Fuel Price Protest Lesson: Monarchy in Nepal Should Be Abolished

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle’s Web Log

Those who missed the power of protest in April saw the same yesterday when the government formed after the April Revolution buckled down in front of the public wrath and revoked its earlier decision to hike the price of petroleum products. A colleague this afternoon asked, “What does this protest symbolizes?” I answered: “Anyone trying to save the monarchy in future will face the same kind of wrath and that force will be demolished by the people.” People are waiting, looking and analyzing the decisions made by the government. They are not protesting before decisions are made. They waited for the government to hike the price of fuel and they hit did what was necessary.

In exactly the same manner, they are just listening to the nonsense speeches of Girija Prasad Koirala on saving or giving space to monarchy and analyzing them. Now, they are just listening but if his party Nepali Congress decides to go for monarchy, they will give the verdict. Nepali Congress or any force that comes in defense of the monarchy will be thrown into the history. There are some intelligent people in both Nepali Congresses who understand this situation. One of them is Pradeep Giri, central leader of Nepali Congress (Democratic) who, in his article published in Kantipur daily yesterday, has said that the unification between two parties shouldn’t happen to save monarchy in Nepal. Arguing that another ‘revolution’ [to throw monarchy] is imminent, Giri has stressed that both parties should be unified to lead that movement. He also says that parties should be united for lasting social, economic and political changes.

After his infamous speech about giving space in monarchy, Koirala yesterday expressed negativism about Interim Constitution. He said that the formation of Interim Constitution was unnecessary as the current constitution was sufficient to solve the problem. “That is height of foolishness,” said Laxman Prasad Aryal, the coordinator of Interim Constitution Draft Committed, in an interview of Kantipur TV today commenting on Koirala remarks. “To say that interim constitution unnecessary at this time is like throwing out the food. Do you know what will come if you vomit the food? Not anything good for sure.” Exactly. Nevertheless, today’s informal talks between the government and the Maoists have decided to receive the draft of interim constitution prepared by the Aryal led committed.

Here comes the contradiction on Koirala’s part. “I am not alone to defend monarchy,” he says. “The whole parliament approved that by clapping.” That might be true but that doesn’t mean people can’t change that decision. While saying that, Koirala easily forgets to mention that he was there in the summit meeting with Maoists to announce need of forming an interim constitution and he signed on the agreement to form an Interim Constitution Draft Committee.

Peace Process Update: Govt-Maoist Informal Talks and ICDC Flays PM’s Remarks

KATHMANDU, Aug 21 – An informal meeting was held between the government and Maoist negotiating teams to discuss the possible consensus between the two sides on reaching a common agreement on certain key issues in the interim constitution. Despite the repeated appeals by the Interim Constitution Draft Committee (ICDC) headed by former justice of the Supreme Court Laxman Prasad Aryal, the seven-party alliance government and the Maoist rebels have failed to reach a common agreement on the interim legislature, constituent assembly process, arms management and other political issues, resulting in the delay of the submission deadline of the temporary constitution.

The ICDC has been saying that it wants to submit the “unfinished” interim constitution leaving the issues to be resolved by the talks teams themselves. According to sources, the meeting, held at the residence of the coordinator of the government’s talks team and Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula this evening, also discussed the necessary homework on arms management of both the state and rebels before going for constituent assembly elections.

Home Minister Sitaula, and two other members of the government talks team Pradip Gyawali and Ramesh Lekhak and head of the rebel talks team Krishna Bahadur Mahara and member Dev Gurung were present in the meeting.

ICDC dissatisfaction over PM’s remarks

Head of the ICDC Laxman Prasad Aryal today expressed his “strong” dissatisfaction over Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s remarks that stated that the issue of drafting an interim constitution was of less importance than settling the arms issue at the present juncture. Terming the PM’s remarks as “unfortunate”, Aryal said that the ICDC would come up with a quick decision on the submission of the interim constitution after consulting with the other members of the committee.

Dubbing the interim constitution as a minor issue, PM Koirala told journalists in Biratnagar on Sunday that the seven-party government had committed a mistake by taking up the interim constitution issue.

PM Koirala emphasised that at this juncture arms management was the most prominent issue for him. “All the problems are hooked on this (arms management) and added once it is taken care of, the rest of the problems would spontaneously vanish.”

