Meanwhile Maoist Comrades Continue Extortion, Looting and Beating

Army Press Release

They aren’t killing people because they have officially declared ceasefire for three months. But Maoist comrades aren’t keeping quite, at least according to the Royal Nepal Army. RNA was fighting with the Maoists until last month’s popular movement forced autocratic king to give up the power to people. Now both sides are observing ceasefire but it has been widely believed that rebels are doing unfair activities like extorting money, kidnapping unarmed people and looting.

Here in this blog, UWB presents a digitized avatar of a copy of today’s press release issued by the RNA. The only difference between this release and the ones that RNA used to issued before the April Revolution is that the word ‘terrorists’ have been replaced by ‘Maoists’. Also another missing element is the point that talked about how many people were killed in a clash.

For those who find it difficult to read the text (in Nepal) here is a quick translation:

Maoists forcefully extort money from general public: On 6 May, Maoists took control of different vehicles in Kabeli, an area between Panchthar and Taplejung districts in eastern Nepal, and took Rs. two thousands to five thousands from each person. They also took Rs. one thousand from each cab that were taking people to Pathivara temple, a famous religions site.

On 5 May, Maoists extorted money from general citizens in Kyamin, Bar Bhanjyang, Swatimara, Manpang, Syangha Pokhari Bhangyang and Bhirkkot area of Tanahun district. They also demanded money (equal to the salar and other benefits of 80 days) from local teachers.

Maoists Beat General Public: On May 8, Maoists abducted Dwarika Yadab, Dhappan Lon and Hari Yadav of Lwani area (Kapilbastu district) and attacked them with sharp knives etc. Dhappan Lon is undergoing treatment in Toulihawa hospital.

Lootings by Maoists: On May 8, Maoists looted food, clothes and cooking equipments from Jeevan Ram Bista, the Chairman of the Lamjung District Development Committee and locked his home.

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138 thoughts on “Meanwhile Maoist Comrades Continue Extortion, Looting and Beating

  1. After all gun is gun that is made to kill somebody so if you cannot handle it then don’t handle sometimes it kills the master also.

  2. We know that Maoist are fighting for not nation and people of Nepal, they are KILLER in real, they don’t have any ethics of humanity..

    We don’t have to beleive them, they can do anyting because Maoist are KILLER…they don’t know how to behave with people (nepali janata).

  3. I agree with subediji and hope that SPA would be able to handle them properly, eventually leading to the surrender of arms from them.

  4. I give advice to SPA memebers not to speak loud before doing anything. For example, who said what in the last faw days:

    1. Krishna J Rayamajhi: I can prosecute the King.
    2. Bamdev: King should be tried.
    3.Dr. Mahat: I will reduce the budget of the Palace.

    Can you guys tell me, can they do these things ?

  5. Guys I am not sure whether you know the past of Rayamajhi or not. He is the one who denied that a Nepali mother can pass citizenship to her son. He is the one who made a young 18 yrs Nepali boy stateless. Now he has been projected as a human rights leader. Now he is trying to be hero talking a big folly and nonsense that he can prosecute the King. This is his real character. He must do it otherwise he is a big lier and cheater to Nepalese people.

    A victimized Nepali

  6. The mass demonstrations were not suppressed primarily because it is very difficult to get a soldier, no matter how well disciplined, to kill his own friends and relatives. The demonstrators played right into the hands of the Maoists who are watching with glee as all opposition splinters and fights amongst themselves. You must unite to defeat the Maoists, and that means supporting the RNA. The political parties are corrupt, inept and useless.

  7. Bideshi, my enemy’s enemy is not my friend. The RNA in it’s present form is not a friend of the people.

  8. Compare it to the Allies joining with Stalin’s Russia to defeat Nazi Germany.

  9. Bideshi ,

    enough of your bakbak. i don’t know where u r frm. but u sound too ignorant .

    so donot try to be OJ .

    Better listen to others .

  10. Comrade Taay, please don’t interrupt a polite dicussion and please wipe the foam from your mouth, it’s unsightly.

  11. Tayaa & Pundit (jee)

    You talk intelligent, and believe that the Maoist leaders too are as intelligent as you (two) are.

    You are wrong.

    A group drugged by a radical ideology sees everything from its own spectacle (nor yours, sorry). The Maoists still think, I am sure here, that armed struggle alone can lead them to success. Even if they are arguing for non-military solution today, it is their strategy. Their means is violence, and they will never renounce it until they reach power. No Maoists in this whole universe has said that the armed conflict has alternatives, and you are not going to hear this from the Nepalese Maoists, too.

