Down With Damn Deuba

Sher Bahadur Deuba is a royal palace agent in the Seven Party Alliance and, if his party doesn’t expel him, he should be kicked out of the Seven Party Alliance immediately.

By Dinesh Wagle
Yes, we have seen the reincarnation of Dr. Tulsi Giri in the form of Sher Bahadur Deuba. And this is the worst form we have ever seen. We always knew that the Deuba was a key player in a conspiracy hatched in Narayanhitti Palace that surprisingly dissolved the parliament in May 2002. That was the date when the regression raised its face in Nepal. And we saw October 2002 when, as per the same conspiracy it seemed, the Prime Minister (Deuba) was fired. Deuba is the shin of Nepali democracy who introduced the notorious Pajero Project among other things. We also know that the palace is playing games, games to block the Parliament from making groundbreaking, historical and pro-people decisions. And the Palace has again used Deuba. And as per that plan Deuba created obstructions and the House of Representatives couldn’t even discuss on a proposal that would severely curtail the rights and privileges of the king.

So here is what urgently needs to be done: Sher Bahadur Deuba should be ignored and sidelines and expelled from the alliance. First he should be expelled from the Nepali Congress (Democratic). If that is not possible, NC D should be expelled from the Seven Party Alliance. There is no place for any royal agents in the alliance. Alliance should act as per the popular wish, not in the interests of the repressive royal palace.

First, Deuba says that the House of Representatives Proclamation should be passed by the full cabinet, and then he refuses to cooperate in the expansion of the cabinet in the excuse of holding the central committee meeting of his party. It is almost certain that Deuba will kill time, the precious time, so that the palace would benefit from the delay and Deuba should understand that Nepal can’t be the hostage of his party’s inability to decide about its candidate for the cabinet. We should not forget that Deuba recently tried to delay the House proceeding by creating unnecessary fuss over who should be the Speaker. It is unfortunate that the Alliance leader couldn’t understand Deuba when, from inside the jail (in fact a very comfortable room with all kinds of facilities) that he could do any compromise with the king to be back in power again. “Ma ta samjhautabadi hun,” Deuba had said in a Nepal Magazine interview. [I man a compromising man. I will compromise with the king again.] There is a saying in Nepali: Ikh nabhayeko chhoro ra bikh nabhayeko sarpa ekai hun. Deuba is the ‘ikh nabhaye ko chhoro’ who has no self respect.

[Deuba has refuted some reports that say he is delaying the process. But there are no basis to believe him.]

We know Deuba fought for democracy in Panchayat days but then we should remember that Dr. Tulsi Giri was a democrat too. He was a close confidant of B P Koirala. But some people, even good ones, deviate and take wrong path. Deuba is another example. What Deuba is saying? That King should continue remaining the Supreme Commander In-Chief of the Army? This is the lowest Deuba could go and he went. People of Nepal know very well that this government can function very well even without Deuba and his party in the cabinet. This is high time that the country took progressive decisions and move forward. Any obstacles should be promptly taken out and thrown away. Deuba has become a big obstacle. He should be thrown away. Otherwise, SPA leaders should know what the streets of Kathmandu are still volatile, people will come there anytime. And if they come, this time SPA will be their target, not the Narayanhitti Palace.

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  1. UWB: The original comment here was reposted by Manno and that could be seen below. (53)

  2. People should neutralize this Motherfker Deuba for good.

  3. I want to thank Mr. Dinesh Wagle for such a wonderful assessment of Mr. Deuba’s character.

    The feedback of Mr. Somnath Ghimire is even more compelling.

    It is very clear who Deuba is.After his marrying the Rana daughter(the royal infiltrator) Aarazo Deuba has been a bafadaar kutta of the Gayanendra.There is a special character of “bafadaar Kutta”.

    The new act of regression by the King by using Duba started after het got out of the Jail.
    He tried to question the 12 pont understanding between the Maois and Parties .Then ater the reinstatement of parliament Deuba started bragging for the post of Speaker.And now all this.

