Prachanda, Nepal’s Rebel Leader, Talks Brilliance

Prachanda interview in eKantipur (if this link doesn’t work, please visit the ekantipur page).

In his first television interview to a Nepali channel, Prachanda, the Supreme leader of Nepal Communist Party (Maoist) talks sense and raises so many convincing issues that viewers (as far as a few dozen people I talked to while watching the interview being aired now on Kantipur TV taken by Sohan Shrestha). Yes, I am impressed. I think he is raising right issues. I believe that they really want peace and that they should be included in the interim government immediately. “We are ready to join the interim government and solve the problem peacefully,” Prachanda said. “But the Seven Party Alliance is trying give the impression that they alone did the historical April revolution. That revolution was done jointly by SPA, Maoists and the civil society.”

Prachanda said that first Maoists should be incorporated in the interim government and the country should talk about developments and bringing in help packages from abroad. “We are not against bringing in aid packages from India, we know we need the aid,” he said. “But that should be done by the government with our participation. I told [Prime Minister] Girija [Prasad] Koirala that this government shouldn’t decide on long term aid packages without first including us in the government. After we are included in the government, we can go to India and ask for what we need.”

Prachanda further said, “First political settlement then development. For that the speed of talks need to be intensified.”

Prachanda seems to be genuinely interested in solving the problem by first ensuring the Maoist participation in the decision making process. He also talked about the necessity of the election of constituent assembly, the international meditation (“no problem with any credible international agency that India and China feel comfortable with”) and arms management. (“We will not come out of certain area of Nepal as the process of election starts.”)

The SPA should create no problem whatsoever if Maoists really want to join the government and go for political settlement (election of constituent assembly). If Maoists are too eager to join the government, let them join. Why create problem and endanger the peace process. Prachanda said that he didn’t come to the last week’s Kathmandu gathering of the Maoist party as his party wasn’t too sure about the SPA’s intention of settling the political problem first.

“It is a political blunder that SPA is delaying our inclusion in the government by declaring things from Parliament. This is nothing more than trying to take fake credit of the historical movement. These leaders and parties were in the government in the 90s as well. Why didn’t they do these kinds of decisions in the parliament then? Now they are trying to bypass the Maoists from the political process and this is very dangerous for the peaceful settlement. Maoists need to be the part of the political process. Everything should be done with our participation.”– Prachanda

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101 thoughts on “Prachanda, Nepal’s Rebel Leader, Talks Brilliance

  1. In interview Prachandra said, “In every revolution more than hundreds of thousands of people die. That is natural. In Nepal ONLY 13000+ people have died.” He says it as a scientist re.
    What i say to Prachandra is “Lets kill your own son and daughter and father”. How does it feel?

  2. i totally disagree with gayatri. she told that,

    “Prachada is great, he is unquestionably the savior of Nepali people. I hope one day he will become the president and Baburam the vice president of our country. Long live Prachanda Path.”


  3. i totally disagree with gayatri. she told that,

    “Prachada is great, he is unquestionably the savior of Nepali people. I hope one day he will become the president and Baburam the vice president of our country. Long live Prachanda Path.”


  4. i totally disagree with nitin and NITIN and totally agree with gayatri. good gayatri keep it up.

  5. I did not see it but it seems to be a good interview with Prachanda generally making sense. However the only flaw is that the Maoists cannot be allowed to join the interim government until they give up arms. So if they want some credit then they should hasten the process of arms surrender. Their basic conditons have been agreed by the SPA so their really should not be cause for too much delay. I guess the UN must come in before an arms surrender can take place. I wish the SPA would concentrate on bringing the UN in asap.

  6. Completely senseless interVIEW!

    Prachanda talks like teenager communist cadre or student activist in the early university days!

    He is not matured enough yet!

    Ofcourse country needs some compromise—- for everlasting peace!

    It seems that he does not want to stop bloodshed……!

    Somebody should stop him from continue his journey on the devil Pol Pot’s way!


    I am glad there are Nepali who have hot blood in their vein. I am glad they are talking about revenge. I am glad that they see Prachanda and Baburam comparable to POL Pot. I am now a little bit confident that these blood suckers would not dare to come in open politics becuase of you guys. They should be greatful to Nepali people that they did not went out for their (Maoist’s) family and killed them. Prachande should be greatful nobody followed his way of thinking and killed his father.

