Gyanendra Shah Speaks Again: Time To Keep Quiet, Maharaj!

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle’s Web Log (Inside: Prime Minister’s Vijaya Dashami Message)

Did Parliament forget to ban Gyanendra Shah from issuing statements every now and then? The white elephant that was seriously wounded in April has started moaning again. That too on the auspicious day of Vijaya Dashami! Gyanendra today issued a statement saying that the need and desire of the nation was to make the peace process and the ongoing efforts to guarantee security to the people successful. Good words, we know he is a “poet/lyricist.” But Gyanendra is not supposed to blabber. He is supposed to keep quiet and celebrate Dashain. If he really wants to communicate to the people and make his desires heard, he should abandon the inherited post of king, open up a political party and go for campaigning. He talks about “national unity and reconciliation.” It really seems strange why he is talking about national unity especially after the grand success of April Revolution. That was the biggest example of national unity in the history of Nepal.

By including the word reconciliation, is Gyanendra seeking help from political parties to continue his status as the chief of monarchy in Nepal? Any sane person in place of Gyanendra would have been ashamed uttering words like “making the peace process successful.” Who killed democracy and declared all out war against the civil society? Who blatantly ignored the cease fires declared by the Maoists? Who jailed people speaking for freedom? Who declared emergency, cut off phone lines and internet, censored media? Now the same person, barely five months after people discarded him, raises his head and starts giving us lecture? That too on why peace process must be successful?

There were very few people queuing up to the royal palace today to receive Tika from the king. Some people might argue that the number shows there are still some who support the king. I don’t disagree considering the cruel fact that the monarchy in Nepal has exploited Nepali people for the last 237 years and there are fistfuls of people who have benefited from that exploitation for generations. And there are quite a few people with slave mentality who still feel happy to serve their master. They always seek an opportunity to please their master. Particularly discouraging was the presence of Rukmangat Katwal, the Chief of the Army Staff, in today’s tika ceremony. But hey, who is Katwal? Who raised him? Who sent him in the Army? Who is Mahendra? So, I was not surprised to see Katwal saluting Gyanendra and his wife in Durbar today. But I have taken positively a press statement issued by the army the day before yesterday that says there was no formal directive issued by the chief of the army staffs to the soldiers and officers of the Nepali Army to go to the king and receive tika.

Prime Minister and President of Nepali Congress, Girija Prasad Koirala has wished happiness, peace and prosperity to all Nepalis on the occasion of Vijaya Dashami.

The prime minister has also requested all to celebrate the festival with simplicity and cordiality. Saying that the festival was being celebrated in a much peaceful atmosphere this time as compared to the previous years, PM Koirala added that everybody’s actions should be directed towards fulfilling the people’s aspiration for lasting peace.

In a message issued on the occasion of Bada Dashain, the PM has also appealed to all leaders and cadres of Nepali Congress- Democratic to return to the mother party, the Nepali Congress. Calling on everybody for party unity, the Nepali Congress strongman said all leaders and cadres of NC-D are welcome in the NC. (source)

And I am proud of Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala. He celebrated Dashain in his home in Briatnagar with his family and cadres and discarded the king at in taking tika. By the same standard, it would be really welcome move if Koirala stops advocating for the continuity of monarchy in Nepal. May Lord Ram and Goddess Durga empower him to take such a revolutionary decision. Shubha Vijaya!

Note: It’s now time for D Wagle for yet another trekking adventure. He will be away from computer and internet for about 20 days with effect from Tuesday afternoon (Oct 3rd). “It’s a 17-day-long camping trek,” he says. “I am already excited about seeing the upper parts of Manang! Enough fiddling with this keyboard; can’t wait to play with the snow!”

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141 thoughts on “Gyanendra Shah Speaks Again: Time To Keep Quiet, Maharaj!

  1. Today, I found myself in total agreement with Wagle, perhaps for the first time. Those royalist or pseudo royalist who have posted in the name Bhudai Pundit, Naked APE et. all, you look really misearble defending an old horse. Still appreciate your loyalty in the last hrs

  2. Funny:
    I am not a Royalist please. I don’t want to repeat that again. Dumbass

  3. So the thousands that went to the palace on the day of Dashain are all servants of the feudal lord ! What about those thousands that came to the streets for the April movement?
    Come on, people are the same. Whether they are royalists or revolutionaries.
    Let’s accept that there are a lot of royalists in Nepal. And the monarchy should and must remain.

