Peace Process and Monarchy: GenNext Views

youth and politics discussion

It is widely believed that overwhelming majority of rural youths, partly influenced by the Maoist Peoples’ War and frustrated by the kings’ anti-democracy activities in the past, want no monarchy in Nepal. Same applies with city youths who are deeply dissatisfied with the monarchy and want it abolished. Out of the 12 medical science and social works students from different colleges, only one supported the idea of continuing monarchy in Nepal: that too strictly constitutional. The kings were never democratic, said a student, they always look after consolidating their autocratic power at the cost of democracy. Other said that the origin of the present king is suspicious and he shouldn’t be given space. These young undergrad students are critical of the government’s handling of the peace process and think that the Maoists arms must be managed so that everyone can go to the voting booths of the constituent assembly without fear. They think that politics is not dirty game but part of daily lifestyle. They argue for the participating of educated persons in politics so that the system could be saved from idiots. Below is an article in Nepali based on my discussion with students of Tribhuvan University that originally appeared in Kantipur a few days ago. Texts and Pics by Dinesh Wagle

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youth and politics discussion

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85 thoughts on “Peace Process and Monarchy: GenNext Views

  1. “What cease fire? The killings still continue.”

    >> Can’t you see that at least big fighting and killings are not taking place? And there is nothing called Jadoo ko chhadi that can bring total peace in one day. It takes time. They are talking. Look at the tourism industry: hotel books are high in the last five years. The cease fire is starting to show signs.

    When I say this, I am not supporting Maoists murderers. They need to be tamed peacefully and government is doing just that. Keep quite and support this government. Don’t try to make it a failuer and bring your king back.

  2. Vandeveer,

    For one last time here are the answers to your two question barring any sensationalist rubbish. I’ll paste your questions first followed by answers:

    “1) How can the instigator of the Palace/Coup which took the life of the last Real Nepali King Birendra, be needed for Nepal’s future?”

    This King did not kill his brother period.
    So the “how” part of your question is really unnecessary. It’s just a case of accession according to the rules.

    “2) Was I the only one in Kathmandu in Feb., March, April ? Didn’t millions & millions of Nepalis say.. NO TO MONARCHY & YES TO DEMOCRACY ?”

    No, you were not the only one present in Kathmandu in April when about half a million were in the streets of Kathmandu (Baburam Bhattarai’s estimates not mine and since they were the architects of this fiasco he would know better, of course it could be less because Dr. Bhattarai is not immune to large doses of hot air and propoganda). Unfortunately you were probably listening to the voices of the people in front of the mass who were packed with maoists and other radical political wannabes. The hidden fact even by our oh so gracious media who wanted to draw blood was that half or more of your half a million were forced to participate. Or have you still not been informed of the forced participation program by the maoists under threat of their guns and serious repurcussions? Many of the “genuine” protestors just wanted an end to the failed royal regime and return to peace. Again, it was the bunch in front carefully placed who shouted “republic” into the media’s faces so as to mislead foreigners naive as yourself. One would think that people from developed countries with all their experience with facist regimes like the maoists and their propoganda machine would know better, but I stand corrected.

  3. scoop:
    what about all the civil society leaders, teachers, journalists and civil servants who demostrated!
    What the King did was wrong period!

  4. Hey Bidhata,
    Just stopping the big fight doesnot mean that they are commited to peace. It looks like they are getting ready for a big fight by recruiting other people. The way of peace is very long but to cover that distance everybody must start with the first step.
    The cease fire is showing what sign? Sign of being broken in the middle? thats what you are saying then i agree with you. BOth sides must agree to some agendas and show initiative to atleast come to a negotiating table and discuss the issue.

    I don’t see any progress and wonder what sort of progess you are looking at. Throwing accusation to each other is just hindering the peace process. No side is taking clear and difinitive initiative towards long lasting peace.
    Don’t just say that when the hotels rooms are full with aid to the peace process. Don’t say that government is taming maoist peacefully instead are playing into their hands. Don’t you see the ovious. Open your eyes my friend to the real world.

