Uncle Sam on Nepal: Latest Report Card

By Richard A. Boucher
US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs

Now, we have Nepal Government, not His Majesty's Government
Nepal Sarkar! Within an hour of Parliament passing a historical resolution that renamed His Majesty’s Government to Nepal Government, the Land Reform Office of the Ministry of Land Reform and Management quickly erased the signboard and replaced the HMG with appealing one: Nepal Government or Nepal Sarkar!

Nepal is at a juncture both hopeful and uncertain, with the potential for a dramatic move toward democracy and peace. Demonstrations in April against the King’s autocratic rule and in favor of the restoration of democracy finally forced the King on April 24 to retreat from his stubborn attempt to assert autocratic rule. Parliament convened for the first time since 2002 with G.P. Koirala of the Nepali Congress Party at the helm of a new government of national unity. The new government and the Maoists declared a cease-fire.

The people of Nepal have shown they are not prepared to live under an autocratic monarch. Their success in forcing a return to democracy has created a broad spirit of optimism for the future. We are looking at ways in which we can further strengthen democracy and, through greater public participation in the political process, strengthen the momentum for peace.

I traveled to Nepal earlier this month with my National Security Council counterpart to assess the situation firsthand and to emphasize U.S. support for the new government. We found normally fractious party leaders of the 7-party coalition ready to cooperate. The army, which had largely stood apart from Nepal’s recent chaotic transition, is ready to follow a civilian leadership in the new democratic setup.

[T]he dramatic recent developments in Nepal, the people of that country have again demonstrated their widespread support for democracy in recent weeks. Both the Congress and American people recognize their determination and success in creating the conditions that led the King to hand over the reigns of power and reinstate Parliament. We look forward to working closely with the Executive Branch to provide appropriate assistance to the Nepalese Parliament and the democratic political parties as they begin the hard work of turning the people’s demands for democracy and good governance into reality. Likewise, it is incumbent on the Maoists to permanently renounce violence and join a peaceful political process.

-from the opening statement of
Representative James A. Leach
Chairman, Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific
The U.S. and South Asia: An Expanding Agenda
May 17, 2006

The Administration stands ready to support the aspirations of the Nepali people for democracy. We laid the foundations for this support before the recent unrest when USAID refocused its assistance programs on democracy, governance and conflict mitigation. In FY 2006 alone, we are using U.S. assistance to strengthen the Election Commission, Peace Secretariat, National Human Rights Commission, and corruption ombudsman. We have sought to broaden participation in political parties and make them internally more democratic.

Areas in which we feel we can make a positive difference include technical assistance and equipment to the Parliament and to a constitutional reform process, assisting reintegration of internally displaced persons, and funding election monitors. In addition, we want to assist the Nepali people with projects that can promote economic recovery, especially in rural areas.

The U.S. supports the new government’s efforts to bring peace to Nepal. The cease-fire is holding and the new government has made clear its readiness for peace. I told Prime Minister Koirala on May 2 that we stand ready to provide assistance to security forces if his government were to make a request. This offer includes our ongoing commitment to improve the human rights record of Nepal’s security forces.

The alliance between the political parties and the Maoists, based on their mutual antagonism to the King and his autocratic ambitions, is based on a “12 Point Understanding.” According to this agreement the government will support elections to a constituent assembly, a long-standing Maoist demand. In exchange, the Maoists have accepted a commitment to support multi-party democracy. In keeping with the high hopes and expectations of the people of Nepal, the government is moving forward to implement this agreement with the Maoists — but we remain wary.

The Maoists have been an exceptionally brutal insurgency, and their forces have become accustomed to control over the countryside exercised through terror. They must renounce violence and the instruments of control, such as extortion, that have terrorized Nepal. Should they lay down their weapons, end their use of violence and intimidation and accept the rule of law, and accept the will of the Nepali people through the democratic process, there will be a place for them in Nepal’s political arena. Until the Maoists take steps to change their character, we will not be convinced that they have abandoned their stated goal of establishing a one-party, authoritarian state.

We stand ready to work with other governments to ensure the realization of Nepal’s democratic gains, and the benefits of peace. The international community has an important role to play. During the period of royal misrule and usurpation of power a number of donor governments withdrew or reduced their assistance. We hope that these governments will join us in supporting democracy, good governance and human rights as they evaluate how best to support Nepal over the longer term.

