Nepal Maoists and Democracy: From A Protest Venue

By Dinesh Wagle
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Protest Outside Maoist Office

Irony! You might think this policeman is attentively reading the poster with the photo of Prachanda but if you ask me I would say, NO, he is not. He is waiting for one of his friends to come out of the toilet so that he could go inside. This is also the part of the IRONICAL scene that I saw today. Policemen using the toilet facility in a Maoist office!

In this video, viewers will see Maoist cadres coming into the office in queue and suddenly starting to attack and chasing away the protestors. Within a few seconds, the scenes at Kupandole become chaotic like in a war zone. A sound of siren might give the impression that a police vehicle has started taking action. That’s not correct. That’s ambulance that happens to be coming from the Patan side and moving toward Kathmandu. The Maoists are shouting and screaming at the protestors.

Two major press conferences made first two lead on the evening news today. Koirala addressed his party men at the presence of reporters to tell them to have patience and vigil on possible efforts by reactionary forces to foil yesterday’s historic agreement where as Prachanda was so much willing to answer queries filed by reporters in a press meet organized by his party in the Yak and Yeti Hotel, not very far from Gyanendra’s Narayanhitti Palace, that his deputy had to intervene and tell reporters that the show was over for the day! I missed both of these events but that was intended.

I wanted to see the democracy in action. (Plus, I had to write an article on American election for Kantipur.) I wanted to observe how comrades, who have been engaging in violent protest against the state, will take peoples’ democratic right to PROTEST against their activities! That was interesting. After all, I have concluded, Maoists are still the comrades in transition! Within hours of reaching a historic agreement on several important issues with the government of Nepal, Maoists this afternoon faced an apparently organized protest by dozens of residents in Lalitpur district. Locals from the area and other parts of Kathmandu gathered in Kupandole, in front of a Maoist contact office, early this afternoon to protest the rebel pressure to provide shelter and food to the party cadres. [Maoists from various parts of the country are pouring into Kathmandu valley to attend a mass meeting in which Prachanda was scheduled to appear publicly for the first time in 25 years. The Friday, Nov 10 meeting has been cancelled, Prachanda told reporters today.] The protesting locals were shouting slogans against the Maoists and they had blocked the main road that links Lalitpur with Kathmandu by putting a long rope near the Bagmati Bridge. (story continues after the video info)

In this second video, Maoists are trying to resume the traffic after successfully flushing out the protestors. When I went there, a few protesters were still around, shouting anti-Maoist slogans and halting traffic. They complained that Maoists were forcing them to provide shelter and food the party cadres. “How can provide food and shelter when we are having difficulties with our daily life?” commented a woman. Later in the evening news, I heard more voices in Kantipur TV bulletin. While listening to them, I remembered how my villagers used to complain the highhandedness of the Maoists in the village.

Maoists would come in the middle of the night, enter inside homes without the owner’s permission, take out food items, make food and eat and go! People of Kathmandu were totally insensitive about those events, they didn’t do anything to pressurize the governments of that time to solve those problem. Now Kathmanduits are facing what villagers around the country have been living with for the last several years. I am not supporting Maoist activities by saying this but let me make it clear my brother felt exactly the same while watching Kathmanduites and people of Lalitpur complaining about the Maoist highhandedness.

Protest Outside Maoist Office

IRONY of the recent memory! Policemen in duty to provide security to the Maoist office.

There was heavy police presence apparently to provide security to the Maoist office which was one of the most ironical situations I have encountered in recent memory. The Office was calm and quiet. There were a few cadres busy managing the publicity materials for the Mass Meeting. A few were cracking jokes in the canteen. The seven storey building is quite interesting to observe. You will see seven banners, some big and long and some small, and 14 signboards. It seems that the contact offices of all Maoist sister organizations are housed in this building. You just add Mukti Morcha (Liberation Front) on any ethnic group you like and that you will find the office here. That was obviously exaggerated statement but look at a few names: Nepal Kirati LF, Madhesi National LF, Sherpa National LF, Newar National LF, Tamu National LF, Nepal Dalit LF, Magar National LF, Majhi National LF, Tamang National LF. Other organizations were All Nepal Peoples’ Cultural Association, the Woman wing, the intellectual wing etc. As I was noting down all those names, a joke that came from inside the canteen caught my attention.

