Interim Constitution Draft For Nepal: King No Head Of State!?

Interim Constitution Draft Committee (ICDC) on Friday handed over the draft constitution to Nepal government and the Maoist party.

Interim Constitution

Laxman Aryal (mid) hands over the draft to Maoist negotiator Krishna Mahara as government negotiator Krishna Sitaula looks on.

After 172 Articles, 26 sections and 1 annex, interim constitution still has some major issues that are not left to be decided by the ruling alliance and the Maoists. Preamble of the interim constitution: The sovereignty and nationality being secured for the countrymen of Nepal, to institutionalize the results of the movements, until a new constitution is written through the CA elections, the draft constitution-2063 that was proposed by the political consensus has been declared through the parliament or any other political convention.” Chairman of the Interim House of Representative will act as the head of state in the interim period. Prime Minister will be the Supreme Commander in Chief of the Nepal Army. Nepal is a completely democratic state.

Chairman of the drafting committee Laxman Prasad Aryal submitted the draft statue to Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula and Chief of the Maoist negotiating team Krishna Bahadur Mahara Friday evening. Here are key provisions in the draft:

On monarchy

The Interim Constitution Drafting Committee has recommended that fate of the monarchy should be decided by a referendum, which should be held along with the constituent assembly election.

The draft statute says that interim legislature’s chairman will take charge of the Head of the State in case monarchy is abolished before constituent assembly makes any alternative arrangement.

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Sovereignty and state power

According to the draft, sovereignty and state power will vest in Nepali people. Similarly, the committee has suggested that Nepal will be democratic and secular state. The draft statue has suggested four options to the political parties on the type of Nepali state — regional federal republic, federal democratic, socialist heading towards republic and heading towards republic.

It has been suggested that even mother languages can be used as an official language at the local level, and the state will translate the works done in mother languages into the Nepali language. This is the first time, mother languages have been recognized as official language.

More fundamental rights

The draft has added more fundamental rights. These include: no discrimination between men and women in salary and social security in the same work; rights against untouchability and caste-based discrimination; no body shall be deprived of using public places and entering into religious places on the basis of caste. Similarly, right of broadcast media and online media has also been protected. Telephone shall not be disrupted. Right to live in clean environment has been ensured. Every citizen will have right to free primary health services, while there shall be free education to all Nepalis upto secondary level. Right to employment has been proposed and the unemployed shall get unemployment allowances. Social security to women, laborers, old, disabled and helpless people have been proposed. Right against torture and right against exploitation have been proposed. Similarly, right against trafficking, bonded labor and serfdom have been ensured in the draft.

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Constituent Assembly

A constituent assembly will be formed under this constitution to draw up a new constitution by the people. The committee has not made any suggestions on the process of the election of the constituent assembly. The tenure of such an assembly will be two years. But if the drafting of a new constitution is not completed within the deadline due to emergencies, then the tenure of the assembly can be extended by six months. Such an assembly will function as legislature as well. A committee to raise awareness of the constituent assembly and its election has been proposed.
On legislature

A unicameral legislature will be formed through political consensus after the interim constitution is promulgated. Present House of Representatives will be dissolved automatically with the promulgation of the constitution. The committee has left it to up to the political parties to decide who will be the members of the interim parliament.

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On the executive

The executive power has been proposed to be limited only in the Council of Ministers. As per the 1990 constitution, the executive power vested both in the king and the Council of Ministers.

On Judiciary and constitutional bodies

All the existing courts and constitutional bodies will remain in place even after promulgation of the interim constitution. However, all the judges and constitutional body officials should be reappointed within six months of enforcement of the constitution. Those who are not reappointed will be automatically relieved from the office. Supreme Court justices and chief justice will not get any pension and gratuity upon their retirement.

A separate three-member constitutional court will be set up to look after cases related to constituent assembly election. It will be under the Supreme Court.

On army

The draft statue says National Security Council, headed by prime minister, will oversee mobilization of the Nepali Army.

The Committee has also suggested that there could be two organizations in Nepal– Nepali Army and People’s Liberation Army. Both will be confined to their respective barracks and camps during the constituent assembly election. They will be under interim legislature and interim government. Prime Minister will be supreme commander.

