My Story: A Royal Nepal Army Captain Talks About His Profession

Just imagine guys, a city bred nineteen year old for whom a fight meant a brawl at the disco or at the bar, was leading a contingent of young soldiers in the land of the Maoists, ready to fight for his and his men’s lives.

Comment of the Moment
By Nepali Chhoro

UWB Note: This article was received as a comment for this post. We haven’t verified the identity of Nepali Chhoro as a Royal Nepal Army captain. (We request him to do so by phone so that we can remove (or replace this notice). We will respect his right to privacy. We are publishing this article here because we liked it.)

I am an army officer and have been a regular visitor to UWB for some time now. And I see that this place, like so many others in today’s Nepal, is filled with discussion regarding the RNA. There have been numerous instances when I have felt the urge to put forward my comments, especially to articles or comments that tend to make some wild speculation regarding the army, but I’ve always managed to refrain myself from doing so. But this time around my heartfelt desire to share my story with you guys has got the better of me. And so here I present my story. I hope this will be able to clear of lot of misconceptions that people tend to have about the army.

I was born in a middle class Brahmin family which wasn’t even remotely associated with the military (you would associate that with a typical Bahun family, I guess). But the neighbourhood I grew up in, and the subsequent schooling I got, instilled in me a deep desire to be an army officer some day. And immediately after I had completed my Intermediate level studies, I found myself training to be one. When I joined my cadet course, the army was yet to be involved in this war and there was no sign of that happening any time soon, and so all I was looking forward to was a quiet and a respectful life in an army uniform. But not long after, following the Maoists attack on Dang, RNA was dragged into the battlefield. Had this incident happened, only a couple of months earlier, I wouldn’t even have joined the army, for my parents wouldn’t have allowed me to. But as fate would have it, we went to war and the rest, as they say, is history. The army in those days was woefully sort of young officers in the field and because of that our training days at Kharipati were reduced substantially. And before I could even realize what had happened, I found myself leading a small contingent of ‘just-out-of-the-school’ boys in the mid west of the country, right in the Maoists heartland.

From the day I had put on my RNA dress, I was always waiting for the inevitable, an encounter with the Maoists, that is. And if I thought I had to wait long for that, I was very wrong indeed. In fact, it was only a week after I had landed at that place that I was sent on an operation, and now looking back at that day, I can safely say that was the moment that changed my life, forever. I was leading my boys; well admittedly there were two old pros too, old enough to be my father, both of them. But it was me who was in control. Just imagine guys, a city bred nineteen year old for whom a fight meant a brawl at the disco or at the bar, was leading a contingent of young soldiers in the land of the Maoists, ready to fight for his and his men’s lives.

My platoon was scaling a rather big and steep hill, following a foot trail that must have been there for ages. I was in the middle of the patrol, joyfully chatting with my men. Our group was led by two scouts, some 15-20 meters ahead of us. It was a sunny day, the sort of day when there is not a single piece of cloud in the sky. The surroundings were very quiet indeed. The only sound you could hear for miles was that of river Rapti flowing right below us. We were moving right on schedule and according to our plan. There is a saying in the army which says if your operation goes on very smoothly indeed, be very afraid, for that means you’ve walked right into an enemy ambush. I must admit now, I had thought of this very saying then, but preoccupied with so many ideas, I didn’t for a moment give a serious thought towards it.

Now I desperately wish I had done that. For it happened. Out of nowhere there were sounds of sudden bursts of gunfire followed by shrieks of pain. We had walked right into an ambush. Both my scouts had fallen. And before I could think of anything, a heavy hand pushed me right down to earth. With my M-16 clutched in the right hand, the left hand holding my helmet and my face down into the soil, I lay flat on the ground for what seemed an eternity. There were sounds of gunfire and bombs exploding everywhere and I was lost, hopelessly out of what you could call, my league. My men were fighting back bravely and I, their leader, was trembling with fear. Some sounds, which seemed very strange to me then, were regularly bumbling out of my walkie-talkie and yet all I could do was to lay there motionless. But slowly I regained my composure. It wasn’t courage, rather it was the fear of losing the respect of my men that brought me out of that moment of unconsciousness of sorts, I guess. Sluggishly I looked around me, the old fatherly ‘Subdar saab’ was right beside me covering me with his fire and commanding my men. He looked at me and smiled as if to say, “Go on sir, go on and take command. These men are yours.” If I was waiting for a moment of inspiration, then that was it. Soon it was my voice that started to ring around, my M-16 started firing and though we were easily outnumbered by them, the Maoists, within the next hour and half we had chased them away, but not before the occurrence of an incident that would make me a true soldier.