Talking to Kantipur Television this evening, ICDC chief Aryal said the premier’s statement was “the height of insincerity.” “It’s unfortunate as the remarks (prime minister’s) come at a time when we are waiting for the day to submit the interim constitution,” Aryal said. (source)

There seems to be one misconception about abolishing monarchy in Nepal. I have met and talked to those people who said that abolishing monarchy for them was destroying the royal palace and killing the inhabitant. “No,” I tried to explain. “That’s wrong. Abolishing monarchy means making Gyanendra a Nepali citizen. He is not a Nepali citizen as of now. He will be empowered with voting rights and he will be able to live, pursue a career, do the business and even play golf in Gokarna. His son will still be able to go to disco and dance with girls in the tune of DJs. But yes, if he fires upon any other dancers, he will not be given police escorting. Instead, he will be tried at court.” Plus, continuity of monarchy in any form wasn’t the demand of popular April uprising. No one demanded that monarchy be kept. Everyone chanted antimonarchy and pro-democratic republicanism slogans in the protest programs.

Girija Prasad Koirala is the visible face of those elements that are active in saving monarchy. Those invisible elements were active in the recent protests. They infiltrated into the protests by students and tried to play foul. The barbaric act of protestors in Gwarko area is one example of such infiltration. The whole area was shocked when mad mob dragged two girls out of a local restaurant and forced them to take off their clothes before nearly raping them. No one has taken responsibility of that act so far. Locals say police were unable to control the mob and police say their man in charge of the area was injured in the clash with the mob.

Here I reproduce an interesting comment by Blogged that I saw on this site today.

“Yes, King is no more in power just like Taliban are no more in power in Afghanistan and Saddam and other insurgents no more in power in Iraq. You don’t have to be in power to exploit the transitional stage and destablize the society. Royalists are doing exactly the same be that in the name of religion or other excuses.”

So true. There are such elements that are looking to fish in the dirty pound. They were active in the days of democracy, and they are active now. They will, as the commentator states, try to exploit any situation that goes against democracy. That is exactly why it is important we abolish monarchy from Nepal for the lasting political and economic stability.

On Ram Sharan Mahat

Before ending this article, let me mention one man who was instrumental for the fuel price hike. He is Dr. Ram Sharan Mahat who represents the royal interests in the cabinet in the form of finance minister. Ram Sharan Mahat is the same person who allocated Rs. 10 million to the palace for no reason and took back that decision after protests from parliamentarians. And he recently refused to cut the tax that his ministry imposes on every drop of fuel imported by arguing that he can’t suffer the loss of Rs. 30 million daily because of that. One thing that Dr. Mahat doesn’t seem to have understood is that state exchequer is not the property of his respectable father. It belongs to Nepali people and if people decide not to hike price, he should obey that and reduce the tax on fuel import.

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88 thoughts on “Fuel Price Protest Lesson: Monarchy in Nepal Should Be Abolished

  1. Wagle:
    You should step into the blog and respond to criticism once in a while.

  2. Dinesh, I walked to office yesterday and what I mainly saw was just students (?) and children having fun by burning tyres and pelting stones at motorists. They had no clear political agenda in their protests or for that matter understanding of the economics of petroleum prices. If you are comparing the events of the last two days to the April janandolan than that’s really sad because it really cheapens the April janandolan. Remember the April janandolan was much more than just young kids burning tyres and throwing rocks.

    Anyway what makes you think our country’s economy can sustain the present petroleum prices? Don’t you know that this is economic madness/suicide? I thought you were intelligent. Your article is really disappointing.

  3. Wagle sir!
    I am agree with you but not fully. Your article seems contradictory with in inself. In one hand you are trying to indicate involvement of King’s man in the protest, on the other you are comparing it with April revolution. So, it seems that it is necessary to make it clearer. I am somewhat agree with Kirat’s comment. But the governmet must justify that if it was necessary to hike the price why did it revoke it, and vice versa.

    If the King’s men are obstacle for present government, it should openly tell the people so that the government get people’s support. But, it will never be justifiable to favor king if the government is unable to take action against.

  4. What the hell? Please dont insult us, alteast post with some consideration to the reasonability of the you material. Lets not just get random.

