Maoist Students Surround Nepal Army Headquarter: Bad Move

Maoists students ghearo army headquarters

Students from around Kathmandu were forcefully taken to surround the army headquarters by the Maoists student organization. A wrong way of protest in wrong times at wrong venue. All pics by Shailendra Kharel

The photo above reminds me of that day when thousands of school students were forcefully lined up on the sides of the road leading up to the royal palace from Kathmandu international airport to welcome king Gyanendra who was returning back from his infamous African safari. Two days ago, students from Kathmandu were forcefully collected in similar manner by the Maoist affiliated student organization to surround the Nepali Army headquarters. Reason for the latest action is that the student organization wanted to pressurize the army to disclose the whereabouts of the disappeared Nepali people. Yes, that should be disclosed, no question. But the way the protest program was organized was inappropriate and the timing was bad move and the venue was not suitable at all. “What if victims of Maoists atrocities go and surround [places like Kamidanda in Kavre] where Maoist soldiers are kept,” asks an editorial in today’s Kantipur that condemns the protest.

Maoists students ghearo army headquarters

These are times when the country is involved in peace process and both state and Maoists have signed a 25-point code of conduct. The demonstration wasn’t organized by any organizations affiliated with any of the seven parties but by the Maoists themselves in the form of students. Isn’t it a contradiction? On the one hand, you are on the table of peace talks and on the other hand you try to instigate soldiers by shouting words like ‘rapist’ and ‘killer’ outside their barrack. The best thing about the day before yesterday’s ghearo program was that the army behaved very responsibly. The responsibility of providing security to the Army headquarter was given to the police and soldiers confined themselves inside the barrack. Who would have taken the responsibility had any individual soldier, pissed off with the remarks students outside were passing at them, come out of the building and opened fired at protestors? Everybody should behave responsibly in these times. There is no point instigating people on any pretext. Maoist’s student organization must take note of this. -DW

Maoists students ghearo army headquarters

Maoists students ghearo army headquarters

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39 thoughts on “Maoist Students Surround Nepal Army Headquarter: Bad Move

  1. UWB needs to recognize that there is a deep grievance among maoists for the disappearance / arrest of their compatriotes. But protesting against army is not a solution.
    Its a bad pressure tactic. Just look at the number of the ideologically brainwashed kids. Maoist and the state should be looking for ways to find job for them not to make them rally for a political cause.

  2. Maoists- Hands off students and children! Hands off! Np to child warriors! No to forceful recruitment! Leave the children alone! Leave education alone! Time to hand over arms! Hands off! Hands off! Hands off! This goes against every known convention and pronciples of human rights!

  3. Time for the government to ask these same questions by grilling the maoists. How about people they have murdered? How about people they have forcefully recruited? How about people they have made dissappear? How about child soldiers? What about extortions? Many, many more questions for them, they should stop their fiasco in trying to teach the army ethics and look at themselves first. Answers required comrades, and ASAP. I’m sure the cry of rapist and killer, echoed back louder towards the maoist murderers and would echoe back even louder in our hilly villages — What about the Chitwan bomb? What about the journalists who have been slaughtered? What about the party cadres who have been murdered? Too many, too many ….

  4. ” Reason for the latest action is that the student organization wanted to pressurize the army to disclose the whereabouts of the disappeared Nepali people”

    they are not Nepali people.. they are maoists..
    they are different from us..
    the nepalese are the civlized group..
    maoists .. i dont think i have to say…
    so dont insult us by saying disappeared NEPALI people UWB

  5. Hats off to OUR NEPALI PEOPLES ARMY for being understanding in such times where everyone else who are the so called powerful are a disgrace to the people of Nepal. The biggest in these line of embarrasments is the maoists who call themselves Nepali. In a time where the morale of our army is the lowest, they have conducted themselves like OFFICERS AND GENTLEMEN. I agree with Wagle for once, that this sort of nonsense could have triggered a depressed and angry army man to go beserk outside their own headquarters. But it did not happen. I am sure everyone understands that these were students and minors forced to participate. I wish Baburam ad Prachanda were sitting outside the HQ instead of the students and that would be an opportune moment for an army personnell to go beserk – I for one would raise funds to erect the biggest statue of this person and lobby to have that day named after the martyr and a public holiday given. But cowards are the biggest despots as well, who choose the path of hiding behind women and children to do their dirty work.

  6. Maoists are trying to use children to instigate and provoke the only institution that is deemed a threat to them. Raja is taken care of, SPA is on their beck and call!

    I also heard that they are extorting and blackmailing executives of various corporations and hotels to provide their goons with jobs.

    These people don’t know what coming to the “mainstream” means. They do as they please! The more you give, the more they want!

    If the goverment doesn’t find ways to contain these revolutionaries, it will spell nothing but trouble for us all.