  5. Guys, take a bit of rest from this never ending political analysis.
    Now help me find my girlfriend please, willya ?

  6. Pundit,

    “Civil society leaders”? – let’s not make everyone laugh.

    Civil Servants will protest anything especially if their “daily bread” is being or at the risk of being trampled on. They are still protesting – ask Amik Sherchan.

    Journalists – yeah a really morally upstanding lot huh Pundit, with no self interests, just sheer understanding of right and wrong????

    Besides no one is denying that maybe half of the protestors where there by their own free will if you can call it that. Obviously most have something or other to lose or gain besides “democracy” which was the pin up word.

    However, to state that “all the people present wanted a republic” – now that is a truly loaded claim when we know that half were coerced by the maoists to attend, and like I said the other half may have had republicans, but to claim all of them were is just leading and something politicans would love to capitalise on. Especially the communists – who says communists don’t have a capitalist tendency?

  7. To be very frank we are in “Jungle Raj” although we say we are heading toward democracy. Even supreme court is under the control of politicians and each and every region is under the control of maoist. Somebody comes to us and say don’t do this we have to obey and listen like the people of ancient world with worry. We are surrendering ourselves day by day not only physical things but also mental and ideology. I just heard some maoist came to one shop in Asan and just took away bundle of red clothes, and shopkeeper asked what is this then maoist just answered this is for your good future. He was quite surprised about his good future. The another group of UML student wing now started to follow the maoist kind of donation threat. It has been heard that they are being asking Rs. 100,000 (Rs. 1 lac)from the school for their program. People are quite surprised what kind of democracy we are talking about? who never like to listen others If we don’t like to give our property or donation earned by our blood and sweat, why threatened then? Why we should surrender everything for some groups’ interest??People started to feel like laughing seeing daily incidents and news and talking about full democracy? It shows we are in 200 years back but talking about 21st century democracy.

  8. Pundit,

    If and when we go for the CA elections with the maoist and their arms in tow, the result would be a a huge win for the maoists. Will you then categorise the win as – “See everyone wants maoists and maoism”???? Or do you select your propoganda to suit your needs?

  9. By the way, we talk of dictatorships – what about the present government and all their decisions – have they bothered to ask the citizens before passing all their “New Nepal” agenda? For example, although I personally have nothing against secularism, have the parliamentarians bothered to ask the public if they agree? There are many more issues like these that this “past it’s sell by date” parliament has decided without the peoples verdict. The other day the Supreme Court literally covered up a document which would show the many illigally amassed wealth of the MP’s – why are they given this “privilege” when even the King is fodder to the press?
    Have we already forgotten the corruption of these buggers? Are we saying the Nepali people have forgiven them, or do we revive these charges after the peace process and elections (as this obviously is our priority for now – but what after that?).

  10. Who is not skimming form whom. In Nepal where unemployment is in double digits with under employment- only people make money is from skimming. Dixits and Pahadis skim dollars, SPA skims by corruption, Maoist skim by forced donation drive and Bankers like Kirat skim by you-know-how. So its a vicious cycle and who is gonna do anything about, No one.

    As for going after Monarchy- Nepalese have habit of taking everything for granted and when they are on the wrong side after the show-they make it up by professing their life on it. Its all sooo cheap.

    But the point is- anyone who is on this blog are just blowing hot air. Nor their comments make any difference nor their support, their classification as per Maoist would be “usefool Idiots” so learn to live with it.

  11. Bidhata,

    The problem with democrats like you is that you do not know what democracy is. Your statement;

    “Keep quite and support this government.”

    This is the kind of democracy you want. With guys like you everything is selective. Even the right to express one’s opinion is only fine as long as it does not disagrees with you. Bravo Man. You are the champion of democracy.

