. This program should be targetted to school leavers who is unable to go for further education.

    The government should focus on putting up more industry in the country. There should be security provided to the industry. Preferences should be given to industries to produce daily necessities in order to save foreign currency. I strongly feel those are the basic requirement for Nepal to move forward.

  28. hamroblog Avatar

    I think student done excelent work. we need to recall those days when king gyanendra rulse the state. At that time Mandala show their behave like they are second king.
    In loktantra everybody have a right’s to express their views abut anywhere.But I think some times we need to stop like RPP Nepal’s activities.

  29. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    “In loktantra everybody have a right’s to express their views abut anywhere”

    “we need to stop like RPP Nepal’s activities”

    Disclaimer: I don’t endorse RPP but nonetheless they should be allowed to meet and express their opinion.

  30. bibas Avatar

    While I believe the king has no role in the country, and that there should be a republican set -up, I strongly feel the Pokhara incident is a bad trend in the country.
    If you feel that you got to kill every opposing view, you are no more democratic. This is a total dictatorship…as the saying goes…democracy is the dictatorship of the majority over minority…
    but attacking other people is totally unacceptable…after all, they are also fellow nepalese.

    People, it is time to be rational than emotional. A bad trend set up today will create more trouble in the days to come. We should punish the guilty and maintain law and order in the country. That is whats going to bring us peace and prosperity.

  31. Ramche Avatar

    I don’t support the Pokhara attack but I also don’t support any views that are for the continuity of monarchy in Nepal. Rabindra Nath Sharma has no rights to speak for monarchy. Did they give chances for pro-demcoratic forces when they were in power? Saala haru..

  32. melissa Avatar

    Everybody does have a right to express themselves in a democracy. However, certain lines need to be drawn. In canada, for example, you cannot go around giving hate speeches. You cannot open a nazi party and start holding public meetings.

    The students need to realize that even though they are rightfully angry, attacking people and destroying furniture will not direct public sympathy for their cause.

  33. freeyoursenses Avatar

    “…a strong message comes from Pokhara” ???

    Wagle’s lingo is unabashedly Bushite. Perhaps he meant that the message to make Nepal a republic – at whatever cost would be justified, even if that means going against the tenets of the same political system they wish to implement in Nepal. Then again, Nepalis have yet to learn that ends cannot justify the means. And frankly, the learning curve is rather steep for these knucklehead.

    With unemployment rate of over 40% amongst Nepali youth – political aspirations – at whatever level become a default ‘career’ choice. It is one field, especially in Nepal, that one can expect to find employment without any particular set of skills. Laborers toil all day making a meager living. But they at least contribute much more to their family, society and country than these directionaless, half-baked student activists who only know ways of agitation and violence.

    Come to think of it, I wish we had a communist dictatorship already. These farced, spoiled and lazy youths of Nepal would then be sent to some labor camp, perhaps building some bridges up in Humla instead of loafering around in places like Kathmandu and Pokhara. Pay up your dues to the country just like you want G and his cohorts to. A fair proposal I think!

  34. Raju man Singh Avatar
    Raju man Singh

    Demon-cracy is not Democracy. Believe me we are
    always led by Demon clad politicians who does everything for their wellbeing in the name of People.I hate those politicians who does their politics at the the cost of the country, resource & people. The politicians should have one voice on country, resource & people well being. One thing for sure we must have freedom from all kinds of outdated doctrine & ideology.
    Country can remain sovereign till we remain united. Attacking people may create more negatives than positive. Attacking is Demon-cracy & Convincing is Democracy.

  35. Patriotic Citizen Avatar
    Patriotic Citizen

    I believe democracy means freedom to express what one feels. But it depends on the subject matter what one is expressing on.

    Rabindra Nath Sharma and Kamal Thapa is ex-Mandale. Within democratic norm they have right to express their views. But advocating about the monarch is they are out of their mind or they are being paid by the king for that.

    Alright, let us talk about the King. All Nepalis know what type of king we have and on top of that what sort of prince. Kingship is suppose to be kind and try to uplift the life style of the country.

