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King’s yesterday’s address leaves a caveat or two. The ball is in SPA’s court, for the king has said: “Convinced that the source of State Authority and Sovereignty of the Kingdom of Nepal is inherent in the people of Nepal and cognizant of the spirit of the ongoing people’s movement as well as to resolve the on-going violent conflict and other problems facing the country according to the road map of the agitating Seven Party Alliance, we, through this Proclamation, reinstate the House of Representatives which was dissolved on 22 May 2002 on the advice of the then Prime Minister in accordance with the Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal-1990.” The king has referred to SPA’s roadmap which is an indirect way of addressing the issue of Constituent Assembly (CA).

He has further said: “We call upon the Seven Party Alliance to bear the responsibility of taking the nation on the path to national unity and prosperity, while ensuring permanent peace and safeguarding multiparty democracy.” This statement has handed over the responsibilities to SPA in particular and people in general.

Finally, king has addressed SPA’s road map that talks about reinstatement of lower house, formation of all party government and eventually conduct CA poll. This will be on the basis of dialogue and agreement with Maoist. Only such election will end the conflict, establish loktantra and restore people’s sovereignty and state power.

Coming Friday, a historic meeting of lower house will take place in Galley Baithak, that will give mandate to SPA to form a government that will lead nation to transformation. The government will be headed either by GP Koirala or by Madhav Kumar Nepal. This government will start dialogue with Maoists. At the same time, it will also proceed the process for the CA poll. In the meantime, Maoists’ as well as RNA’s arms will be managed by international community. The question of Maoist’s army resolution will be discussed with the mediation of International community. This is crucial for the verdict of CA to be implemented.

SPA’s government will decide on the process of CA poll. Here are few possible options: representatives of different parties and/or agendas will fight for the place in CA. The exact format is not clear. But, the members of CA will draft a new constitution that will decide on fate of monarchy.

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138 thoughts on “Roadmap of New Nepal

  1. Well GP’s back. All the corruption etc. etc. of the past 15 years is all forgotten and forgiven it seems. All the crooks were the one’s beaming from side to side. Back to 300000 rupees for customs transfers, 700000 to join the cops, crores for big positions and god knows what else, from misusing donor money to arms deals. Rent a crowds hired to motivate neutral fools for false achievements, maobadis in tow with villagers coerced into the protests, poor chaps they dont even get paid, they just have to look forward to a 2-3 days walk back home.
    Maobadi leaders and militia were waiting in the sidelines hoping things get out of hand so they can charge in and take control, now they are back into the jungle.
    And everyones solution was get rid of the king. Fools all, thinking getting rid of one fellow is the solution to all our problems. If the maoists continue their protests, we will see GP using the same cops to beat the shit out of the protestors with more force then ever.

  2. Surim thanx at least u replied. If no one does what i said, i hope majority agree with me, again new revolution is needed. Cross ur fingers and beware of events………..

  3. The list also includes Prakash Koirala, Radha Krishna Mainali and KP Bhattarai and PS Lawati. Is Ram Saran an MP?

  4. In message no 13 from this morning I was warning the Nepali people for the dust in their eyes that the king and SPA where putting in your eyes. I think I was not so war away from the truth.

    Now the Maos are again who calling for the republic they want. A Maoist republic. That and not more is their target.

    The only way for the king is being ceremonial.
    They only way for SPA is coming with new and trustfull faces in a new and trustfull government.

    And…….denouncing unconditional elections for a new constitution is a must to give you, people of Nepal, where you was fighting for in the past weeks!

    Again blocades, demos, violence, etc.
    Maos are doing never what they say. They making statements and are doing the opposite.

  5. I believe it is not the only GP who will have impression in the potential government. The upcoming government will be for a transitional period and it has been assigned the special tasks to carry out. In case, it fails to do so, again the Nepalese people will determine the fate of both GP and the SPA. Why the people cooperated the SPA in the present movement is because they believe that these corrupt and dishonest leaders have regretted to what they have done in the past. People now are assuming that it is a new branded GP who purely represents the people’s will as demonstrated in the protest. But as the recent discussion was going on here, who knows? But just saying that we can be that pessimistic and say nothing is going to happen in favor of the people. There is always room for protest if the situation can not address the people’s will.

  6. That was Maobadi’s reaction
    They did not agree with the SPA and say they will kill all of the SPA and Nepalis

  7. I guess the document to move ahead with the election for CA is to be signed by the present monarch as the head of the state. How many of us are sure of him gambling on this? What if he questions of the constitutional permission for the election of CA? Well, we might say that it is a political question but can’t we foresee another tug of war in case the king still retains bad intention?