During that firefight, I killed a real person for the first time in my life. She, yup the person was a girl, was the commander of her men. A single shot fired from my rifle had killed the young lass. After everything was over, I went over to her dead body. The bullet had gone right through her head, splitting it into two halves. Her dead body lay there flat facing the sky. Believe me, it was the most horrendous of scenes one can ever imagine of. A near headless torso lying before you with blood splattered everywhere can scare the wits out of anybody. And the knowledge it’s you who’ve done that, doesn’t help you either. It was a scene right out of a Hollywood war movie. For the next seven days, I couldn’t eat or drink anything. I would see her dead body everywhere I looked at. I used to be a person who couldn’t even watch a goat being sacrificed, let alone a person being killed. And that incident made me unable to sleep, unable to think. I thought then, that was it, I couldn’t ever make it as an army officer, I was ready to quit. But as I had done earlier, during my first real gun battle, I recomposed myself again. Though it took a full week, I finally did manage to calm myself down.

And yet I was deeply worried. A feeling of guilt was eating me from the inside. But this time, it was not because of the person I had killed, but rather it was because of people I had allowed to be killed. I had lost three of my men during that battle. And it was me, only me who was responsible for that. A little bit of thinking could have saved each of those three, but my incompetence had allowed them to die. It was a terrible crime to commit, especially for an army commander. Because we had managed to kill a lot of Maoists (many were gravely injured and must have died later), everyone had forgotten my mistake, but I hadn’t. When you’re training as an army officer, your trainers will always make one thing clear to you, “Your actions and your decisions will not only affect you, but all your men”, they would say. “Whenever you make any decision, think of the men who will be following you.” And surely enough, I had let down my trainers and my men. It was then I decided not to ever look at a bigger picture of things. I would do what I would be asked to do, and make sure that my men and I myself would survive doing just that. My duty and my men would be my first concern from that point onwards.

Five years have since passed. I am a proud army captain today. Quite a few medals glitter my tunic and that is probably because I have killed a large number of people. I’ve killed so many people that I have lost count of them (I had made a promise to keep a count of all the people I had killed). I was a sort of person who couldn’t even hurt a fly just a few years back, now I’m a killing machine. And this I say without the slightest hint of guilt or sorrow. I am proud to have completed my duties, saved the lives of lot of my men, kept myself alive and killed the people I have fought against. Admittedly few of the men I’ve killed were killed in what you would call a cowardly way (yes I have killed a lot of captured and unarmed people too) but that was essential to save the lives of many around me. This was not an all-out battle we were fighting guys. We were fighting against guerillas from among our own people.

You just wouldn’t know when a person would spring out from among a friendly crowd you would be talking to and kill you, you just wouldn’t know in which corner of the road you’re traveling an ambush awaits you. When you’re fighting a force that bases itself on cowardly attacks, there is no action that can be called cowardly. The truth is plain and simple, if you don’t kill them, they’ll kill you. And strange as it may sound, this is the principle of all the RNA men. We don’t care if we’re under the King or the parliament, all we care is staying alive. In fact we and in fact the nation itself are lucky that we’re not driven by any ideology or doctrines of any sort. This means we will always be ready to be under any government that rules this country, but most of us have our reservations regarding the Maoists.

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102 thoughts on “My Story: A Royal Nepal Army Captain Talks About His Profession

  1. I do not eat this story because:
    I doubt a young RNA officer has a perfect handling of american language, the pictures could be out of vietnam war.

  2. By the way UWB, how come you are’nt covering the story that the Atrtorny General (the new one appointed by parliament) has said that what the parliament intends to do today (parliament is supreme blash blah) is illegal in the same line as what the King was doing in the past 14 months. The constitution has to be amended or changed to do that. I agree, these MP’s are there for a purpose (CA elections) but not to proclaim themselves anything because frankly they have passed their sell by date.

  3. Is a proclamation in the parliament a law or equivalent to Constitution ? Don’t we need to amend the Constitution ? Only Sankalpa Prastaab is enough for the elections to CA ? These are the vital questions of the hour.

  4. c’mon guys calm down……..if sb. wants to tell a story (real/fiction) lets them do so. But to see guys charged with adrenaline….pasing judgements like they are GOD/SATAN is terrible.

    It seems you guys are gonna raise hell….even if a monkey snatched a banana from you….monkeys are monkeys and bananas are bananas……..

