Nepal Celebrates Historic Democratic Achievement

Victory rallies organized around the country. People warn of dire consequences if anyone dares to go against the Parliament Declaration

nepal celebrates democracy victory...meena koirala

Tens of thousands of jubilant Nepali people Friday participated in victory rallies organized around the country to celebrate Thursday’s historic Parliament Proclamation. While celebrating the achievement, they were cautious about possible fight back by the regressive elements. “But it will be very hard for them to go against the Parliament proclamation that reflects the popular wish,” said Padma Raj Lamichhane, 53, who teaches in a University in Kathmandu. Meena Koirala, a 20-year-old student-turned-political activist was dancing happily in a mass meeting in Ratna Park this afternoon where five thousand people had gathered to mark the victory day. They were singing songs satirizing king Gyanendra whose wings were cut off by the parliament. “I am very happy today,” she (pic above and below) said after emerging out of the crowd. “But this fight should continue until we have democratic republicanism in Nepal.” She was confident that no one will dare to go against the Parliament Declaration.

Here are photos of the celebration from around the country:

nepal celebrates democracy victory...meena koirala
“This fight should continue until we have democratic republicanism in Nepal” Meena Koirala Pic by Wagle.

Pokhara (Shahid Bhimsen Chowk). Pic by Prem Nepali

nepal celebrates democracy victory...parliament declaration

Chitwan. Pic by Binod Tripathi

nepal celebrates democracy victory...parliament declaration

nepal celebrates democracy victory...parliament declaration

People destroyed the statue of king Manendra in Chaubish Kothi of Bharatpur (Chitwan) while celebrating the victory. After destroying the statue, they threw the remaining in Narayani River. Students who did that said that statues of martyrs will be made on that place.


nepal celebrates democracy victory...parliament declaration

Nepalgunj. Pic by Shailendra Kharel

nepal celebrates democracy victory...parliament declaration

Hetauda. Pic by Pratap Bista

nepal celebrates democracy victory...parliament declaration

Kailali. Pic by Mohan Budaair

nepal celebrates democracy victory...parliament declaration

Many shopkeepers organized a candlelight party to celebrate the victory.

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65 thoughts on “Nepal Celebrates Historic Democratic Achievement

  1. Look at the hopeful eyes of those ladies (3rd and 4th pic)all waiting for peace and development.

    Let us see whether the new tax imposed on the king, and aid money from foreign donors transpires into their daily living or not! They are not demanding a lemo or a pajero: they need clean drinking water in their kitchen instead of the rain water leaking thourgh the roof down to their bed.

  2. We should celebrate the victory of paople over the autocratic King. But at the same time we should be careful about moving forward. Govt should not give in to the demands of Maoists.They are asking for the Republic and they want to rule the country with the guns. Now we are out of one demon and we have another demon coming our way. How they should be tackled, I hope our leaders better should ask the help of UN Weapons Observation Force for the management of weapons of Maoists. Before the election of CA, They must surrender arms or must be ready to deposit arms to the UN Force.

    Do not accept Indian troops in that UN Force because it can cause problems.

  3. Today I feel over the moon. Lets celebrate and rejoys – we are now free of autocracy – but the difficult roads are ahead. We have to be alert of both right and left extremists. Ultra extremist have no future in Nepal – so my very hearty request to Prachanda and our Maoist brothers and sisters to come and join us democrats to build our new found Nepal. Thank you Maosits making Jana Andolan II successful. Please dont take the arms again. I wish all the peace and democracy loving Nepalis the very best and Namate.
    Long live democratic republic of Nepal.

  4. Nepal can turn into Switzerland if Maoists abandon the arms and come into the competitive democracy. It is a high time for them to establish as a big peaceful party representing the backward communitites.

  5. Congrats ! to every nepali. We have got what we want and i now request maoist whole heartedly to come and join this democratic nepal. Leave the guns. leave the war . Lets develop nepal. Lets make a new nepal.

  6. from:'s+Shah+dynasty&id=88135

    End of the road for Nepal’s Shah dynasty

    Shivraj Parshad

    Friday, May 19, 2006 (Kathmandu):

    Nepal’s powerful Shah dynasty’s powers ended on Thursday when Parliament voted to axe King Gyanendra’s powers.

    In what could be an end to the 260-year-old Shah dynasty in Nepal, the Parliament spoke that King Gyanendra cannot decide on his successor.

    According to some, the move comes to stop Crown Prince Paras from occupying the throne.

    Prince Paras is described as brash and cruel and implicated in various criminal offenses.

    Cruel past record

    In 2000, Paras got away after mowing down one of Nepals’ most famous musicians Prabin Gurung. Since 1996 Paras’ record of manslaughter, assault and firing in public places has left three people dead.

