General Lunch: Nepal Army Cheif In Jawan Bhanchha

But Is This General Serious To Uplift the Situation of Soldiers in Nepali Army or These Photos Are Part Of His Publicity Stunts?

Nepali Army Jawan Bhanchha
Gyanendra Serves His Boss: Chief Of the Aarmy Staff General Rookmangad Katawal being served his lunch by Sipahi Gyanendra Karki and Sipahi Mansing Nepali at the NCO’s Mess (Jawan Bhanchha), Army HQ, last week.

By Dinesh Wagle
Photos and captions provided by Nepali Army DPR

In the last several days, just like at the time of conflict when the army was involved in fighting with the Maoists, we have been receiving press releases from the Directorate of the Public Relations (DPR) of the Nepali Army in our inbox along with many pictures that depict the visit of different barracks around the country by the Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) General Rookmangad Katawal. But the pictures are focused on showing only one aspect of the visit: that General Katawal is having lunch with soldiers in the Soldiers’ Mess. These visits have been described as the first of these kinds by the army. On the 5th and 6th of Kartik, General Katawal visited the barracks in Morang, Jhapa, Ilam, Panchthar, Bhojpur, Taplejung, Sankhuwasabha, Terathum, and Sunsari districts. “This is the first time a COAS has visited soldiers in remote army barracks and security base on the occasion of Dipawali,” a release issued by the DPR states.

Nepal Army Jawan Bhanchha

So far so good. But there are some critical issues that deserve immediate attention from the General. There is an old debate about the not so good situation of lower rank officials and soldiers in Nepali Army. They have been exploited, may say, especially in the earnings they make while participating in the UN peacekeeping missions abroad. The quality of food provided by the Army to the soldiers is always in question. They deserve better food is what many say. We are not told in the releases but anyone can guess that kitchen staffs must have prepared the best food ever in their career when their boss visited barracks and ate in Jawan Bhanchha. Maoists in the past have repeatedly raised the poor situation of the soldiers in Nepali Army to instigate the soldiers against the leadership.

Nepal Army Jawan Bhanchha

General Katawal is not a foreign ambassador so his visit can’t be questioned but we are eagerly waiting to see what he does to make soldiers happy. And they will be happy only when their situation is uplifted. We are pretty much sure General Katawal konws what makes soldiers happy: Reforming the institution, that was always serving the interest of one man, in the favor of democracy. Is he really serious for that job? Can he do that? And that is slightly difficult than helicopting around the country.

Nepal Army Jawan Bhanchha

Reporter Khim Ghale reports in today’s Kantipur about the reform efforts initiated within the army. 166 servants out of nearly 600 are being called back, language used by the officers to the soldiers will be made respectable. That is to say an officer will not speak to the soldier in the language that he uses to address a dog, probably. And the food disparity in the Army will be removed which is very important. Ghale reports that General Katawal’s lunch in Soldier’s Mess in Kartik 3 is the inauguration of sort. These things are understandable but there is yet another point in the reform agenda: Including soldier’s wives in the Officers’ Wife Club. Why do we need this Wives’ Club? Why General Katawal doesn’t simply abolish the provision of this Club altogether? There is no point in talking about improving the thing that is not necessary at all.

Nepal Army Jawan Bhanchha

General Katawal eating with soldiers when he visited barracks outside Kathmandu in Dipawali.

Again, General Katawal must not forget that the most important issue is exercising democracy in the army and making this institution accountable to the parliament and the government of Nepal elected by the people. He should act quickly and efficiently in that direction.







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  1. baykuf Avatar

    i belive rations for army personal are same wether cheif or lower rank, only difference is officer’s are served and lower rank has to fetch for themselves so there is no question of quality,either in officer’s mess or jawan bhancha wagle ji.

  2. scoop Avatar

    Good for the general and the army. Good for morale, but armies at the end of the day must follow orders plain and simple. There is no democracy in any army. Promotion on merit – yes, good benefits -yes But No democracy and definitely no politics. Only morons talk of the army like they are civilians. They are a different institution altogether who follow orders from the top. This is why the maoist trying to put their cadres in the Nepal army is rubbish. If they want to join they should give up arms, give up the party and get in line like everybody else.

  3. ck Avatar

    “Exercising democracy in the army”???????