  5. Wagle: it looks like you really dropped the ball with this one.
    This fuel hike and the subsequent protests has absolutely nothing to do with the Monarchy. In fact right now the Monarchy is not an obastacle to achieving long term sustainable peace in Nepal. Far more worrisome then the Monarch is the Maoist malitia who continue to extort and loot money and kill political activist. Either Prachanda is unable to control these malitias or he is not serious about the peace process. This, Wagle, is the biggest concern. In fact right now the coperation of the Monarchy is vital… without the help of the Monarchy we cannot reform the NA nor get their promise to stay in their barracks during the arms decommisioning process.
    Wagle, you don’t have to prove anything to me. But this article above was a piece of trash.

  6. I wasn’t comparing the recent protests with April Revolution but this is a reality that fuel hike protests were heavily influenced by the AR and carried some of the trait from that revolution. Look at the end result of these two protests. Both forced the regime buckle down. April’s was long and big thus achieved ‘bigger’ result. Resultwise, this protest also got no less. A government takes back its decision! So my point was that people are there ready to hit the streets against anything they deem bad. They are closely watching the developments. They are talking about them. In today’s vox pop broadcast in Kantipur TV, all interviewees supported the protest and said it was good that government took back the decision. So, I must say, the protest wasn’t just the act of uncontrolled students. Even political parties were quick enough to condemn the decision made by their own government? Why? Because they instantly realized that those on the streets were people.

    By the way, do you rememeber the spontaneous protests Kathmandu, and other cities, saw when parliament failed to bring out the Declaration in the scheduled time? How instantly those protests occurred?

    You don’t have to give much attention to see how the wave of protests are being lauchned throughout the country in almost every sector. From tea workers to drivers to university teachers to petro dealers to vocational students to donation victim merchants, everyone is protesting and April revolution has a lot to do for this all. Essentially, all protests are same to April Revolution. People think that protesting is the only or one of the most effective ways to fulfil their demands. That is why, I think, protesting as a medium of expressing anger will continue in the days to come. May be until the elections of the constituent assembly which, I think, is very good. Do you think these political leaders would have done (what they have done till now from parliament or in the peace process) if there was no pressure of protest from people? No. They would have hardly formed the cabinet in three months, leave the peace process to Gods hand. Situation is so fluent that anyone can protest and that can turn into a serious pressure at any time.

    Now, about the royalist infiltration in the protest. That was there as it was, unfortunately, in the protests of September 1, 2004 when Kathmandu was burnt, offices of recruit agencies and media houses were vandalized. Ever since king Birenda announced the death of Panchayat, Royalists are looking for the right opportuntity to hit back with the biggest examples being the royal moves of October 2002 and February 2005. It would be sheer foolishness to say that royal henchmen are keeping quiet these days. No, they are not. They as active as they were before April revolution. The only difference is that these days they are active in darkroom meetings and sending vigilantes in any protests that people launch against the democratic government or agencies. That is why, to eliminate this never ending threat to democracy from royalist element, it is necessary to throw away monarchy itself.

    For those who see big problems in the Maoist arms than in the Monarchy. Why not look from another perspective? What is harm in making Gyanendra a citizen of Nepal if Maoists give up arms for that? What is harm to an average Nepali in that? The only thing is that Gyanendra will loose his salary that is paid by our blood and sweat. It will be very much easier to democratize Nepal Army In the absence of monarchy. Democracy will be stable in the absence of monarchy.

  7. Wagle you have lost it. What does the hike in fuel prices have to do with monarchy. These are two separate issues–its apples & oranges. Your article is void of logic. You need take basic lessons on economics from a local sahuji who sells vegetables in the market.

    Petroleum prices are dictated by the world market prices and in our case, India since we have no refining capacity. Price of oil has sky rocketed all over the world & we are just going to have to deal with it.

    If we expect the government to subsidize petroleum prodcuts then, it is not sound economic policy. Pretty soon, the government will be functioning in deficit spending (NOC is already in the red). This means the government will print more money without any assets to back it up. Which means, there will be hyper inflation (which we already are at a level high of 9%).

    When we have hyper inflation, everyone will lose cause there will be devaulation of money. Your bank accounts will mean less or nothing. Unemployment will soar even more.

    Wagle if you are going to rant & rave, please be responsible about it. Weren’t you suppossed to go on a vacation to the Annapuranas? Looks like that has not helped.