  8. response1,
    It doen need to be converted to any fonts. Bescause most people do not understand what they say anyways, as they don’t make a hell of a lot of sense. They don’t argue, they just threaten.

  9. What Maoists also say:
    “of] )& ;fn xf]Og, @)^# ;fn xf] / ;+ljwfg;efdfkm{t\ hgtfsf] ;fj{ef}ldstf ;’lglZrt gx’+bf;Dd cfGbf]ng /f]lsg] 5}g . slyt zfxL ;+jf]wgnfO{ :jfut u/]/ k|d’v ;+;bjfbL bnsf k|d’v g]tfx?n] km]l/ Psk6s 7″nf] P]ltxfl;s e”n cjZo u/]sf 5g\ . t}klg pgLx?nfO{ ;+ljwfg;efsf] lgjf{rg;Dd hfg afWo kfg{sf nflu ;d]t hgcfGbf]ng hf/L /fVg h?/L 5 ”
    Also to keep prerssure on SPA to go upto CA. So, may be things are working OK?????

  10. I also agree with Kirat. NM Bijkchhe as a PM would have been the better choice at this moment.

  11. It’s easy to give Bhasan in the street, however running a country is not that much easy. Will see how spa works

  12. Bijukche maybe a nice guy, but we are’nt playing little kiddies musical chairs here. I mean how many seats has this guy’s party got anyway? Let’s get real, the PM has to be from the majority party. I’m not saying that it has to be GP or Shere, but giving a fellow the PMship no matter how nice he may be with a couple of mp’s representing his party in parliament, is very very close to giving the PMship to someone with no representation in parliament (eg. the King).

  13. cs, I hear you but this is an interim government whose actual mandate expired a long time ago. Sometimes people have to think out of the box.

  14. hey guys if we see the indian news channels they are saying yesterday most of communist,bjp, leaders were running whole day to bring some solution to Nepal crisis re.

    CNN clearly said that new PM should have BLESSINGS OF INDIA. Girija clearly has blessings of Congress I. So, he was the choice we can see it clearly. No matter what we people say indians are having big influence out here.

  15. First thing that now needs to be done is to make sure MAOBADI give up all their arms to SPA for safe keeping….

    MAOBADI are becoming devotees of Non Violence….BIG JOKE..after killing 12500 men, women and children…!!!!!!!

  16. It was Ok for GP to PM because he is the most senior leader we have. Besides the government that is going to be formed in an interim government. The government will fulfill the given mandate and then it’s over. we will have a new elected government.

    Besides, now that SPA has announced constitutional assembly, Maoists should come to the mainstream. The violence should stop. Maoists please stop playing game with the pace of this country. We have had enough of the fight and foolishness. Now it’s time to move forward.


  17. I think it is less important to discuss on who could make the best PM at this stage as this is a transitional govt that should do only limited special tasks. So, anyone who is familiar with state politics can lead the government as long as he or she is guided by the SPA roadmap.

  18. Kirat,

    If you have already accepted that the parliament of 2002 be reinstated, which politically most have, then you have to accept that the process to select a PM has to be parliamentary as well. In parliament, the majority rules.
    Many times thinking out of the box is useful, but in some cases it’s good to follow rules and stay disciplined. If there is any time where a call for discipline is critical, it is now. The King also thought out of the box and look where it got him.

  19. KING has been slow…but he has done the Right thing….HE LOVES HIS COUNTRY…..

    LET us all become clean in our lives..
    MAKE SURE THE SPA dont get corrupt and the MAOBADI dont start murdering people………….

  20. Dear All,


    Now watch out SPA!

    They should be strong enough and sincere to sacrifice for the country but I am skeptical
    It would have been better someone if the SPA has proposed some uncontroversial personality to lead the government however it would be okay if following things fulfilled:
    -For mation of CA to draft new constitution defining the roles og king and restructring of RNA
    – Bringing Maoist rebel in mainstream and readjusting Maoist army in the newly restructured Nepali army in the

  21. Well, the SPA have recommended an 84 year old semi-senile with a proven record of corruption as the PM of the interim govt. Now comes the real difficult task of managing the country. I really hope the SPA is up to it-Nepal’s future depends on it. I just wish they would have had the decency to nominate a new face-untainted by the 12 years of misrule that we saw-it would have set a new and good precedence, just like the Italian Sonia did with the Indian Congress.

  22. Quiet Interesting comments.

    The King has been criticised several times.

    I believe one should think deeply.

    The political parties exploited people and politically mobilised them in their greed.

    After all what is the religion of a political party, to come to power, try to come to power and stay in power In any political party system.

    Sometimes fighting between parties something joining with other parties, other times even worse.

    Let’s say this is the beginning of another wave of democracy in Nepal.

