Nepali Village Story: Army Killed His Brother, Maoists Destroyed His Office

Pabitra Poudel of Duragaun village Ramechhap

At least four boys from my neighborhood in Duragaun whom I know very well have died in the conflict and my meeting with a family member of one of those boys was emotionally dominated. This is the story of Tanka Poudel, my childhood buddy, who at the age of 23 died as a Maoist soldier and his elder brother Pabitra (pic by Wagle) who is equally hated by both the Army and Maoists these days.

By Dinesh Wagle in Duragaun (Ramechhap)
Wagle Street Journal

Pabitra Poudel, 36, is no new face to me. I had known this man from Duragaun village from my childhood. I still remember his father taking one of my loose teeth out forcefully with his homemade equipment. That was terrible, I still feel the pain, but was damn necessary as new tooth had started coming out from the same place. Two teeth coming out from the same place would have made my look even more horrible, I know. Pabitra’s brother Tanka Poudel was a year younger than myself and I vividly I remember playing dandibiewos with him and other pals in the village. This evening, I was meeting Pabitra nearly after seven years and many things have changed in his life. His job is under threat and his brother Tanka is no more. He died nearly four years ago as a Maoist solider in a ‘clash’ with the government soldiers.

A physically strong boy with white complexion, Tanka (many called him Tanku) was an average student in the class (several batches junior me). He didn’t attend school regularly and one day he decided to abandon the classes. “He went to Kathmandu and started working in Nara Shumsher’s hosue,” Pabitra, 36, said. “He was staying in Jawalakhel (Lalitpur) and talked about being transferred to Nara Shumsher’s bungalow in Deharadoon (India). One day he suddenly left the job and came back to village.”

After returning village, Tanka had gone to his maternal uncle’s house in another village and there he met the Maoist cadres. “When he returned from mama ghar,” Pabitra said. “He started talking differently. He used to say that he met those people who were talking about fighting and were requesting him to join. He was definitely lured by the opportunity to play with guns and travel from one village to another.”

One day Tanka left the house to join the Maoist army. Pabitra tired hard to bring his brother back to home and send him Kathmandu. No, the brother wouldn’t listen to him and within eight months of joining the party, Tanka, at the age of 23, died in a shootout that took place in another village several miles away from his home in Duragaun.

“That all happened in ward no. 1 of a village called Chuchure,” Pabitra said. “What I have heard is from sources in the Maoist party. They were taking bath in a fountain and suddenly patrolling soldiers reached there. My brother was guarding his comrades who were taking shower. They were able to flee but brother had a clash with a soldier. My brother was a strong man and he fought to till the last moment. They say that he tried to snatch a gun that the soldier was carrying but at last he died because another soldier fried at him.”

That was in 7 Chaitra, 2059 (nearly three and a half years ago).

Barely three days after that incident, Pabitra faced yet another misfortune. Maoists destroyed the Post Office located near the school where he used to work (and still works) as a Postman. “They didn’t want any representation of the regime that they were fighting with,” said Pabitra. “They came and throw away all the material from the post office.” More than seven staffs were ordered not to attend the office and they all went back to the district office of the Post Office in Manthali, the district headquarters. One of Pabitra’s colleagues in the office managed to get himself transferred to Kathmandu’s central office. “Since then,” Pabitra said. “I am the only one working here and continuing the existence of the Post Office in the village.”

Yes, he is continuing the existence of Post Office in Duragaun village but villagers are now facing difficulties in posting letters. Pabitra is not allowed to sell stamps and without stamps how can people post letters. “I collect money and letters from the villagers,” Pabitra said. “Then I take them to Dhobi and from there the letters reach the district headquarters and posted from there.” Quite a long process, huh? As the process is not formal and secure, there is no guarantee that those letters would be posted from the district headquarters. “Some people are already complaining that their letters haven’t been delivered at the destination,” Pabitra said. “But what can I do? I am trying my best to help the villagers. That’s not my job really. My job is to carry the post bag from Dhobi to Duragaun and vice versa. I am not even authorized to distribute those letters. But I am doing so because I want to help villagers.”

Pabitra has been working at the Post Office as a permanent employee of Nepal Government for the last 10 years. (He started the job 12 years ago and was made permanent within two years.)