    I dont beleive in violence.Otherwise my advice would be to hang him in Tundhikehl along with the Gyane[ndra] [icd].

    So please let us drive them away from our counrty and do ourself and the whole nation a favour.

    Ganatatra Nepal Gindabad
    Gyane[ndra] [icd] murdabad.
    Deuba [icd] Murdabad. (Hey deuba friend I am only calling Shere [icd] and the [icd] Aarazoo)

    IoE pulchowk

  4. I do not know why Deuba always used to say “I do not want to say anything right now”
    Actually he is not a leader but a GOTI of Royal Palace. He has no ability to think himself. If he saw the possiblity of becoming PM he will help King once again

  5. Hey, all, I just heard that Dewba’s word was twisted left and right into what came out. I was also angry at first how he would say that. Thanks god he is not as stupid as I thought. So please do some damage control, we do not want a Rhritik Roshan Kanda again at this trying times.



  7. Whatever Deuba said or did not- do we all agree Deuba is an idiot and a liability for us Nepali people?

  8. I am with peace (#55) on this one, I do not care what SBD did in the past, but the premature fabrication of what really happened in the HoR is lamentable to say the least. If you, Wagel ji,a well respected journalist, slide whatever ethics you hold under the carpet and go blindly punching the keys with your own vested interest then who am I as a reader to your blog, to say anything about the corruptness of the politicians? and to question their ethics?
    If you do your research properly, and I think I am being naive here giving you the benefit of the doubt that you did not, it was Lila Mani Pokharel a neo commie, who did the fabrication. Yes SBD did say army’s leadership should be vested on an ununiformed individual, but, and I repeat BUT, he never mentioned THE KING. It was the work of LMP to twist and give the wrong account during the press meeting.

    Please strip this blog off, not only your reputation but as readers, all our ethics is in question.

    Thak you.

    P.S. And I was GPK not SBD who postponed the parliaments proclamation because he wanted to make sure the cabinet was full.

  9. Peace,
    You forgot that you still had the caps lock on. Don’t be so nervous. The history of SB Deuba lets anyone believe this news. Deuba is a big idiot and will always be a nuisance as long as he is in politics.

    Ram Chandra Poudel issue is just your imagination. The genral people just see the results (not the internal details). The result was that “oath taking” did not take place at palace and there was no raj danda at the parliament. So you can say any fiction about Ram Chadra or some Shyam Chandra (only the sky is your limit). But for the case of Deuba, there are two things (let us forget his past for time being)

    1)Delay in restructuring the mantri parisad.
    We have credible news that Deuba’s party is responsible for this. I don’t think that the country should suffer because NC-D is incompetent and Deuba cannot make timely decisions. He is loosing the precious time (he might be buying time for his masters). It seems he is always obstructing the democratic processes.

    2) The house proclamation could not take place.
    Whatever the reason, we will easily believe that it was the same old idiot SB Deuba (because he doesn’t have any credibility!!).

    This time let us believe the government and watch till Thrusday. If they delay it further, then we can conclude of some conspiracy hatching against Nepali people.

    I don’t have any hatred for Deuba, but he should change his attitude. If he is committed to the people’s wish, I am sure he will earn a good reputation like Girija.

  10. The analogy is great… Who said what, probably the spa should keep audio-visual record of their meetings…

  11. Onething is clear that Nepal Congress (both-Girija and Deuba) can’t rule Nepal. They were the main culprits for bringing this situation in the country. I don’t think they are good leaders. Can anyone tell me at least one good character of leadership in Girija and Deuba? Did you already forget how Girija removed Ganesh man and Bhattarai from the party, when they were disagree with him. He is an autocratic leader. How Deuba encouraged King to be a powerful? Again, he wants to make king a powerful…What a shame!!!!!!!

  12. Stop Infighting!

    A tragedy to see and read, that the palace strategy of putting up the powers of the SPA against each other is again working out properly.

    How can all of you be so stupid not to understand, that the palace is happily spreading disinformation about the current situation.