Protest Outside Maoist Office

“Liberation Front” Building! A policeman walks toward the toilet in the Maoist Office that I think should be named “Liberation Front” Building! Boy, the colorful banners and signboards must have caught his attention!

Protest Outside Maoist Office

A protester tries to explain a bike rider why the road was closed.

Protest Outside Maoist Office

Here is the reason why the road is closed.

“If we invite them here and reach an understanding,” a male voice said, “they will come again tomorrow and day after tomorrow. We must chase them to Nagarkot so that they will never come again.” He was talking about the protesters just outside the building.

I came out and started exploring the compulsions behind the IRONY. I started interviewing three policemen who were sitting on a row along with their other colleagues.

Protest Outside Maoist Office

Policemen I talked to: The first guy quietly covered his face as I started taking snap.

“How it feels?” I started the conversation.

The policeman was slightly confused. I rephrased my question. “How it feels to be here today?”

The first guy became slightly hesitated. The second one came up with the following answer.

“Nothing special,” he said. “We are just doing our duty.”

“It’s all about time,” the first one said. “It’s about situation. You kill us, we will provide you security.”

“Our job is the follow the orders,” the second cop said. “Whoever is above us, we follow the order. That’s it. That’s my job.”

“Do you know the political developments of last night?”

“No,” said the second cop. “We generally know about the events late.”

“Maoists and the government agreed to lock up Maoist weapons,” I explained. “It seems the war has ended.” No one wanted to be named saying that being quoted in media might create problem for “the lower rank” police.

“How it feels to provide security to the Maoists. They were your enemy until yesterday, weren’t they?”

“Yes, they were. This TIME! This does wonders. We fought and now we are here.”

As we were talking, Maoist cadres started coming into the office from the backyard. Around three dozens. The first cop said that he wanted to ask me a few questions.

“How do you take us, the Policemen?”

“Well, you guys are our brothers though I still remember fighting and clashing with policemen like you in King’s rule. Journalists were also on the streets. A policeman nearly broke my camera. But I have no complains now. I understand you guys just follow the orders. See that man holding the tear gas firing rifle? He fired teargas on us in the movement against regression. But now he is following the orders of peoples’ government. So I consider you guys as nice people.”

“What do you think about king’s future?”

“I don’t want king to be the king,” I said. “I want the king to be a citizen just like you and me and enjoy the freedom.”

“Why don’t you like the king?”

“Because he is the white elephant. Look he eats with our money, your and my money. If there is no king, a citizen like you and me can be the leader of the country. Isn’t that wonderful? You can the leader of the state of Nepal.”

Protest Outside Maoist Office

Before the attack, there were handfuls of people in the Maoist office.

Protest Outside Maoist Office

Maoist cadres coming to the office in a queue. Within a minute of taking this photo, they started attacking the protesters and chase them away.

Protest Outside Maoist Office

Hello Comrade, how are you? Two Maoist men chat after successfully flushing out protesters in front of the Maoist contact office.

More people, Maoist cadres, started coming in. The cop appeared to be convinced by what I said about monarchy. More people, now in a queue, started pouring into the Maoist office from the small road. That was now interesting and I started taking video shot of the scene. As I was taking the video, Maoist cadres started shouting and running toward the main road where protesters had stopped the vehicular movement.

They were now trying to attack the protesters. Protesters ran away. Maoists, now in hundreds, took over the road and in about five minutes, they resumed the traffic movement on the road.

They shouted slogans, Long Live Maoist Party and Down with Vigilantes. At one point I heard Maoists shouting slogans against CPN UML. They said, “Down with CPN UML!” Then a guy who appeared to be leading them ordered the cadres to stop shouting slogans. I was partly shocked to hear the anti-UML slogan though that wasn’t a total surprise. Just a day ago, Maoist students had clashed with UML students in Nepal Humanities Campus (RR) and a few were seriously injured. But, after about 15 minutes, when I asked a Maoist trade union leader who was leading the rally that chase away the protesters why they chanted anti-UML slogans, he denied chanting any such slogans!

Protest Outside Maoist Office

Go away you “vigilantes and feudals!” This Maoist cadre is shouting slogans (for his party and against the protesters) as he and dozens of his comrades successfully scare the protesting city dwellers away.

Protest Outside Maoist Office

Maoist cadres destroy a black board in which protesters had written slogans: “No donation terrorism.”

