Gyanendra Shah Must Be Punished

The HLPC report must be taken seriously and its suggestions must be implemented

By now the world has learned from the High Level Probe Commission that Gyanendra was (and is) guilty of suppressing the historical popular uprising in April and responsible for the death of 21 innocent Nepalis who were fighting for their freedom. Did we really need the Commission to tell us that truth? Not actually because we saw the ambitious monarch on TV in Feb 1, 2005 dismissing remains of democracy that he started destroying systematically in mid 2002. That was the biggest crime he did and I am sure he will be punished in the election of Constituent Assembly. No vote for any party or candidates who want to give space in whatever form to monarchy in Nepal. At least I will not give. Baru Maobadi lai halchhu 😉

What about Gyanendra’s crime of putting us in dark for the whole week of after Feb 1, 2005 by cutting off telephone lines, switching off Internet connections, imposing emergency and censorship, restricting movements, and severely curtailing our civil liberties.

What about the crimes Gyanendra and his cabinet did at the time of April uprising? The Commission led by former justice Krishna Jung Rayamajhi has held the entire cabinet and chairman Gyanendra responsible for the destruction of property and abuse of national coffers and authority. Who killed those innocent people? The one who actually pulled the trigger? Yes, of course. But that would not the complete justice. As the executive head of Nepal at that time, Gyanendra is responsible for all those deaths. He must be punished.

Some people might say, well, Gyanendra is now sidelined; we must forgive him and concentrate ourselves in dealing with Maoists. We must deal with Maoists but we must not forget Gyanendra. We are well aware of the nature of Shah Kings. They don’t change for good.

Though Prime Minster Girija Prasad Koirala has said the government will not spare any guilty the skepticism still rules many Nepalis. What if the government doesn’t take action against all those 2002 people including Gyanendra as per the suggestions of the Commission? What if this report becomes another Mallik Commission report? People are vigilant. I saw a vox populi in Kantipur TV this evening in which all participants said that this report must not share the fate of Mallik Commission report. People remember how the report on the probe of atrocities done during the 1990 movement was thrown into dustbin by the successive democratic governments. Implementing the Commission report is the real challenge ahead. -Wagle

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74 thoughts on “Gyanendra Shah Must Be Punished

  1. Okay, count my vote for anti-king candidate and party in the election. I don’t think I will vote for Maoists but in the worst case scenario that will be my last option.

    I still have faith on Girija Koirala.


  2. please approve my comment. so frustrating. I think the government also take action against you for this moderation policy.

  3. There is no doubt about it for the punishment. According to my info,Gyane used to chair the Minster’s meeting and nobody dared to speak in that meeting. He used to give the name of the person in a chit to be appointed from his pocket.This was the nomination of a deputy governor of NRB. He even used to say how many days Gagan, Ramchandra, Makune, Narahari etc should be put to jail.

    What he did wrong was he should have sacked Tulsi Giri after 4/5 months and would have kept only Bista as VC.At the same time, he should have also sacked all the killers, rapists, drug smugglers etc from the cabinet. All old generals should have been asked to keep mum.

    But there is proverb- Birds of a feather flock together. Gyane himself was a murti and drug smuggler, rapist and killer and his son !!! UFF !!!

    Then he was the worst King a Nepali can have in the whole history of Nepal.His wife is mentally retarded. She is always smiling. Actually, if ceremonial is agreed, we should search a woman like his wife to be the Monarch.Always smiling ? Ha ha ha .

  4. Any nepali’s murder, may it be by an individual, group or the king should not go unpunished. It is our duty to always demand justice.

  5. I’d like to bring Gyanendra Shah to justice, but that’s hardly the most pressing issue on the table. At a time when Maoists are getting 70 something seats out of 330 and no one knows what that means, the last thing we need is to be distracted by what Gyanendra Shah did and did not do.

    When the most pressing problems have been sorted out, then we can turn to solving the minor ones.

