Summit Talk? No. Convincing Madhav Nepal and Sher Bdr Deuba? Yes

Inside the gate, problem was represented by Madhav Kumar Nepal and Sher Bahadur Deuba. Both had this common complain: We were kept in dark about the understanding reached between the Prime Minister and Maoist Chairman.

fifth summit talks

Police were mobilized, you can say, to keep the Maoist cadres away from overtaking the main entrance of the Prime Minister’s official residence. Last time, several reporters recalled, arrogant Maoist cadres had overtaken the security of the gate and restricted the movement of journalist. There were very few Maoist cadres in sight today.

Dinesh Wagle (after moving around the PM residence for about an hour and half)
Wagle Street Journal

After that press conference, our destination was the residence of Prime Minister in Baluwatar where summit talks between the Seven Party Alliance and the CPN Maoist were about to start in an hour. A plate of Mo Mo in Everest Mo Mo, Naxal was necessary to keep us standing in front of the PM residence! The Mo Mo season has begun in Kathmandu (advance obituaries to buffaloes) and there was a big queue in front of the popular Mo Mo franchise in the valley. When we reached Baluwataar, we saw a bigger crowd in front of the PM residence. There was one similarity between those crowds: both were waiting for something. In Naxal, people were eagerly waiting for the Mo Mo to be cooked properly where as in Baluwatar, people were curious to know what was cooking inside the Nepali version of the 10 Downing Street. (The story continues after the box item)

Look, what they are fighting for:

By Ghanashyam Ojha

1. Interim Parliament : Madhav Kumar Nepal, general secretary of the CPN-UML demanded his party should get at least one more berth than the Maoists in the interim parliament. Nepali Congress has 75 parliamentarians (including Upper House), UML 73 and NC (D) 42, besides other smaller parties in the parliament. Earlier, the leaders had agreed to give 73 berths to the Maoists in the upcoming interim parliament. “But UML insisted it should get 74 berths and if that does not happen the Maoists should get only 72 berths,” said Deputy Commander of the Peoples’ Liberation Army (PLA) Ananta. Today’s meeting also decided to add 10 more seats for NC, UML and the Maoists, and 8 seats for the NC (D), putting the total number of seats for them at 85, 83, 83 and 52 respectively. However, NC (D) President Sher Bahadur Deuba disagreed and demanded an equal number of extra seats for his party. A leader at today’ meeting preferring anonymity said Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala told the meeting that the NC was ready to share equal number of seats with UML and Maoists if other parties in the alliance agreed on its agendas.

Constituent assembly elections: Nepali Congress, NC (D) and the Maoists agreed to go for a mixed system for the constituent assembly elections (proportional and geographical), while the UML insisted on the proportional system. According to a leader at today’s meeting UML General Secretary Nepal said his party would not be obstacle if all other parties went for a mixed election system.

On the monarchy: Although Nepali Congress, NC (D) and the Maoists have already agreed to decide the fate of the monarchy through the first meeting of the constituent assembly elections, UML General Secretary Nepal pressed for referendum. The UML Standing Committee meeting held on Monday morning, however had decided that the party would not play spoilsport should all other parties agree that the fate of the monarchy be decided through constituent assembly.

Arms management and Maoist combatants: The seven parties and the Maoists expressed differences over the language to be used in the final draft while mentioning the issue of the arms management and the Maoist combatants. The seven parties said the draft should mention that the Maoist arms would be locked in storages within the designated cantonments. The UN will monitor the locks through close circuit camera, besides setting up sensor devices, which will sound the siren (or ring an alarm). Prachanda said the Maoists agree with the monitoring system but insisted the draft should not mention it in such a manner.

Similarly, the seven parties said the Maoist activities like extortion, display of arms in public and intimidation should be mentioned in the draft as punishable crimes. But Prachanda objected. The leaders couldn’t reach an agreement over the language to be used regarding arms management and the Maoist combatants.

A few dozen people were sitting on the street putting papers on their chests with different kinds of messages: SPA leave monarchy, Maoists leave weapons. Another read: [American ambassador] Moriarty go back to home. They were the members of ‘civil society’ and were there to ‘exert pressure’ on the talking sides to declare the dates of CA elections. I didn’t expect them there and I was slightly irritated by there presence. Why is all this drama necessary at this time when Maoists and the SPA are seriously engaged in talks? To make these talks success is not only necessity, but the compulsion of both sides. If these talks fail, the legitimacy of the government will be in doubt and Maoist will fall down in the eyes of the public. Are these Civil Society members trying to make their presence felt and want to share the credit? But it was their right to express whatever they feel about the talks.

