Prachanda Praises India While Thrashing Pakistani ISI

Why Maoist chairman Prachanda chose to expose himself in New Delhi by speaking against one country in favor of the other?

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle’s Web Log

One of the most shocking parts of Prachanda’s recent New Delhi, India visit was the statement he made during an interview with the Hindustan Times daily. It was interesting to see the Maoist chairman repeating the same lines from the interview to Nepali journalists in Kathmandu’s International Airport upon his return from India.

First read these lines from the Sunday edition of Hindustan Times:

With the Maoists on the ascendant in Nepal, activities of the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) are on the decline, because their activities were actively encouraged by the Palace. In an interview exclusive to [Nilova Roy Chaudhury of] the Hindustan Times, Chairman and supremo of Nepal’s Maoists ‘Prachanda’ disclosed, he said, for the first time ever, that when he decided to take the ‘movement to the streets’, back in 1996, he was offered “assistance” in the form of arms and money from representatives claiming to be from the ISI.

“We must accept that the anti-India activity from Nepal (including acts like the hijack of IC814) was centred in the royal durbar,” Prachanda said. “When this feudal king (Gyanendra) was just the king’s brother, and a businessman, he had a business partnership with Dawood Ibrahim and conducted much of his smuggling through him,” said Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who prefers his alias ‘Prachanda’ (the fierce one). “With our movement gaining people’s consensus, the anti-India ISI activity controlled by the Durbar is almost non-existent,” Prachanda said.

“When we initiated the armed movement against the corrupt rule in Nepal (in 1996),” Prachanda said, “ISI-type people offered us money and arms assistance. I resisted and our council agreed to refuse the assistance because we felt our movement would lose its Nepali-people-centric approach,” Prachanda said, explaining his reasons for turning down such assistance.

Even if Prachanda spent the last decade fighting for the dictatorship of proletariats, we defend his freedom of expression. But we feel that this statement demonstrates how thin Prachanda is willing to stretch himself to win the support of India to establish ‘new democracy’ in Nepal via his “Great Peoples’ Movement”.

Yes, Gyanendra Shah is a moron and he needs to be dealt with. Monarchy must be abolished in Nepal. But it is amazing why Prachanda thought it was right to complain about Gyanendra’s business practices with his Indian masters. It’s unfortunate that Prachanda found the idea of vomiting against ISI and Pakistan as the only way of doing chakari of Indians. He could have found better ways to do just that because we all know without the patronage of India, his “great revolution” in Nepal wouldn’t have come to the point where it is today. Plus, we can’t also reject the deep Indian influence in Nepali politics but Prachanda has shown us that the influence is far deeper that we ever imagined.

It is a matter of debate as to what extent you can undermine your relationship with one sovereign nation while trying to win support from the other. The best diplomacy is to put all friends at a reasonable distance. Behave equally. Yes, India is geographically near and we are India-locked. India is more important to us than Pakistan. We need to have special relationship with India. We that special relationship must not include naked chakari of Indians. We are a sovereign nation and we have our own independent foreign policy. There is no point in winning support from India at the cost of Pakistan or vice versa. We can win Indian support even without making Pakistan feel bad. We don’t need to be another Bhutan, do we?

It’s an open secret that there is deep anti-India sentiment in Nepal. With the exception of Bollywood and Sachin Tendulkar & Co, people hate India. To be specific, Nepalis hate the Indian establishment. That India establishment that always tries to prefers hegemony over mutual understanding and keeps on showing big brotherly attitude while dealing with small and weak neighbors like Nepal. Every time the trade treaty nears to expiration, we have one fear: how much will Indians exploit while renewing it. Every monsoon, we have to see our lands inundated because of Indian dams. Our boarders are encroached on a daily basis. That is why, even if they enjoy watching Aishwarya and Madhuri twisting their waists in the tunes of dola re dola, Nepalis quietly hate Indian establishment. They hate Indian establishment while appreciating Little Masters latest Century in the cricket pitch.