    I tell you Wagle does not know his a$$ from the moon. Armies may be many things but democratic is not the word I would choose. Armies can be good paymasters, good pensioners, good selectors, good employers (which they should be and improvements in this front are required in ours), but definitely democrats is not in the vocabulary. Leave that to the rest of us who probably cannot cut it in the army (the ones who do know exactly what they are getting into and can quit when they want). I mean how many of us stands up to salute superiors when they walk past? How many of us sits when we are told to sit, jump when we are told to jump, eat when we are told to eat and take a crap when we are told to take a crap? I agree with scoop, only ignorant morons can call an institution old as this, older than democracy itself – democratic or in the lines of “excercising democracy” !!! What a laugh I have had today.
    Here Wagle, I have the correct phrase for you to use in future so you don’t embarrass yourself –
    Please refrain from mentioning democracy in the army which implies “free will” and start saying something more in the line of –
    The army should follow orders from democratically elected governments and also seek to improve the benefits and promotion based on merit to their personell full stop.

    I’ve had a good laugh.

  4. nayapal pande Avatar
    nayapal pande

    the most rational bits of commentry in responce to an article ridden with bias and arrogant ignorance.

    I feel disillusioned people who think they know, when in truth, they know very little. It is my most sincere hope that free press in nepal is never curtailed, but self censorship, would not be a bad thing either.

  5. Wagle Avatar


    I enjoyed reading you. I definitely didn’t mean Nepal Army should start electing Generals or the COAS. I understand that there are certain things called chain of command and the seniors commanding juniors.

    By mentioning exercising democracy, I meant: Make army transparent and accountable to the elected civilian leadership. Plus, do away with the feudal mentality and behavior that is in practice in the institution. Plus, I am sure you are aware about this talk of democratizing the army for which the whole country is mentally prepared.

    To “Baykuf”

    And about the food, I have tasted both foods, at least three occasions, in the past and I could feel the difference in the quality of rice. But I am not giving much attention to food over other important reforms here.

  6. nytapol Avatar

    What a waste of time ! If RNA stops raping poor women around their barrack, and If they know how to talk to people and accept civilian authority, that solves all the problems. This [icd] is having special lunch and waging propaganda (Nautanki)just like king did during his rein. I have met many RNA officers good for nothing. They get trained for profainity and bully. They actually hate civilians and believe they are super humans. They are drunkyards and bulls cra.p

  7. LIMBU Avatar

    I know many things about army. First of all, they should abolish the system of addressing their wives, particularly Generals’ wives.RAANISAAB. Who gave this title ? This is remnants of RANA Shashan. So this system should be abolished.They can call just Madam.

    If they can not do it, then I propose that wife of Katuwal should be called BADA RAANISAAB. Becuase, if all the wives of Generals are called, RAANISAAB including the wife of COAS, then there would be a confusion.So there must be a distinction.

    Another point, I would like to say that there is a cut-throat competition for CHAAKARI in Nepal ARMY. Bada RAANISAAB is the de facto head of the Nepal Army for promotion, medals and posting in lucrative posts.These Junior Generals and officers go through BADA RAANISAAB sometimes via their wives for these things which COAS himself may not know or he pretends not knowing.

    We know there is Officers Wives Club.BADA RANISAAB is the Chief of this corrupt organization. This club is the real place for gathering family information or intelligence of all Generals and Officers.You can even know about whose husband is impotent. Ha ha ha .And there are 200 hundred Thekdaars of the Army for supplying Aircraft to the Underwears of the ARMY.These people also need to keep BADA RAANISAAB “happy”.

    We can see from these things, how corrupt they are. From head to toe. I know about the two BADA RAANISAABS’ activities earlier to the present one. I myself developed allergy by seeing all this.This is the most corrupt organization in Nepal.

    Regarding this COAS eating Lunch in the Jawan’s mess, it is good practice but he should not always do that. Also other officers also follow this practice but once in a month or two months just to know their grievances. As you know, Army is a desciplned organization.You have to maintain it. For Katuwal now, it is only publicity stunt.

    BADA RAANISAABS used to have virtually the whole army under their petticoat.So when I see a General with his medals in the chest and uniforms, sometimes I smile remembering the above facts.Thuikka Mora ho !!! Naamarda .If some body can send rejoinder to it, I would be most delighted.