“Those were vigilantes who want to foil our mass meeting,” Guru Prasad Pokharel, a leading Maoist cadre who had come to the office 20 minutes ago from Casino Anna, told. He said that all those new faces who came in the office 20 minutes ago were Maoist trade union laborers working in four casinos in four Kathmandu 5-star hotels (Anna, Everest, Royal and Hyatt). “We can bring 30 thousand workers and laborers comrades within half an hour anywhere in Kathmandu,” boasted another man, who didn’t want to be identified. When he knew I was working for Kantipur daily, he had this to say, “Kantipur has started working against people these days. They are writing nonsense about our party these days. At the time of jana andolan, they were doing good but now their popularity is waning.”

Maoists started distributing food, beaten rice, to cadres. As they started eating, I came out of the office compound and saw one Maoist talking with a policeman who was leading the mission there. “If you don’t control them,” he was telling, “we will be forced to take action.”

Protest Outside Maoist Office

Lunch Time: A woman distributes beaten rice to Maoist cadres who had come in Kupandole from different casinos to chase away the protesters.

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66 thoughts on “Nepal Maoists and Democracy: From A Protest Venue

  1. Maoists have just exhibited their real nature.

    Maoists are nothing other than blood thirsty terrorists. This is just an example of how the election to Constituent Assembly will be, just one sided under the gun, i.e. if it ever will happen.

    SPA has been the biggest fool to support Maoists. SPA movement enabled Maoists to come till Kathmandu Valley from their jungle, and now Maoists are set to ruin our beautiful country.

    Gruadually, we will see our country being changed to Lebanon or Palestine due to these violence hungry Maoists.

    We all are on the path to destruction, thanks to Prachanda and his violence hungry gang of terrorists.

  2. Does it even matter if the weapons are locked up or not? Intimidation is still alive. I wonder what the next move of the administrationis going to be, or maybe they’ll continue to act like a dear caught in headlight, frozen and non-responsive!!

  3. And there are people in Nepal who still think that Maoists are better for the country !!!!

    Nepal will not be peaceful untill Maoism and Maoists remains in Nepal !!! Call that prophecy !! Its a simple general knowledge.

  4. All of you (including M/S. Wagle and associates) are responsible for this. Anyway, this is just the beginning. No King, No RNA. Fend for yourself. And Oh! there is no Police…they are providing security to the terrorists.

  5. If people are willing to provide food and shelter then no problem. If you try force on us, we won’t accept another form of monarchy. No way comrades. No more kings, be it king gyanendra or “king” prachanda. If maoists misbehave, I am sure they will get $crewed pretty bad (rememeber what happened to commies elsewhere)

    I don’t think it is a good idea to do any sort of demonstration in current scenario, bcoz of the fact that reactionary forces are trying to thwart the peace process. Hey leaders (dealers) can’t you wait until the interim constitution is declared and interim government is formed? If people like you (your party, your idea) they will vote for you no matter what. If you try to force, remember history repeats…

  6. I think it shows that there are genuine maoist supporters out there and they want power to go to the remote places. I think these people think that Kathmandu has had enough of it.

    It is stupid to blame the journalists who are just doing their best to preserve freedom of speech for themselves and for us.

    Can you imagine how people will get justice when the supreme court is in Kathmandu and lawyers are so expensive? These people made up their own courts; it’s definitely not modern justice but it is at least something. Similar arguments on other aspects like economy and stuff….

    In a sense some kind of revolution was inevitable, and the SPA are giving a chance to the Mao leadership to show their quality and have a dignified come-back to non-violent politics.

    It might not lead to the expected outcome but then it might; is there a better solution? I don’t think there is. So, we need to give this solution a cautious chance. If we postpone it for ever and continue fighting for ever, it is never going to end. The fighting has to end one way or the other and we are going towards it whatever the balance of power becomes after the end of it all.

    If the Mao make something like China or worse out of Nepal, I guess people who believe in free-er things will need to start another revolution. Let’s not back off from that one, if things come out that way. People who think it is going to come out that way better prepare for the next step.

  7. King has started to play this dirty games. These bunch of idiots are vigilante, I know at least two people who used to be with Khel-Kud parishad, now masquerading as general public

  8. IF?????!!!!!…..IF maoists will do this and that….are u people blind, deaf ??…You people forget the bloody past and history they have…how they came to mainsteam politics…they forced themselves and everyone else along their way…extremist fanatics dont hold any promises…
    I’m sick and tired of all the people on the streets protesting and doing this and that…i’m sure all of them are uneducated, have no qualifications and are worthless…wasting the country’s time n economy and troubling others who are at least doing something..ITS ABSURD HOW PPL CAN JOIN OR SUPPORT A PARTY OR MOVEMENT WHEN THEY FRIGGIN DONT HAVE ANY RESEARCH OR KNOWLEDGE ON THE SUBJECT..OR IS ONSIDED!!!!