    Regrettably we had the rihces, extremely arrogant and killer king. The king’s earning was the highest almost in whole world. The question here is where did this money came from? Naturally it came from TAX payers money. Why general public pay tax? Naturally to build the nation. But the king enjoyed his life lavishly and never though of the nation. It did not end there the king further went on killing his own people. Now do we need that type of king? I strongly feel certainly not. The king and his followers should be rooted out through the law of the country. Their wings should be clipped extremely well to make sure they don’t fly for at least three more generations. That way the story will be written then no one will dare to supress.

    We Nepalis must follow up what present or future government is doing and will do. Unless we general public become active and comment their doings nothing will move. In addition great leaders will start making money by following old tradition.

  36. manan Avatar

    Nepal must be made a republic. After much thinking I have come to the conclusion that the monarchy is too backward an institution to have in this country. Moreover, it has a severe democracy deficit.

    Most importantly, it has outlived its value to the country, if ever it had any. Do away with this archaic symbol once and for all. Away with all it symbolizes, the heridetary social order. Away. Its time to make Nepal a modern state.

  37. Young Man Maharjan Shocked Avatar
    Young Man Maharjan Shocked

    well said.

    I don’t think this the king is the head of the state, this is no more Nepalese life style will be getting better…Mr. Gyanendra must leave the “lonely country Nepal”. Slogan said up.( Gyanendra Chor Des Chod.,worldwide people knows that he is not a good man). please keep going that slogan until the victory and the youngster’s pure spirit may come true. SUBHAY 🙂

  38. Patriotic Citizen Avatar
    Patriotic Citizen

    On the issue of unemployment I don’t think we shall go wrong to blame the government. In the past, at present and even in future I don’t see any sign of creating new jobs in Nepal. Political parties only have their election manifest to atract votes that is all.

    None of the political parties have come up with plan to create new jobs in the country. Regrettably not even the National Planning Commission (NPC) has come with any plans to create new jobs in the country.

    I believe it is the duty of the government and NPC. Both the government and NPC should plan for future of our new generation. That is when students complete their SLC Examination. If their financial status is not viable to persue further education. For those school leavers should be offered with vocational training for certain years. At the same time government has to plan for industries to offer them a job on completion of their training. If not government can send them abroad at better salary. I strongly feel this is the only way to improve our economy.

    On the contrary the government is encauraging Nepali youngsters to go abroad and earn foreign currency. I don’t think it is correct. What can a unskilled Nepali citizen from a village do beside lifting heavy items. Will he earn enough to pay to licensed “Dalas” and repay their loans? I suppose certainly not.

    If government wish to send Nepali youngters abroad to earn foreign currency then government has to negotiate with employers and train Nepalis as per their requirement. The government has to ensure only skilled Nepalis go abroad and earn. That way earning will be better and Nepal can receive handsom remittances.

    Right now it is extremely deplorable. Simply our people are not skilled and sent through “Dalas”. Because of that reason in many countries Nepalis are cheapest of the cheap. I stress that it is not the way to move Nepal forward.

  39. Neil Horning Avatar

    Nepal is not a democracy now. It won’t be until it has an election. As it is now it’s a caretaker government run by people who apointed themselves the leaders of a popular uprising.

    That is all.

  40. Kirat Avatar

    democracy does mean allowing royalists/monarchists to have their say within the boundaries of the country’s constitution/law. I hope people who call themselves democrats respect that otherwise they reall aren’t democrats are they?

  41. ashish Avatar

    This kind of attaks is slap in the face of democracy. Let the people of nepal decide the faith of monarchy. Gyanendra and Paras must go through trials even if people vote in favor of monarchy. If they are procecuted make paras’s son as new king (it just ceromonial).
    And i strongly feel that if gyanendra and paras and high army officials are procecuted we should not let prachanda and other high level people of maoist get away with crimes they have committed.

  42. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Criminals have no right in Democratic Society.

  43. freeyourseses Avatar

    “Criminals have no right in Democratic Society”

    What kind of an academic are you? Is there no burden of proof that comes with persecuting people. EVEN IF convicted, those acts are carried out by the court and the appropriate law enforcement agencies. The damn unemployed youth – better yet mob – ruling the country just goes to show the utter lack of control and accountability since April.

    Second, perhaps you need to sharpen your balancing skills too, as you seem to be convinced that Nepal is a democratic society. In a functioning democracy, where ‘functioning’ is a key word, criminals are persecuted. Ok, fine! But how about the Maoists who are still killing, thrashing, extorting people. Where is the justice there? How about the innumerable victims of Maoist brutality and atrocities? Where is the justice for them?