    I have had a number of meetings and encounters with the Maoist student leaders and party activists. From my conversation with them, I have realized that any effort to make Maoists understand the importance of peaceful solution to the political conflict is useless. The more crucial problem is that they remain adamant to their stance against multi-party democracy and free market.

    I think the only difference between the king (and his army) and the Maoists is that the first uses religion as a source of legitimacy and the second uses an outdated ideology. Both of them dwell on the castles made of people’s blood and flesh.

    Finally, please do not sympathize the Maoists. They don’t deserve your sympathy. They are a problem, and most of the problems you see today were created by them yesterday.

  12. Bideshi, Well you know what Stalin did to his people after that. The Nepali people will only support the RNA (or NA) when they are convinced that it is an army to safeguard the interest of Nepal and it’s people and not one that looks after it’s own interests and that of the palace. For this to happen the RNA (or NA) must be completely re-vamped and re-indoctrinated.

  13. Bideshi, don’t think in terms of binary opposites like Bush: either you are with us or with the terrorist! Can’t both the Maoists and the RNA be harmful for the Nepalese people. And I liked the adjective you gave to Tayaa- ‘Comrade Tayaa’. Huh….

  14. Yes, if, and make that a BIG if, they are serious about working with the opposition at all. I believe they are going for an outright takeover and just playing us along waiting for the best time to move.

  15. Sanjeev,

    Can u please tell me how many genuine steps are taken by our government to bring maoists to agreement?
    Not a single step is taken , nothing has been done.
    So many strategies and steps are yet to be made…when these peaceful methods fail, then only the idea of military approach need to be taken.

    ‘baat nai nagari bullet ko kura nikalnu ta jayaj hudaina ni’

    Even if after the government’s full effort to bring them to peace fails, then we can use force.

    Maoists leaders are fundamentalists, but they claim that they have dropped their demands(still suspicious however).

    But I donot think that the maoists fighters and folowers are fundamnentalists. they are innocent youths brainwashed by some impossible dreams.
    So we have to brainwash them, not bulletwash to make them realise the reality and come to democracy.

    This is a complex war impossible to be won only by military.
    yesterday’s government was king’s so it only made matter worse.
    But I expect that this government will surely bring some positive results.

  16. I think the only difference between us is that you are optimistic at the cost of reality, and I am pessitistic at the cost of joy.

    One more thing to add: I am also against guns, I am not arguing for a military solution. I am just saying that the Maoists must lay down their arms before the constituent assembly, and I am sure they won’t do it. They won’t do it until they get their fu***** communist republic.

  17. Bideshi,
    when a foreigner becomes ‘over janne’, and use their undesired polarised expertise to suggest military solution to our problem, when a wide easy unexplored road of peace and agreement lies ahead, I just forget my courtesy too.
    So, u bideshi please stop your nonsense of military solution!!!!

  18. Taaya, We will call a truce, you and I. I am less of a foreigner than my name suggests and than you imagine. I hope for a solution that will not require more blood and suffering for the people but I cannot expect it. Things are in motion now that cannot be stopped and must be played out unto the end.

  19. I just feel like laughing when people call me comrade Taaya.

    they can’t differentiate sympathy and support,
    connection and compassion.

    Just because I say there are peaceful means, people label me ‘comrade’.

    I am one of the most fortunate Nepalese to have education in boarding school, my families well off(in nepali standard) and now having a well paying job.

    I donot have that much suffering, that ignorance and innocence , that courage , that selflessness that I would be brainwashed by some date-expired ‘ism’ to carry weapon for an impossible dream risking my own life.

    I am just telling u guys -despite violence ,there are so much pain, sufferings, dreams, idealogues and sentiments in this maoist issue.

    I am telling u this is a very complex issue.

  20. Tayaa,

    I think I understand what you mean. However, a significant number of city elites are fascinated with the Maoist ‘revolution’. They blame poverty, landslide, low fertility (of land), difficult roads, few schools, etc. for the birth of Maoist problem. I am just trying to say that Maoism came to surface not as a result of poverty or landslide in the villages. It is the result of a rogue ideology. You understand what I mean. I meant no satire to you.

  21. Until and unless the leadership of the maoists clearly and publicly declares the following two agendas, they cannot and should not be trusted on their implications or 12 point understanding (they have already begun to interpret points like arms monitoring does not mean handing it in to a monitor etc.)

    1. Lay down arms before CA elections.
    2. Clarify that they will be a part of a multiparty democracy whether it is a republic or a ceremonial monarchy, and that they will follow the principles of multiparty democracy.