  7. I call on our honourable members in parliament to stop beating around the bush and make it clear to the maoists that if their arms are not put down, nothing more can happen. Time to put the pressure on, the Nepali people and the whole world will be behind you. Prachanda talk about an October revolution, well he better make sure this revolution does’nt chase him out like a dog instead.

  8. I am of the opinion that both maoists and government should disclose actual facts on those disappeared otherwise we will continue seeing these activities from all of the concerned sides.
    A “controlled” pressure is a must, not merely in this particular case only.

  9. Whats the hell talking these kids ? I think we should not used these kids for our own interest. You can keep your voice but at least dont used to innocent children.

    You can protest on another way, make rally, make some speech but its not way to go to army headquarter taking these people.

  10. what are you guys fretting about–use of school children for political use by Maoist.

    When has it not happened? I vividly remember in 2046 ‘sal ko andholan’, the so called harbinger of democracy, barged into my school, locked all the classroom doors shut the school for the day and took us to the streets.

    well, my friends come to peace with it, that’s the Nepali way of doing politics, like it or not.

  11. and the thing its written in the playcard .. ” barrack hami phutaunchow…hamra sathi.chutaunchow..”

    as if the army gona be a bystander when they do that..
    ahile maobadi haru nepal army ko hattiyar..india,US ra UK bata na-ayera..chamki rakhya..once the arms embargo is lifted then the already depleted PLA is no match with the RNA …
    this present home minister also sucks…
    maoist le j gare pani heri rakhne ho ra vane..
    cant he deliver a tough message to the mao top brass ? if u poke too hard then the ballons gona burst vanera.. then i guess.. the army gona do a coup if enough is enough ..ani mao haru jungle hoina.. thadai..paramdham jana thikaa vaye huncha…

  12. Its pot calling the kettle black…

    We, the people need to pressure the SPA-M & the government to stop using school children for their own self-interests. School children should be in school learning & studying, not a pawn in the great game of politics.

    Leave our kids alone!

    Its a shame that Maoist affliated student union could not recruit adults to accompany them to the NA HQ. Or are the Maoists themselves trying to derail the peace process by instigating the NA to react now that they have realized the full scope of UN intervention???

  13. Maoists should be brought to international court to punish them against using school children and child soldiers.

    They are ruining the very root of Nepalese society.

  14. A school child who must be around 12 years old is forced to hold the placard which states:
    “We will break the barracks
    and set our friends free.”

    What do you make out of it?

    These kids should be hoding pen and book in their hand.

    Its just publicity show by Maoists. We all know that they talks are going between SPA-Maoists. If they wanted to know the whereabouts of those missing people, they should have approached the Prime Minister, not cause traffic jam in busy street of Kathmandu and force the kids out of their school.

  15. What is difference between school children participating in HIV/AIDS awareness campaign, humainright campaign and presurizing government and NA to disclosed the the information of students that the army had taken controlled. As a popular newspaer Kantipur and its editor should have gut to ask the army to disclose the whereabouts of the missing people rather than writing against this caurageous act.

    Government formed after Janaandolan II has no courage to take actions against top army brass who were involved in killings of 21 people and injuring thousands during the movement. If you (editor) have gut why not you (editor) write editorial about the need of taking actions against top army brass who were involved for the supression of Janaandolan?

    Girija is becoming more and more Sikhandi and acting mouthpiece of foreign powers who are playing against the aspiration of Janaandolan II. This is a great betrayal of the people.

    Therefore if people’s voice is not raised by the students and the youths against atrocities who will do that. I think this is the proper way to show /demonstrate people’s voice. Provacation is made here by Kantipur by writing editorial for the proection of RNA and keeping silient about the wrong political manevourings that has been taking place recently.

  16. All this talk about forces youth and such is beyond the point. This is a peoples movement, children are involved because it pertains to thier future. Do not deby them the right to speak on their world and their future. How about reporting that the army and SPA are not investigating and given details of all of our missing sisters and brothers that have been disappeared. These are good people and the comrades and families deserve to know where they are.

  17. Calm down.
    Nepal has just scored against Pakistan in SAG football semis. End of first half , Nepal 1 – Pakis 0

  18. By the looks of things, it seems that Prachanda is unable to control these Maoist Malitias. Man I am so mad at Koirala and his government. They have to put their foot down and confront Prachanda and Co. This is just getting out of control.

  19. It shows that SPA government is weakening and Maoists are gaining. SPA government should challenge the Maoists to dismantle the PLA. Otherwise, we are heading towards Military Rule. This time international community will not be with SPAs.

  20. Prachanda thought when there was Jana aandolan 2,some leaders from congress will side with the king and rest along with most leaders from UML will be with him and he would lead them against the king and democracy and then lead the country.
    He was unsuccessful in doing that.And hence unsuccessful in becoming the PM of Nepal.Now as the two congress are becoming one,he knows this will strengthen the democratic forces in Nepal and will push him further away from power so he is growing more and more desperate and this is what comes out of it.He has killed few NC D leaders and now is trying to irritate the army.He just wants this current process to derail and then give a fancy name to his new aandolan and grab power.He is cunning but like all foxes will perish in front of a Lion.Lion being the people of Nepal.