    My belief remains in the future of Nepal. The economic situation of the country and now it can be moulded to be a productive one. Much reform on economic sectors has to be brought about.

    Lets not forget that it is easier to gather people to start any sort of revolution as opposed to other countries which has a lower unemployment figure than that of Nepal which is(48%). I previously heard someone calling it the Lali Kranti (Rhododendron Revolution).

    King was autocratic as critics would argue. The 82 year old Girija nominated by the alliance would have to change. Its time he took sanyash along with Bhattrai. The time also came for Surya Badhur Thapa to leave.

    If Congress party is to be in power the leader it has must be Narahari Acharya. (Their unification must be easier now that Andolan was fought together)

    RPP has Pashupati Shumsher, another leader who wasn’t driven to politics for monetary reasons.

    CPN UML Well Madhav Nepal will probably be a popular figure as this party has the best ties with CPN Maoist. Ideological similarity to a certain extent. Bam Dev Gautam is a ballistic figure. He could either be very good or completely bad.

    Realistically these parties have a chance of getting most of the votes amongst the Seven parties alliance.

    Lastly India has a lot to do with Nepal politics. The internal affairs that Nepal adopts have to be adopted or accepted by the Indian Central Govt Just like that of Nepali Maps which have to be approved by Ministry of Defence, India.

    Well its time we make a change. Making reforms to the current political structure is essential but also in the same hand being cautious about future.

    Now that the political parties have mobilised all these people on streets, its time they form a government and provide them with employment oppurtunities. So they have better things to do rather than getting baton charged by the police or even killed. After all these security organisation will now be under the people’s government.

    Nothing more I can possibly say apart from hoping it goes well.

    Criticising the king doesn’t make the people of Nepal look good. Late King Birendra did the same. People respected him later on. King Gyanendra needs the opportunity. The pro democracy rally a non violent ended up into a anti monarchy march. Thanks to the Maoists and Indian assistance that the people ended up disgracing their own head of state.

    One recognised to be terrorists via all countries and other to be foreigners. Listening to them means bringing a democracy into doubt again.

    We shouldn’t be very nationalistic but be patriotic as we are all Nepali after all.

    Apologies if anyone is offended.

  23. Michael, I understand your frustration over Girija. One should respect some of his qualities despite many bads during his past. Let him rest as PM as a pension till CA.

    I meant to say the interim govt should trash whatever controversial bills after King snatched the executive power. Otherwise, he may use same tool to hook nepali people.

  24. hey Foreigner in Nepal

    I am warning all nepalese from yesterday night about the critical situaion and the capitalization of the situtaion by the leaders, I agreee with you, Nepal will be on the worst situation if we give the country to the corupted leaders like GP and all.

    Its all about the having cocnuts from oe monkey’s hand to anothers.

    What you all says guys.

  25. if this is the situation that political party agree up on then, we all should know that they are again using neplai janta for there selfishness. They are again capitalizing the emotion of Nepalese for there satta and power, nothing ore guys.

  26. I don’t think one should blindly trash everything under the royal govt. I think they should be reviewed, as I am sure there a couple of good suggestions in them as well.
    Take the good and throw out the bad.

  27. rajako pride janatale tala jhardiyo, partyharuko ta uhilenai dubisakyo, aba maoist haru ko ali mai hu bhanne pride cha, uniharulai mainstream ma lyaune jimma inai sat partyko ho

    nepal aama ko jaya

  28. You know I think this site is getting boring. It was good till the royal govt. was there. The irony is the guy who fouded it Wagle, was out of town for the entire “revolution” period. It has served it’s purpose and without it’s founder at the helm or even in the country for that matter. Wagle’s nick name should be Rip Van Winkle the one who missed the whole charade. TA TA UWB!

  29. just watched cnn video clip. it appears there should be no precondtions for CA, otherwise maoist may not come to mainstream politics. just rethink

  30. Does anyone know what is in the 12 point agreement?

    The one precondition for maoists and CA has to be giving up arms. Otherwise might as well just fight them now.

  31. People of Nepal,
    I think you can use the Maos as they where using you for a long time.
    They have seen in the past weeks how powerful the people can be.

    So, what we want is an unconditional statement for elections of a new constitution. That is what the Maos also want.
    We want a ceremonial king or no king. That is the Maos also want.
    (remember they where saying they will respect the will of the people)

    Let we use the Maos to reach our demands to the king and the parties and going on with demos, blockades, etc.

    Soon we have done the job and the king and the parteis fullfill our demands, we throw the Maos in the dust bin if they going on with their struggle.

    They only problem is that the Maos has the power of their arms and we don’t.

    The big problem with the Maos is that they always say one thing and are doing the opposite.