A high-level military commission will control and mobilize both the forces. The commission will be formed through political consensus. A unified national army will be formed through mutual agreement after the constituent assembly election.

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The draft has proposed for formation of a citizenship commission to address the citizenship problem, especially in the Terai region, before the election of the constituent assembly. And, individuals who participated in the referendum of 1980 or took part in the elections after 1990 or whose father or mother is born in Nepali will be Nepali citizen.

Women’s rights

Once the interim constitution becomes effective, women will enjoy equal property right and all types of discrimination against women would be put to end. Women will have right to participate by one third in each structure of the state on the principle of proportional inclusion. Any violence against women is subject to punishment.

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70 thoughts on “Interim Constitution Draft For Nepal: King No Head Of State!?

  1. Finally it came..
    Nice work ICDC !

    But,the major issues about the fate of Monarchy,type of state Nepal should be under restructuring of state are not yet finalized even after 68 days of its tenure..

    The SPA and Maoists must be serious in this regard and have a common concensus as per the people’s aspiration & not what favours them..

    I am sure its the Federal Republic of Nepal what people want.

  2. BEFORE any REFERENDUM PRACHANDA’s goondas must be disarmed for minimum 6 months….

  3. So lets Promulgate the Interim Constitution of Federal Republic of Nepal without any delay..

    Lets institutionalize the popular mandate of the people who happily accepted their martyrdom,injuries, and various kinds of sacrifices for their aspiration of Democratic Federal Republic of Nepal.

  4. When we have such puppetary person in the post of Home Minister, what else can you expect except one sided Maists Gundagardi.

    We need a stronger HOME MINISTER AND PM SHOULD IMMEDIATELY APPOINT A DEFENSE MINISTER AS WELL……..of course not another puppet like SITAULA.

  5. I dont see any rationality in these HUMAN RIGHT VIOLATORS being included to increase the burden of Nepalese people.

    Whats next, once they have their armed forces as part of government, then Maoists will definitely demand…their cadres to be included as Civil Servants, as Staff in Corporations, in Universities everywhere.

    They have already started putting their cadres in hospitals. While CTEVT students are demanding for the right to get admission in MBBS college….Maoists have already inclued their cadres to work alongside medical doctors….they are already awareded MBBS without even need to get admission.

    Great, I dont know what else we are going to witness.

    I hope that Nepal doesnt become next Cambodia.

  6. What happens when the Maoists join the government? They will get some control over the government security forces, including the army. Who will fight them then?

    Nepal needs a political system where there is a balance of power, especially with the Maoists not disarming at the moment. Keeping the King as head of state (with very nominal powers of course such as the authority to call snap elections, but not take on executive power) would provide a small balance of power.

    From an outsiders view, the SPA does not know what they are doing and the Maoists will walk right over them, appoint there own head of state and take over the country without even having to fire another shot.

    Once the role of a symbolic head of state is politicized, corrupt politicians, including the Maoists, will act like nothing more than the mafia. And only the people will suffer.

  7. Hmmmm is this a joke or what????? The Maoist militias continue to exthort money, kidnap people, kill political activist etc. until this stops there is no possibility of peace and democracy in Nepal. Maybe the SPA should grow some balls and tell Prachanda to get a control on his goons!

  8. Not a joke! Maoist Badal has already said that UN arms management is not acceptable to them. Our Nepal Army must be immediately sent back into battle against these murderous thugs while we still have an army! Our survival is at stake. Not a joke!

  9. Bideshi,
    You sound like looser of Janaandolan. Learn to adjust and accomodate with the new changes that has come from Janandolan 2.If there was no PLA you would not have seen the positive changes so quickly. You are still hallucinated by out dated feaudal thinking. It is merely a rhetoric you are talking that the old regime used to talk about Maoist and PLA.You could be benefiited by old regime but think about the 90 % of Nepalease who are oppresed by the Shah dynesty .

