Moriarty’s Barrack Journey: Sabotaging Nepal’s Peace Process?

American ambassador is visiting Nepali Army’s sensitive barracks one after another as if he is the defense minister.

By Sudheer Sharma

[Excerpt of an article in Nepali by the former editor of Nepal Magazine in Friday edition of Kantipur daily. Translated by UWB for the benefit of those who somehow know how to give lecture in Nepali but find it very difficult to read properly.]

Just as the Maoist stand of not managing the arms without political settlement makes parliamentarian circle skeptical about them, the rumor of government army importing weapons frightens the rebels. This is because the arms dispute is directly connected with the future of democracy (loktantra) in Nepal’s context. Perhaps the American ambassador James F. Moriarty has understood this well. On the same day (Wednesday) when the whole country was tense because of rumors of government’s arms import, he was in north western border district Darchula. He said- “I fear Nepal might leave the path of democracy.”

No one has seen the immediate possibility of coup at a time when the king has been sidelined. But the ‘prediction’ of His Excellency of the superpower America is definitely not like the street lecture of Laxman Khadka [The street man who claims himself the caretaker of Nepal country, wears apparel painted with different slogans, and hangs banners in New Baneshwor on various occasions]. He probably didn’t speak without understanding anything. Apart from that, he is in a country wide rush and is active more than the leaders of SPA or ministers. There is not separate defense minister in the country but Moriarty is moving around the army’s sensitive barracks like a defense minister and interacting with the field commanders. He is not alone; a special team of Washington is busy roaming in Nepal.

It is known to everyone that American’s have friendship with Nepali generals just like majority of Nepal’s leaders enjoy close relationship with Delhi. This is also a fact that Nepali Army is undergoing a historic transition after Jana Andolan- II. The king’s chain of command has somewhat broken in the army but this institution hasn’t come under the full control of government. Foreign powers have surely understood this reality.

It was in Chairtra 2058 [five years ago] that Girija Prasad Koirala had gone to Delhi directly from Beijing to initiate a solid effort for peace by meeting Prachanda and Baburam Bhattarai. At that time, the then American ambassador Michael E. Malinowski was visiting one barrack after another and provoking for war. He said many times, “There is no difference between Maoists and Al Qaeda.” That is why, he argued, Maoists must be tamed by force.

The United States provided unprecedented military assistance the king’s army with to tame Maoists. And Girija Prasad’s effort for peace through the parliament was sabotaged. The parliament was dissolved via pro-American Sher Bahadur Deuba which opened doors for the king to state the coups of Asoj 18 [Oct. 2002] and Magh 19 [Feb 2005].

Washington had recalled Malinowski well before he expressed those remarks as he had scolded a special envoy of one of their allies. But the extremist American policy wasn’t changed. Moriarty, the new avatar of Malinowski, came. Whatever the idealistic talks he gives, every steps of Moriarty aimed at disrupting peace process and democracy. Immediately after the February royal coup, he put leaders in suspicion by saying that the king should be given a period of one hundred days. And he ran to Delhi to not to let happen the 12 point agreement at a time when Girija Prasad, along with Maoists, was trying to wage a decisive movement against royal regime.

Moriarty was trying hard to break the SPA-Maoists alliance even before the April revolution. Had leaders followed his moral lectures, the country would have been under dictatorial regime till now. When the parliament was restored, Moriarty again started saying that Maoists shouldn’t be included in the government until they surrender the weapons. That was the continuity of his campaign against the 12 point agreement.

Girija Prasad had repeated a crucial point in his interviews given to Kantipur twice (Chaitra 20 and Baishak 2) when the peoples’ movement [April Revolution] was ongoing: “I have told Americans, ‘don’t make Nepal part of your ‘global strategy’, let Nepal be open, independent, and prosperous’.” Koirala had said that when America was warning that the State of Nepal was collapsing. Now Moriarty is pointing out the danger of democracy being ended in Nepal. Is the same ‘global strategy’ that Koirala understood reemerging?

It is known to the world that America’s world strategy in our land directed toward the rising power of China. These kind of ‘dirty games’ that often repeat in international politics are easy in states that are chaotic and declared failed than in peaceful ones. Is it so that Nepal’s peace process has become obstructive for such games? Probably the Nepali Congress and CPN UML activists got the hint of this. And, as Moriarty came out of helicopter in Nepali Army’s Samsher Barrack, they handed him a memorandum: “Nepalis must decide the fate of Nepali politics, you don’t interfere.”

Is Prime Minister remembering that ‘global strategy’?

Sharma, former editor of Nepal Magazine, is one of the most trusted names in Nepali journalism.

Moriarty Musing:

‘Maoists could jeopardize peace’

By J Pandey

NEPALGUNJ, Sept 15 – US ambassador to Nepal James F Moriarty Thursday said that Maoist activities could jeopardize the peace process in Nepal. “I have seen rapid political changes in the country which is heading towards loktantra,” he said, talking to journalists upon his arrival in Nepalgunj during his three-day visit to mid- and far-western regions. “But the frequent remarks of the Maoist chairman Prachanda violate the spirit of the ongoing peace process.”

“Their (Maoists’) mistrust towards the UN, and their denial to keep their ‘army’ inside cantonments contradict with the peace process. Also, they are continuing extortion,” he said. He also reiterated the American stance of not accepting the Maoists as a political force until they lay down their arms.

While clarifying the purpose of his visit to the mid- and far-western regions, the envoy said, “Nepal outside Kathmandu is different and I came here to understand it.” During his visit, the US ambassador held discussions with political party leaders, businessmen, industrialists, lawyers and human rights activists.