We all know very well that Nepal has always been the playground of regional and international intelligence agencies: be that Pakistani ISI or Indian RAW or American CIA. If there is ISI, there is RAW and if there is RAW there is ISI. Both agencies are hyper active in Kathmandu and several incidents in the past have proved this. It’s our problem that we are not being able to control those activities. It’s our inefficiency that they are playing as we are mutely watching the game. It’s not appropriate to take either side. We have only one side: our land must not be used against any nation on the planet. We should work hard and smart to make that sure. Just boasting in front of Indians about rejecting the ISI offer, that too in New Delhi, will not make Prachanda a qualified person to lead a party that is about to join the government of Nepal.






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  1. Sujeeb Avatar

    Maoists operated their peoples’ war from New Delhi. Prachanda stayed in Delhi and led the bloodhsed back in home. Good that he didn’t accept the support of ISI but will he tell us in detail how much support he received from RAW? It’s no surprise for me to see Prachanda being thankful to RAW.

  2. sudeep Avatar

    it is quite astonizing that how could such a leader can vomit against pakistan.while underground it was he who used to attack indian supression on is not good for him and his party

  3. xyz Avatar

    I do not understand why should Prachand praise Pakistan? I do not understand why should even he stay neutral?

    It is the Pakistan the first country to recognize Gyanendra’s takeover.

    Now, the opposition in Pakistan is seriously studying Nepali style andolan.

    Without understanding the fact that we are so much dependent on India, we often critize India, rather than trying to be close and capitalize on our relationships.

    Those royalists who oppose Prachanda’s comments against Pakistan implying to please India should not forget Gyanendra’s repeated relegious visits to India hoping to garner Indian support. How about last minute intervention by Karan Singh?

  4. RSS Avatar

    Seems that these terrorist have finally srarted their path to decline. Prachanda is doing tha same thing politicians used to do after 2046. Good luck to terrorists on their journey to hell!!!

  5. Revolutionary Avatar

    Don’t blow up the issue out of its proportion. Comrade Chairman just thanked Indian people for their help in providing shelter etc to the party and leaders in difficult times. To thank is part of civility. Read the following lecture that Comrade Chairman delivered in the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit. This is more important. You can find his vision in the lecture.


    “Democracy: The Forbidden Fruit or Nectar for Progress?”

    Honorable Chairperson of the session, distinguished participants, and ladies and gentlemen,

    1. First of all, I would like to thank the organizers of the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, 2006, for inviting me to share this august forum with distinguished international leaders and eminent personalities from various fields. I take it as a rare honor extended to a revolutionary movement and its leadership that has been fighting against monarchical feudal autocracy and for establishing a democratic republic in Nepal.

    2. The subject we are discussing right now has been very titillatingly titled as: ‘Democracy: The Forbidden Fruit or Nectar for Progress?’ But before discerning whether ‘democracy’ is ‘forbidden fruit’ or ‘nectar for progress’, we may have to find out whether there can be a single, universally acceptable definition of ‘democracy’. As everybody knows, ‘democracy’ has been like a rubber cap to fit all kinds of heads- from the most autocratic domestic rulers to the naked foreign aggressors and perpetrators of worst genocides. Also ‘democracy’ has been reduced to an exportable commodity to be exchanged with precious petroleum products and other profitable resources. Moreover, ‘democracy’ has been made a convenient tool by the imperialist powers to wage cold, (and ‘hot’ as well) war against socialism and communism.

    However, talking in the more serious vein, the question of democracy and dictatorship is one of the most important ideological and political issues of our time. The political battle in the 21st century is going to be fought over the question of democracy. Whosoever is able to develop and practice the correct notion and form of democracy suited to the new era is going to rule the world.

    So, what is democracy? Can there be an eternal form of democracy applicable to all time and places? Democracy literally means ‘rule of the people’ (from Greek, ‘demos’=people. And ‘kratos’=rule). That is, democracy is a form of state or instrument of class rule where people are the source of all powers and exercise control over the state. But ‘people’ is an historical concept, and in class divided societies ‘people’, too, are divided into classes. Hence, democracy also undergoes changes with historical development of society and assumes a distinct class character according to the dominant class of people it represents.