Those of us who watched images of Nepalese from all sections of society, young and old, demanding democracy in their largely non-violent demonstrations last month can only be inspired by the faith and hope they have placed in their future. We have no interest in prescribing the shape of Nepal’s democracy; it is for Nepal to decide. We stand behind the people’s right to make their own choices through a free, fair and open process.

Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Richard A. Boucher testified on U.S. policy in South Asia before the U.S. House of Representatives International Relations Committee Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific on May 17.

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57 thoughts on “Uncle Sam on Nepal: Latest Report Card

  1. Beware of the actual US government : it behaves like gangsters in the international scene, those days… BEWARE.

  2. Chaudhari sir (in pict above) thanks for ur prompt action and congratulation to all Nepalese.


  3. UWB does a great job of getting news to public, it is nimble compared to other news sources may be because it falls in the genre of ‘blog’, where most of the entries are personal opines and which do not need to be validated or checked for their credibility. Nevertheless, I am sure hundreds of thousands of Nepalis all around the globe flock to UWB to read its content.

    The sheer number of visitors congregating at your site to get information or to disseminate information demands responsibility and discretion on your part while posting entries so the entries do not misinform the people.

    If thousands of people are reading your blog, you don’t have a luxury to say it’s a blog hence entries are personal opinion. Your blog holds unimaginable power to disseminate information, so this influence with the readers comes with a great responsibility too.

    I have some qualms with UWB entries, such as this one with title, ‘Uncle Sam On Nepal: Latest Report Card’.

    Richard A. Boucher doesn’t represent Uncle Sam, he represents USA. The term ‘Uncle Sam’ connotes US imperialism around the globe. No one denies the US bullish foreign policies, but in this context, the title doses not serve the purpose. Here you are simply reporting the event what Mr. Boucher had to say. Had this entry been an analysis on what he had to say then you could have used such a title. ‘Chat-pata’ and tangy titles are always welcome but do practice discretion before using words liberally.

    Few entries back, there was this entry about a corrupt Army Chief. A great work on that, no public figure should go unaccounted for their misdeeds and the public should know about their activities. But I don’t understand one thing, why was his daughter’s wedding picture posted? I do agree the entry was about his lavish expenditure on his daughter’s wedding but that doesn’t justify having posted their personal moments on the internet for everyone to see. That was a punch below the belt. It is simply encroachment into their personal lives which got nothing to do with issue you are trying to raise.

    UWB does a great job, I would personally like to see it achieving even more. But if you are not cautious it would be relegated to just another cheap tabloid.

    Your Suvachintak

  4. What can US do?

    -Demonstrate to maoist that US can and will help democracy in Nepal by supporting HoR controlled army/ police

    -Warn the leftist extremists that US is willing to do anything and everything to avoid rise of another Taliban. For example- by granting 1 or 2 Apaches symbolically to Nepal Army or Armed Police Force or just to Nepal Police

    Laat ko Bhoot Baat ley Mandiana.

    But, I guess these guys are only interested in their self interest, namely economic and will just comment/discuss/plan and sleep. Lets hope that Pushpa Dahal realizes that peace is the only solution by himself. Otherwise, it will be a historic mistake to let go such an oppurtunity to join mainstream

  5. I would like to hope that the SPA leaders are smart enough to use the US, India and EU as a counter weight against the Maoists. If the Maoists do resort to violence to achieve their ends they will end up as the losers-just like KG.

    No more violence!



  7. The French writer, La Rochefoucauld’s, old max im: “Hypocrisy is the homage vice pays to virtue”? In a world where no virtue stands higher than democracy, the U.S. government considered it a smart move to parade its worst vices under the banner of “democracy”. We must be smarter, and see this hypocrisy and the criminal vices it serves for what they are. And struggle against them. All of us, together.

    These are the words of The National Endowment for Democracy in the USA who know the hypocriscy better tha anyone, so do not fall for democratic words of Boucher.

    The reality is the United States does not support the 12 point understanding and Boucher has made it plain he wants the Maoists expunged from Nepali society.

    When people in the United States know the difference between rhetoric and reality of its government it is no time for the Nepalese people to be seduced by the Boucher siren song.

  8. On a second thought, the US may try to intervene if the Maoists come to power. I sure hope the US will stay out of this. They better.

