Out of Jail, Maoist Comrades Chanted Slogans On The Street

Walking with Maoist folks who, after being released by authorities, were taking out rally and chanting slogans on the main street of the town.

Comrade Sapana aka Bijaya

Bijaya Kuwar aka Comrade Sapana, 15, wants to continue her sixth grade study. “But,” she said while chanting slogan in a rally organized immediately after her release from 3-month-loing imprisonment this afternoon. “I don’t know what my friends [in the party] will say me to do.” In the photos below, she is seen passing contact information to one of her friends who wanted to be in touch with her in future. All pics by Wagle

By Dinesh Wagle in Dhangadi (west Nepal)

“Which name do you want?” was her unexpected reply when I asked her the most frequent question that reporters ask the people on the street. And, without giving me a second to think about the possible answer, she provided me two options. “Name in the party or home?” And she shouted “Jindabad” before I could demand both of her names. She was not only talking to me but also participating in a rally. She was responding to a slogan that one of her comrades was chanting on the main street of Dhangadi, Kailali. “Ne Ka Pa Maobadi,” her comrade was saying. [CPN Maoist- Jindabad. Up with the party!]

Comrade Sapana aka Bijaya

Comrade Sapana aka Bijaya

Comrade Sapana aka Bijaya

“Tell me both of your names,” I said as we were walking on the street with sweat running over my forehead and cheeks. “Bijaya Kuwar is my home name. Name in the party is Sapana.” This 15-year-old girl was released just a few minutes ago when I met her inside the jail compound. “I am really happy,” she said. She was out of the jail spending three months. The government, formed after the historical April popular movement, has, just like the rebels, announced cease fire and has been releasing all Maoist prisoners to make environment for peace talks. Sapana was one of those 18 inmates who were released this afternoon in the presence of journalists and human rights activists. They were all arrested by the army and armed police in the last 10 months. After the jailer formally announced their freedom, the Maoists started shouting slogans like long live the Maoist party, red salute to martyrs and release all political prisoners. While they waked on the main street sloganeering, curious people looked at them as if they were from mars. Some of the onlookers seemed to be terrorized. After all, you can’t hear slogans like “Ne Ka Paa Maobadi Jindabaad” everywhere all the time.

Maoist PLA militias in a primary school.

Above is the video in which Maoist cadres are seen holding rally immediately after they were released.

Bijaya, while walking and occasionally shouting slogans, told me that she joined the party nearly a year ago (Asar 1) after being persuaded by a senior woman. “Why did you join the party?” I asked her. She looked at me, and then on the blacktopped street. She was thinking of an answer but, I could sense, that wasn’t coming to her mind immediately. She again looked at me and smiled. She was a bit shy. “I don’t know,” was her final reply.

Maoists shouting slogans
Maoist cadres shouting slogans on the street of Dhangadi, Kailali. A total of 18 activists were released by authorities (the jailor said on the order of the District Administration Office. “They sent us a list of people and we released them who were in the list.”)

A sixth grade student in a school in Mahendranagar, Bijaya has her mother and a younger sister in the house. Dad died a few years ago. The family has a small farm. The heat in Dhangadi is at its peak but Bijaya is not sweating at all. I wanted to ask about that. But I had something more important to ask this teenage girl. “Do you want to go to school or continue working for the party?” I wanted to know. Again, it turned out, that was a difficult question for her to answer. She looked at my face and smiled. Her eyes were telling something but she couldn’t express. As I was about to ask her another question, she finally replied. “I really feel like going to school again,” she said. “But, but I don’t know what friends will say.”

“So you will do whatever they say, right?” I asked. “You will continue working for the party if they ask you, right?”

“But I really want to go home and study in the school,” she said.

Maoists shouting slogans
While Maoists waked on the main street sloganeering, curious people looked at them as if they were from mars. Some of the onlookers seemed to be terrorized. After all, you can’t hear slogans like “Ne Ka Paa Maobadi Jindabaad” everywhere all the time.

On that day when she was arrested by a soldier, she was on the back of a bicycle. That was ridden by Seema, whom she called ‘dijju’ (elder sister), a Maoist cadre. When they approached Gulariya of Krishnapur Village in Kanchanpur district, the army on duty recognized the woman. “Ani ta Seema dijju bhagin [Then sister fled away],” Bijaya aka comrade Sapana vividly remembers. “Then they asked me why she ran away. They said that I was a Maoist. And they arrested me.” The day was 29th of Magh. She was taken to an army barrack before being handed over to the jail authorities.