  8. twaaks Avatar

    “democracy in an army” – is an oxymoron…

  9. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Firstly, I agree with Wagle for a change that there does need to be some major reform in the army. However, unlike Wagle’s view I don’t think the focus of the reform should be the quality of the food or the wives club.
    Look there is even a difference in food, facility in the army in countries like the US etc.

    If there is ever to be a military confrontation with the Maoists the army needs to function differently and they need to make changes both at the top and bottom. The most important thing they need to be able to do is train lower level soilders better. And train them in human rights issues! So that these soilders can’t what what they please in the villages and get away with it.
    The soilders also need to learn how to behave properly with people like someone above mentioned. Even when they were fighting with the Maoists, many villagers didn’t give the army good information because they resented the army for their abuses which was just as bad as the Maoists.

    At the top, there needs to be more accountability and the basis of promotion should be merit NOT surname which it has traditionally been.

    So these are important changes Wagle, I don’t think a much of wives getting togeather and gossping is a big deal – I don’t know why that’s bothering you hehe.

  10. Wagle Avatar

    Glad that you agreed with me though I didn’t write with that hope for sure.

    And where do you claim to be disagreeing with me, pal? I know most of the time you criticize me without reading what I actually write (and I have no problem with that and I enjoy reading valid criticism) but let me point out a sentence in your above comment:

    “So these are important changes Wagle, I don’t think a much of wives getting togeather and gossping is a big deal – I don’t know why that’s bothering you hehe.”

    I would have really appreciated you and taken your comment seriously had you first read what I wrote before lecturing me those lines.

    I wrote: “Why do we need this Wives’ Club? Why General Katawal doesn’t simply abolish the provision of this Club altogether? There is no point in talking about improving the thing that is not necessary at all.”

    My argument was that the reform process shouldn’t be overshadowed or disturbed by the issues related to Wives Club. Wives club are completely unnecessary, thus be crushed. And I said there are more important issues in the army to be dealt with.

    Anyway, there is no point in arguing on pointless thing. Just wanted to say that I didn’t give importance or whatever to the Wives’ Club, but since you portrayed like that just to make your point, I thought of making things clear to you. Njoy!

  11. LIMBU Avatar

    Why i wrote these things about the army in my earlier post ? Because you must know about these small things and you know true situation there.BTW, do you know how much they spend annually in that wives club ? It is 10 Crore Ruppees per annum. They are not accountable to any one. They do not have any “Bill Bharpai”.You can have good electrcity project in a repmote village of Rolpa from that amount.
    That is why I say King and Military, they don’t have any brain inside their skull.Why they could not have that idea of helping the poor villagers ? Instead, they were talking about a Military Bank so that they can transfer the money to Swiss bank easily after squizing the poor people.They had great adeas ?
    king must be punished. miltary must be reformed.Their way of life must undergo change.They must change their language also.

    Ranisaable marzi Bhayeko Bhandai Kudne Hoina sandhai ?
    PM, DPMs,Ministers Military, Police, Civil servanys all shoulsd always think about the welfare of the country and its people but they alys think about money .So they are money bastards.

  12. Preeti Avatar

    What a lovely photo. Gen. Katuwal is the best COAS we ever had. There is no fuedalism in NA. I totally disagree with Wagle. Is there democracy in the Indian army or the American army? Look at the way the U.S. soldiers behaved with Iraqi prisoners in Guatanomo prison? Look at the way the Indian army soldiers behave in the northeast states. All soldiers of the Indian army salute the wives of the 3 Chiefs-Navy, Airforce and Infantry. In Israel, it is said that the wife of the General is as good as the General himself. Nothing is different in our army. It is the only institution that is still capable of safeguarding our country against the Maoists. An Gen. Katuwal is the best soldier of our times.

  13. Kirat Avatar

    Ha, ha, ha! What a joke.

  14. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Oh Wagle – I READ what you write and I still disagree with you.
    You see Wagle, institutions like the army are sensitive institutions and you never know how things will turn out when you try to mess with them. Do you know the Thai army took over? It wasn’t because the PM was involved in currupt deals. It was mainly because the Thai PM started appointing his cronies to important military positions.
    So when you try to mess with the army it’s very imporrtant to go about it with caution. If you start mentioning waives clubs and start nitpicking on things like that, you might find it harder to major more bigger and important reforms.
    Anyway, I know you said this wasn’t important so I’ll let it pass.