  9. Do the maoists ever take any responsibility for anything they have done so far? yeah, right, it is always the work of vigilante forces— the Maoists have never used violence, never coerced people, never forced people out of their homes, never took away the hard earnings of people, never threatened the locals, never used the theme like you are either with us or against us(with the palace). Do they even care that people can and do have ideologies that are different than their and still they are not necessarily feudalistic? Do Maoists really believe that everything that is non or anti maobadi is feudalistic?

  10. I think this development is a positive step. But I for one am suspicious of the Maoists. For now they will get the benefit of the doubt. Time will tell but let’s give peace a chance.

  11. Look here u dumbass…When people sit and watch someone murder and kill or take away human rights they are equally to be blamed as the one who did it. You say vigilante forces…if they have no control or cooperation within their own party how do hell do u expect them to run the country. And of course powerplayers friggin never take responsibility for all the evils..they’re not crazy or mad…they let the so called ‘vigilante’ puppets do all the dirty work for them…they play shit shitty game to cease international pressure on them and have a good face..of course its all a bloody fake facade…and all u dumb coozes just play their game.

  12. The day will come when maoists militanys will direct their guns to their leaders. Because they have come from the villages and from the forests. They do not have anything to eat and stay in kathmandu. All the money lootzd from the banks and the people are taken by their leaders. They are doing Press conference in a five star hotel. Do you believe they are from the SARBAHARA class ? So I think Prachanda and Baburam are in danger from their own lower level activists.

  13. IT’s really shameful and embarassing. The kathmanduites have never learned and won’t ever learn it until they are forced to do so. They are never aware, not even eager to get aware of the political scenario but are so much concerned about trivial matters. HEy u city-dwellers, just for a sec realize what u have achieved at this moment -you have been freed from 237 years of serfdom,liberty is catered to you, ‘new NEpal’has emerged that you can boast about……….. and if it was not for the maoists, the achievement would merely have been a daydream for u all. And what is the percentage of your contribution- just that 21 days of participation. Remember the plight of similar movements before sans maoist participation- nothing more than a circus and u all appered no less than jokers. IT was the same maoists who turned u jokers to heroes. And when they are entreating for one or two night stay with arrangemnt of some food, it’s like a nightmare for u all, right? HAve u ever suffered cross-fire during the decade-long war, NEVER! So, can’t u endure just few days of pain? If u can waste your money extravagantly during festivals, can’t u spend a few portion of it(for those who are willing to play 10/20 rs. point alter during dashain/tihar)for guests who have struggled so much for ur freedom. Why consider them aliens? Oh you kahmanduites, stop being such an ungrateful lot. please!

  14. Mr. Wagle,

    For your record:

    I don’t know what time you were there, but the protests were going on peacefully, until one of the maoist cadres shouted “We have killed 12000, do you think we care about you all”? That’s when things started to get heated!

  15. I feel sorry for the people who believe that the maoists are more than thugs. Plain and simple thuggery!

  16. Bunch of idiots here, most having connection with feudal King or having nothing to do with the country. Your days are gone and new Nepal is for 90% of the poor people. Kag Karaida Garchha, Pina Sukdai Garchha. Prachanda is HERO and he is a visionary one unlike GIRIJA and MAKUNE. Long live Republic of Nepal. Longing for the day when people like you eat shi*t.

  17. RAY of Ignorant Hope,
    Do u have any idea or understanding of basic human rights? No one can force anyone to do anything!…unless it taken into consensus and voted by the whole community. MAOISTS OR ANY GROUP, INDIVIDUAL HAVE NO RIGHT TO FORCE MONEY, FOOD, HOSPITALITY FROM THE PUBLIC.

    Any person who is not obscured by ignorance or hate would realise this. The most important thing you should realise is that the public consists of people who have different views and beliefs. It is looked upon as violence by those who do not support the maoists.