  12. Bidhata,

    ” Can’t you see that at least big fighting and killings are not taking place? And there is nothing called Jadoo ko chhadi that can bring total peace in one day. It takes time. They are talking. Look at the tourism industry: hotel books are high in the last five years. The cease fire is starting to show signs”

    Of course there is no jadoo ko chaadi. But if the maoists are breaking the code of conduct, should not they be punished? They have already been pardoned for all their atrocities of the past but even no it seems like they have a license to kill.

  13. “This is the kind of democracy you want. With guys like you everything is selective.”

    The problem with you royalists is that you guys start barking yo bhayena ra tyo bhayena immediately after a democratic government takes charge of. Look, how much freedom democracy gave to you gusy but you always looked for an opportunity so that the democracy could be derailed. You constantly kept instigating a supposedly constitutional king to act against constitution. You never gave chace to those governments to work.

    About the violation of code of conduct by Maoists. Yes, they are violating but its not about punishing. The cease fire is between two states: you accept it or not. One state is not in the position to punish the other. Don’t balme governmnment for not punishing the Maoists. This government, this state doesn’t have that capacity to punish.

    The only way is to come to the table again and raise the issue. That is exactly what happened yesterday when Koirala held talks with Prachanda. Don’t get frustrated by a few incidents of violations (though they are unfortunate). Just be thankful for the time being to this governmetn and April Revolution that large number of people aren’t being killed daily.

  14. with this kind of “false hope” given to the people about a supposedly successful cease-fire between the maoists butchers and the government, i wish we were in a full fledged war with the mao commies.. at least we will draw a line between them and us..

    and bidhata.. shut the f@$@#k up or am gona come there wherever u are and screw ur happiness..
    do u know how much tension and anxiety the ppl in the valley are feeling once ur maoist brothers infilitrated the valley in the name of the april revolution ?
    they wont let us stay in peace..and THEY are the one to derail this democracy by forming unions in all hotels and forcing students for their scrwed up outdated ideology gatherings..

    i can strangle u with my own hands bidhata..and send u to a visit with the real “bidhata”

  15. “i wish we were in a full fledged war with the mao commies.. at least we will draw a line between them and us.. ”

    >>Yes,yes, we know what your wish is. You want war because you want people to be killed. Okay, if you want to “draw a line”, please go and grab the gun and shoot anyone you want to shoot and get killed. I have no problem with that. But don’t talk about using state machinary, state manpower (that is to say army and police) to use in the war. Because, Nepali Army soldiers are not your dad’s sons.

  16. I agree with many points with Bidhata. The problem has to be solved in table. But, I don’t agree that this political leaders are doing good things. They are doing nothing good except to surrender themselves to the maoist for the peace. What steps they did good? can you just explain us more???

  17. Royal Nepalse Army soldiers are the sons of the nepalese while you, bidhata, is a son of a maoist.
    we have full right to unleash the RNA and its machinery and “disappear” ur maoist brothers just as u guys kill the unarmed villages, slit their throats, rape them,push someone down a cliff and say its accidental,attack a dairy enterpretuar cause u want to have a maoist union by force anyhow.
    these are the sort of examples u live by..
    killing is ur habbit bidhata..
    so be prepared to be killed too

    this government is just a puppet of urs..
    they have agreed to almost everything u guys had put in the table be it 12 poing agreement or 5 poing..but u guys want more ..
    u have destroyed the economy of this poor country
    now its time to destroy you guys before the internatinal community declares nepal a failed state

  18. just like we had “acchuts” in the community..
    whom we dont even drink water with..
    the maoists have reduced themselves to the same line and are the new “acchuts” now..
    they want ppl to fear them cause they got guns
    they dont know how much they are hated by the unarmed nepalese commoners..
    at the end of the day, maoists are nthng but robbers with guns, un-educated fools who are brainwashing the villagers with the extinct mao ideas and recruiting teenagers in their PLA by kidnapping them

  19. “They are doing nothing good except to surrender themselves to the maoist for the peace.”

