Maoist Army in Writing: Interview With Comrade Commissar

Maoist interview

Q & A with a reble commissar

By Neil Horning in Myagdi and Pokhara

We know what Prachanda and Barburam are saying. What does their military think? This is an interview with commissar of the Basanta Memorial Brigade, 4th Division of the Peoples Liberation Army. The Maoist military has both a military officer and a political officer for each unit down to the company level. A section is 10 to 15 solders, a platoon is 50 to 70, and a company is 100 to 200. Three companies make a battalion, and three battalions make a brigade. There are about 25 brigades in the PLA, they say, comprising 7 divisions.

The Basanta memorial brigade did not have anyone present who could speak English well. The interview was conducted with the Brigade Commander, a Company Commander, District Secretary, a Brigade medic, and a female Brigade Medic Assistant present. After I submitted the written questions they all listened to a translation from Deep, the Medic, and took notes while conferring with one another to see if they understood the translation. Then, after dhal bhat, the brigade commander decided that the questions were political in nature and should therefore be answered by the Commissar. I did not know what his responses were until I had them translated in Pokhara. It is clear from the translation that he didn’t fully understand all of the questions.

Neil Horning With Maoist Commissar

Neil Horning, left, With Maoist Commissar

I took the approach in this interview that I could gain more information by asking questions the PLA wanted to answer then by interrogating them. I believe this approach was successful. While I was more interested in concrete actions that the PLA was taking in their army and the areas they control, the answers given were quite ideological. While this is to be expected considering the role the Commissar plays in the brigade, I believe it also reflects on the state of mind in the PLA.

How much political education are the troops given?

We give political education about the past history of the communist movement, and the struggle of the Nepal Communist Party. In general, we teach about oppression. We teach about the people who do not have to work and the people who do have to work in order to eat. We espouse the political idea of a beautiful world without classes. We give education that encourages change in the people, society, and the world. We teach how to build a country without exploitation.

How long is the troops training?

Since we started the class fight, we have been fighting with exploiters. Afterword, the people have come continuously to join the Peoples Liberation Army and support us. So, the training goes piece by piece. As long as we cannot get liberation for our class, we will learn more and more fighting skills continuously until we overcome our enemies strength.

Are the troops excited/ happy about the ceasefire?

As our army is political nature, now we have moved from the bloody fight to the bloodless fight. According to the will of Nepalese citizens for peace and development, we have coordinated peace talks. As these negotiations are possible due to our 10 year fight we are happy to inform the citizens of this fact, and we feel our responsibility has become more important.

Are you and the troops ready to be moved into barracks if the United Nations says so?

We have been fighting from this land for the liberation of the world’s class of people who have nothing. Whatever the United Nations says about our troops, as long as the decisions are made in the welfare of the the people who have nothing then we will surly accept that decision and will implement it seriously. After all, we are the Peoples Liberation Army of the citizens. As long as the United Nations decision will be in favor of people there will be dialog between Maoists and the United Nations. According to our parties instruction we will follow the decision with fierce determination.

Maoist interview

The three months ceasefire will expire soon. What do you think will happen then?

We will try our best to fulfill the wish of peace and development of the Nepalese citizen during this three month cease fire. After this time, the alliance of the seven political parties, civil society, and Maoists together will make a decision for the welfare of the people, and to fulfill their wish for peace. We will move accordingly.

What are you planning to do when the war is over?

After ending our fight with the Peoples Liberation Army we will raise the level of consciousness of the people with our leadership. There will be development in communication, transportation, hydroelectric power, and growth in both small and large scale factories, which will enable the Nepalese people to depend on their own economic system. We PLA will connect to this with development and labor work. We will make Nepal the most beautiful country, and an example to the world.

Neil Horning interview of a maoist commissar

This division and brigade have been in many battles. What is Morale like?

Our division and brigade have been forwarding many army policies and work policies and that sort of development during wartime to defeat our enemies. We have been developing [positional warfare] skills, and we have been achieving victory. Now, all of these new policies and work policies have been generated by our PLA chief commander Com. Prachanda. While there have been problems, the new work policies and others will be generated by Prachanda, so we feel happy about that.

