Nepal’s India Yatra: Great Expectations

An editorial in the Kathmandu Post titled Koirala’s visit.

It has become a tradition. India is the first official destination for every successive prime minister. China is the second one. Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala has also decided not to break the practice. Postponing his medical visit to Bangkok, Koirala is embarking on a three day visit to India seeking economic and political support for the newly established democratic government. Reportedly, Koirala is formally requesting for a special economic assistance package. Apart from this, Koirala would also seek India’s blessing for the success of the peace talks with the Maoists. Kathmandu wants Delhi to back the UN role in disarming the Maoists, if the need be. Koirala must be in an upbeat mood because Indian newspapers have already announced that India is planning a “mega economic” package for Nepal. The visit of the prime minister is, therefore, expected to garner support for the economic development and political stability.

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Nepali Skepticism
Meanwhile, people who are following the Prime Minister’s India visit are skeptical about the trip and any possible agreements. They are tired of seeing Nepal lose to India in such agreements. India promises attractive packages of help and cooperation on paper but always exploits our compulsions (‘India-lockedness’) in practice.

Take a survey among Nepalis about their impression of India. The result will be that an overwhelming majority of respondents will dislike the Establishment India if not hate outright. Yes, people to people relationship is good between Nepal and India. There is a huge fan following of Bollywood stars in Nepali cities and Hindi films are popular among the mass of all ages. The influence of cricketing icons can also be felt very strongly in the pitches of Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal. Yes the rhetorical talk of cultural ties never ceases to exist. But Nepali people also do not forget the obstacles India creates every now and then on our borders, in their customs points and in many other fields. One day India talks about helping Nepal economically and the next it announces additional customs duties to Nepali exports. Such has been the Indian behavior towards Nepal all the time in the past.

It might be because of our inefficiency to deal with the issues but has Nepal always found itself losing something precious to Indians during bilateral talks. No one has forgotten the Tanakpur scandal that happened while Koirala was in power in the 90s. That is exactly why Members of Parliament yesterday warned PM Koirala not to make any controversial deal with the government of India during the visit, Himalayan Times reports. They suggested that the PM sought Indian support for the proclamation of the House of Representatives and achievements of the people’s movement.


Finance Minister Ram Sharan Mahat has drafted a special proposal, which will point out the areas of support for Nepal. However, it seems that India has already assessed Nepal’s needs, and has made up its mind on how to go ahead with it. The Times of India (April 27) mentioned that India wanted to support Nepal to prevent it from becoming a failed state due to fiscal turmoil. India is reportedly considering huge cash and credit infusion to check balance of payment situation, rescheduling of loans, concessionary rates in oil supplies and support on communication equipment. The Indian assessment of Nepal’s needs is definitely valid and praiseworthy. However, there are many other issues in which Nepal should seek India’s cooperation.

There is no dispute that Nepal needs a good rapport with India to progress economically, and maintain peace. Koirala should also thank India for helping to bring the Maoists to the peace-talk-table, and exert formidable pressure on the king to bow down to the public demand. However, Koirala should not forget the issues of construction of dams in the bordering areas that inundate thousands of hectares of arable land every year on the Nepali side and displace hundreds of thousands. The quarantine check posts at the Indian borders have been causing serious problems to Nepali farmers who export agricultural produce. The four percent duty on imports, which has badly hurt Nepali exports, should be annulled. Similarly, Koirala should seek India’s support to control cross-border criminal activities and smuggling. There are also issues such as aviation, tourism, hydropower, transit road to China which need to be addressed. Harnessing these sectors would benefit both the countries.

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60 thoughts on “Nepal’s India Yatra: Great Expectations

  1. The secrecy of the meeting should be transparent that is what people want..No more Tanakpur secrecy in the name of their failure to run democracy…

  2. I don’t know why but if i said ‘India is our good friend’, everyone will laugh at me as if i m telling a joke. The reason I guess is the lack of trust between the two countries. If this is the case, then it is more our fault than that of india. Every country wants benefit. It is our inability to milk such benifits from India. Ok, many treaties are in favour of India. We cannot change it now, but we have not been able to get benefit(may be less than 1%) from such unfair treaties. This is our problem.

  3. At this critical juncture, we certainly need helping hands of our well wishers. But we also need to work hard from now onward and become self-suffient.

  4. untill there is change of mind in southblock bureaucrat’s mentality, nothing is going to happen. small mercantilist mentality of two everpoor country of south asia who live with philosophy of beggar thy neighbour!