Maoists shouting slogans

A boy carrying a bicycle was trying to talk to her. He in fact wanted contact address (may be phone number) so that, I guess, they could be in touch. The boy had gone there in the jail just to receive her. I saw her, while walking, scribbling something on a piece of paper and handing that to him. He seemed to be happy. I didn’t ask her about the boy at that time.

Maoists shouting slogans

I knew that they were going in a local college where a corner meeting will be organized. I decided to go there in the evening by which time, I guessed, the program would be over and I would be able to see the girl again. [While on my way to the college, I meet a group of cultural activists associated with the Maoist party who were coming to the town from a nearby village. They were singing songs. One of them was: Kasle bhanchha, kranti yaha safal hudaina? [Who says revolution will not be successful here?] I was right for the first guess where as I couldn’t see her there. The same folks were there, in a circle on the ground near the college. They were talking and were about to have cold drinks. A local Maoist leader was, I think, giving them some informal lecture. Seeing me there, the Maoist leader rose up from the ground and came to me. I had talked to him in the morning. I asked him about comrade Sapana. No, her friends said, she wasn’t there. She wasn’t feeling well and was sleeping in a nearby house.

Maoists shouting slogans

Above is the video of a Maoist cultural team

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52 thoughts on “Out of Jail, Maoist Comrades Chanted Slogans On The Street

  1. Its good to see Maoists in the streets with their slogens.Its good that they are coming to the people with their agendas.

    Now its upto the people to decide the things they want; whether they want the Maoists Agendas to be implemented or rejected.

    This will only be expresed through free & fair election to CA where people will vote their representative to write the constitution as they want.







  3. Gauhle, I really don’t see any agenda of Maoists in the streets. They still are rallying for their propaganda. 15 years old girl who has no idea what she was fighting for or who needs to get a permission even to go to the school is what I see. And that is the future I see given a chance Maoists would ever come to the power. So is this an agenda ? No thank you very much.

  4. Peace, even though I don’t agree with Wagle and some of his articles here, I believe that it is his ‘personal’ blog rather than a news site. If you care for news then you should rather visit other sites like Kantipur or nepalnews. Wagle is free to post whatever he pleases in his blog and one shouldn’t view him as a ethical journo when he uses this blog to express his views.

  5. Kick out that “peace” chamcha of Deuba. History of nepal will be written on SB Deuba – a very black spot on his forehead.

  6. I totally agree with glade. He can write whatever he wants here – I have expressed by disatisfaction with some articles but it is his blog nonetheless.

    Moreover, an idiot parasite like Duba deserves nothing less. Deuba the biggest suffer???Haha you have to be kidding. That bastard got us here in the first place. If he wasn’t retarted he would have got it into his thick head what the King was trying to do and he wouldn’t have dissolved parliment.
    I really wish Deuba would be removed from Nepali politics altogeather!

  7. I am with peace (#2) on this one, I do not care what SBD did in the past, but the premature fabrication of what really happened in the HoR is lamentable to say the least. If you, Wagel ji, a well respected journalist, slide whatever ethics you hold under the carpet and go blindly punching the keys with your own vested interest then who am I as a reader to your blog, to say anything about the corruptness of the politicians? and to question their ethics?
    If you do your research properly, and I think I am being naive here giving you the benefit of the doubt that you did not, it was Lila Mani Pokharel a neo commie, who did the fabrication. Yes SBD did say army’s leadership should be vested on an ununiformed individual, but, and I repeat, BUT, he never mentioned THE KING. It was the work of LMP to twist and give the wrong account during the press meeting.

    Please strip this blog off, not only your reputation but as readers, all our ethics is in question.

    Thak you.

    P.S. And I was GPK not SBD who postponed the parliaments proclamation because he wanted to make sure the cabinet was full.

    P.S.S. Galde, I do not view Wagle as any other blogger, it is a trying time and we do not want a Hritik Roshan kanda during this time inflamed by such powerful people as Wagle ji, there might be far reaching consiquences than we want, truth is the truth either it be from a blogger or by an “ethical journo”.

  8. glade, its true Maoists haven’t comeup with the concrete agenda regarding the basic needs of the people and how to restructure the entire state.
    And, what I think is its already time that they should start coming with their agendas now.Though it might seem a ltitle early as theirs not even the starting of dialogue with government, which is in the very first stages of Maoist Road Map to Peace.