  9. The US State Department, the (so-called) National Endowment for Democracy (NED), and the Bush Administration should be kept away from the processes of the Nepal transition. USAID must be seen as the economic enforcer of the policies of the US superpower and its allies.

    As has been pointed out correctly here by several posters, their agenda is above all to prevent fundamental social change, to destroy the Maoists, to undermine cooperation between the SPA and the Maoist forces, and to neutralize ALL anti-imperialist Nepali forces.

    The US does not respect the sovereignty of nations; it believes it has the right to intervene where and however it sees its perceived interests or powers threatened.Nepal will be no exception. There are many forms of intervention; not all of them are as obvious as miltary intervention.

    Here in the States, you can rest assured that progressive forces will do what we can to assure that the US keeps its hands off Nepal and that the cause of Nepal’s democratic revolution becomes better known among our students, our unions, our democratic activists and the broad public.


  10. Hope this Nepal Sarkar will give food to about 12 million people — who are chronically hungry…If they cannot then another change will come…people demand changes when they don’t have food to eat…

  11. The US, the biggest world terrorist is preaching to Nepalis what to do. It is telling who will be allowed in Nepal’s political arena and who will not. Did you elect this Richard Boucher? Will he stand for elections in Nepal? The answer is “no”. So why is he wasting our time.

    Now USAID, which could not fund real democracy in its own country is going to tell Nepalis how to conduct free and fair elections. It will train election monitors. We have seen how free and fair the elections in Afghanistan and Iraq have been, and what the bloody outcome of these unwanted gringos interfering is.

    US imperialism, enough. GO HOME YANKEE. STAY THERE.

  12. Continued…

    USAID should train the election supervisors in Florida.

    That’s closer home than Nepal, eh Richard Boucher GRINGO?

  13. The day you nepalese see those “foreign forces” dissapear, which is what PRachanda wants, is the day you will have a totalitarian state. Boucher is a representative of the US Govt and its policies. The US Govt. has said all along it believes, and rightly so, that the Maoists have no other intention than a complete “totalitarian” state (what they term “people’s republic”). Those of you who hate the US so much seem to be blinded by the reality of Prachanda’s own statements. In Prachanda’s world, foreign powers will have NO INFLUENCE IN NEPAL. That will be a sad day for Nepal.

  14. Shadowrati,
    And believe me many of us believe it too. Don’t think that the voice of protest you see in this blog represents the majority. There are many (Nepalis) who sit in foreign lands and fantasize about the maoists. Here at home the stench of war and threat of murder and extortion is ever present. The threat of coercion and forceful recruitment is foerever there. When Boucher spoke for us against the autocracy of the King these same people (porobably maoist sympathisers or people who are out of touch of the reality of the decrepit situation of the country and it’s economy) were cheering him on as a knight in shining armour, and now when he speaks the harsh truth of our situation he is an American imperialist. The same words spit out like venom from Prachanda’s mouth. These same word’s are repeated by his admirers and slaves. Please let everyone be aware that they are pressuring the SPA to make this nation more and more into a totalitarian state by introducing restrictive laws against the spirit of democracy, liberty and freedom.
    Lord Pashupatinath and Lord Buddha Bless Nepal and God Bless America!

  15. What do u think that u know better about Nepal & trying to dictate us what we should do and what not ??
    God bless America & American imperialistic interests !!
    Isnt it Shadowrati,ck2 and slaves like u.I know how bound u are to slavery though u say urself free.Absurd!
    We are not slaves of SPA or Maoists or whoever other.We were forced to be slave of Royalist and now we have got them out of way.

  16. Thy new organisation fighting for democracy in USA is the International Endowment for Democracy which exposes US electoral fraud.They are the good guys.

    Then there is the US Government National Endowment for Democracy which subverts the democratic process in foreign countries in US interests which is interested in Nepal.

    I confused the two in my last contribution,support the IED keep NED out of Nepal.

  17. Who the fcuk is Richard Boucher ?
    Is he our leader..Does he represent any Nepali people? Does he know whats our real aspiration??
    Not only Prachanda but we all Nepali People ask same above Qs.
    Answer is: He know nothing.And he is like Alien to us.
    Who gave him right to DICTATE us? Dont he know we are fighting to get rid of the dictators from Nepal?? Now Y the FCUK is he trying to DICTATE us?