  5. Nepalese in US rush for ambassadorial positions: (Snippets):

    When Murariraj Sharma’s name was named for the position of Nepalese ambassador to USA, New Yorker Nepalese started fighting over it icluding restaurant lady Mirdula Koirala.
    In DC Rajendra Oli and Prem Sangroula both are rushing for the position. Meanwhile Kiran Sitaula, editor, of “nepalipost” claimed: “I was the loudest person in the protest rally for democracy to make my uncle Krishna Sitaula as Home Minister. So, I deserve the position.”
    On the other hand, Girish Pokharel of “” is also requesting Prachanda to recommend him from the Maoist side.

  6. When the whole country is being run by Brahmins, even in the maoists, we still are fixated on Shahs and Ranas, just because the King is a Shah. The Rana rule ended over half century ago,get over it and the Shah (actually only the royal Shah) rule may end soon. It is the Brahmins who manipulate whoever is in power or are themselves in power. Prachand and Baburam are the biggest manipulators, I don’t see them fighting on the battlefield for their revolution – even Mao Tse Tung fought with a gun himself. These buggers are great at giving speeches and manipulating the rest of us, and they are great at finding targets (like the King for instance) and getting the aim away from their inbred faces.
    They are also great at covering up their relationship with each other by using multiple sir names like Sharma and Nepal. UML and Congress are filled with siblings and cousins and in laws, but we won’t know it as they use different sir names.

  7. Agree with your points there gurkhali. The Rana and Shah monopoly on power is now slowing fading away. It is a good thing.

    I hope a new dawn will emerge soon where all communities will be given equal oppourtunity to prosper be they Ranas, Gurungs, Brahmins, Limbus, Dalits, Shahs etc.

    You are correct- the next phase of the peoples movement (not to be confused with the Maoist movement) will be to correct the present imbalance of the Bahun monopoly in politics and government administration. No community must be marginalised or left out of the mainstream otherwise Nepal will not know peace.

  8. Bhudhai Pundit,

    You write:

    “Rana Boy:
    It was actually I who said that the RNA is a playground for the Rana Shah aristocracy.
    I apologize to you if you are not an aristocratic or A class Rana and you have been mushed into that category.”


    Your understanding of Ranas is as “labelling” as one can get.

    You talk of A class Ranas and Shahs ruling the roost. Well let me remind you that Bharat Shumshere is an A class Rana and he is also the person Baburam Bhattarai got inspiration (his own public claim) from after reading a book written by him. He is also a person who when in Gurkha Dal led an army with the help of India to oust King Mahendra and make Nepal a republic (Shahshi Shumshere was the other guy, who even attempted to assassinate King Mahendra), but his move was foiled because although India supported it, China attacked India at the time and the plan was scrapped.

    The other non- A Class Ranas were supporters of the democratic movement to oust the Rana sashan and without their help it would not have been possible. But people like Bharat and Jagdish Rana both A Ranas were also part of the movement and republicans before and after the Rana sashan. They both live in exile in India.

    However, more recently very few A Ranas are close to the King besides his wife. Sagar Rana is a Congress. The past CNC who were Ranas – Prajjwala, Sachit, Gadul are not A class Ranas.

    Your understanding of Ranas is as narrow as can be. Ranas have embraced all walks of like – democratic, republican, royalist, soldiers, doctors, drivers, lawyers, politics, 9-5 work, few in business, writers, no work, paupers etc. Many have also gone to jail or exile for their beliefs and lost all their property. You should stop propoganda on Ranas begun by King Mahendra in school books. This is a panchyat era hang over which has not been done away with because it suites the power centres – the palace and the parties to have a punching bag around when they get in trouble and have no one to blame but themselves.

  9. Also Pundit,

    Ranas are very progressive when it comes to Jaat etc. I don’t think you will see a group where you see so much mix breeding.
    There are Ranas with Gurung mothers,Lama mothers, Magar mothers,Brahmin mothers, Newar mothers, foreign mothers, Thakuri mothers,Chetrri mothers, Indian mothers, etc. and Rana girls who have married the aforementioned groups.
    Can you say the same of even so called communist people like Madhav Nepal, Oli, Prachanda etc. who are all products of inbred Brahmins in quest of purity of Jaat and all this hocus pocus???

  10. These Brahmins who call themselves communists or democrats are nothing but hypocrites with a speech to make. It reminds me of the TV add where this chap is making a speech about equality but will not accept water from a so called dalit.
    Even this Prachanda character has got both his daughter and son married off to (no prize for guessing) – Brahmins (within his party, which itself is another form of inbreeding, so there is double inbreeding – Brahmin and maoist elite).

  11. Proud to be a killer?! Demilitarize Nepal now!

    In fact it is a good article, showing clearly, that the Nepali Army continuously has commited crimes and even is proud of that.

