Power and Pajero Corrupt Nepali Leaders

nepali leaders misuse vehicles

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and CPN Maoist Chairman Prachanda are among the leaders misusing government and private vehicles. It seems these leaders have forgotten how democracy was defamed by their corrupt and unlawful acts in the 90s. This is high time they remembered the result created by those acts. Thanks to the press freedom guaranteed by democracy in today’s Nepal, we the people at least know what’s happening around. Here is a report published in today’s Kantipur and translated into English by eKantipur. Sketch by Dewen via Kantipur

By Balram Baniya and Bikash Thapa

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and CPN-M Chairman Prachanda are among top politicians using government and private vehicles they are not authorized to use to. Top leaders of other political parties and other highly-placed government officials, too, have been making unauthorized use of government vehicles. Sources have disclosed that top officials of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) and other government departments running multiple projects, expecting favour in return from the leaders, encourage them to misuse government and project vehicles. According to sources, soon after Koirala became the prime minister after the success of the April Movement, NEA officials gave him a luxurious Prado with registration number 1602.

It’s not only the NEA vehicle, the PM has also taken a vehicle from the Melamchi Drinking Water Project. The number plate of the Melamchi vehicle has been switched to make it look a private vehicle with registration number Ba 4 Cha 6661. The home ministry has reportedly given permission for the switching of the registration number. Two government vehicles are already available to Koirala in the capacity of the prime minister, besides a tax-exempt Pajero which he got in 2053 BS as an MP. The prime minister has also taken another vehicle from the Melamchi project.

The concerned sides have no idea if the prime minister’s family members or leaders/cadres of his party, the Nepali Congress, are currently using these vehicles, which have been taken “for the use of the prime minister.” It has also been revealed that the prime minister also has a vehicle “gifted” to him by former chairman of the Nepal Cottage and Small Industries Development Bank, Sitaram Prasain, who is wanted by police.

It is noteworthy here that Prasain, whom the Nepal Rastra Bank, the country’s central bank, has accused of embezzling millions of public money, was not arrested though he attended Korean Air’s inaugural flight function at the Tribhuvan International Airport on November 13. Likewise, Chairman of Rastriya Janshakti Party Surya Bahadur Thapa, too, has been using a Landcruiser belonging to the Melamchi project for the last three years. He has illegally changed the vehicle’s number plate from government (Ba 1 Jha 6607) to private (Ba 4 Cha 8875).

Minister for Physical Planning and Works and NC-D vice-chairman Gopalman Shrestha, too, has taken two new vehicles (Ba 1 Jha 5766 and 6604) from the Melamchi project. He has already been provided with a government vehicle in the capacity of a minister. It’s not only leaders and ministers who have been misusing Melamchi vehicles. The Singh Durbar Ward Police Office has not returned a pick-up vehicle belonging to the project despite being reminded to do so many times.

NC-D President and former prime minister Sher Bahadur Deuba, too, has taken a Pajero from the NEA (registration no. Ba 1 Jha 8414), soon after the establishment of Loktantra. He has changed the vehicle’s number plate so as to make it look like a private vehicle. Deuba currently doesn’t hold any government position. But his party’s central member Gyanendra Bahadur Karki, who is the Minister of State for Water Resources, has provided him with the NEA vehicle. The NEA bears all expenses of the vehicle, including fuel, repair and maintenance. Deuba also has a Pajero which he received in the capacity of an MP.

State Minister Karki has also taken an NEA vehicle (a Prado with registration no 4449) for his own use though he has already got a vehicle from the ministry. Secretary at the Ministry of Water Resources, Tika Dutta Niraula, too, has been misusing an NEA vehicle (registration number 1512) meant for the Mid-Marshyangdi Hydel Project. He, too, gets a vehicle from the ministry.

UML General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal has been using a vehicle gifted to the Manmohan Smriti Pratisthan by owner of Shri Distillary Mathura Prasad Maskey for the past five years. Nepal is the patron of the Pratisthan. Maskey is wanted by the Internal Revenue Department “for evading taxes worth a billion rupees.”