  18. Fcuk the butchers like Richard Boucher or Bush or whatever their name !!
    We dont give a SIHT !

  19. Gauhle,
    Again I must say that we have the same ability as you to curse and call people by names, but refrain from doing so.
    Who is Boucher to tell us? Well, Gauhle, no one is telling us to do this and that except your damned despot Prachanda. Boucher is just advising, and it is upto our government to follow. It is blood thristy people like you who donot understand what international relations and globalisation is about and think that we can survive by doing subsistence farming forever. Well buddy, as we get older as a nation our population grows and with it the demands of the population, and by trying to be isolated from world affairs and advice we will be digging our graves next and gleefully at that. Are you so naive or brainwashed to believe a despot like Prachanda with his century old ideas can get us into the track to prosperity by closing ourselves to the world? With the demands of our citizens and also the world citizens for coorperation and mutual benefit do you think we can remain isolated? Try if you can and think of yourself as a fellow human being and world citizen first because as all our populations grow and the world tries to cope with the demands of an ever growing expectations, there will be more and more people like Mr. Boucher giving us advice. Just hope they are advising like Boucher and it is not someone like Saddam Hussain who will have other ideas like he did with Kuwait.

  20. Basanta & ck2,
    pity on u both.

    Now as u cant defend the idea of Nepal being a secular state, u are blaming that we are( also included sudeep,i dont know him either) Maoists.

    I dont understand u guys.Y the God hasnt given u the eye to see things in its way rather then blindly opposing.. & blame on others as what u oppose;Maoists in this context??

    It seems u are blindly
    criticizing Maoists.

  21. Although I donot agree to aid, the US has donated to the tune off USD 1 billion or so since their presence here. I think they are interested and advice us because they have also put in for our development. Many projects have been successful and some not, but the fact is they have helped when we have asked.

  22. Pity on you Gauhle,
    For not understanding that I don’t defend the idea of Nepal as a secular state in the constitution. Infact I am against it. Please read before you comment. Nepal can only be secular if the citizens follow the principles of secularism themselves, not by some fart announcing it.
    As for blindly criticizing the maoists – well I guess I am blind to see that they are still:
    1. Extorting money
    2.Recruting soldiers
    3. Carrying arms
    and very blind to see:
    1. The recruitment of children
    2. Bombs blasting little babies to bits
    3. looting
    4. Killing of journalists among other
    Yeah, I am blind Gauhle,
    And I guess you see them well, because you must be among them.

  23. Nepalese people should never forget that if it was up to the U.S. the SPA would have accepted the kings first offer.

    Remember that day? remember the response of the U.S. and India?

  24. ck2,
    well what I want to clear u 1st is that Neither I am naive nor brainwashed or is Prachanda a despot.
    Let me come to the point and tell u little about me:
    What I believe is the world where people are ruled by people with equality,freedom and peace.Thats it.Whatever name u give,doesnt matter.And all this I have seen is in Socialism where people can chose their own leader.i.e Multiparty System.

  25. ck2,
    About u defending secularism.Hah! How do u think i would have expected that from u after reading ur comments.What i mean was “u cant defend idea of secularism”.
    So pity on u again!
    As u said their is more violence in secular states then nonsecular, and u tried to defend ur non secular idea through. I totaly disagree with the point u r trying to do so.Cause same point doesnt apply elsewhere.

  26. And the thing that to be secular is like respecting the rights of every citizen of Nation.Its the unseparable part of democracy.
    So can u chain peoples freedom saying it might create danger in the society in someway ?? Definitely none who believes in democracy can do so.Secular thing is like same.We cant oppose it saying UK or whatever other country are more secular without being a secular nation.

  27. what became clear to me in my recent trip to Jitpur (a few hours walk from Hille) in eastern nepal, was that the maoist rhetoric is still very much alive and well. The family in stayed with spoke in hushed tones of the threats, they told of the maoists propoganda, they still have the guns. I myself was clearly followed. this was the second trip i had made there in the last two years. I went two years ago during the dashain curfew, as well. nothing had changed. NOTHING. The only thing that does remain the same is that no one knows I’m american!! I have to laugh when people say they are targeting americans. I’m mixed race, and they would ask me if i were from india, thailand, where i was from! (i’m half african american and half seminole indian from florida). It was hilarious! I told them I travel with a passport from my heart, and i figure they thought i was very brave to be a 40 something single woman traveling alone to their remote village!