  5. david and goliath case..

    ..unless a lasso is thrown by david to tighten the neck of goliath….goliath will continue to show his muscle…… depend on the lasso of nationalism and national integrity

  6. Destiny has demended a lot of things from Koirala but till now in his earlier avatars, he has failed.If he can not handle the present situation quite ably, Nepali people never gorgive him.I heard a rumour that his daughter is pressurizing him to have some money as corruption. She has already opened three channels of corruption.

    Indian leaders are very helpful and cooperative but bureaucrats are very conservative and British mentality towards Nepal. But I hope the visit will be succesful and there would be nothing controversial like in the time of KP Bhattarai.

  7. For all of you I’m revealing some plan of Maoist.

    5 Step to Power.

    Step 1: Take out some issue in the talk which the government will oppose 100% (like dissolution of HoR or declare ‘Republic’ from HoR [to prove if HoR is supreme] or any other issues).

    Step 2: Then declare the talk have failed, but say we will not return to jungle, instead we will do the “peaceful mass movement” (now here is the trick).

    [govt has clear Maoist from Terrorist Tag, and freed all the prisoners as well, they will just be like ‘chokta khana gako budhi, jhol ma dubera mari’].

    Step 3: Declare Mass movement asking to govt to handover power to them, Pour in people from village to kathmandu from all over
    [The Demonstration of mass mobilization was done in June 2 power show].

    Step 4: Instruct Civil Servants, Police and Army to surrender and not to suppress the movement otherwise after ‘republican’ govt is formed they will take action against all those involved.

    Step 5: In front of such huge mass Armed forces will surrender, as they have been completely demoralized by now ruling SPA (just ask to any armed forces person, you will know how much demoralized they have been, their own govt, and ministers are defaming them and doing nothing to give them support, how can anybody think of defaming somebody and expect full support from that same person).

    Step 6: Maoist will take over Kathmandu, Nepal and then New Red Period will begin.

  8. Plan,

    I’m totally agree with your views;

    let me add something;

    1. If Girija ask any security support from India, this country is going to be a hell.

    2. The security forces are already demoralised that was never happened in our history. I think they might not obey to even Lathi charge to political wings even maoist in future.They are not only demoralised by the politicians but even threatened by the press, human rights organisation, civil society and different sister organisation of political parties. This potrays that they will never try to make tight security in any political incident even in future because of the fear of the punishment.

    3. The demoralisation of the security forces is the great advantage to the maoist even they accept multiparty democracy.

    4. The maoist will not allow SPA to run this country even with the help of India in this demoralised security system.

    5. The maoist strategy run by the RIM (an international organisation) and they have proper plan and goal not like of SPA.

    6. Whereas the 12 points agreement for maoist is just gate way to enter in the politics. SPA without informing and discussing with the people they straight taken the action of 12 points agreement in the presence and guidance of India. Now it is becoming BHALU KO KAMPAT to Girija and great tension to Nepali people.

    7. The best way is to surrender maoist and let them run the country for few years so that there will be no more killings. The king became failure, the SPA is definately fail in their strategy, so let maoist give opportunity to run this country….Andolol part- 3

  9. Everything is working as per the design.
    Now India will ask GP on Security Issues, water and to shut his mouth about encroached land and delay the Bhutanese refugee solution further!

    Girija Babu woh kya hai ki, hum ne to aap logo ne jaisa kaha wohi kiya.

    aab aap ko bhi hamara kam karna hoga.

    Dekhiya ek haaat se liya to dosri haat se dena bhi hoga.

  10. It is not like you guys say that will happen. In Nepal there not only Royalists and Maoists but the majority with the SPA. There are also silent voters who are willing to vote for the SPA.

    But GPK should extremely cautious with India. Why he did not leave for treatment rather going to India, it is amazing. There is no need of India’s approval for UN involvement in Nepal. Nepal is not a territory under control of India.Only economic aid discussion is good for now.

    For Maoists also, there is a danger in the eyes of International Community to have good safelanding. Actually we are on the crossroad of a history.For India also, they have to show the flexibilty otherwise their cahnces of ecnomic progress stalled is very high if they can not ably deal with Nepal situation.