Maoist leaders Prachanda and Dr Baburam Bhattarai have been using a vehicle forcefully seized from a businessman named Raju Shrestha. Both Prachanda and Bhattarai use the vehicle by switching the registration number plate. The Maoists has looted the vehicle from Shrestha after thrashing and torturing him sometime ago.

The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority, the constitutional body responsible for checking such misuse, is itself misusing an NEA vehicle by switching the number plate. Nepal Police is yet to return two NEA vehicles (registration no. 1238 and 1265) which it took during the direct royal rule. The NEA has no idea as to who is using 19 of its total 779 vehicles.

Deputy Prime Minister KP Oli, Finance Minister Dr Ram Sharan Mahat, Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supplies Hridayesh Tripathi have been using government vehicles though all of them have a Pajero each which they got in the capacity of an MP.

Former minister and NC leader Ram Chandra Paudel’s driver gets his salary from the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) Office. Paudel’s driver is a KMC employee. Though Paudel, as the coordinator of the Peace Committee, uses another government vehicle, his driver is still the same.






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  1. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Nepalese society is full of corruption and we can not live without corruption.If you have the powerful post, people will come to your house for CHAKARI every morning for idle gossiping.They will talk about everybody in your office to please you. They will also talk about money exchanged and ask how much you want. They will talk about the Pajero under the projects presided by you. They will ask whether your wife or children need one pajero.

    Girija is the Father of corrption in Nepal. He put all the lucrave posts in the government for Auction. Highest bidder will be appointed.For example , DG of Customs, Taxes, Road departments are very good for earning money. I used to know that Girija used to take 50 Crore for one such post per annum.

    If you can not make transparent the revenue and expenditures of all the political parties , NGOs and INGOs ,the corruption will be there in Nepal for long time in the future. As long as Dalaals are there , commission system will be there. If these intermidiaries are there and they have to survive, corruption will thrive in Nepal among the political parties.Bhasan matra asal sasan ko garera hundaina, kaam le dekhaunu paryo.

    Baat karta Hai ?

  2. D waiba Avatar
    D waiba

    This posting is a travesty to glogging. Very self righteous outlandish allegations that only panders to ill-informed people. It only incites mis-trust and contributes nothing towards democracy.

    Look, if you are a prime minister of a country or a commander of 20,000 plus armed militia, would you he take a pubic bus to attend the meeting? It has not even been a month since Prachanda has signed a peace treaty and cartoonist and journalists have already started a character assassination. We Nepalese are good at pulling legs of others. Khutta tana tan..

    Rampant corruption in Nepal is nothing new. Everybody gets their cut in the corrupt system from small to the biggest. What’s new??

    I don’t think enough blood been spilled in Nepal to bring the needed change.

  3. pawan Avatar

    when you have culture of corruption, you can not do much, but you can wait for your turn. basically, nepalese people can be divided into two class, one who are corrupt and one who tolerate corruption. if you think prachanda should not take a public bus that is where you begin a journey of culture.

  4. what if Avatar
    what if

    THis had been happening even in panchyat, continued after after 1990 since democracy restored, even during king regime and will continueed for next 10 years. I think this is they system that leader has to follow once they reach the power. Look at prachada, Person who used to live in jungle for last 10 years, as soon as he entered ktm, needs luxrious hotel, 4wd and dinner and lunch every day in some good hotel. He was the one who used to talk about inequality in nepali life style. Is he living same as his cadres and his PLA.
    I think maoist is no different that UML after 1090 who promised to distribute the land and equlity among the nepali people. However UML fail to fulfill those promises. Maoist is following same footsteps.