  8. Birodhi,

    Will you please go through the text before commenting or just the headline is enough for you to write back? And it seems you didn’t even get the headline right? I was talking about fuel price protest, not the price. For price, please refer to my previous post for which your comment is suitable though I have tried to cover what you posted.

    I haven’t said “hike in fuel prices have [anything] to do with monarchy.”

    Oh…yea, for your kind information, Hridiyesh Tripathi, the minister responsible for the price hike, was saying that he had to increase the price because royal government didn’t adjust the price. But my boss, I haven’t said king Gyanendra or monarchy increased the price!

  9. Dinesh dai,

    Exactly mero maan ko kura chornu vo. Maile pani hijo yehi soch dai thye. maile tapai ko just two lines padhe aba balla sabai padhchu. purai padna agadi nai comment garna maan lagyo.

    thanks dai,

  10. Wagle dai,

    You are talking by stealing my words one after the another. Please don’t mind about the useless commenters who always go negative whatsoever is the subject and your point. I am sure they are hired by somebody, they are non other than e-terrorists from narayanhiti.

    Though there is one point where I agree with you but I am worried for reasult. I agree the hike was homeworkless, researchless. lot was to be done other then only hiking big lump of the price. they should not only just impose price, thinking people will first protest and later agree whatever govt. decides. They should have done homework, they should have hiked just about half of hike of friday or less, but should have to try to reduce loss from other sides. But prices should be hiked be it small amount it is necissecity, people do not calculate they just protest so calculations and other things ta govt bata nai hunu parcha tara with really really good homework by govt. After all country can’t suside without hiking price even a little.

    Anyways I know that you don’t totally disagree with price hike, but do that with the amount govt. did researchlessly friday.

    Please keep on writing!

  11. wagle,
    I had some respect for you before u wrote this.So, u mean to say we have to abloish our Monarcy because the maoist kids will ravage our cities? Have we become so weak,that because of the fear of them we have to do whatever they like and do u think if u kick king out then suddenly overnight the maoist dogs will be humans again.
    Come out of your dream wagle,by now i thought u understood the true ideology of maoist animals.

  12. Read sanjeev upreti’s article in today’s Kathmandu post.Kantipurko patrakarko pani buddhi khulna lagyo jasto cha!!

  13. What I like about this article is that the decision making people has to analyze the situation well in advance and come out with alterbnatives otherwise chaos will continue. People would protest and protest well.

    Question is in view of the the global price hike of the fuel, how can a Government formed after the ruining of economy by the Gyane and party can manage the economy without price hiking. Beside this linkage with the monarchists made in the article may be at this stage unwarranted.

    How to manage the deficit is the real issue unfortunayely.

  14. wagle..

    you just keep proving your stupidity time after time. you are pathetic. at least make an attempt to try and resolve a problem. you just inflame passions without providing any decent workable solution at all.

    what is the government supposed to do? please answer. i would like to hear your views on how the NOC’S bankruptcy can be tackled. if the government would not have done anything, you would have come out and said girija is an ass and he is not doing anything. his government does something and you blame hoim for the protests..

    you suck man.. you suck.. and you don’t seem to respond to any criticism at all.. like a sissy.

  15. WAGLE U ASSH*%$#@


  16. Mr. Wagle:
    I appreciate you coming into the blog and defending your position. However, I utterly disagree with your argument and prespective. I am sorry to say but you seem to talk like a naive 8 year old. The NA and its relationship with the Palace is a very complex web of loyaltie, tradition, hirarechy etc. It’s not that simple to say “oh let’s just get rid of the Monarchy and reform the NA”. I find it highly suprising that for a Nepali “journalist” you are unable to understand this Palace-Army dynamics. You sound like a foreginer who has no experience or knowledge of Nepal. Even reading the Lonely Planet will give if you a better insight.

    Think about it like the Wagle. The Army has nothing to gain (at least its officers) by becoming transparent and democratic. Imagine these officers who have been enjoying the free Kahsi and other benefits having to be accountable all of a sudden. The same with the Monarchy. Gradually the relevence of the Monarchy is coming to an end. I see this especially when it come time for Paras to ascend to the throne. Right now however, Wagle, it would be most foolish to do something drastic and invite a nasty backlash from the Royalist camp. Because as I mentioned before the main concern is taming the Maoists. The last thing we need is the Monarchist sabotaging the peace process.
    Don’t worry their time will gradually come as well.