    The difference between a guerilla and an army must be, that the army is abiding to the law. Killing unarmed people can never be justified. Sorry, this men must be brought to court for murder.

    Nepali people must understand, that they have to overcome two armed enemies, both not abiding to any law. The king-army and the rebel-army are the true enemies of the people.

    AHIMSA knows: Demilitarize completely now, or continue to live under the barrel of the gun!

  12. Sorry Ahimsa,

    It is no more the “King-army”. The King has admitted defeat and awaits his verdict by the people, the same cannot be said for the likes of the maoists and their leaders, or even the party leaders, who still have not answered to their corruption of the last 16 years. Infact, they have awarded themselves with the post of being supreme in parliament, and cabinet poisitions, while maoists still go around with guns and extortion. I heard all charges and investigations on Girija and ilk have been dropped by the CIAA – Is this also the peoples wishes? Is the King and the army the only ones to be punished? Is this the peoples wishes?

  13. Here is another example of where the discussion is heading: kookur ko poochar zati barsa dungro ma rakhe pani zasta ko tyastai.

    Stop being GOD/SATAN. Discuss rationally and with insight…this is not like slapping your “kancha” at home.

  14. Reality TV,

    Does condemnation change the past? By condemning day-in and day-out makes future any better? I do not know if it makes for you, but for me it does not.

    Why do you have to come up with personal insults like ‘dope weed’ or not? Does it make you better or achieve some kinda-greatness. I do not think I have abused any one here. If you do not agree to the idea, thats ok with me… But why to abuse or come with some personal statements?

  15. Reality TV

    What would you have done if you had faced the similar situation as Nepali Chhora had done? Perhaps, you would have let the rebels blow your brains out because you are such a big democrat.

  16. This guy, Nepali Chhoro, is being brutally honest. He is adimitting mistakes and mentioning the reality of war. I tend to believe him. Yes, he did terribly wrong by killing those in capture but the problem is bigger than that. We should introduce Human Rights education in Ro…ahem… Nepal Army (from today). Oh yea, I can understand that when you are in war, the only objective is to kill your enemy. So did Nepali Chhoro and his team did. So there should be no eyebrow raising from those who are not involved in the war. I really liked the ending note. He says that army is ready to follow orders from whoever in charge- king or parliament.

    Army is now under the parliament. Army has nothing to do with the king. There is no relationship between the king and the army. They should follow the orders from the cabinet without questioning.

    I READ THE STORY WHICH IS TRUE OR JUST A LIE…this shows the true nature of this country’s war and the minds of RNA and PLA…once in my village some PLA said that they sliced the body of person two because he was a class enemy and a spy. And they say it is fair in war and now this RNA guys who hates the maoist like the maoist hates them is just saying the same. The way he is saying, nothing matters but survival in war..well it might have been true some decades ago but certainly this is just the truth in battleground but when u come from there alive….u need to be responsible for what u did…the man u kiiled or the man u lost…and the way he is saying..he is sounding like the nazis should have also been forgiven..especially the low level commanders who also followed orders..who were there just to have a better living..they also killed to survive….and the americans also should not have been punished coz they just tried to extract info from the iraqis their way….mr commander u’re hatred has risen to a level that u will soon have paranoia i guess as there are talks about NA and PLA unification..people like u in the both sides try to jusitfy violence with violence…eye for an eye…that would have been good to people of the time of genghis khan and may be people like u in this age..I can understand how bad it feels to love a fren who was with u some hours ago, the impression left by war….but that doesn’t justify that u become a self proclamied killing machine of the unarmed people..the maoist used to say the way they killed other people and it used to horrify me…and now u’re telling u’re brave war…..people like u really need to either think of the responsibility to the people of this nation or should leave u’re job….if u’re life is so precious, can’t u leave the army and do something…because the way u said u joined before war..u seemed to have gone in the army to have a great life as it was the best of the places coz i had seen people come to my dad(not a military by the way)asking him to help them be military before the war….otherwise the hypocritcal statement of for nation u are fighting is wortheless if u can’t respect the feelings and norms of u’re people…we are not saying u shouldn’t fight….your job is to fight….but that doesn’t give u or anyone the right to kill innocent people for u’re survival…after all u should have said taken oath to protect the helpless and defend the country…..and the way u said maoist attack cowardly….my gosh…u’re a captain of NA and u still doesn’t seem to understand what does guerilla warfare means…..and sorry to say but u still are driven by feelings when u say that…..n i guess just to take lives doesn’t prove u’re brave… fact it might be the easiest thing to do when u got a M-16………….