  5. blogger Avatar

    “Maoist leaders Prachanda and Dr Baburam Bhattarai have been using a vehicle forcefully seized from a businessman named Raju Shrestha. Both Prachanda and Bhattarai use the vehicle by switching the registration number plate. The Maoists has looted the vehicle from Shrestha after thrashing and torturing him sometime ago”

    Hey Dwaiba,

    can u explain this ? being a “commander of 20,000 plus armed militia, would you he take a pubic bus to attend the meeting” dont give you the right to seize a private vehicle by torturing the owner…

    maybe it wasnt your vehicle that was seized and looted..but dearly wish it was yours ..

    then i guess u wont be penning those lines

  6. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    D Weiba says:
    “It only incites mis-trust and contributes nothing towards democracy.”

    Actually, it is very important for a democratic society to critique and scrutinize its leaders and demand expalinations for their actions. You can’t just look the other way and pretend everything is fine. This isn’t a John Lehnon song it is reality.

  7. sarki ko choro Avatar
    sarki ko choro

    “I don’t think enough blood been spilled in Nepal to bring the needed change”

    Never trust these Murderers!

  8. keshuvko Avatar

    Aba aadalat ko store baata judge haru le ta confisticated goods haru udauchhan bhaney leaders haru ko story ta puranai ho…

    Baru do write something on the corrupt judiciary also…

  9. theonlyhope Avatar

    Corruption among the power of the state occurs everywhere less or more.

    It is understandable that if politicians and government autorities in power use the government’s or corporation’s vehicles for the works of the nation or government or public.

    But if they are using for their families’ pleasure than that’s special Nepali traditional corruptions.

    Since in Nepali tradition most of the middle class or privileged families’ men do not help their moms, simsters, sister-in-la on home making such as helping doing laundary or doing dishes (at least wash plate you have eaten on), families those men must be benefited by those men in power to corrupt the national resources.

    Bottom line is that only middle class men reach to such power regardless of the caste privilege. These middle class men are very ambisous for their families’ happiness, pleasure, comforts etc.

    So corruption is natureal. The only hope is that the day if all men of middle class help their family in homemaking – doing dishes and laundary, corruption will stop.

    Nepali tradition is based on the corruption or unnecessary exploitation of each other. Nepali women as moms, sisters, siter-in-las are the most exploited by the men of middle class.

    Prepartaion of all food, clothing, sex and babies are managed by women in homemaking. Men keep corrupting the workplace – government offices or the corporations or some private.

    The chain of corruption lies in men of Nepali middle class traditions. All leaders from NC to Maoist are from middle class family.

    Prof. Pyare Lall alos one of them. I ask Prof. Pyare Lall how many times you have cooked food for your wife or mom or sister? How many time you have done the dishes for your mom, sister and wife?

    Come on, the spoilt brats of Nepali traditional society – despite any ethenic minority or majority – middle class family are the corrupt social group of Nepal.

    The corruptions continue in the name of Nepali traditions and Nepali nationality.

    Be human first because you need to eat, you need to cover your skin, you need a bed to sleep, you need to urinate, you need to excreate, and you carry all the time the urine in your bladder and shit in your lower abdomun.

    Before you prine on Nepali tradition and Nepali nationality become human first to take care yourself the above natural process in your body made of bone, marrow, flesh, blood, skin etc.

    You not exploit unnecessarily your moms, sisters, sister-in-las and wives to mantian above bodily process.

  10. nepaligurung Avatar

    Parchande has not just looted a vehicle for him to ride, he has looted, is looting and will be looting many things
    1. children, husbands, wives and sons and daughters from families
    2. guns and ammunition
    3. banks
    4. money from private sector businesses
    5. poor people’s food and clothes
    6. poor people’s sweat and blood

    And now he has become the second Gyanendre. Shame on the Nepalese who still support him, despite witnessing all his crimes, which are no less than Gyendre’s.
    Shame on his supporters!

  11. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    “It has not even been a month since Prachanda has signed a peace treaty and cartoonist and journalists have already started a character assassination. We Nepalese are good at pulling legs of others. Khutta tana tan..”