    Thus, unlike the assumption of Samuel P. Huntington, we have seen basically ‘two waves’ and two types of democracy in history. The first wave was that of bourgeois or capitalist democracy, after the fall of feudal absolutism, mainly in Europe and America, since 18th and 19th centuries. The second wave was that of proletarian or socialist democracy after the rise of monopoly capitalism in the 20th century, bourgeois or parliamentary democracy has been reduced to mere formal or electoral democracy and is in deep crisis. This is part of the serious ideological crisis mankind is facing today.

    It is, therefore, imperative that the ills afflicting both the bourgeois and proletarian democracies be correctly diagnosed and new theoretical and practical advances be made for the development of democracy in the 21st century.

    3. ‘Equality, liberty and fraternity’ as codified in the French Revolution, are the cornerstones of capitalist democracy. The notion of equality and liberty played historically progressive role to shatter feudal inequality and bondage in all spheres of life. To that extent, bourgeois democracy in its initial stage of competitive capitalism played a progressive role and still has some validity, particularly in societies in a stage of transition from feudalism to capitalism.

    But with the rise of monopoly capitalism and concomitant rise of economic and social inequality in new forms, the slogan of political equality and liberty became an empty phrase. As Marx, said: “Rights can never be higher that the economic structure of society and its cultural development conditioned thereby.” Thus the political democracy raised over monopoly capitalist economic base got reduced to mere formal democracy, with majority of the people only participating in election rituals every few years. This is the common scenario of farcical state of democracy in most of the developed capitalist countries today.
    The state of political democracy in the underdeveloped countries is found all the more pathetic. With heavy remnants of pre-capitalist feudal socio-economic structures and accompanying national, regional, gender and caste inequalities, the exercise of political equality and liberty there becomes just meaningless and ridiculous. One can observe this farce of electoral democracy better in South Asia than anywhere else.

    I hope these critical remarks won’t be mistaken as an apology for any kind of autocracy still prevailing in many countries. Autocracy can in no way be substitute for formal democracy. Rather our stress is to transform formal democracy into real democracy by doing away with a plethora of inherent inequalities at the socio-economic base and by changing the total social relations of production in a progressive manner. In other words, only by ensuring equality and liberty in the socio-economic base can political equality and liberty be exercised in the real sense.

    4. Socialist democracy in the form of workers’ and peasants’ Soviets was introduced after the great October Revolution in Russia. The Soviet model was later sought to be extended to other socialist countries. The distinguished features of socialist democracy were creation of appropriate socialist economic base for corresponding democratic superstructure, exercise of direct democracy by the masses, conversion of representative institutions from ‘talking shops’ into ‘working bodies’, etc. This was in practice the transformation of formal democracy into real democracy for the overwhelming majority of the working and oppressed masses.

    However, in course of time the socialist democracy lost its steam and slowly turned into formal and mechanistic democracy. The initiative and activism of the masses of the people in state affairs ultimately died down. Only a handful of leaders were active in running the state and the vast majority of people were reduced into silent spectators. The situation aggravated more during the Stalin period. Though Mao made some bold experiments to revive and develop socialist democracy, his efforts did not result in any qualitative advance.

    Why did socialist democracy ultimately fail? Why did it have to bear the stigma of ‘totalitarianism’ from its adversaries? If the revolutionary communists of the 21st century have ‘to win the battle for democracy’’, as Marx and Engels had declared in the famous Communist Manifesto, we must dare to question the past practice in socialist democracy and take some bold initiatives.

    Our Party has adopted a resolution on ‘development of democracy in the 21st century’ and put forward some new theses. Among others, the most important thesis has been to accept and organize multi-party competition within stipulated constitutional framework even in future socialist state. This idea of multi-party competition within socialist state framework is a big step forward in revitalization and development of socialist democracy. Only through this way the inherent monopolistic and bureaucratic tendencies of communist parties in power can be checked and socialist democracy institutionalized. Moreover, a suitable mechanism must be found and practiced to ensure constant control, supervision and intervention of the masses of the people in state affairs. Only then can it be a true democracy in the sense of ‘rule of the people’.
    Distinguished Participants and Friends,

    5. In Nepal, we are right now engaged in development of suitable forms of democracy in both historical stages of societal development, i.e. the capitalist and socialist stages.