    You guys need to remember that democracy does not automatically mean PEACE. Until the Maoists disarm and the RNA is brought under the people’s control, and until the maoists stop their brainwashing and retoric about the “evil foreign influence”, things have not changed at all. That is one of their key demands in the 18 part agreement. Come on, guys. do you seriously think your government will give up the help of the international world? That point alone is going to doom this pact to failure unless something drastic is done. The maoists are not going away anytime soon.

  28. Theres no any danger of institutionalizing Secularism if u are truely a secular in practice.

    Again I repeat:

    Nothing to fear, its all fair.

  29. ck2,
    Regarding Maoists,
    I dönt support them blindly.
    I accept that there are many grave mistakes they have commited.But, they have also helped to bring the profound change in the society and among the mass of people,esp. among the suppressed & lower class people for to stand against all kinds of atrocities and oppressions that tend to diminish their right of self-determination,equality & freedom.

  30. ck2,
    U have proved that u are really blind.
    Now Let me help u to see :
    1.Extorting money:clearing u,its not extortion,its donation. Dont u know mr.blind that Maoists are the underground party and for to run it they need money.Even the mainstream parties take donation to run their party.Whats wrong with them taking donation?
    2.Recruiting Soldiers:
    They are a revolutionary party with armed forces.>>

  31. contid..(ck2)
    what do u expect from them to surrender?
    If u think so,then u are totally wrong.Why would they surrender as they are fighting for people.They have dared to raise issues which non other parties have ever dared.

    I sugest u to go through their 40 point demands they had presented before then Deuba’s Govt. Had he then accepted that,there wouldnt have even raised the Q of starting of war.

  32. Contd..
    Now as the war is in its 10th year with them accepted as a major force in Nepal by all.How can u expect the nonsense like surrendering arms which they captured by expense of their brave martyrs ??
    Think again.
    Rather there will be integration of PLA & NA into New National Army.Let u be clear.And I think this will occur only after CA.But all things depends in their understanding with SPA.

  33. Contd..
    About recruiting children, they have already made it clear
    : Childrens arent recruited in PLA.Some childrens are there in helping them like in spreading information & food for them.It happens in Guirella war.And its not about recruiting children in armed force.
    U also mentioned about loot & blast.
    After ceasefire, theres no such incidents.But blast may have ocured smwh mistakenly.

  34. ck2,
    So I better suggest u to see the things in its way rather seeing it blindly as u said u do.
    All the best for you!
    Still any confusions,then post it.But dont be a blind person.
    Support Nepali People and see through the Nepali’s eyes rather than having the Imperialistic vision..I hope you are not a dumb not to understand it.

  35. wow Prashant you really opened my eyes !!!! So according to you :

    1) Maoists should never surrender as they weren’t doing anything wrong in the first place.
    2) They shouldn’t lay off their weapons which their brave martyrs managed to loot from the dead policemen
    3) People have died because Deuba was stupid, nothing to have grudge against Maoists.
    4)It is not an extrotion, but the donation they are collecting. No threats are being made, people are donating them with open heart.
    5) All nepali people should support Maoism, the one who have different opinion about it are the people with imperialistic views.
    6) It is ok to use children as it was Guirella war unless they are not being used in the real battle. Perhaps the images of children with weapons were taken when they were actually cleaning the weapons for the mature fighters.
    7) Yeah let the stray bomb explode here and there, no need to blame Maoists. remember they were at war and everything is fair.

    Have I missed anything else ?

  36. Uncle Sam should put his money where his mouth is. The US, if they are really concerned about Nepal, should immediately induce an enviroment where the UN can come to Nepal and monitor the ceasefire and broker the peace between the Govt. and the Maoists. Under a code brokered by the UN the Nepal National Army should be confined to the barracks and the Maoists should surrender their arms. Then elections to the CA can be declared. An enviroment where the Nepali people can freely and fairly decide their future.

    Also a large aid package for re-construction would be nice! No direct cash (I don’t trust our present politicians and bureaucrats to use it properly) but let them build roads and health care centres throughout Nepal.