If the Maoist leaders join the interim government, do you feel that the Maoists have won? Is that victory?

Our great and glorified leaders will definitely enter the interim government. We have not yet been able to take all the power centers according to our plan. That’s why this is our evolutionary success. This is not our full success. It will play a very important and crucial role to establish our party’s image and glory to the people. And this will help to bring full success according to our ideology.

In Maoist theory, joining mainstream democratic politics is often called revisionism. Is what the CPN (Maoist) doing now revisionism?

Yes, Mr. Neil, that is a question to think about. There have been so many revolutions and counter-revolutions from the 18th century to the 20th century. Last time, Com. Mao generated new peoples [power]. After that huge conspiracies were made against Mao by Lin Bao. While comrade Lenin was also badly betrayed. So, we Nepali PLA have been studying their history very deeply and closely. Now, in the 21st century, Com. Prachanda is bringing forward the idea of making Nepali PLA as a political army, in order to not to let those conspiratorial ideas arise within the Nepali Revolution.

What changes has the PLA made to implement the 25 point code of conduct?

Yes, Mr. Neil, our Peoples’ Liberation Army has been fighting for change. That’s why now after 10 years of peoples’ war, the 12-point agreement between SPA and Maoists resulted in the 19th day people’s revolution achieving a new government coalition and ceasefire. The 25 point code of conduct is positive to us. Moreover, we have been implementing it in practice. By nature, being a changeable army, we have been experiencing transformation.

What has the PLA done to win public support?

Our peoples war is of [by, and for] the people. Our peoples’ war began with 60 to 70 people in the whole country depending on the support of citizens. Now, after 10 years of people’s war, not only are the Nepalese people are supporting us, but also the whole world’s laborers and dominated people. Due to that reason, in today’s 21st century, American imperialism that is trying to control the whole world is quaking [in fear]. When the Nepalese people rise up it will feel like a missile attack in the White House.

Our PLA have studied well. When people rise up in a conscious way no tyrants will be able to oppress in the world. We have seen the Paris Commune, Socialist October Revolution in Russia, and Communist Revolution in China. All revolutions were supported by citizens. Now, the Nepalese revolution has also happened by the support, sacrifice, and direct involvement of the people. That is crucial support which has been made clear from the 19 day peoples’ revolution. In addition, the Maoist announced rallies from east to west and especially in Kathmandu on June 2nd. The June 2nd gathering proved to us that the public support the PLA as clear as the sun during the day

Do you feel the war has been worth it? Would you do it again?

Neil, my friend. We don’t give any worth to the war. But as it is said, “Iron cuts Iron,” so there is struggle of violence against violence. So, as the representatives of the Nepal Communist party we have taken up the gun to finish the violence. To give freedom to the Nepalese people from war we started the war. Therefor the war will be worth it until there is liberation of the working class citizens. That does not mean we feel everything is war. There will also be a fight directly or indirectly until the people obtain equal rights.

How important is the role of women in the PLA?

Thank you Neil my friend, for you curiosity. Even if before, in the 18th century, there was not much explanation of the roll of women in revolution, after the time of Lenin and Mao it has been explained that without the involvement of women the revolution will not succeed. following that ideology we have an involvement of 35 to 40% women. Moreover, in the capitalist government structure the role of women is on paper only, not in practice. During this revolution, when the army came to the village they abused women cutting grass, collecting wood in the forest, and fetching water at the tap, from the age of 9 to 60. Therefore, those from the very young to the very old, being infused with [bitter] aggression they have come to join our PLA formation with a sense of revenge . This kind of revenge is a great source of inspiration in the field of revolution.

Is there anything you would like to say to the Nepalese People/ American people/ world etc.

Do Nepalese citizens like all citizens of the world? About this matter, the PLA has two views. one view is that tyrants use more and more citizens for their army and production in order to pursue their own purposes. Naturally, we help to liberate the people who are laboring. So, we look as friends to the laborers of the country, and we like them. However, we fiercely hate all the tyrants of the world and view them as enemies.

Special thanks to Krishna for the translation. I have made some modifications according to my understanding of Maoist ideology. I will be posting an article on my experience with the Maoists in the days to come.