“During the discussions, I have been reiterating the single point; everyone should have the democratic perspective,” he said. “I have advised all political parties to be united for democracy.” Moriarty also expressed his hope to meet Prachanda. “I hope we will meet after the Maoists come to mainstream politics after laying down their arms.” (source)






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  1. raj Avatar

    Policy of US Embassador is to look after the interest of his country,not of Nepal. If leaders of this country behave properly and work for betterment of their people, Moriarty is no problem but if SPA gevernment draws back and tries to protect a defied fuedal system and Maoists act as crackhead goons with guns in hand, Moriarty will be success in his mission to thwart the Maoists and install King or generals to power whom they can deal better than to democratic forces. After all whatever Maoists say, people will hardly accept Maoists without SPA in place of monarchy.

  2. scoop Avatar

    I am also of the inclination that there is too much foreign interference in Nepal. But all parties are guilty. The parties run to India and seem to be influenced by the Americans as well, but the maoists also run to India and are definitely influenced by RIM and Indian communist parties. I guess one can say it’s a tit for tat. If Yechuri can be invited into parliament at the behest of the maoists I guess Moriarty can visit barracks. I’m sure the due permissions were taken and granted in both cases. This is a nation where so called communist leaders like Madhav Nepal touch the feet (an Indian gesture) of MP’s when visiting India. A very un-Nepali gesture and definitely not a communist one.
    There is far too much foreign interference in Nepal.

  3. scoop Avatar


    I don’t agree with all the authors negative views of Maoriarty. I think Maoriarty was correct in trying to discourage the signing of the vague 12 point agreement – we are facing the repurcussions of that today. I’m not so much against agreements between the SPA and maoists, but the 12 point agreemnent should have been crystal clear in it’s intent and direction, it has left too much room for maneuvering especially as far as the arms issue is concerned. I’m afraid even by taking human errors into consideration, the most accurate amongs all our foreign friends including the Indians has been the Americans. The Indians have been disastrous. I believe the Americans followed an India policy to Nepal during the royal regime with the 12 point agreement being done in a hurry under the watch of the Indians. Disastrous indeed.

  4. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    How can you expect no external interference
    when you dance naked. Its Maoists and visionless leaders who is inviting them.

  5. Kirat Avatar

    I know it’s sort of illogical but I’d rather the US counterbalanced the Maoists then the doubled headed Janus that is India.

  6. kanchha sp chhantyal Avatar
    kanchha sp chhantyal

    Nepal’s embassador has never interfered with Washington’s internal affairs; we expect the same from American embassador, Mr. Moriarty. Each country has its own unique view about democracy. Mr. Moriartry, you are welcome to give suggestions, if the concerned parties so desire, but please refraim from preaching your democracy to us, for the types of democracies you have brought in Iraq and Afhganistan are worst than the democracy of Cuba.

  7. gpk Avatar

    This whole foreign “interference” thing is very delicate. However it only gets complicated if our parties and leaders fall for the bait. Let’s face it we are a poor nation, either we have to start helping ourselves and take the hard way out of poverty, or keep accepting donations which I’m sure have conditions. These nations have put a lot of their taxpayers money into our nation. Whether we should have accepted it or not is another story. The facts are we have, it would have done us good if it were wisely spent, but the facts are we have’nt spent aid wisely as well. While Mahat salivates at the mouth with a grin at the thought and act of more aid I cringe to think of the realities of aid politics and the corruption on our part that goes with it.
    But the facts are clear in front of us, we ask for aid and we get it, naive is the one who thinks that nations give money with a hands off modality. If a prostitute gets paid, be assured the prostitute gets “f@@@@d” more times than not.

  8. gpk Avatar


    I get your point. It is very true Kanchha, but I must also add it is comic relief as well. Blessed be the day that the American President recognise our Ambassador in a crowd. Humans especially powerful ones have a simple rule to the human existense “Everyone is born equal, but some are born more equal than others”.

    I would rather it be “I’m not better than anyone, but nobody is better than me either”.

  9. B Avatar

    Well, the SPA legitimized all sorts of interference when they were fighting against the last regime. What can you expect when the SPA themselves have told all the ambassadors, “you know, you can think of this as your own country.” We do not interfere with politics in America is simply because we can not. They interfere with our politics because they can. What is the big fuss anyway? has it not always been thsi way?

  10. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    About foreign interference, Ganesh Man went to the residence of First secreatary of Indian Embassy for dinner. If a Second Secretary of American Embassy asks the appointment with Foreign Secretary, he will easily get it and the foreign secretary asks the senior Under Secretary of the Ministry (Minister counsellor abroad) as note taker when both of them talk.That is how you humiliate your own people in front of the foreigners.
    So these activities of the Ambssadors should be controlled by the Foreign Ministry.In India, even the former PM can not meet with foreign ambssador or visiting foreign dignitaries without the consent of the Foreign Ministry.

    In Nepal, Foreign Ambassdors go to the houses of the politicians and eat Chhoyela, Kachila and Washa and discuss politics of palace,other parties and other vital issues. Nobody has any restrictions. I remember once a Second Secretary of the American Embassy gave a very good lecture about democracy and how to run Nepal in Jhapa.

    The other thing is that when we Nepalese could not efficiently manage our state affairs, it is natural that foreigners teach you some lessons.They enjoy it.Only complaining will not do. We must be competent enough to arrange house in order and then you can say something.In contrast, our Ambassadors in foreign country are only interested to exploit the resources of the Embassy for the personal pleasures of himself and his family.They are not intereted in promting the interest of Nepal.

  11. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Actually I don’t mind Moriarity going to the army barracks. What seems like a very delicate peace process that might derail, it is important the army is ready with high morale and well equipped.

  12. Patriot Avatar

    It is hard for powerful countries to resist fishing in troubled waters because the stakes are high. The policies they thrust are meant to serve their own interests and in the process if some good things come out of it for us, we can only accept it. Because we are weak and vulnerable.