It was around 4:40 a caravan of cars came honking and those sitting on the streets dispersed. Prachanda was inside one of those cars. Amik Serchen was there in another car.

fifth summit talks

Members of civil society staged sit on in front of the entrance of the PM residence to pressurize the talking sides to declare the date of the CA election.

Okay, the news is that the summit talk has been postponed till tomorrow morning. Everyone has this one question: what they might have talked about in those 5 hours this evening? Here is the answer: they didn’t talked, they quarreled. Some expressed their dissatisfaction on certain issues while others tried to convince the dissatisfied. Who are the dissatisfied? It begins with the gate of the PM residence. There were two folks: Pari Thapa and Nabaraj Subedi, the parliamentarians belonging to Jana Morcha Nepal, the breakaway faction of Deputy Prime Minister Amik Serchen. The duo was denied entry inside the residence. Both said that they were the genuine Jana Morcha, not Amik Serchen and Lilamani Pokharel who went inside the residence seated inside Serchen’s car. That was the problem outside the gate.

fifth summit talks

Where is Comrade Prachanda? It was difficult for photographers to capture Maoist Chairman Prachanda in their cameras as he arrived in Baluwatar apparently leading a caravan of cars (see the pic below). Here in the photo, a photojournalist checks whether he was able to get Prachanda in his camera.

fifth summit talks

Caravan of honking cars that brought Prachanda and others to PM residence.

Inside the gate, problem was represented by Madhav Kumar Nepal and Sher Bahadur Deuba. Both had this common complain: We were kept in dark about the understanding reached between the Prime Minister and Maoist Chairman. Then there were separate complains. Madhav Nepal repeated his stand that referendum must be held to decide the fate of monarchy. Sher Bahadur Deuba reiterated his hand that double lock system must be applied in Maoist cantonment. Remember the proverb “Hatti Chhiryo, puchhar adkyo” (Elephant passed but tail stuck)? The issues rose by Madhav Nepal and Sher Bahadur Deuba are puchhar (tail). The Hatti (elephant) has already passed through. Prime Minister and Nepali Congress president Girija Prasad Koirala and Maoist Chairman Prachanda has agreed on the key issues and that’s the most important thing. We all know Nepali Congress has the biggest and most influential say in the government. CPN UML and other parties are just the extras in the show. They are trying to delay the finalization of the agreement just to give the impression that they tried their best to press their agendas in the talks. That’s it.

So there wasn’t any Summit Task per se. But yes there were several rounds of bilateral and multilateral talks among the 8 sides, mostly four sides- NC, NC D, Maoists and CPN UML.

fifth summit talks

Nabaraj Subedi (pictured, talking to journalists) and Pari Thapa were desperately waiting outside the entrance of the Prime Minister’s residence to be allowed to go inside and represent Jana Morcha in the summit talks instead of Deputy PM Amik Serchan.






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  1. Truth Avatar

    U r exact with the term hatti chiryo puchhar adkyo..
    Haha..I cant stop my laugh seeing the way Sher deuba and Makuna are acting..

  2. Truth Avatar

    Anyway,the talks is going to conclude positively as a success.
    Thats a very important thing for the betterment of Nepal and the Nepali people.It would pave the way for the New Democratic and Prosperous Nepal.

    Time to celebrate is approaching..

  3. cut the crap Avatar
    cut the crap

    well said truth

  4. harkee_Ko_Baa Avatar

    man! prachanda rolling on the chariot of capitalism– SUV, with all his fight for proletariats, he should have come on bicycle–avon or atlas with baburam on the back seat and hisila bhauju on the front ‘dandi’.

    for two centuries, it was ranas and shahs who extored.

    then post 2046, all mal malnutritioned, ‘dhaka topi’ on the head and ‘hatti chap chappal’ on the feet wearing politicians jumped from pauper to prince over night. earlier who would haggle for the bus fair with the bus conductor now owns sleek, bright cars out of the latest catalog.

    now it’s the turn for the jungle dwelling, mosquitoes’ bitten, bare feeted, half filled stomach Moaists, go go berserk.

    oh! how it has renewed my faith into local adage: ‘Her kutte ka din aatta hai’

    parchanda [ice] ka din aagaya.