  10. i think Santosh is the biggest fool walking around the town. Bideshi is right. If we let these maoists take control our life then nepal will be a failed state officially. and when did u feel so “oppressed” santosh ? couldnt u breathe when u were in the “old” nepal ? or were ur civil rights curtailed just because u couldnt burn a few tyres and throw some stones in public property ? u must be a maoist cadre to support their ideology mr. santosh..infact u sound one like too.. down with chahoots like u

  11. If there was ever a time in history to oppose anything more ridiculous it is now. This interim constitution has to be thoroughly rexamined, infact wihdrawn altogether, as it seems too much like a maoist manifesto and too little like a multi party democratic one. What the hell do these options offer:

    “The draft statue has suggested four options to the political parties on the type of Nepali state — regional federal republic, federal democratic, socialist heading towards republic and heading towards republic.”

    They are all open to maoist interpretation only.

    A regional federal republic will mean a communist republic with no multi party democracy.

    A federal democratic is as vague and has no room for the monarch even in a ceremonial form.
    I though the people have to decide on the monarchy, not this bloody Aryal,or his interim cockadoodle rubbish.

    Socialist heading to a republic means an all multi party communist state heading towards a totalitarian one party communist state.

    And heading towards republic – why does it not make room for the wishes of the people whether it be a republic or monarchy, and why does it not mention republic clearly to mean a democratic, multi party republic?

    All the vagueness suggests “heading towards a totalitarian maoist republic”.

    This interim nonsense constitution should be withdrawn. There is no need for it in the first place. A referendum and a CA election thereafter should be the ultimate decider.

  12. Infact,

    I take it back.The army should be now let loose. Let this f!@#$%^ start their urban October revolution today. I’ll help the army to help finish these buggers. Starting with Sitaula, Mahara and Aryal.

  13. Sandesh,

    If we are to allow things to carry on as they are, believe me all of us Nepalis will be the losers. No exceptions.

  14. I really don’t think you guys understand what is going on here. You have two options.

    1. A free election to draft a new constition after including the Maoists in the governent.

    2. Loosing a war with the Maoists after years more of bloodshed and having them write the new constitution themselves.

    The time where excluding the Maoists from power was an option passed about 5 years ago.

  15. There can be no elections with armed gangsters in the villages. The Nepal Army can defeat the Maoists if they are supported by the people and turned loose on the Maoist Gang.

  16. Horning,

    I don’t believe you even have the gist of it.
    I’m afraid even the maoist leadership don’t have control of their militia.


    Here’s the other two options:

    1. Go for referendum and CA elections after maoists lay down arms.

    2. Civil war where even the maoists will be slaughtered for decades to come and losing a state as we know it with the possible combinations as below.

    The time for maoists to lay down their arms has come. The option to carry on with arms without the risk of civil war and anarchy and a fall down into a failed state has passed about 2 years ago. The implications and combinations of such a dangerous approach by maoists are and can be among:

    1.Full fleged civil war.

    2. Take over by foreign forces because of threat to their national security.

    3. A brutal (I mean brutal like we have never imagined) army coup.

    A combination of two or all of the above is also highly possible.

  17. yah exactly.. first they tell the press the fate of monarchy hangs on the CA .. and mention of ceremonial monarchy in this crap constitution…
    what do u think ? maoist kidnapped a kin of this aryal chap who drafted this crap shit and then made him erase the name of monarcy or what??
    Ceremonial monarchy SHOULD EXIST as it would balance the power politics a bit as we know how capable our political parties are to run the country so efficiently…esp i dont trust makune.. he is a real a$$shole..
    Girija did one good thing in his pathetic life by supporting the king this time..
    btw all this natak of mao not surrendering arms is that.. they will create a havoc even if the ppl decide to keep the monarchy via the referendum..u just watch and watch..guys like sandesh…
    uni haru ko jasto vayo vane j pani hune…
    vayena vane..janta ko bhawana biprati gayo vanne…
    when janta has decided they gona keep the king..they will still go against it..
    they are nothing but double standard bastards..sucking the vital economy ofthe country via their dinosaur ideas of communism

  18. It is quite obvious some of you are either completely out of touch our don’t give a damn what the majority of Nepalese people think. I don’t remember anybody in the Janaandolan yelling “Theif, Gyanendra, Let the Parliament back in and we’ll give you a ceremonial role!”