  21. Politics has become the popular subject now. Its sad to see that even school going children have to demonstrate on the streetlevel. Actually politics has become a scapegoat to avoid one’s job and duty. What is next?

  22. If during Gyanendra`s birthday anniversary, a national holiday could be declared and the children were asked to gather for his birthday celebration for just eulogiging, we can dashingly assert the role of the pupils taking part in the peaceful demostration to pressurize the Nepalese Army to disclose the whereabouts of their friends and relatives. And what do you say about NeBiSangh and all that putrid politicizing grassroot and opportunist manipulation? To prefer to be a maverick is politics beyond all politics. Don`t harp the same old tune. Stereotypes can`t help you out of this bog….may be it does in Washington and London.

  23. thanks Bhudai,I am sure thats what it is.
    You know the problem with Prachanda is that he thinks he is the cleverest,he is the best and rest everyone is foolish.Well he made everyone foolish for sometime but u know u cannot fool all the people all the time.
    He made big statements just after the jana aandolan 2 and now is the time to stand by it and his legs are faltering once too often.The reason is that his folks are just old goons and they are so used to eating and having fun for free that they dont listen to anyone,not even their guru prachanda.
    Prachanda lost his battle the day the parties agreed with reinstatement of the parliament.He still tries for some political maneuvering but the load of international/national pressure on him is just too heavy for him to even move.I see his political fortunes on the decline.
    His calculations are proving wrong again and again and soon enough we will see him back to jungle with much less public support and only few angry cadres with him.Will be easy job to munch off for our Army i guess as it will get all the support from the people and the international community.

  24. This is a very critical time either to run the democracy or accept maoism. Raising the questions about the existance of the king and NA gives no big weight to the democracy but the activities and maoist saying of “October revolution” needs to be considered. Now SPA has to tell people where we are heading now?? People already have the feelings that maoist going to rule this country in full-fledge and people are mentally prepared. The settlement of the land,propery and money potrays the clear feelings of the general people. They have no choice except to accept the maoist rule if SPA doesnot take some concrete action.

  25. Sandesh,

    The differences are:

    1. They are not forced to take part in the other such gatherings that you mention, but they are forced to take part in maoist interest demonstrations.

    2.Other campaigns you mention are universally neutral, while such a campaign is one sided, trying to say that oh the maoists are ethically superior and have done no wrong.

    3. It falsely shows that the students support the maoists, which is not true, especially when they are forced to participate.

    4. Children should anyway not be used for political purposes of any nature.

    5. This is an infringement on the part of the maoists on the children’s human rights.

    I’m sure others will give you more reasons. But I think I have given you reasons enough.

  26. By the way David Jackson,

    Lining up students for the King’s birthday against their will or wish is also wrong. One wrong does not justify another. So let’s just leave that argument in the dustbin.

  27. Well, there is no use talking about rights and wrongs in this country. Enything goes as far as political leaders and rich or powerful people are concerned. There is no rule of law in this country and there is no use talking about it here as we general people have no rights. Democracy just means election (every 10 years) and nothing more.

  28. just leave the kids alone. all of you politicians and ‘wanna-be’ politicians- arses

  29. These activities from the maoists and the spa’s tradition of bringing out the school kids and students out on the streets for violent demonstrations clearly illustrates where their priorities are. People are last on their priority list and the only thing they are concerened about is their stake in power.

  30. If it was upto me I would ban any sort of political affiliation to political parties from all schools and colleges. It’s one of those rotten practices that we have imported from India. Must be one of Murphy’s Laws that we import/adopt all the wrong things from other peoples cultures.

  31. things are clear…
    whoever those are shouting at the moment are forefeiting the national integrity, a national feeling.,
    all are shouting, hooting just to show their presence.maoist are doing what they know, looting, shouting foul at national issues, just to make their presence.
    I had some respect for their contribution in bringing the rural people into recognisable politics.
    they just need to be thanked for doing a little.
    but to provide the justice for overall nepalese the must remain silent , beg excuses before nepalese who suffered their attrocities, the families whom they killed their kith and kins.
    they should stop asking and forcing for donations.
    they are so much raw for main stream politics. their words don’t weigh much, its the character that counts the main.
    rather than developing character if they go on shouting mad,foul, wild on national issues, anybody can see their end soon.
    the action they showed in bhadrakali was an insane move which makes them ruin ..nothing else, it shows their immaturity, hopelessness….it is not bravery to show ur arms when the vigilators are asleep.

  32. Parewa,
    I appreciate your comments.

    I ever fear that Maoists might be killing and kidnapping Nepali Congress (Democractic) cadres so as to hamper the unity between Nepali Congress and Nepali Congress (Democratic).

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