  5. maobadi Avatar

    of course you can write anything harkeya bau.

    dinesh is gyane ko puchhar. his moderation doesn’t even digest gyane and adds ‘ndra’. what makes you add that you wagle? i have no respect to this murderer gyane. and i never use any more respectable name for him. he is to me equivalent to saddam husein. gyane should be put on trail. put in jail.

  6. maobadi Avatar

    i told you, UML will try to find some bakheda. its the true EMALE nature. they want to show their importance. they always do so. i’m fade up with once very bright party. i had thought they really be given chance to rule. but how fool i was. it has degenerated to a such a nuisance.

    shere is not sher but shyal, he is just trying to increase his followers in place; he doesn’t have any dimag, any idea, any stance. however within his party there are some potential guys but he himself is dui paisa ko chhaina.

  7. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    That’s one thing I will agree with a Maobadhi – that sher badhur is an idiot. In fact I balme much of what is happening now on him. What kind of a fool dissolves parliment on G’s recommendation? He really started the diamos that eventually led to G taking over and the Maoist gaining legitimacy.

  8. scoop ko Ba Avatar
    scoop ko Ba

    Sher B himself once confided he is a fool, that is also with the reporter. He quipped ” I am a fool and G used me.. haha :)” Makune has lost all his cadres to Maoists. His grievances are genuine. Bechara what could he do. He tried to become PM for dozen times to no avail. Sitting in opposition all the time, become always second to NC even after winning major seats in earstwhile parliament. Now it is becoming third, maoist taking second spot. Come CA election, Shere will not have more than 10 seats, Makune will be happy with 40 seats, Moaist and NC are set to get 75 each. Shere time to bargain now, yoiu stupid dumbhead

  9. Runa Avatar

    Big Contradiction !

    *Why is all this drama necessary at this time when Maoists and the SPA are seriously engaged in talks?

    *they didn’t talked, they quarreled

  10. Truth ko Hajurbou Avatar
    Truth ko Hajurbou

    aabu yo umer bhaishakyo..
    Jawani ma ta mu pani ke kaam thiyo ta..
    Tara pani baag budo ra shyal tanneri kahile hunna bhanchan,ho ki ke ho..
    huh keta ho..
    Mera din ta junpari kai boi sake..Aabu tara gandai basna pani sakinna..Hatkela ka aula ma ginti garne din chan mero bachne din haru..
    Baag ta bhane tara keta ho mulai marna ekdam dar lakcha kya..Kinaki experience chaina kya marne..Khali marya bani

  11. Truth ko Hajurbou Avatar
    Truth ko Hajurbou

    Hoina yo MAOBADI ra ke nam re tesko YesPeeYa ah ah SPA le ke chahi garna atya..
    Aabu aja barta pani safalta ma tungaune re..Yo ta sarai anyaya bhayena ra bhanya yo budo baag mathi..
    GIRIJO le bhunna tu bhunya cha..Tura koi Maobadi dekhi ekdam dar lagcha kya mulai..Tini terrorosist ho ki ke fist ho bhanthyo GIDDE le..Tehi mora gidde le garda aja GADDI ko na desh ko bhuyela jasto chu..Ke garne hola

  12. Truth ko Hajurbou Avatar
    Truth ko Hajurbou

    Sainak ta ajai samparka mai cha chanata..Ke jati Reform gurne bhanne sunya yo budo kaan le..Katai tyo pani bichhed bho bhune ta sarai po hunchha hai keta ho..

    Mu aabu ke garu..
    Yyeso suggection bhunne deuna ho tanneri haru..
    Kamti ma pani mero CHORO ko GADDI chadne dhoko ta pura hos bhuneko..

    Sachi keta ho..Aaru mulai kehi chahina..Tespachi baru ke jati Switerland gayera switer larai basula

  13. Truth ko Hajurbou Avatar
    Truth ko Hajurbou

    Ghata ko Moderation gareko yo budo lai puni..
    Hoina keta ho yo UWB pani kutai MAOBADI kai 13 dine bhai ta hoina..

  14. Truth ko Hajurbou Avatar
    Truth ko Hajurbou

    Mulai VOTE dinchau hoina ta keta ho..
    CEREMONIAL ki ke jati bhuye pani chalcha..