    In such a situation, how do we hold on to our own? How do we harness the harsh winds that blow from all directions that threatens to uproot us all?

    “Jujutsu” is a form of japanese martial art meaning “gentle art”. This type of combat uses much of its opponents force to neutralize them. In that way, a smaller person may stand a chance of overcoming a larger person by means of stratagem and effective technique. A bamboo tree has a flexible trunk which bends in high winds to avoid being up rooted. This analogy is a succinct way of describing how good jujutsu exponent conceptualizes the art of harnessing free energy to stand its own.

    We need strong, visionary and united leadership to see through the turmoil facing our country. The high decible energy in the air needs to be harnessed, not let ourselves be blown like wrappers.

  13. yahoo Avatar

    When it comes to political commentary, i concede, i am hopeless. But it doesn’t mean that my faculty of intelligence is nill.

    Your comment at the begining of the article:

    “[Excerpt of an article in Nepali by the former editor of Nepal Magazine in Friday edition of Kantipur daily. Translated by UWB for the benefit of those who somehow know how to give lecture in Nepali but find it very difficult to read properly.]”

    IS VERY CONDESCENDING AS WELL AS PATRONIZING, it doesn’t mean, we come around your ‘BLOG’; we have to bear your conceit.

    Moreover you have not done a great job of translation itself. Nepali version makes a better sense.

    Anyway, thank you for translation; for the benifit of greater good.

  14. Mero desh Avatar
    Mero desh

    I would rather like the Americans inteferring with Nepal rather then india as india never wants prosperity in Nepal.

    The arms management is the core problem which hold the key for the peace process. You cannot have a fair talk in a round table where one party (maoist) is with gun and another without. Both the government and the maoist must come to a position where they equal in all respect as political parties and can negitiate for peace. Surely maoist would gain upper hand if they still have the fire power.

    Well if india can facilitate the agreement between maoist and SPA (even if india regards maoist as terrorist)in its own capital and our leaders follow the same path, then American intervention is inevitable.
    If our leaders were commited to peace then they should have talked with maoist in TUDIKHEL infront of all Nepali so that we would have assurance of peace. Instead they choose delhi to negotiate. That is because they wanted something to bargain against the king and now they are facing the consequences of that rushed out negotiation.

  15. yahoo Avatar

    Me again!!

    “Sharma, former editor of Nepal Magazine, is one of the most trusted names in Nepali journalism.”

    moreover, you don’t have to endorse the columnist’s credibility. LET US BE A JUDGE OF THAT.

    What a fine example of Yellow Journalism.

  16. yahoo Avatar

    My comments are directed towards the honchos of

  17. Mero desh Avatar
    Mero desh

    American intervention is far more helpful to Nepal then indian intervention. indians, first, have feeling of not allowing Nepal to prospere then they think of giving assistance in such a wayt that Nepal loses in time and they always have upper hand.

    The problem lies in the leaders of Nepal not being able to stand in their own feet, provide effective management and get support from entire Nepali population. When the leaders raise themselves from their personal interest and utilize foreign intervention in country’s benefit we will always lag behind and play into hand of indians or other countries. Thats the bottom line.

  18. yahoo Avatar

    Peace!!! UWB

    My bad, I forget, this is your blog.

  19. Laxmi Avatar

    Records of the US fishing in dirty waters are endless, the result are well known. As my mother used to say: You might be right, but just shut up- and that is the only answer to this ambassador. So far he behaved not as a diplomat but rather as cowboy, but what can we expect from a country with such a president

  20. UWB Tuppi Avatar

    I am the Tuppi of UWB that is to say fan of the site. Yesterday I was listening to a FM station where the lecture of Moriarty was played. He was speaking in Nepali, telling us in our language what to do and what not to do. I was damn angry and was coming here to comment. Was kind of shocked to see this article and waw, I instantly though, Moriarty should read this article. Moriarty who invited Wagle of UWB (Tuppo, not Tuppi, of this site I guess) America must be visiting this site. And I am quite outraged by what Yahoo says in her (I wish she is she!) comments above. I am not sure if Moriarty can read Nepali. I guess he can’t but I heard he speaks Nepali. So, I think that line is directed to Moriarty himself, not to any Yahoo or Google or MSN for that matter. Yahoo, don’t get frustrated, you will beat Google one day. And they have just released new beta version of Yahoo Mail which is just like as great as Gmail!

  21. ba Avatar

    The intro to the badly translated article is way too condescending mr wagle jeu. Are you trying to say anyone who can’t speak shuda Khas nepali like you are not nepali enough?. And frankly i as a reader will never expect you to be critical of US Embassy interference in Internal matter of Nepal considering that fact that you are on their payroll and that it is well known fact that you went of all expenses paid trip to US.

    Well atleast i have to admire your honesty and loyalty to your master. You are [icd] and mediocre wannabe writer and journalist and you act like one, no pretension. keep it up.

  22. UWB Avatar

    Hi Yahoo,

    Thanks for your views. We didn’t intend to make you feel bad and we definitely didn’t want to patronize anyone. There are many people who surf sites like this, can speak Nepali but can’t read the text written in Nepali language. The article above by Sudheer Sharma was translated especially for those and we said so clearly. For learned people like you who can understand both languages, sir, we also provided link to the original article. Our English might not be as good as yours (and we regret for that) but we certainly think that we tried our best to translate the article accurately.

    For your disagreement over our introduction of the article writer, we defend your right to disagree. We don’t think that introducing a writer at the end of an article is considered yellow journalism. There are many people who might not know who Sudheer Sharma is and we thought it was very much appropriate to tell readers about him. And he is indeed one of the most trusted names in Nepali journalism and we are proud of him.