  9. So, Dinesh Wagle has recently been in the USA founded by US money. So, he is a member of Nepali elite. So, his blog has rarely been shut down by King´s Office. You know what: I don´t really care. I have learned, and I am learning, a lot, following discussions on this site. And I have been, and I am, linking from this site to Norwegian sites. Comments, and pictures. Thank you, mr Wagle.
    (ps May 17th – Norwegian independence day)

  10. Talking about Deuba, he himself spoiled his carrer after he repeatedly betrayed Nepali People.
    Whether it was during dissolution of parliament by breaking away from Nepali Congress;under US advice so that it would pave a way for KG to sack elected govn & takeover power.
    Or,it was durin parties movement against autocracy by aceptin KG’s call to join royal govn.
    So I agree: Down with DAMN DEUBA !!

  11. Yeah, ola, happy NID to you.

    I like Wagle ji too and I am glad you have been using this site as a spring board to launch your agenda but what I do not want is- to have your foot be caught in a hole-while Wagle ji starts spouting wrong information and god forbid “photoshopped” pictures, what nest? a picture of Prachanda wearing kings armers? you would very much like that wont you??

  12. Now Again this Damn is trying to shit Nepali people !!
    Is it acceptable? No not at all.
    So Y mercy upon him!
    No Mercy to this great betrayer of nepali people !!
    Keep it on Mr.Wagle,we the nepali people would also like to condemn this US AGENT – DAMN DEUBA !
    I now doubt – Is ARJU DEUBA CIA’s AGENT FOR NEPAL ??

  13. Later, we cant believe Deuba this time as his history is full of betrayal to the nepali people.We wont have mercy upon anyone who even tries to betray Nepali People this time.
    So you better understand this.And sideline with Nepali People rather than Deuba & Co.
    May God provide u the power to see peoples aspiration !

  14. Laters, we cant believe Deuba this time as his history is full of betrayal to the nepali people.We wont have mercy upon anyone who even tries to betray Nepali People this time.
    So you better understand this.And sideline with Nepali People rather than Deuba & Co.
    May God provide u the power to see peoples aspiration !

  15. No more betrayers !
    No more Deubas !!
    No more US AGENTS !!!
    No more US PARROTS !!!!
    No more US Advice !!!!!

    Down with US-AGENT: Damn Deuba,Down with CIA’s Agent for Nepal:Arju Deuba !

  16. Do u guys know US was all behind the Palace Massacre, with this maila dai, I mean KG..
    Y the fcuk US Always plays dirty games in other countrys internal affairs for its pitty interests!!

  17. While Wagle is welcome to express his personal views on Deuba, it is irresponsible and unprofessional for him to express his views without checking the facts. He did not cite his sources of Deuba debacle. Looks to me he got his information from horses ass rather than mouth. I think he is better at informing us about the layman and women from various walks of life than making political comments.

  18. Ola,
    yup Wagle did commit a crime by going to US. And it was sad that nobody shut this site… ohh grow up for Pete’s sakes. Jfr din tidligere uttalelse om at du har fremmet denne siden tillater jeg meg å være nysgjerrige, kan du referere til disse sidene for meg?
    Happy National day : ) ( Norwegian independence day is on 7th of June by the way)




  20. Glade, jeg er trøtt nå, det er halv to om natta norsk tid, og jeg skal stå opp om 5-6 timer. Men kort nå, jeg er ikke her for å snakke om Norge, men for å lære om Nepal: Internasjonal Solidaritet. Hør: Frigjøringen i JUNI, det var 1945, da kapitulerte tyskerne. 1814, 17de mai: Da fikk vi vår egen grunnlov, da kvittet vi oss med danskene, etter å ha vært under deres herredømme i 500 år. Det er dét vi feirer i dag. Den viktigste nettsiden jeg har holdt informert om hendelsene i Nepal er denne (et nettsted for den brede norske venstresida, dvs ikke “partipolitisk”): http://www.raddis.net
    Hilsen Ola

  21. Ola,
    thank you for your explanation, and no I also am not here to talk about Norge, that was just a curiosity and conflict of dates as I have always believed that we celebrate this day as a constitutional day.