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  1. Neil:
    You should have inquired about the extortions and the kidnappings etc. These Maosits say one thing but in reality all the villagers are suffering. People’s war my ass!


  2. Feudalism is “extortion.” Sex trade in Nepalese women is “kidnapping.”

    The idea that violence was introduced by the Maoists is ridiculous. The idea that fighting a backwards and oppressive feudal system is “violent” while the USA/UK and India provided machine guns to a “king” is absurd.

    Tyrants never relinquish power. They use the myths of religion and force of tradition to justify their theft.

    With the rise of the People’s Liberation Army, that does not rape and has never shot into crowds defending tyrants, this fake discussion has been brought to an end.

    The people agree with the Maoists that an unconditional constituent assembly is the way to go — because all the dissembling and lies of the old ruling classes no longer go without answer.

    No one cares what the king thinks anymore, and those who want to continue his state, army and social system under fake “democratic” management are getting a rude wake-up!

    Neil Horning should be congratulated for seeking out people’s own words. Even the commanders of the People’s Liberationa Army are not career soldiers. They have fought for the people to have their own army and are not motivated by careerism, corruption or the mercenary mind of an army that shoots its own people.

    Truly impressive. Nepal is inspiring the world.


  3. These commisars don’t know a shit. We should ask with Prachanda or Baburam or Mahara. These commisars were probably some sort of SLC-fail of the past, and their sole contribution to the land being their fierce determination to collect as much money as possible for the party.

    In any case, thanks for your report that lets us know the view of these punks in the lower rung.


  4. Neil, I would like to hear from you about your impression of these goons. It is a cult organization the way I see it. See how they talk about Prachanda “glorious leader and crap.”

    If you penetrate the veil of these people (hope you have done so by now) – its empty filled with indoctrination of us versus them, and how righteous they are. Talk about extremism. A psychopaths with intent to kill in order to gain their castle in the clouds.


  5. Diehard has proved himself to be a dumb ass for his hollow remarks. Come up with some solid discussion dude.


  6. Mhz, Hope you have had chance to hear Bart Simpson’s (cartoon show) wise wisdom ” Communism looks good in theory but not in practice” better yet read the book called “ANIMAL FARM.” Only thing that is equal for all in this world is death. Just imagine if all the countries had followed Stalin, Mao, Lenin and Marx- you simply would not have this computer and your voice. Think about it, its deep, deep, deep. Food for your thoughts, Mhz


  7. Neil, I think u hv done a better job , but the person with whom did u take a interview, he himself is a pimp u should hv to d ask with Prachanda or Baburam or Mahara , What the Hell they will think about what they did, what they wann proved by destroying the schools and forcing the school children to take a gun inspite of pen n paper fuck there ass!!!!!


  8. Diehard: You are afraid of loosing something you do not possess. Your fear is nothing but the menifestation of the sheer greed that people like you have cultured within you for generations. You think you are the only superior lot out here.

    By the way i read Animal Farm when i was in grade 5.

    Your general knowledge is poor. It was communists to reach the space first!!


  9. Interpreting “Animal Farm” as an anti-communist book takes some selective reading. It was written by someone who considered himself a socialist. The ending line of the book is “And they looked from the pigs to the men, and the men to the pigs, and the couldn’t tell one from the other.”

    I suppose one could conclude from this that capitalism is inescapable and people will always be dominated by pig-men, so you might as well not try. Perhaps this is correct. Still, it’s not exactly a shining endorsement of capitalism.

    I think if a Maoist read animal farm he or she would conclude it was a cautionary tale about the dangers of revisionism (see above)


  10. MHz, I hear static in the air. See, how prickly you get when you cannot have your way. The reason I said Animal Farm is for you to revisit it again. I am fully aware of what I posses, do I need to prove it to you? Hell no. And as for only thing I fear is, fear itself.

    There is no need to categorized people on the basis that they do not see eye to eye with you. Is this the characteristic of Communist? To see enemy in all those who do not think like them, be like them or toe the line like them. Rather misfortunate, I would say.