    People want inquiries into Paras’ role in other crimes like the Royal massacre of 2001. Just recently he is said to have stormed into the palace and ordered security forces to shoot down pro-democracy demonstrators.

    “Even before Thursday’s legislation a judicial commission had been set up to look precisely at Paras’ role in ordering the troops to act, in interfering and forcing the government to act during last months demonstrations,” said Neelesh Mishra, Author of a book on Nepal’s Royals.

  7. Dear Nepali Friends,

    Can Gyanendra really be trusted? After the Nepali Army have traditional loyalty to the palace. So Gyanendra and his cohorts may play it safe till the present-day euphoria dies down and then attempt a coup d’etat.

    So please do the correct thing. Force Gyanendra and his family into exile

  8. Long Live republicanism in Nepal. Let us all together make our country what it truly stands for – Never End Peace And Love !!

  9. Yea.Its a time for celebratiön.

    Lets all the Nepali People Unite leaving all the past differences !

    Long Live Peoples Power !

    Love Live Democratic Republic of Nepal !

  10. Wow it sounds so perfect patriot !


  11. Wow it sounds so perfect patriot !


  12. You are right Jilla Bashi,
    the New Nepal must be able to fulfill the basic demands of the people like drinking water soon as it can.

    And there shouldnt be the plight of People anymore as u mentioned.

    Government must take care of the peoples needs.

  13. While celebrating, we should be careful about the mandales trying to comeback. So we should clean them from the government. The twelve ambassadors were recalled but the person who was the member of Rastriya Swatantra Bidyarthi Mandal (original mandal) who worked closely for the palace Rambhakta Biswaokarma was not recalled from Cairo.I was really surprised. If you do not clean the administration from such persons, they can big problem.

  14. They wanted to save some people in the name of career diplomats. What can you do ? There are some others also who must be recalled immediately.

  15. In Chitwan, today people attacked the statue of Mahendra and fully destroyed it. Why the people of New Road don’t attack the statue of Juddha Shamsher, I am amazed till now.

  16. Well, for one thing it’s a very impressive statue that tourists like to take pictures of, and for another Juddha did some good for the country in his time.

  17. Yes Mahprabhu,
    These statues from around the country should immediately be pulled off and sent to either Chhauni museum or to the central department of history, TU.

  18. LIMBU,
    They are Madhuraman Achary and Madan Kumar Bhattarai. Why ?

    Acharya was Congressi but later he did so much of buttering of Ramesh Nath Pandey,son Pandey and the King during the 1st of February ’05 coup that king became happy and sent him to New York for welcoming the King there.He was Foreign Secretary at that time. He does not have good relations with democratic minded Nepalese there.He tried to suppress them during the Jana Andolan time.You ask any New York Baasi Nepali.

    Bhattarai was an original mandale. NC could not recognise him. They brought him again to the Foreign Ministry.He suppressed the democratic people in New Delhi during Jana Andolan I. He was working in the Embassy.All of a sudden king appointed him in Germany.

    Leaders should not discriminate while recalling Ambassadors.Then what was the point in recalling another career diplomat Pushkar Rajbhandari from Pakistan.Is it a Bramman baad in the serial II ?

  19. Juddha Shamsher had more than 100 wives. He produced many sons and one was Bideshi.

  20. Both of u Thuldai & Limbu are right.

    Govt. must immediately clear its all deparments including embassies from the person who helped autocratic rule and it must fill it with those who are fully loyal to the people.

    I hope Govt. wont ignore this issue.It must not aswell.

  21. Long Live Democratic Nepal.

    We have side line KG. Now we have to tackle MBs. Perhaps it is their true Picture:

    Dabur Nepal closes down its factory: Demand of extortion money Rs 100 M.

    Our joy could be short lived if they are not disarmed.

  22. You are doing good…..
    BBC Nepali is no more fair. It has been dominated by royalist people. I want to aware of it to BBC Nepali listening people.

  23. I just recently found out my father was born and raised in Nepal. I am glad for all of you and stay strong in the face of fear.



  25. Though it may be a happy occasion still lets see if it gets implemented or not.

    Changing names is no big deal….the main thing is whether the present govt can get the peace talks rolling and whether the supporters of the king take this normally. Otherwise there is an arduous task ahead.

  26. Changing names should also go side by side. But its not a big deal. If you have to change oue attitude. Change your attitude to others. Respect others.

    Gazette is called Raaj Patra in Nepali. Should it be changed to RAAJYA PATRA ? There should be change in evevrything.

  27. Right, Apache – changing names is no big deal. Names are superstructure. What has to be changed is Nepal´s social basis.