    Just what people mean by the Monarchy “Balancing” the other forces is a note of some concern. The only way I can see the Monarchy as a “Balancing” force is though the continual threat of another coup. This guy isn’t the king of Thailand here, He’s about as popular as Macbeth. The people are simply not going to vote to retain the Monarchy. To put it in the interim constitution would be a vast waste of public resources. If the people do for some reason vote to retain him there is nothing to keep Gyanendra from being brought back in as a result for the referendum.

    I fear, as you do, that the Maoists may have about as tight control over their militia as the government has over the Army and Police. I doubt they are trying to use the abductions and extrajudicial killings as a pressure tactic, it only hurts their public image. Is it possible that the lower cadre’s are using these as pressure tactics against the leaders? I’m not sure. What I am sure of is they aren’t going to give up their arms. That outcome is about as likely as the NA agreeing to give up their arms. It simply will not happen. As the Governments instance that the Maoists disarm has been the breaker of every single peace negotiation so far, it is the most dangerous thing happening in Nepal right now.

  19. so mr. horning..
    what do u expect us to do ?
    go to the CA polls with those hoodlums still armed to the teeth ? what makes u think its gona be a “fair n square” election with the maoist milita armed? if we go to a poll with that background then please dont bother to have an interim constitution.. the maoist can write that themselves..say its by a “popular demand” and can have their own government in singadurbar…

    btw the majority of the nepalese that u are talking abt is “uneducated” sir..
    so they gona wield under the pressure of the maoists and vote whatever the commies want..

    so we need the king as the variable in this volatile equation..
    as long as the maoists are armed..we dont care how many peace negotiations fail..they MUST disarm
    and u cant compare Maoist milita with the Nepalese Army. how can u expect a national army to give up their arms ?

    so as long as the maos are armed..we should not include them in any kind of government even if makune turns in his grave

  20. Mr. Horning:
    The only thing that should decied the fate of the Monarchy is a referendum. You cannot go by what people were shouting in Janaandolan because a majority of the people were coerced into going to the protests. Nepalis, unfortunetly, have a mob mentality and they will shout anything.
    The relevence of the Monarchy will soon fade away by itself especially when it becomes time for Paras Shah to ascend to the throne. Right now people need peace and security.
    Instead of getting the Maoists to become mainstream and stop their atrocities the SPA has been doing nothing expect going after the King. Which is fine to some extent but it’s also a pathetic way to divert attention from the fact they don’t have balls to stand up to the Maoists.

  21. Thank you for talking straight Harkee Dai. People must listen to the hard truth and act now. The only negotiations the Maoists are interested in are surrender terms for the Nepal Army and government.

  22. Bedeshi:
    I am no big fan of the Maoists and I am very concerned about its Malitias. However, I would ask you to stop with you moronic rambo attitude and realize that this matter cannot be resolved by military means. The NA were let loose for years and they were not able to gain any major strategic vivtory over the Moaists. The political leaders authorized Kilo Sierra and look what happned. I don’t understand why you keep coming here poking your foregin nose and keep insisting on a military solution when you know it hasn’t worked and it sure as hell won’t work in the future. A military solution never exsits for this kind of a problem. Did you not read the news for the last several months when Isreal – which has one of the most sofisticated military, intelligence services – had to retreat with their tails between their legs.
    So Bedeshi, if you wish to be a friend of Nepal please get it into your thick head that you cannot solve everything militarily. I am guess you probably come from an Eastern Bloc country – Russia maybe?

  23. I was also expecting the tenure of PM not more than two session and directly nominated by the people in addition. And if corruption proved that kind of leaders will not get the chance to enter the parliament. This interim constitution seems more favourable to the leaders and given less emphasis to general people.

  24. One of the clauses in the interim constitution says it recognises the Nepal army at par with the maoists army. How can anyone accept this?

  25. What we lack in depth we make it up by floating mediocre- a true essence of Nepali and it shows in the interim constitution. Sorry to say but that’s what it is. Maoism is not people based but people coerced ( take that Neil) but unholy alliance by SPA has given them ( Maoist) the credibility which now they (SPA) are trying hard to shed- not going to happen. The end consequences will be tit for tat actions and words from the wise- as nation crumbles from within.