    Yo maan ko gako aas peri paas aythyo tyo NEPALA MAGAZINE (SLR ko huncha ni ho testai keta ho) ko survey herda ta..Aabui 52% JANATA le mulai ajai maan paraucha re! Ceremonial ko lagi VOTE dincha re..

    Keta ho timi haru pani Vote diyera malai Marna na deu hai..Yo budo mathi kehi daya gar(a) hai..

  15. Gauhle Avatar

    Now its time to take a Stand Mr.Wagle. Do you DARE?

    Now you take a stand and be specific for a new Democratic and Republic Nepal..

    Change the logo from “UWB for Democratic Nepal” to>> “UWB for Democratic Republic Nepal”.

  16. Backdraft Avatar

    There are two kinds of plague- one man made and another a natural process and occurring. The one we are now is man made when the wrong bunch make wrong decision with wrong intent and which results in wrongended finality. Each and every society goes through these trials and tribulations but in the end “good shall prevail,” history as witness

  17. Guyfromktm Avatar

    Just when Pushpa Kamal and gang were showing their “great” desire to work out a peace deal with the very corrupt politcal parties, the maoists militia weer busy harassing people of Kathmandu to allow them to live in their homes and feed them as well. There were instances in jawalakhel, Kusunti, Balaju, Bhainsepati, Tinkune, Kalanki and you name it, where the Maoists with small arms banged on the gates of the hapless residents and threatened them to allow their gang to reside until the convention is over. In addition, shopkeepers and restauranters were also coerced to feed the maosist militia with khasi ko masu and bhat. But the official version of the terrorist group is that, ‘we have advised our cadres to refrain from such activities’. I guess the militia is either not lsitening or the top brass is just giving us lip service.

  18. Sagarmatha Avatar

    Why we are paying tax to the security force who are unable to give people security?

  19. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    There is a saying: when jackal is about to die, it flees to the city. I see the end of Maoists in the near future because if the Prachanda was a big revolutionary he would not have gone to Baluwa taar for talks. He would have asked the PM to come to some common place like BICC. So Prachanda le Samantabaad ko agadi ghunda tekeko prashta bhayo.He greets daily the symbol of Samanta baad likr Girija , Nona and their daughter Sujata and son Shekhar. If you read the interview of Subogh in Drishti today, Prachand eats “QUANTI” made by Nona in baluwataar upstairs where as all the leaders of seven parties drink tea in the ground level.They call it summit for such a scenario.
    This is mockery of Barta.Hope some good insect will come out from this sort of QUANTI.

  20. Rosha Avatar

    ma pani to bela tetai theni.Malai dekhnu bhana Wagle G?!!

  21. sl Avatar

    A report in Himalayan Times this morning clearly stated that when a resident refused their demand, these thugs replied by saying “we will show you”! I am waiting for their arms to be locked up, and since the government seems to be spineless (I don’t expect much from them), so we better make sure they don’t get to pick it up again with or without the UN monitoring. I think along with the UN, citizens should also monitor the site. I wonder how confident these thugs will be
    without their arms? My thought is that without their guns they will be seen for the people they are – thugs without guns and we know what happens to them?

  22. maobadi Avatar

    well pyare and the likes: your dirty tricks doesn’t work anymore.

    girija, whether you like or not, is pm of this country. not only the congress party president. if he were only latter, your argument could have been valid. and prachanda is just a rebel leader. and this is not just ‘junga ko ladai’. got it?

  23. ck2 Avatar

    The palace had it’s day, the day has passed.
    The SPA have had their day, the day has passed.
    The maoists are having their day, and it is in the process of passing.
    It is high time that citizens had their day, without pressure to be a panche, congressi, communist or maoist. Our days are coming, without being asked to take a side. It is time the politics and the politicans followed our lead and not the other way around. This is democracy, and this will set an example to the region as a whole. Do we Nepalis need government to tell us what to do? – No way! Most of us have survived and perservered inspite of governments. Our governments have been begging bowls, all our infrastructure has been created out of taxpayers money, aid and donations with zero government contribution. If the people want roads made with aid and donation, why do we need the governments permission? If donors are willing to build a road, let them build it without government interference. Our governments should just do what they are supposed to do – administer and deliver public goods and services and stop lording over the rest of us.

  24. sl Avatar

    I see the professor is getting the same tone from internet maobadis as the rest of us do from the thugs on the streets. Control your tone buddy, guns don’t work on the internet!