  18. And one more thing
    especially the ones who feel sympathetic to this person…imagine u’re in some kind of place hidden from these self proclaimed killing machines and they are torturing and at last killed a person just he is a maist or a army….can u freaking say he did that for his survival…who has said u can’t shoot a person who is shooting at u in war but who has also said that u can kill someone unarmed just cause he is of the other sides….if someone justifies this kind of thing then why the hell should there be something called human rights…let the army and maoibadi kill anyone for their ‘survival’……one crime can’t justify another….whatever u people say…….THE WAR CRIMINALS OF BOTH SIDES MUST BE PUNISHED IN A FAIR WAY WITHOUT ANY KIND OF DISCRIMINATION OR THERE CAN BE A NATIONWIDE FORGIVING FROM THE FAMILIES OF THE ONES WHO HAVE LOST THEIR LOVED ONES……AND THAT’S THE BOTTOMLINE IF YOU WANT TO END THIS BRUTAL WAR IN A FAIR WAY WITHOUT ANY POSSIBILITIES OF ANGER SPILLING OUT IN YET ANOTHER WAR…..

  19. C2k:
    Point well taken. I wish people would put their opposing views like you did – with some good arguments etc. I will accept that there are a diverse group of Ranas and it is premature to think they are all aristocrats. However, I still think the RNA is an institution that has been over dominated by Rana Shahs in the top positions. I know of people who have been promoted on the basis of their surnames/family connections… and this is not an isolated incident. I think you will agree with me that the RNA is an institution that requires some major reforms.

    I also would to say that Justice is an idiot.

  20. Proud2bnepali:
    I agree with you that punishing war criminals of both sides would be the right thing to do.
    However, logistically if you think about it would just turn out to be impossible. Because who and how many people are you going to punish.
    Technically even the current political leaders are responsible for alot of killings. Let’s not forget they authorized the infamous operation Kilo Serra in which hundreds of innocent people were killed!
    You would land up prosceuting everyone – King, Maoists, political leaders, RNA men… I think something must be done but it’s difficult to say what excatly.

  21. It’s true its not possible to punish all of them, but I think some president should be taken just so that that kind of or something that comes even close to it should not be tolerated in the future. At least there should be some govmt. org. set to look into the crime because it is necessary for the future and good to keep the slightly criminally minded people suggesting them of the consiquences.

    How would you like if we said that PANDITs and BRAHMINS msiguided PEOPLE and KING of NEPAL for past 3 centuries…IF KG sacrificed a Buffalo in a temple he was advised by the BRAHMIN PANDIT….
    Dont point fingers at all Rana, Shah,Thakuri,Thapa,Bista, so called Aristocrat, Bahun etc…
    DONT Spread rumours like all promotions in RNA went to Rana, Shah…

  23. BRAHMIN officer in RNA and BRAHMIN leading MAOBADI….IS this the reason for MAOBADI surviving and prospering….

  24. Nepali Chorro
    Now you are no more RNA you are simply NA.
    Change your mentality & attitude, if not then resign.
    In beginning of new Nepali era we need constructive and patriotic people in our force.
    You better go to doctor. War is over!

  25. Thank you UWB for your correction of post # 34. I too wish they would use a different user name than mine.

  26. Kirat,
    i have to “think” about posting on this forum? who do you think you are? that was my opinion, and i said it. you may think differently, but you cannot call me names and shit. If you dont find it logical, do it in a better way. not by calling names. You can be nice about that.


  27. Shanti:
    I am not spreading rumors and I don’t have anything personal against Rana/Shah etc. I am mearly point out the reality of the situation.
    The fact remains that the RNA has been used by Rana/Shah families as their personal property. Why don’t you look at all the top posts in the RNA and see for yourself. Shanti I don’t if you live in a cave but if you were to talk to any officer in the RNA who is not a Rana/Shah you will find that they will tell you about the discrimination. In conclusion the RNA needs some severe institutional reforms and it needs to become a professional army!

    Shanti you are only embaressing yourself by trying to divert the issue by blaming Brahmins. I agree the Brahmins have manipulated people I don’t think Brahmins are exempt from critisism. But the Brahmins sure as well did not oppress and loot the people for hundreds of years! Yes you could say in the post 1990 era Brahmin politicans were responsible for alot of curruption. However, compared to the 300 YEARS of brutality and tranny of the Rana regimes it is nothing. The Brahimin priest might have told the King to sacrifice a buffelo but I am certain he didn’t tell him to loot the public and build palaces and buy outrageous jewellary etc.