    First, we are trying to abolish monarchical feudal autocracy, ruling for the last two and a half century, and usher in a democratic republic. The recent political agreement between the Seven-Party Alliance Government and the CPN (Maoist) is aimed at conducting a free and fair election to the Constituent Assembly under an interim government to institutionalize the democratic republic. This way we want to create a new peaceful and democratic political mainstream and end the 11-year long violent upheavals in the country.

    Secondly, we are engaged in a vigorous ideological and political debate, both inside and outside the Party, about developing socialist democracy with multi-party competition, among other things, as its essential features. For, we have deep conviction that revolution cannot be repeated but can only be developed or improved upon. Unless the past mistakes of the 20th century are rectified the socialist project cannot be revived in the 21st century. And without a revival of the socialist movement in a developed and higher form at the global level, humanity cannot be saved from the rapacious plunder and aggression of world imperialism. ‘Socialism or barbarism’, as Rosa Luxemburg rightly said, is the only destiny of humanity in the 21st (and if survived more, in later as well) century.

    6. Finally, coming to the question posed, whether democracy is a ‘forbidden fruit’ or ‘nectar for progress’, so far it has been a ‘forbidden fruit’ for the overwhelming majority of the people reeling under class, national, regional, gender, caste and communal oppressions. And it has been ‘nectar for progress’ for a handful of moneybags and people in power.
    The biggest challenge of our time is, therefore, to make democracy really democratic and turn it into ‘nectar for progress’ for the vast majority of oppressed and deprived humanity.

    Whether somebody will become a ‘superpower’ or not in the future will be determined by his/her ability to develop and practice real democracy and harness the boundless potential and creative energy of the masses of the people. Let us all remember, the masses of the people are the ultimate creators of history.

    Thank you.

    November 18, 2006 Prachanda
    New Delhi Chairman,CPN (Maoist)

  6. pontiff Avatar

    The raw of a man, Prachande’, shall bear all in due to time. He is nothing but a stooge of India as is the case of SPA. All these mothers seek, recieve and are guided by India and fool us with a vanity of nationalism and in good of a country. I guess its all god given talent to this specific brand of people, all high caste brahmins. Their day will come sooner than you expect. For Nepal is for Nepali, only by Nepali and from Nepali.

  7. raj Avatar

    Prachanda exposed himself too thin and that exposure will go on Maoist echelon down further. They will be exposed much faster than NCP(UML). Just let them lay their arms in locks and their ragtag army will be a nuisance to themselves.

  8. Guyfromktm Avatar

    This is what the flip-flopper Pushpa Kamal said about India back in September this year– and compare it with what this dui jibre bajey is saying now-

    The points made by Chairman Prachanda on India:

    1. He said that it was India and the Indian Army which has been in the forefront in safeguarding the royal regime and assisting the Nepalese Army. He has the feeling that India is trying to keep the monarchy through different channels and does not believe that India favours the abolition of monarchy.

    2. While calling for reconsideration of India’s present policies towards smaller neighbours, he said that India presently follows Nehru Doctrine under which it seeks to intimidate, interfere, expand its influence and dictate its terms on its neighbours.

    3. In the same breath, on China he said that China had traditionally been backing the King as a factor of stability ( emphasis ours) and that the people’s move against the monarchy and the feudalism in the recent times capped by the 19-day agitation in April may have forced the Chinese government to reconsider the old policy. ( comment: that China facilitated the supply of Armed Personnel Carriers and a large quantity of Rifles during the movement is left out)

    4. On US, he thought that US had a global strategic interest in seeking to derail their movement and he also suspects that US and India have been collaborating to come into Nepal under a design that has worried him even more.

    5. On Kashmir he believed that the Kashmiri people should also get their right of self determination – the right to decide their fate and this applies to the people of north-east India, though he made it clear that self determination does not mean separation.