    To, UWB Tuppi,

    He, he.. It seems we were writing at the same time and you just happened to post your thought a minute or so earlier. We don’t say it was specifically targeted to ambassador Moriarty, but we definitely believe that this will be helpful for all who don’t understand Nepali.

    To ba,

    Thanks for your words as well. We hope US Embassy in Kathmandu thinks the same way as you are thinking! But we certainly suspect you are not a Nepali. Overwhelming majority of Nepali is poor but they definitely aren’t that mean to use such a bad language in email address and in comment box!

  23. yahoo Avatar

    To UWB

    Thank you, for unsolicited adulation: calling me a ‘learned man’ and self proclamation of your lack of command of English language, which was totally uncalled for.

    Personally, I do not care for your linguistic/semantic prowess, as long as you deliver the message that is fine. And we enjoy, debating/commenting/analyzing and sometime ranting over them, which we are grateful for, at least I am, for UWB having provided a forum where Nepali youths can have theirs views shared.

    But, my discontent is with the way you have said it:

    “[Excerpt of an article in Nepali by the former editor of Nepal Magazine in Friday edition of Kantipur daily. Translated by UWB for the benefit of those who somehow know how to give lecture in Nepali but find it very difficult to read properly.]”

    Well, your intention might have been entirely benign while writing the above statement, but it does gives a whiff of condescending connotation towards the youths, whose command of Nepali is not impressive. There is no doubt, everyone appreciates the gesture and hard work of translation you have done, but in the process you don’t have to highlight their/ours inability to read/write Nepali.

    I share the same sentiment with you, the inability of our Youth to read/write Nepali well, and perceiving that inadequacy as hip. But what do you expect, throwing a patronizing one liner in your Blog stating that Nepali youth are pathetic at Nepali language; you expect them to go back and start reading ‘Mahendra Mala’.

    I have no problem; you stating that Mr. Sharma is a trusted name in Nepali journalism. You are free to opine, but problem is with your reckless use of superlative ‘THE MOST trusted name’, how do you know, there are no one as trust worthy as him or more so?

  24. yahoo Avatar

    To UWB Tuppi,

    hehe….just by you wishing, i can’t change my gender, i am very comfortable with my [icd] and intend to keep them for long long time.

    you getting outrageous reading my comment, what can i say, i am an affable man!!!

  25. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Everybody has [icd] except women. I have big like that of an old bull. I must keep them as they are the signs of Machoismo. gracias senor wagle.

  26. Monica Donovan Avatar

    It would appear from Sharma’s article that the American ambassador to Nepal adheres strongly the current U.S. administration’s current foreign policy: An absolute refusal to deal with anyone they consider a terrorist (except by force or threats) and a refusal to provide alternative avenues for moderates even when doing so might put moderates under pressure to make bad decisions.

    This policy, coupled with forced democratic government, has caused upheaval in the Middle East and has undone years and years of slow but sure accomplishment by a previous foreign policy established decades ago.

    While I am not a Nepali citizen and probably do not have as much knowledge of this subject as some other commentators on this blog, I can only hope that Mr. Moriarty is being sensitive to what is best for the fledgling Nepali government and the future of the Nepali people.

  27. bridohi Avatar

    When our own house in not in order, then neighbours, friends or relatives will try to keep it in order due to their own self-interests. If there were real leaders in Nepal who had vision & statemanship, then, we would not require foreign interference, eg, now Madhav Nepal of UML is talking about quitting the coalition government is this critical juncture. Where is the national interests that should rise above petty politics?

    The US sees Nepal from its global war on terror perspective. It does not want Nepal to be a failed state like Afghanistan. Otherwise, there is no reason for the American ambassodor to take an interest in Nepal. Nepal is primarily India’s hegemony.

    Our leaders in SPA have no guts to call spade a spade so the US Amabassodor is playing the tough cop. Yes, it is intereference, but, for a poor country with no resources that is dependent upon foreign aid, we invite foreign intervention. It is a bitter pill.

    Either we learn to be self sufficient or we have to listen to our donors. This is the price we have to pay unfortunately.

  28. Bikki Avatar

    One of the issues many commentators raise herre is about Wagle’s US trip. Guys, did he commit such a serious crime visiting USA in most probably an IVP or something program. Do you think every person who visits US in this program or other is in the payroll of the US ambessy? Then what do you say about Krishna Pahari or Gagan Thapa likes. Are they also in the payroll of the US embassy? Although I don’t know Wagle personally, but I really appreciate his effort where at least people like me who are thousands of miles away try to get something out of the comments of scores of people in certain issues. It is much better place to figure out about the issue than the so called established media houses with their preconceived notions. Hats off to you Wagle, keep it up!!!!

  29. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    India is playing a dual and dubious role.For example they declared Maoists as terrorists and they were mastermind behind the New Delhi 12 point agreement But America is straight which said that they do not accept Maoists in the govt. without laying down the arms. They are correct and Nepal is saved because of this stand by British and American. Girija is too weak. If he wanted ceremonial King, then why he allowed so many resolution to be passed in the parliament against the King ?