    Shanti, it is perhaps best if you don’t bring this ‘which Jaat is responsible’ issue. In the new Nepal I hope this will not be an issue and all Nepalis can forget the past and look towards a better future!

  28. Looks like “Me” is angry that kirat did not respectfully reply his comments. Kirat was ignorant about that though. Kirats bad.

    i feel sorry for the army captain, but to kill anyone unarmed, its not right. Some points i agree with kirat and hellow.

  29. basically kirat is a moron. this guy did the same to me. show some respect to others.

  30. Yes, kirat shows no respect. Thats all i am asking from him. The guy “Hellow” did not agree to me, but expressed himself in a nice way. Kirat, you are basically rude.

  31. The fault line on Creed, Caste, and community is growing day by day. I hear stereotyping, discriminatory comments, and out and out insults. This is happening in class of Nepalese who have had education. You blame Ranas, Thapas or anyone, it just shows that we have not moved up inch in our social development. We rather poke back into past and wring it dry for few cheap name calling.

    If that is the case then, each and every community has axe to grind- so just make it a open season. It is quiet disheartening to read vindictive and shallow comments that does no one any good, especially the country.

    If I am to say “Brahmin’s Burden,” will it be alright? I can make comment that Bhauns are in Maoist, in SPA, in government offices, in all security (army, police, armed police)and they are they main culprits, will it be ok to make that kind of judgment. The present scenario is that, is it not? So it looks like the “grand design” Girja used to talk about all this, Brahmin’s burden to make Nepal, land of Brahmins-for Brahmins, to Brahmins, and by Brahmins.

    If you scratch this short of shallow issues and broaden with anecdotes and loose comments- tomorrow Nepal will not be Nepal but back to the past with Baiese (22) and Chubaise (24).

    If we are not careful, it might even be worse. A country run by smugglers, arms dealers, Mafias, and radical elements which spread hate and killings. A pariah nation in the eyes of the world.

  32. Shanti,
    WE Cannot REWRITE NEPAL HISTORY… MONARCHY was MODERN in its time and Nepal had the BEST MONARCHY of the WORLD…..

    Just because today KG is discredited we cannot find fault with PRITHVINARAYAN SHAH…

    Our ancestors even the educated Brahmins worshipped Monarchy…WE ARE LOSING our sense of PROPORTION in todays excitement and MOB MENTALITY…

  33. Shanti:
    You are just delusional! The Monarchy as an institution has never been good for Nepal. Even before Raja G, all the Monarchy’s did was enrich themslves and their families at the expense of the country. They were selfish Kathmandu-centric rulers who ignored and marginalized the rest of the country.
    My grandfather tells me how things worked during the Rana regimes and it just sickens me!
    People today look back and think Raja B was a good monarchy. But people have a short memory.. he might have been better in comparison to KG but even during his time things were bad – the curruption, misuse of power etc. I am glad this Moanrchy’s powers have been curtailed.

  34. And anotther thing Shanti,
    Do be under the impression that its just a bunch of rowdy mobs that oppose the Monarch. Civil society leaders, intellectuals and professionals have all taken a firm stance the Monarchy…

  35. BBC news?

    Police bear brunt in Nepal’s war

    Charles Haviland
    BBC correspondent in Beni, Nepal

    In Nepal’s eight-year war with Maoist guerrillas, no group has been harder hit than the police.
    They have lost more than 1,200 of their number.

    The police consistently suffer more casualties than the army, who were not used at all against the Maoists for the first five years of the conflict.

    To find out more about what the police have been through, I travelled to the isolated town of Beni, where memories of a recent bloody ordeal are raw.

    This district headquarters in west-central Nepal stands in rugged country at the bottom of a gorge.

    Less than six months ago, Beni was the scene of the biggest battle of Nepal’s war to date.

    Some 5,000 Maoists surrounded and attacked strategic buildings, including the police post, by night.

    Window leap

    The trauma was such that only one policeman who lived through that day remains posted in the town – Sergeant Sher Bahadur Khan.

    “People used to say how easy it would be for the Maoists to launch a sudden attack. But I never believed they’d do it,” Sergeant Khan told me.

    But on 20 March, with 120 police on duty, it happened.

    “Hundreds had infiltrated. They fired from hilltops all around, and the windows of the houses,” the sergeant said.

    He and his colleagues fired back, but soon ran out of ammunition.

    At one point he crept downstairs and was met by more than 20 Maoists who threatened to kill him for not handing over his weapons.

    The sergeant ran back upstairs and jumped from a window.