  6. Wagle what a great article! About time someone mentioned the King. Afterall it is the King that’s the biggest threat Nepal is facing today. Forget Prachanda we should focus our attention and do everything in our power to punish the King. Who cares that the King isn’t abducting school children and recruiting them into a militias. Or that he isn’t exthorting money and making commerce and tourism a difficult prospect. Forgot all that people. The King must be punished. He even dared shut down a prestigious and objective newspaper that has a flawless reputation like Kantipur. How dare he!!
    Who cares that Nepal is being slowly engulfed into anarchy and chaos. Put all protest and put pressure on our political leaders to appoint more commisions and people to investigate even more autocities of the King. Let’s go all out and spend up to 1/3 of our national budget to this end!! The Maoist problem will sort itself out – no big deal. I mean what’s the point of going after Prachanda who has only been responsible for the dealths, tourture, displacement of 14,000 Nepalis. We can go after the this King right now who is a far bigger villian!

  7. In fact I propose we create a new ministry altogeather! Yes that’s right a new ministry … and maybe Madav Nepal who has been bitching about being disprepected can handel this portfolio! Now that should have siliva oozing out of his mouth.

  8. Punishing Gynendra was the spirit of JanaandholanII.Recommendation of High level probe commision is also in the same line . Therefore he should be punished.

  9. Exactly, I also think so but comments are blocked. Why ? Is there any censorship in Nepal ? King should be punished. I say it 1000 times. OK ?

  10. Of course he should be punished! And I think he has already paid a huge price for his mistake. He is no longer the head of the state, no longer in command of the army, all his income is now taxable, all his property has been disclosed etc. At this point there is little left to do. Don’t think about sending him to jail because there isn’t a damn civil servant, political leader that doesn’t deserve to go to jail.

  11. come on people

    first of all punish maoist and stop them from recruting school children

    we can punish gynendra whenever we want

    but if you have gutt do it to maoist

  12. every [icd] nepali is taking about gynendra

    Mother [icd] do something to maoist

    they are ruining our already ruined nepal

    [icd] you all

  13. king has lost his power and i going to loose more than 50% of wealth. i think he has gotten 80% of his punishment he deserves. now its time to punish prachanda and baburam who used to slaughter people alkida style. they recrute 16 year olds in their army ( i think even a dummest person in this world knows that kids must be spending time to increase their human capital(knowldege and stuffs) instead of carrying gun. i think they are just trying to rule country by imposing fear like king did during his rule. thats not fare to nepali people. we want to be free……….

  14. Mahesh,

    Relax man. First let’s crush the king and then we should turn to the so called leaders… Not only maosists but those ugly politicians from all big parties will be crushed! But we have to start from the KING!

  15. There is no doubt that Gyane and his aides should be punished. But what about terroists Prachanda and Baburam who killed thousands of innocent people?

  16. You know Gorkhali tradition and mentality = regression. Gorkhali hugwashed his truth, gorkhali is a tradition of macho, bully men and many of them have come to America to support bully of Gyanendra Shah.

    The truth is with this gorkhali bulling traditon Mahendra put the democratic king Tribhuvan in the bed in Swetzerland to become the dictator (this is based on the underground royal family civil servents’ unofficial chat).

    Then Gyanendra massacred Birendra’s family for that reason to become the dictator to make his dead father Mahendra and his widow mother Ratana happy forever in the heaven and earth.

    Actually, according to the royal family civil servents’ chat Gyanendra is actual physical son of Ratana. Mahendra had made Ratana pregnant out of wedluck but did tell the people that it was the son of his queen.

    So how can you spare the morally corrupt Shah kings legacy at this point and time. Gyanendra must be punished as per Wagle Sir’s recommendation.

    We must put an end to the corrupt and immoral Shah (Hindu king with Muslim title ‘Shah’).

    What Prachanda did to ISI of Pakistan is very right thing. Because ISI has corrupt the Gyanendra Shah and his business and finally made his ambisious to wipe the family of his step brother king.

    So get your bud together to punish him and oust him from Narayanhiti palace ASAP.

  17. The Special Court, explicitly formed to decide corruption cases, has started clearing them, one after another. Recently, it freed former ministers and Nepali Congress leaders Khum Bahadur Khadka and Govinda Raj Joshi- who the CIAA, the constitutional anti-corruption watchdog, had accused of amassing huge property through illegal means while in power. Convinced that both Khadka and Joshi were indeed guilty of white-collar crime, the CIAA had demanded over Rs 23.6 million and Rs 39.3 million in fines against Khadka and Joshi, respectively, and a 13-year prison term for each of them.

