Royal Officials in Probe Commission: King Gyanendra Should Explain

King Gyanendra should use the forum of High Level Probe Commission to explain Nepali people why he did what he did in 2002 and 2005 and how he failed to do what he wanted to do.

We don’t know what exactly Dr. Tulsi Giri told the High Level Probe Commission (HLPC) Tuesday (June 27) but anyone can guess from what he uttered in front curious journalists after the interrogation: “I did not kill anyone. No, I did not.” Okay, he didn’t pull the trigger but people died. 21 people died in Janaandolan II. When those people were dying, Giri was assisting king Gyanendra to ‘run’ the country (Dr. Giri was vice-chairman in the king’s cabinet formed after the royal takeover of Feb 1, 2005).

So who should take the responsibility of those killings? Journalists wanted to know. Dr. Giri had a readymade answer.

“Those who are responsible should take responsibility. There might have been some mistakes in the course of maintaining peace and security. I feel sad over the deaths. No government has the intention of killing its own people.”

Dr Giri at probe commission

As Dr Giri entered the interrogation room, he greeted the commission chairman and two other members. The formal interrogation began only after 15 minutes of informal talks. Commission officials first asked about Dr Giri’s health, then about what he was doing nowadays.

The officials saw a bottle of juice that Dr Giri was carrying. “Are you carrying juice, doctor?” one member asked. Dr Giri replied, “Budo husband bhanera shreemati le haldeko (my wife furnished the bottle out of consideration for an old husband).” He was also carrying a bag containing some papers.

As Dr Giri entered the interrogation room, he looked nervous, according to one member. But as the informal talks continued for nearly 15 minutes, he regained ease. The panel engaged in more informal talks at the end of the interrogation. He then informed the panel that he had returned to Nepal ahead of the royal takeover to attend a wedding.

Quoting Dr Giri, a member told the Post that Dr Giri did not know about the king’s plans when he met the king at the time. The king asked him to stay on in Nepal for some time. Latter he learnt why the king wanted him not to leave the country.

During his nearly two and half hours’ stay at the commission, he did not take the juice. He was seen carrying the bottle when he returned home.
Source: the Kathmandu Post

[Chairman of the commission Krishan Jung Rayamajhi and members Harihar Birahi and Ram Prasad Shrestha interrogated Dr Giri while members Ram Kumar Shrestha and Dr Kiran Shrestha interrogated royal ministers Badri Prasad Mandal and Nikshya SJB Rana.]

So who are those responsible people? There are two: one who pulled the trigger and the other who was in charge of the whole affair. One can easily find the name of those who pulled the trigger and you don’t even have to There is no need to mention that King Gyanendra was in charge of the whole affair. King was assisted by a bunch of people like Dr. Giri who used the state machinery to fulfill their interests.

We know that the probe commission will not summon king Gyanendra for interrogation though Rayamajhi, the chair of the commission, has said that the monarchy could also be summoned if necessary. But Nepali people need to know why king did what he did in Feb 2005 and October 2002. The king also should feel that he explain Nepali people about those misadventures. King can use the commission as a perfect outlet. He shouldn’t take it as a prestige issue.

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33 thoughts on “Royal Officials in Probe Commission: King Gyanendra Should Explain

  1. Actually each and every final responsibility must be taken by the King. Because he run the whole administration single handedly. All the ministries of the Govt was run by the Royal Palace particularly by the Sainik Sachibalaya and other Sachibalayas. But I want to ask Dr. Giri one important question: WHY DID YOU STAY IN THE CABINET AS ITS VICE-CHAIRMAN WHEN YOU DID NOT HAVE ANY POWER ? Just to be (DHAAL) shield to the King as KHETALA ?

    He must answer this question of all the Nepalese people.

  2. At the end of the above writ up it is wrtitten that King can have outlet to explain at this Commission. Whether rayamajhi can write the order the King to come to the Commission for explanation or Rayamajhi himself has to go to Palace like in the time of Royal massacre by Ranabhttata.