  11. Bipin,
    Are you Maobadi? Or a fan of Prachanda or Baburam or Mahara?
    You seem to believe in Prachanda “glorious leader and crap.”
    Is that why you say “These commisars don’t know a shit. We should ask with Prachanda or Baburam or Mahara. These commisars were probably some sort of SLC-fail of the past,..”

    Prachanda knows how to lie, how to spread rumours, how to say one thing to one group and something else to another..this commisar is telling what Prachanda has told them.But you, a Maobadi sympathiser, want to hear what Prachanda would said to give a very reasonable to impression of the Westerner….
    You seem to think if he was better learned than SLC-fail he would be more honest and that honesty is the preserve of the educated only.


  12. Animal Farm was when KG was in power. Monitoring telephone calls and when this did not work disconnecting them. No room for dissent or a different opinion. I am sure the Maoist wish would probably be pretty much the same too. Well at least one pig has been dealt with, one more left.


  13. Hello Niel Horning
    I have read few of your columns here and at samudaya and they are pretty good, if i may ask– what are you doing in Nepal? Tourist? Writing thesis paper?

    Anyways, keep up with your good work and it is pretty wierd to read about Maoist struggle for Republic in Nepal reported by some white guy, while I sip on my STARBUCKS coffee which they claim the profit they make not just trickle down to the coffee farmers in Latin America but gushes down to them and at the same time get to read some objective analysis on ‘Animal Farm’ from my Gorkhali brethens.

    I guess that makes me a Caffeine-craving-waddling-global-pig in information highway.



  14. I wrote a series of papers on Nepal for my degree before I came here. The last one was my thesis. It was 120 pages long. I ended up reading a lot of Maoist ideology while researching these papers. Needless to say, I found the situation here dynamic and interesting. So, I have decided to become a Maoist expert. I don’t know where that will take me, but hey…


  15. Kirat, continues to amaze me with his convoluted comments. He has got class envy or something and seems to be blind as a bat. A rigid mindset- peace be with you,bud


  16. Hey Neil, since you are becoming very well acquainted with this region how do you think things will play out within the next twelve months? Your opinion would be great to hear as an unbiased outsider looking in. Less than fifty words please.


  17. WEll its an straight and simple interview of a comrade.

    Since he is maoist he hasn’t said anything bad about the group and its mis-deeds. Just saying by the people and for the people(big crap in my view). Lets bring out one each interview who suffered from Maoists as well as Army. For every mistake they say sometimes things happens though they don’t want.


  18. Hello Neil

    Good luck on your quest to understand the core of the proletariat movement in Nepal and I hope you shine out as a Yoda of Maoism and be able to enlighten the wannabe bourgeoisies like me, who has flown to the Mecca of the capitalism, in my quest.

    But, I bet, you are as clueless in the jungle of Nepal to understand the subtleties and complexities of dynamics/structure of Nepali Maoism as I am in the concrete jungle of yours to comprehend the nuances of western version of liberty/freedom.

    But, my jungle dwelling friend, do not be doubtful of your future prospect as a ‘Maoist Expert’, you hold a bright future as a consultant, since there are many communities/countries all around the globe, where right concoct of ingredients (poverty/inequality/injustice) are brewing and ready to spew noxious poison or panacea depending upon your perspective, which awaits just a sprig of ideology that may be provided by Theocrats/Communists/Capitalists.

    In coming decades I see you very busy either in South Asia or in South America, consulting parties on the wisdom that you have gathered from Nepali Maoists.

    As a parting note, I hope you graduate Summa Cum Laude from Nepali jungle, while I am still lost in labyrinth of free market.