  17. I think we are more idiot than wagle, because inspite of his wired, stupid, medicore comments, we are visiting this site and commenting. I think we should all stop visiting this site and let wagle comment and read by himself!!!
    But i keep visiting this site just to update myself on how lost and medicore mainstream journalists are in Nepal and how they keep misleading the general public with worng information and sometimes half information!!!

    grow up MR. WAGLE…and use your kidney!!!

  18. Dinesh,

    It the shortsightedness of the people like you and your organization(kantipur) that is causing the country this termoil.

    It is apparent to know that, how feared you are from you deeds that you don’t dare to venture out to street to film the demostration, becoz u know that if people see the kantipur van they will just burnt it down, so you just dare to come outside of the corporate building and film the street infront.

    what will you think, always using the hooligans will work, NO!

    One thing i must admit that, you guys at same time can say a line is straight and line is curved. Liek now, in all the kantipur publications, they are saying that hooligans did the distruction, vandelism and now here you are saying that this is lesson for the those who wanto save monarchy?????

    WHAT if I say “this is lesson for SPA-M that, if they try to remove monarchy, similar can happen”

    if once the monarchy is removed, are you sure that maoist will just let the SPA to rule the nepal nad they will keep watching, no way..

    even now they are operating like parallel govt, collecting tax, doing policing, patrolling, even discarding the district development comitte’s tender and issuing their own tender.

    what will happen then, if you want to live in their tranny then i have nothing to say but goodluck.

    i pray to lord pashupatinath to give some little ammount of strength to open their buddhi and analyze the situation in the UN-BIASED WAY.

  19. Those who failed to see the stupidity of April protests saw it yesterday. They realized that the “protester” class in Nepal has single digit IQ when protesters started protesting again market dynamics.

    A colleague this afternoon asked, “What does this protest symbolizes?” I answered: “Stupidity, Stupidity and Stupidity. Anyone trying to do anything reasonable for long term interests of the country will face the same vulgarity by protesters who at best have some quixotic plans.”

    I can go on to create an anti-article but it is being left as an exercise to the reader.

    The real challenge that Nepal is facing today is not Monarchy but Maoists. Maoist cadre is basically a set of narcissist people who never matured beyond their teenage. They have no place in a peaceful society. They can’t earn a loaf of bread for them in a peaceful society. So they have created a war like situation. Where they can extort money, conduct illegal logging, and smuggling. For those who think a new constitution will appease Maoist, I would say get real. After they have a constitution and neutralized royalists, they will find some other enemy within the society to justify their existence. It would be other elite like businessman. After they driven out all the businesses they will find another enemy like India or America to justify their existence.
    That is how all the communist regimes work around the globe. I do not see why would it be different in Nepal.

  20. Why Monarchy Should Be Abolished?

    Some of the commentators, without any reasonable arguments it seems, wants me to write that Monarchy is the savior of Nepal which, I believe, is a day dream of royalists. It must be the statement of king Gyanendra to claim that Nepali Army couldn’t be democratized or reformed without the help of monarchy. We don’t need king or monarchy to make army accountable to people. The process has already begun. Closely watch, where the process has begun from. From cutting the links between the army and the monarchy. That’s it. But just cutting the link is not enough. Monarchy is the root threat to democracy and we have seen that thrice in the last 60 years. Tribhuvan broke his promise to hold the election of Constituent Assembly, his son Mahendra dismissed the first ever democratically elected government of Nepal. His son Birendra hijacked the referendum but surrendered only when hundreds of thousands of people hit the streets. Just look at the events of last five years to see how Birendra’s brother Gyanendra molested and raped the democracy of Nepal time and again.

    So king’s in Nepal are best suit in cages like in Rana regime. But that is not enough for them. Why? After they got a chance to get out of the cage, they will start showing their true color (see the examples above). So the time has come to throw away the monarchy once and for all. There is no meaning of defending monarchy on the web. Look at the situation on the streets of Kathmandu and other cities. People are talking about democratic republicanism- from students to civil society to political leaders to media. And those who want to save “our” monarchy are free to go to the street and raise their voice!! So another April Revolution kind of uprising is imminent and I am sure the election of constituent assembly or referendum to decide the fate of monarchy wouldn’t be as easy and peaceful as it is being envisioned now.