    You stated “IT’s really shameful and embarassing. The kathmanduites have never learned and won’t ever learn it until they are forced to do so. They are never aware, not even eager to get aware of the political scenario but are so much concerned about trivial matters.” ARE U FRIGGIN SERIOUS, I THINK U NEED TO GET SOME EDUCATION, FINISH HIGH SCHOOL, COLLEGE, N THEN COME HERE N TALK.

  18. A few hours of protests from Kathmanduites (mainly Patanes) have forced the mighty Prachanda and Maoists to cancel their program. If the program has gone ahead as scheduled, we would have a witnessed a major bloodsheds in the streets. And maybe the beginning of THE CIVIL WAR. It is time everybody relaize this and all concerned especially Maoists not provoke this fragile situation.


  20. Prachanda is sharing a common forum with Sonia Gandhi, Man Mohan Singh, Mahathir and others on 17 Nov. Do you know what is the topic ? The topic is: India, next global Superpower ?

    Prachanda is paying his dues to his Indian Masters.What he will speak on that ? He may say that it was India which helped him to succeed in Nepal. So I ask Prachanda: Mao ko Khasto odera Indian ko politics nagara. Kina Indian bistaarbaad ko chakari gari American lai sarapne ? RAW ko Paisa khayera 13000 Nepali ko jyan line ?

  21. Dada,

    Look at the name you choose – Dada, need I say more re you and your thug buddies!

  22. Calm down people. The main bulk of the Maoists have accepted the peace agreement. There will always be a fringe that will rebel or show rowdy, yob like behaviour. The Maoists themselves have agreed that such behaviour henceforth will be punishable as a crime. So it’s upto the govt. to put that into action.

    Hey like I said if the Maoists betray us we can always resort to hostilities.

  23. If you want to see yourself, go to the site www. and see the photo of killer Prachande in the list of speakers.How the Indian PM can share a same forum with declared terrorists by his own govt. ?

    You never know the policy of India as regards their small neighbours. It is the major culprit to destabilize Nepal.Now it is crystal clear.

  24. There were even UML and congress leaders in the protest. They came their in the request of local peoples just to assure the commitment from the maoist not to threaten them in their daily life. That is all…but instead the local people got threatend by the maoist even the saying the words that they came to this position by killing 12,000 people so we don’t afraid of anyone….how come the word vigilante and royalist in this situation…Is UML and congress leaders are also vigilante then?? Look at Mr. Situala instead of suggesting maoist he is more suspcious to his own partners….I think Mr. Situala (the guard of maoist) has to be removed from the government first…and maoist got very bad image infront of people of Kathmandu, which takes long time to improve them…if they are for the people then they should respect the people’s voice…at least they did but with cruel behaviour and words with the pressure… anyway they might got the good lessons from the locals..

  25. When you stand with a support of guns and threats, is there any other way you can deal beside the use of guns and force. Their whole philosophy is based upon simple premise- to take horse to drink and even it does not drink then make it drink. Amazed this was not obvious to everyone before. Now, all we can do is learn to be horse that is forced to drink- some may yelp, cry murder but its just too late.


    Maoist excesses despite peace pact

    Kantipur Report

    KATHMANDU, Nov 9 – Epitomizing unruliness and poor discipline within the party, Maoist cadres around the district have been continuing their excesses even as rebel leaders have reached an historic agreement with the Seven Party Alliance, pledging to bring lasting peace in the country.

    In Bara, Maoists Tuesday midnight seized a truck full of timber from a state-owned forest in Bharatgunj Singaul VDC, saying they needed it to fund their mass meeting being held in the capital on Friday. The forest is located some 40 kilometers away from the district headquarters Kalaiya. Meanwhile, justifying the action, Maoists “district in charge” Kumar Dahal said, “The timber was decayed, we took it to make use of it.”

    Likewise, in Myagdi Maoist cadres harvested and took away around 40 muri rice from the fields of former parliamentarian Bhimendra Gauchan at Darbang VDC-4. The rebels had taken over Gauchan’s property over two years ago.

    Meanwhile, issuing a press release the regional office of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) in Biratnagar stated that Binod Baral, 24, of Babiya Birta VDC-3, Morang – who had come into contact with that office on November 8, after fleeing Maoist captivity – has been handed over to his family on Wednesday. The NHRC also stated that Baral was physically and mentally tortured by the rebels.

    Compulsory Rs 10,000 ticket

    KASKI, NOV 8

    Maoist cadres in Jiri of Kaski district appear oblivious to Wednesday’s ‘historic six-point agreement’ reached between Maoists and the Seven Party Alliance (SPA) for lasting peace in the country.