    On a question of Nepal, do you really care about the democracy there ? What I have seen until now in this blog and the norwegian sites, you are more concerned about the Maoists movements than the proper process of the democracy. I am sorry, but for you radical communism is the synonym for the democracy and that is where we differ. To understand you people better I have even bought that book of Johan Petter Andresen. Yes managed to donate you guys 75kr for a pure propaganda, it didn’t help. I am well aware of raddis.net and Ola Azul there, but rather than praising maoists and potraying the janaandolan II as the victory for Maoists, I don’t see you have done anything productive for the democracy in Nepal. If i remember you did link Wagle’s entry about how Maoists rallied in Kathmandu…duh!

    I know you mean well, I don’t blame you. But do try to understand that there ‘might’ be people who view democracy without believing in Maoism. And ofcourse these people don’t need to be on the payroll of CIA. Have a good trip to nepal on June and please try to understand the situation without a biased view.


  22. =============
    How does it feel to portray yourself first as a staunch democract and slowly transforming yourslef into a Communist?

    I do agree that this is ones absolute right to tranform into any form any time one wants.
    Still feels uneasy for the observers.

    And this is the right time to transform your self into a Maoist, as they did just before the 2046 jan aandolan- Chaite Kangresi and Chiate communists.

    As to the downfall of Nepali Congress major role was visibly palyed by the Chitez, hope Prachanda and Baburam can differntiate real Maoist cadres and Kathmandu centered tranforming experts.

  23. I just think the whole idea of interviewing a child like this girl is an irresponsible act on the part of jounalist. Very cheap journalism in deed. How could you ask questions like that to a child? Do you not have a moral responsibility as an adult, and as countrymen to, instead, write a story about her life, what kind of opportunities does she have educationally, economically and socially to advance? What would be your plight if you were on her shoes? Would you have chosen a different direction in her situation, given the circumstances?

    I am tired of same old crapy style of writing a story and interviewing skills of Nepalese journalists.

  24. If one cannot be a politician, the next best thing is to become a journalist in Nepal. One has to read 4-5 newspapers to get the truth as they are mouth pieces of one or the other political parties.

    There is very little objectivity in part of journalists. The scribes write first & then think later. Journalistic ethics is in the same par as politicians.

    Both now claim to be the champions of democracy, freedom and the people without having done any serious introspection themselves.

  25. rather than spew watever comes to the mind or twist stories to ones liking…..it is better to watch monkeys eating banannas, running and figting for bananas…..and after 5pm you can go home…convinced that you really had a good day….

  26. Mr apache!

    Similarities between monkeys in Pashupati/Swyambhu/Singhdurbar and or Rolpa/Delhi is that they all love bananas.

    Some ate bananas for 30 years some got to taste it for just 15 years and some as yet have not tasted bananas growing in thier backyard but free bananas were available for all grown in the neighborhood. Not so tasty even free it was but full of nutrition.

    All monkies at home go to neighbors backyard as and when they feel mal-nurished.

    NOW RED bottomed obviouly are stronger eating bananas in the neighbors backyard for 12 years and ready to storm into and eat all bananas grown at home.

  27. Coke,
    come on dude, we are on the same side. You are one heck of a royalist and I am Gyane’s slave. Lets sing man,
    Coke ta Kale Ma pani Kale
    Kale Klae Kinera Khaun Bhale

  28. and what about yesterday’s monkeys struck with rabies…who vandalized public property thinkin that the cars were owned by apes and baboons……

  29. It was sudden ‘outburst’ and expression of ‘people’s aspirations’ in a ‘democratic’ manner by the ‘champions’ of the democracy.

    Who has time to check the veracity of the statements made? At present, all one has to do is to prove that s/he possesses ‘democratic’ credentials. And the easiest way is to protest with intensity.. arson and burning has right mixture of intensity to attract attention… and ultimately to prove that one has requisite ‘democratic’ credentials

  30. I am an army officer and have been a regular visitor to UWB for some time now. And I see that this place, like so many others in today’s Nepal, is filled with discussion regarding the RNA. There have been numerous instances when I have felt the urge to put forward my comments, especially to articles or comments that tend to make some wild speculation regarding the army, but I’ve always managed to refrain myself from doing so. But this time around my heartfelt desire to share my story with you guys has got the better of me. And so here I present my story. I hope this will be able to clear of lot of misconceptions that people tend to have about the army.