    As the process of sorting out differences with Maoists and reestablishing peace has begun, the process of removing monarchy must also begin at the same pace. Both are difficult talks, I agree, but as long as there are people who are ready to hit the streets, we can do both jobs. Even Maoists fear the strength of peaceful movement. That is why in each and every speech, Prachand and Baburam are talking about 19 day movement. So it wouldn’t be realistic to say that Maoists couldn’t be tamed in the absence of monarchy in Nepal. Again, that would be the statement coming out of Narayanhitti palace.

    About the price hike
    Let me repeat, I haven’t said price hike has to do with monarchy. I have written on this topic in previous blog in which I have argued that it is necessary to adjust the price of imported products like petroleum as per international market. But doing that, a wise government must try to avoid protest at a time like this when people are having high expectations and royalists are trying to get a change to infiltrate into the protests.

  21. i am not the supporter of the king. But the way, you keep hounding giriza and the king is idiotic.

    The lion (or snake as you guys like) is already caged. And you want to throw stones at it and push it with a long stick becoz you aren’t being entertained by it. And then you see the old sick zoo-keeper and you want to pull his eezar and make fun of him….its crazyy!!!

  22. they can’t control their cadres and they call it inflirtation… take gwarko for example… come up with something new.

  23. Wagle, you write:

    “What does this protest symbolizes?” I answered: “Anyone trying to save the monarchy in future will face the same kind of wrath and that force will be demolished by the people.”

    But tell me Wagle were you present in the protests? Was anyone in this blog present in the protests? Was anyone we in this forum know, present in the street protests?

    Is’nt it very much a politically charged protest organised most likely by the maoists and other leftist groups?

    The protest my dear Wagle, symbolises the politics of the mob, sponsored by political parties to go against even necessary decisions. If the monarchy or governments or whatever decisions can be brought down with this kind of mobocracy, then I’m afraid you can say it will be the end of this country let alone the monarchy.

  24. Wagle,

    I don’t need to say it, but I will, just to let you know that most of the bloggers here are correct in the line of thought that you are a naive bugger, with a set one track agenda. It is now you who is fiddling with your awkward and inexperienced pen in need of journalism 101 lessons to begin with, while Nepal burns.
    It’s easy to join up and get an introductory class in journalism but common sense cannot be taught. Maybe you need to change your profession (if you can call your’s that) and go and join one of these directionless and destructive political parties or groups and join your equals on the streets the next time a bitter but necessary decision needs to be taken by any government.

  25. P.S. Wagle,

    Unlike some in this blog, I for one do not need any sort of response from you nor will I be interested in your responses, as I had already made my inferences on you a long time back. Articles like this one just drives one more long and hard nail in your coffin.

  26. Because of this kind of journalism Kantipur is being laugh of the day after restoration of democracy. The government had hiked the price by 25% which might be due to the international and national reasons, and the king is being blamed for the public pressure of massive hike. The king even left his 237 years old army by peoples’ pressure how come he would use all gundas to regain his power. I feel he might not be foolish to sacrifice himself for nothing at this moment. And all people who gave pressure to the government to reduce the price were not gundas. Once the king is abolished this Kantipur is going to blame congress for everything just to survive and earn money. Wagle seems to be damn fooled, very innocent, very clever or
    …bla…bla..bla…for grand design…

  27. “But doing that, a wise government must try to avoid protest at a time like this when people are having high expectations and royalists are trying to get a change to infiltrate into the protests”

    A wise govt. you bloody fool, get’s it’s act together quickly so that our economy does not crash, and then supports it’s decision even it it means using necessary force to stop anarchy.
    No wise government can avoid protests when the protestors are made up of people backed, paid for or whatever you call it by the maoists whose only agenda is to get the country to it’s knees so that they can fill the power vaccum with their totalitarian style. When they do, and when people like you Wagle go out to protest even legitamately, you will be shot till you are dead. Don’t have any illusions about this you pig headed empty vessel.

  28. I know Wagle thinks of himself as saviour, the “elightnened few” whose task is to preach and show the world he is dripped from head to toe with ideals that stands second to none. Funny thing is- HE IS A FOOL IN THE HILL.

    The way he makes disjointed connection of subject matter, defends his baiseness without any concrete evidence goes to prove that “you can take Bhaun from Ramechap to US but you cannot change his traits.”