Yes, Maoists don’t appreciate Pabitra’s work at Post Office but then he doesn’t like them either. “I am critical of the Maoists from the very beginning,” he says. “I am critical of the army as well. They both are doing harm to people and are equal to me.” Because of his critical views towards the party, Pabitra complained that Maoists were giving him “mental torture directly or indirectly even after the death of my brother.” He always asks the rebels why his brother was killed and who should be held responsible for that untimely death. Not being able to provide satisfactory answers, rebels resort to bullying to keep him quiet.

In addition to his clash with the Maoists, Pabitra has faced constant harassment from patrolling soldiers while his brother was in Maoist party. Once they came to his house, held him at gunpoint, kicked him on his face, and used abusive language. As his brother was a Maoist, soldiers thought that Pabitra was also a Maoist sympathizer. They wanted the whereabouts of his brother. “How do I know where he was sent by the party?” Pabitra said. “But once I knew that he was going to take part in a big meeting in a village called Daduwa. I went there walking two days hoping to bring him back.” No he couldn’t. Never.

Next: Story of a Poudel family who were kicked out from their home by the Maoist because their son worked in the army. When Maoists opened his house saying that their policy was changed, Kailash had already left the army.

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60 thoughts on “Nepali Village Story: Army Killed His Brother, Maoists Destroyed His Office

  1. I would just like to use this space to comment on one topic and only one, that is the morale of Nepal Army. We Nepalese have been so discriminate and so unbaised when judging the actions, loyalty base and the past deeds of the army without giving any consideration to any future outcome of these so called treaty with maoist or even any thoughts to the future role of army in modern Nepal.

    Have we ever given a thought that we might need the Army in future for peace or war time. Are we sure that peace is here to stay?? are you so naive that we completey believe every word of Prachanda and company. How are we so sure that they will not return to jungle and take up arms once again if each and every demand of the milita isnt met?? and then dont we need the army again??

    well I am not royalist neither am I pro maoist. Upfront I support the army wholly as they are one of the machinery in the government’s structure. We cannot do without them in the present political situation of Nepal.

    I dont know what the Nepali janta’s and the so called present ruler’s may say about nepal army, but I am so convinced that we need them in future once again to battle the insurgent, who knows.. the future could be more near than we think it to be…

    I do agree there are few rotten apples in the basket. But I strongly feel that it would be wrong and unwise to judge the whole instiution in the basis of such few bad apples. Remove those few bad apples then you will see the glory,respect and tradition that the army has been commanding whole wide world to this date.

  2. I agree with manjil. I don’t like the army’s behavior, but we still need them right now, or the Maoists will surely overrun the country.

  3. manjil, criticism of the army should not lead to it’s dissolution but to make it more aware of it’s real purpose and to correct it’s mistakes. Isn’t that how criticism should be taken? Can you deny that at present the army is unprofessional, incompetent and more anti-Nepali people than pro-Nepali people? They would rather defend their King then us Nepali people. Should the army use the threat of Maoists as an excuse to avoid reform and positive change? Anyway the army in it’s present state can hardly act as an effective bulwark against the Maoist threat. Maintaining the status quo using the Maoists as an excuse is no solution.

    The army has been engaged in battle with the Maoists since 2002. They have failed to contain the rebels miserably during this time. Yet they refuse to accept their failure and go for corrective action. How can you defend such an institution? Your line of thinking is too negative for me to accept.

  4. INDIA always called MAOISTS terrorist but now they will try to RUN but actually RUIN Nepal…

  5. INDIAN LEFTISTS (Yechuri)and CATHOLICS(Sonia Maino) are now encouraging MAOBADI…they dont care for India and dont care for Nepal..

  6. I don’t believe that Maoist destroy his office or watsover….it is just a media that was so so…might be indian hands behind playing games because Nepalese are stupid

  7. I totally agree with Shanti and Manjil, and all of the guys.

    Kirat, I have been in a incident when the army rescued me from the Maoist. This was in outskirts of Palpa, where I was there for my medical selection examination. From that day onwards, I totally believe in all those men who helped me a lot. I dont agree to your point of view Kirat. I know there are some rotten apples, but you cannot blame every man and soul just because of these few people. I personally believe then RNA and now NA has always tried their best to protect the interest of Nepal and its people. I am proud of the glory and have tried to boost their moral when they have failed. If we all had tried to do so, I believe they would not have failed in the first place. But they have failed because we’ve failed them. Hade we supported them, they would have never failed.