  4. Wishing a Happy Dashain to all Nepalis i feel the need to comment on the above discussion.

    Style and level of arguments are ashaming. It is foolish to blame everyone who is against this king as a Maoist. It is foolish to blame everyone loving the king as an extreme royalist. Nepal needs people who are proud enough to stand above such low level arguments and who focus on possible ways of reunification of the people. For this we must analyze, who gains from such division in the society.

    Nelson Mandela has for years been the head of the military wing of the ANC, before finally the cruel rulership of the white regime could be overthrown. Now he is one of the most prominent promoters of peace and nonviolence on this planet.

    To make progress in Nepal, first of all it must be accepted, that there are opressed people, their just demands have to be taken seriously.
    The ones who claim that things have been in order during the times of monarchy are simply fools who are absorbed in their own benefits of a deeply injust system.

    Nepal needs change. Cast system must be overcome, women must be empowered, the remote areas have to be developed. To reach this a national unity must be formed. Neither side can rule while being violently opposed. This would make it impossible to reach above mentioned aims.

    The big majority of Nepali citizens is unable and unwilling to take a decision, as both, the king and the rebels are a part of Nepal. But one thing, almost all can aggree to is NONVIOLENCE! All simple citizens are tired and sick of the violence from the two extremist sides of the Nepali politics.

    So i appeal to all Nepali to understand, that meaningful change can only be reached by nonviolent means, progress can only be reached when the majority stands united in their aim not to slip back into violence. Only this can be the truely uniting point at the moment.

    As long as the aim of the royalists and the rebels is to eradicate their opponents, both sides will feel the need to defend themselves by all means.

    May wisdom come back to Nepal!

  5. The Democratic People’s Republic of Nepal

    hmm…this name sounds familiar..where have i heard this name before.. think think think.. oh yes..
    The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

    which is also known as North Korea 🙂

    and look how much of democracy is flourishing there… and i reckon after our country turns into the DRP of nepal.. wagles blog gona be the official news site of this country

    kasto kasto din dekhnu parne rahechaa ….

  6. “So the thousands that went to the palace on the day of Dashain are all servants of the feudal lord ! What about those thousands that came to the streets for the April movement?”

    Ankit, they were the servants of Prachanda..who was there to please the devil doubt about that..
    they were mass hooligans sponsored by the SPA

  7. harkee-like I said no street protests in N. Korea. Since you are so averse to street protests of any kind maybe we could export you there!

  8. Hye Wagle,
    Why dont you just join your friends in the jungle instead of acting who you are not.
    Yellow journalist! We want democracy where even the moron like ganye can say whatever he likes, not your maoist dictatorship. Wagle terrorist go to hell.

  9. Happy Dashain to All Readers!

    I also favor Democracy which means Freedom of Speech and Expression. King Gyanendra is still the King of Nepal, he is obliged to issue such messages. So its OK Mr Wagle, you should not be offended. He would definitely stop once he is a “Citizen”. Even after that he would definitely send Greetings to his well wishers and dear ones – not you for sure, so you dont have to worry.

    Wagleji, being a journalist from Kantipur, you should not be biased – this is not journalism. Michael Moore showed many true things and many were also false. You should also watch Farenhype 9-11.

    Also, we talk about Democracy. We have never had one. All we did is elect our own Dictator instead of the Monarch from the Shahs. Which elected leader actually followed the norms of Democracy. Let me guess – NO ONE.

    We need to establish one, forbidding everyone who lead to a mess in this country or may be uniting everyone that resulted in this mess – who ever it is – political leaders, maoists, King, they are all Nepali people. We cannot have Nepal without Nepalis.

    Wagleji, thanx for creating this Blog, though!!

  10. Kirat: i think i read somewhere that u were overjoyed that ur employees could go to their respective villages this dashain and u were pretty ‘happy’ with the political development now. i wonder would u let the maoist form a union in ur workplace Kirat. then u will get the ‘real’ taste of democracy that we are having right now.

    and since u r giving the vibe that u like street protests very much why dont we do a demo infront of the place u stay and burn down ur car.. 🙂 we will be lookin forward to that

  11. Wagle,

    What about the Supreme court summons on Girija, which Girija refused to reply to and ignored, what about the many criminal cases put against Prachanda and co.? If they can ignore it at their whim and fancy then why the hell should the king keep quiet just because some nonsensical Raymajhi commission fiasco is investigating? First I wonder who has the balls to investigate the forced participation during the so called janandolan? It is better called the maoists forced “peaceful rally”. You buggers are either serving the maoist agenda or have your head up in la la land.