    About Wagle, would sombody tell me what is his formal education? He is good at one thing, reporting on time. His English……

    Remember that saying, milaer sunnu’; we really have to rearrange his words to extract the meaning of his sentences. And he MODERATES our writing? What a paradox! But is not that typically Nepali. Anadi, gawar, pakhe, bebkoof, stupids act hero in the street of Nepal, parliament and businesses. LATO DESSMA GADO TANNERI.

    But DINESH deserves our praise too. During Gyane[ndra]’s kal ratri he did great job by providing us this forum. Amrit sang Bish pani piunu parchha.

  8. Our journalism is influnced by the sadistic thought and directed agaist our own national interest. Many big media houses are paid by or aligned to the interest of some countries or some power.They are contributing to the anti-national views.Many news papers are supporting Maoists views knowingly or unknowingly. It is most damaging. There is no pro-Nepal paper in the true sense of the term as such in Nepal.That can be developed. But who will do it ? That is the biggest question. New generation of journalists are writing only rumours. There are a very few who are serious.When I say pro-Nepal that should not be misconstrued as Mandale type like People’s Review. And the journalists like Ram Prasad Khanal or P. Kharel or Manoranjan Josse.

    These guys were thinking that only King can save the country and he is the true nationalist.All others are anti-nationalists.That was an extreme thinking.They always doubtful about India’s intention on Nepal.They are saying that India is trying to swallow Nepal like Sikkim and if that’s not possible they will Bhutanize Nepal.Now that has been proved wrong by the recent visit of GPK to India.

    As you are aware that other extreme is Maoists. And Wagle and his team are glorifying the Maoists and Prachanda. That’s also dangerous. Actually Maoists are the killers of lower grade in the eyes of international community.

  9. Those who are calling for revenge against Prachanda and co. are idiots. It is the language of cowards. Let the law take it’s course with regard to human rights abuses, and let both the govt. security forces and Maoists be both subject to it.

    As for me I want the UN in here asap so that the arms surrender monitoring can take place asap-so that both the Maoist PLA and the royalists (R)NA can be kept in check. Why is that idiot Gen. Thapa still around? He should be sacked!

  10. Now it is better not to lose any time only with this parliament’s declaration. We must go for lasting peace to have an interim govt including the Maoists and elections to CA. All violators of Human Rights whether they are chief of the Army or whoever should not be spared. Otherwise there would be no trust in leaders and there is the chances of anarchy in the country.There are so many things to be dismantled like National human Rights Commission to be replaced with the new commission. Can we trust same Nayan B Khatri and his team ? Tu should be reorganised. There should not be the distribtion of posts among Congressis and UMLis like all the time.

  11. Kirat, do you have Justice in your vocabulary? Why are you calling people idiots who seek justice. Your kind are the real threats to country like ours- accepting without knowing or falsely assuming that by taking high road all will be solved. There is medicine for people like you- Novocain.

  12. maoist are getting frustrated, it is real time to test their patient and willingness to go through the peace deal. if maoists think they were discredited from the recent successful movement, then they must remmeber that it was a part of 12 point deal that maoists to keep quite during that movement. so what is wrong with prachanda now. why he want to taste power and go the govternment that was not a part of 12-point pact. if they think they have been cheated then its their fault that they aggreed on wrong deal and they have to live with it–true loser.

    second thing is prachanda dont believe in parliamentary system. he wants to desolve the present parliament, which is never been so powerful in the history of nepal. he wants establish a system one like north korea or cuba. if he believes in parliamentary system, he should join the present govt and take oath to the present parliament. of course he should give up arms before anything like that to happen.

    thrid thing is prachanda wants his party in the govt and at the same time do not want to give up arm. this man wants pie on both hand–greedy man.

  13. Sushil Koirala said in Butwal that people should not expect anything for family and individually from this Govt.That means that before the NC governments used to distribute posts and money in terms of family links.Now he told them not to expect anything. It is a good suggestion from a high level congressi.