  19. hi neil,
    Whenever i read ur post i feel one thing.U try to get a balanced view,its good to do that but u dont ask difficult questions.Ask them about their child use/abuse(any use is abuse actually),sexual abuse of women,their programmes in schools,their kangaroo court…..list is long.I dont mean to say you glorify them but I also dont feel that u make them answer difficult questions.
    It may be because u dont want to piss them off so that u might loose more oppertunities to talk with them but we being your readers depend on you to really test them and I guess thats the essence of Journalism, right.
    I remember reading the article of Kevin shites in Yahoo where he inteviewed maoist head of veri/seti …zones.He made the maoist speak his mind and reveal his dogmatic,stupid self,he said no one was killed in the cultural revolution in china,its just a myth being spread by the fundamentalist!! how’s that for dogmatism.There’s more,he said there is no communist state in the world now,even north korea is not a communist state,they are going to stablish a communist state in Nepal which will be the true communist state,TALK ABOUT STUPIDITY AND WHITE LIES!!
    I wish you all the best in your quest.I believe you have a bright future if u specialise in this because whereever there is poverty and illiteracy hardcore communism spreads like wildfire,this is what is happening in Jharkhand,bihar and andhra pradesh in India.Even if the problem is solved in Nepal there are plenty of hotspots in the region.
    Thank you once again for coming to our country and writing about it.I have to admit,i being a Nepali citizen havent been able to do that.


  20. I will go over what I had to do to convince the Maoists I wasn’t going to write a hit piece on them in my next article. Suffice it to say, I couldn’t ask the questions you want me to ask. There is little purpose this questions would serve anyway. They are frequently asked, and whatever answer you get, it isn’t going to satisfy you.

    As for the rest: Maoists world wide certainly have a different interpretation of the cultural revolution, but they rarely suggest that nobody died. Usually they say that the amount of people who died is exaggerated, and everything else that happened is looked at from the point of view of the rich. The Maoist view is that the Cultural revolution was a cultural fight from bottom up in order to stop capitalists from taking over the Communist party.

    Think of it as the 60’s in America if the top rungs of government decided to support radical students, Malcolm X, and the Black Panthers instead of suppress them. Would that have been good? Well, that’s certainly open for interpretation, but one can be sure that people would have died.

    Also, from the Maoist point of view, There isn’t any Communist (or socialist, to be technical) state in existence. The Maoists believe that there are only two Genuine Socialist states that ever existed. One is Russia between 1917 and 1954. The other is China between 1949 and 1976. After those dates the countries became revisionist (communist in words, capitalist in actions) according to them. This is why the Maoists and the Chinese government hate each other, and it is why the Chinese were King Gyanendra’s “All weather friends.”

    It seems to me that the Maoist you described was simply repeating the party line, although he may be a bit misinformed about the deaths that did indeed happen during the cultural revolution.

    I would certainly hope (for your sake if no one else) that the Maoists don’t look to North Korea as an example to follow. I think you may be misinterpreting what he said to mean they want to be more extreme then North Korea. This is not the case. It would be more accurate to say they want to do things right, and North Korea did them wrong.

    It could be argued that there is no right way to do Communism, and that it always fails when tried. That’s also open to interpretation, but the Maoists and the UML together will most likely make a ruling coalition in whatever representative body comes next, Nepal is soon going to find out the truth.


  21. Neil,
    Very honest answers!! Indeed my worry is,that they are planning a brutal repressive regime and the worst part is that it may be nearer than we can forsee.

    The article i was referring to is this : I guess our mod. Mr. Dinesh Wagle who too was part of the trip would know better but for me a young Nepali with dreams of making it big for my country its all quite discouraging. This guy is saying there were no deaths in cultural revolution but only in Tianmen square because everyone has seen the videos of it, so he possibly cannot lie about it.Its funny as to how they can lie like that.

    It was a boon in disguise for China that Mao died.After his death and the rise of Deng Xiao Peng,china really started to boom and we all know what rapid strides they are making now.Our maoists feel that this bad and that poverty/oppression/virtual lack of human rights and civil liberties(though still lacking) was good!! what sort of a regime are we talking about here??

    About difficult questions, Neil, ask them the tough questions. When prachanda was asked why do u use child workers in your army by BBC he felt uneasy and just said there is no child soldier in PLA,later when there were photos of child soldiers in the magazines he had to face embarasment.It would help us even if one more kid is exempted. Ask them the tough questions and make them realise even we have eyes and ears and people know about their deeds. Its for sure that they will give one or the other lies but i feel you should ask it everytime you meet a new comrade.