  12. Kirat,

    “harkee, grow up man! you think a julus/chaka jam/tire burning in and around Kathmandu are the worst things that could happen to the people of Nepal?”

    It is already this bad and If the King goes it will be worse.

  13. i think wagles days are numbered…seriously
    someone from the palace should read his nonsense blog and judge this person “unsuitable” to live

    and wagle do reply to sl’s comment..
    if ur god GP can ignore the sumpreme court and think he is above the law then so can the king

  14. Budhai Pundit,

    It’s pointless trying to explain to this bunch of the red internet army anything. Why do you care what you are labelled, if you believe in what you stand for it does not matter what people here under all sorts of code names think, don’t you think? Why are you so desperate to prove that your not a royalist? Personally I have’nt understood what that means myself. But then you are discussing matters with fascists and communists so maybe that knowledge will make you feel better. My advise though is tell them to shove it up their a$$.

  15. Oh one more little thing Wagle,

    Your argument that the King should not say a thing because he is under investigation by the Raimajhi commission carries very little salt would’nt you agree when the maoists are everywhere talking up a storm and they are only in the terrorist watch list in the international community. Is that fine by you Wagle you ?

  16. Talking about commissions Wagle,

    Can you tell you bosses at Kantipur to call for one ASAP to investigate this weasel we call the Home Minister. Here’s a few sound bytes I have on him which seems to always go for moderation?!?!?!?

    “As far as the Rayamajhi Commission is concerned, this body’s inability to fully execute its directive is also tied to Shitoula’s clandestine activities. Shitoula’s secret alliances with certain individuals close to the royal palace are at the core of the Rayamajhi Commission’s failures.”

    “Krishna Shitoula is an embarrassment to his party, his people, and to the entire country. He epitomizes the bottom-feeding that propelled one extreme to power and is now propelling the other extreme in the same
    direction. Shitoula is incapable of delivering on the responsibilities associated with being a Home Minister, and he is directly responsible
    for jeopardizing the peace process….”

  17. UWB,

    Why are all my comments on the Home Minister Sitaula moderated? This is a guy, who signs secretive deals with the maoists without letting the cabinet or SPA know. This is the guy ordered the release of the Luitel boy’s murderers, and they are nowhere to be seen. This is the chap who returned after checking in at the airport on his way to sign an extradition treaty with India, when receiving a call from his boss Prachanda to not go.
    I have posted the full scenario all ovber your blog. I think it is in the best interest of the bloggers and every citizen to know what a slimy jackal this fellow is.

    Oh, this is also the chap who also has close links with palace officials (crooks of the first order) and is delaying the Raimajhi commission investigation.

    As you can see this chap is like a triple agent – a slimy, slim ball weasel of the upteenth order.

    I take it back UWB, why am I even bothering to appeal to a bunch of yellow bellied commie loving comrades like you.

  18. Happy Dashain!!

    King issued a Dashain Greeting message for all Nepali people. I dont know if this is that much of a big issue. He is still a King and he is obiliged to issue such messages. I am sure there would have been a thread if King did not issue any message. Once he leaves his Royal court and becomes a “Citizen”, he has all the freedom to send messages to all his well wishers. I am sure Wagleji sends greetings to some one atleast. It is simple as that.

    We talk so much about Democracy. Do we have one? or did we ever have one? NO. A democracy cannot be established just by naming a country “Democratic” but institutions of Democracy has to be established first. There has to be certain guidelines to be followed. We cannot even have a system similar to US or India because Nepal has its own several problems which needs to be taken into consideration while laying the foundations of Democracy. The leader of a Democratic Nepal himself does not follow the basic norms of Democracy, what would his followers do?

    We feel proud after the April Revolution, nothing has still been done to be proud. Only, the “Royal” has been removed from everywhere possible. We have nominated yet another previously elected dictator as the Prime Minister of Nepal. When Mr Koirala does not follow norms of Democracy within his own party, would he follow them for Nepal? I doubt. The SPA and Maoists talks has still been a dilemna. Is that what the April Uprising was meant for? There has to be some gives and takes. Both SPA and Maoists need to compromise on some issues. They need to grow up, stope listening to foreigners and learn to give. Our problems will always remain with us, they will never become someone else’s problems.