    >>> First, how do you define surrender in this case? Do you mean that SPA is agreeing on all the issues raised by the Maoists? Do you mean to say that SPA agreed on the election of constituent assembly, the primary and key demand of the Maoists? Do you think that SPA leaders have surrendered because they stripped off the king from the Supreme Commander of the Army which, of course, has been demanded by the Maoists? Where do you feel SPA leaders have surrendered?

    Now, look at here. Except a establishment faction of Nepali Congress, all parties are advocating for democratic republic in Nepal. The voice for that is becoming stronger even inside Nepali Congress which has already deleted reference to constitutional monarchy from its statue. So even if the country heads for democratic republic that would be considered SPA surrendering Maoists. That is what people want, and these parties can’t act against parties because if they do so they will be finished.

    Constituent Assembly was not the issue first raised by Maoists. Yes, they played instrumental in reviving the demand of CA which was first raised by Nepali Congress in 60s.

    Reforming Nepal Army isn’t the Maoist agenda. This is part of the SPA promise after the restoration of parliament.

    Can’t you see Maoists have become soft over the years because they felt that they can’t capture Kathmandu militarily, thus they can never win the central government in Nepal? Their original demand was the communist socialism of proletariat. Now, they are ready to settle for the election of CA, and, Prachanda has said that they will accept the result, whatever that might be. A baba 10 barsa yuddha gareka chhan, Maobadi haru lai pani ta bargaining garne thau dinu paryo ni!!
    And these reports of extortions and occasional killings, very unfortunate they are, will slowly disappear as the peace process moves ahead. So there is no meaning of creating Moriarty style of hue and cry on these extortions though I don’t mean that we shouldn’t talk about these things. But you can’t blame Maoists for not being serious on talks like Moriarty on pretext of those extortions. They are a big party and we should understand their difficulties in managing such things. We should give them benefit of doubt. We suffered all these years; can’t we bear these things for a few months? All these isssues need to be raised in talks with Maoists like PM Koirala did yesterday, not in public speeches of Moriarty.

    The more difficult issue of managing arms (that is after the election of CA) are yet to come. And this issue will not be solved by just saying, give me gun and I will finish off the Maoists from Nepal. Nepal ta ke, America nai aaye pani Maobadi siddhyauna sakdaina. Even America can’t finish off Maoists militarily. Yes, they can if they drop a nuclear bomb, otherwise no, even the superpower can’t. The only way, the arms of Maoists could be disarmed is through talks. And talks will not solve the problem in a week. It will take time. We must be willing to give time. And we must give pressure to both sides on valid point, not just blindly criticizing them.

  20. “Prachanda has said that they will accept the result, whatever that might be.”

    you must be the biggest idiot living on this planet..

    prachandra had said the donations are gona be “voluntary” .. u can see that in the newspapers everyday..ppl are giving lakhs of rupees voluntarily..and some banks like HBL in banepa were so touched by the voluntary action of the maoists they decided to give everything to them and shut down the bank.
    u can see ppl in queues .. infront of the maoist office..with blank cheques..for voluntary donationa…thank u prachandra..u should have been in UN or World Bank instead..
    our country wuld see so many “voluntary” donations then.. we would be forever indebted to u for ur humble contribution…

    prachanda said no one gona be abducted now, no kangaroo courts, no murder …
    tell that to the ppl who are already dead bidhata, who were tortured, forced to go in their meaningless rallys, “fined” cause they were found guilty in their kangaroo courts..

    and what of the 1 million rupee the commies are not allowing the VDC to spend..for their own development..cause the maoists feel threated..

    maoists brothers can recruit armies in the ceasefire too.. train them gurilla war far.. and even take out a graduation parade..poor RNA..4 5 wata truck bahira bata ktm lyaunda pani ek din nai nepal banda vayo .. and u call that security ?
    what would have happened if the PLA had stormed the RNA barracks then ? home minister would still instruct the army to keep down their guns.. if i were his bodyguard he would have been history soon..a smoked gun over his dead body…

    but bidhata is just a devout follower of prachanda-path.. he still belives the commies gona go peacefully if the ppl vote for a constitutional monarch..remember the referendum is still to come..
    the commies have not surrendered their weapon because if the poll result goes against their wishes..then what do ya think they goan do with their guns ? start a bloody war again u idiot

    so b4 we give them a chance lets start killing maoists from TODAY only…even if means wiping out half the population of this country.. this country is asking for blood..we should give her gladly..