    His kind have been the scourge of this land rather than taming Maoist, the better option would be to put them in their place. He is a fly-by-night journalist without much substance. In fact he is a leftist radical in disguise of a sub-standard reporter.

  29. Not that Wagle had much to begin with but once you lose your reputation it is a real uphill task to regain whatever little one might think one had.

  30. Wagle,

    Are you on drugs,

    You defend yourself saying:

    “Let me repeat, I haven’t said price hike has to do with monarchy”

    But then your headline to this article is:

    “Fuel Price Protest Lesson: Monarchy in Nepal Should Be Abolished”

    And then you go on to add:

    “What does this protest symbolizes?” I answered: “Anyone trying to save the monarchy in future will face the same kind of wrath and that force will be demolished by the people.”

    Don’t play a fool’s game buddy. We know how to read English. Maybe you need a few lessons or more to brush up your end of the language.

  31. it seems the writer thought the anti-king guys, anti-giriza guys, mob-lovers, and jungle-lovers would support this article strongly but unfortunately as days go by, many guys in this blog have been disillusioned very badly and worried about the future of Nepal.

    I think all they want is Rationality and peace and prosperity of this country.

  32. Wagle,

    Take a long break will you. Why don’t you first begin at the beginning, take a few accredited journalism lessons, then do a long apprenticeship under a seasoned journalist, grow up, mature then write. I think the situation and the circumstances are well beyond your grasp or your experience. I don’t blame you for anything, I just blame your inexperience and lack of education in this profession. The fault you may make is to think you are ready for this job, don’t make that mistake and get yourself educated in the field first, otherwise your career may be over before it has even begun and you may end up as a “gutter” columnist writing about the escapades of Paras.

    This is good advice for you Wagle son, and as Nepal becomes more transparent and people become more aware and demanding, the media and journalists will have to fulfill these same exacting standards. Get a head start now by gathering your tools for such a world, and I’m sure we will see you in a decade or so writing pretty well thought out pieces. I see the potential in you, this is why I advise you in this way. Don’t make this potential headed for disaster, realise your potential by getting the skills and the education necessary to become a good journalist some day.

  33. Dinesh,

    You write,

    “And those who want to save “our” monarchy are free to go to the street and raise their voice!!”

    Yes, but I think most people, and it is the majority would rather do it the civilised way and go to the ballot. I think most people with common sense –
    Firstly, do not have the time or the stupidity to make the situation worse by going to the streets for every god damn thing and,

    Secondly, because of the fear of the armed moaists (who get all hot blooded if people say that space to the monarchy should be given), even if people wanted to show support for monarchy or anything for that matter which is against the grain of maoist agenda, they would not as they maybe threatened, killed or who the hell knows what else? Ask the maoists to lay down their arms and then we will see what happens. I’ll vouch that it will be the people from the villages who will be lynching these buggers till the sun sets before any such street protests are even required.

  34. The nakedness (paperthin) of this Wagle’s intellectual and journalistic credential is in open. He is nothing but a hound dog- give a dog a bone. Find a nearest tree but not in my backyard you half brained twit.

  35. Wagleji,
    I have a great respect for the excellent job you do. It’s apparent that whenever you blog Gyane dai or Girija baje in the negative light, their worshipers do not exactly enjoy it. But Nepalis had enough of the kings and Girija. They want to stay in power forever, yet do not move the country forward not even an inch. Down with the king and GP Koirala!

  36. “Going to the streets” does nothing but interupt the essential functioning of society and plays into the Maoist plan. The ONLY solution is to immediately send the Army back to battle against the Maoists. Useless talk will only allow the Maoists to further strengthen their strategic stranglehold on the valley and throughout the country. It may already be too late.

  37. You are so consumed with your hatred of a monarchy that you will accept a totalitarian commissar. I’ll see you in the rice fields as we are being “re-educated”. Fools.

  38. So was those innocent girl who were dragged from the resturant and stripped naked on broadday light was the protest for monarcy? Wake up……..