    These are two points that is a must. There should be no talk of a one party republic same as there should be no talk of an active monarchy.

    Until and unless Prachanda and gang announces this publically and lays down arms they are not to be trusted.

    The 12 point agreement is not sacred to the maoists, they can break it at any time and we as democratic citizens should not unduly hold out parliamentarians to stick to the 12 point agreement no matter what. If democracy is threatened then even our democratic parties should be able to drop it.

  22. Sanjeev,

    You’ve got it the wrong way round. The Maoists came about exactly because of those conditions in the countryside you have mentioned. Do you think that besides a few hundred Maoists that the rest of them understand anything about Maoism or Communism? They were so desperate that anything that gave them a little hope they were ready to jump at, also the Maoists have expertly exploited the alientation of the marginalised communities. The conditions of Nepal’s poor was so bad and the feeling of alienation of the ethnic communities so acute that this was bound to happen.

  23. Agree with st there. Those two pre-conditions to the election of the CA are a must.

  24. The only way to try and solve our problems is through the democratic process and democratic institution building and liberalisation of our economy. What the Maoist leaders have done is exploit the poor into believing that their fascist ways are the way out of the situation, and after their one party republic is established with the likes of Prachanda at the helm, all will be fine.
    I agree that they have pushed the right buttons to get people enrolled (many have also been coerced), however pointing out the flaws in our country is not tantamount to solving it’s problems, and bringing the nation to a grinding hault through violence and politics is not tantamount to running it smoothly. Do some of the people here really believe that the likes of Prachanda can get our country out of the mess we are in or will we end up in an even greater mess with him at the helm? Unfortunately, Prachanda and his fellow maobadis preach a lot of outdated maoism, but have they got any concrete plans for the nation, for the economy, for the people or do we just place him as Comrade President while we dance and sing praises to him till we die of starvation. Maybe he will solve our problems by just killing most of us – less the population, less mouths to feed!

  25. Most of maoists cadres don’t know much abt communism, prachandapath and all those politics.
    They have been brainwashed just some months or years ago.
    How do u call them fundamentalists when they are not even clear abt fundamentals of communism itself?

    They don’t care if prachanda comes or girija comes or makune comes.

    they are just running blindly after their dreams.

    if UML or NC can give them that promise they can even shift to those parties.
    But ironically, people from UML and other parties are joining maoists.
    So my point is that UML and NC and other parties should prove them strong and responsible so that they can steal maoists followers.

    But if maoists problem is not solved now or made worse, new generation of maoists will surely be a great threaten.

    Donot mistake me for a city elite. I have a comfortable living now. But I am someone who was born in some eastern village, grown up in the rural soil, an aadibaasi and I am well aware of these problems ,constraints and scenarios of this maoist issue .

  26. USNepali

    When Murariraj Sharma’s name was send for the position of Nepalese
    Ambassador to USA, New Yorker Nepali start fighting over it. Ananda
    Bista deserve the position says Mirdula Koirala a restaurant lady, but
    Bista proposed Mridula’s name for some reason. Shyam Karki got upset,
    because his name was not there. In DC Rajendra Oli and Prem Sangroula
    both are rushing for the position. At the same time ;I was the loudest
    person in the rally to make my uncle Krishna Sitoula as a home
    Minister, so I deserve the position” says Kiran Sitoula editor of
    nepalipost. At the same time, Girish Pokhrel of is also
    requesting his guru Prachand to recommend him from the Maoist side.
    Pokhrel already gave word to Lekhnath Bhandari that if I become the
    ambassador I will appoint you as first secretary

  27. I am a pile of sh!t.

    I don’t have any other work besides making expert comments.

  28. Victimised Nepali,
    That Rayamajhi is the worst among the former justices. You know what he diid to my friend, he decided to change the division of the certificate from lower division to higher division blocking his promotion for many years. He was the one who legitimize the wrong doing of the TU Vice Chancellor and the Rector at that time through his decision as justice of the Supreme Court. He is a PATAKI of some sorts.But what cab you do ? Our country is ruled by all sorts of mother f..kers.

  29. To no. 54, I liked your observations:
    I give advice to SPA memebers not to speak loud before doing anything. For example, who said what in the last faw days:

    1. Krishna J Rayamajhi: I can prosecute the King.
    2. Bamdev: King should be tried.
    3.Dr. Mahat: I will reduce the budget of the Palace.

    I add 4:
    Sushil Koirala, feudal bahun, reactionary, asked for inclusive democracy and restructuring of the state and said, “There should be free space for ethnic communities, languages, women, Dalit and others.”