    The other thing that always bugs me is that, if you give too much power to the political parties over the army it would also be disasterous. Knowing our politicians it would be like giving a coconut to a monkey in Papushpatinath. So it’s not as simple as it sounds.

    And Wagle, I do critisize you and I hardly believe or agree with 90% of the things you write. However, I do applaud and appreciate all your work. I guess that’s a democracy in action right there – we just see things differently and that’s fine!

  15. manan Avatar

    First of all, Nepal doesn’t really need an army, does it? Look at it this way. A conventional army has to have about ten times as much manpower as a guerilla force in order to defeat it. What’s the Maoist strength? I would wager about 15, 000. So we need at least 150, 000 soldiers. Plus information. That means money. Where does a poor country like Nepal get the money from?

    The best option is to have a sort of detente. Let the Maoists and the Army start appreciating each other’s strength and live with that. So we can trim some off some of the fat off the Army. Since there is no way the Army can defeat the Maoists without leaving the country broke, lets reduce the size of the Army drastically, but train our soldiers better.

  16. LIMBU Avatar

    I can not agree with manan. Because, what is the rationale behind the ten times theory. Is it a military doctrine to have ten times number to defeat a gorrilla war ?

    Even though we are between the two giants, we need an army whatsoever to protect us from internal and external threats. If there would not have been a army, how old monkies like Koirala and Makunes, who could not properly utilise a democracy, could save us from killers like Maoists to a certain extent. Now also, this army have not been successful partially to protect us but Maoists also could not take over power so easily because of the army. Otherwise, that Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal would have been already the CHief of the Military. So the raison d’etre of the army is justified even to protect the Prajatantra or Loktantra.

    Koirala and Makune were a big failure in the Nepalese politics as they could not protect us from the ill ambition of the King as well as murderous politics of Maoists.Actually, they treated democracy as the coconuts in the hands of Monkey during the 12 years of so called democracy.I am saying so called emocracy, because in the 1990s constitution there are or were so many provisions from which these leaders could have developed or built upon such a situation where the King and maoists could not have played dirty tricks we have seen. As far as I know, Maoists are the brainchild of Royalists themselves when it was initiated. They even discussed vigorously what the name should be given, then finally Havre suggested it to be Maoists.So Havre is the modern father of Maoists.

  17. ME Avatar

    It’s good to exercise the democracy in army. Giving too much control of army’s internal affair to political party or government is not good idea. Remember what had happened to Nepal police 10 years ago. With change of government, they appointed new IGP every time without completion of their terms. Mr Kharel was sacked by UML and again re-appointed when Girija back in power. Post of Inspector was available after handing 8 lakh to khum badhur. I hope this kind of system wont developed in Nepal army in the name of exercising democracy. We should more focus on these issuse rather concerning on wives club.

  18. jhapali Avatar

    Lets keep the Army away from Democracy and the political leaders. Army is responsible for protecting the country from internal or external threats.

    This is one institution in Nepal thas is out political influence – lets have it that way. Politics has messed up every institution in Nepal. As mentioned above, just Rs 8 lakh for IGP – that is an example of politicalization or Nepali version of democratization.

    If there is a rise of another rebel group or some external threat, Army will be there even if they are ill equipped. None of us including me, or Giriji or Makune or Mr Wagle himself will there. All we will be doing is come to this blog site and post our messages. Thas it!!!

    Parliament should have control over the army, but dont make it politicalized. There is a big difference here. And lets not interfere into their every day matters. If they spend crores of money for Wives Club, what about PM’s funds and funds for other Ministers’ foreign voyage and family medical treatsments. Should we try to curb that also and start discussing about it Wagleji – that would be better than talking about the Army. Because none of the leaders would fight for us. They would just talk. If they find any interest, they will not give a damn about it.

    Someone said, they should use the word “MADAM” instead of “Raanisaahb”. OK, you can stop using the Raanisaheb but why use MADAM. Most of the country has already lost its century old tradition and culture by the process of Globalization, now lets not make changes in the Army.

  19. Bideshi Avatar

    “General Katawal must not forget that the most important issue is exercising democracy in the army and making this institution accountable to the parliament and the government of Nepal elected by the people. He should act quickly and efficiently in that direction.”