    How can all of you be so stupid to again forget who is the major roadblock?

    I think the reason is cowardice. It is simply too shameful to admit, that cutting down the power of army and palace is again failing.

    Looks like now Deuba shall be the scapegoat for failure again. Without wanting to defend him, let me simply make one thing clear, these old leaders have all failed in their special way, mostly by simply being undemocratic or corrupt in their greed for power.

    But Nepal has not been ruined by these politicians, it has been actively spoiled by the monarchy and the rebels, who have both made the innocent simple people their hostages and victims.

    Watch out, how every recent step of the crown to spoil people’s recently developed selfesteem is carefully answered by a breach of the code of conduct by the rebels. In fact both these old powers will lose influence now as the people are gaining back their power.

    So do not be surprised if this old hating couple again returns to their favourite method of educating the citizens of Nepal to be their followers, by again unleashing their cruelty and violence on the simple people, to get support for their outdated models of running a society.

    Demilitarize Nepal completely now, only this can give all of you the guarantee, that not again a group of the society can try to press their will on the people by the barrel of the gun.

    AHIMSA knows: King and Maoists are believing in violence and war, they are both the enemies of the people!



  14. CULPRITS:::::::::::::::::

    1. GYANE
    2. PARAS
    3. SHERE
    4. GIRIJA
    5. MA KU NE
    6. BAMDEV

  15. MAKUNE, Prachanda, GPK, SBD and Gyane are equally responsible to bring this contry at this stage. No one has taken responsibility for their actions. Do not blame Deuba alone.

    This time the Democratic forces has to be together to fight against the Commies. Most of people who seem to be angry at SBD seems to be Maobadi’s.

    Neither are the MAOBADI’s going to spare when they come to power whoever you think is good now, either it be GPK or MAKUNE or Deuba.

    Be responsible when you make comments on democratic leaders, we do not want king back in the throne, neither does Deuba want that. He has said multiple times that he has been victimised by the king. Trust the Dem. Leaders and try to make things go forward and bring peace in the country.

  16. Michael, I think Deuba is finished. His wife Aaraju will not enter politics because she is making about $500/day running various NGOs in Nepal.

  17. No wonder we had Hritik Roshan kanda.

    We are nothing but a bunch of bhedas and it is so easy to manipulate us. Yes ofcourse Deuba is THE ‘kalanka’ for nepalese democracy, yes ofcourse there will be Bijaya Gachhedar (or how-you-spell-his-name) tomorrow in his place, ofcourse there won’t be Aarju rana running the show anymore, but will that change anything? Tomorrow ‘sources’ will tell us that Mahat doesn’t want to get rid of King’s head from the bills for a time being, then what ? Back to the streets ? Burning vechiles, vandalizing properties and halting traffic once again ?

    It is a high time we really need to get rid of this permanent andolan attitude-

  18. KG is trying to divide you, Nepalese people.
    Don’t get fooled : you can because you did very very well in the last weeks. You were excellent and admirable.

    Deuba is Deuba, you knew him before, therefore you cannot be disapointed.

    Seen from abroad a real democracy is at hand in Nepal. Fundamental rules are being définitely changed and nothing will ever be as before.

    Koirala and Deuba will not keep power forever : they are not kings and the king himself will be totally powerless in a very short time.

    Keep on protesting, but please, don’t be stupid : if looting and destruction prevail, the movement will loose its credibility and honour, and the bad guys will be again playing cat and mouse…

    Cyp aka Pascal Dai, from France

  19. People, you all are fooled by the Makune and his agents, well sounds good now get rid of King, just await next day, you all people will be get beheaded by the Maoist, if you will not carry out guns and weapons and rejected to offer money to Maoist Terrorist.

  20. Hey, UWB

    We surely don’t want the repeat of RITIK ROSHAN
    kind of episode. We lost 6 lives and huge
    property for foolish media report.
    Unlesss you have proof don’t try to agitate
    people according to your will.
    Instead try to publicise people friendly HoR PROCLAMATION which is going to be the greatest achievement for us.