    Some hard actions is required but the way the things are, its not even in the horizon.

  26. scoop,

    there is no way out you have to accept it. If you are ready to accept maoist in the government then why not PLA. What difference have you seen among them?

  27. Interesting, very interesting. All I want to say is that people of Nepal better get ready for a communist state. Once the King is gone and Maoist are in the government, nothing will stop them from taking over and making Nepal a communist state.

  28. ” I am guess you probably come from an Eastern Bloc country – Russia maybe? ”

    Or Israel maybe? Talking with gangsters accomplishes nothing worthwhile.

  29. The Israeli Army stopped only because of international pressure. They intended to keep going until Hezbollah was completely destroyed. The Nepal Army has faced similar opposition from the people of Nepal and the media. Left to fight the battle (and not the world) the Israelis can finish Hezbollah and Hamas, and Nepal Army can defeat the armed gangs that are trying to take over our country. BTW I am Nepali just as much as you are. You by birth, me by choice.

  30. If there was a way to avoid more bloodshed I whould gratefully receive it, but there is no way without handing the nation over to gangsters. I have been in war and I hate it, but we are given no choice if we are to save Nepal.

  31. Bideshi- I do not care for your origin but you speak the truth and I can say you are more Nepali then Nepali. Cannot pretend that all will be fine- when you are dealing with sword, you deal with sword not tuplips.

    How can we expect day and night to work together- a falsehood on the part of Maoist and SPA will soon boil over. Is compromise an option- I do not think so if we really want a sustainable peace. So lets not pretend, just speak the truth as it is.

  32. Mr. Horny-ing,

    We are grateful for you interest in Nepal. However, i would like to say that your understanding about this, once peaceful, country is nill. Yes, you talk about slogans on the streets during the april movement where their main demand was abolishment of monarchy. But me personally think that this movement was not a natural public movement, but instead a major portion of the mass was forced onto the streets.

    As far as the king not having any support is concerned, i only ask you to look at the result of the last municipal election. Although it was deemed illegal by the international community, at least 24% turnout does imply a good chunk of support for the King. Specially if you consider that, leaders like bam dev gautam was physically threatening any one who went in to vote and the rampant maoists killings of innocent civilians and election candidates. People who voted in that Muncipal Elections were supporters of the king (also a lot of them did not vote out of fear from democratic forces including the maoists)and none of them were forced to vote. However, i can say with certainity that a major portion of the latest revolution was bought or forced onto the street.

  33. Bhudai Pundit,
    You make a good point that there are no military solution to the maoist problems in Nepal. You also imply that there has been no record of any success of military adventure against insurgency of the maoists sort. I agree. But i think it would have to involve both force and negotiations. Have you heard of any successful negotiations between governments and terrorist (insurgents) organizations? I have no record of any successful negotiations either?

  34. Mr. Ron

    you are right..
    it seems inevitable that nepal is going to be a communist state 😦
    no one had even dreamnt we gona see this day..
    thanks to all the politicians..who made this possible and turning nepal into a failed state.
    i wish them all the best in their future endeavours..
    all those who are shouting nepal was oppressed by the shah dynasty and go to hell as well..
    the maoists were born because the political parties couldnt manage the democracy well..its not due to the king or his rule..prachandra is not fair when he says nepal has gone down to this state because of the king..he should blame the politicians instead.. and guess what..he is now shaking hands with those whom he vehemently opposed once !!!
    j ayee pani tyasti ho ….. :-!

  35. Communist state seems to be the direction we are headed, after all there’s only the maoists left to be given a shot at governing, but with all their outdated theories and their hostilities towards not only their own people but the international community as well, of course it won’t last long either. After that the real trouble will begin. Nepal is finished.
    We have time right now for everyone to reconcile and work together, but being a Nepali and knowing my own people’s pshyche (especially the one’s at the top) I think it is just wishful thinking. I guess it is the folly of man, that only after a practical failure we realise the blunder, but it is too late – (we never seem to learn from historical mistakes, of not just ourselves but the entire world).
    Daju-Bhai, Didi-Bahini haru, I wish you all the best and I wish you survive the fateful journey. So for one last time probably – Jai Nepal!