    The Nepal Army has received no orders. They will respond when given direction from those to whom they report.

  20. Bideshi Avatar

    Someone said, they should use the word “MADAM” instead of “Raanisaahb”. What is wrong with “Didi” or “Bahini”?

  21. LIMBU Avatar

    Hey Jhapali,

    everything was right till the end but regarding RAANISAAB I don’t agree with you in only keeping in the name of tradition. Then why not bring back RANAS again in the name of trdition and culture. Why do you say even Madam ? Why not we say Gernelni saab ?

  22. Bideshi Avatar

    “What’s the Maoist strength? I would wager about 15, 000.”

    I would wager it would be half that if we give women equal rights.

  23. Bideshi Avatar

    “They are drunkyards and bulls cra.p” Goodness Nyatapol, you are certainly bitter! Were you rejected for military service?

  24. Bideshi Avatar

    “lets reduce the size of the Army drastically, but train our soldiers better.”

    What our army needs is not better training, but strong, capable leadership and support from the people.

  25. Hamroblog Avatar

    That’s not a reality what we see in these photo.That’s all drama of mr royalist katwal.
    we are trangisnal period among kingship or republicasm.we all know katwal never support republic Nepal. So I am surprize why UWB Give priority to this photo.
    Can UWB Team convince That katwal support Political party ?

  26. noname Avatar

    Hello friends,

    Will the terrorists be killed? Will be the corrupt politicians be punished? I want to see peace and prosperity in Nepal.

    Jaya Nepal, Jaya Sri Paanch, Jaya Sri Pashupatinath

  27. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    The old army brass would of course never like the idea of being under political leadership. Especially when you have political leaders like ours who would sell the country without much hesitation. However, I think the army and its top brass have realized that they have no other choice but to submit to a democratic government.
    However, like I mentioned and someone else mentioned, the army needs to be insulated from the whims of our monkey politicians. They still need to be under the government but the government shouldn’t have the power to appoint people etc. God knows what someone like Sujata Koirala would do.

    Anyway I tend to agree with Manan that the actual size of the army could be reduced and more emphasis should be put into training and equipment.

  28. Bideshi Avatar

    “Anyway I tend to agree with Manan that the actual size of the army could be reduced”

    I would agree with that AFTER the armed insurrection of the “Maoists” is put down.

  29. ayaala Avatar

    it’s interesting to observe how the media is carrying a lot of negative coverage of the maoists(aka “atrocities” whether true or not) while positively portraying the army or the establishment. is it a build up to something? time will tell.

  30. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Yo kuro ulto bho; Don(t talk like this.Spa has given a lot to Maoists in return for nothing:
    -Decision to have CA elections.
    -Give them Ministers posts to Maoists Dacoits.
    -Restructure of nation.
    -New Interim Constitution
    -Nuetralise the King or throw away the Monarchy through CA.

    If the maoists killers can not come to these agreements by laying down their arms, the Govt. should not wait for long for Rape,Intimidation, abduction, killings, extortion of Maoists.Then all Nepalese people are ready to wage war against the Maoists. We must finish them all by any means.We should not give Maoists more time.
    *That is my point.

  31. jhapali Avatar

    Hey Limbu:

    May be you did not read my post properly. Here is what I said: “OK, you can stop using the Raanisaheb but why use MADAM?”

    My point is cant we find a replacement for Raanisaheb in our own Nepali language. Why use Madam. Thats all.

  32. ck Avatar

    Thank you for the clarification. However, the next time it would suite you better if you clearly write what you mean and mean what you write. That’s what writers are meant to do.

    Also, can I request you to write something on the reform of your sector as well – journalists and the media. How about really getting into this as well. I’m sure you know all the nitty gritty being one yourself, and much research on your part is not required although it could get you in troubled water with your community. I don’t see any media person or institution looking within. Does this imply that you guys are not corrupt and are in no need of reform as well? Is all your (meaning not just you but the media in general) news and views straignt shooting and with no influence and corruption? Go on give us the inside stuff on who is in who’s pocket. We know Kantipur is in India’s pocket and Nepali Times is cornered by the Americans. But I’m sure things get more dirty in the fourth estate don’t they Wagle?