  30. Susant Sharma Avatar

    Simmering Nepal

    Maoists are itching to grab power

    The much publicised ceasefire declared by Comrade Prachanda and his thugs in Nepal, which has been used by Comrade Sitaram Yechury and his unabashed admirers in the UPA Government to claim the mainstreaming of Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), is fast turning out to be nothing more than a farce. With an indulgent media turning a blind eye, the Maoists continue with their depredations, terrorising people and blackmailing the tottering Government of Prime Minister GP Koirala, apart from threatening Indian professionals and entrepreneurs with dire consequences unless they pack up and leave. It is obvious that much of what has been promised on behalf of Comrade Prachanda by those negotiating a deal with Mr Koirala’s Government is no more than an elaborate charade to paint the Maoists in shining colours and mislead world opinion. The truth, however, is quite to the contrary: Comrade Prachanda continues to nurse his dream of occupying Narayanhity Palace and ruling Nepal as a Communist dictator, drawing inspiration from Cambodia’s Pol Pot regime. The man who has brought Nepal to the brink of economic ruination and unleashed political turmoil by waging a decade-long armed insurrection against the Monarchy and Parliament, is loath to tamely accept the compulsions of multi-party democracy and test his popularity by contesting a free-and-fair election. We may yet see a UN team supervising the ‘disarming’ of Maoists, but whether the killers will actually surrender their arsenal is quite another matter.

    Mr Koirala, a seasoned politician who understands the popular mood of his country better than Comrade Prachanda and whose Nepali Congress still commands greater support among the masses than the Maoists, cannot but be aware of the pitfalls along the road to republicanism. Hence his reluctance to abolish the Monarchy and appeal to Comrade Prachanda’s self-proclaimed minders in India to rein in the Maoists. He also realises that for all its promises, the 12-point understanding and 8-point agreement, the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) cannot be trusted to keep its word. Already, there are indications that the Maoists are itching to scuttle the plans for setting up a Constituent Assembly, drafting a new Constitution which will make the Monarchy a ceremonial office with new rules of succession, and eventual multi-party elections. These are niceties that Comrade Prachanda has little time and lesser patience for: He wants power, and wants it now. And, in his scheme of things, the King must either abdicate and go into exile or face execution. Mr Koirala naturally abhors such extremism, but is both physically and politically too enfeebled to fob off Nepal’s true enemy. In this situation, India has a major role to play. We cannot let down Nepal once again.

  31. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    In NC what other leaders are doing ? They can suggest Girija on how to rule the country rather only becoming Ministers and holding the party post. Mr. Sharma, I do not think that India does not have a role but it should not involve itself “directly” on our political affairs.

    Leaders like RC Poudel, Mahat, Mahesh,Sushil,Arjun Narshing should suggest the Koirala clan on how to move forward in this critical juncture. One thing we have to admit, that is, Koirala never gave others a chance to become the leaders on their own.

  32. Susant Sharma Avatar
    Susant Sharma

    Maoist terrorist is near to capture Palace and ready to remove to GP Koirala. This is the one we have been awaiting for.Now Nepal is simialr to Afgansthan in the hand of Maoist terrorist (Taliban/al Queda).


    Govt’s hold further shrinking: Kahane


    KATHMANDU, Sept 16 –
    The presence of the state is further “shrinking” due to increased Maoist influence in the countryside. United Nations Resident Representative and Humanitarian Coordinator in Nepal, Matthew Kahane stated this in an interview with the Kathmandu Post here on Friday.

    Kahane said the rebels were also becoming more organized, blocking government activities in the countryside.

    “Presence of the state is very limited,” he said. “It (government) was ineffective before (during the armed struggle), but it’s shrinking now (after the ceasefire took effect in April),” he added.

    Kahane also quoted some Maoist leaders as saying that though the rebels would allow development activities of “the United Nations and other bilateral donors, but no government activities”.

    Attributing increasing influence of Maoists, Kahane added, “What we see is the absence of effective presence of government institutions in the countryside.”

    Kahane said though the government had been asking VDC secretaries, who represent the state in villages and who were actually driven from their place of work by the rebels, to return, they (secretaries) had cited “lack of security” for not heeding the government instructions.

    This had badly affected government-run development and other activities in the countryside, he added.

    Kahane said, “The fact is that it is Maoist cadres who very often determine what happens or what doesn’t happen in the countryside.”

    “It’s a confused situation, and in a confused situation, it’s the most organized – it’s the best organized- group that usually comes out ahead,” Kahane added, apparently referring to “increasing influence” of the Maoists.

    Referring to the rebels blocking the spending of grant from the government of Rs 1 million to each VDCs, Kahane said, “That’s how most people in Nepal actually live. And, it is going to be difficult to reverse that.”

    Kahane said his views were “based purely on what we are seeing at the operations level where I am concerned about development works”.

    Kathmandu Post

  33. Laxmi Avatar

    Kahane must be from US and Susant a royalist

  34. daku bhaiya Avatar
    daku bhaiya

    c’mon guys…..stop blowing ur horns…..just be practical…no one is here to outdo the other in “gaikhaney language” or turn into highbrows…

    .just keep ur cool and spill ur beans……whether moriety goes to the zoo or a barrack……

  35. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Kahane should not be American to see that. He is expressing the reality in Nepal. As for Sharma, he is an Indian Agent.

  36. daku bhaiya Avatar
    daku bhaiya

    by the way who is kahane and wat is the kahanee???

    you guys write so long love letters…who has the time to go thru it all????
    just summarize it in 2-3 lines….

  37. ba Avatar

    hahaha i am as much Nepali as you are Mr.wagle, just because i don’t have Wagle, Sharma, or Koirala as a last name doesn’t mean i am not a Nepali. Just b’cuz i don’t fall in line and question the status quo and bahun raj doesn’t make me less of Nepali than you or certain mr.sharma or mr.koirala.

    What’s wrong with you Mr.Wagle? the moment someone doesn’t agree with you, you start suspecting his/her Nepali-Pan. You better keep your fascist/bahunbad trait in check mr.wagle and take a chill pill and deal with criticism which are based on fact.

  38. dastak Avatar

    Point to be noted:

    MPs flay Moriarty for his political statements, ask govt to send him back

    Kantipur Report

    KATHMANDU, Sept 17 – Members of Parliament (MPs) on Sunday demanded the government should issue an order to the American Ambassador to Nepal James F Moriarty to leave the country.

