Maoist Students Surround Nepal Army Headquarter: Bad Move

Maoists students ghearo army headquarters

Students from around Kathmandu were forcefully taken to surround the army headquarters by the Maoists student organization. A wrong way of protest in wrong times at wrong venue. All pics by Shailendra Kharel

The photo above reminds me of that day when thousands of school students were forcefully lined up on the sides of the road leading up to the royal palace from Kathmandu international airport to welcome king Gyanendra who was returning back from his infamous African safari. Two days ago, students from Kathmandu were forcefully collected in similar manner by the Maoist affiliated student organization to surround the Nepali Army headquarters. Reason for the latest action is that the student organization wanted to pressurize the army to disclose the whereabouts of the disappeared Nepali people. Yes, that should be disclosed, no question. But the way the protest program was organized was inappropriate and the timing was bad move and the venue was not suitable at all. “What if victims of Maoists atrocities go and surround [places like Kamidanda in Kavre] where Maoist soldiers are kept,” asks an editorial in today’s Kantipur that condemns the protest. Continue reading Maoist Students Surround Nepal Army Headquarter: Bad Move

NEPALI ARMY SERIES-II: Trust yet To Be Nurtured

By Ameet Dhakal
News Editor
, the Kathmandu Post

KATHMANDU, Aug 23 – The Nepali Army (NA) is in transition: it has, to a large extent, abandoned its links with the monarchy, but it is yet to fully trust the political parties. “What happens if you buy a cow but get tired of it on your way home and abandon it in mid-journey?” asked a bright army major and answered the question himself without waiting for a reply. “Probably, the cow would go back to the old owner.” He was using the cow analogy to explain the current state of mind of the NA. Another young officer said, “We have come out of the monarchical cocoon, but the parties are yet to embrace us.” He is furious that the parties and lawmakers still doubt the army’s loyalty and fumed, “What shall we do to prove our loyalty to civilian rule? After all, we can’t go onto the street and shout jindabaad and murdabad “. Continue reading NEPALI ARMY SERIES-II: Trust yet To Be Nurtured