    Get the facts right!

  44. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    One thing at a time. Take care of Royalist first by getting rid of monarchy. Then everything will fall into right places.

    As per Prachanda he should make up his mind fast. He is shifting stance on who will be the Head of the State for interim period between Prime Minister and Speaker of the House.

    If Girija wants to become Interim President of the Republic of Nepal so be it. At least monarchists will be out of equation.

    Some people in this blog are still talking about ceremonial status for King Gyanendra. We gave ceremonial status to King Tribhuwan. And we know what happened. We did not have constitution and He nominated Prime Minister at His will.

    So 1950 revolution was all about giving power to the King from Ranas. Let us have this revolution for PEOPLE.

  45. freeyoursenses Avatar

    “Take care of royalists first”??? You sound more and more like a mafia don than an academic.

    Why is there a need to ‘take care of them’? If you think that Nepali people are enlightened enough to make their own decision as to what kind of governance they want, why are these thugs intervening in the affairs of the people?

    Royalists, Monarchists, Kings, Mandales whatever you may call them – have inherent right to be part of your dysfunctional democratic governance as much as Maoists. The moment you bring a labeled terrorist group into the equation, Kings, bhardars, hell mafia dons can run for elections if they want.

    Forget 1950, forget Tribhubhavan. Heck forget G. The issue on hand is to counter these corrupt-to-the-core politicians and murderous/homicidal maniacs called Maoists from running the show.

  46. melissa Avatar

    ‘The damn unemployed youth – better yet mob – ruling the country just goes to show the utter lack of control and accountability since April.’

    The 6 million dollar question is, why is the youth largely unemployed?

    ‘Ok, fine! But how about the Maoists who are still killing, thrashing, extorting people. Where is the justice there?’

    The maoists definitely have to be persecuted. But what’s your point? Just because people are not largely mobilizing to persecute the Maoists, they should also ignore persecuting the royals?

    The Maoists and corrupt politicians are a more recent phenomenon. The royals have had their years of looting, killing innocents, raping women, etc. It’s only fair that they get tried first.

    Second, not ‘everyone’ has the right to run for office in a democratic society. Both, royalists and maoists (who want absolute communism) have values that are not at all democratic. They are a threat to democracy and therefore should not be a part of the democratic government. Without protecting a democratic system from these kinds of threats, the system can fail (and miserably too). Guess how Hitler was elected–democratically. Can someone form a Nazi party and run for election in Germany now? No.

    Certain groups of people, whether they are white supremecists or supporters of an unjust dictator, should not be allowed to run for office. The students in Pokhara were outraged that people supported Mr. G, even after the blatant brutality he displayed last April. But like I said before, destroying furniture just makes them look silly.

  47. freeyoursenses Avatar

    Tell me who’s gona pay up the six million first and I’ll give you bunch of answers to your satisfaction. A rhetorical question is as good as psycho-babble.

    What’s my point? I steal the words out of your mouth: The maoists definitely have to be persecuted – that’s my point!

    JUST BECAUSE, JUST BECAUSE???? You know how much leeway you are giving with that just because?? Let me show you how much: I could say JUST BECAUSE a bunch of corrupt politicians and few homicidal want to get to power and rule the country, the country is going through experiment upon experiment.

    “The Royals” – identify them please. Else it would be no different than Osama Bin Laden urging Muslims to kill Westerners wherever they are, in whatever form. Lumping and reducing people/issues into one is bad debate; it is not going to enhance your argument.

    The group was not organized by ‘the Royals’ but by members who subscribe to the idea that monarchy should be one of the three pillars of Nepali socio-political setting. There is need for a detailed study of contemporary Nepali politics. Please udate yourself accordingly before throwing out rubbish.

    NO!!! Then king Birendra handed these thugs a country that was politically, socially, economically and structurally strong. These goons sold the country to corruption, rebellion and India while shooting government debt up to the eyeballs. The royals first, still??? I don’t think so Missy!

    ‘Blatant brutality that G displayed’??? give me the stats. How many damn agitators DIED? How many injured??? The stats still favor the king. Maoist rebellion killed over 13000 people; displace over 200000, leaving the country in ruins.