  37. Boucher rhymes with Butcher. Lets see whether Pushpa Kamal Dahal acts really like a butcher (viz more killings).

    USAID spreads cancer. Proof the article in Kantipur a couple of years ago that said that Marlboro was getting advertising budget from USAID Nepal.

    We need something better. Its called SELF DETERMINATION.

  38. aboutBlank,
    1.No.Maoists should never surrender.If they did so then it will totally undermine the blood of all those brave martyrs who fought for a true democratic society.
    2.Their arms should be managed by integrating PLA with Nepal Army into New National Army.
    3.Yes.People died because of war as Deuba couldn’t address peoples demands before starting of war.Its not Deuba as Person blamed to be..>

  39. Contd..
    Its the system that was in place,the Feudal System with all power centered with Monarcy.
    So if Deuba had wanted persönally to fulfill the demands also he couldnt had been able to do so unless Monarchy had agreed on that.

    And my fren, none in this world handovers his power until he is forfully conditioned to do so.
    The same thing happened here…>>

  40. Contd..
    Admist strong strom of Peoples War, the historic Peoples Movement took place according to the understanding reached between SPA & Maoists.This got success in participting all the sectors of society from labours to doctors and proffessors & even households.
    Seeing the condition uncontrolled,even after 1st declaration supported by US & India; feudal system was forced to bow before people.

  41. Contd..
    So because of all this,today we have partially got freedom and our rights.But still theres a need to institutiönalize all these acheivements & remained matter of restructuring of state through the election to CA.

    4. I dont say that everywhere people are paying donation open heartedly.Onething, as Maoists are claiming of running Parallel Govt.So for that they are taking taxes with people.>

  42. Contd..
    So its not a thing of asking legality.Its the thing they were trying to practice to overturn the Feudal System with their own Parrallel Govt.
    Thus,now as the Feudal System has left behind,what I think is Maoists should take part in the Interim Govt. to conduct free & fair election to CA.Along with that there will no meaning of their Parrallel Govt itself.

  43. Contd..
    I accept that because of existance of two Govt. in same place, people are forced to pay taxes to both Govts.Ofcourse its not a goodthing & must be solved soon.

    5.I never say that all Nepali support Maoism.Some support NC’s idea of Socialism while other are with UML’s idea. What Im against is Bullish Nature of US imperialism.I boldly oppose all who try to DICTATE sovereign Nepali People..>

  44. Contd..
    All those who try to create obstruction in the way of Peoples right to choose their way of democracy will be fully opposed by Nepali People themselves.

    So Beware Imperialistic Force !!
    Beware before u even think of any foul play against people for ur dirty interests !!
    Better stay away this time Uncle Sam !

  45. Contd..
    6.Its a Guerrilla war so everything doesnt happen as u think of.Dont except childrens going school like you did.Forget school.Its even hard for people who live in village areas to have food.So what would u expect childrens there do..Demand with their family of barbie doll??
    No fren.Its not that.
    As they are in actual scene of war,its natural that they will be involved in war in someway.>

  46. Contd..
    In some places in the early stages of Peoples War,there have been mistakes by training some childrens as militia. So the pics u r talking about might be of that time.Or,it may be a part of Propagonda by the anti-revolutionary traces.
    But these days Maoists have become very aware with this thing of not using children in war in any way.And they have almost fully succeeded in it.

  47. Contd..
    7.About leaving bomb here & there. Mr.blank,u are right its war.But u forgot onething.Mistake happens.Mistakes can happen from anyone.So its not a big deal.Yes,one must realize mistake and try best not to repeat it.Its a big deal.
    And, Maoists have put on their best efforts not to repeat such mistakes.

    So I think its good if u try to see the things constructively rather going blindly. >>

  48. Contd..

    I hope u understand what I tried to explain here.I expensed my precious time for this.

    All the best !

    May Nepal be able to see a true democratic society soon !!
    May Lasting Peace Prevail in Nepal !!
    Love Live Peoples Power !!
    Love Live Democratic Republic of Nepal !!

  49. Hi Mr US ass licker, you said:
    1. Extorting money
    2.Recruting soldiers
    3. Carrying arms
    and very blind to see:
    1. The recruitment of children
    2. Bombs blasting little babies to bits
    3. looting
    4. Killing of journalists among other

    You talking about your master, the US? You heard of Iraq? All this, in now time.
    Don’t lick your master’s ass. He loves killing ass lickers.

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