Maoist Students Surround Nepal Army Headquarter: Wrong Move

Maoists students ghearo army headquarters

Students from around Kathmandu were forcefully taken to surround the army headquarters by the Maoists student organization. A wrong way of protest in wrong times at wrong venue. All pics by Shailendra Kharel

Looking at the photo above reminds me of that day when thousands of school students were forcefully lined up on the road leading up to the royal palace from Kathmandu international airport to welcome king Gyanendra returning back from his infamous African safari. Two days ago, students from Kathmandu were forcefully collected in similar manner by the Maoist affiliated student organization to surround the Nepali Army headquarters. Reason for the latest action is that the student organization wants to pressurize the army to disclose the whereabouts of the disappeared Nepali people. Yes, that should be disclosed, no question but the way the protest program was organized was inappropriate and the timing was bad move and the venue was not suitable at all. “What if victims of Maoists atrocities go and surround [places like Kamidanda in Kavre] where Maoist soldiers are kept,” asks an editorial in today’s Kantipur that condemns the protest.

Maoists students ghearo army headquarters

These are times when the country is involved in peace process and both state and Maoists have signed a 25-point code of conduct. The demonstration wasn’t organized by any organizations affiliated with any of the seven parties but by the Maoists themselves in the form of students. Isn’t it a contradiction? On the one hand, you are on the table of peace talks and on the other hand you try to instigate soldiers by shouting words like ‘rapist’ and ‘killer’ outside their barrack. The best thing about the day before yesterday’s ghearo program was that the army behaved very responsibly. The responsibility of providing security to the Army headquarter was given to the police and soldiers confined themselves inside the barrack.

Maoists students ghearo army headquarters

Who would have taken the responsibility had any individual soldier, pissed off with the remarks students outside were passing at them, come out of the building and opened fired at protestors? Everybody should behave responsibly in these times. There is no point instigating people on any pretext. Maoist’s student organization must take note of this.

Maoists students ghearo army headquarters






5 responses to “Maoist Students Surround Nepal Army Headquarter: Wrong Move”

  1. Gaunle Avatar

    Maoist activities so far have failed to convince people that they will be democratic party. I also don’t believe that they will be democratic. They can become a political party but not allowed to be a ruling party. They are not to be trusted. Watch out! Read the history, freedom and about the life standard of communist countries. Surely you don’t want your country to be one of those.

  2. suyo Avatar

    Beware of the the worse one to come.
    Prachanda and his band of goons are weilding the reign of terror. Just what are they trying to show by trying gather one million people in kathmandu. The maoist are already unpopular and with the interim govt and the arms lock up, maoist are only wating for an unleashing of public wrath on them. It is time for the three million people from kathmandu to unite and put up a deadly front to these goons who are looting, extorting , abducting and killing people in the name of their so-called Loktantra.
    God help the maoist now! it is surely the end of the beginning.

  3. Nayapal Pande Avatar
    Nayapal Pande

    The Maoist want a disaster to take place, by instigating the army, and thereby allowing them an avenue for total control. I thoroughly support the peace process, and believe there is no military solution to this massive political problem; but I fear we are not being realistic, with the timeframe. I thoroughly hope for a peaceful democratic Nepal but fear, I fear, I fear when it at your door, asking for “voluntary donations”.

  4. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Eventhough this Peace Accord is reached Maoists are not going to change. If they continue like that showing their wild and savage behavior they will fade out themselves in the eyes of the people.No body trust them and in the Constiuent Assembly elections, they will have less than 60 seats out of 425. Everybody knows, these are are the rapists, kidnappers and killers. Who on earth votes for them ?

    But one positive side of the Maoists, we should not forget, even Girija or NC and others could not have done in 50 years, they have done in 10 and half years. They have already killed the SAMATABAD KO DAKA, King and Monarchy. Paras should be very proud of his father because Gyane did not give him a lot of trouble in his future life. Why ? he does not have to Chair the sports council meeting anymore and the KMTNC and other organization. He does not have to think about the de-development of the country.

    One suggestion for the Nepal Army and the Government is that they should stop the enrollment immediately and they should not appoint any body in the retres army’s place because they have to give the olace to Maoists gorilla if they are intereted to join the NA.That way they can create the space. If they do not enroll new recruits for one year, they might absorve about 50 percent maoists in the Army.

  5. cut the crap Avatar
    cut the crap

    Every country produces traitors who sell their country – it just happens that our is Prof Pyare Lall just like Vidkum Quisling for the Nazis in Norway – Pyare Lall for the United States in Nepal.

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