  8. Nepal should use the chance to demilitarize now!

    It is the rural population, who has been the football in the cruel game of the educated ones and still is. These sometimes illiterate and mainly not deeply political farmers are till date day by day feeling the heat of intimidation, harrassment, abuse and even torture.

    When i asked a friend from a village close to KTM, whether time of open discussion has returned or whether still all keep their minds undisclosed in the teashops, she answered clearly that nobody dares to speak his/her mind freely due to persistent fear of punishment by the rebels.

    The continued absence of authority in the villages, the distrust and foul games played by the political forces, all these do not create an atmosphere of mutual forgiving and growing new trust.

    As Nepal is sandwiched between India and China there is no practical need for a more than ceremonial army in Nepal other than civil war. Recent history has proved in Nepal that the police has to be developed into a true force. The army can be scrapped.

    The majority of simple Nepalese is completely against the continuation of being ruled by the barrel of the gun. Nepal should be changed into a zone of peace now.

    I request all Nepalese to stand up again against the villians among their own blood, to effectively and finally take away the weaponry from those idiots on both sides, who still want to come to power or retake it through the barrels of their guns.

    I suggest to demilitarize completely now under the observance of a neutral third country, for example Switzerland, and build a strong democratic, well equiped and educated policeforce with the help of the European Union in future, so that a new, trusted authority can be created for all Nepalese.

    Only such a bold step can keep Nepal high on the international agenda and create global interest and help. After a successful demilitarization Nepal can be declared a ‘Zone of peace, religion and nature’ to stand as a good example for other least developed countries,how to get rid of their completely unnecessary military expenses, which by lessening development only lead to civil war and a loss of independence in the end.

    Such a globally important step could be reached in Nepal now, as the vast majority of the society is willing to completely get rid of the tools of wardom, but the right ‘Mahatma’ to lead such ‘Shanti Andolaan’ seems not to be found yet.

    AHIMSA says: Do not wait for the others, they are waiting for you.

  9. yeah the UN needs to blow the whistle and call the game off. The Indians are cheating and our players have their heads buried in the sand pretending all the bad things will just go away.

  10. It is useless discussing bcos our hands are using only for typing and all Big head Nepalese leaders are using hands for pocket money.selfish

    I know Nepalese are foolish

  11. Say whatever, the only stumbling block for maoist is RNA, not the SPA or UN or India or human rights group (national or Int’l). And I also believe if US had not spoken against Maoist design in the government- it would have been cake walk for them. The reason Pranchanda and his cohorts are stationed in Kathmandu is for the very same reason.

    But I see this chance slipping away from them and it can turn for the worse and they will be caught between rock and hard place- one side a push from US and its allies and otherside push from the lower rank commarades with betryal charge.

    lets see, situation is fluid but as usual common citizen will pay the heavy price for this melodrama.

  12. Kirat!
    My line of thinking may be too negative for you to understand,but my friend thats the hard fact. WE JUST CANNOT DO WITHOUT THE ARMY AT THE PRESENT SITUATION.

    How can you be so sure that army did not content the rebels that well during the insurgency. Check ur facts again, they have done well and fought well, thats why the maoist attacks on barracks had tottally decreased in the past and had relied on hit and run cases.

    Though during those years of hard battles, the morale had gone to the bottom low and Yes there were numours cases of human right abuses.

    These sort of things are a standard norm during a war situation, its a fog of war.

    Havent you being following the news?? did you read about the US army personnell who raped and killed innocent girl and her family in Baghdad?? so does it mean you totally wipe out the whole US Marine or do we punish the culprit.

    It is same here in nepal, as i said earlier and would like to reteriate again that we just need to take out few bad apples from the basket the we can bring this noble institution back to the right track.

    They were loyal to king in the past and if given them a chance they can be loyal to nepali jantas as well.

    After all they are Nepalese too.

    Kirat, Put on your thinking cap bebore you shoot your mouth next time.

  13. One thing I do not understand is how can we allow foereign leaders like Yechuri be dealmaker in Nepal. He is purposefully trying to bring maoist in the mainstream to expereiment and show to the world his version of politics (communisism) can thrive and stand the ground against democratic norms (captalistic). History has proven otherwise but this Leech of a man is playing with our future & kid’s future. SPA is spellbound and applauds all his actions and conviently Maoist use him to further agenda of Government at any cost. Why are we accepting a role of a whore- getting from back and from front- have we no shame or pride as a Nepali, c’mon people, this is just too much.