    With a fractured leg, he took refuge in the waters of the fast-flowing Kali Gandaki river for nine hours until help arrived.

    “When I got out of the water, I saw the dead bodies of so many of my friends,” he said. “It was horrific.”

    Negotiated release

    The town’s new police chief, Deputy Superintendent Rajendra Man Shrestha, explained exactly what happened.

    “When the Maoists realised the police’s ammunition was finished, they blasted the outer perimeter, came inside and captured all our policemen and started killing them.

    “Here inside they killed 20 and took 34 captive. They killed two more outside. Eighteen were injured.”

    The release of the hostages was only negotiated weeks later.

    The army suffered 13 dead and the retreating Maoists several dozen.

    Today Sergeant Khan’s surviving comrades have all left Beni.

    “My wife and all my relatives are urging me to quit this job,” he says.

    “But I don’t want to – I’d be happy to fight for the country again.”

    Today it is difficult to believe what Beni went through.

    The bazaar quarter is buzzing, while the police station has been rebuilt after almost total destruction.

    But as he oversees reconstruction, Deputy Superintendent Shrestha says the police are being forced to take on what should be the army’s role.

    “They are recruited for that job. We are not. That’s the difference,” he says candidly.

    “Now it’s impossible for the police to fight [the Maoists] with the arms and the facilities we are given.”

    A recent police recruitment drive here failed to attract a single applicant.

    Courageous sentiments

    Other police sources admit that resignations are increasing.

    Tikaram Rai, an expert on police matters, says that in today’s unified command system, which groups police with the army, the police seem to be first in the line of fire.

    “When a camp is being guarded, the police always get asked to take the outermost position,” Mr Rai says.

    “It was the same at the earlier big battle of Bhojpur – the police were on the outside so they took the biggest battering. Morale is very low.”

    Recruitment is not in crisis everywhere.

    In training centres such as the town of Pokhara, there are fresh recruits by the hundred, perfecting their drill routines.

    This is a career that gives them status. In some villages it might be the only alternative to being press ganged by Maoists.

    “My life is not the most important thing,” says new trainee, Baburam KC.

    “If our country needs us, we must do whatever duty we are set.”

    Those are courageous sentiments.

    But police forces are designed to uphold law and order. In Nepal’s war, they are taking the biggest beating.


    The police are very laborious too

    I totally have sympathy to the RNA and police

  36. Here is NEWS for everyone. The next Chief of the Nepal Army is going to be a Bahun. I am a Rana, but I have nothing against that. I know him to a be a well adjusted human being with the best intention for the army and Nepal as a whole. “Competency” should be the only criteria for advancement and nothing else. So what if the Bahuns are ruling the government, politics,and now the army. Do you know how much importance the Bahun family gives to educating their children as opposed to others? With deligence and dedication comes success. Since the Bahuns are the most educated group in Nepal, they rule and deserve to rule Nepal. If you want to be there, show your committment through what you can give to your children.

  37. Its a good news alfa,if its true.
    We all welcome this new coming Non-Rana(thapa & basnet aswell,i hope) Chief of Army.

  38. Rest assured it will be a Bahun. A Sharma as a matter of fact. It will be a progressive move for the country. But then, we would also like to see a Sarki be the PM, a woman be the chief of police, a Shah having the biggest gold shop, a tharu being a landlord of the biggest industrial farm, a Rana being a UML leader, etc. etc. Change will inevitably come…..sooner or later. Cheers.

  39. Dear Army Friends;

    I feel the same sad notion when I read this article. Batch 27 of Army Commanders were mostly from my school friends. A few of them were killed by Maoists and it is indeed sad and horrifying incident in Nepal. I ask Pashupati or Buddha to to come out from the temple/meditation for a while and re-unite these poor mis-guided people in Nepal.

    This is the right time [which comes only once] and let’s forget the past and re-design our future. This is a letter to all my close and dear friends in Nepal such as:

    Sanjaya Bhandari, Rajesh Rana, Pankaj Karki, Sampat Aryal, Sandeep Rana, Ananta Budhathoki, Sanjaya Parajuli, Gartouyla (who was killed in the battle) and so many out there… Please let us know what can we from here in the US- to help our country to put back in track..???

    We will all give out support to you – if you all are feeling the same, that we are all fighting for our freedom, an Unified Nepal, a loving Nepal to the world…?? You guys were so great when we were at school and still you are but please think out-off-the-box. I wanted you to stick to-gether, discuss to-gether to fight this battle of hatred and bring peace. Fight the battle of division but stay united to develop to see prosporous Nepal !