  36. It’s quite amazing how many royalists are on these boards.

    I would argue with you, but I don’t have too, you are your own worst enemies.

    Does anyone seriously believe that the Janaandolan II was a result of forced protest?

    Do you ever go outside your door and talk to people, or do you just gaze outside your window an wring your hands?

  37. why everyone is worrying about maiost arms….?
    we nepali people have enough power & stamina to
    fight againt’s autocracy and kicked up gynendra
    even being so powerful & historic organization….
    &if maiost do any wrong they would by sided by we people
    so we dont have to worry too much about this..
    i dont think prachanda is soo fool to go against we nepali people…
    so target has set for peace & soon as possible…..go to c a as soon as possible…

  38. “Does anyone seriously believe that the Janaandolan II was a result of forced protest?”

    Yes Mr. Neil i firmly believe the participants who came from Kalanki were made to volunteer forcefully bia the maoist goons.they were made to walk for number of days from their romote villages without food and water and proper rest so that the maoist can demonstrate to the outside world and media the so called “people people” which successfully managed to do what it was intended – fool the international media and of course peolpe like you who think ppl dont want monarchy at all by looking at the tv replays and slogan shouting of a group of disillusioned people.
    The real fact is the so called Jaan-andolan 2 wouldnt have been successful if the maoist milita hadnt taken part in those programs and we have blogs in this same site where ppl from villages have admitted they were forced to participate due to maoist threat.
    As a result of the kalanki incident, we have so many maoist cadres who have infiltrated the valley that we could see it painted red when they held their meeting in the open arena in tudikhel. and unfortunately, they havent gone back to where they have come from.
    and if you are worried about the Peace and Security about the country then u are making me laugh. how can one be secure when some maoist cadre can pick u up from any part of the country. ie KIDNAP you anytime they feel like.. where is the security mr. Neil ? it can be u, it can be me or it can be Mr. Gunaraj who could be the next victim..and they are doing all this because they are ARMED. as long as they are armed they think they are a form of a parallel government and this can never work Mr. Neil.
    No one knows the true intentions of the maoists Mr. Neil..
    and dont take the mob frenzy ktmites as the epitome of peaceloving nepalese.
    u have been fooled once..
    i hope u have heard the saying..once bitten twice shy..
    so please refrain from making anti-monarch comments before realising the depth of the problem

  39. Horning,

    Why do you say it as if it is a crime to be supportive of some form of monarchy?
    What is so wrong about people supporting a ceremonial monarchy, when this nation was founded by a monarch? In this respect we should all be called royalists as I am sure there are only a few radicals who is not thankful to King Prithvi for giving us a nation called Nepal to begin with.
    And yes I believe and know that a large portion of the people in the so called janandolan were forced to participate. Where is your head stuck up – Prachanda’s butt?
    And people like me not only go outside our doors but have been around the Kingdom as well. I’m afraid the cities infested with maoists only bring hesitant responses to the question and I’m not talking about asking party people, while the country side is still perplexed at what the hell is going on. More than half have no idea or do not know what it all means.
    Horning, where are you, in Alaska?

  40. What peace and democracy are these people (horning and gunaraj talking about)? What difference will it make to the general people whether we have a republic nepal or whether the maoists come into mainstream or not? The fact is, Mr. Neil can yell and claim to be the most knowledgable of us all but the sad fact is, SPA is too incapable and too corrupt to do anything in the interest of Nepal? Do think that once there is a republican setup, all the leaders will somehow miraculously transform themselves into competent and honest bunch is ignorance only Neil is able to potray. Of course, everyone can be termed royalist just because they are not republic is the propoganda which westerners like neil and that van der something guy is here to spread. Just because we do not support the maoists he claims that we have not seen enough of Nepal to comment on their atrocities. I have been to various places where villagers were given three options by the maoists during the revolution. i.e. pay 3 thousand rupees, go to the streets in ktm or die. I have seen this myself. As a matter of fact, 22 staff from our company had to go just because we were able to meet their financial demands otherwise. I know people like neil will claim everything we say as lies and everything he says as expert opinion. But just because he has talked to a few village children who are maoist soldiers does not actually reflect the mood ofthe entire nation. If Mr. Neils opinion is so right, why go for CA or even elections? Why not declare who should be the next PM by judging the number of protesters out on the street? Why do we even need the parliament, the people on the street can decide themselves and the politicians can just sign papers depending on the number of stones thrown during protest rallies. I am not denying that there is Maoist support in Nepal but to take it as Neil’s claim that the entire nation has just turned red or that monarchy has no support at all will be a mistake. I am certain that i am not a royalist, but i am sure this guy is a maoist or some kind of RIM member or something.