    People continue to say Janta’s andolan or we will teach them and people’s this and people’s that- go take a hike, people. It is not what it seems. It is all in the hand of others but of few.

    Like a flash flood all will be gone and we will be a refugee in our own land, seeking food and shelter at the mercy of others. Shame, shame, shame on us. Protect what you have and find pride in what you are rather than being swayed into frenzy instigated by others for their own benefits. Try to see the whole picture rather than in bits and pieces – for Nepal to be Nepal- its our culture, tradition, religion and people that should define us. Not ideas and principle that is foreign to us or action that is thrust upon us by foreign.

    It is time that we do self evaluation and take stock of things before it is too late.

  14. manjil, I am disappointed with you. I thought you were smarter than that. You ask me how I can be sure that the RNA did not contain the rebels well during the insurgency. Should this issue even be debated? I mean is it not obvious? Why do you think the Maoists are so powerful? Is it because of their Maoist philosophy or is it because of their military power? Is it because all the countryside understands and supports Maoist philosophy or is it because of the guns that are terrorizing them? It’s a no brainer isn’t it? So if the Maoists are so powerful militarily you want to praise the (R)NA for containing them?

    Why is it that everytime I talk about reforming the army, slow minded people like yourself equate this with disbanding the army? Are you an idiot to understand reform and disbanding as the same thing?

    Good analogy about Iraq. It is exactly because of the unprofessional behaviour of the US troops there that they are losing the war. At least they are talking openly about re-training their troops so that such incidences are avoided and so that their troops can win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people. It may be bull what they are saying but at least they recognize the problem with their troops. Prey why is it so difficult for you to do the same? Why do you have to get so paranoid?

    Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea people like you foolishly run to the arms of one or the other.

  15. well well well.. Your point taken Kirat..So to your understanding, Maoist military might was too hot for NRA. Well if your line of thinking were true, not only the rural nepal even the capital would have been in the grip on these trigger happy gurrillas. Thier inability, lack of proffesionalism and inadequate training lead then to abandon their dream to take over the capital with thier military might and now are opting the political way ( in way is as dangerous as other).

    The over all proffesionalism and battle field result of army seems t be very transparent to you but do we know anything about the professionalims and battle field losses of Maoist till the date? (other than from the propaganda they spread after the battle).

    I do agree it is time to reform the army, and let me remind you army has gone through many reforms durning last couple of decades. From the time of ranas till the present date it has been going through reforms, which ignorant ppl like you may not be aware of.

    A ceremonial military, which it was before the insurgency has come a long way to be a experienced battle hardened troop of present day.

    Look at the list of martyrs on the army side too,Listen to thier comrades in arms they will tell you how bravely thier frenz and officer fought and died.

    If reforms in your world means that bringing the two forces together under a same command or even disbanding the military then I think you seriously dont understand how the machinery of the military works in any country.

    Guys like you so foolishly post your comment just on the basis of few reads of blog like these and televison report.

    If you really want to put some weight on your comment kirat, You need to get hard facts from the source, even before you point your finger to any party,group or institution.

    See you till next week.

  16. “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” That’s not Maoist advice, and it hardly applies to Maoists alone. Do people listen to the USA because GW Bush is a wise leader? Or is it all those nukes?

    The RNA was ineffective because it went against the people. Nothing can go against the people when they are determined. By sheer numbers and terror, the RNA clearly engaged in wholesale repression of a fundamentally different kind that the Maoists.

    The CPN-M is about bringing people shut out of power into political life. No doubt this is scary to their former masters, and all those who have benefited in wealth and prestige from the old arrangements.

    The PLA is not a bandit gang. It’s a political army, where the political leadership clearly commands the guns. Considering that it is the only army in the country which has not been dependent on foreigners, their “advisors” and other cretins like a certain unnamed “ambassador,” then why should the PLA not become the backbone of the future, reformed national army?

    Why should those who condoned and promoted rape of women as a weapon be allowed to retain their posts? By what right? By what authority?

    The unconditional constituent assembly will decide many things. The army’s future is up for debate and reform.

    But if it weren’t for the CPN-M and the PLA’s just war, none of this would even be up for discussion.

