Dashain Holiday: Bad News From Police, Good News From Army and PM’s Optimism

On the 8th day of Dashain festival, three incidents make headlines: Bibek Luintel is killed, the army says its soldiers and officers are free to not to receive tika from the king who is becoming redundant day by and our Prime Minister’s optimist on peace process

Bibek Lunitel Killed: Today morning’s horrific revelation about the gruesome murder of the eight-year-old boy Bibek Luintel has definitely overshadowed the joys of Dashain festival. Nepal Police’s suspicious handling of the case and the alleged involvement of the personal assistant of the Home Minister in saving the abductors and murderers of the boy are particularly disturbing. It has been revealed that the boy was murdered within days of abduction because he kept crying and the life in Kathmandu was severally affected because of the protest by the civil society of Koteshwor, the boy’s home town, against police authorities for not giving enough attention to the case.

Today, in the tempo, I heard a man passing this comment: “I partly blame those protests for the killing of the boy. Those protests might have forced the abductors to kill the innocent kid. The family didn’t even get a chance to bargain with the abductors.” I don’t know if he is true or not but like many Kathmanduits, I was deeply shocked. Political patronage to the criminals is even more dangerous and the fact that the personal assistant to the home minister is still roaming freely and celebrating the festival without being investigate makes me sick. The family has refused to receive the corpse of Bibek which must act as a pressure of the ineffective police network of our country. (read more about the incident here)

Soldiers, don’t go to Palace to receive Tika: The good news comes from the directorate of public relations of Nepali Army today in the form of a press release. While issuing the release, the army tries to refute a rumor that the Chief of the Army Staff had issue a written directive to all soldiers and officers of Nepali Army to receive tika from the king. This release is a welcome move from the army. There is no need for anyone to go the king and receive tika. This is the year Nepalis have started discarding and ignoring king and monarchy in Nepal.

The parliament has already cut links of Nepali Army with the king. Gyanendra didn’t attend a traditional Phulpati badhai (feu de joie) ceremony yesterday in Tundikhel, Kathmandu because there was simply no need to do so. The king is rightly being made redundant. But this king will not feel humility because he has no morality. He will stick to the throne even if he is a useless white elephant until Nepalis formally abolish the institution of monarchy. The tradition of receiving tika by government officers and ministers (including the Prime Minister) will be broken from this year. Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala is already in his hometown Biratnagar to enjoy the holiday and celebrate the festival.

Maa Durga, Help Our PM: Talking about Prime Minister Koirala, reports from Biratnagar say he went to a temple, worshipped Goddess Durga and asked Her favor in the ongoing peace process. I respect his belief in Goddess but I don’t believe worshipping the Goddess will only help make the peace process a success. Maoists are emphasizing on the political solution first while Koirala-led government gives priority to the arms management. Both are crucial and must be handled with care. The Maoists nine-point secret proposal, made publicized by Yuvraj Acharya in today’s Kathmandu Post, is also discouraging.

The [Maoist’s] nine-point proposal has demanded that the interim legislature should incorporate 45 percent members of seven-party alliance, 35 percent Maoists and 20 percent members of civil society.

They have demanded that Maoist militia and Nepal Police should form a joint mechanism to hold CA elections and the monarchy should be suspended until constituent assembly election is held. The Maoists want referendum on monarchy along with constituent assembly polls and nationalization of royal assets.

About arms management, they have proposed a mutually agreed modality. Similarly, a high-level military commission has been proposed to control both armed forces. The rebels have also proposed retention of their courts at the village level.

The other issues include proportional representation system; dissolution of both the Houses of Parliament after formation of an interim legislature; dissolution of their regimes in the villages after setting up joint committees of the parties and drastic change in socio-economic policies of the state.

Some ruling alliance members share the rebels’ idea on holding referendum alongside the assembly polls, but Nepali Congress is against it. “It will unnecessarily reactivate the now-passive king and give him a pretext to seek a role in politics based on the votes cast in his favor,” the NC President and Prime Minister argued in an all-party meeting on September 25.

Let’s hope the Dashain holiday and great food in the festival will give some power and wisdom to both sides on the peace table and, like Koirala said, “summit talks to be held after Dashain will be positive.” -By DW

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21 thoughts on “Dashain Holiday: Bad News From Police, Good News From Army and PM’s Optimism

  1. The home minister is losing credibility very fast in these days. All the time he is acting as if he has no responsibility other than the talk with Maoists. Blemish on his personal assistant on the boy’s cruel murder is another blow to him, if he does not order the police to investigate him(the assistant. Better for him to handover the Home Portfelio to some one else who will be able to look after the country’s day-to-day business.