    Too bad, this is just crazy what is going on in Nepal. We need to grow up and start laying atleast the basic foundations of Democracy in Nepal.



    Hindus of the world over have high esteem towards the Hindu King of the only Hindu Kingdom in the world.In India, which is a predominantly Hindu country, Indian people have immense respect towards His Majesty as a Hindu King.The King has an important place in the Hindu philosophy and Aryan culture and all Hindus regard the King of Nepal as a Hindu Monarch.In this connection, the Jagatguru while talking to Nepal Television, said His Majesty is an immensely respectable personality for all the Hindus.

    He said the King shows the country a right path and added many countries of the world are faced with instability in the name of democracy and politics. He said there is no meaning of democracy without a King.The Jagatguru said as the King is the best teacher, the Kingdom of Nepal should always protect monarchical culture.Heir to the Shankaracharya, Bijayendra Saraswoti said all the Hindus have high respect towards the King of Nepal.Hindu religion gives a message of peace to the world and teaches that others should in no way be harmed, he said, adding His Majesty is the source of faith for publicising the ancient religion.

    The role of the Royal Family has been important in the promotion of Hindu religion, he said, adding it is a matter of great pride to have initiated the golden jubilee peetharohan ceremony of the great Shankaracharya from the only Hindu King of the world.

  20. To all who want to be served!
    Democracy is not created by parties or primeministers. If the people are looking for some kind of strong leadership, be it from the right or left, they just show their democratic immaturity.

    Yes, you, the ones who are urgently waiting for a new/old master, to solve the current crisis, you yourself have to be democracy.

    Do not allow anyone to become as powerful as it has been in the past, do not give away power, just lend it for a limited time and control whether your power, that you have given to the new authorities is used properly. If not be prepared to stand up again and take away the power again.

    You, the people of Nepal want a new, better life and it is your right to do what is needed for this. Anybody telling to you that they can solve your problems must be seen critically, as you the people must understand, that you are the real master of your new life, the leader is just there to manage your demands. If the manager fails, choose a new one.

    You the people of Nepal will have to stay on high alert for many years to come, as still there is no experience in democracy in Nepal. It will be you the people yourself, who have to solve the problems in democracy. The management can just try to prepare the right circumstances, so that you can solve your problems on your own.

    People of Nepal, who have survived under the unbelievable situation of being abused by two illegitimate powers at the same time over years now should understand, that every single one of you has better abilities to solve problems than any of the powerholders who have lived, are living and if things go wrong will be living in perverted richness.

    Don’t wait for the others to decide your fate, take your life into your own hands and never again trust the sweet promises of the small or big leaders.

    Democracy isn’t perfect, it is dependent on the activity of everyone of you, it isn’t just served. You all are the fabric it is made of. If you cannot stand up to control any new leadership effectively, future generations will have to struggle again for the aim of deciding and mastering their own fate in Nepal.

    Only nonviolence creates lasting change!

  21. harkee i can think about other people besides myself. it’s called empathy my ‘fren’. If burning my car helps Nepal become a better place-so be it! No ‘fren’ I don’t like protests too but as long as it is not violent and coerced I guess we have to bear it.

    sl-like I said your king did not want a resolution to the Maoist problem just so he could hold on to power. Speaks a lot about him and your mentality, huh? Remember this time around last year the Maoists had declared a ceasefire too? Another opportunity for talks your king ignored because he thrives in the misery of the Nepali people. That’s the mentality he has and I guess you too.

  22. Bhudai Pandit,

    I am not proud of my English knowledge as it is not my mother tongue. DWagle is not my favorite too, nor his articles are always of my taste. But I am interested in comments on his articles as I like to judge people by these comments. I have a respect for you and I had openly expressed it many a times and if you feel offended I withdraw your name but you must understand you did a blunder aligning yourself with those monarchists. You forgot that you will be revitalizing him supporting him in his nadir. If you do not throw out the feudal lords, they will sting the democratically elected leaders system at every chance as king Bhumibal did in Thailand few weeks ago. If Mahamahim Moriarty, the supporter of king of Nepal, had a king in USA, the monarch would have stung his president Bush years ago. Lucky he is and so, American people will do that. Please don’t lose your sense of judgement on other rhetorics.