    I was born in a middle class Brahmin family which wasn’t even remotely associated with the military (you would associate that with a typical Bahun family, I guess). But the neighbourhood I grew up in, and the subsequent schooling I got, instilled in me a deep desire to be an army officer some day. And immediately after I had completed my Intermediate level studies, I found myself training to be one. When I joined my cadet course, the army was yet to be involved in this war and there was no sign of that happening any time soon, and so all I was looking forward to was a quiet and a respectful life in an army uniform. But not long after, following the Maoists attack on Dang, RNA was dragged into the battlefield. Had this incident happened, only a couple of months earlier, I wouldn’t even have joined the army, for my parents wouldn’t have allowed me to. But as fate would have it, we went to war and the rest, as they say, is history. The army in those days was woefully sort of young officers in the field and because of that our training days at Kharipati were reduced substantially. And before I could even realize what had happened, I found myself leading a small contingent of ‘just-out-of-the-school’ boys in the mid west of the country, right in the Maoists heartland.

    From the day I had put on my RNA dress, I was always waiting for the inevitable, an encounter with the Maoists, that is. And if I thought I had to wait long for that, I was very wrong indeed. In fact, it was only a week after I had landed at that place that I was sent on an operation, and now looking back at that day, I can safely say that was the moment that changed my life, forever. I was leading my boys; well admittedly there were two old pros too, old enough to be my father, both of them. But it was me who was in control. Just imagine guys, a city bred nineteen year old for whom a fight meant a brawl at the disco or at the bar, was leading a contingent of young soldiers in the land of the Maoists, ready to fight for his and his men’s lives. My platoon was scaling a rather big and steep hill, following a foot trail that must have been there for ages. I was in the middle of the patrol, joyfully chatting with my men. Our group was led by two scouts, some 15-20 meters ahead of us. It was a sunny day, the sort of day when there is not a single piece of cloud in the sky. The surroundings were very quiet indeed. The only sound you could hear for miles was that of river Rapti flowing right below us. We were moving right on schedule and according to our plan. There is a saying in the army which says if your operation goes on very smoothly indeed, be very afraid, for that means you’ve walked right into an enemy ambush. I must admit now, I had thought of this very saying then, but preoccupied with so many ideas, I didn’t for a moment give a serious thought towards it.

    Now I desperately wish I had done that. For it happened. Out of nowhere there were sounds of sudden bursts of gunfire followed by shrieks of pain. We had walked right into an ambush. Both my scouts had fallen. And before I could think of anything, a heavy hand pushed me right down to earth. With my M-16 clutched in the right hand, the left hand holding my helmet and my face down into the soil, I lay flat on the ground for what seemed an eternity. There were sounds of gunfire and bombs exploding everywhere and I was lost, hopelessly out of what you could call, my league. My men were fighting back bravely and I, their leader, was trembling with fear. Some sounds, which seemed very strange to me then, were regularly bumbling out of my walkie-talkie and yet all I could do was to lay there motionless. But slowly I regained my composure. It wasn’t courage, rather it was the fear of losing the respect of my men that brought me out of that moment of unconsciousness of sorts, I guess. Sluggishly I looked around me, the old fatherly ‘Subdar saab’ was right beside me covering me with his fire and commanding my men. He looked at me and smiled as if to say, “Go on sir, go on and take command. These men are yours.” If I was waiting for a moment of inspiration, then that was it. Soon it was my voice that started to ring around, my M-16 started firing and though we were easily outnumbered by them, the Maoists, within the next hour and half we had chased them away, but not before the occurrence of an incident that would make me a true soldier.

    During that firefight, I killed a real person for the first time in my life. She, yup the person was a girl, was the commander of her men. A single shot fired from my rifle had killed the young lass. After everything was over, I went over to her dead body. The bullet had gone right through her head, splitting it into two halves. Her dead body lay there flat facing the sky. Believe me, it was the most horrendous of scenes one can ever imagine of. A near headless torso lying before you with blood splattered everywhere can scare the wits out of anybody. And the knowledge it’s you who’ve done that, doesn’t help you either. It was a scene right out of a Hollywood war movie. For the next seven days, I couldn’t eat or drink anything. I would see her dead body everywhere I looked at. I used to be a person who couldn’t even watch a goat being sacrificed, let alone a person being killed. And that incident made me unable to sleep, unable to think. I thought then, that was it, I couldn’t ever make it as an army officer, I was ready to quit. But as I had done earlier, during my first real gun battle, I recomposed myself again. Though it took a full week, I finally did manage to calm myself down.