  39. wagle and his cronies first saw kangressi doing that, kangressi doing this, so they were boared by this as there was nothing SCOOP to write in paper, so there was another maoist, then they highlighted them for SCOOP,

    then they saw king out of nowhere in the game, what was required then, their lust for SCOOP and playing with the national interest was on the height

    when now king is out of the scene, they again see the same old kangressi, so what to do now? pull back the king from out of scene then see the tamasa and have some SCOOP.

    they must be very hungry to hear something from king so have some SCOOP, so to feed their hunger they are now feeding us with the MAOIST propaganda

    but he forgets to blog about the daily killed political activist by maoist or the woman being raped by the doctor posing to take x-ray.

    i would to give you 2 paisa so that you can buy some “buddhi”

    whatever i say above, i from the inner heart feel that, nepal must be under maoist terror for sometime so that people know for once and ever that communist are communist and they are always autocratic, they do whatever needed to be in power, and just by saying republic nepal won’t become heaven.

    our evolutions were as rajtantra-> panchayat-> prajatantra-> loktantra-> ganatantra-> then what tantra ???????? back to rajtantra again?

    oh one thing, just by putting 5-6 men-in-black on the high closed black gate (atleast narayanhiti gates are see-thru gates and they are white unlike our black and closed), god knows what’s inside your closed gates won’t be sufficient to stop the mass, when taking you words, “kings army that are in thousands (95+ thousand with most sufficticated weapons) could not stop 10-20 thousand people, how can yours 5-6 vada-ko-tattu stop the people ??

    I think you should really ponder in this matter and do the respectable and accountable journalism not the yellow journalism.

  40. “All the problems are hooked on this (arms management) and added once it is taken care of, the rest of the problems would spontaneously vanish.”

    I don’t know about all the problems vanishing spontaneously, but GPK is right about one this – arms management is the key issue – many problems are directly linked to this. Even the international community and the UN agree to this and it is also on top of their list. I think the maoists have to give up their arms, as they are still breaking all their agreements with their extortions and killings. They are behaving like untouchables – which at the moment they seem to be.
    Even an ostrich with it’s head buried in the sand knows arms managment is the main issue. Get rid of maoist arms and even the most difficult of lives would breath a sigh of relief, because with the maoists and their arms even difficult lives are more miserable and this goes for all sections of the society.

  41. “Before ending this article, let me mention one man who was instrumental for the fuel price hike. He is Dr. Ram Sharan Mahat who represents the royal interests in the cabinet in the form of finance minister.”

    Leave alone the rest of the article, if I just critique this paragraph, you will see that in any country with journalism practiced with ethics, this statement would be torn apart and this writer would not be writing in any credible organisation. Not that I am saying this blog is credible, but for arguments sake and since we know he is linked with Kantipur publications…

    “One man who is instrumental for the fuel price hike…”
    Are we to believe that the price of fuel is hiked at the whim and fancy of a Finance Minister, or are fuel prices hiked after assessing the market and the international prices and at the reccomendation of the suppliers and donors including the World Bank and ADB. The fact that the hike is withdrawn spells more trouble not less for our nation in the days ahead.

    “Dr. Ram Sharan Mahat who represents the royal interests in the cabinet in the form of finance minister.”

    Are we to believe that after 14 months of protesting against the royal regime and making a difficult understanding with the maoists that people like Ram Mahat and GPK and gang are now all of a sudden royalists? I think the likes of Ram Mahat are in a much more difficult situation now having to deal with the devil, and maybe have realised that signing a 12 point understanding with murderers was a big mistake in the first place.

  42. Abolition of monarchy and fuel price protests are two unrelated things. One queer consequence of the royal despotism and the subsequent uprising has been the situation where everyone can ask whatever they want and still get away. Poor governance only has added to the anarchy. Welcome to ANARCHY LAND.

  43. I think it is the right time to start focussing articles etc. on the issue of arms management, coupled with the serious nature of the maoists still going about with their extortions and killings. Their behaviour definitely calls for their arms to be managed. The army by the way, have behaved themselves pretty well compared to the maoists. Dilly dallying may cause the army to step out of their barracks one fine day and begin their own reign which may include extortion and murder as well. How does a Military peoples court sound to you all along with the maoists peoples court side by side? It’s time to up the tempo and get behind the arms issue now before it is too late.

  44. New mottos:

    1)blame all your woes on giriza and king

    2)jungle-men should be given benefit of doubt whether in chanda or murder

    3)if you have nothing to do, burn tires and suffocate

    4)increase the no.of street children instead of taking care of them

    5)looting, hooting, shooting is allowed because loktantra has come….(imagine what will happen when loktantric ganatantra comes!!!!)

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