  11. Coke and Fanta:
    you two fattening American drinks – why don’t you start off my getting a brain that works?
    you stupid idiots – the Moaists have about 20,000 core supporters. out of that maybe 10,000 are armed. its not that simple to just take over. most people when it comes down to it are never going to support maoist rule. and the moaists have seen the power of the people in jana andolan II. besides if there were such a maoist take over Nepal would be completly isolated and india might send its troops in and the maoists would be massacared. the maos are well aware of this – they would never attempt such a feat. the question is going to be what happens if the maoists come to power legitimately through democratic elections.

  12. I agree with Thuldai and xxx.
    This idea of a Maoist takeover is too far fetched. Baburam and Prachanda are not oblivious to reality. Like xxx mentioned the real concern should be what to do if the Maoist do come to power legetimetly.

    I also agree with Thuldai that GP should be careful with the Indians. I can only imagine that this economic package will have some strings attached. Unfortunetly in the past the political leaders have been so inept and currupt they allowed India to walk all over us in bilateral negotiations. Hopefully GP has learnt his lessons.

    By the way what is becoming of Sujata Koirala? The public needs to make sure they keep an eye on the bitch.

  13. India is going to ditch Nepal once again. It will throw some bones to the dogs from Kathmandu but it will take all the vital water resources, happily do border encroachments, send Bhutanese refugees to Nepal, keep its army inside Nepalese land and yet shamelessly support Nepal’s democracy. Koirala should not have visited India. What has India done for us? It was the Nepalese people that braved the police bullets and King’s warnings last month. We don’t need to go to Delhi to get its support for constitutent assembly elections or for the peace process. The parties and the Maoists should come together without India’s mediation or help. We don’t even need to inform them. Why should we? Who are they?

  14. Though most of us remain sceptical of what Girija will be able to achieve from the visit there is no denying that there is a great opportunity to further Nepal’s cause from this visit. More than anything else I would want Girija to pressure India to pressure the Maoists to seek a negotiated settlement to this long drawn conflict. After this economic matters can be give importance.

  15. ..j bhaye pani.
    Girija is the second king of Nepal,
    he won’t change himself easily..still people don’t give him benefit of doubt.
    Can he speak grand design.Jestha 19?..if not he is not changed…
    it is true that miracle don’t happen for a country,it will take another 10 years to see satisfied people of nepal , till then, SPA must able to win the heart of people and create silent environment in the country…

  16. Well look at the alternatives we have to Girija right now-Deuba, Prachanda, KG and Makune. Not exactly spoilt for choice are we?

  17. I am counting every hours and days, no no every minutes. I am looking for the reason why the present government delaying to announce election of constitition assembly. Why going to side issues! Girija, keep in mind whereever you go, whoever you meet, I don’t care but you must remember that you were stablished to PM to hold constitutional assembly ellection in time. No other issues, no any inmoptant trity with India! OK!

  18. “india might send its troops in and the maoists would be massacared. the maos are well aware of this – they would never attempt such a feat. ”

    India has not been able to “massacre” the Maoists in India so far, so why should it be easier in Nepal? Naxalites, Nagas, etc., on and on: Guerilla armies are difficult to combat which is exactly why the Maoists and others have chosen that path.

  19. The idea that Maoists will take over Nepal is ridiculous. That’s why Prachanda and co. want to come to the mainstream.

  20. When going to any country for the visit, our homework in the foreign Minstry is very weak. But it is the also the political laedership in the country; leaders are so uncapable of handling foreign affairs, they are unable to give right direction to the foreign ministry. Even DPM Oli does not have any experience in foreign policy and affairs. If you speak english and can speak with some ambssadors in Kathmandu does not make you a able foreign minister.

    If you wathch BBC and CNN also, that does not ma

  21. …make you good foreign minister.

    But most important thing is that politicians always keep it secret in dealings with China and India. They enjoy to keep it like that. After may be two months from the visit you can hear from from the PM’s chamche in a Sekuwa restaurant all the details of the visit. That’s our style of work.

  22. Because Bideshi the Naxalites and other Moaoist movement have been under cover and the army has had to fight a gureilla war. If the Maoist ever came to the forefront and took on the an army things would be different.

  23. Our foreign policy needs to be guided by national or self-interest. If we are going to make Jan Andolan II successful, there needs to be transparency in dealings with foreign powers. This need to debated in the parliament, media and SPAM (SPA+Maos).