    That’s what Mao meant about political power and guns, and the truth of it should be obvious to all.

  17. manjil,

    the fact that the Maoists using their military strength have become the number one political force in Nepal is proof enough how effective the RNA has been in containing them militarily. It doesn’t really matter how many RNA soldiers died or how hard they tried-what matters is how effective they were in countering the Maoist militarily. I am afraid for a national army receiving huge state patronage the RNA has been a miserable failure in this regard. My hope had been that the RNA would put enough military pressure on the Maoists for them to negotiate for peace. Please don’t be foolish enough to think this is what has happened.

  18. From what I can fathom from comments of Kirat is that RNA should have been merciless in their pursuit of Maoist, abandoning Human rights just as Maoist, out and out killing machine to wipe out Maoist just like what they did in Malaysia. In case you do not know Malaysia used Nepali in their fight against Maoist- there is couple books on it,too. Read.

  19. Idiots will always learn the wrong things. Never underestimate the ability of an idiot to me more stupid than you though capable.

  20. Kirat,,what would have happened if the NA suddenly turns thier interest in politics…wouldnt they be numero uno today!! can any other institution or any political party match the dedication, loyalty and the might of NA.?? dont say this is a laughable thought.. look at indonesia, cambodia, etc etc,,where generals rule the counntry.
    so dont bring out your idiotic thoughts again and again praising the maosit military might. Kirat you are boring me to death yaar,,, ,,,
    I dont know what the hell you blabber everytime you post something new here,,, Your line of thought goes hay wire with every posting….
    it was not maoist military might that brought to them to politcal front niether it was the NA’S military weakeness,, it was due to foolish decision fo netas and kings.. do you and me to name them….common..dont waste my time with these writings not even fit for school time debate… kirat,, you need to come out from kirati time, too the present lokantra time!!! move on dude…
    cheers. .hahahah

  21. I got some more for you kirat….

    I dont know what military might you were talking about maoist… looting, maiming. torturing,,kindnapping,, assasination.. do you call all these a military might.. what the hell were you even talking about..

    How the hell can you compare the MAO and military…?? duh??? given the size and the hardware???? what were you thinking??

    yeah,, military came in late in the action, by the time the maos were well equipped and large in number but they did had lots of success containing them….

    Have you heard of Ranger,,kirat???? rangers are the most deadliest force the NA has in nepal.. they are the most highly trained commandos in Nepal,, if you happen to know any maos then do ask them about it. they will tell you how they fear to confront the rangers…..well I can give you more of such platoons and divisions in NA which has sowed a deep sense in maos but I live it to you to find it out.

    like I said earlier to you and will say it again…do dig up ur hard facts before you shoot your mouth…

    It still boils my blood when you commented that mao’s had over powered the NA… how many confrontation did they had that you can make such comment….??? at the most,, it was a stale mate till the date.. stale mate is still a victory for the NA,,it still saved the complete take over of the country by these maos,,but a stale mate was not what mao’s want..remember?? they wanted a complete take over and the only obstacle between that and them is NA..HELLO!!!!
    GOT MY POINT…. NA IS WHAT BRINGS MAO TO ITS KNEE AND HAVE TO SHARE THE POLITCAL FRONT WITH OTHER PARTIES…kura bujya ho kirat,,,, jawana has changed,,kirat hoina ahilay…. !!!

  22. manjil, if the (R)NA was to turn their interest in politics? Thanks for confirming your level of intelligence.

  23. Kirat the Reformist, are you saying it is not possible? Are you oblivious to world history? Man, this is the height of innocence, no wonder you come up with scatter brain logics and comments. Thankfully, RNA is intact due to their discipline and service to this nation.

  24. The NA is a piece of crap army, run by doddering Thakuris who’ve probably never read a military manual in their lives.

    The Maoists are outnumbered, outgunned, but probably much better disciplined. ( If they’ve followed Mao’s tactics and strategy to a T, they must be. Remember how dedicated Mao’s troops were? They walked 10,000 kilometers and later defeated Chiang Kai-Shek’s corrupt army, which was actually a lot better than the NA)

    Still, by virtue of numbers alone,
    (and hardware), the NA can counter the Maoists. So we should keep the former around until such time as the Maoists can be totally neutralized.