    Other point is whether King would agree to give any explanation ?

    If he gives any explanation and if found guilty, what strength ( vitamin ? joke) does this (pudke) Rayamajhi has to recommend action on the King ?

  3. I do not think the commission can do anything to the King.It can write on the basis of explanation of others about the King which will not be implemented. Girija will say to Sree Panch:tyo pudke le sarkarlai jathabhabhi lekhe chha, sarkar le attinu pardaina, ma sabailai control garera sthiti samya paari sarkaar lai ceremonial nai banauna tayaar chhu.

    According to K Pahadi in his recent BBC interview, Girija is “master aadmi” to tell one thing to one person and completely other thing to other person. He is one of the biggest “Fataha” in Nepal.That is why negotiations are going on so confused and slow.

  4. Think you are smart?? Read the following news. You will be dumb-founded. I say: kill or bring all those who took loan on your name, and make them pay themselves. I ain’t gonna pay no loan that I didn’t take.

    All Nepalis have foreign debts: Auditor General

    KATHMANDU, June 28 – Every Nepali has a foreign debt of Rs. 13,000 on his/her head.
    The government of Nepal has so far taken 324 billion 540 million rupees of foreign loans, according to the statistics of the Office of the Auditor General.

    Auditor General Gehendranath Adhikari disclosed at a programme organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal here Wednesday that an audit of the expenditure accounts of the government of Nepal showed arrears of Rs. 28 billion 530 million.

    He said the arrears stood at Rs. 7 billion 240 million in 2005 and the Ministries with the highest amount in arrears are the Ministry of Finance with arrears of 25 per cent, the Ministry of Defence with arrears of 12 per cent, the Ministry of Home Affairs with an arrears of 10 per cent, the Ministry of Physical Planning and Works with an arrears of eight per cent and the Ministry of Local Development with an arrears of seven per cent.

    Stating that the arrears in revenue that the government is yet to realize so far stands at approximately Rs 28 billion, he said the revenue would gradually increase with the implementation of the same.

    He said as the government has been incurring a big loss from the public corporations, it would be appropriate to either privatize these corporations or sell their shares.

    The Auditor General said that the large amount of arrears was because of the non-transparency of the finance budget and the miscellaneous budget.

    Presenting the details of the Royal Palace expenditure, he said an amount of Rs. 165 million 700,000 was spend in fiscal year 2001/2002, Rs. 481 million 30,000 in fiscal year 2002/2003, Rs. 543 million 60,000 in fiscal year 2003/2004 and Rs. 365 million 60,000 in fiscal year 2004/2005 under this head.

  5. Nepalnews dot com
    US not to support the interim govt. until Maoists renounce violence–James F. Moriarty

  6. I am willing to pay my share of national debt. I am also asking the government to nationalize the properties of all the Prime Ministers, Ministers from Panchayat era to date. Whereas Surya Bahadur Thapa, Tulsi Giri and others enriched themselves during Panchayat era. Girija, Deuba and their people made tons of money during 1990 democracy. Let’s pay off the debt and let’s start new life.

  7. EXILE only AFTER full interrogation and public humiliation for the pain he caused to all Nepalis. Especially the ones close to the dead martyrs of Jana Andolan 2063.

  8. “…juice for an old man!” The snake speaks with a forked-tongue…

    I recall Tulsi Giri being quoted in the press as saying sometime back in January – certainly before Jana Andolan II. Something like ‘…if necessary more people will die to maintain order in Kathmandu.’ Can anyone find the exact quote?

    If that’s not an incitement to killing citizens on the streets then what exactly is?

    Are the HLPC are asking tough enough questions? If not then what is their purpose. If this issue is allowed to turn into yet another whitewash, can any of you imagine how angry ‘the mob’ will get.

    Time to decided HLPC! Are you serious or not. Are you so easily persuaded by this criminal’s ambiguous answers.