    Jila Bashi (comment #5): “Nepal can turn into Switzerland if Maoists abandon the arms.” Right!
    60 years after World War II Switzerland still is a safe haven for Nazi money!

  28. Some people are talking about the recalling of Ambassadors from abroad. What was in my mind was that the government which came to power by People’s Revolution will recall all the ambassadors by a blanket decision. But they did not do it because they want to still reward some of their relatives and chamchas in the name of career diplomats or whatever. These so called diplomats are one way or other had or still have links with that Murderous Govt. of the King. If not, they would not have been appointed during the King’s dictatorship.

    So I would like suggest the following:

    1. In the second phase, recall all the remainning ambassadors. Do not save anybody on the basis of any links or relations. Career diplomats can be given the their former jobs as Division Head in the Foreign Minstry for some time.Because there is a scarcity of Joint Secretaries or able hands in the Foreign Ministry.

    2.Promote reasonable no. of Under Secretaries to the post of Joint Scretaries immediately without any partiality on the grounds of Party affiliation.

    3. Transfer to other Ministries the diplomats who have affiliation to the Monarchy and who do not believe in the principles of Loktantra.They are dangerous for future progress of the foreign relations.

    4. Appoint Ambassadors on the basis of merit and capabilities. Do not make decsions on the basis of party affiliation or do not distribute the posts of Ambassadors as rewards or for medical treatment. The career diplomats who will be recalled in the second phase, can be appointed as Ambassadors again after their performnce of one year in the Foreign Ministry.

    5. The already recalled ambassadors should have been given only 15 to 20 days to leave their posts. The Govt. has made wrong decision in giving them 45 days and they are leaving only on the third week of June. Still one full month to go and they are still making pro-King propoganda in the diplomatic circles with the salary paid by the people’s money. I heard that they are still abusing the govt. property like vehicles and other facilities.

    6. My friend who is the second man in one of the Embassies in the East Asia emailed me that with the recalled Ambassadors still calling the shots, the second man is also restricted only to administrative matters; and he does not have any authority to explain the new situation to the host governments. What a dilemma ?

    I urge DPM Oli to do something to improve this sitaution. Is it the modern diplomacy in practice ?

  29. “Juddha Shamsher had more than 100 wives. He produced many sons and one was Bideshi.” I had a friend who was, in fact, a grandson of Juddha Rana, who died a broken man after a lifetime of fighting without visible success against the ills of the Panchayat era. I hope we will not destroy our cultural heritage in madness as the Taliban did in Afghanistan.

  30. “Nepal can turn into Switzerland if Maoists abandon the arms.” Right!
    60 years after World War II Switzerland still is a safe haven for Nazi money!

    Well, that’s an unfortunate example, but it is the reason that Switzerland is what it is. Your money is safe there and the bankers can be trusted. What an unpolluting industry! If only Nepal could someday earn such a reputation for integrity…

  31. Bideshi,

    I think Prithvi Narayan Shah and Mahendra were 10 times better than Juddha Shamsher. so that statue can not be our heritage man ? That statue is good for museum at the least.

  32. Mahaprabhu,
    I don’t know all that details. But youe are saying seems to me reasonble. But the govt. is concentrating more on only changing the names. Also when punishing the culprits, they have been choosy. Ceratainly it seems that they are trying to protect some and going extra mile to nab others. They should be very cautious. But who have been suspended can be reinstated if they are found “not guilty”.

    In the case of ambassadors, I agree with you in most of your points.

  33. Mahaprabhu,

    I agree with your points. I do not know anybody from the Nepalese diplomats. But your views seems to be logical.We have to “clean” all the mandales from Offices otherwise they will rebounce like a cobra.

  34. Following news for your info guys. There are ultra hindu fundamentalists in India and Nepal who can do such things in coming days. But it does not matter, they are in minorities.The news:

    “THE BHARATIYA Janata Party (BJP) and its allies on Friday strongly reacted to abolishing the Hindu nation character of Nepal by the Nepalese Parliament and declaring it a secular state. Thousands of activists, belonging to the BJP and its allies, took out a march in Sonauli, Thoothibari of Maharajganj district to express their anger at the decision of Parliament. National president of the World Hindu Federation (India Wing) and BJP MP Yogi Adityanath led the march.

    They also handed over a memorandum to district magistrate Maharajganj addressed to the President of India. Adityanath directed the party activists to launch a movement against the decision of the Nepalese Parliament. The procession passed through various routes and raised slogans against the Nepalese Government. The Hindu Yuva Vahini, the Hindu Mahasabha and other organisations supported the march.