    And yet I was deeply worried. A feeling of guilt was eating me from the inside. But this time, it was not because of the person I had killed, but rather it was because of people I had allowed to be killed. I had lost three of my men during that battle. And it was me, only me who was responsible for that. A little bit of thinking could have saved each of those three, but my incompetence had allowed them to die. It was a terrible crime to commit, especially for an army commander. Because we had managed to kill a lot of Maoists (many were gravely injured and must have died later), everyone had forgotten my mistake, but I hadn’t. When you’re training as an army officer, your trainers will always make one thing clear to you, “Your actions and your decisions will not only affect you, but all your men”, they would say. “Whenever you make any decision, think of the men who will be following you.” And surely enough, I had let down my trainers and my men. It was then I decided not to ever look at a bigger picture of things. I would do what I would be asked to do, and make sure that my men and I myself would survive doing just that. My duty and my men would be my first concern from that point onwards.

    Five years have since passed. I am a proud army captain today. Quite a few medals glitter my tunic and that is probably because I have killed a large number of people. I’ve killed so many people that I have lost count of them (I had made a promise to keep a count of all the people I had killed). I was a sort of person who couldn’t even hurt a fly just a few years back, now I’m a killing machine. And this I say without the slightest hint of guilt or sorrow. I am proud to have completed my duties, saved the lives of lot of my men, kept myself alive and killed the people I have fought against. Admittedly few of the men I’ve killed were killed in what you would call a cowardly way (yes I have killed a lot of captured and unarmed people too) but that was essential to save the lives of many around me. This was not an all-out battle we were fighting guys. We were fighting against guerillas from among our own people. You just wouldn’t know when a person would spring out from among a friendly crowd you would be talking to and kill you, you just wouldn’t know in which corner of the road you’re traveling an ambush awaits you. When you’re fighting a force that bases itself on cowardly attacks, there is no action that can be called cowardly. The truth is plain and simple, if you don’t kill them, they’ll kill you. And strange as it may sound, this is the principle of all the RNA men. We don’t care if we’re under the King or the parliament, all we care is staying alive. In fact we and in fact the nation itself are lucky that we’re not driven by any ideology or doctrines of any sort. This means we will always be ready to be under any government that rules this country, but most of us have our reservations regarding the Maoists.

  31. Mr.Nepali Chhoro,
    Nice to hear ur experience.It was terific how a non-violent person turned into an extreme violent though its not a surprise to hear such from a person in army.
    What u have showed is naked truth..the truth that hurts every nepali people badly..the acceptance of killing of unarmed or, captured nepali people.It sounds brutal itself.
    Yea.U right.To live, you have to kill other.>

  32. I agree.Truth is Simple & Plain: to see urself alive,u have to kill ur enemy;in this context Maoists.
    My fren, do u exactly know what is ur real job?For what purpose Nepali People are feeding army like u by payin tax to Govt.
    U might say,to fight against ur enemy & win war.Isnt it?
    Yea.Its öne job u got.
    But,my fren theres other very important job u got.The cause for which u need to win war >>

  33. It seems that we Nepalis have only have a partial understanding of democracy, freedom and civil society. We are very concerned about getting our rights as citizens, yet, we fail to realize that we as citizens of the country also have duties as citizens. Along with rights comes duties. Duties are to follow the rule of law and have a civic sense.

    Rage against public property is only a self-inflicting wound. In a poor country like our’s, we need to build not destroy. We do not have much resources, the economy is failing and the government is close to bankruptcy. Besides, there has been way too much destruction already due to the insurgency that has already put us 30 years behind.

  34. I really don’t know whether to believe Nepali Chorro or not. A killing machine who could not hurt a fly? Sounds movie inspired but then again maybe he is telling the truth.

    But if what he is saying is the truth it confirms my conviction that the RNA is managed but an incompentent bunch of generals who are there because of their family connections and not much else. The RNA (or NA?) must be completely revamped so that in future no insurgency can take root like the Maoists have done.

    Perhaps the worst way to protest, it should be only used as a last resort thing, is violence. Unfortunately the Maoists main thrust was violence right from the beginning. And the incompetence of the RNA has let them get away with it.

  35. i.e. Maintaining the Law & Order in the Society. To save lives of Nepali People as far as possible.
    My fren,does any Law allows u to kill unarmed & captured people?? & most of such are innocent people who were victimized just merely for a cause of being Maoist Sympathizer (that may be against their wish aswell) !!
    Alas! Oh..What a justice..! Greatwork! You have won the war..U Got Medals.!