    Last but not least I will say that you, People of Nepal, have showed that you are more powerfull than weapons en killings.
    Use that knowledge in the future.

  32. Anyway, I think this is their initial point of view, with the correct pressure it will change.

  33. I fear the Maoists may prove Ambassador Moriarty right. Although Prachanda is saying they will keep the pressure up with a blockade to ensure the constitutional assembly is implemented. my gut fear is that even that won’t be enough. they have never strayed much from their original thinking, which is that they want a PEOPLE”S REPUBLIC. From two days ago most of Nepal calling for the King’s blood to today, allowing him peacefully to stay. You know what I think? You nepalese are a very short sighted bunch. The other thing? Your leaderes are better at FIGHTING FOR DEMOCRACY THAN IMPLEMENTING IT. you have a long uphill battle ahead of you. THe maoist problem is far from over. If you think so, you are deluding yourselves.

  34. you know maoist leader Prachanda and baburam are like that, they say one thing and do others, But real maoist, they are true, Think, royal army are fighting for the shake of JOB, but what do you think the Mao’s are fighting for with all those struggle.

    I think if there is a interim sarkar of sat dal and the Mao, then country could go well in the future if not then situation will be like that.

    Army are fighting for the shake of job and maos are fighting for the country.
    Need to think !

  35. everybody should do their job properly now. there has been a hard economic crumble since the andolan , which is the price we have to pay, but now it’s time to build it again. work extra hard to earn all the GDP we lost in the past month

  36. Acidburn,
    Acid must have really burnt.
    The so called “real” moaists are fighting for money and power. They loot, kill, threaten, intimidate etc. etc., probably rape and take food from poor farmers.

    Do they need more reasons.
    Oh the country of course, once they have that then they can kill you too and call it for the peoples sake as well.

  37. hi kirat,
    i think its bit too late to appoint Bijukche the PM, which i had long been thinking as a good choice too. they should have done it before the king announced the revival of the house. he would get some sympathy from maoists too. now since the house is reinstated, i think they should have to go with the norms. and girija as the PM is not the best person in Nepal but he’s got balls to scare the palace and leadership capability. all we can wish at the moment is that maoists dont go too wild.

  38. Scoop you need to know about the maos history of 12 years, you need to learn their pshycology with the different published article by the national and international reporters.

    See we janata are not for anyones favour, we analyze and comments, and I think every nepali should do that. Des bigreko nai tehi bhayara ho, Hami je man ma aayo tehi bolchhau, we never think tomorrow, we never think about others if they are doing good or bad, we just speak out for the shake of speak.
    If we want to improve the country we need to improve our self, brfore we act, we need to know what are doing, not just doing for the shake of making the presence.

  39. Point 3 of the 12-point understanding between the SPA and the Maoist says “An understanding has been reached to keep, during the holding of constituent assembly elections after ending autocratic monarchy, the armed Maoist force and the royal army under the supervision of the United Nations or any other reliable international supervision, to conclude the elections in a free and fair manner and accept the result of the elections.”

    My question is: What after that? I would love to hear from you guys…

  40. i would like inform you that in the parliament there will be big fight regarding the modalities of the CA.

  41. What ever the Maoist are signing (12 point understatement)or declaring we have to keep in mind that their big target is and will be a one-party Republic.
    With shuffle her and shuffle there they like to reach their target.

    So let we using them for our cerimonial king or no king and going to use them for our new constitution and then……..God will save the Maos.

    Remember again: We have proved that peoples power is more stronger than guns and violence!!!

  42. jeevan, yeah I hope the Maoists realise how the power equation has changed and how much further it can change against them. With the return of the SPA in power military aid to fight them could now pour in.

  43. i have been just back from my ring-road travel.i see people with such an aura of victory,confidence,hopes,and dreams….
    u know what they were shouting
    “Hey Mr. Gyanendra,
    kina maaris Birendra.”

  44. Mr. Sharma,
    Do not be naive like a child. The new constitution will be made and according to the new constitution the country wouls smoothly run with or without the MonarchY.

  45. About our king:

    In one way we can respect the king in what he is doing now but he has to respect us that we don’t want him as an active or constitutional king but only as a ceremonial king.
    That is the punishment for the misbehavior of Gayendra and Parras in the past 4 years.

    Keep an eye on that Parras. He has to be punished for every show of Mr. Macho in the future in an ordinary court room.

    In my country we have a ceremonial Queen for many years. She can give political advice, handshaking people en making some ceremonial performance an not more. In the meantime she is doing very good work in charity, etc.
    We are very happy with here and my country is respecting her.
    So, everything in relation to the Queen is peacefull and we respect her.
    Our King in Nepal will gain that same respect and I think that will have more value for him than a King who is not wanted end have to go in excile.

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