    6. In the same breath, he said that Tibetan people should also get such right to self determination, but added that the autonomy the Chinese government has given is in accordance with the aspiration of the Tibetan people. ( emphasis ours)

    5. On the recent linking of Lhasa with Beijing by rail, he said that Nepal had so far leaned towards the southern neighbour due to the economy, open borders, transport and communications that put them to disadvantage, with India in a position to take undue advantage. The train service from Beijing to Lhasa and beyond to Kathmandu would benefit Nepal in particular and the entire region in general.

  9. raj Avatar


    No democrat says Gyanendra did a good job. Just they are saying Prachanda is doing a bad job like the king. Though the blogger ‘maobadi’ was far superior to you trying to defend Maoists, he could not do that. Your arguement is too childish. You will be crushed like an egg if a seasoned debater such as ‘Bhudai Pandit’ falls upon you. Leave this blog before he comes in.

  10. Guyfromktm Avatar

    In addition, Pushpa Kamal also categorically said that India is no longer a reactionary– who is Pushpa Kamal to make that distinction? Why does he think that he has the right to declare someoner eactionary today and not tomorrow– so, by the same token, if he benefits from the decision, will Pushpa Kamal declare all the royalist and panchas non-reactionary someday– to pave way for his presidency. Guys, wake up.. this is another power-hungry thug! We have seen so many of them during the 90s and poor teacher Pushpa Kamal is falling into the trap as well- power and paisa including shauk and aram are doing the trick for this terrorist as well.

  11. Guyfromktm Avatar

    Here is another trick to show that Pushpa Kamal is doing it for himself– this guy is a big flip flopper:
    “Prachanda(Pushpa Kamal), the man who revolutionised Nepal politics in last one decade, said though he is not interested in any post, if the people of Nepal want him to become the president of the new republic, he would accept that responsibility.Pushpa Kamal was addessing a press conference in New Delhi on Saturday.”

    What does he mean by that? How will he know whether people want him to be the President or not? Is he saying he will not file the nominations himself but if someone files it on his behalf and he goes on to win the elections, he will then consider it as people’s decision? If he has no intention to be the president, then how will be be in the ballot paper to begin with? Or should we have another referendum first about whether or not he should be the President or not, and once the fact is established then he will make the decision to run or not run for the Presidency. I thought, all along, he said he supported competitive democracy– so what happened now?

  12. pontiff Avatar

    Let me add though- Prachande’ has the knack of rebutting himself but people still give benefit of doubt. The problem lies with people not the caricuture of a man, a deluded to boot. Is the fear factor kicking in so the people cannot speak the truth and do the right thing. Simple as it may seem- when evil does rear its head, the only thing that can defeat it is evil ways- Mahabharat is case in point.

    Defeating evil is a good thing and time is now.

  13. M. K. Prabhu Avatar
    M. K. Prabhu

    I think you guys need to love and respect your ‘own’ country. Forget India – India is very safe and stable despite all our problems and doing well in all areas. Why not you all take a unified stand and cut off all relation with India. Your all Govt. tried to play China /Pakistan card without knowing the fact that Nepali politics is dominated by few ppls from Valley. And, do not talk of democracy – look in your own backyard – how many ppls from Terai are represented in Govt.??????

    Now, India supports millions of Nepali families, provides education, jobs, and what not and it is only these ‘few’ who distort and utilize the moments by being pro or anti-India in the bizarre manner. India do not want to capture or take over Nepal – and my suggestion is that build your own national institutions and political characters to talk and think about Nepal rather then beating your chests for every ting that happens in Nepal…

    Stand up and prove to the world that you all have guts to give your nation a new meaning and direction…

    Good luck..

  14. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Thanks for giving all dui jibre saings of Prachande. But I am very sorry about our Fourth State people.Our top journalists and smaller fly (jhinge) journalists are busy in going after the netas and getting money from them. for example, go and click Deshantar yesterday and read about the news of Khume and Govinde in it. This paper is blaming Surya Nath for just bringing these two ‘clean’ gentelemen to court out of political motivation. Thiukka yesto patrakarita pani garnu mora ho ? Khume ra Govinde ko Chatna jao. K patrakarita garcchau. Journalists always think about people and the country first if u r a

  15. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    if u r the real journalists.They never had the time to present any anlysis about the speeches of Prachande in various times when he came out from the ‘underground’ and saying different contradictory things in different interviews, with journalists and radio etc.