    I say,
    Let Koirala begin with Nepali Congress, then the other SPA members with theirs. Then we believe them.

  30. Mirdula koirala? as ambassador to the USA? she is not just a “restaurant lady”. she is a millionaire in the usa and has lived there many many years. she has chosen to make her life in the USA NOT NEPAL. She would be better off running for office in her “home town” of New York City. I think this says a lot about how out of touch most non resident Nepalese are. They feel it is ok to shoot their mouth off about Nepal, do this, do that…but would they come back there to help their “motherland”? HELL NO. That is disgraceful. you should be ashamed of these people.

  31. Shadowrati: I agree that Nepalis that have been richly blessed by travel abroad should return that blessing with their knowledge, expertise and fortune to help their homeland.

  32. They will continue for two reasons: I don’t think the “leaders” of the Maoist movement are in complete control of their forces, and, they believe they can now win militarily with the total disarray of the opposition.

  33. The post I was replying to disappeared! This censorship is agravating!

  34. Besdeshi et. al…
    I think there are some fundamental facts we all agree on:
    1. The Maoist must lay down their arms
    2. They must stop looting, extortions etc.

    I don’t think the Maoist, should they come to power, (which I think is unlikely) they will not follow a strict communist ideology. Firstly, if there were general elections I don’t think the Maoists would win. Think about it they probably have 100,000 core supporters including student leaders in KTM etc. The political parties have actually really good following in the villages. These Maoists have such a notorious reputation now that any non-Maoist voter will never be swayed by their platform. Right now we hear Moaist everywhere because they are in the news and somehow we automatically think they are popular but when it boils down to it they aren’t going to get that many seats in parliment.
    That’s why I am saying let’s get them to come to the political arena and they’ll see for themslves….

  35. I am still searching answers from maoist followers here in this site:
    Maoists official statement on
    1. Bhutanese Refugee Crisis and ?
    2.Indian encroachment of Nepali land on more than 70 places?
    Anybody would like to answer?

  36. Hey xxx,
    I am in Nepal just so you know and what is happening here will directly affect me and I am worried about it. So, cut you NRN crap!
    And Michael, I would definetely like to have a coffee with you, but you firt learn to make an arguement, not just rant and rave and say ” the fires of revolution is burning and it will burn the SPA down. Nepali people can run their own show.” What do you want a mob-rule? I am from a middle-class family in Nepal and your mob-rule does nothing but keeps us away from our work and also other people that are less fortunate than I am.

  37. Coke:
    Perhaps you should ask those questions our political leaders who were in power for the last 15 years!

  38. And Michael,
    I bet if the Maoists come to the government tomorrow, you’re going to say- ” Communism suks. We need a new revolution. Lets hit the street!!”

  39. How can the MAOs lay down their arms when they know that still anyone, even the king, can come crusing down at them with RNA on their side. How do you guys know nothing than meets the eye-politics is going on?, Are you sure than India is not still bent on wiping the MAOISTS? to teach NAXALites a lession? There is too much fear of the unknown at their sight, and as if the Neta’s are strong and it is easy for the MAOS to take their words for it, for CA etc.

    Dont you think they are hesitent to lay down the arms, just in case, as soon as they drop there guns in the BORA, they might be shakled, who knows GP might be on for it. Knowing MAOS “weapon” is the the weapon itself, the RNA should be taken care of, either play them strategically or do what the MAOS want, i.e., have the UN play the role of TRUCE-BADIS’.

  40. I don’t think anybody residing there in USA will get ambassadorship. Do’t talk about the people who work as ACDC.Even Murari Raj I don’ know. I personally think that he should not be given Ambassadorship in Washington DC but can work in Nepal as Advisor. SPA leaders should not repeat the same person all the time.That was the mistake they were comitting for along time in the last 12 years.

  41. Jeez! Some people really feel strongly about me don’t they? Wonder who that was posing as me in #81?

  42. Laters, nobody expects the Maoists to lay down their weapons right now. We expect them to do this after the conclusion of successful peace talks but before the elections to the CA.

    We really would like to hear Prachanda and Baburam’s terms and conditions for laying down their arms. Since they are for the people why don’t they make this public?

    but y should i ask them, tell me why?
    why not to the maoists?
    i am thinking?

  44. the evening and night falls: so guys listen to the music:

    i am peaceful;
    hope maos khaos think of peace
    hope maku,bamu,kamu think of a kiss
    that could bring peace

    hope everybody listens to the lady
    with the democratic smile of serenity
    ah! the beautiful night that is…..

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