    About the possible alliance of Maoist with UML personally i feel its not really possible.Though i know very little about politics but the UML leaders i have in my family hate maoists more than the King. Its the maoists who have eaten their support base. Its the UML who has distorted communnist ideologies as far as the maoists go. So,its an unlikely marriage but politics is always an open game. But i have to say,if Bamdev gets what he says then may be it is a possiblility but the matter of fact is UML caders are the ones who have suffered most with the maoists so i dont think the alliance will be that deep rooted too.

    Anyways,thank you for answering my queries.You know it coz u’ve been there. Keep writing the articles and giving ur views here.

    Thank you!!


  22. “By the way i read Animal Farm when i was in grade 5.” —- “Whoever” wrote this is full of crap, next thing you know he read Kant in grade 6 and Communist Manifesto in grade 7. But failed Shakespear in 12th.


  23. ” This guy is saying there were no deaths in cultural revolution but only in Tianmen square because everyone has seen the videos of it, so he possibly cannot lie about it.Its funny as to how they can lie like that.”

    I don’t think you quite get it yet. The Maoists support china before 1976 and don’t support it after 1976.

    Tianemen happened in 1989.

    What the Maoist in that article you linked to means is that the Deaths in the cultural revolution were from the bottom, and the deaths in Tianamen came from the Top. The government didn’t really kill many people at all during the cultural revoltion. The Red Gaurd were not part of the government. As I stated before, it was the result of the top echelons of governent supporting the most radical elemnts of society.

    Where he shows his dogmatism, I suppose, is where he says “As far as the Cultural Revolution, it was good since it was only the rich that were dealt with.” This is consistant with the Maoist conception of the cultural revolution.

    I have met many people from China while working in San Francisco. Of the ones that don’t like Mao, they tend to talk about how their middle class parents got sent to the countyside to work as a peasant for a few years. From their point of view this is simply an uncontionable punishment. But, imagine how feelings on this change from the perspective of a peasant?

    This is a something you are going to have to keep in mind for the next few years. You have 80% of the population out there who haven’t had a single say in society, and have suddenly realised that they deserve one. Imagine what might happen if their greivences remain neglected. imagine paitiently explaining to them why you deserve to be middle class and they deserve to be peasants.


  24. Neil, Are you implying that Maoist are speaking in behalf of 80% of the population? You speak of Perspectives and post communist’s selective picture of Culture revolution and its aftermath as Iraninan President does about Jews in second World war. Now, tell me how should we middle class people take it- scared or joyous.

    I believe economics and its activities is the key in uplifting living standard rather than radical political change which Maoist proposes. I believe you are being little too romantic but may be there is complusion in your part to maintain your access.


  25. hi Neil,
    As always you give a balanced view.Its good for a Journalist.
    As you said Maoists consider pre 1976 era to be better and all that but THAT DOESNT CHANGE THE FACT!! The red army killed hundreds of thousands of people,how can it be implied as “the goverenment did not kill” sounds kind of perplexing to me.
    About this 80% game i feel this is not fair.What more power that a kathmandu middle class,well educated guy like me has over a guy in bajura,accham,humla,jumla? I exercise the constitional power thru the ballot and they do the same.I am a victim of the gov.mismanagement and they too are.I studied hard and i am earning decent living,so are so many people from there who studied/work hard.

    Lastly my friend if u think maoists are the ones representing them then just think about all the things that happened in the past in this country i will narrate a few of them.

    They raised their voice against the school system in this country.Which was genuine.There is vast difference between the government school and the so called boarding schools and they decided to close down the schools and even the some people supported.THEN THEY TOOK FEW CORORES FROM THE PABSON AND OPENED THE SCHOOLS AND THAT ISSUE HAS BEEN DEAD SINCE FEW YEARS,PROVING THAT THEY RAISED THE ISSUE NOT FOR THE BENIFIT OF THE PEOPLE BUT TO EXTORT MONEY.
    Same thing has happened with Industries,Dalit and aadivashis and everyone.They exploit the emotions of the poor and the oppressed to meet their ends,thats what they do.MY GOD !! THEY ARE GOOD AT IT.