  36. Questions to Mr. Nepali Choro:
    1. How did an incompetent/incapable person like yourself become the commander of your platoon? I am sure that has lot to do with you being ‘Bahun’?
    2. What was the ethnicity of your juniors in your group?
    3. Do you have any brain to think that killing can’t solve the problem?
    4. Don’t you think you are the one who went that far to the jungle to kill others? Should you not take responsibility for the dead? As long as Maoist did not come to your house the way went to their place to kill them, your story is just a piece of crap, because you are the opressor there, you are the one who initiated the provocation.
    5. I deplore the use of our national wealth to give salary to armies like yourself who don’t hesitate to kill its own people. You guys are paid do to protect the country from foreign invaders, not to kill the poeople of its country. Such misuse of army makes you guys no better than bandits.

    expect more questions…..

  37. Count ön Lifes u have converted into Deaths..!
    I dont want to critisize or, support anyside of war between Govt. & Maoists.
    What I mean is there must be “Rule of Law” & we must respect every citizens right to live.
    But what u have shown is u can do anything to defeat enemy & win war.Nomatter u need to completely overwalk Law for it..Hah !!
    What a pitty to listen heartbreakin truth from army.>

  38. Well,
    All I can say is, truth hurts, doesn’t it guys? Just for a second put yourself in my shoes. Well how do you do that? Watch a movie, a movie like Black Hawk Down and imagine yourself being engaged in a war as such. It is easy guys to ask questions and tell others what to do when it’s not you who has to face the music.

    And Mr Justice,
    My best bet is either you’re a damn Maoist or you’ve never understood the operating nature of a decent national army. I became a commander of my men because I was an army officer. And regarding my ethinicity, I guess it was because that I was Bahun that I got sent to Rolpa on my first assignment. Had I been anyone, from any ethnic background, with proper connection I would have had always stayed at Kathmandu. But I’ve never given a damn to such things.
    And what I’ve told here was not the scariest of incident I’ve ever faced. I’ve faced huge Maoist attacks, I’ve literally seen river of blood flowing across the earth, I’ve seen my men, my friends die and most of the time its not us who have gone to fight them assholes. They’ve come to attack us. And regarding me being incompetent, well I was describing how a teenager started out in the army in the first place. Look what I was telling was truth and I dont care what you guys make of it, I don’t give a shit to what you think.

  39. The Qs justice raised are completely justificable.
    And I am sure every Nepali people are against such barbaric acts of RNA.
    It has helped to expose the Real Nature of RNA in dealing with Maoists Insurgents.
    Whatever it used to aire in NTV or RadioN were just fake.And in reality RNA had massacred a lot of Nepali People brutally in the name of fight against Maoists to safeguard corupt regime..

  40. Thanks for sharing ur inhumane acts with us, Mr.Nepali Chhoro.

    I feel ashamed to tell u a nepali chhoro.

    Another Q Mr.Chhoro have raised is also imp that as he said most of like him in RNA will have reservations to work under Maoists.
    Its a very important Q.What I think is that the army must obey Democratically Elected Govt’s orders despite who rules the country,nomatter if they r Maoists.

  41. Y my comments are under moderations!

    I wonder.

    Isnt this a blog site, or is it a Govt.Site ??

  42. Nepali Chhoro:

    Nepali version of Platoon (Hollywood movie as you mention it). It is time for you and others to ask your erstwhile Thapa Chief Saheb to ensure that you and others have good physical and mental care so that you will not have flash backs and suffer from post-traumatic syndrome(likewise for the Maos).

    Or it may be more like Apoclypse Now.

  43. So you killed a lot of unarmed and captured people too?then you are a war criminal and should be trialed for it.

  44. Bridohi, I hope you are not laboring under the illusion that “Platoon” and “Apocalypse Now” were accurate representations of the Vietnam war. Pure Hollywood. Mel Gibson’s “We were Soldiers” however,was about an actual event and was presented honestly (but with toned down language so that young people could see what that war was really like).

  45. Hi Mr Nepali Choro,

    I don’t have any comment on what you did, I think I can understand at my best even without myself putting foots in your shoes ;-). And I am firmly on your side that you peoples should never be driven by any ideology or doctrines of any sort. But you should know that you are not a normal person now. You have no sympathy over a person’s life neither you have any of your own ideology, so what you should understand is you are missing your social mindset you are just like pet, that barks at aliens that r not of your group, you should not mind the political mindsets that may hurt you at future if you keep any reservations over Maoists. May I too not have belief toward communism. But in contrast to you I have full sense living at a society that may Maoists be coming thought the wrong way but they are moving toward a right and justifiable destination. If every thing goes as predicted in 12 understanding then no one can have reservation that they have brought a change in country that will last forever till Nepal will be here. And either you care or not Nepalese Army that you fought for as being RNA(that you claim proudly) is a dark scar in the history of Nepalese Army.