    Our diplomats are ill-equipped to deal with regional and global issues. Our top diplomats are aligned to one party or another and get their postings upon their political connections rather than diplomatic experience. They do not do their homework of studying about the country they are visiting, ie, their history, politics, culture and society. The people at policy level have no idea aboy international relations and political economy.

    Nepal needs to create a Nepali Foreign Service apart from Lok Sewa so that we can have a professional diplomatic corpe that will serve the interests of the nation.

  24. Release of Three Mi,isters by the SC decision has made the Rayamajhi Commission a mockery. This rayamajhi thought that he is the one who knows everything in law. I know he is the worst justice when he was in SC. He has made many people’s life terrible by his decions. This is the most wicked and crooked guy on Nepalese judicial system. It was the fault of Girija to make him the head of the Commission.

    Look, he made the mockery of his own decision in the eyes of the Andolankaris. Can he arrest the same Ministers again ? Can he block the release of Kamal Thapa and Tanka Dhakal ? How you can boast of taking action on the King ? HA HA HA

  25. I agree with bridohi regarding the Foreign Minstry. When Girija version one was PM, he brought some relatives in the Minstry. Many people were brought by this guy Murari. He brought his own relatives to the Ministry in cooperation with the Public Service Commission.Now there is no able person in the foreign ministry. There is no Joint Secretaries.

    When Girirja touches any Instituion, it is completely damaged. Look at (R)NAC. Look at TU when drunkard Navin Shah was VC.

    Try to save your institution from Girija and Sujata.

  26. XXX,

    First of all why your name is dirty xxx? that is why your brain might be xxx and your good thinking about India might be xxx.

    You just remember damn dhoti will not support us and other neighbours. They took our Koshi, Gandaki, Mahakali now going to be Karnali. Do you know that we cannot use even single drop without getting permission with India from Gandaki and connected river? In peak hour they take all our water and they don’t give us to our own farmland? do you know this…Another point now India is starting to sale their own river to the private companies (with certain terms and condition). The demand of the water in India is going to be around US$ 800 billion per annum. Delhi and all prime cities are shortage of drinking water. If they able to grab all our rivers that will be great success for their present and future water crisis and power sector. But yes that is good, if we get the reasonable pie on that which can help our economy. But looking at the Gandaki and Tanakpur treaty we are being cheated by India. They are taking advantage of our political weakness where Girija plus Congress are always being culprits in front for their existence in the politics although they are unable to rule the democracy. And our democracy are being made weak by India to take the advantage. Otherwise maoist will not able to come in front by staying in Nepal only, with the support of India land in our democratic period of 14 years. BARA BARSA SAMMA DEKHERA RA BHOGERA PANI NA CHETNI HAMI MURKHA HARU….

  27. India has already made a draft agreement a month ago for Nepal and India to sign it during this visit.When it will be presented to Nepalese delegation, old Girija will ask one or two persons and sign it without analysing anything in the interest of Nepal. This is the usual trend in Nepalese diplomacy.

    They will keep it secret for about one month and Nepalese have a very short memory, they forget it and it will come out when Girija will die.

  28. As king’s all decision were illegal then why not Girija’s decision could be illegal who is established by it. The big decisions of the temporary paliament should be made illegal if that comes negative effect to our home-land (born-land).

  29. As king’s all decision were illegal then why not Girija’s decision could be illegal who is established by it. The big decisions of the Girija should be made illegal if that comes negative effect to our home-land (born-land).

  30. GPK visit has been the biggest concern everywhere. He dispite his health condition is visiting India. That means something is cooking behind the scene. He must be planing to sell some more rivers to India and do some stupid treaty.
    Girija himself is a part of India. He grew up in India and spend most of his young time there so he definately is influence by Indian Idology. BEWARE GIRIJA this time.
    The thing is clear that SPA have 12 point agenda which is mostly in favour of the Maoists, through which the Maoists are able to come to the political limelight. SPA has nearly fade out, so Girija is in India to collect money to get SPA specially Nepali Congress glory back.
    It is sure that Maoist are very near to their destiny. They have used SPA very carefully. The Girija’s visit can’t stop them now


  31. If there is a sell out to India again, then the Nepalese People will have no other option but to join the Maoists.

  32. The so called economic package under the Himalayan Marshall Plan of the south block may just be another ploy to maintain the status quo in Nepal.

  33. We have the capacity to sell more than US$ 800 billion of water and power to India in future. So, their US$1 billion (75 billion package) for 5 years is nothing compare to US$ 800 billion of their demand. So, we warn GIRIJA for the sake of good future of Nepal not to make any treaty in water and security. We can bargain with them in future by making our hand in upper side.