    More at

  18. gyan bro

    i am cool

    dont take me as royalist but i am just an anti maoist.

    let me put in a senario

    u are a great hunter
    u are in the middle of a jungle alone to kill some tigers.

    suppose two tiger approaches you and you shoot one. its not dead but lying on the ground

    what would you do next????

    shoot the standing one or the one on the ground???/

    if i were you i would shoot the standing one as there would be danger of myself being killed by the one standing.

    i have to act wisely.

    shoot both

    take a breathe

    then shoot both once again to give them the death.

    nepal is in same condition

    from my prospective king had enough bullets. he is not dead but we can take breathe and shoot him the final and deciding bullet

    but bro

    at the mean time we want to take breathe we have to shoot our predator maoist.

    hope u will respond to this

  19. First of all, I think it was Budai who said “He even dared shut down a prestigious and objective newspaper that has a flawless reputation like Kantipur.” kantipur may be prestigious but whether it is objective or not can be debated endlessly. I am sure there will be many people who have read the newspaper over the past many years who can easily disagree that if Kantipur is anything, it is not objective.

    But I agree that the culprits need to be brought to justice and if teh culprit happens to be the KIng, then he should also pay the price. By becoming the chief of the cabinet, he stole the tag line from one of the former US presidents that said “the buck stops here”. The accountability does stop with the King and he has to be made answerable.

    havign said that, we will have to be very careful how we approach the security forces since it will have a very serious future implication about how and when the security forces will act if there were to be similar protests in the future. Durign April, they were simply following the orders. There days, if there are a bunch of Maoists Victims protesting and starting to get violent, the security forces have no choice but to act. Moreso if the people holding the power, guided by the Maoist, are asking the security forces to take “ek ek lai nachod” approach. Similarly, if there are other protests around the valley that are anti-maoist or are anti republican set up or are anri SPA, then the present government will go ahead and ask the security forces to intervene and at times, lives will be lost. In those cases, will it take another ergime change before another commission is set up to investigate the atrocities and bring the responsible ones to justice?

  20. its really confusing wat people want…

    ? do they want the king punished?
    ?do they want the maoists to be punished?
    ?do they want the corrupt leaders to be punished??
    ?? how will we know this?? just from street vandalism and rumours???

    ??? will there be a free and fair election??
    there are real questions that need real answers. Otherwise we’ll soon be finished as a nation…..

  21. Wagle, you seem bent on showing off your credential of being a true sympathizer. Nobody here believes in selective justice or no justice rather on justice for all on equal terms. As a layman- the most regressive and deplorable action is recruitment of child into militia- for this alone Maoist(pariah duo-two Brahmin-Dahal and Bahttarai) should sent to gallows. You talk about justice for all then work to make justice JUST not selective as you have done. You hate King and it shows but it shows your true character as well-venomous, vindictive and villainous to ethic which you should have as a reporter- scumbag

  22. While you people hail the commission and talk of the King being punished, you are typically following the mob rule as many people who are innocent have also been implicated in the report. Police officers who were not even in towm during the time have been implicated, people who had nothing to do with the supression of the andolan have been implicated, if this is justice then I’m afraid we are headed down a long road to hell. It may be revenge for the winning side but please don’t call it justice. Further, if the commission can make a sweeping call for all people who had no part in the andolan to be punished just because they were a part of the government and government forces at the time the King was ruling, then even people like Deuba, Bharat Mohan etc. should be charged because they all were appointed by the King as well, whether it be under his direct or indirect rule. You could charge them all for misuse of funds and human rights abuses. Is this justice? Or is this punishing for the sake of it while murderers and human rights abusers like Girija and Prachanda bask in glory.

  23. What justice one is talking about in Nepal. Is there justice to kill 70 years old people just in the name of surakhi…Is that justice to kill many people in the name of not giving donations…Is that justice to kill and torture by the government to many people in the name of maoist by the operation of Sierra to kill and other operations…Is that justice to kill the person who is in “Kiria” of one’s father? that justice to ask the donation by threatened ? that justice to recruit children by force??? what justice…. if one have guts to ask the justice with one particular person then also should make the guts to ask justice for other culprits also….Justice and rule of law is becoming great joke to not only general people of Nepal but also to international communities….We already seen how much good justice got by Khum Bahadur and Joshi from this government and justice against the brutality of the maoist…they are going to be minister or maybe prime minister of Nepal in future…Prachanda is going to President…isn’t it the good justice that you are talking, Wagleji??