  40. I think I have read an article similar to this somewhere before. Looks like there is a plagiarism issue going on here. It would be great if you could verify if Nepali chhoro is really an army officer.
    Peace ya’ll

  41. To all Nepali- join me in ushering a new era where these will be main stay in our life for a long while.

    1.No sense of Security
    2.Demoralized sercurity forces
    3.No law and Order
    4.Nepal is not one but group of fractured entity
    5.One party rule is the rule of the land
    6. Talibanization of religion (Stupas &temple demolised
    7. Anarchy prevalent in all sector
    8. Show of force as negotiation
    9. Sectarian divide
    10. Class divide
    11. Ethnic Divide
    12. Haves and have nots divide
    13. Birth of special class- politician
    14. Birth of One party Rule
    15. Colonization in the form of economy, national security, and policy
    16. As factured nation- forced tolive from hand-outs of foreign countries
    17. Seondary user of national Resources, priority to Foreign countries
    18. Mass migration of people to other countries
    19. Called pariah nation due to inablility to control export of radicalism and extermism
    20. UN led- India headed arm force to stabilize Nepal.

    Lets rejoice in the name of nationhood, patriotism, and mother Nepal.

  42. Rather commenting on each other, why shouldn’t we be thinking from both side.
    Pain is scary. The pain caused to RNA and the pain caused to Maoist is just two poles of our earth. They never be brought together.
    Before saying something to RNA, be RNA and before saying something to Maoist, be Maoist.
    Then you will know whats their pain.
    See the ball, be the ball.

  43. Mr. Pundit,
    I agree the system has to be cleaned of nepotism etc. But this is not just a case of Ranas and Shahs dominating the army, in the same breath we have Bahuns dominating the beureucracy as well, much much more so then the Ranas and Shahs dominating the army. And let us not even get into the domination of Bahuns (infact many from the same family) in the parties. Once we do away with nepotism, all this will take care of itself.
    Atleast the probablity of the next CNC being a Rana or Shah is absolutely NIL, but the possibility of the next PM, Chief Justice, Chief beureucrat or head of the major political parties (Congress and UML and Maoists) being a Bahun is 100%.

  44. Fellow Nepalese;

    It is not the caste or class matters. There are good bahun, bad bahuns. Excellet Madhesi and worst Sherpa. There are good podes, there are bad Rais. There are nice Iraquis and there are bad Americans too. It’s not the caste that matters – it’s your thinking and sanskars, individually. Please bear with me – this is not the time to pin point who is what and where and whose family there were born.

    I guess what Nepalese, all over the world now should come together and join their hands to bring peace. Peace is the only agenda – if you can contribute to it please do so otherwise don’t even write a word of hatred. Don’t we know if we are not united we loose our identity for-ever. Let’s keep our family united, love each other – though they are RNA, Maoists, Chor Netas or power hungry palace. We need to keep our eyes open, sense alert all the time, participate in developmental discussion and brain-storm our positive vibes – that’s the only way to make democracy alive, active and dynamic. We need to watch and pull the strings in right direction to make our leaders aware, awake and busy in designing better Nepal ! They all are our puppets and don’t forget your strength, people movement. Think right and people follow you !!

  45. after reading this article, i am sorry to hear that he killed captured ONES and all RNA were doing it. i m very sorry too , to hear the nepali killed by nepali. even though, he said he did his duty, RNA hasnot learnt how to deal with general people. time to time the bad news about RNA comes out even though they hide alots. wen they go to vilage side they terrorize people.

    i, till now i couldnt acceptRNA as our security men.


  46. Dwellings on mistakes is just what regretful person does. But one who moves forward to gain something which fades away your mistakes and that also for the well being of co-Batallion….I Salute you from the bottom of my heart………

  47. Isn’t there a real chance that Gen Kul bahadur Gurung will be the next chief after Katwal” next year that will hopefully appease what ever issue that is being propogated about the Shah/Rana succession as CNC. Anybody know what the army heirarcial structure is right now and who are the senior generals in honcho.

  48. was brave indeed..n i respect u..nw people out there who commented on dis he should b punished coz he killed unarmed n captured people..damn!!it ve u eva been on a war..sitting nicly at home..wid ur n u knw how it is to b at barrack away frm home..nt sure u’ll live or die..u dnt knw u’ll see ur loved ones again or nt…DO U KNOW HOW IT FEELS??.n wats dat humanity’s need to b tough..u dnt kisS n beg criminals to tell u da story..n for dat person who ddnt eat dis story..coz Capt. sir’s english is too good..haa!! if u dnt ve mind plz dnt comment…think twice b4 u speak…

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