    D waibaji,
    it is not kutta taana tan. I think Knatipur’s news today is very timely to remind our leaders of so called New Nepal should try to behave themselves. It is like you are smoking in the room and asking you children to not smoke. moreover, like giving lectures on the disdvantages of smoking like cancer and other deseases etc. This is called hypocrisy. Enuff is enuff. We must call spade a spade if you really reconstruct and develop New Nepal.

  12. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    NEWS SPEAKS ITSELF, Nothing to add:

    Maoists loot paddy crops

    Kantipur Report

    TULSIPUR, Dang, Nov 25 – A group of local leaders and cadres of the CPN-Maoist looted ready-to-harvest paddy crops from Rajpur of Dang, Deukhuri on Saturday.

    Some 100 Maoists forcibly looted the paddy crops planted in four and half bigahs of land of Binti Ram Yadav, a local of Rajpur VDC-6, Nausara, informed family source of Yadav.

    The Maoists also fired at air when locals opted to protest them after urging them not to continue such actions at a time of ongoing peace agreement, said Basanta Yadav, a local.

    They were in a combat dress with weapons, he added.

  13. Kishor Avatar

    We understand that our leaders need good veichles so that they don’t “miss” their deadllines. Feri Nepal ma jata tatai bato ghato pani chaina alik garai huncha hola gadi lae matrai. Helicopter nai kine huncha ni sabai neta haru ko lagi. Hamro chitta dukhdaina. Aha alikati pani dukhdaina kina bhani uniharu ta desh banaune kam gardai chan ni!

    Teta matrai hoina, helicopter ko fuel, maintenance, operation cost etc pani national reserve batai liye huncha. But it should be transparent. Kasle kati lagyo, kina, ke kam ko lagi etc sabai kura haru recorded hunu parcha so that we can analyze independently whether the netas are “seto hattis” or not. J jati moj gare pani huncha (kam nai nagare pani huncha), vote halne bela ma heraula. “sungur palne ki napalne” bhanne choice garna hami free chadai chau kyara.

  14. Concerned Nepali Avatar
    Concerned Nepali

    It is understandable that people who have responsibilities for running the country or department or party or any organization concerned with the overall wellfare of the nation and people at large do need essential tools to do their job efficiently and veicles can be one of such tools. What is important is that they be provided such tools by the government and used transparently. It is categorically unaccpetable for such leaders to use vehicles belonging to specific projects, unrelated departments or accept gifts from private parties in exchange of favors. I’m not sure how true all the statistics are but it is absolutely critical that such facts come out and citizens put pressure on the leaders to stop such things.

  15. d combatant Avatar
    d combatant

    hum kabhi nahin sudhrenge

    this was a dialogue that our sir used to recite when we used to committe the same mistakes again during our school times.

    but, let’s look at our political leaders. they do not even learn from their previous mistakes. they are always after money. they don’t understand and don’t try to understand the main theme of this jana-andolan – II.

    I don’t know how can we change them. all of them are from the same community.

  16. naoali ko chhoro Avatar

    please dont use hindi phrases.. isnt it very embarrasing to be dependent on all accounts , at least language you have your own ..

  17. naoali ko chhoro Avatar

    moreover this blog seems like the end scene of the “ANIMAL FARM” where you cant really differentiate who is a poig and who is a man…these leaders are the animals who have stsrted standing on two legs..

  18. D waiba Avatar
    D waiba

    I think you are envious of Prachanda. Why don’t you post their lunch and dinner menu with cost here? It will be a great serve to the country and this forum.

    If a man forsakes and risks everything in life to bring change in a country, he deserves all the things that you have mentioned. Man has been in jungle for 10 years, so let the man eat and sleep in decent bed. If you can do the same as he, I am sure you will be rewarded with same fanfare and privileges in due time. Are you ready?

  19. D waiba Avatar
    D waiba

    To Prof. Lall.
    Yes, in democracy it is important to criticize, scrutinize and held our leaders accountable, but there is time and place for everything. I just don’t think its time for political witch-hunting. Don’t you agree?