    In India, he said that he wants to be the President of Nepal but why he cannot say it in the Nepalese soil. Or his masters can fulfill his wish from New Delhi.

  16. gor-khali-theHugwash Avatar

    Now we know at least who are the Maoists in terms of political power.

    They may be revolutionary in their practice or bully on people, but we know where is their political hope lies.

    Therefore, GP Koiral made the close impact with them.

    We also know what Gyanendra from within and without royal palace as businessmen. We aslo who massacred the king Birendra’s family.

    ISI Pakistani played a big role in the royal palace through Gyanendra Shah.

    If you play a durty political plots to terrorize Indian power in South Asia then you know who is real TERRORIST.

    If people of Nepal are firm with their Sovereignty by living their life by the rule of law under democracy, we do not neet to go against or for India.

    India is our neighbor which is merging as one of the economic super power of the world. If we want to be prosperious and economincally successful having our civil liberty and human rights protected in democracy we must respect Inida.

    The fanatic nationalist view against India is royalist view and anyone with such false emotion will help the regressive force of our society.

    So carefull and hold your ass tight from farting too much bullshits.

  17. Bikki Avatar

    Now Mr. Chairman joins the brigade to get the Indian blessings! His ‘revelations’ of ISI’s willingness to help the ‘revolution’ is nothing more than a very tasteless tactic to get Indian blessings before going to power. Even if ISI was willing to help Maoists’ so called Janayoudha, this is by no means a proper approach to address it in the aftermath of his Indian visit. Mr. Chairman, by this, proved that he is a naïve politician, if not a foolish one. Much to learn yet Mr. Chairman! This move consolidates the age-old myth that no one can sustain the power in Nepal without blessings from ‘Big Brother’. What a shame!

  18. pawan Avatar

    prachanda know how to play ‘india card’ in nepalese politics. its clear that why so called ‘april revolution’ was a success story, of course with the indian blessing. by this time all of blogger must have realized that why prachanda is so successful and why GP Koirala is helpless to take any action against the maoists atrocity. only god knows what india has plan for nepalese poeple.

    god bless you all.

  19. Kirat Avatar

    Over the top the reaction on Prachanda’s pro Indian speech. Name me one Nepali leader, including the Royals, who hasn’t kissed Indian ass while visiting India? Even the Americans and Europeans do it.

  20. Kirat Avatar

    What I don’t get is the cowardly behaviour of the SPA. The Maoists have the PLA don’t the SPA have the NA or are they going to pretend they don’t need an army/security force to enforce the law of the land. I bet those cowardly politicians are just jockeying for a plump post in the new ‘interim govt.’ Cowardly, greedy, B@stards!

  21. pawan Avatar

    ok all leaders lick indian ass, so what do you suggest Kirat.

  22. pawan Avatar

    yes india is growing very rapidly, there is no doubt and we should try to our luck to get a ripe out of it. but does anyone has any idea why on earth india is trying to plant a communist regime in nepal? does it make any sense to you bloggers?

  23. prabhat Avatar

    Yes, Prachanda has been exposed very very badly. He keeps on flip flopping. I wouldn’t be surprised if 15 days later, he will talk against the RAW or the South Block. Remember he talking about “Greater Nepal”? This man is from the jungle. He is just learning the tight rope walking of diplomacy. If this is the way he is going to go, very soon he will fall into the ditch.

  24. pawan Avatar

    now it make sense why indian green signled to ‘single lock’ policy, with key in maoists hand and why govt had to agree upon it despite strong US opposition.

    i wonder why on the earth so called ‘civil society’–who always turn blink eye to maoists voilence.-is still after monarchy?

  25. Kirat Avatar

    pawan-unless the Indians are idiots I don’t think they want Maoists in power in Nepal-remember they have their own headache with Maoists. Sure a part if the Indian govt. machinery is leftist (they are a key component in the ruling party in India) and the Indians always want to meddle in Nepal so that they can always black mail the govt. in power. Anyway I don’t like blaming others for our problems. Blaming others will solve nothing.