  21. i would better prefer gyanendra as ceremonial king than having someone like girja or madhav nepal or prachanda as the president of nepal….

    these guys have enough mastiiiii…..

  22. instead of making 50 out of 72 comments in a single blog site get envolved in some productive work

    country will take a good course….

    i am nepali but here i say

    nepal is poor
    neta are greedy and corrupted
    nepali are jobless and stupid

    so we have strike everyday….

    be productive

    do something

    before so called loktantra there were strike for loktantra

    now we have different issue

    king banned strike infront of singha durbar

    so are doing netas

    infact there should be no reason to strike
    as they are our people
    they are the one whom we sent back to power….

    these things are normal in politics so stupid nepal get involved in doing something productive not going on street and buring tires or even the imported vehicles for which we paid price

  23. Bidhaata,

    Pounding is the only language you understand and hope you have got enough of it. You beloved Netas have no future, whether this is republic state or not. Everyone, i am sure, here who supports the king, also supports democracy. None of us are against democracy. But, the SPA it seems does not have a future anymore.

  24. Bidhata,

    “I still stick in this point that SPA is more concerntrating toward making maoist happy instead of people and other government machinaries” You can clearly see the comments before Janaandolan-2 and now in this site, and it is just happening after 100 days…

    try to understand, this country wants peace and democracy but not with further blood. So maoist have to lay down their arms and NA should stay inside the barrack. Nepal should request UN to inspect the election. All should be given equal opportunities to raise their voices in peaceful manner. Then people should be given chance to decide themselves without fear. To normalise their mental disorder, it rquired atleast 18 months to them. During that period no fear and psychological effect should exist to the people. For that, the immediate first work of this government has to control the psychological and physical pressure with all means to make people fearless. If CA exist in hurry and with fear then the result will last long for certain period only because people start to blame after certain period. This will bring more unstable and bloody civil war and which will be neither good to the democracy nor for the general public and even to the maoist. Think twice…bidhata..till now people have not raise their arms against anyone but what happened if they started to raise neither you will exist nor anyone in the country…who will get the benefit of that..only India…

  25. B,

    I don’t blame the Indians. Check this article out:

    Article No. 2116
    The Naxal Quest for Fire Power

    Rajat Kumar Kujur
    Lecturer in Political Science

    On 8 September 2006, the Andhra Pradesh Police recovered 600 unloaded rockets, 275 unassembled rockets, 27 rocket launchers, 70 gelatine sticks and other explosives belonging to the Communist Party of India-Maoist
    (CPI-Maoist) from the Mahabubnagar and Prakasam districts. This largest
    ever arm haul included two tonnes of spares to make 16 rocket launchers, high tensile springs used to propel explosives, fins that could be attached to shells, 500 live .303 rounds, detonators, wire, an electronic weighing
    scale and two digital thermometers. The ammunition was shipped from Chennai in
    May 2006 and reached Vijayawada and Proddatur, where it was re-directed to Achampet and Giddalur.
    Since its inception in 2004, the CPI (Maoist) has been working on a terror strategy and has emerged as the most sophisticated armed group in India. As revealed in naxal literature, the CPI (Maoist) now has around 10,000
    cadres who are adept in guerilla warfare, with another 45,000 over ground cadres.
    Over the years it has built up an arsenal of 20,000 modern weapons, which includes INSAS, AK-series rifles and SLRs, mostly looted from security forces. Use of fabricated rocket launchers has added to their fire power.
    Though the Naxals have not yet gained access to RDX, they have frequently used Gelatine sticks and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).
    In addition, the Naxals have a huge number of country-made weapons which they procure through a chain of underground arms production units. There are over 1,500 illegal arms manufacturing units in Bihar alone, mostly located in the Nalanda, Nawada, Gaya and Munger districts. Recently, Gorakhpur and
    Ghazipur in Uttar Pradesh have emerged as Maoist centres for production and distribution of illegal arms. Naxals also have an undetermined number of arms manufacturing units in the dense forests of Sarnda (Jharkhand), Redhakhol (Orissa) and Dandakaranya (Chhatisgarh). A recent study
    conducted jointly by the Oxfam, Amnesty International and the International Network
    on small arms, estimated that 40 million guns out of the estimated 75 million illegal small arms worldwide are in Central India with the Naxals active in Bihar, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. The report reveals that along with the mafias, the Naxals have become buyers
    of assault weapons like Kalashnikovs and M-16s.
    The People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) of the CPI (Maoist) has developed into an efficient guerrilla force trained on the lines of a professional armed force. The CPI (Maoists) have an elaborate command
    structure; at the apex is their Central Military Commission followed by five
    regional bureaus. Under each regional bureau there is a Zonal Military Commission, which is responsible for executing armed operations. The
    people’s militia is at the bottom of this structure. Naxals are now run at least 80 training camps all over India and each camp has the infrastructure to train 300 cadres at one time. Naxals, particularly in Andhra Pradesh,have been using wireless scanners, which can tap into the frequency of police communications. The big question is: who is providing such high-tech equipment and training to the Naxals? Though government are hesitant to provide information, it is speculated that the ULFA and some retired
    Indian Army officials are involved in training the Naxals. For long, ULFA has been a major source for supplying automatic weapons to Maoist cadres.The recent operations of the Naxalites leave no space for ideological
    commitment. Indiscriminate violence in the name of revolution cannot be countenanced. The Naxals have repeatedly stated that “armed struggle” is non-negotiable. This position does not make sense. “Armed struggle” may be
    the means to the end, but it cannot be an end in itself. The Naxal brand of politics may highlight the evils of the Indian socio-political framework,but it will not able to eradicate these evils. On the other hand, the
    state cannot escape the blame for inflicting more violence and suffering upon its civilian population through counter violence.In recent years, many high level meetings have been held to finalize a strategy to deal with the red terror. A number of decisions were taken in
    these meetings but the ground realities have not improved, rather they have worsened. In most Naxalite affected states there is absolutely no coordination among the police and administration. The frequent Coordination
    Committee Meetings convened by the Union Government may provide a broad understanding of the problem, but greater coordination is needed between the police and civil administration at the ground level for effective implementation of government decisions taken at the highest level.

  26. “Pounding is the only language you understand … Everyone, i am sure, here who supports the king, also supports democracy.” (#75)

    >>>Pounding..that is what kings have been doing to Nepali people for decades. I am not surprised you learnt that.

    And about democracy. You must be talking about Panchayati democracy, haina ta? Mahendra and Birendra tried to brainwash Nepali people repeating like Goebels that Panchayat was democracy. And you are one of those brainwashed folks. For you, there was democracy after Feb 1, 2005 but there wasn’t after the revolution of 1990. I understand that. You were raised to perform three duties: gulami, malami and salami. And I have no problem with you continuing to do that. Lage raho munna bhai!

    “try to understand, this country wants peace and democracy but not with further blood.” (#76)

    >>>I think we are on the same page with only one disagreement: time for preparation of CA election. I think the sooner we held election, the better for the country. We can’t go like this, I mean, the transitional phase, where anti-democratic forces (read royalist remnants) are trying to fish in dirty water. The CA election, it shouldn’t be forgotten, is part of the peace process; it’s not the end of the peace talks.

    To delay the CA election means to delay the peace process which is unacceptable. So after bringing out the interim constitution, forming interim government, the date of CA election should be declared. When Maoists are in the government, I am sure, this problem of extortion and intimidation will be solved and the government will become even stronger. Also, after that it will be easier to identify which force is trying to fish in dirty water and take action against them.