  41. By the way the latest nationwide survey only showed about 10% support for maoists, around 55% for the different parties and 30% for the monarch. The rest are termed as no support. This survey had nothing to do with republic or monarchy. It is just direct support. UML got about 20% of the support ans so too Congress.

  42. I really hope Nepal does not turn into a communist state. The geo-political context of Nepal would make it very difficult for Nepal to turn into one. I know it’s sad but we’d rely on the Indians and the Americans to ensure that. I think the Maoists leadership is pragmatic enough to accept that. But get ready for an economically unhealthy does of socialism.

  43. The division of Nepal into Magar, Kirat, Madhesi, Tharu and so on will ultimately DESTROY Nepal; it will be divided, people will be caste-conscious, race-conscious, and start hating each other.
    It is a suicidal decision. The present government is a puppet in the hands of Prachanda. Actually Prachanda’s gun is directing the country.

  44. Bedeshi:
    Errrr wrong again my friend. Initially the public and the press was not against military action. Did you forget that King Birendra continually refused to allow the use of the army even though political leaders kept insisting? What about operation Kilo Seirra? Everyone was fully behind that – what was the effect? Hundreds of innocent people died and it fueled the insurgency even more.

    And you talk about Isreal bowing to international pressure? Please when has Isreal ever cared about international pressure? Yea they would have certainly defeated Hizbullah if they were allowed to also completly destroy Lebhanon in the process. The fact remains that the IDF were not able to seek out and destroy Hizbullah rocket launchers… and look at the long term consequences. Hizbullah is now ever more popular amongst the Lebanese people. Think about all those civilian deaths and think about much hatred it must have created against Isreal. Is that really good for Isreal in the long term?

    Basically, the Maoist insurgency has evolved. The major problem is the militia faction that is roaming the contry and doing whatever it pleases with complete disregard for the law. I agree that perhaps the army should be kept alret and ready to battle these folks. However, the main Maoist movement is not keen on going back to the jungles. It remains to be seen if Prachanda can control the other goons. So yes B you are right to an extent.

    Also Nepal is not going to be a communist state. Please Prachanda and Baburam are nothing but India’s little Bitches. Once they get enticed with power and greed they will throw that communist doctrice out the window.

  45. “Horning, where are you, in Alaska?”

    My guess is that Mr. Hornung is a west European with the typical spoiled European socialist “education”. They will champion any idealistic humanist cause as long as some one else does the work and pays for it. I have asked him before in this blogsite how much the Maoists are paying him for his propaganda posts.

  46. “Please when has Isreal ever cared about international pressure?” OK, U.S. pressure. The November elections are coming up and Mr. Bush put huge pressure on the Israelis not to embaress their biggest (only?) financial supporter just before the midterm elections.

    The IDF was pulled back by the U.S. in 1973 also when Ariel Sharon’s armored column was only 10km from the Cairo city limits.

  47. “So for one last time probably – Jai Nepal!”

    No my brother, not for the last time. Never for the last time. Jai Nepal!

  48. Oh please Mr. Bedeshi you give me one example. Anyway we are not talking about Isreal since its situation is different.
    You are not replying to my questions. Why do you think the NA will be successful? Only in the last couple of years the people, media was against the army. And that is because it became clear that the army was also misusing its authority and terrorizing the villagers.
    Tell me why you have so much faith in our NA.

  49. I have faith in the Nepal Army in the same way I would have faith in a parachute if it was the only parachute I had and I was already falling halfway from a burning airplane to the ground. I don’t see any choice.

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