  24. Mahesh bete,

    I did not know maoist screwed your arse so much that you still scream and shriek ! BETTER GO TO HOSPITAL, YOUR MAMA IS WORRYING

  25. just want to say “???? ????? ???? ???? ????”

    Tomorrow after Mr. Prachanda comes into power, he will make one Commission to investigate who were responsible in supressing their Revolution since 1996

    Then on that basis all kongressi, a-maale and other will be put in jail? Why we cried foul when king, then established Royal Commission for Corruption? What is difference between RCC and Rayamaghi Comission Both’s Mission is same: Defame your opponent(enemy) and if possible eliminate them isn’t it?

  26. Hye Mr. Wagle,
    How about your barbarian comrades who are about to rob our taxes? Shouldnt you guys be punished and charged with crime against humanity? I wonder who will be the target of you and your comrades in jungle once the king is gone…hmmm … may be people like me who are fed up with your f**ked up absurd ideology.

  27. The author does not make sense. In the same article he talks of “dealing with the maoists” when earlier he said he would vote for them. Great! Run with the sheep and hunt with the hounds, I guess is the motto of Wagle.
    Wagle is the biggest hypocrite who talks of human rights abuses in one breath and then says he would vote for the biggest abusers of these rights. I wonder when these two faced people will be tried for such hypocracy and misinformation?

  28. Do you have guts to punish Prachanda as his so called PLA bombed a civillian Bus in Madi, Maina- Pokhari and Dhading(for those who have short memory: they burnt down bus with all passengers abroad) killing more than 100 people in total? More than those who were killed in so called people movement? Calculate how many % more?

    Just because, maoist gun helped SPA to gain power, maoist became holier and their Sin against humanity forgotten?

    Also why only punish election commisner? Punish all those 25% people who casted their vote in Election held by then Royal Govt.

  29. RSS: Royal Secret Service agent, Don’t love thy King so much.Yea I also think that if we want to have true justice all the Polit Buro of Maoists should be tied in ICC. Including Prchande and Baburam.They can not go unpunished killing 15,000 people in broadday light. I am hoping some Mai Ka lal will come into power in Nepal and have a trial of these murderers in the criminal court and hand over them for genocide to ICC. They are Al Qaida and Hezbullah of Nepal.They have destroyed nepal and Koirala disillusioned that they will bring peace. Murkha Budo, Ke Garne ?

  30. Gyan Bahadur,

    You have given good idea to maoist to put the jail to congressi and uml in the name of suppressing 1996 revolution. Then maoist can easily takover the power by keeping all of them in jail. In another way if UML and Congress want to rule just formed the commission against maoist brutality, and put them into jail. Isn’t it the good trick to grab the power ??? All three are culprits, to escape and rule one group has to formed the commission and punish others…

  31. Further,

    The rayamajhi commission is totally biased. Like someone mentioned, there are people implocated who had nothing to do with the janandolan period. I do hope though that a new law pertaining to human rights abuse is passed and we do sign an international agreement to try the perpertrators in international court as well. I will be waiting in line to file my charges against Girija Koirala for the kilo sera operations along with his deputy Deuba and also Prachanda and gang for if nothing else the Chitwan bombing and recruitment of minors. How abhout that for real justice Wagle? Not that you have the ball$ to go there. Or do you?

  32. This is why I hate monarchy. I mean look at the ceremonial monarchy. This is the true depiction of ceremonial monarchy. Brilliant art, Dovan. This is not just an art, this is the true reality. If we keep monarchy in any form, this will kill us and eat us. We people will be suffering. Just look at that! So true.

  33. Please read the article by Shabhu Shreastha in today’s Drishti.I could not download here because of font problem. It is a very interesting article. Can any one get hold of Rabindra Shreshta who left Maoists recently and interview him ? That would be most interesting because he had already said that Prachanda and baburam are RAW agents. That was crystal clear in New Delhi recently.