  2. Dashain in a foreigh country far away from family is always sad. This is my second sad Dashain in as many years. But this one is specially sad. The first thing it made Dashain sad is obviously the fact that I was not with the family to celebrate it. There are reasons for this because I chose it with my free will. So I could always console myself that I will make the loss in coming Dashains. But the facts that made the magnitude of the sadness much unberable are the loss of lives of 24 people in the chopper crass and then the news of the killing of little Bibek. Again the first incedent was an accidednt and although it is hard to accept for the families, friends and the well wishers of the people who lost the lives in the crass, not much could have been done to prevent. It is a great loss for the families and friends, the country and the whole universe because among them some were very prominent conservationists. I am sure the mother nature herself was very sad for the loss. Heartiest condolences to the families and deepest semphathy. I am sure all Nepalies whether at home or abroad have the same feelings.

    But the killing of little Bibek is a big blow not only to the family of the little boy but to the entire humanity. This is a cruelest crime and there is no way to console oneself. It is an unimaginable loss for the family and I do not know how to express the feelings to them. This is one of the saddest days in my life and I really got deeply dipressed by the news. And on top of that the news about the endlugence of one of the associates of the minister in the incident and the effort of the police to cover it up simply made me sick. If it is true, he has to be exposed and punished not for helping the bloddy kidnappers and murderers, he must be prosicuted in a fast track court for the first digree murder and be put into the prison for an entire life. (I regret that I could not plead for the capital punishment because I am against of it. But sometimes when such incidents take place I feel that it has to be restored.)

    I would like to express my deepest sampathy to the family of little Bibak and prey the almighty that his soul rest in peace. I would like to request the family not to make delay for claiming the body and make the arrangement for a degnified last journey of little Bibek which is long due and which he deserves the most. May his soul rest in peace!

  3. Happy dashai to all Nepali and Hindus.

    In this special occasion, I would like to remind Mr Dinesh Wagle that people are Girija are also free to practise his religion as a citizen of Nepal and a Hindu.

    His visiting Durga Temple is 100% not a political statement.

    Your comments simply shows your lack of journalistic thinking and spontaneous vomitting of thoughts on your blog/news/opinion site whatever it is.

  4. I am not a pessimist but I am not a optimist though about the peace process.Maoists are cruel animals.They will not lay down their arms easily. When they will not do so, peace process will be stalled.

    When peace process will not go forward, Ministers like Sitaula and Mahat as well as Sujata will be busy in minting money through corruption.Police have good nexus with smugglers, criminals and killers no matter what new DIG Rana preaches.

    Prachanda and baburam have lost control over their guns totting criminal cadres.Mahara’s rediculous statement that US should withdraw their terroristes tag will be rediculed by the US.

    Killing of a lovely boy is a blow to an average family. I am not happy that Makune got the forum to lambast the govt. on this incident at the house of the victim but he forgets that he is a part of the govt.I ask and challenge Makune- What he can do as a prominent leader of the country on the deteriorating security of the country and the capital ? Can he ask to change the Home Minister ?

    Anyway during this troubled times, I pray for peace and wish Happy Vijaya to everybody.

  5. I agree with Raj. The law and order situation in KTM is deteriorating and this joker of a Home minister is sitting around with this thumb up his ass. Even the peace process is moving along so slowly.

    Wagle – you really need to grow up. The King’s powers have been curbed and he has paid the price for his Feb 1st move. Stop dwelling on this forever! I am no big fan of Raja G, but this excessive King Bashing is a pathetic way for the political parties (and Wagle?) to divert attention from real issues.
    Who the hell cares if the army went to the palace to receive tikka… Wagle maybe you should start a scandalous tabloid… oh wait I forget about Kantipur.

  6. I don’t know why Girija is so hopeful of success with the negotiations with Maoists bastards.Because they are like Pol Pot style killers. I do not see any light on the other side of the tunnel. Nepalese have to suffer a lot with the atrocities of Maoists. Today there was another news of abduction of local RPP leader in Surkhet. Tomorrow we may see his dead body. Actually SPA are also accomplice in such activities of maoists.

    I think only solution of the problem is either capture these bastards alive or declare them terrorists and finish them. just Start with Prachanda and Baburam. Then finish other polit beureau members and this campaign of terror will automatically subsides.

    Otherwise, how long Nepal and Nepalese can sustain ? So I ask some dedicated and couragious youths to organise a death squad to finish these killers’ hegemony.The real “sapoots” of nepal must rise to the occasion. The blood of the people should be taken revenged. Get up and fight.

  7. i don’t know if maoists are bastards or not. but you sure are a bastard pyare lall and co. i’m dead sure taht you’re a bastard.
    you can’t think of anything other than killing, butchering, murdering. only a bastard can have such a mindset.

    i’m sick of the bastards like pyarelal who have nothing to do with nepal but keep on trying to disturb the peace process.

    the maoists have said they would come to a competitive politics then one must give them benefit of doubt.