    Many outside observers think that some of the people you will be interviewing should really be in The Hague, not sipping juice in a comfy chair, avoiding half-hard questions with insulting, ‘clever-dick’ answers.

  9. Why are we only concerned about the 21 people that died in the people’s movement? Why not a probe commission about the 13 thousand innocent Nepalese that have died since 1996?

  10. Ultimate culprit is the King. There is no doubt about it. But are you sure of your beautiful future in Nepal so that people displaced from the insurgency can go back home ? Or the people in foreign country can return to rebuild Nepal ?

    No. Because our politicians are still fighting and trying to earn money from the people’s tax money. I say that we have to add 56 (2007 to 2063) years to 104 years of Rana Rule which makes 160 years of brutal Rana Rule. Still our so called corrupt politicians are making the people confused and earning a lot of money.From 2007 to present, they could not steer the country out of total political confusion. And where is the economic development in remote villages. Every new born child is born with Rs. 13 000 debt on his head.God save the country from the corrupt politicians. We need honest politicians. Isn’t it a contradictory ? Politicians and honesty, UUf !!!

  11. The commission should stop wasting time and ask for an explaination from the King, vis a vis the death of 21 individuals and the supression of the “andolan”. However, in the same light, we should also know the “logistics” of the “andolan”, – how many people were forced to attend by the maoists etc? Even these are serious human rights abuses. You cannot just have a one sided view. The comission should then grill Prachanda who is directly or indirectly reponsible for the death of 13000, the sad state of the economy, destruction of crucial infrastructure, displacement of hundreds ofd thousands of Nepalis from their homes amongst other atrocities. These things cannot be one sided as one issue is directly related to the other. Otherwise it is just political vendetta and little to do with justice.

  12. If we really believe in democracy and unbaiasness then royal regime, maoist and political leaders should compelled to justify their guilts. 13,000 people are being killed in Nepal during their direct involvement. We are seeing all of them are to be blamed for that.

  13. dont only run after a deer running downhill, what about all the activities after 1990 ?? all those who made the country run downhill need to provide explantions…the SPAM cannot be sprinkled with gold water and be made pure again….

  14. Let me put it this way- we all are in dream world, similar to Communist “utopia” which will never come. There is too much going on, too many players, too many interest, and too many my way is the best way attitude & people- so in the end, deillusion will set in and we will all accept everything as is and life goes on. Even if you turn this country upside down- all will remain the same.

    Just came across a person, lives in west of Nepal, he says that maoist hve a total control of all the affairs from land distribution, dispute to ordering cops to send jeep for their excursion. He says, if election is held, Maoist will get more than 80% vote. He says SPA leaders do not have any say, in fact Nepaljung’s congress Shavapati some guy called Shrestha’s land was allocated outright by the maoist. He could not do anything, now he is in kathmandu, helpless.

    So from the looks of it- maoist have won the hearts and minds of people by doing populist action- if this goes on, dunno where it will end.

  15. Be sure of either of two options, monarchy or no monarcny. And also be sure, dictatorship or democracy. Monarchy lost its credit as it always chose autocracy in every available oppertunity in last half a century. And,so, it should go now. Nepalese people can not gamble more. Royalists have to swallow this bitter pill.

    Dictatorship or democracy ? Maoists or better all Marxists preached for proletariat dictatorship and they dream so even now after the fall of Soviet Union and Maoism in China and participation of Communists in pluralistic multiparty democramy in many a countries. Maoists in Nepal too has to give up their arms and take part in formation of a new domocratic Nepal if they do not like to face the fate of Latin American Maoists as that will be the altimate intentions of all national and international communities if Maoists chose to return back or resist to heal the harm they have done to common people.

    Both the army, if they still think themselves the king’s loyal, and Maoists, if they still dream the proletariat utopia and think themselves winner of war, have to face the ill consequences if they do not realize the call of time.