  14. WE MUST FORCE PRACHANDA to change this name….
    PRACHANDA ONLY wants to enjoy POWER whether by VIOLENT REVOLUTION and KILLING or by so-called democracy…
    We do not need cunning leaders..We need good leaders…
    Power is all Prachanda wants…
    Coming on TV and glib media handling do not make him less of a murderer…

  15. Overkill, yeah I know what justice means. Pity you only want to apply it to people/entities you don’t like. You want to be severe on the Maoists/SPA but make all sorts of excuses for KG and the (R)NA. Heard of something called a balanced perspective? Go check the dictionary.

  16. Kirat,
    What do you suggest disband (R)NA ??…..

    KG was not cunning..He is a fool..he is gone..we have nothing to worry about him. If you want to hang KG because Prachanda and politicans spread rumours of him killing his brother, then I have nothing to say…
    Are you harping on KG to prepare the alibi for the any failure/misdeeds of the new lot??
    I am all for giving the SPA a chance but not a free run to do whatever they like..We are in the new global world..why must we wait for 5 long years to remove a set of politicans amassing money?? We should have mechanisms in place to remove politicians when power corrupts them. Remember POWER does CORRUPT even saints. Politicans are only humans. We must prevent the coming of politicians supported by criminals(like Prachanda). Avoid situation like India which is full of criminal politicians.He does not become less of a criminal because he handles media well and has done a doctorate in Mao Thoughts…
    ALSO need to avoid DYNASTY politicians who make so much money through corruption that their sons and sons-in-law are into drugs,rash driving,immorality and keep squeezing the people..just look south of Nepal for examples…

  17. shanti, do you not know what reform means? Reform does not mean disband. I am saying let’s reform the (R)NA so that it becomes a stronger, more professional and more responsible force for the good of Nepal and Nepali people. Is that clear enough?

  18. If the rulers are good the armies will be good…but by reform if you mean the politicians have one set of standards for themselves and another set of “reformed standards” for the Army then it will not work out..
    The Army cannot be like a eunuch in a Khalifa’s harem..can see all the s—wing and orgies going on but cannot do anything….

  19. Prachanda is all bulshit..
    Good rulers are essential for a nation to have good institutions like Judiciary, Press, NGOs, Panchayats and of course the Army…..

  20. I don’t trust still. only word doesnot solve the problem. we need to see the action. if the maoist are willing to work betterment for the county. whey can’t they? stop killing and give up……..

    I ask Mr. Prachanda to think more….


  21. I firmly beleive in what SPA is doing but we have to also listen to the demands of the Maoists. We should not fall in the trap by Maoists, we have to listen to them but the decision should be made carefully. We must not follow their diktats otherwise it would be like Cambodia situation in Nepal.

  22. Have you noticed that during the interview, Prachanda gave GOLMATOL answer as regards to the both posts he was holding.One is Chief of political wing and another miltary chief.Our Wagle bros think that it was a brilliant interview. You know their “level of understanding”.

    Anyway, you know the communist idealogy and its dictorship. Our Makune is still the Chief of UML after 13 years of death of Madan Bhandari. If Prachanda will come to power in Nepal, Great Leader and Beloved Leader of the great revolutionary people of Nepal will have the honour and privilege of “enjoying” Comrade Prachanda’s guidence and wise leadership for another thirty years.

  23. rebel 101 – “How many brahmins have you really seen in your life? Let me rephrase the question, besides, girija, makune, prachanda, baburam, oli, sitaula, krishna prasad – how many others have you seen not in public figures.”

    Are you trying to be joker by saying this? Besides being surrounded and run and dictated by Brahmins and choco blocked with them in the beureucracy,judiciary and media you have listed all the people who run our lives and have ruined our lives. How many more Brahmins do you want to know? Have’nt we had enough already for now and enough for a few generations to come?

  24. Kirat, listen the very thing I have been harping to you about is “BALANCE,” which you lack.

  25. I support shanti’s view regarding reforms. This is the first time I agree with shanti on any point. It is because we ask others to reform and we want to remain ourselves unchanged.

    It is like you smoke yourselves and ask others not to smoke. I would like to mention one of the recent meetings where CIAA chief and some MPs participted in an anti-corruption programme. Chamche MPs of Girija Babu challenged about the “honesty” of their leader Girija and asked to drop and destroy Girija’s file on corrpution saying that he is fully honest and clean. But CIAA Chief asserted that if MPs wanted, he is ready to present the details of his corruption to the Parliament Committee.Does Girija has courage to do this and get a clean chit from the People’s Parliament ? Have they declared aword on anti corruption as yet ? Because these MPs and leaders are corrupt and they are affraid of doing this and getting backfired from the people.