  34. The Rayamajhi Commission to investigate the “supression of the andolan” was really a waste of time and a waste of taxpayers money. The commission might as well have come up with the report within a week or two of being appointed. They had already made their decision of “guilty”, investigation or no investigation. To be fair, which fool would have thought that this handpicked commisssion would dare come up with a not guilty verdict, although these chaps could have been more selective. These chaps have basically charged everyone they spoke to and then some, whether or not the people concerened had anything to do with “supressing the andolan”. It is just a case of plain old political revenge. The likes of Deuba et al must be happy.
    The Commission has knowingly or unknowingly made a mockery of the process of law and justice. I will not be surprised if (as someone earlier suggested) that come the time of being in power, Prachanda will form his own commisssion to investigate abuses by our SPA leaders for “supressing the peoples war”. I wonder who will be laughing then?

  35. Mahesh-bete,

    You are AITE, U R, aren’t you? You were born on Sunday and you are (AITE) but how come you are still talking with your sore-back? Apparently you have changed your side again, Kya Bat Hai

  36. Under the Kings leadership around a dozen on so people died. Under the Maoist leadership around 12-13 THOUSAND people died. So let’s just go after the small fish. Nepal city public is so fuck’in stupid. Both Maoist leadership and the king should face charges….I just don’t get why the Maoist have a get out of jail card. I bet if one of your parents died in the villages because they refused to pay half of their hard earned money/harvest to the Maoist you city living people would feel a little different.

    This so called government is playing “please the Mob” game. If that’s what democracy is it’s time for Nepal to welcome the Dark Ages part II. Enjoy your new democracy.

  37. Raja lai Karbahi garnai Parchha,Kinaki Aandolan Dabaune ma mukhye Unai Hun,Aru ta Khetala hun.
    Khetala lai karbahi garera matra hundaina hai, Khabardar Mukhye Aparadhi Umkaune chesta kasaile aryo vane—————!!!!!??

  38. The bigger qustion is – what next? All this time the “shayak matri stariya subhidha khaney” commission was extending its tenure, the SPA and their terrist friends were never worried about how to handle the report once it is finalized. No modus operandi was ever defined. And now that corrupt Girija can finally flash the 1,400 page red book to the media, he is caught complete unaware about how to take this forward. I think we can take a wild guess that another high-level committee will be formed soon to define how best to act on this report. And in the process, we will waste more of the resources we don’t have. If Girija and gang (including Pushpa Kamal and gang) had no definite plan about how to handle the report, then why was this commission set up in the first place? Why do we have to continue get bogged down in legal quagmire only because the people who are supposed to do their jobs aren’t doing their work. How much more “home-work” do these politicians need to get things done for this country. Or are they so rusty from the jobless stint they had while the King was making hay with his croonies?

  39. Peace Treaty to be Signed at BICC at 6pm

    Chiranjibi Dhungana
    Kathmandu, November 21

    Seven-party Alliance Government and the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoists) are all set to announce the end of a decade-long bloody war by signing the comprehensive national peace treaty later today at 6:00pm.
    The informal talks between the PM Girija Prasad Koirala and the Maoist Supremo Prachanda decided to ink the treaty at Birendra International Convention Centre (BICC) at 6pm, a member of the government talks team said.
    Member of the talks team Ramesh Lekhak told THT Online that Koirala and Prachanda were going to sign the treaty at a conference hall of BICC.
    “The treaty is ready”, Lekhak said adding that the talk teams of both the government and Maoists held intensive discussions to finalise the treaty this morning. Top leaders of the seven party allaince have also been invited at BICC to join the function, source said.

  40. The condition for becoming Prime Minister and Home Minister in the Interim Cabinet must be they should swear and commit before the Interim Parliament to implement the Report of Rayamajhi Commission and punish all the culprits including king Gyanendra.

  41. Girija will accept everything except the post of prime minister….he will be ready to give back and front, ups and down, east and west, north and south for the post of PM in his whole life whoever and whatever, however and whenever it maybe…

  42. UWB is another sponsored dawg by the SPAM terrorists just like Kantipur. So why does anyone care?

    It is here to give some sort of legality to SPAM. Everything more, nothing less than that. LOL.

  43. Even in this totally pathetic and irresponsible and of course terrorist and corruption supporting blog, more people seem to be in support of what the King did to get rid of you terrorists. Way to go Nepal, don’t give away to the dreaded terrorists. Power be with people like Scoop, anon, Mahesh ko Bau, St and all others. Get together and fight away the injustice and world will belong to you!!!!!

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