    Royalists realize that there is no way of getting absolute monarchy reinstated. You have to be pretty dumb to believe that they’ll still try to reinstate the monarchy. Just as Maoists have declared (but not yet acted) to be part of a democratic setup, royalists are conservatives who CAN and SHOULD by law be able to run for elections. Nepal doesn’t have histroy of Nazism so you analogy falls flat on its face. Come back with something that relates to Nepal.

  48. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Nepalese are very smart people. They may not have academic degree. But they are smart. They know right from wrong. Many times they were cheated by the King and the crooked politicians. This time is different. Politicians are aware of this. There will be election sooner than some people in this blog think. The people know that corruption can not be eradicated completely but it will be controlled with the help of free and independent media. But like I said one thing at a time. First end the monarchy. Then the royalist will disappear. They may come back in different forms. But we know who they are. They will be like those Ranas with broken homes.
    My point is declare Kingdom of Nepal as the Republic of Nepal. There is no going back. We are winning. Royalists are loosing. And yes Maoists will disappear among the masses. They will realise that forced donation will go only so far. It takes time.
    King Tribhuwan came back from self exiled and declared democracy in 18th February 1951. That democracy we are getting now in 2006.Do the math.

  49. freeyoursenses Avatar

    Sir, please don’t embarrass yourself with such naive and simplistic statements as ‘Nepali people are smart; they know right from wrong’. Perhaps my dear sir, perhaps! Aren’t you being a bit too condescending here?

    But that still doesn’t support the thesis that Nepali people – your smart nepali people are actually putting all their hopes and ethos in two groups which are notorious for runaway corruption, flanking laws, killing and extorting the same population they claim to be the savior of. What hypocrisy!

    I have no other recourse but to hope that your prognostication turns into a reality. This time it’s different – you say! There’s an old saying on Wall Street: ‘the easiest way to losing a shirt is to think that you are turning a corner, hanging on with your losing proposition’. But that doesn’t matter. Nepali people are much smarter than 300 years of human psychological development on hope, greed and fear.

    Good luck!

  50. melissa Avatar

    ‘NO!!! Then king Birendra handed these thugs a country that was politically, socially, economically and structurally strong. These goons sold the country to corruption, rebellion and India while shooting government debt up to the eyeballs. The royals first, still??? I don’t think so Missy!’

    Actually, when Birendra handed over the ocuntry, it was still one of the poorest in the world. He, of course, comparitively very rich. It’s gone down since.

    ‘“The Royals” – identify them please. Else it would be no different than Osama Bin Laden urging Muslims to kill Westerners wherever they are, in whatever form. Lumping and reducing people/issues into one is bad debate; it is not going to enhance your argument’

    The royals being anyone who wants to hand over any degree of political power to someone born into the ruling Shah dynasty. My mistake, I thought it was quite clear.

    ‘How many damn agitators DIED? How many injured??? The stats still favor the king. Maoist rebellion killed over 13000 people; displace over 200000, leaving the country in ruins’

    I don’t buy the ‘X’ killed less than ‘Y’ therefore, I’m going to go with ‘X’ logic.

    Besides, it’s the conflict between the Maos and the Army that’s killed that many people. If you took the time to read, you would know that the RNA has caused more civilian death than the Maos.

    The anger displayed by the Maoists is a symptom of society. The royal family, if they cared about the Nepalese people, would have taken steps to resolve this anger when it first started. This is a bit analogous to the French revolution, perhaps you can read that.

    ‘I could say JUST BECAUSE a bunch of corrupt politicians and few homicidal want to get to power and rule the country, the country is going through experiment upon experiment.’

    Actually, democracy was achieved through experimentation. Not all politicians are corrupt and not all commies are homicidal maniacs.

    ‘Nepal doesn’t have histroy of Nazism so you analogy falls flat on its face. Come back with something that relates to Nepal.’

    On the contrary, the caste based hierarchy is very much similar to Nazim.

    –Agreed, Shree Shrestha, once there is no king, the royalists will start disappearing.

    Who’s to say all of those who extort are Maoists? It could be easily a criminal, pretending to be a Maoist. The average person being looted wouldn’t ask, ‘hey, show me proof that you are a Maoist.’

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