Slow Politics Adds Frustration in Nepali People

The Koirala cabinet shouldn’t take time to take pro-people decisions.

By Dinesh Wagle

There is a saying in Nepali, dhila hos tara chhoro hos, which I think translates somewhat like better late than never. It’s been more than a month that Nepalis won against autocracy in Nepal but we haven’t seen the real change yet. Not in action, at least, though we have been told, in papers, that we have gone for historic and revolutionary changes. Its been more than 10 days that Parliament declared itself a supreme body and took several apparently landmark decisions. But we have seen no implementation of those decisions except those cosmetic changes like the renaming of His Majesty’s Government to Nepal Government and Royal Nepal Army to Nepal Army. The government has become too slow to implement those parliamentary decisions. People are closely monitoring the situation and they are increasingly becoming frustrated by the loath cabinet.

The only significant thing that we have seen in the last week is the formulation of the Code of Conduct by the government and the Maoists. But the quarrel between the two sides hasn’t stopped yet. Maoists mysteriously want the dissolution of the parliament and the government (plus the Seven Party Alliance) wants the House of Representatives to continue functioning. SPA is right on this issue. The problem with Maoist is that they feel neglected from the decision making process. It’s crystal clear that the HoR has taken over so many popular issues that were traditionally considered as the Maoist’s issues. Maoists fear that they aren’t getting due credit of whatever the HoR has done so far. That is why rebels are talking about the all party conference which they say will decide on the burning issues of the country. But they are mum over the vacuum created by the dissolution of the parliament. It is useless to talk about the dissolution of the house after both sides have agreed upon the election of Constituent Assembly. Maoists should stop doing politics over this issue and concentrate their efforts in successful completion of the CA election.

Even at this age, Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala seems to be worried about his political future. That is why, it seems, he is unwilling to take revolutionary decisions in favor of the people of Nepal. The fact that Nepal Army’s chief Pyar Jung Thapa giving lectures about the army cooperating with the government by following the latter’s directives is the greatest satire to the achievements of last month’s historic People’s Movement II. Thapa should have been fired a fortnight ago. No, he hasn’t. Instead, he is talking about the commitment of army to the government.

Why doesn’t the Tax Office raid the Narayanhitti Royal Palace and do the math of the money that king Gyanendra owes this nation? Who is stopping the cabinet from issuing orders to arrest all those who were involved in suppressing the movement?

Things are moving very very slow and this is increasing the level of frustration in people.As of now, people are saying ‘dhila hos, chhoro hos’. But if Koirala cabinet takes more time, they will definitely come to the street again.






25 responses to “Slow Politics Adds Frustration in Nepali People”

  1. Kirat Avatar

    More than anything else I want to see the top brass at the (R)NA retired and replaced by men who are more competent and less loyal to the palace. The (R)NA and it’s chief is a national embarassment.

  2. thuldai Avatar

    What Chairman Justice Rayamajhi is doing, I don’t know. Why he can’t he order the arrest of Shard Chandra Shah, Bharat Keshar, and Sachit Shamsher. The other thing is that some people who were mainly invovloed in supreesing the movement were rather promoted instead of action. RNA was main force which had taken the command of Unified Commanad. The Chief is still around giving lecture on democracy. What the hell ? We are really frustrated. If we say something, they say Girija is sick. So give the leadership to another leader who can walk and think and steer the country out of debris of King’s doings.

  3. ram lal singh Avatar
    ram lal singh

    dhila hola, chora hoina chori nai paula ki. yes govt is not doing enough. what stoping this revolutionary govt is a mystery. why dont they just fire chief of army, who masterminded the suppression of jana andolan part II. also who is stopping the govt from taking tax on Gurkha king G Shaha’s properties.

    people are frustrated, do we need to do through jana andolan part III.

  4. Bill Avatar

    It’s pitty to see these politicians bickering about who gets what portfolio – may we remind them once again, what they have to be thingking right now – ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. Sacrifice, sacrifice, and sacrifice! Learn to accept humility, Gandhi, Mandela, to name a few, didn’t start their journey for their personal interest and material greed, but they did so for purily, good of the country and their people. Hope, the nepalese politicians learn this before it’s too late!

  5. shree 6 Avatar

    Those politicians are real Bastards. More they will spend on querel more time that King will get to play. I think That Shere is helping king in one hand. Other wise why should they fight for those post if there will be immidiate interim govt after the talk with Maoists. They are really real Bastards

  6. Mukti Aryal Avatar
    Mukti Aryal

    Political vacuum or constitutional vacuum? If there are people, no vacuum. The costitution 2047 is tored down already but parts of that dead body(constitution) is utilised by this government when needed. If you think to go according to that constitution, there is already vacuum, but why need to think about that? What was done in 2046? Was the interium government run by panchayat constitution? Interium government never runs with old constitution if new constitution is demended. So, why to talk about political vacuum? There are nepali people all over so there there is no vacuum, nowhere vacuum. Go ahead, SPA! go ahead maoist!! go ahead nagaric samaj.

    SPA accept that there are other people than just 205 old MPs, why not to form dissolve it and form national conference??? I am not expert politicail though. There are diggaj I hope. But, sometime I think so called diggaj also can not think in a wise manner.

