Who Is Blocking The Peace Process?

One of the biggest achievements of Stephen De Mistura visit to Nepal is that both sides on the talks table felt pressure to quicken the process. Nothing was expected more than that from his visit. No doubt, real problem lies not in the guns and bullets owned by the Maoists but the failure in the political parties to reach a clear understanding on the future of monarchy. Nepali Congress thinks that the monarchy is in interim state. The party should come up with even more clarity on the issue. Why do you want to keep the institution that is hated by majority of people? Continue reading Who Is Blocking The Peace Process?

30,000: Number of the Century

That’s the number, if you didn’t know earlier, of ropanis of land king Gyanendra owns in Nepal making him, most probably, the biggest landlord of the country. And the most interesting thing is that our government still pays him monthly salary. The paradox is that the parliament, on the one hand rightly thinks that the king is not of use to the country but on the other hand approves budget allocated by the government. Question of the moment is, why are you paying the king, RICH king, the money that he doesn’t deserve? 30,000 ropanis of land? God, why would anyone need that much land? Will this ‘all powerful and sovereign’ parliament declare that land state property and use that for the national interest? What will this government do? Or this government of Girija Prasad Koirala and KP Oli wait for the election of Constituent Assembly for this too? People are curious to know. Continue reading 30,000: Number of the Century