    So reform is necessary everywhere if we are honest to the people and the country. Can the parties declare their finanacial assets and pledge the transparency to the people. Have the Ministers declraed their property now ? According to the provision, they have to declare it within 15 days of cabinet formation. Where have all these things gone ?

  26. Bang on Shanti! There is nothing more one can add to your comments on change and beginning with the self first. One can only say, Bang on!

    As for aping the Indians, (if I may), I remember an article or a list that said out of the 500 or so MPs in India, more than half of them have either criminal records or have been charged with criminal or civic offences. The list includes – murder, rape, manslaugter, attemp to murder, drug abuse, wife abuse amongst others including corruption (which was the least serious of the charges – imagine that!).

  27. Kp,

    That is the biggest democracy on earth, all thse are elected by the electoral system. but if they are extremely bad or criminal they have been punished too. But u can not say Man Mohan Singh is a corrupt man . Can you ? If you would like,you can speak against Bush who is the biggest terrorists on earth.There is no end to it.

  28. In a least developed country like Nepal, it is very difficult for democray to survive and thrive.
    Because political parties cannot operate without money. Where does the money come from ? frm corruption. It is the only source. So ?

  29. layman,

    My point was not to compare Man mohan Singh to the other MP’s.
    I just wanted to support Shanti’s view to say that our democracy should be an example to the rest of the world and definitely not like India. To say it is the biggest democracy in the world is saying it has a very large population that is all. It does not mean that their democracy is representaive of, and reaches out to everyone in practice. Slipping in a vote is not the only aspect to democracy. Access to public institutions, the judiciary and the benefits of the nation to as many citizens as possible is a reflection of how democratic a nation is. Thus, by having more than half your “people’s representatives” who are tainted, it does not reflect well on the electoral process and it definitely does not help the people of the country. People like Man Mohan Singh faces many hurdles due to such MP’s present in the system, I am sure if India had more MP’s from the people and from the honest crop and not from dynasties, gundawalas, and business interest groups it would have taken off long time ago, and with the the entire population as beneficiaries not just the middle class and the rich.
    As Vandhana Shiva the renowned environmentalist and political activist said –
    “India is on a course to collapse, 1/3 of the country is controlled by naxaites, moaists and insurgents, this is because 700 million of our people are not represented in this democracy where the people should have the right to a livelihood not just a right to have a job, a right to choose whether to live as fisherman, farmer, tribe and not just to be caught up in the development to benefit the rich and powerful”.

  30. Song for Prachanda:

    Writer, lead vocal: John Lennon

    You say you want a revolution
    Well you know
    We all want to change the world
    You tell me that it’s evolution
    Well you know
    We all want to change the world
    But when you talk about destruction
    Don’t you know you can count me out
    Don’t you know it’s gonna be alright
    Alright Alright

    You say you got a real solution
    Well you know
    We’d all love to see the plan
    You ask me for a contribution
    Well you know
    We’re doing what we can
    But when you want money for people with minds that hate
    All I can tell you is brother you have to wait
    Don’t you know it’s gonna be alright
    Alright Alright

    You say you’ll change the constitution
    Well you know
    We all want to change your head
    You tell me it’s the institution
    Well you know
    You better free your mind instead
    But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao
    You ain’t going to make it with anyone anyhow
    Don’t you know know it’s gonna be alright
    Alright Alright

  31. The people of Nepal is looking for the great changes specially in their earnings and livings which neither addressed by previous autocratic rule nor by democratic goverment so if maoist come in between with democratic thought they might get the chance to win the heart of the people.

    People are looking drastic change not only in power but more on the desparities between urban and rural.

  32. kp,

    Well, what I mean is first of all, the working democracy has so many problems. But it is still better than dictatorship and military rule of the King and his bharadars.Many bharadars got their job by NIGAHA of the King. One should write about the people who supported him wholeheartedly for oppressing the people so that they can not benefit from the democratic government in future.