  25. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Many maobadis don’t know their leaders Prachanda and Baburam have been sold by Indians to girija in a certain price. Actually, Prince Gyane nurtured them when they were babies in 1996 and RAW gave them good lessons in New Denhi schools. These truths will come out in a serial after some years of their surrender of arms to Girija.

  26. Backdraft Avatar

    Hypocrisy and sycophancy is the fashion these days. All these will wear out in jiffy. No use having a shouting fest when the other side is a deadwood.

    SPA’s spine has cracked, the splinters are forced to work with Maoist just to keep their relevancy beside that they hold no mantle of Democratic force or claim of Democracy. The days of dogs is here and the leash is on hold for time being. The euphoric posting of This (glory and gore) and that will end in dismal realization that at the end-its the true freedom loving and proud people that hold the leash and once it is unleashed- the real Nepal with its heritage, culture and centuries old tradition of living together without the divide in culture, race and religion will come out and punish those who unnecessarily inflamed the divide.

    And Gods will be in their side for truth, justice, and peace are unalienable part of Nepal.

  27. FreedomForAll Avatar

    I don’t understand Nepalis. They don’t see that Prachanda’s goal is to be next king! He is seeking for good life only for him. He is responsible for more than 10.000 dead innocent civilians. How is possible that nobody think of arresting him? To negotiate with him? This is unbelivable nonsense!

  28. ck2 Avatar

    I remember Prachanda clearly calling the likes of Girija and gang nothing but the servants of the masters, so the professor is correct why does a rebel leader have to run after any PM? After all he is a “rebel” according to himself. Rebels by nature do not have to abide by a PM’s rule, because in the rebels mind he or she is not his PM. Are we getting this? But this jackal has run to the capital, because unfortunately he is nothing but an opportunist . He went underground on false pretext just because he received a hammering in the elections in the 90’s, and now he has found an easy way into Balwatar, with his guns of course. No guns comrade, no f!@#$%g chance! But you need ball$ to go about it the peaceful way, and that I’m afraid this “rebel” lacks. Hopefully he grows them back soon!

  29. sl Avatar

    Wagle and UWB,

    Remember your article “Thamel booming because of democracy” etc. etc. Well I had also agreed that the tourist number would probably go up in the season starting October due to the peace process, unfortunately both you and me are WRONG! What is the reason now Wagle?
    Check this out from nepalnews:
    “Tourist arrivals down in October
    International tourist arrivals via air registered a decline of 4.4 percent in October this year compared to the same period last year.”

    Is it a conspiracy by the palace?

    Also, Wagle I remember last year you took out an article on the Corruption Index implying that because of the government then, we are more corrupt, again guess what from Nepalnews:

    “Corruption level unchanged; Nepal ranked in 121st position:
    The level of corruption in Nepal remained unchanged as of the last year, says an anti corruption watchdog.”

    What are your reasons Wagle? And why no articles this time around?

  30. Garva Avatar

    I am hundred percent sure that these talks are going to be successful. I don’t think Prachanda and company will go back to jungle again. He is here to stay and be the leader of second or third largest party in Nepal. The first position will be secured by non other than Nepali Congress which means there will be monarchy in the sight in future which is unfortunate. If we are going to keep monarchy, I don’t want but what can I really do, how about telling leaders to make Gyanendra just like the Mustangi king? Just a thought

  31. sl Avatar

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    “Prachanda among film-makers, vows to create new Nepal:
    Maoist chairman Prachanda said that he wants to make Nepal the most developed country in South Asia within ten years.”

    Sound familiar!

    Why can’t these politicians tell the people the truth, tell us that it is an uphill task to development, and it requires commitment and hard work and government coorperation, investment both domestic and foreign with peace as a backdrop considering our limited resources and of course time. It took this King of thugs 10 years and some to destroy this country, and he claims he can make us the most developed in 10 more. Has’nt he heard the common sense phrase “It is easier to destroy than build”?

  32. maobadi Avatar

    maobadis know well what you guys are all talkign about.
    you call it opportunism maobadis call it pragmatism.
    use gyane, girija, india, makune or whoever is needed, but kick on their a$$ and throw them out [chak ma laat diyera pathaune] when their relevance is over…
    got it fools?

  33. Truth ko Hajurbou Avatar
    Truth ko Hajurbou

    Attention !