  8. Oh! I too want a peace settlement to be successful. However, indications are that it will be no smooth sailing. The Maoists militias are running a parallel government in rural Nepal and their autrocities continue unabated.
    The big question is how these young Maoist-indoctrinated folks will stop their ways and join mainstream society. It remains to be seen if Baburam is capable of controling his malitias – by the looks of it I don’t think so.

  9. Pundit,
    Of course, there are several incidents happening. but you had to take into consideration taht we are talking of ending more than a decade long bloody war. we’re talking of removing the guns from the hands of those indoctrinated bloody butchers. do you think that is easy? does anyone easily gives up gun/power easily? it is a very long and difficult task.
    baburam or prachanda might not be capable of controlling their militias as you suspect, but if that is the case then perhaps we even have to help them in having control of their militias so that once peace accord is reached, most of these things are stopped. otherwise there will be more of jayakrishna goits killing krishna charan shresthas.

    an eye for an eye is no solution. i see no difference in the maoists and the likes of pyarelal like the way i dont see a difference between bin laden and george bush.

  10. The maoists never give us peace whether through peace talks or any other way. Only is to eliminate them slowly and gradually by constituting the death squad I suggested. We must resot to tit for tat at the end. They do not know peace, they know only death, abduction, torture killing of innocent people. Our secutrity forces are “NAMARDA” so the civilian bold youths should take the initiative.

  11. Oh!
    I am not saying that it’s easy. As much as I want this peace process to be successful, I don’t want to float in a cloud of unrealistic optimisim either.
    If this peace process is to move forward Girija really needs to put his foot down and demand some major concessions from the Maoists! It really remains to be seen, however, if Baburam and Prachanda are intent on becoming a democratic political party and subject themslves to public scrutiny and critisism. On what I have observed it seems they don’t tolorate dissent and critisim.
    So yes I agree it’s not an easy path, but there are issues which Girija should not compromise. I am just pointing out that the political leaders should not budge on everything to just please the Maoists!

  12. pyarelal,
    if your security forces are naamarda and you’re the only arsehole marda, then why don’t you come to nepal, find a gun/bomb and shoot/blast whoever you want. sick.

  13. Yes i am already in Nepal. If this talks fail, I am making the squad I mentioned and we start working very soon and start from no one and then go upto no . 40. Then a half of the maoists problem would be solved. Maoists are not a political force but an armed gang, so we have to create an armed gang to finish them.Otherwise, Nepalese will suffer for a long time. I am sure this peace talks will fail.There is no chance in it.

    Join my armed youth group.

  14. pyare lall ko bigtalk, kukhura chinaunu sakdaina manche marne kura garcha, tyo pani MB haru jo chai jungle guirilla warfare, urban warfare n commando assualt ma expereinced bhai sakeko cha, state ko full armed, trained, with airial support lai ta saro pareko cha, yo pyare hindi film dherai hercha jasto cha…..u can try bro, but prachadna n baburam r just figureheads no more, kill them nothings gonna happen casue they can still fucntion indipendently according to the autonomous regions they have created like magarata, tharuwan, khambuwan, tamlasing, newa, etc….n they can unite again casue they all hav common objectives, so bro train hard, u can either join shivsena or tarai mukti morcha, let us see how easy could u play this war game…….

  15. Nepalma lukera Hanne tactics has been successful. MBs also did this. It is not that difficult. Nepali youth haruma josh ko kami chha. Jabo 15/20 thousand le 24 million lai hostage banaune ? So there must be sacrifice to save the majority. Aba ati bhayo Maobadiko pani.

    Some day some body will get them in close range. Do not talk about Gurilla war fare or urban warfare. In Nepal it is easy to get them close. Don’t worry, it is our business. We are not like you, cowards.

  16. pyare prof is a peice of shit, he is trying to implement hit n run strategy to finish half of the maoist, hahaha. do u hav any knowledge in combat, weaponry, leadership, or u just wanna be blog hero. want to feed bit of intel to u, they r second strongest rebel force in term of military strenght, finance, support and population after LTTE, best of luck with ur mission, beware of thier intel they r better than govs, might find u before u fire ur first round.

  17. sick-lall,
    if you’re so averse to maoists why are you interested in success or failure of the peace-process? go do your job. who are you waiting for? you stink.

  18. Dear all,
    No body knows gorilla tactics in mother’s womb. Any body can learn and practice this skill if you are ready to sacrifice his or her life. Then they killed JFK,they attacked Reagan, they killed Olaf Palme and what are these Prachanda and Baburam. They may be great for Maoists “lathaits” but for me they are bastards, they believe in Maoism in 2Ist century.

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