  27. Scoop,

    I agree with you. But then the indian politics is complicated with a lot ministers themselves involved with terrorists and murderers and so on. Play with fire and you get burnt. Nevertheless, yes you are right we can not blame them.


    “And about democracy. You must be talking about Panchayati democracy, haina ta? Mahendra and Birendra tried to brainwash Nepali people repeating like Goebels that Panchayat was democracy. And you are one of those brainwashed folks. For you, there was democracy after Feb 1, 2005 but there wasn’t after the revolution of 1990. I understand that. You were raised to perform three duties: gulami, malami and salami. And I have no problem with you continuing to do that. Lage raho munna bhai!”

    Look there is no point in discussing with you anymore. Any one who does not agree with you point of view becomes a royalist. I think by labeling everyone of us royalists, you are just trying to escape the discussion or debate without having to fight. Well done, so you are right and i am wrong.

    If you think the king is trying to fish in your dirty water then i suggest you have good enough leaders to counter that. There is no point blaming the king for all your inefficiencies. SPA leaders act like children and think that democracy is a lolipop. People can come and snatch it away from them. Grow up. If your leaders can not defend the country against internal conspiracies then we indeed have a very bleak future. You have infact already done your ground work by claiming that the royalists are conspiring against democracy so that, you can again blame the king if something goes wrong. Really, grow up is all i can say and stop making excuses. If the SPA can honestly work in the interest and development of the nation, i can guarantee that our democracy will never be under threat. But then, you will hit back to me once again by claiming that i am a royalist and cr#p. Can you say anything beyond that? So do not even bother replying as your replies carry more threats than logic. And logic can be retaliated against by words but threats, there are useless. Specially online.

  28. Bidhata,

    “And Feb 1 didn’t happen because political parties were incompetent. It happened becasue the monster king was over ambitious and wanted to rule Nepal in autocratic away and hated democracy.”

    i do not believe you actually said that. This shows your ignorance.

    “Democracy has always given us good life style and happiness. Compare those dark days of Panchayat with those 15 years of democracy after 1990”
    so that is what the maoists are saying as well, are they? Well, it looks like an awful lot of people are not happy with the way things went after 1990. Matter of fact, the armed revolution of the maoists did start during your democratic era did it no

    “Even if a war was started, that democratic period is far far better than those dark days of panchayat”

    go say this to the victims of maoist atrocities

    “Keep this in mind, check your facts: the roads, the education sector, the health sector..everywhere Nepal did progress in democratic period. Even the corruption that came into press was nothing compared to that was rampant in the darkness of Panchayat.”

    what education? more than 60 % of the students do not even need to go to classes except for examinations. There simply is no need. They go to streets for agitation and revolutions more than classes. What kind of students do you think we are producing? Quantity does not mean quality, not at all. We are producing useless students. Hospitals, the same. We read about malpractices so often and non of the doctors are ever charged. If our hospitals are so good, why do your beloved leaders go to India for even a general check ups. I have seen so many cases of misdiagnosis that it sounds like a joke to say that we have progressed in the field of medicines. If something serious happens to our relative, we all take them to, at least, india if we can afford it. And who is fighting for the panchayat era here? certainly not me? did i write anywhere that the panchayat era was even remotely good? No. But where did you get the statistics, that the leaders of today are less corrupt than the leaders of those days? And what are you saying, since our present leaders are not as corrupt as those of yesterday, we should shut up and not complain?

  29. i am willing to say lets END anytype of kingrule…but the question everything going to be fine after that??..

    .i think NO….with salivating indi-bhaiyaas, salivating jungle-comrades, salivating various other communist factions, salivating semi-democrats….it will definitely be another somaliya, rwanda…sudan….

    So giriza is right in trying to get all the players of the game together so that a COMPROMISE is made for a free and fair elections which will decide the fate of the country with other major issues.