  7. hundari kanchha Avatar
    hundari kanchha

    In the investigation commission and the Negotiating team there is no representative of Women. In the commission, why there is no representaive from the retired or present Govt. adminitration. There are three Shresthas, is it a coincidence or what ? The work is too slow. While Mallick commission’s report nobody cared,it seems that this report is going to trash from the first day. Because PJT and the likes are still scot-free with the blood in their hands.

    I think Krishna Prasad Govt. was much more active in terms of redrafting the New Constitution in 2046/47.

  8. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Luckily the format of this website is good and it is easy to discuss issues. Otherwise the commentary and analysis is literally a piece of crap! Dinesh Wagle is really a terrible journalist who is oblivious to his circumstances and is naive like a 6 year old. And obviously his trip to the US was of o help – I think he was too busy trying Big Macs instead of hoaning his journalistic talent or lack thereof.

    What the hell does Wagle expect to happen overnight? I would like to see Wagle dismantle and change a structural system that has been in place for hundreds of years in a few weeks.
    And people here bitching and Moaning about Pyar Jung Thapa you might want to think for a change.

  9. 95.1MHz Avatar

    Dissolve the parliament reinstated by royal diktat that doesn’t seem to have enough moral courage even to reprimand the army chief!!

  10. Kirat Avatar

    YES! The UN is coming! Very soon!

  11. BetterNepal Avatar

    hey 95.1MHz

    Just say give all power to Maoists.

  12. hundari kanchha Avatar
    hundari kanchha

    I think the 12 point undersatnding between maoists and the SPA is under threat from all sides.Because, Maoists have refused to lay down their arms before the elections to CA and political parties are busy on transferring the bureaucrats and police and about whom should get DPM posts. There are three claims of DPM, Gopal Man, Hridayesh and Amik. There may be other candidates. So our country has been and has become again a source for the looters. Sometimes King and his men looted, parties looted and Maoists looted. Again in the name of SPA some leaders are trying to loot the country.That is the reality. Believe me or not ?

  13. Marconi Avatar

    Don’t expect much from our present hero leaders. They are here just because they are not from royal family. How worst they are, we have already seen. Just because some others became more worst than our leaders, they are in power(?). Let’s make this thing clear to these leaders.

  14. sandeep Avatar

    we can’t except all the changes we’ve been dreaming of to happen in such a limited amount of time. change takes time and if we rush too soon we many not even be able to be hold on to what we’ve achieved.

  15. hundari kanchha Avatar
    hundari kanchha

    I agree with sandeep, it takes time but there is a saying “morning shows the day”. It seems that leaders are going in the same old fashion of work which was there in pre-2001 time.Now you can see GPK brought an old guy called Ramesh Jung to counter Pyar Jung. Ramesh is date-expired Citamol which cannot cure severe headache which is from a tumor inside the skull.

  16. hell_below Avatar

    “You are old, father William,” the young man said,
    “And your hair has become very white;
    And yet you incessantly stand on your head —
    Do you think, at your age, it is right?

    “In my youth,” father William replied to his son,
    “I feared it might injure the brain;
    But, now that I’m perfectly sure I have none,
    Why, I do it again and again.”

  17. raj Avatar

    Wise people,

    Organizational structurs of SPA are destroyed by Maoists by guns and brutality in rural areas and Nepal Army is needed to counterbalance Maoists until the organizations are not set up. SPA has to reorganize their parties and it takes time. On the other hand they need Maoists to counterbalance the Royalists. The middle of the path is always slow and catious. What SPA is doing is proper and realistic in present situation.

  18. Kirat Avatar

    raj, true the Nepal Army is essential to counter the Maoists-but the army in it’s present form is too incompetent to do a good counter balancing job. Their incompetence is actually helping the Maoists. Reform is needed now. Reform will only strengthen the army for the good of the nation.

  19. Laxmi Avatar

    Girija and Maobadis and SPA have toppled HMG and taken control, most of the bloggers were against and then surprised, now again they do not trust them. There is no trust in Nepal anyway, everybody cheats everybody, so do not panic.

  20. ram Avatar

    “every body cheates everybody” – that is so true – to bad all this change will not change that fundimaental fact in nepal

  21. biksuni Avatar

    REFORM RE? Its easy to say reform. Have you got
    any idea how difficult it is to reform anything.
    Put yourself in a situation where you are the one who assess reform.
    This is just a friendly comment ok. NO hard

  22. Kirat Avatar

    biksuni, why do you state the obvious? Of course everything is easier said than done, but that does that mean we should never endeavour to do anything worthwhile? Good things never come easy.

  23. santosh Avatar

    it will need years of effort to redress the pain caused by 13 000 deaths. we should not be bickering about slow pace to the extent that we discredit what people of nepal achieved by jana andolan II.

    one comment to dinesh wagle ” dhilai hola tara chora hola ” (= late it might be, you will have a son). this is a sexist sentence. this is against equality of men and women as it gives priority to male.

  24. fanta Avatar

    Dinesh Wagleji again,

    “dhila hos tara chhoro hos” –

    In which century are you to write above sentence?? You don’t know the gender sesitiveness…

    Ok Chhoro…but which chhoro? communist chhooro ki pratigami chhoro ki, India ko chhoro ki…Ghushia ra badmas chhoro????? Till now parties are unsuccesful to bring ” Asal Chhoro” in Nepal to rule this country? So why not think about Chhori also???/

  25. vouzeax Avatar

    I would like to say thank you so much for all the information that you have put into your website. This has been very informative.

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