    The rebel cadres here are busy forcibly “selling” tickets to commoners and businessmen for a cultural program they are organizing here on Thursday. The tickets are priced at up to Rs 10,000, starting from Rs 1,000.

    “This is nothing new, the Maoists always come up with new ways of extortion. Sometimes they call it tax, sometimes donations and now they are selling expensive tickets in the name of cultural show,” said a local showing a glossy ticket he was forced to purchase from the rebels.

    “We hear news about the country heading towards lasting peace. But where is the peace for us. Lately, I have started to realize that regardless of ceasefire, peace talks, agreements or whatever they call it, nothing can ever change the situation here,” said a frustrated hotelier, adding, “How can we meet their frequent demands for money when business is very sluggish?”

    According to locals, the rebels have already “sold” around twenty tickets priced at Rs10,000, twenty-five tickets priced Rs 5,000 tickets, thirty Rs 3,000 tickets and several Rs 1,000 tickets.

    There are many who had to take the tickets under compulsion, but have not been able to pay. “I said I had no money to pay for the ticket, but they wouldn’t listen,” a commoner lamented.

    Meanwhile, several Maoist cadres, who seem least bothered about Tuesday night’s understanding between their leaders and SPA in the capital, were busy constructing a stage in a school premise for their Thursday’s program.

    Posted on: 2006-11-08 21:43:05 (Server Time)

  27. you bunch of buggers are eager to blow every tiny faults of the maoists. go ahead.

    but mind you, your nitpicking not going to bother us a bit. we can understands your frustations to see your malik gyane doomed.

    we’re laughing at you buggers!

  28. HEY MAOIST COOZE KIRAT!!..U STATED “Hey like I said if the Maoists betray us we can always resort to hostilities.”



  30. Maobadi,

    You are the biggest bugger who repeats like a taperecorder what your boss man Prachanda says. Is murder, extortion, threats, arms tiny to you? We will see who has the last laugh you moron.

  31. ?? ???? ???????? ??? ???? ??????? ??? ????? ? ?????????? ?? ! ?? [icd] ??????? ??????? ???? ??????? [icd] ???? ??????? !

    UWB: Please maintain civility while commenting. This is hight time we behaved responsibly so as to contribute in the peace process. [????????? ???? ??????? ????????? ????? ????? ???? ?]

  32. Here is Recipe for Making bomb to all anti-maoist people.

    All you need is a battery, a 2 liter plastic bottle, and hydrogen peroxide(3% by solution is fine), a hammer and a sharp nail. The size of the battery doesn’t matter, although I don’t recommend some of the D batteries because the new ones aren’t dry cell anymore, and the concentrated sulfuric acid inside can burn you.

    First, you might want to move everything outside, cause if you don’t know what you’re doing this can make a mess. Take the battery that you’re using, I prefer a duracel or energizer AA battery, and set it up vertical, so the negative side is facing towards you.(That’s the flat side to those who don’t have a clue of what I’m talking about) Now, while holding the battery with one hand, take the nail and place it on the center of the negative side of the battery with the point of the nail against the battery. With the hand that it holding battery, you should also hold the nail in place. Gently, and I mean gently, tap the nail with the hammer until a tiny hole is in the battery. BE CAREFUL WHILE DOING THIS!!!!!!! Batteries are under pressure from the chemical reaction that takes place in them, so move your head to the side, you don’t want to get sprayed! A little air should spray out of the battery, this is good, you just relieved the pressure and now the battery is basically harmless. Now, however you can get the battery open is your choice, I prefer using a hacksaw and sawing it lengthwise, but whatever you want to do. Once it’s open, you will see a whole lot of black stuff and a rolled up piece of paper in the middle with silver chunks of metal. The black stuff is Magnesium Oxide, this is what you want to collect.(The silver stuff is Zinc) Use the nail to scrape it from the battery, never your hands. It contains a small amount of Sulfuric Acid in it, not enough to harm you, but some people react to things different than other people. If you have gloves, use them!!! Once you have all the “Black Stuff” from the battery, let it sit for about an hour in the sun or under a light, this will dry it out. Once dry, crush it into very fine granules so there are no chunks. (You don’t have to let it dry, but the bomb will be better if you crush it up.) Alright! You’re almost done, all you have to do now is pour 2 16oz. bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide(they sell for about 25 cents at Walmart) in the 2 liter bottle and add the “Black Stuff!” Viola!! there’s your bomb! When you add the Magnesium Oxide, screw the cap on as fast as you can, make sure it’s tight, real tight, throw it and run! You should have a very big explosion in about 10-20 seconds!