  23. ” don’t like protests too but as long as it is not violent and coerced ”

    excuse me Kirat but where have u seen a silent protest in Nepal ?
    whether it is led by NC,UML or Maoist theres always violence, public property destruction, misery for us as there is no transportation on the street, vandalism…

    so my dear ‘fren’ next time u see someone doing “ghandigiri” and holding a satyagraha instead of “dadagiri” .. please tell me.. i will be there too

  24. ” If you do not throw out the feudal lords, they will sting the democratically elected leaders system at every chance as king Bhumibal did in Thailand few weeks ago.”

    do u have any idea of the Thai politics ?
    what do u know abt King Bhumibal or Thaksin Shinawatra ?
    i think just because they had a military coup u are yapping here like a mad dog..

    please rein urself or “vaccinate” urself before u taunt abt some other countrys history as if u are a scholar from Harvard without knowing a thing. u represent a typical mindset raj.. a pathetic human being that a nepalese is

  25. Raj:
    When did I align myself with “there monarchists”. Tell me when I did that and quote me and then I will accept my mistake.

  26. harkee-what do you expect? We can either have them shot ruthlessly like dogs as they are in dictatorial countries or hope that in time they will learn to protest in a proper manner. What option do you want to take?

  27. well kirat i think u have heard of the saying “laat ko bhoot baat le mandaina ”

    so shoot them !!! if a few heads roll then they will learn to take the security appratus and the government seriously.
    do u honestly belive some guys with some mao and commie propaganda written in a piece of cloth and wrapped around their head represent the nepalese students who seem to be leading the protest everywhere ????
    hell no .. they are the wana be politicians who are languishing in the same class for god knows how many yrs..are the first one to burn tyres infront of their college..bat brick with police …

    do u seriously belive nepalese protestors.. will learn to protest in proper manner ?
    dont let ganesh man turn in his grave dude..
    so much optimism is suicide

  28. harkee, after reading your post # 71 I am definite that you would love N. Korea! Please go there and stay there.

  29. my post # 71 ? are u drunk Kirat ?
    or u have started drinking in despair cause u know u cant win the argument 🙂

    yah of course am going out to settle in a more peaceful “humanely” country ..
    who wants to stay in this dumb fukc place..called nepal …
    its all ur fren..enjoy the shangri-la ..
    i will come to visit ur country as a tourist someday.. if it still remains as a country or a part of india

  30. good riddance of bad rubbish! who can win an argument with a super intelligent ‘fren’ like you!

  31. with that attitude my dear ‘fren’ i can see no one in this blog likes u Kirat

    u feel u are the supreme human being and everyone around is an idiot or a fool

    i think u r suffering from the KG syndrome 😉

    get well soon .. but then i would prefer u to get lost

  32. Harkee:
    Kirat is the most sensible blogger around, I would caution you before you tell him to get lost.

  33. Some maoist ideas:

    – a truncheon hurts less if it is wielded by a maoist
    – you are less dead if you shot by a maoist
    – 13000 killed in maoist insurgency are necessary, 21 killed in April uprising is brutality
    – what is called nepotism, fawning, and favouritism in any other system is called worship of the benevolent leader in maoism
    – maoists have read 1984, but learnt the completely wrong lessons from it!

  34. Damnnn people I thought you guys were enjoying Dashain right, but looks like no one was. Well once I was over my hang over I had to check this blog again. Looks like nonsense as always. Harkee is blaberring, KIrat held some decency but then lost it also and in popped pundit with his tid bit support. Go have some fun and enjoy some dashain, it is necessary to enjoy sometimes to understand the importance of things that we value.

    Bijaya Dashami

  35. well Pundit, Kirat may be sensible but he is often rude, arrogant and is pretty self-centered. guess u should teach him some decency then

  36. Kirat,

    And now your claim being that the Nepali people are not in misery just because the King is out of the scene? Do you know that the floods have created a 9 month shoetage of food in these areas? What is anyone doing baout that? But I guess you just misery with the thermometre meant to indicate the misery level you are in and not of the general public.
    The King having talks with the maoists? Are your nuts in the right place? These are people who never wnated a monarchy in any form, would you like to talk with people who don’t want Kirats in any form? Besides, what are the talks doing right now with the SPA except heading towards a quick end? Also re the talks last year this time around – did you not hear Prachanda crystal clear in a televised interview when he said he had no intention of holding talks with the King especially after Feb. 1? Maybe you should stop making fantasy statements this time around.

  37. sl-just one question. what did your king achieve for the country from October 2002 till March 2006?