  16. I think situation is really out of our hands now. I concur that in villages and in Pahads situations are very bad and is really different then what we,keyboard punching people, see or talk about. The vicious control that Maoist wield is so suffocating and oppressive that SPA and its workers are nothing but a mute spectators. Actually from what I hear they are ordered by Maoist.

    Its a de facto Maoist rule, it won’t be long before we, in urban or capital city, feel the heat. Maoist claim themselves to be the main actor of Jana Andolan and they are acting it out. SPA working sphere is curtailed and is almost non-existant. Now its not the question of Monarchy or Democracy- its the question of one party rule and quest for ever elusive communist “utopia.” Just be prepared to face it and do not place your trust in anything. It is just too late.

  17. Well if done properly this commission could set a very welcome precedent for those who abuse authority and divert the law to suit their wishes when in power. It could act as a deterrent for the future. However if done incompetently it will be a farce.

  18. Reply to sanjjan:


  19. everybody wishes for a better nepal……….but singing monotonously against one side should not be the goal….sing against and ask explanations of all corrupts, traitors, scheming insiders and opportune outsiders, brat jogis, fat bhogis, insensible yogis power-hanging dhobis and uncontrolled mobiz (mobs)…..

  20. Past scenario- worst since 12 years in our history.

    Present scenario- like children’s play in politics.

    Future scenario – hope for the best but political parties themselves confused about their agreement and decisions

    People- don’t know where the leaders are taking them.

  21. Arithmetic calculation of present politics

    1.Congress- Cut UML and go with maoist
    2.UML- cut congress and go with maoist but worried about 1/3rd already merged to maoist
    3.Maoist- try to lead among the partners
    4.USA- don’t want to see maoist rule
    5.EU- follow USA
    6.India- making confused to the people what they really want
    7.Other political parties- monitoring and laughing at the dramas of politics
    8.Government security force- worried and confused
    9.PLA- fade up in jungle and happy to join the government force
    10.people-don’t know where the leaders are taking them

  22. Of the 13,000 people who died, how many were killed by the then Royal Nepal Army?

    Most reports say more than half. So, yes, Prachanda is a bad guy, but don’t blame him for everything.

    If the Army hadn’t behaved so ham-handedly, we would not have so many deaths. Everybody knows how the army hunted ‘Maoists’ down.

    I know a couple of cases myself.

  23. Shanti — You still don’t get it, do you? Who exactly is going to try the Maoists? They are becoming the government and bringing popular power and democracy. Not just the word democracy in the mouth of politicians, but power in the villages and everywhere. You blame them for the war? Then who do you blame for the poverty and underdevelopment of Nepal? Maybe you should look in the mirror. I bet you are doing a lot better than your servants. That time is done.

  24. Identification of Mandale:

    CK2, diehard, livewire, shanti- all these are mandales working for Rana and Shah. They are repeating what Sachit said in the Rayamajhi commission. They are asking for the culprit of 13000 deaths. Actually Ranas and Shah are responsible for that because they enjoyed the power but they could not control the insurgency. Then who are responsible ?

  25. ??

    Mao said – if 3/4 of population is destroyed, 1/4 will survive to make exploitationless society (a communist utopia?).

    Are maoists immune of any crime they have done in the name of revolution?

    Is accountability nothing against political crimes?

    Please justify.

  26. Limbu,
    Take it easy man. I understand your annoyance, but don’t you think you are being over confident? I think we should learn to criticize in a more proper way rather then making a fool out of the blog.

  27. One of the part of the recent government is maoist who have also killed lots of innocent victims. why every one bypass those deaths of nepali sons/daughters. should it be negleted as the are running the govt.? think about it deshbhaktas

  28. The king is gone and so is the discussion.
    Prachanda shall leave one day and so shall acquisition against him.
    Girija shall leave the world but tributed with “warrior for freedom” tagline.
    The country shall exist forever so lets work hard to bring progress and lets penalise all of these bastards so that no1 shall dare to do what these people did to our country..

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