  20. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    D waiba,
    That depends on what way he wants to take the country. His desciples are still involved in extortion, abductions and killing. Mahara and Dev Gurung are still saying that they will continue such activities.So now all also we have to believe them; I am contempleting that the whole peace process is crumbling like an old house in Asan chowk. And then big witch-hunting will begin against your boss with the cooperation from all: India, UK, US and China.
    Neplaese peole have paid heavy price to get rid of only dictator King. But it is only in the paper. His two battalions and one Sainik sachibalaya are still with him in the palace ?

    I ask what is the positve aspects of Prachanda’s murderous campaign of killing 13000 poor Nepalese ? Should he go scot-free after doing all this ? We have seen that he is riding the car the owner of which was brutally tortured and car was forcibly taken ? Then what is the difference between Prachanda and Govinda Raj Joshi for a average nepali like me ? One is eraning by corruption and other by torture, murder and loot ? When nepalese people will have the luxury of seeing the honest ones ? No I don’t agree with you if Maoists will continue their never-ending torture,killing, murder, abductions, intimidation and extortion ? Don’t you guys think it should stop after all sorts of peace accords of about 100 points ?

  21. Kirat Avatar

    Well Prof. remember that some of those old houses in Ason are more older than the dynasty founded by PN Shah. What already missing the headlines of the no. of soldiers and maoists killed already?

  22. suraj Avatar

    ow this is going to be new nepal.i admire girija made`possible to end bloody war.but why these thugs using goverment vechile.that all belong to poor people like us.prachand and army men are responsible for i3oothousand deaths in nepal.if higher level of goverment officials are doing that how lower level staff will do in nepal?

  23. sagarmatha Avatar

    This is New Nepal with New 7 pajeros for one leader and which is

    -free of cost
    -free drives for family and relatives
    -free petrol
    -free maintenance

    in the name of poor and deprived people and autocratic democracy…

  24. pontiff Avatar

    The days of neopotism, favoritism, clanism, dictatorial tendencies, fanaticism, and worst of all inward looking tendencies will reach a height as never seen before. This is all because all things that has happened has no basis or rational to actually assimilate it into our lives on a practical terms;therefore,doom from start go.

  25. D waiba Avatar
    D waiba

    Please people, we need to move beyond this nitty gritty stuffs. This argument of mis-use of vehicle is so over used and so old that I find it just a waste of time. Certain benefits and privileges come with position of importance in any given system, and when you are in a position of importance, transportation becomes a necessity. We Nepali want everything for FREE. We want to pay less and expect more.

    The questions to ask is WHY there are these abuses and find solutions. Maybe we don’t pay enough to our politicians and provide adequate facilities to do their job so they are forced to abuse the system and cheat.

    What matters the most is that are they doing the job, are they getting results? I don’t doubt that Kasav Stapit took kickbacks and made money during this tenure, but he did the job. He got things done.

    Some CEO of big cooperation travels in private jets when economic class ticket will take them to same destination, they spend a night at a luxury suite at $1,000.00 a night, when $30.00 a night model is available down the luxury hotel. They eat at posh restaurants and drink $1,500.00 bottle wine when cheap $3.99 bottle give a same buzz, yet shareholder and board of directors approves their extravagant life styles and awards them with huge bonus sometimes 500 to 1000 times more than average worker, why? Because these people make difference to the company, they are the rainmaker; they bring in profits, prosperity, and prestige to the company.

    Most of you guys who are writing on this forum probably walking or taking public transportation, do not know what it means to have a vehicle at your disposal, I doubt many of you contribute anything to national treasury in form of income tax or cooperate tax as it’s a known fact that almost everyone is a tax cheat in Nepal.

  26. D waiba Avatar
    D waiba

    Prof. Lall askes, “what is the positve aspects of Prachanda’s murderous campaign of killing 13000 poor Nepalese?”