  21. I think we now must refer to the historical track record of revolutionary movements such as the Spanish and Russian and other revolutions. We should observe now the counter-revolutionary efforts of the parliament and perhaps even with Maoist elements participating in the formation of a republic. Very importantly, see now how democratic capitalist interests are already calling for a focus on eliminating any factions of the Maoists who do not want to join in establishing a new political elite. It remains to be seen if the Maoists revolution will actually continue and a socialist society emerges.. or will it be history all over again and we get more of the same: either democratic or authoritarian capitalism with the success of counter-revolutionary suppression. This is the question asked by the anarchists.

    I see the elements of counter-revolution being presented in calls for international participation in assisting the rise of democratic representational government (read democratic capitalism). The tracking of news now is to see how the Maoist-Party relationship develops.. especially around release of Maoist prisoners, integration of the RNA and PLA, what balance will be struck between socialistic and capitalistic elements in evolution of the 12-point agreement (what exact form will the interim government take, will parliament be dissolved for that interim, and the creation and result of a constitutional assembly – and in the end, will the revolution continue to the end of “pure” socialism, that is anarchism with no governmental authority?).

  22. Mr. Wagle,
    please do not block my comments. sorry to say but your anlysis is immature and irresponsible though i agree that Deuba is not a smart politician. i am sure you know how to make big bucks from journalism but you do not realise the implications of cheap-journalism in society. otherwise you would not think of writing such a cheap analysis on Deuba’s alleged comments (not that your comments were of any great quality in the past anyway). do you know that the ‘Ritik Roshan Kanda’ was just a product of journalists like you?

    you guys play with the ignorance of Nepalese people for your petty interests. i wonder what and until when we will have to keep paying price of ill-journalism in Nepal.

  23. UWB – you guys have confirmed that you believe to be above everything and everyone else. After knowing the facts, you still don’t have the common decency to either take this blog off or apologise as the damage has already been done.
    This is why I don’t hesitate to call you the LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR! I

  24. As for Deuba,

    I think an apology is due by the media to Mr. Deuba.

    However, people like Deuba should take the backseat and let new generation leaders take over. He has had his time in the spotlight and he should be grooming new leaders especially as he has knowledge of all the things not to do. It is good experience from a failed leader that will be valuable for the new lot.
    Someone even mentioned that maybe his wife should step into politics while he steps out, I think this is also a good idea coupled with the promotion of the new generation.
    As for UWB come off your high and wild horse, we await the apology, and the practice of ethical journalism.

  25. Unfortunately,

    just as we have third rate politicans we also have to suffice for now with third rate journalists like Wagle. They are at par with each other when it comes to quality. I hope that this category of third raters do not exist when it comes to our doctors, professionals and the next generation leaders.
    Otherwise not even Pashupatinath will be able to save our country from a further down hill slide.

  26. This is the yellowiest (if such word exist) journalism I have seen and Mr. Wagle, you should be ashamed of what you wrote to add fuels to the fire.

    This is democracy, you are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine.
    And so is Deuba. So, why the big fuss about what he said (if he said)? If he is so out of line, people will reflect that on the voting polls.

  27. Yellow jounalism? I think it is turning the colour of shit if that is posssible.

    We only complain about the misuse of funds by the royal governement and all the governments before that. But who will pay for all the damage brought about by irresponsible journalism? Yesterday was a case in point,and how can we forget the Hritik Roshan riots among other similar scenarios? It is us people who work and pay taxes that have to bear the costs of bad journalism. Why should we not from now call that corruption as well. “Corrupt journalism” should be the term, because it has cost the nation hard earned tax payers money. Journalists like Wagle are not only irresponsible, but corrupt as they do not pay for the consequences of their irresponsibility, we do.

  28. There is a lot of irresponsible ‘yellow’ journalism in Nepal-hey but Deuba deserves it more than anyone else!

  29. It is time for Nepali politics to be mature by kicking people like Deuba out democratically.

  30. Well even if it might be true that Deuba never said those things the UWB are accusing him of-the silver lining in all this is nobody can really defend Deuba for the idiot he is and nobody has tried too. Are we finally getting critical of our politicians? Hope so! (Pssst! Why do you expect anything else but yellow journalism from UWB?).