    At summary your enemy has finally won the war, they are making one of the brightest part of Nepalese history and you are making a darkest part of Nepalese history. Like the history one Prithvi Narayan Shah’s Army made at Kirtipur, or did by no being able to unite a larger Nepal, remember the larger Nepal that could be without war by gaining the heart of people.
    Take the note that after a year or two RNA will be remembered as family army that had the bloodest record of killing 13000 Nepalese people justifying a Autocratic/Antipeople Monarch. Histry will register your place as damm goondas of royal family fighting against tax payer/Nepalese citizens/your own people/or whatever.

    What I mean is you shouldn’t now have any reservations toward Maoists either.

  46. Dear Wagle,

    Its good to know the voices of Maoist foot soldiers. These voices were the things missing after Jana Andolan I.

    But please, dont glorify the ones who kill people to justify their philosophy.

  47. After all that happened the idiots are still defending Deuba. If Deuba has not asked the King to dissolve the parliament and after dissolving the parliament if he has conducted election for the members of the HoR within six months as Constitution demands we would not be in this situation. Deuba is responsible for all the bloods spilled in the street. Hang Him.


    First of all, I want to suggest the so called Nepali Chhoro to come forward openly without any fear to tell the story how a coward turned into a killing machine. His disguised identity suggests basically two things, either he is not writing a true story of himself instead of publicizing a fictional and glamorous story of a coward turn hero image of majority of incompetent RNA officers recruited by nepotism or he is still not a bold and competent Captain of RNA rather he just managed to add a few medals in his list by reporting similar fake stories of his bravity to his higher authority.

    If we look at his concluding remarks in the article we can find there true motive of his writing. He is just trying to cover up the criminal image of the army officers who strongly supported the Royal regime and forced the lower level cadets of RNA to kill many innocent civilians alleging them as maoists just to increase the count for their promotion. I strongly feel that he is not any army officer who fought the battle in field with maoist. He must be the one recruited to fabricate a story of RNA officer that could project their clean image and protect their interest in the new regime too. He writes that it does not make any difference to him whether RNA remains under king or parliament. What does this mean? Isn’t he trying to equate the King’s authoritarian rule with that of peoples elected parliamentary authority established by historic peoples movement? By saying that he will accept every party rule but maoist, We can clearly understand his only motive to portray Maoist as terrorist as done by Americans and royalists, not by the nepalese political parties and people in this changed context. There may be second reason not to accept the Maoist authority over the Nepalese Army, If that happens the cruel and incompetent officers like him may have to face a hard time.

    It is ,therefore, quite clear that the so called story is a fabricated plot of any hollywood movie written by changing the time and place to uplift the rotten image of RNA and create a confusion on the role of People’s Liberation Army for the future stability of Nepal.
    I personally believe the officers of PLA are far more brave, wise and loving to the nepalese people compared to the junk carp like the so called Nepali Chhoro. We have seen and heard many incidents in which PLA have freed the RNA men , Policemen and civil servants from their captivity. They could also kill all of them and increase their count but didn’t do so. They could also kill all of them in the name of keeping themselved safe as explained by this Disguised Cabbage but they didn’t do so. PLA started its formation with a few traditional nepali weapons where as RNA had their centuries old establishment supported by ultra-modern weapons. Still, why couldn’t they win the battle over Maoist? It is mainly because of their unjust killings and incompetence brought about by unfair recruiting dictated by handful aristocratic feudal elements.

    Having contradicted with the so called Nepali Chhoro, I have some reservations on the scattered incidents of killings rom the PLA too but it is nominal in the timeline of 13 years of insurgency.

    Above all, The lower level cadets of RNA and the total formation of PLA represent the core of the people who really love nepal. If they are united somehow ( process is to be decided by the parties involved) to form Nepal Army, we do not have to see a new cycle of violence in our country. But, then the sweet coated poisonous tablets like the so called Nepali Chhoro must be thrown into recycle bin pressing Shift+Delete.

  49. UWB why are you letting an impostor post under my name? Comment #46 was not posted by me. Whoever that was can’t you be a bit more original and find your own name?

    UWB: We have deleted that comment.

  50. “The RNA (or NA?) must be completely revamped”

    A good starting move is to retire everyone above the rank of major.

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