    Killings of precious life can never be justified or condone. Professor, what propaganda have you been reading that Prachanda is the murderer of 13,000 poor Nepalese? I hope you are not color blind when it comes to distinguishing RNA and Maoist and prachana and Govinda Raj Joshi.

    RNA have murdered more innocent Nepalese than the Maoist, the ratio is 1 to 10 (one army killed 10 Maoist killed). Are you for an eye or an eye or for peace,forgiveness, and reconciliation?

  27. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Maoists are still abducting and killing the people with scientific methods.D waiba may say that 12999 people were killed by the Army and one person was killed by them. People who were killed not because of the Army but because of the Maoists. They were cause of whole problem of killings in Nepal.

    In my final anlysis, Maoists came to the negotiating table not because of their inner wish to have peace but they could not feed their cadres and there was tremendous pressure from their boss i.e. RAW and Indian authorities. Otherwise, they would have already stopped extortion, abduction and killings by now- as waiba says for “peace,forgiveness and reconciliation”. Do Maoists have such words in their dictionary ? Isn’t it amazing ?

  28. Sandesh Avatar

    In the coming days this kind of misuse wil be rampant. Shame to so called leaders!!!

  29. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Actually, all are looters: King,leaders of the political parties and Maoists.I don’t blame Subba and Khardars. Somebody among them might be corrupt, that is an exceptional case.

    But 90 percent of Royalists including the King,Political leaders including Girija, Makune, Deuba and others, Top army officers, Top police officers, Civil servants,Judges and lawyers and journalists have looted the country.

    Now it is the turn of Maoists to loot.They were looting the people and now they loot from the Govt. coffers.I kept the 10 percent margin because we can not always say that 100 percent corrupt even it seems so.Look, Girija became PM 4 times before this time and how he developed the culture of corrupt network which penetrates upto the villages.

    In UML, Bamdev created such network when he was DPM and Home Minister. How he imported the Gold and other things ? Makune is riding the vehicle given by Maskey who did not pay taxes to the Govt. of about One billion rupees. He gave one Pajero to Manmohan Pratisthan and Makune is riding that.There is nobody who is untouched by the corruption. All the MPs of this Parliament took the medicines for the SUTKERI women.So people are looting the country. They say you have to be positive, but at these circumstances, how one can be positive ? What do you mean by positive ?

    I don’t think that CA elections will be held in May next year. The Govt. is walking in a tortoise pace but we need to go in Cheetah speed not even Rabbit speed is not enough.

    Maoists are playing dirty game with regular extortion, abductions and killings.Till all the arms are inside the cantonment and locked, no interim govt is possible. This will take at least another two months because UN Inspectors have not arrived yet.

  30. D waiba Avatar
    D waiba

    Human beings are creatures of habits they are not robots as Prof. Lall wants it. It takes time to rehabilitate, educate and cultivate peace and civility in Nepal.

  31. Kancha Baa Avatar
    Kancha Baa

    How about these hypocrite journalists? They don’t even do research and creat the jargons. MaKuNe did not have a Pajero from Saamsad subida, but they just had to mention it just for the sake of it.

    Kantipur ko journalistic integrity ta ek thopa pani chaina. Remember Rasendra Bhattarai. It was funny the editor was writing about this same thing on Kantipur.

  32. sarki ko choro Avatar
    sarki ko choro

    This is typical of the Maoists.

    If you corner them with logic, they either threat you with physical voilence or label with what you arguing as nitty gritty (???? ????? ????).

  33. pontiff Avatar

    What about NEA and NT being forced to hire because of pressure from politicians. And look for the same when Maoist roll in. Just imagine for 900 seats at NEA, more 90,000 applied. It just shows where Nepal is heading. Reckless political interventions, institutions ravaged by forced special favors and neopotism- just ask any of the people in any of the government run or partly run offices to get the real picture- its pathetic and sign of down hill spiral. And also do not forget- Sangh and outfits such as Krantikari to assist in demolishing of businesses and offices right down the line. Did you say Pajero- wait till you see you hard earned rupees slide to nominal value when the damn Indian currecy free floats.