    About India, I don’t think Vanadana Shiva is right when she says that 1/3rd of India is controlled by insurgents group. Do you know how much is 1/3rd of India ? I don’t think people who work for INGOs are always correct and they exaggerate their data, thats their bread and butter for creating a parallel govt. in villages.

    Our Maoists are also a part of the creation of some of these “INGOs”.

  33. Layman,

    Let me again stress that I am not comparing democracies to autocratic/totalitarian rule. You are talking of apples why I am talking about oranges. I am (let me say it again) stating that our democracy should not ape Indias.
    1/3 of India is around 300 million people. That does not sound too unrealistic to me, especially when we know the poor make up about 2/3 of India (do you know how many that is – about 700 million!!!). If 25000 maoists can bring a nation of 27 million to a grinding halt or near to one, why is it difficult to believe tha 1/3 of a country is in the same scenario??? Yes Vandhana Shiva may sound a little too sensationalist and unbelievable, but at the same time the powerful govt. machinary in India do their utmost to hide all their ugliness, so who is right and who is wrong?

  34. Layman,

    Let me quote you “but if they are extremely bad or criminal they have been punished too”.

    More than half the MP’s in India have some sort of charge or allegation against them. Can you name me one or two who have been punished? And I am not talking about political vendetta punishment where one Chief Minister jails the ex-Chief Minister and vice versa for political vengence.
    Name a few MP’s et al who have been punished for their misdeeds. Also what do you classify as “extremely bad”? Are there criteria for MP’s to be punished for their crimes or should they follow a much more stringent moral code than normal citizens?

  35. Let us talk about Nepal. How many Nepalese MPs are as nototrious as most of the Indian MPs.When we compare proportionately, Indians are more in numbers and percentage than their Nepalese counterparts. They have about 543 MPs whereas we have only 205. That depends on the attitude of the people.

    Actually we can not blame them of exactly aping the Indian politicians.But when we talk of bigness of size and population of the country, India is administratively or financially or managementwise better run than Nepal.In terms of criminality, Nepalese scenario is better. But in terms of knowledge, Indians are better than Nepalese.In India also, good politicians have taken over the bad ones at the end. Otherwise, how such a vast country can progress at the rate of 9 percent ?

  36. Yes, we have plenty of those in our parliament as well, this is exactly why if you followed what I was saying our new democracy after CA elections should not be made up of these bafoons. You have just proved my point that we are already aping Indians and are infact worse off according to you. So is’nt it time for a change of the sort of people we want as MP’s, and therefore be less like India?

  37. kp,

    Yes I agree with you my friend.This is the time of nation building in the truest sense. If Girija wants to keep the King, King’s position should be like the King of Sweden where you can meet him in the park. he goes to Office in a regular bus service. We should see Gyanendra in a bicycle. That is the type of Monarchy we want.

    Politicians also should not only concentrate their minds in corruption and commissions but also serving the Nepalese people in the truest sense and honestly.Not only giving lip service by talking about big doctrines and principles and do exactly the opposite. All are PHATAHA. I found 70 percent (exactly how much I don’t know, it is my estimate) we Nepalese are PHATAHAS.We talk one thing and we do another. We do not have loyalty to anybody and principles but for money.

    These politicians say that in politics, anything can happen.That is not true.You can have honest politicians like Mandela, Gandhi etc.

    They are post oriented like what Amik sherchan did recently.

  38. Or we can keep Gyanenedra in Jawalakhel ZOO in place of Orang Otang.Ha ha ha

  39. as a layman i don’t understand why the maoists top leaders com.prachanda, baburam and others coms flew away like underground style after publicly recently.yes they have very busy shedule for the party working.why com prachanda flew that style and unknown palce as news report break dought people are eager to see maoists activities in free and without fearless manner.after concluding historic agreement between SPA-GOV-M people are hoping to see maoists leader involvment diffrent programme in kathmandu.after supremos leaving kathmandu have made very sad.after landmarking decision between SPA-GOV-M nation heading to CA nation hole force should be unite for the completion the ca election.we have facing the so many problems during conficlt time.we lost lifes,worth and losing confidence one can belive eachothers.we fought within the our own brotherr sister.lost so many things but not getting any good we have get golden opportunity. we don’t miss this time.we should forgets past mistakes and don’t blame eachother.if we unite we cak do lots for the nation.many nations which are so behind us in the past are getting uptimum benefit from the development.but we are in same palce like in the past.our frinedly nation china and india have done lots of progress. they are climbing devlopment ladders continuously. their ecnomic progress going ahead. after becoming the wto member china did maxmum development. sociely and ecnomicaly china is becomming the aisa’s tiger. likewise our closely friend india has also did maximum progress.mainly india is doing maximum progress sector like telephone and it.national and internationla investers are seenig eager to invest in india and indian government also is trying to reform its investment policy vary fastly.
    according to my thoughts if a nation have a visionery leader that country can develop contiously and drive the nation to prosperious.if not nation stop in same place.nepal never get visionary leader.we got leader have self opportuniest.they try to do for their selves not for nation. now we have seen positive, we are hopping nation wiil get visionary leader.let hope morning shows the days.