    Strongly condemning the decision of the Nepalese Parliament Adityanath said that it was a deep-rooted conspiracy of international force and said that if Britain and the USA could be a religion-based state with secular identity, why can’t Nepal get the same status.

    Adityanath said that whenever Nepal would be secular state, the security of India would come under threat from the ISI and Maoists.

    Adityanath criticised the anti-Hindu forces and said that they had become active at the international level and the current decision of the Nepalese Parliament was only an example.

  35. if u think it was a great day for nepal just because a dead kings satute was humilated then u are all sick …

    why dont u concentrate more on the dabur factory problem ? why is the media so quiet about this ? are they afraid of the maoists ?
    if dabur is closed permanently think of all the jobs lost and the money gone..
    instead of openin new industries.. u are shuttin down which are operating normally..
    i think the nepalese cant see dabur nepal operating operating so finely .. they want to ruin everything in their path..

    this country has gone to the nuts..
    i am thinking of giving up my nepali citizenship..
    this country is not worth living anymore

  36. I utterly reject the concept of secular state.
    The country is divided in the issue of religion.It was not needed at this time.

    As it was a critical issue it should have been discussed in the constituent assembly elections. That’s all!

    It could have corrected the system rather than abolishing it.

    The govt. could have instead implemented some concrete steps to address minority demands.

    Minority education, economic upliftment was more importnat than religion issue.

    Being a only hindu kingdom had given us our identity. Now its gone. Very sad!
    But we have to live with it.

  37. Me No Kirat and Coke,

    Your comments had been very rational and praise-worthy. Unfortunately, these are not the times when rational voices are heard. Once the europhia dies down, people will come back to sense. By then, I hope it won’t be too late.

  38. Hey Limbu

    Extremist parties like BJP can do anything to bring instability in our country. WE should be very careful of them coz there are many Nepali organisation which support. BJP don’t have a right to decide for Nepal if we want to be secular. Its non of their business. They can declare india hindu nation if they want we don’t care.
    Why do we even care if pakistan is muslim country or britain is chirsian they are what they want.
    It is totally unnecessary divison of people out here. The identity of hindu nation doesn’t bring anything good (except the eye of BJP,shivasena, bajrangdal etc).
    Whats in the name its the people living harmoniously which matters.

  39. Whats in the name its the people living harmoniously which matters.

    Then whats problem with retaining the name as hindu nation? As you say name does not matter?

  40. And I do not think being a Hindu nation brought anything bad either (if it had not brought anything good).

    What the SPA and the Maoists have done by their bold declaration of secular Nepal is the possibility of fundamentalism rear its head in the future. Their unwarranted action will give rise to someone who will play Hindu card in the country. And most likely, people will respond as well.

    I read a comment that linked secularism being integral part of democracy. Theoretically true, but there can be democracy without secular character (Catholic US or Protestant UK are two example).

  41. Pls don’d get into each others nurves in the issue of secular state at the point of time dear blogers. Lets celebrate causiously to build our nation. Our identity as the Great Himalayan Country and brabe people in enough which brought lots of benefits to everyone, whereas Hindu bought nothing but cost to the overwhelming majority of Nepales. Secular does not mean we dont like Hindus, It simply means freedom for everyone rather one dominating the rest. Ofcourse, I understand some of you feel a bit sad to let go your supremacy over us ethnic groups, but the reality is even the King has to give up his precious throne very soon bacause our fight for freedom. No one is going to questin you with your ethinic identity as Hinudu, but let the rest to rejoys their way of life which has been suppressed for the last 237 years.

    We all should be careful about what siva sena and world hindu federation says. I dont want to see my country run into religous war for which serves nothing but few extremists.

    Long live inclusive republic of Nepal. Diversity is the foundation of strength if used properly, otherwise could easily become root causes of anarchy…our choose

  42. Dear Nepalians,

    YOU HAVE COME A long way BUT miles to go. Democracy need not mean abandon religion. India has already enough of Secularism and pseudo secularism. So beware of people who talk of it.

    May the sun shine on Nepal for thosands of years to come and Lord Pashupathinath bless you all…

    Purushottama Wagle

  43. i fully agree with limbu and thuldai

    government should not feel relaxed once it recalled 12 ambassadors. There are still to do a lot. I am quite surprised how one of the notorious mandale, ram bhakta thakur still remain in the respectable post of ambassador in egypt. This is not the royal government. this is nepal government and he cannot served our country in this sea-change context. he was a member of rastriya bidhyarthi mandal in the panchyat era and his wife was very recently serving as a organizer of the birthday programme of the queen of nepal. thats why this man is awarded with ambassadorial post in egypt. so we want that man to be recalled immediately with other similar mandales.

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