    Hoina ketaharu ho mero kura timharu lai kasto lagyo..
    Malai VOTE dine hoina ta..
    Aafu lai kasto bhaisakyo..
    Maile VOTE pauchu hoina ta..

    Aabui mule bhaneko CEREMONIAL ho kya..

    Maile VOTE pauchu hoina ta keta ho..

    Timharu ko kurkura sunda maile mude VOTE nai pauchu ki ke ho jasto po lagcha ho..
    Mulai yyeso sure gardeuna ho keta ho..

  34. Sagarmatha Avatar

    First Prachanda used to say he will change Nepal to Switzerland. Now he changed his sentence within 2 months and said “he wants to make Nepal the most developed country in South Asia within ten years.”

    After six months in the government he might changed his sentences…at the end country might remain to the same position or even worst…like leaders said in 2046…

    But god fulfill his wish for the benefit of Nepali people this time.

  35. Sanjeev Avatar


    Maobad and Maoibadis (like you) are the most evil things that the whole of human civilization has ever produced. The fact that your principles or ‘pragmatisms’ are evil and disastrous needs no proofs other than Cuba and North Korea which are the only Maoist countries still surviving.

    The talks with the Maoists is an obligation of SPA, because they had no choice.

    Your comrades have killed 50000 innocent people (most of them teachers, artists, lawers, etc.) during the bloody cultural revolution in China; they cut the beard and torched the houses of Muslims in Cambodia; and they have been killing innocent infants in North Korea in the name of dignity. Your comrades in Nepal are no different either.

    Maoism is another name of criminalism. The only difference is that criminals kill others for wealth or physical needs, you kill others simply because others are not ready to buy your stale and disastrous theory.

    If one expects that Nepal will be a developed country under the Maoist rule, that person is either insane or a bloody maoist leader. Criminals can never be the means of progress and prosperity. The only position deserved by the Maoist leaders is the ‘demolition experts’, who are rare in western countries.

  36. noname Avatar

    I do not understand one thing…in which democratic country in the world the parliamentarians get seats without Elections? Aren’t you all having dictatorship in Nepal rather than Democracy? The GREATEST DEMOCRATIC (SPRING/PEOPLE’S/JANA ANDOLAN 2) MOVEMENT OF HUMAN HISTORY (APRIL 2006 in Nepal) also wanted elections or something I guess.

    Anyway, I don’t know much. I am just trying to watch and observe.

  37. Sanjeev Avatar


    Your decision to just ‘watch’ and ‘observe’ is right. These are the only roles which royalists like you can play now until you come up with a new trick to begin your dictatorship.

  38. sanjeev ko Ba Avatar
    sanjeev ko Ba


    [icd] North K, Cuba, China.. what the heck is all this? Maoist will now say, your brothers in USA kill millions in Vientam, Iraq, and Somalia. Soch Bichar Garera Bola ket, you sound like 16 years old hot blooded G’nendra’s arse..tero sadbuddi Kahile Aaune? You see Maoists as criminal, your masters are buttering maoists private parts. You are low level worker and your MALIK’s all know what will happen after CA election.

    UWB: Please use socially acceptable languae while publicly commenting on others’ views. Otherwise we will be forced to remove whole comment.

  39. noname Avatar

    Mr Sanjeev,

    Thanks for your comments but you still did not answer:

    “I do not understand one thing…in which democratic country in the world the parliamentarians get seats without Elections? Aren’t you all having dictatorship in Nepal rather than Democracy? The GREATEST DEMOCRATIC (SPRING/PEOPLE’S/JANA ANDOLAN 2) MOVEMENT OF HUMAN HISTORY (APRIL 2006 in Nepal) also wanted elections or something I guess.”

    You must realise that if Maoists like you lose their weapons than they are not going to get much votes. You have to try a different script.

  40. sl Avatar

    I will tell you how Prachanda and his maoists will attain (if not development) the highest wealth per capita in 10 years for the region. Any guesses?

    He will just kill half the population and more and anyone else who opposes his authority!

  41. Sanjeev Avatar

    Sl: Hats off to your funny comment.

    Sanjeev ko ba: Your inability to come into terms with decent criticism makes me break into laughter. God bless your faith in Mao. Meanwhile you should (if you can) understand that the critics of Maoism are not the supporters of the western domination.

    noname: Revolution runs not on the basis of universally accepted rules and regulations. This is an interim arrangement, and the would be legislative is an interim legislative formed solely for the purpose of constituent assembly. The royalists’ fury to the current changes is understandable, and I have pity for you. And, do not mistake me for a Maoist supporter. I hate Maoism and Maoists more than anything.