    Just shouting for “ganatantra” and away with “rajtantra” is NO WAY going to solve any questions…

    Even if we hypothesize that ganatantra will will still benefit the HAVES and the people who are shouting hoarse for ganatantra (mostly HAVE NOTS) will still be shouting in the streets with no achievement,in poverty and in pain.

  30. “If you think the king is trying to fish in your dirty water then i suggest you have good enough leaders to counter that. (#79)”

    >>> What a bad suggestion, I must conclude. You are suggesting me to go find better medicine and but don’t don anything to the disease itself. My suggestion would be remove the main root cause of the disease and you will be cured.

    Lets remove monarchy from this country and we don’t have to blame Gyanendra or any other indra for that matter. When that permanent threat to democracy is removed, we will have properous life in Nepal.

    “the armed revolution of the maoists did start during your democratic era did it no” (# 80)

    >>> You better check your facts. The Maoists that we know of today had launched seperate jana andolan in 1990. They were to starte an armed rebillion regardless of the system. And even in your king’s rule, there were armed revolutions. And Maoists starting war in democratic era has nothing to do with the so called failure of democracy. Yes, king was still powerful after 1990 that he never led democratic governments function properly. He kept obstructing.

    “They go to streets for agitation and revolutions more than classes.” (#80)

    >>> What do you have to say about the education system? The system of Plus Two and the rise in the number of private schools and universities like KU? Yaha ka maharaj chai ke banaye ta? Of course, students go for agitations because they have that right in democracy. That doesn’t mean they don’t study. Yes, there are so many things that need reform and progress but compared to the situation under your kings, what we have now is far better.

    Look, I don’t want to lengthen this conversation but want to repeat: King is no better compared to democracy. Some leaders might not work as per peoples’ expectation in democracy but they will definitely learn and if they don’t learn people will discard them. But in autocracy, people will be oppressed and oppressed only. As long as there is king, we have constant threat to democracy.

  31. Chap above #82,Bidhata, you say:
    “Look, I don’t want to lengthen this conversation but want to repeat: King is no better compared to democracy. Some leaders might not work as per peoples’ expectation in democracy but they will definitely learn and if they don’t learn people will discard them”.

    Yes both are the same, so after the King is removed the best option is a maoist republic.

  32. Bidhata (About #82nd)

    Well you yourself have admitted that the leaders won’t work to the people’s aspiration. How much time do you think we should give them? forever till their death?

    they already had about 15 to 16 years to show something but have shown anything other then corruption, fight for the “KURSI”, Nepal Bandh, Chakka jam, fighting among themselves. Girija acts as if he wants to become PM of Nepal until the sleeps forever in the arya ghat. Other parties shouting to be placed in the parliament.


    Fact, everyone supported SPA for andolan, now they arenot doing anything and every one are preparing to take to street against them.

  33. Going back to my comment #18 where I had compared the poll of Wagle who claimed that 8% (or 1 out of 12) wanted a republic and later scoop who said that around 80% went for a constitutional monarchy. I averaged the two and came up with 56% in favour of the monarch. Today I read the Nepali Times polls where they did a survey and it turns out that it is virtually a dead heat. Half want a republic and the other half a monarchy in some form or the other. Further it is said in the survey that students like the one’s Wagle polled are more favourable towards a republic and the rural areas show more favour towards the monarch. The rest are divided. Is it wise to decide something which seems to divide the nation right down the middle with elections which will obviously be dangerously contested? A referundum has to be held in a free and fair manner with a 2/3 majority (66.67%) deciding one way or the other. Deciding such a dividing issue on votes through CA when most of the parties that count (now even the RPP) are going for a republic agenda and when there is no representation through the party system for so many of our people is just inviting more trouble. How many of us can trust the Congress, UML, Maoists or RPP and Stahbhavana after the experiences with them in the past 16 years? Either time has to be given for new parties to be given a voice which can take too long or a referundum is the way forward.
    It is time for the parties to know that atleast half of the Nepalis still want a monarchy, so tell us which democratic party is representing this half of the population? This is by no means a negligible number, not even close, or do what the people want not matter and only party needs and wants count?

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