  38. “what did your king achieve for the country from October 2002 till March 2006?”

    Kirat, An honest question: Had you been in his place, what would you have done differently?

  39. Bideshi-sure I would have done lots of things differently. You want me to list them? Here are some of things-

    a. Not alienated the major political parties.
    b. Try to find a peaceful resolution to the Maoists problem via peace talks.
    c. If option ‘c’ failed then ensured that there was a proper military plan to force the Maoists hand.

  40. “a. Not alienated the major political parties.”

    It was due to the MAJOR politicial parties that KG was forced to take over the absolute power on feb 1st.
    and thank god KG is not like GP that he went to shake hand with the maoists to defeat the king when they saw they were losing political ground cause they had nothing to promise to public this time.. they were mentally defeated

  41. insider-you’re being naive. do you understand real politik? the major political parties are scum I agree but what was the need to drive them to the arms of the Maoists? Did that not ultimately lead to the downfall of the king (besides him being completely incompetent)?

  42. Bideshi- I would have cut down palace expenses instead of increasing them exponentially.
    I would have cultivated better relations with the foreign powers that be.
    I would not have gone on stupid jamborees to africa.
    I would not have relied on stupid tantriks while making major decisions that affected the country.

    And seriously I would have made the RNA a thoroughly professional fighting force with a much superior intelligence wing.

  43. actually the king didnt get to do any thing from 2002 – 2006 because some fools didnt let him… soon as the king was on the throne, the maos started uprising…..killing and bombing places. may be if the maos didnt revolt for a couple of more years we could have seen what the king would have done next. after all the king was right in aleinating the major parties…….the same major parties who did nothing in the 15+ years they were in control of the country……..and now thanks to “SOMEBODY” (i aint pointing any fingers) its the same people who have control of the country……didnt any one learn anything from the past 15 years?????

    and the only reason the maos collected so much followers was through fear…..looting and killing…….but no one stood up to them. One had to support the maos or one would be looking down the barrel of a gun….

    And maybe the king could have resolved the maoist problem if the “citizens” of nepal backed the king and not the mao.

  44. Kirat,

    “insider-you’re being naive. do you understand real politik?” These kind of statements really dont make any valid argument because you you are not arguing anything but just accusing things. Just because someone else has a different point of view does not meant they are naive or dont understand politics. They might be naive to your point of view, just like you might be naive to theirs. They might not understand the kind of politics you would “prefer”, just like you might not prefer theirs.

  45. Culture-totally disagree with you. Alientating all the major players in Nepal was the biggest mistake your king made. I am afraid even kings have to indulge in politics (good politics preferrably) to get the agenda forward. That’s what ‘real politik’ is about. The fool was too arrogant (and too stupid) to even grasp this. Ever heard of a guy called Bismarck-now that’s the sort of politics people who care for the nation and are ‘leaders’ should indulge in.

    Naked Ape-that’s the lamest excuse I have heard. The king had so much goodwill initially. But he frittered it away on stupid things and the people lost patience in the end.

  46. Kirat,

    Look I am neither advocating the King, you conveniently term as mine” nor advocating against him. My point was that there are plenty of people who have who have view similar or like yours and “I think” equally many who’s differ from yours. I understand you disagree with me and harkee and I too disagree with harkee. But just because I disagree with Harkee does not mean his view in politics are wrong or right, but not in the best interest of the Nation. Or more accurately not in our, even though he is “my king”, interest. It is probably in Harkee’s interest but still not in the National. Neither are the maoist the best for the National interest. The democratic parties have nothing but their own interest. But looking at Nepals current situation, the best thing for our National interest is the three polar and selfish parties comprimise and to gain popular acceptance work for the greater National interest. If they lack any strong competition they will only work for their self interest, sorry, I think they will. But coming back to the point of my earlier message, I am not against you view or against them, but the way you generalize things. You have excellent points but you always generalize things into black and white and depending on which colour you are supporting, you start lambasting anyone with a different point of view. You once told me not to use the word Bhote’s to generalize a diverse, rich and old cultural group of Nepal, yet without even properly and justly analysing my previous post you genalized my as a Royalist, black or white, and irrationaly wrote “your king”. I am not against discussion, and I cant stop or make you write differently, I am just requesting some rationality, and not stoop to the levels of harkee you yourself negatively critisize, although that is rather justified and required. Lets not bark back at the dogs, we are after all a little more civilized than that.

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