  31. Yellow or black or green…Does color any make any difference? It is usual in Nepal to screw reputation of anyone through journalism. No one can do anything about it since journalists are the fourth estate (choutho angaa). You cannot point a finger at journalists since it becomes attack on press freedom. Journalists do not have to prove their sources or truthfulness. All they have to do is write bold statements…

  32. Thanks, Stephen Mauldin, for your insightful analysis.

    It might be worth pointing out that Deuba, when he made his recent trip to the USA, was actually doing training with an American organization (it has an office in Kathmandu) that works in helping further democracy around the world. I will see if I can find their website. I was at Phora Durbar one day and met an American woman working for the organization. She said that they were sending Deuba to the states to help him learn how to more effectively communicate. I have no idea if this organization is run by the US Govt (it sounds like it might be, although it is an ngo, so it claims).But it is clear they have a hand in influencing Deuba. the Maoists know this, and they see the seeds of discord brewing. The 12 point agreement will be impossible to implement, and the Maoists are already showing they are not going to dissapear into the woodwork unless their demands are fulfilled IN ENTIRETY. i’ll get back with you when i find that organization’s website.

  33. here’s the website of International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Reform (They do have an office in kathmandu. but i have no idea where, and its not listed on here). They are the ones who sponsored Deuba’s most recent trip to the usa. no doubt he will deny this. But I have it from the director of this program (who is an african american woman and i met her at the american club, phora durbar, a couple of months ago)…

  34. Why is that everyone has to find out who is influencing whom? Deuba is influenced by the US or the King, the SPA is influenced by India, the Maoists are influenced by the Shining Path.. It has become like a circus… Looks like everyone is looking for the circus-master without acknowledging the importance of audience (Nepalese people] and their requirements [democracy, peace and prosperity]

  35. Kishor Jee,

    Are you saying that I made it up Ram Chandra issues? It was everywhere and even Ram chandra had to do “Khandan” (see link below). Looks like you missed it.

    I am fully aware where oath took place and there is no Rajdanda in Parliament – just to the opposite of what allegedly Ram Chandra Paudel wanted.

    I do not have any preference here Dueba v Koirala v Prachanda and so forth. My main point is that journalist should be fair and neutral. Allegedly, what Paudel said was very sensitive issue. And what Deuba said is similar matter. When such issues come, we expect uniform reaction from these journalists. Not only when Deuba says something. I did not see any anger from Wagle jee when Paudele’s oath and Rajdanda issue surfaced.

    For your info here is the link for Paudel’s Khandan:
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  36. I wonder why qualified intellectuals like Minendra Rijal are wasting their time and future rallying for and around Deuba. If you think Deuba is shortcut to power – forget it.
    Times have changed and you have to proove yourself to gain the confidence and votes of Nepali people. Heed my advice- There is no shortcut to success.

  37. Chankhe Budhi-to me that is the most baffling thing! Rijal, Giri and I think there are other bright guys there in the NC(D). I know they sided with Deuba initially as protest against Girija’s undemocratic ways at the NC but really isn’t it time they revolted against Deuba’s leadership and kicked him out? I would like to see a new leadership at the NC(D).

  38. Hey Pascle from France, I agree with you 100% in terms of not resorting to voilence everytime you see something you don’t like or hear something you don’t want to hear – that only makes everyone blind. That’s unacceptable, period! There is no excuse for any barbaric acts to justify any cause. Peaceful means of protest is the only way. More power to people’s movement for thier freedom and prosperity! Democracy reigns!

  39. DEUBA is ENTITLED to HIS VIEWS ..HOW can people talk of executing him..IS THIS OUR DEMOCRACY…

  40. DICTATORSHIP in ALLIANCE WITH MAOBADI..Some posters want to establish this it seems..

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