  42. Guyfromktm Avatar

    its funny that Pushpa Kamal and Baburam have presented themselves as the only chokho and committed Bahuns and have mislead the people that they will root out caste system, feudalism etc from Nepal and make Nepal on par with Singapore or the most rich Asian country or the most prosperous country in the world. ON teh back of it, their militias are all our coercing people. forcing themselves in to hijack people’s properties and occupying it, numerous examples of which are surfacing in Kathmandu most recently.

    The the people thought they were fighting for a nisrta sambhidhan sabha but the talks between the corrupt and the terrorising seems to be moving between referendum, complete abolishment of the monarchy etc none of which is nisarta sambhidhan sabha. I hope someone knows where we are all headed.

  43. Guyfromktm Avatar

    Will Girija and company bring up the issue of extortion and the maoist forcibly making their way into people’s home in Kathmandu in the lead up to Friday’s convention? Will the hotelier’s bring out a rally against the Maoist forcibly asking businesses for money and asking restaurants and hotel to accomodate and feed the Maoist cadres? Will the civil society carry a placard along with the demand for the date of constituent assembly that says stop this ugly show of power and be serious about the talks and the peace of minds of the people?

  44. noname Avatar

    Nice ironical comments by Guyfromktm.

    You people are fools to not understand what is happening to you all. From outside, it is clear to us that you all have been led into a pathetic messy whole from your southern, eastern and western neighbour (yes yes! India) and all that you had and will have is ruins. The moment you all wake up to the hard reality it would be too late and you would be singing Vande Mataram a la Sikkim. And if this singing comes late the licking of feet by your politicians of your Indian masters will continue. But sufferers will be you: NEPALIS! Leave asides personal vested interests, Wake up, Arise!

  45. NePaLi Avatar


    harkee_Ko_Baa says:
    November 7th, 2006 at 2:34 am

    man! prachanda rolling on the chariot of capitalism– SUV, with all his fight for proletariats, he should have come on bicycle–avon or atlas with baburam on the back seat and hisila bhauju on the front ‘dandi’.

    for two centuries, it was ranas and shahs who extored.

    then post 2046, all mal malnutritioned, ‘dhaka topi’ on the head and ‘hatti chap chappal’ on the feet wearing politicians jumped from pauper to prince over night. earlier who would haggle for the bus fair with the bus conductor now owns sleek, bright cars out of the latest catalog.

    now it’s the turn for the jungle dwelling, mosquitoes’ bitten, bare feeted, half filled stomach Moaists, go go berserk.

    oh! how it has renewed my faith into local adage: ‘Her kutte ka din aatta hai’

    parchanda [ice] ka din aagaya.

  46. raj Avatar

    Professor Pyare!

    The king lost the game long time age and you started to realized just now. So, provoking bloggers against Prachand, Girija, Makune or others will do no good now. Better, give up your dirty title and start to write here by other name as all royalists except Bhudai Pandit are doing.

  47. FreedomForAll Avatar

    Anybody remember Cambodia and Pol Pot? This is certain future for Nepal with chief “camrad” and his maoist.
    People, don’t be naive!
    Vote for yourself and democratic Nepal!

  48. FreedomForAll Avatar

    It is very useful to read


    and also


    I have not any other comment on present situation in Kathmandu and Nepal.

  49. Kirat Avatar

    Well I would have been happier if the SPA had pushed the Maoists a bit more on the extortion and bullying tactics that they are using-in a way maybe it is good for the valley people to suffer a bit too, should bring it home to them that Kathmandu is a part of Nepal too. But hey with the talks looking to be successful, with UN monitoring too, we can only remain positive!

  50. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Now Now Raj, what are you trying to say?
    That Prachanda, Girija are all good and they are doing a fantastic job? Listen, all you know how to do is brand someone a Royalist and end the argument right there. I don’t think you have any concrete arguments so you just take the easy way out by calling me a Royalist (which I am not).
    People need to wake up and realize that the Maoist currently present a much larget threat to Nepal, democracy, peace and stability. The King is so irrelevant right now. But if you want to keep dwelling on this issue while Prachanda takes Nepal down the path of Maoism and anarchy then do so… but the rest of us are going to move past the King issue.

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