    The MPs alleging the envoy of acting against the spirit of an envoy, demanded so and said that as an envoy Moriarty should not be allowed to visit army barracks and make political statements as per his wish.

    Lila Mani Pokhrel of Jana Morcha Nepal speaking in the parliamentary meeting today said that ambassador Moriarty has been acting more like a political leader than an envoy; hence he demanded that the government should ask him to leave the country.

    Pokhrel also raised a question: “Is a Nepali ambassador to the United States allowed to go on an inspection visit of the army barracks there and make political statements?”

    Pokhrel said, “Though it is natural for Moriarty to show his concern over Nepal’s fledgling peace process, as an envoy he should not be creating pressure in Nepali politics which is against the diplomatic norms.”

    Similarly, Narayan Man Bijukche commented the recent political statements by Moriarty have raised a question against the sovereignty of Nepal. Bijukche also flayed all the political parties for not being able to object Moriarty for his statements.

    The US envoy recently had been to some districts of Western and Far Western region and also visited some of the army barracks in those regions.

    Moriarty has been heavily criticised in the recent days for his candid statements on the issue of Maoists’ arms management. This is for the first time that the MPs have raised “Moriarty issue” in the Parliament so strongly, though once in a while some leaders have made their statements public objecting Moriarty’s views.

    Meanwhile, MP Bijukche in today’s sitting of the House also pointed out that there has not been any improvement in deteriorating security situation in the country and requested Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula to step down if he failed to establish law and order properly.

    MP Homnath Dahal alleging the Home Ministry of being “incapable” and a complete failure criticised the home minister.

  39. scoop Avatar

    When the army needs reassurance from the government that they are in the same side and vise versa, I’m afraid the MPs’ like Lila Mani and Bijukche are just adding more suspicion. Why don’t they visit the barracks instead to show support for the army and give them confidence that the govt. are in the same team, instead of letting the US Ambassador doing the job for them? Or is Lila Mani and Bijuckche busy cosying up to the maoists and their PLA instead? It is time these buggers start respecting their positions as representatives of the people instead of playing the devil’s advocate while pretending to be in government, otherwise they might as well come out of the closet and join their buddies the maoists instead.

  40. fanta Avatar

    If US ambassodor says “just lay down the arms and join the interim government for the peace and democracy”

    common guys… whats wrong with it? He is not telling to raise the arms against anyone..

  41. scoop Avatar

    I did’nt see any protests from these commie MP’s when Yechuri was sitting in the same parliament as them during the historic reinstatement of parliament. I’m afraid these
    b!@#$%^s don’t have the moral or any other right to demand anything leave alone telling the US Ambassador to leave. They cannot have their cake and eat it too. However, there is a vast difference between the US Ambassador to Nepal and a commie MP from India. The US Ambassador represents his country specifically for our country Nepal, while the commie MP Yechuri represents just his government and his party and has nothing to do with our country. Besides the US Ambassador has said what many feel (re: the ongoing extortion and threats of the maoists and arms management being the only sensible conclusion to our situation), where was the hue and cry when Yechuri “a friend of Nepal” (my @ss) was live in Indian TV advocating that no special concession should be given to Nepali products as it would effect the sale of their local produce – this after his presence as special guest in our parliament!!!!!! It is time our so called MP’s did the talking for the people against atrocities still being committed instead of foreigners doing their job for them.

  42. SavingNepal Avatar

    Moriarity seems to be completely out of line with what his country stands for and principles his people generally stands for.

    This is a guy who is simply appointed by whoever is in Power in his country, then comes to Nepal with truly believing that Nepalis are probably less human than his poodle back home in the US.

    Nepal is a small country and it is true that most Nepalis would kill for a simple B1/B2 tourist visa. In such circumstances, it is obvious that this man bears a lot of influence and clout.

    Moriarty and the US embassy’s misdeeds in Nepal hardly goes unnoticed. I am of Nepali-origin living in the US for over 10 years and I have been fortunate enough to be able to live in a free country. My appreciation for the US as a whole and its people runs so deep that I went and offered my services at a US army recruitement center just after September 11th.

    On one hand Moriarty could be thought of as a guy just doing his job, but also his reports and suggestions from the ground probably shape a lot of his current and future policies.

    OK enough of my rambling without making my point still, but what I am trying to say to Moriarty is that You can not assume that Nepalis who have been migrating to US and taking permanent residence and even citizenship in the US get assimilated into HIS society will just sit quiet while he goes around Nepal with his pale white skin thinking he is a Hollywood Hero saving the world from evil.

    Every day I hear how much trouble genuine Nepali people be it students or businessmen being harrassed by the US embassy officials for no reason. Recently my friend who is doing his masters here in the US got married but his wife was denied a dependent visa.

    It almost feels as if it is an AMERICAN value to feel pleasure in seeing poor Nepalis suffer. I very well understand that it is a necessary policy for a country like US to make sure everyone who wants to go to US from Nepal be scrutinized for “intent to migrate” and deny people with alterior motives. But common sense is common sense and when all the evidence still points no intent to migrate, act accordingly !!

    Finally, I have to admit that when I visited the US embassy to “register” with the embassy as a US citizen visiting Nepal, because of my brown Nepali skin, I had to be “escorted” around my own embassy while other WHITE americans were being treated in a completely different way.

    Mr Moriarty, You might think we Nepalis are simply oblivious to your disrespectful and discriminatory ways, but please do not forget that even Nepalis in the US have US citizenships and the power of the Ballot.. if you think you can be Ambassafor for Nepal for ever, you only need to wait till the next election when your BOSS will be voted out by people like me.

    In my books, you’re already fired.

    Long Live Lady Liberty.