  26. pawan Avatar

    i am suprised to know that nepalese people choose to tolerate maoists hostility in hope that it will bring peace in the country. very bad idea though it seems to have encourage maoists.

  27. Kirat Avatar

    pawan-they also look to the SPA for leadership and there the SPA truly disappoint! However the Nepali people might decide once again to take things into their own hands. A truly mass protest against the Maoists and the inept/apathetic SPA govt. would be nice. We should all gather and destroy the Maoist office, then the Nepali Congress office and then the UML office to show our anger at these buffoons.

  28. chinmay Avatar

    nepal should realize that India can only be its true friend, Pakistan has never been anybody’s friend. anyone that would expect friendship from pakistan is a fool ! Please stop bashing India, Nepal is lucky it’s India locked and not China locked, otherwise there would be no Nepal left, think about it before bashing India, look at tibet. the writer is not too smart.

  29. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Kirat, when someone as optimistic as yourself says such things – it can’t be good. Are we heading towards anarchy? One thing is that that Maoist must be stopped. Their behavior has been deplorable and it is becoming clear that they are not interested in peace.

    chinmay, I agree that India bashing isn’t productive. But most Nepalis don’t actually hate India. It’s just a way to bloster our own nationistic egos. But that being said there are numerous issues on which Nepal has every right to complain. While I don’t believe India is seeking to destabilize Nepal, I also don’t believe that India has been very helpful on numerous fronts. But let’s leave India out for the moment. We have to first deal with our own incompetant, worthless political leaders!

  30. manan Avatar

    The fact is that Nepal needs India and India often exploits Nepal’s hopelessness. I am not an India basher; in fact I believe India and Nepal can be very good friends, but the fact is that various Indian administrations have consistently meddled in Nepal.

    Now may not be the right time to bring that up, but ordinary Indians should know that Nepalis don’t like everything the Indian government does.

    By the way, I see no reason that India should hold on to some of its Northeastern States. It has grabbed them the same way China did Tibet. Actually, China has more of a cultural link with Tibet than Indians have with say, Nagaland.

  31. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Kirat, bhudai, pawan and chinmay- you guys are discussing the useless things. We should not be pro-India and Pro-China. Both are dangerous.What we should be is Pro-Nepal.I am disappointed with Kirat when he said he wants to destroy NC and UML etc. No my friends, first we have to kick out the King and then it is the turn of Maoists. They are the desciples of Pol Pot. Now they are involved in the naked Chakari of India.This is all nautanki being done by two brahmin Maoists.NC,NC-D, UML atc we need because they are the only democratic forces although they are involved in corruption. Kirat, if you have any capacity to “finish”, then finish Khume and Govinde and three judges who set them free. They are Kapoots of Nepal Aama.They must be punished.

  32. Patriot Avatar

    Prachanda is just trying to get some legit from Indians. Dont worry folks, I believe Indians are not going all the way out to help Maoists, coz if things go awry they can be threats to Indians too. I think Prachanda should try and get legit from Nepalese people instead. The CA election is coming up and he better clean up the hooligan act being of his cadres soon.

  33. Budai Pundit Avatar
    Budai Pundit

    Are you kidding me? There is going to be no elections if things keep deteriorating like this.

  34. new_rebel Avatar

    if they betray janjatis again like they hav been doing since ancient times, new REVOLUTION will emerge. we ain’t just tolerating now. we r aware n ready to launch any kind of new revolution. from time of prithvi narayna shah, buthcer, war criminal to nepali congress war against rana to this present maoist movement, janjatis are the biggest strenght yet they betray us, arseholes. no more betrayal or else face new REVOLUTION……HOLY NATURE BLESS US………

  35. xyz Avatar

    I am not defending Maoists, rather complaining general anti-India mentality of some Nepali intellectuals. Your very use of terms like “childish mentality” or “crushed like egg” or threathening to leave this site before some one enters in themselves speak of your intellegience.