  40. we have getting more & more good news day by day in the newspaper and also heard in electronic i read good news that kul chandra gautam dy.secretary general,UN will come very soon in kathmandu for the study of nepal recent development.another good news we have read in newspaper that government is trying to send the letter to the un and the letter is already drafted for inviting the world boaday to manage the armies and weapons of the state.the summit meeting between the SPA and Maoists has agreed the un involvement to manage the arms both side.another good news is nepal’s development partners and doner agencies showing to keen interest to help its overall development. these are all very positive for us. if we are very much serious about the nation its feture we should move ahead without taking long time. we should find out our developmment goals and vision. before this, our first efforts sholud centrialize for solving the current problems.we have good time, environment is becoming very positive for us. all kinds of conflicts are seeing to moove to positive line.maoists have repeated their commitments that they did their politics in openly and never return to jungle again.this is very positive us and we should apreciate it.

  41. Because of his success even convincing the democratic SPA and India, Prachanda seems to have following leadership qualities;

    -proper planner
    -the capacity to create or catch vision
    -does feel the thrill of challenge
    -doesnot locked in the status quo
    -able to identify which ideas are practical and which aren’t
    -a willingness to take responsibility
    -a completion factor
    -mental toughness
    -peer respect
    -family respect
    -a quality that makes people listen to themself-knowledge
    -willingness to look to others for support
    -being open to change
    -a desire to go the extra mile
    —good communication skill
    -visionary outlook
    -selecting a good team Action speaks louder than words
    -ability to motivate people around
    -ability to stand against critics
    -problem Solving
    -certain character
    -good communication
    -positive attitude
    -problem Solving
    -able to offer new solutions
    -able to build Consensus
    -opportunity Seeking

    But how long we have to wait and see.

  42. reading todays newspaper of parbat,maoists forcefuliy posted their political cader for the post of DDC Chairman.I don’t understand why maoists are defing their commitments with over the two caror nepalese people? their supremo kamrade prachanda was signing himself in the paper of 8 points understandings, but their cadders are defing it continiously. how can we(people) belive their commitments to the people will implement prpoperly ? how can we will live without fareless if they reach in government tomorrow? if their activities going countiously like this, no one will belive for them, so they shold try to correct themselves. their supremo prachanda immediatly improve and correct his cadders.such activities should be stopped as soon as possible.otherwise situation will be worse than this and no body can control.if prachanda wants to make the nepal as singapore he should start better and appreciable works. many political leaders had already said that words in their speech but result is still Zero,so he try to make it success, we wish.

  43. Hey what’s holding up that letter to the UN? It is in Nepal’s best interest to lay to rest the two armies until such time the CA is elected.

  44. prachanda is gr8
    maoist r gr8
    peoples army (red army) r gr8
    rolpa, rukum, dang, chitwan, hetuda, pokhara and the people helping to make new nepal (ganatantra nepal) by hanging so called raja gana.. till death r gr8

    all the people who r anti prachanda r terroist infact..they have never visited nepal.

    those stupid person r confined in their room &disco with sucking the blood of poor nepalise.


  45. Nepali janta,
    You are great. Because you say Prachanda is Nepali mother should produce any more prachanda. We have enough. One drunk the blood of 13000. Girija made him hero. But girija may not know one day he will eat him.Anyway girija himself has git the last call from “above” what he can do against him.

    Now all Nepalese need to see what exactly this Hinzada Sitaula will do if the extortion, abduction,torture and killings will continue by the maoists.

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