    Let’s Here that blast.

  33. go ahead buggers, if you dare.

    you bunch of [icd] don’t understand our humility and take it as weakness, you’ll only get to realize when your [icd] are chopped off.

    laato ke bhoot baato se nahi mante, [icd] gyanendra-bush ka dalals.

  34. jesus-I detest Maoists but I detest irrational fear mongers who use caps lock like you more.

  35. According to information, another backdraw of this situation is no civil societies (like Mathura, Pandey, Padma Ratna, Dixit, Pahadi, Sangraula) even came their atleast to suggest maoist and make compromise in between. It will be quite furstrating to see them in coming new government by the name of civil societies.

  36. It is a pity that after so many years of so called Peope’s movement and losing 13,000 innocent people’s life, Pushpa kamal has cut a deal with the Indian government to agree to the “historic” document. And now, he is embarking on a trip to laud and glorify India’s newfoud role in this globalized world- a sine qua non. All this time Pushpa Kamal was fooling the people of Nepal by potraying himself to be anti-India and saying that he is a Nationalist devoted for a federal Nepal– but at the end of the day, he bowed down to the Indian pressure and is going to Delhi for further boot-licking.

  37. I told you guys that puspa kamal aka prachanda is like an ass and no matter how much you get him washed by different type of soaps, he does not become cow.He is an Indian agent barking against the Americans. Moriarty knows about it and he smiles when this agent barks against his govt.

  38. Kirat,

    You are a Maoist apologist though,time an again, you claim to vehemently denounce the Maoists.

    Mr.CEO,have they promised to let you run your business as usual if you toe their line and feed their goons?

    There’s not much difference between you and this Dada clown. While he is blatant and forceful, you are subtle and convoluting.

  39. Hey yatri, that’s interesting. Perhaps I can see beyond their brutality and violence and see some seed of truth in their struggle though they have done their best to bury it?

    If truth be told I am a capitalist with a twist of a socialist for the poor and downtrodden. I truly detest the Maoists but I am a realist too. Slanging them to no end in this blog is not my style, though I do have a go at them now and then. Besides what good will it do? They are here and are a creation of our own society and politics-yes we royalists, kangressis, males etc have created them. You think they came out of thin air? Since we created them and they are here we should learn to co-exist with them-I would have liked our army to push them to the edge but that was a total failure. So get real man, better learn to tame them and bring them into the mainstream and where possible show some balls and draw their line with their excessess. Blaming them for this nations ills and wishing them out of existence is pretty much a futile exercise.

  40. The anti Maoist bloggers are all rallying here today as they have nowhere else to go – ever lasting cyberspace will be your dwelling palce.

  41. cut the crap-with the atrocities, extortion and general bullying the Maoists have indulged in I hope you can understand why a lot of people aren’t too fond of the Maoists.

  42. Kirat you are crapping amongst beautiful Maoist flowers that will bring a new springtime to Nepal.

    It is the Autumn for your lies and ideas.

  43. sorry but I can’t see the point of being a ‘Maoist’. Of all the people you had to follow the mass murderer Chairman Mao? Should have come up with something more original. Hope you guys are more pragmatic then your name suggests. Look at Ortega in Nicaragua. Should be a good lesson/role model for you guys.

  44. Chairman Mao _ Mass Murderer get a brain study Mao’s writings and not historical potboilers like Jung Chang and the “Unknown Mao.”

    If you really want to struggle and I mean struggle and find the truth I will give you a reading list.

    The US opposed the democratic Election of Ortega in Nicaragua this time and killed ten of thousands to get him out of power in the 1980/1990s

    The US has sought to undermine the SPA and CPN (Maoist) working together in Nepal and it has created 655,000 excess deaths in Iraq since 2003 and you have the gall to talk about Chairman Mao as a mass murderer !

    The only regret that Pyre Lall is that his mate Dr Tom Marks could not kill the Maoists of Nepal and have mass graves here like they did in Nicaragua and are doing in Iraq today.

    Reason has prevailed in Nepal all sane people should applaud it and send provocateurs to hell.

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