Now, Nepal Wants To Hear From King Gyanendra Shah

“Pashupati ko bayan bhayo, aba tinka pati lai bolaunu parchha,” said a friend of mine this afternoon. After thinking for about a couple of seconds, he continued his remarks as I could see anger in his eyes. “Tesko bayan ta malali lina man lageko chha.” [As Pashupati has been interrogated, he said, now is the time his boss is summoned. I want to interrogate him.] My friend, a reporter, was talking about the necessity of summoning and interrogating Gyanendra Shah, the king, by the High Level Probe Commission for his role in suppressing the historical peoples’ movement of April. The commission today interrogated Pashupati Bhakta Maharjan, Principal Chief Secretary of Gyanendra Shah who chaired an autocratic government in 2005 after successfully hatching a conspiracy against a democratically elected government in 2002. He tried with handpicked prime ministers for about three years. Maharjan, it seems, read out the script that we already knew about. We knew that he would act innocent (he said he worked as a bridge between the king and constitutional bodies and didn’t play any role in suppressing the peoples’ movement) and try to play the blame game. Continue reading Now, Nepal Wants To Hear From King Gyanendra Shah

Politics and Teen Feeling: Miss Teen Nepal 2006 Contestants Speak Out

Miss Teen Nepal 2006

Miss Teen Nepal 2006 Khusbu Oli (mid), first runner up Swekshya Adhikary (left) and second runner up Sambriddhi Rai Pic by Michael Copp via Kantipur

By Darshan Karki
(Inside: A Beauty Contest Amidst Maoist Pressure)

“Teenage isn’t an easy thing to define,” 19-year-old Sambriddhi Rai started the conversation. “The simplest way to put it would be we’re neither too old nor too young. And we haven’t been represented in Nepalese politics. We are the marginalized group in politics. Though full of innovative ideas nobody really takes us seriously.” We were in the premises of International Club, Sanepa (Lalitpur) to talk to the contestants of Miss Teen Nepal 2006 about the thrill of being a teenager. But the unexpected jump to politics came as a complete surprise. It seemed as though the beauties had had enough of answering the same old question of their reason of being in the beauty competition. Continue reading Politics and Teen Feeling: Miss Teen Nepal 2006 Contestants Speak Out