  43. scoop Avatar

    Saving Nepal,

    Instead of rambling on about your great service to the US, and without any clue as to the ground realities here today, why don’t you get your immigrant a$$ back here and see for yourself or better still come back and do something productive for “your” country.

  44. B Avatar

    Great one Scoop,

    I think he has his own grudges against the americans. His sentences include ” because of my brown Nepali skin” or “with his pale white skin” suggests that he has been descriminated against and has deep anger against the american government. His statements like “My appreciation for the US as a whole and its people runs so deep that I went and offered my services at a US army recruitement center just after September 11th” has been porpusefully used to imply that he is not racist. when he says “My appreciation for the US as a whole…” suggests that there are just too many things he does not like about america. I think he is using too much of his emotions here

  45. B Avatar

    And why would he offer his services to the US army recruitement center? Who does that?

  46. SavingNepal Avatar

    I am not advocating Racism nor have I been directly discriminated and if anyone with non-white skin who has lived in America thinks America is color-blind then he/she is obviously wrong or hasn’t really lived the real american life. One example, it was year 2000 when America had its first BLACK secretary of state…

    As an American citizen of Nepali origin, I don’t think you would dance around happily when you see yourself being escorted around your own embassy while your fellow citizen with white skin treated differently.

    I don’t think anyone got my point because I forgot to mention it was NEPALI staff at American embassy that seemed to me like they worship white people and don’t realize that an american citizen doesn’t always mean white people. California already has non-white majority.

    The point I wanted to emphasize is of EQUALITY. It has been said in posts above that no Nepali Ambassador to the US would be allowed to hop around US Army barracks here, so then why should Nepal allow US ambassador to hop around barracks while Peace process is taking effect?

    And it is general knowledge in Nepal that many army generals have personal contacts with the embassy officials which OFTEN culminates into favors like visas to their relatives, friends, business partners etc. Look, the embassy officials don’t even realize that the generals and others they favor secretly turn it into businesses by making tons of money sending people to US based on these contacts while genuine people often get declined.

    Try to read what I am trying to say instead of WHY I am trying to say it.

    and to the fool who doesn’t realize why I went to offer my services at US recruitment center on September 12th 2001? Because America was attacked and I knew people who perished. I felt threatened by Islamic terrorist and I felt my duty to protect the land where I live and call home, even if i wasn’t born here.

    I guess I could proudly say I have looked beyond many greedy Nepalis who simply want to come to the US for their own personal gains and never want to really GIVE back to the country that offers so much.

    It is preceisely this self-centered and selfish character of many Nepalis that have led to the current status of Nepal.

  47. scoop Avatar

    Saving Nepal,

    Save it. Get out of this blog, we don’t have time for your blubber. We have more important issues to tackle at our “ground zero” (a term you would understand). We have no time for your “I am morally supoerior to you guys” attitude. Go write a book and become one of those NRN authors.

  48. Bideshi Avatar

    “no Nepali Ambassador to the US would be allowed to hop around US Army barracks here”

    If Nepal was a major donor nation to an impoverished U.S. they would get a base tour if asked for one.

  49. tt Avatar

    The U.S. provides much needed training to our army on professionalism, human rights etc.. Therefore, I don’t think it is unusual that the Ambassador is allowed to visit barracks as the rep. from the nation providing it’s services. The U.S. provides many countries this service at the request of the host nations. If Nepal does not want U.S. help, then the government should say so. These parliamentarans know this well and are just trying to politcise an issue that the maoists politicise as well. MP’s like Lila Mani are known maoist campers. After all the maoists are breakaway factions of his party, now that they are seen as more powerful it is’nt surprising that these opportunists jump ship. I also hear many of M.K. Nepal’s cadres are also jumping ship. There were many of these so called communists who jumped ship during the royal rule as well. They only go where the power and money is. I think more than the U.S. Ambassaador who has said nothing wrong – (I mean what is so incorrect in sayinmg the maoists have to stop their extortion and other such activities?) – these MP’s should be doing the job and fighting to end these atrocities.

  50. scoop Avatar

    One more for the morons:

    Wednesday, September 20, 2006

    Calling a “Spade,” a “Spade” – “The Antics of Maoist Collaborators in Nepal’s Parliament”

    A short piece on published on September 18 was titled “Lawmakers criticize Moriarty’s statement; demand his expulsion,” Another blurb from read “MPs flay Moriarty for his political statements, ask govt. to send him back.”

    How many “Lawmakers” and “MPs” from the entire House of Representatives are we talking about? An overwhelming minority of two!! – Mr. Lilamani Pokhrel and Mr. Narayan Man Bijukche.

    Let’s try and piece this puzzle together. When one of India’s top communist leaders (Sitaram Yechuri) arrived to inaugurate the first session of Nepal’s re-established parliament, this was deemed a good thing and all our politicians were ecstatic. When an official Chinese delegation arrived in Nepal and spent more time with “terrorists-turned peace-loving Maoists” (than with the ruling SPA government) this was no big deal.

    But when an appointed emissary from a third country traveled to the most remote and desolate parts of Nepal, in an attempt to ensure that funding his country generously provided the Nepali people, was being put to good use, the media cries bloody murder!!

    Why? Apparently because Ambassador Moriarty happened to drop in at an Army barrack or two, (probably the only infrastructures within 100 mile radii of where he was), to greet Army personnel and express gratitude for providing the security that enables America’s generosity to reach its intended target; without being siphoned off by Maoist parasites.

    Instead of highlighting the funds that Moriarty secured to help Nepal’s flood victims or the funding he has lobbied for, to help spread democracy in the country, reports from Nepali media remained fixated on the army barrack(s) that the Ambassador visited.