  25. Manan, So You want to call INDIAN ARMY? or Mao’s Army?? Your own country Army not good enough for your agenda??

  26. The big dunce cap to all of you guys who think that reforming the (R)NA is the same as dismantling it. No more agruments since you morons think it is the same thing.

  27. hey diehard, it was not nepal army they used in malaysian insurgency, it was british gurkhas, n there is vast difference in nepal army n british gurkhas in terms of discipline, loyalty, training, equipment, professionalism n everythings. they countered the insurgents in such an effective way that not only insurgents got demolished but sultan of brunie has kept GRU (gurkhas reserve unit) as his army till now. its fuking differnt u can’t compare them bro….

  28. manjil, you seem to get dumber and dumber. Your mighty (R)NA can’t even defeat a rag tag militia like the Maoists-who chiefly use weapons stolen from the (R)NA! I wonder what would happen if the Maoists were properly armed and financed? Mighty Rangers-sure they changed the course of the Maoist rebellion didn’t they?

    You apologists for the (R)NA make me sick. I guess you won’t even accept the fact that Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world?

    The problem with you guys is that the culture that you were brought up in never taught you what is right and what is wrong. That is why you can’t see anything wrong with the (R)NA.

  29. 2rgr, be it Indian Gurkhas or British Gurkha or Borneo- Nepali nonetheless unless by being in foreign service makes them different.

  30. None of our vain blogging can change the strategic reality. The Maoists have essentialy won militarily and it now remains to be seen what kind of conditions they impose on the defeated former HMG. The UN is focused on N. Korea and Iran and doesn’t stand to profit from involvement in Nepal. The Maoists now negotiate from the position of power. Only a military coup could now save the situation, and it is extremely doubtful that the demoralized Nepal Army, demonized and villianized by their own people, could rise to the challenge.

  31. Bideshi, thank God the UN does not work like you think it does. A military coup to save the situation? The mind boggles.

    The UN will be here soon enough. Amen.

  32. I hope you are correct about the UN. I can’t remember when they have been very effective.

  33. The UN does not have the mandate to solve problems. It is the UN not God. They will monitor the situation and act as a facilitator for a solution. They are like a referee with even less powers. Still it is better to have them here then not have them here. UN did good work in Lebanon, Cyprus, East Timor, Sierra Leone, Eriteria, Burkina Faso etc. Most people misunderstand the role of the UN.

  34. kirat ever optimistic,glorifier,sympathiser above all a propoganda mouth piece of mao(?), we will wait and see how long it takes for your UN to finally turn up in nepal and show some of thier peace nengotiation and disarming skills.
    Oh yeah, just to let you know, I was brought up the same culture as you were in, which allows me the freedom and right to express my view and take a stand for an institution which has been so demoralized and villified from all the parties involved and which I still think can be brought to a new look with few adjustment here and there… so please dont whine again as what kind of culture I was brought up in. I am just a another ordinary and truth seeking Nepali like the rest of you,struggling everyday just to provide meal on the table for my family. Wonder what kind of culture you were brought up in??? but it really doesnt matter to me and your silly,ridiculousy and mostly naive comments dont even stand up to tease my brains…
    see you soon ( with some more idiotic hypocrisy)

  35. from burma to indonesia there has been a government run by military… A decade ago we never imagined a maoist take over of Nepal, and couple of decades ago our forfathers never imagined that nepal would one day be a republic.
    So couple of years down dont be surprised if there is a military coup or military actively involved in politics.. in the present time we are living,, I wont be surprised if any of these things happen.. neither should you be.
    Your analysis and thoughts are good for a university make it a school lever research paper but it is not parallel with the present situation of our country. You need to try harder than that..
    I once heard a story about someone hitting a laat with a dhunga.. the whole story flashes back evertime I read your new postings…. good luck kirat…

  36. when are you ever going to raise the question of maoist attrocites.. Are they going scott free for all those killins,kidnappings and other war crimes..Why are you so focused on only NA.
    dont you guys (including the politicians) have balls to raise such issues…
    Why are you so easily giving Prachanda and company a Hero’s status..maybe demi-god ( i dare say)
    Every blog after every blog I read about how cruel were maoist and the NA. THEN WE DONT leave a stone unturned when we need to attack verbally the armies, but I havent read a single posting or a single comment raising these issues with the maoist supremes…
    Good on you guys, We really know whom to attack this time and we are doing mighty good on that…keep it up nepali jantas…

  37. Kirat you mentioned earlier about UN and its role in countries such as east timor, lebanon..etc etc…and how effective UN was..
    Irony is all these countries are still in the same condition as when UN interfered…. cant you bring out better examples??
    isnt east timor in a brink of civil war now and UN is doing nothing but just was Australia who stepped up and send there troops down there. lets not start with countries like lebanon and seirra leon..we all know what’s happening down there.
    UN has become a big farce gtripped with internal bribery scandals and ineffectiveness to take actions soon enough. We are witness a slow demise of these instituion,,, dont worry about that.