  36. pontiff Avatar

    We need India but that does not mean we should be afraid or have a slave mentality or even have inferorirty complex. The reason we go on blaming spree from king to India is because there is fundametal weakness in our line of thinking. The fact is we do not own up to our responsibilities and choose an easy way out i.e., blame others for all our share of trouble and inaptitude. The genisis of mess starts with each and every individuals who calls themselves Nepali. Even the post in this blog reflects this- there is a total disconnect with the ground reality. All feel qualified to nitpick and say a sermon or two but thats that.

    Everyone knows but nothing is done to prevent the source of discomfort and disarry happening in Nepal. Blame game, righteous comment, vinidictive attitude can only take you so far- in the end it is us, the people, who shall bear. So exercise should be at building up our strenght on the principle that Nepal is by Nepali, for Nepali and from Nepali.

  37. harish Avatar

    now he got power and he is talking democracy.look who is talking?blood thirsty maiost how they killed inocent people the name of people’s l army.shame on u dummy head .u must hane to pay what u did to the inocent people .

  38. monk Avatar


  39. dialogue Avatar

    Professor Pyare Lall, and ‘guy from ktm’ agree.thanks to my ignorance I have not been indoctrinated by daily newspapers, cannot read. About Kashmir, my good friend Dr Karan Singh withdrew himself intelligently. Isn’t that what hindu’s do?

  40. james Avatar

    10 reasons why people hate indian community (From India):

    If you want to discuss this article, please send it to 10 of your friends and then right your comments.

    1.Indians are the worst drivers.
    2.Indians blow their nose and spit in public anywhere anytime.
    3.When an Indian becomes the boss, everyone in the office is replaced by Indians.
    4.Indians never queue; they simply go to the counter regardless of the queue.
    5.Indians have dirty minds. They stare at my wife’s ass every time she walks out of the house.
    6.Indians are liars when trading. Any lie is allowed as soon as they sell it!
    7.Indians have no concept of “YES NO”, they simply tilt the head from one side to the other for any reasons.
    8.Indians are TOO MANY and they leave no space to other communities
    9.Indians can not be trusted, as soon as you turn your back, they take advantage of you
    10.Indians are sometimes very dirty and smell strongly.

    I live in Dubai and I don’t know ONE person that likes the Indian Community. We have noticed that even Indians hate Indians!

    Many thanks.
    Other Communities of UAE

  41. me Avatar

    Dear James,

    It is better to see our own home rather than peeping others.

    coz whatever they are…whoever they are…yet they are growing…

    we are going down…….lets grow…

  42. Congress Check Avatar

    Be the change that you want to see in the world.MohandasGandhiMohandas Gandhi

  43. Saineegan Avatar

    Nepal has to be declared the Hindu Republic of Nepal. Hinduattva has to rule Nepal if it is to be successful like India.

  44. Jyoti - Scotland Avatar
    Jyoti – Scotland

    Nepal should be declared as a “Hindu Republic”, but not a “Secular country” (certainly, not like India). If Nepal be a Secular country (like India) then, it will create so many problems sooner or later…ie, Budhist might ask for their own identity, Muslim (they already have one Mosque at the Heart of Kathmandu) might demand for another Mosque in front of Pasupatinath Temple and then what? it’s obvious, isn’t it?

    I suggest Nepal as a “Hindu Republic” and Nepali Bhasha as a National Language!

  45. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    The statement of prachanda and visit of India is just to form his government.
    Whatever he said tthat was to get the blessing of New Delhi because of present situation of Maoist in Nepal.

  46. Ishwari Bhattarai Avatar
    Ishwari Bhattarai

    I do not think Mr Prachanda is patriotic leader for Nepal. Seems to be opportunist and ready to beg hands with any country to come into power keeping Nepal’s integrity and sovereignity at the side. To get chepa popularity does dalali of India and The US.

  47. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    We all are somehow opportunist and more likely politicians are, there is no doubt about that.

    I am so thankful to Prachanda, Baburam and badal and other fellow maoist brothers and sister who enhanced our confidence as a result we kicked out King. We should be all proud of this not criticize leaders character.

  48. Avatar

    Amazing! Its really awesome paragraph, I have
    got much clear idea concerning from this post.

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