    Judging by the nature of the mainstream media reports, it was as if Moriarty’s sole purpose was to visit Army installations in the remotest parts of Nepal which makes absolutely no sense because if the military was what Moriarty was interested in, the Army HQ is a 10 minute drive from his residence. Why travel to the corners of Nepal to visit army personnel when the majority of armed Maoist combatants are in and around Kathmandu?

    Instead of the asinine questions the media asked in support of ludicrous conspiracy theories, here are some relevant questions (the answers to which can be authenticated by hard numbers and facts):
    How many so-called student leaders has America hosted over the past five years?

    How many Nepali students have had the opportunity to obtain world-class educations in the US?

    How many professors and doctors and civil servants and politicians has the American Government partially subsidized (or completely sponsored) to the benefit of Nepalese world-wide?

    How many Army lawyers and mid-career Officers have received the benefit of an American Staff College education that stresses above all, human rights, the rule of law and the function of security within democratic frameworks?

    To contextualize this issue further, what number of Nepalese received aid from American funds that James Moriarty provided to flood victims?

    How many Nepalese received something at a time when our government provided them nothing?

    Questions such as these seem to have missed the media’s attention. Instead, the media focused on comments that Lilamani Pokhrel and Narayan Man Bijukche (both hardcore communists and known Maoist sympathizers) made in Parliament. A question from one of these MPs was whether the Nepali Ambassador to the US is “allowed to go on an inspection visit of the army barracks there and make political statements?”

    Just the manner in which this question is phrased erases any hope of common sense (or intellect) in Nepal’s top communists. Capacity to thrive off of conspiracy theories? High. Ability to demonstrate appreciation of common sense? Nil.

    Let’s get the facts straight. First, in case the MP who asked the question hasn’t noticed, the government he’s in has been so busy making earth-shattering progress on the peace process that they hasn’t had time to appoint a Nepali Ambassador to the US. This aside, hypothetically, if the Nepali Ambassador to the US was on a visit to Nepali government sponsored projects (or relief efforts) in some remote part of the US that relied completely on the presence of an army base for area protection, the odds are pretty high that that installation would be where the Nepali Ambassador would go, to catch a breath and perhaps a cup of tea or coffee. No violation of diplomatic norms here!

    Second, it is highly unlikely (a complete understatement) that the army barracks visited by Ambassador Moriarty was housing Nepal’s nuclear stockpile – a direct threat to American interest in South Asia??? Judging by where he was, the most Moriarty could have “inspected” would have been a few brick buildings (if that) and a barbed wire perimeter housing a group of salt-of-the earth, dedicated and selfless individuals who by the way, are also Nepalis, not Americans (if this is where the conspiracy theory is meant to go).

    Third, if the MPs consider Moriarty’s observation (that the Maoists are not playing by the same rules as the SPA), a politically motivated or a biased statement, they need to do a couple of things: One, they need to visit their constituents outside of Kathmandu and inquire for themselves, what the situation is like (side note – they shouldn’t forget to take permission from the local Maoist Commissar before visiting their districts); Two, they need to pick up yesterday’s paper and make an honest determination whether Moriarty is creating a “political statement” or repeating documented facts;
    Three, if they have any self-esteem or courage or even an ounce of self-respect, these MPs need to come clean and admit that they are the Maoist agents in the SPA government. Why else would these two cry foul, hyping a non-event that exposed (perhaps negatively impacted) a single group – the Maoists?

    Neither the American government nor its emissary in Nepal was under any compulsion whatsoever to travel to the remotest parts of the country to give hope to Nepalis who had lost everything.

    The Chinese, the Indians (our closest neighbors), the Finns, the Norwegians, the Germans,the Danes..… no media reports on what their Ambassadors did to help Nepal’s flood victims and this is fine. Such unconditional support is a luxury, not a right and our helpless MPs should appreciate this fact more than anyone else.

    Nothing on the UN with all its might either. Apparently, there’s enough funding to support a UN team to help with the refugee crisis (on-going for nearly a decade), another team to bring the human rights situation under control (human rights after the April movement tip top according to Maoist victims who provide the underlying data) and a third team to help with the peace process (moving ahead at lightning speed). Unfortunately, there was no help available to uphold the most basic human right – the right to life – or to relocate internally displaced persons. Any wild guesses on what it costs to employ a P4 or P5 UN Officer? And yes, people do get displaced when natural disasters occur.

    The shameless display of ingratitude and ignorance by Lilamani Pokhrel and Narayan man Bijukche is a dismal microcosm of the larger leadership crisis that Nepal faces. Hypocrisy oozes out of these individuals as they criticize Moriarty for highlighting the root cause of Nepal’s lawlessness while simultaneously calling for the Home Minister’s resignation. Is this not a contradiction?

    Even as these sorry excuses for elected officials hide behind a pretense of in-action based guilt, (what material contribution did either make to victims of the flooding or the victims of any tragedy in Nepal?), they demonstrate an utter inability from carrying out public stunts that detract attention from the real issues at hand – the management of Maoist arms.

    These are supposedly die-hard Nepali communists, fighting entrenched feudalism in Nepal. The same feudalism that confuses individuals with the policies of nations (Moriarty with American policy) and representatives with the functions of their organizations (Ian Martin with the UN). It will be a miracle when Nepal’s communists actually practice what they preach and dispose of their own feudal, individual-based mindset, in favor of modernity.

    Aside from the hypocrisy, the propagation of idiocy and the downright disgraceful conduct of Mr. Pokhrel and Mr. Bijukche, there is a silver lining in their wild allegations. How funny do accusations of violations of diplomatic norms sound, coming from two MPs who in all likelihood, probably don’t even have Nepali passports? Can anyone recall the last time either of these buffoons went on a trip beyond India?

    posted by NepaliPerspectives at 11:51 AM

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