  26. neil, being american citizen u r in one or other way supporting terrorist that have killed 13 thousand nepalese. Just see, do u think the fucking communism is going to work out here in my country. Our country is suffering from terrorism n u r helping them by letting them to be highlighted. Moaist Sucks!!! THis is all what most nepalese think. We r supported by ur govt. have listed moaist in the terrorist list. why don’t u focus what moaist have done to ordinary people. what abt the killing and slaughter. We never wanted this war but we are forced to be in war bcoz those leaders (Prachanda n Baburam) want to fullfill their dream to be our leader. Oh god! Give me a gun, so that i can kill them all to be a proud nepali. God bless Nepal! God bless Democracy! God Bless Ceremonial King!

    Ajay Nepal


  27. funny to know that man like u can be expert in moaist. But guess what u can be expert in moaist because u r one of the terrorist that i have seen in my life. You are the one who is encouraging the maoist and so you are also terrorist. You are an loser and you know what you once said to my friend that nepal is this and that and other bad stuff and so i hate you. you don’t know how to respect the feeling of other people. You are complete shit. You are fucking asshole


  28. This idiot Neil Horning’s Visa and passport should be ceased for encouraging Terrorism in Nepal. Although this creature is an absolute ‘Nobody and No difference’ making nonsense to me. No other country would allow foreigners to support internal terrorists in their country except the terrorist government of Nepal. One further example why SPAM terrorists and all their internal and external goons need to be kicked out. Neil Horning thanks for your picture.


  29. Neil…What the hell you are doing in nepal?

    If you think you are a good breed dog just keep out from promoting terroism. From Where you got funded to do this? Unless and until there remains some institution and people who do funding for exporting terroism.. the developing countries continually fall in the trap of diffeent sorts of violence.
    I am just curious which is is that institution, that funds you?

    God save nepal from people loke you!


  30. Ha.. I am responsing this dumb BA student of San Fransico State University. OK nEIL, Enjoy the majestic nepal but take your s*** back to your den.
    Wondering is there any fellows supporting Osama., Hamass and were also funded by SFSU?


  31. Just read a few of the coments posted.I am an English guy who visits Nepal every year who spent 6 weeks last year trekking through the villages of Rolpa and rukum.yes the maoist party have made mistakes and there are a few bad apples scattered amongst them,but by and large i support them.I am not a journalist,just a well educated tourist.These people in the mid west hills,have been exploited for too long by the nasty Brahmans running your country.I know what went on in these districts pre 1996 ( operation romeo etc).Your bent goverment left these people with no choice,they had had enough of pre hitoric system that runs your country. I shall return in September to your beautiful land full of hope that peace can now prevail,but big changes need to be made amongst your ruling classes.

    Gary from England


  32. If Paras killed a few and is accountable, why is Prachanda still walking free when he has killed thousands of innocent nepali people ? Ask this question Neil, before you go and glorify a bunch of terrorists.


  33. Someone healthy and wise and with good leadership skills please initiate the Nepalese Amry and kill these people as soon as possible. PLEASE.


  34. “We will make Nepal the most beautiful country, and an example to the world.”
    It was already beautiful until these idiots came and screwed it all up with the violence.


  35. What has been happening in Nepal for the last 11 years is not Terrorism,it is a cival war.Quite simple.Stop filling your heads with this terrorist tag which the Americans have absolutely no right to tag the maoist rebellion with.Don”t fill your heads with American politics,the british people never do.They are NOT our allies.

    Gary from England


  36. Gary, please go and get a MRI scan, you really got Parkinsons. Why don’t you just sit down sip your cup of Earl Grey tea and contemplate which country you wish to plunder, divide and rule next. Thanks to the Garys from England for all the major conflicts in the world. Brits like you screwed the world.


  37. Ahh, the picture is perfect Neil and the Terrorist, brothers in arms. ONe uses guns and bullets, and the other words and journalism to change the views of the educated. Neil how much are you paid ? and is it in Cash or in the form of weed that u must smoke regularly to come up with crap like this.


  38. i think neil is like somekind mafia who come over nepal and diguise himself as writer.he suppose to be killed by americans those suffer lot from world trade center.he try to act like a terrorist.i think he not suppose to come in nepal and nepal govt should take serious action against him.if not taken then it gonna creat more problem.probably,he should be executed as making halal.


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