    Beware of KANTIPUR also for mentioning Rs.75 billion package in bold and stressing it. And selling about Karnali at the last paragraph in small fonts in Kantipur news. Kantipur could be sold but we citizen of Nepal should not be sold in Rs. 75 billion. Our stand at this time may make us strong stand for future. That will not only help to bargain also political parties also. DINE KINA DARAUNI….

  34. That will not only help to Nepal to bargain but also to the political parties.

  35. indi-bhaiyaas are real clever….they know when to pull the trick off..

    …hope giriza can keep his hat on firmly…..otherwise they will show him a Carrot…and later he will find out it is only a radish or a gantey-moola….

    indi-bhaiyaas are like “chatakays” in a mela…they will say “foo-mantaar” and all the rivers will be captured in his “lota” before you can say “hey ram”…..

  36. why hasnt anyone from the press federation taken in this trip?

  37. Don’t worry, there is a JANTI of press there. i don’t know about fede.

  38. Look Madhuraman Acharya was stupid when he said that rebels have already released the seven Nepalese soldiers but UN is still negotiating their release.What a stupid ambassador we have at UN.

  39. Look it here. Lets do some soul searching, now. What was Andolan all about? did you guys (me, included) even have faint of an idea? Yes, democracy but of what kind and at whose initiative !! For what (define as you wish) and for whom(autocratic parties and belligerent rebels), NADA. Yeah, King was the one- brutal, oppressive and dictatorial- and we gave it to him good. Now the quandary- people have no faith in SPA, Maoist are at the door (good or Bad, do not know yet) and the hopes have flown. So lets stop complaining and go with the flow. This is a classic case of Asking without knowing(spoiled brat syndrome). We deserve this.

    In comes India- we always are expert at faulting others. When we perceive their help-its song a song time and when they seek consultation- we start calling names.

    Grow up- lets not be childish, throwing tantrums and laughter at the same time. It is so unbecoming of us.

  40. ..all want to be a blog-guru or an agony-guru….while the country swings in doldrums…..we can go back to baa baa black sheep……

  41. Fanta:
    Hydro-power is a very controversial issue. It requires huge investment in infrastuture and no one has really sat down and calculated the Net Present Value of the investment. Also keep in mind that India is moving towards nuclear power. But I agree we do have water resources that we can harness. However, like its mentioned above our political leaders need to be transparent about the bilateral negotitations.

  42. Ok the day has finally came Girija has gone to india to worship his Godfathers. Not only girija its all new PM who goes to india and pray for their long years in power. if delhi durbar god gets happy then it happens so.
    I knew it , It was just a matter of time when girija will go to meet indian ministers (girijas gods) to get PRASAD (poo).

  43. By hook or crook Maoists will take over the country. they are now acting like a dog let loose after 10 years of chained life.

  44. well, I have not seen any logic that Girija went India for worship Manmoran Singh and Italian Barmaid Sonia. Maoist have already taken the country and this Girija is puppet of Maoist terrorist, I have not seen any different between these political parties and Maoist terrorist. all they bring down country under her knee,
    people just see and await to be happen Cango.

  45. Why is everyone bitching and moaning about Girija going to India uh? Every Nepali prime minister – the first thing he does – is visit India. There is very little benefit from all this whining. My only hope is that Girija doesn’t sell his soul and stands up for the Nepali people!

  46. The importance of Girija’s visit to India is undisputable. Much as I think he is the main villain of the first democracy period I don’t think Girija is going to sign an agreement that will sell Nepal short. India will be up to their usual tricks I am sure-but in the eyes of the world they must also be seen to be helping Nepal-so in a way they are forced to help Nepal.

    I’d like to remain optimistic-I hope some fundamental good comes from this visit, like India committing itself to forcing the Maoists to seek a peaceful settlement.

  47. Girija should stay in India and not return home. The South Block will arrange a flat for him in Noida. The Indians are after our water resources and security for a long time. They are after our mineral resources too. They don’t want us to explore petroleum that Bharat Mohan Adhikari wanted to do when he was Finance Minister. This country has been against Nepal and the Nepalese. Why don’t we burn the Indian flag when he returns home?

  48. sradha, great idea-why don’t we go to war with India-after we conquer them then China, ok?

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