  34. Jesus Avatar

    D waiba,
    Let me shed some light in your lopsided thick skull. I understand that you undoubtingly support prachanda and the ongoing movement. You think that bigger issues such as this outwiegh any blunders made by the parties or leaders. You also argue that this issue of frauding vehicles isnt necessary.

    I dont care if any leader has 10 pajeros or aeroplanes. What I question is why went to fraud by privitising. They had access to the vehicles while it was government property. Also, it is important that they didnt earn the vehicles by working hours of swear, they robbed it. That is the margin they crossed which counterfired against their own ideals. How the hell is the public supposed to follow leaders which makes such poor decisions. Sure as u say, as a normal person born in the nepali corrupt society its not unusual and this isnt a big issue but a chain reaction. But you see, “they are leaders”, otherwise ppl who should act as role models. Such acts immediately discredit of being a leader. You also said that Prachanda deserves the to eat good food and drive good cars after being in the jungle so long. I’m sure he deserves it. What you fail to realise is that he now plays a role. When he stepped into the role of being a leader, he should sustain personal solace and benefits if it is necessary to maintain and influence the role he chose. I would want a leader of Nepal who understands this sacrifice and commitment. Privileges arent important to commited leaders, they only sell them out.

    You also compared the killings by the moaist to those done by the RNA and government. In other words you simply said that justify’s the bloodshed. I think you are propelled with nothing but hate, jealousy and anger if you think in such a way. Both maoist and the RNA should not be let off the hook for their sins. There is no “Justice” in ur beliefs. Now that that they’ve taken their revenge to the RNAs misdeeds u want peace and reconcilliation. I think you’re not right in the head. WHen ppl mean “justice” it doenst mean killing or more murders. Only people fueled with hatred derive such absurd conotaitions. When people here talk about justice, it is the one done under the law and without weapons or firearms. The justice which maoist failed to realise, the result of the bloodshed.

    You must understand that there are better alernatives to a revolution than violence, such as civil disobedience. I only wish that maoists realised this long before.

    What i disagree the most with you is your statement….”What matters the most is that are they doing the job, are they getting results? I don’t doubt that Kasav Stapit took kickbacks and made money during this tenure, but he did the job. He got things done”. The results of anything are not so important, it is the developmental stage and the process, or the path taken to attain it. If you think so prematurely then you should not speak on complex matters such as a countrys democracy. It is exactly how you think that has lead this country to crumbles time over time, short-term benefits. You are the one who will pave roads in the rainy seasons. Your are the one who will use any extent to get jobs done. There is no meaning for ‘justice’, ‘byproducts’ and ‘effects’ in your ideals. I know you talk in this sense coz you’re frustrated by not seeings results in the country. But you must understand that this frustration and impatience has been the worst enemey for the country.

    By the way, if you didnt already know, i’m not attacking you personally or your leaders, only your ideals and you thoughts. So peace..

  35. Jesus Avatar

    To the editor,
    I would also like to question the journalist who posted this news of how and where did he get all this information. It would be nice if journalists would validate their work with proof. It’s hard to tell facts from opinions.

  36. D waiba Avatar
    D waiba


    Thank you for finding a holes in my argument and determining that my skull is thicker that yours. I am who I am and you are who you are.

    Your outburst of emotions from reading or mis-reading of my opinions reflects the lack knowledge of Nepal and its conflict. Your poor reading of my opinion and twisted remarks have taken my breath away. Just to let you know that I supporter a leader who is for peace and prosperity for Nepal regardless of their past sins and political orientation. Human beings are inherently flawed and Prachanda, Giraja and our ex-majesty is no different. More later

  37. D. Waiba Avatar
    D. Waiba

    Proff. Lall,

    Why do you think the Maoist are on a recuriting campaign?

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