  38. kirat,, all the time you have been lamenting about how all the bloggers here are dumb,moron etc etc and want to know your inteligence level.
    But this time the table has turned around and it seems to be point towards you and your unquestioned intelligence level,,, hahaha,,kaso??

  39. manjil, can’t blame the UN for idiots like youself. Take East Timor. They were engaged in a bloody war with Indonesia for independence. UN stepped in and mediated the peace. East Timor became independent. Then the East Timorese idiots after a while started butchering each other. You blame the UN for that? Well I did point out that you are a moron.

    I beg to disagree that we have been brought up under the same culture. You definitely don’t know what is right and what is wrong. You support the (R)NA in it’s present form for example-and you can see nothing wrong with it.

  40. Forget the right and wrong…. get ur facts straight again kirat.. how ignorant and stupid can you be..hahahaha
    When east timor was in turmoil in the first time. it was again australia who stepped in and defused the tension before UN could move its slow ass there… UN was there later just to monitor the again it is australian troops doing the dirty job for the UN…
    Well this piece of info will tell you wether I am right or wrong and wether you should give a rest to your big mouth beore you judge someone else again..MORON!!!! hey sounds good to call you by that name,,, you deserved it this time…majjale!!!!

  41. and I will support the NA till I die.. I still believe they can adjust to changes and I do believe, if given proper training and reforms they can serve the nepali people and abandon the loyaly towards the king totally.
    so kirat, say wether I am right or wrong I dont care.. I dont care how you judge me..after all who the hell are you to judge me anyway..just a small time constipated, big mouth blogger???

  42. Kirat can you find east timor in a map????
    or you just shooting your mouth based on what you see on the television??
    Now you call even the timorese to be idiots.. I am amazed that how limited your vocabulary starts with idiot, stupit then ends with moron etc etc.. why dont you dish out some good piece of intelligence..give something that challenges us to think. if you cant why dont you ask your daddy to help you out… but you know as the saying goes apple doesnt fall too far from its tree,, what say!!

  43. manjil to quote you ‘I still believe they can adjust to changes and I do believe, if given proper training and reforms they can serve the nepali people and abandon the loyaly towards the king totally.’

    Isn’t retraining and reform of the (R)NA what I have been calling for? I wish you would listen before you go into a rant!

  44. manjil-people who butcher each other in the name of community are idiots. Right and wrong.

  45. Was australia first there or UN …am i right or wrong.. get that fact first… dont try to hide your mistakes dude….what timorese are fighting for is totally out of context right now.. what we were focused on was who was there first to dufuse the situation..
    and about NA.. the way you were blabber about it, it did not sound like disbanding but it did sound like murdering them totally out of nepali society… so its too late for you to back track.

  46. one more fact check for you kirat..
    the latest trouble in east timor was not about any community or whatsoever, which you are trying to suggest.
    It is a pure power struggle between the prime-minister and the President, fueled by outsider (indonesia), ultimately angering the army!!! there’s a lesson for you here,,, You do not fire six hundred soldiers just like that.
    Dont get confused when you hear east timorese are divided between the west and east..its just a big farce. When they say west they meant indonesia stupid!!! cant you make out the two diff language they speak.. one a indonesian the other local dialect (somewhat like portugese).
    I dont know whats wrong with you.. you really waste my time and have to give you a reality check even before I can put my point forward…f#@$king think before you type anything here!!

  47. kirat is a bug that cant be quashed but still is a pest.
    mortene anyone??? psst psst can you spray some over it.

  48. manjil-I don’t remember arguing about Australian troops and UN presence in E Timor. What’s your point?

    Anyway because of my fear of idiots like you I for one am glad that the UN has been invited. Look the Maoists are already gettting worried. Any reactionary forces within the palace and the (R)NA can also take it easy once the UN arrives.

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