  33. noone Avatar


    it seems that mr bhudai pandit is a bit aware of nepali ground reality of poliitical leaders and army mens but he has still lacking of “rajanitik bigyan & nagarik shasan”. plz study more about political science.
    and, can u call a monkey to pradeep giri and narahari acharya ?
    the agenda of reforming of nepali army is only agenda of pradeep giri and such leader, but not of sujata.

  34. jack g Avatar
    jack g

    maowadi army should be amalgamated in nepal army .Credit goes to them also.See the example of ANC in South africa

  35. Bibek Avatar

    [icd] you all pro-palace, pro-army [icd]

  36. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Look noone,
    There maybe one or two decent polotical leaders right now. And yes I have heard that Narahari Acharya is decent, but in general over 95% of our politicians could be put in a zoo and people notice the difference between them and the animals they replaced. Don’t you agree?

  37. nytapol Avatar

    Bhudai Pundit,

    Add one more animal to the zoo coleection. yourself

  38. manan Avatar

    The Nepal Army is purely symbolic. If we reduce it considerably ( and increase its effectiveness) we should be okay.

    How else are we going to make Nepal richer? Or are you guys happy with having the country at the bottom of just about every human development list just because you’re proud of your ‘sovereignity’?

  39. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Well Manan, reducing the size of the army isn’t necessarily going to improve our human development indicators… And even if we do reduce the size of the army more emphasis needs to be put on training and equipment. At this stage reducing the army’s budget might not be the best idea given our security situation.

  40. AntibodyB Avatar

    To Nepal Army,

    If Nepal army provides spoon and fork to their soldiers then it is better for the soldiers’ health. Most of the diseases in Nepal are infectious and due to the lack of hand hygiene. The hand hygiene is the number 1 cause for hospital acquired infections too.


  41. formaster Avatar

    jaga Nepali jaga (e aware nepali)
    hey anyone of have think about the present sit of Nepal… and maoist …. they hadnot even dream to come in Ktm the capital city and hanging arround the streets… eating foods in luxerious hotel of ktm..hey hey tyopani fokatma ……and even trying to be the head of state ….. if they were fighting till this date….

    even their third generation won’t get this chance it they try to get those things fighting with Nepal army and with Nepali peoples…

    its all about the tric of terrorist as the world know that terrorist have 100s of style to get on…one …if not another……they just know how to fulfill thier devil mind’s needs…

    lets talk about the other main stream parties ..i donknow what hapen to them ..they are struggling in Nepal for about century … and caders of those parties now shouting for maoist support….who have looted Nepal not more …only for 12 years…might have stood some towers for theirs families relatives… see thier change in life style ,status …..

    and coalition of militia in to the national army… just cant thing about it…those who entered maoist just to hide their head due to charge of murders, looting…. .. uncountable …such.. guilty person having nice time under paar….chandaaaaaa… and they want to jong nepal army…and do u think it will take nepal with delightful days in front of neapalese people…

    so Nepali beaware of those person who are now hanging arround u ..ur home.. ur hotelmotel…. school ..c ollege….
    be aware

  42. formaster Avatar

    god saves nepal…… if politics find place in the army.. it will worst than the present internal situation of Nepal police ..what eva u do nepali people save army from infiltration of politics…as u can seee… maoist themselvs claim as a poltical partty and with thier socalled janasena and weapon …….

  43. Nepal Avatar


  44. sasanka Avatar

    Katuwal alias “Chhattuwal” is wellknown palace
    protege. His foster father king M picked up him from
    the mud of Okhaldhunga. His childhood life was spent on the shanty town of Okhaldhunga. All he is apperently acting to potray himself a democratic is just the farce. In his unconcious mind, he is still FOSTER CHILD of Narayanhiti. I know some aristocrats sons and daughters of Kathmandu who still call him DHANE dai. His son- Sumangad used to study with my cousin in Birendra Sainik HS School who has become a major of NA now even with his DISABLED EYE sight for an army man.
    It is the compulsion of Girija that he has promoted him to COAS. If not, this guy would have done some mischiefs. It is also the Katuwal’s compulsion that he has showing himself melted to be democratic because he is so BADNAM to general people as well as Maoists including media. He will, without doubt, pay back the grains of rice he has eaten in Narayanhiti. That time is coming soon.

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