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Addressing the nation on Monday night (24 April), King Gyanendra reinstated the House of Representative and called the Seven Party Alliance ‘to bear the responsibility of taking the nation on the path to national unity and prosperity, while ensuring permanent peace and safeguarding multiparty democracy’.

The session of the parliament is called on April 28, Friday. The short address of the King came after 19 days of continued protest and gives what the SPA was demanding as the first step to the full restoration of democracy.

Here is the full, unofficial translation of the address:

Beloved Countrymen,

Convinced that the source of State Authority and Sovereignty of the Kingdom of Nepal is inherent in the people of Nepal and cognizant of the spirit of the ongoing people’s movement as well as to resolve the on-going violent conflict and other problems facing the country according to the road map of the agitating Seven Party Alliance, we, through this Proclamation, reinstate the House of Representatives which was dissolved on 22 May 2002 on the advice of the then Prime Minister in accordance with the Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal-1990. We call upon the Seven Party Alliance to bear the responsibility of taking the nation on the path to national unity and prosperity, while ensuring permanent peace and safeguarding multiparty democracy. We also summon the session of the reinstated House of Representatives at the Sansad Bhawan, Singha Durbar at 1 P.M. on Friday, 28 April 2006.

We are confident that this House will contribute to the overall welfare of Nepal and the Nepalese people.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to all those who have lost their lives in the people’s movement and wish the injured speedy recovery. We are confident that the nation will forge ahead towards sustainable peace, progress, full-fledged democracy and national unity.

May Lord Pashupatinath bless us all!

Jaya Nepal!

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55 thoughts on “People's Power

  1. If Deuba has not asked the King to dissolve the House we will not be in this situation. After the disruption of lives and property same House is restored again. So who won and who lost?
    I hope party leaders learnt a valuable lession from this. I wish we have election for all 205 members of the House every two years and that the House will never be dissolved for whatever reason.

  2. This is the text of a letter from Dr. Brian Cobb, the doctor who was deported for tending to wounded protestors last week. It is written to a champion of Nepal in the US Senate, Sen. Patrick Leahy:

    Dear Senator Leahy:

    We share an interest in and affection for the people of Nepal, and I know that you have championed their cause. I’m sure you’re aware of some of the developments. US policy is misguided at the moment, and I think you will understand why.

    The monarchy is moribund from self-inflicted wounds. Hubris, cruelty, greed, exploitation and incompetence have laid it low. The US position, greeting the king’s sham offer of appointing a party-nominated puppet prime minister as the Magna Carta, has cost the US dearly. Decades of good will built up by Peace Corps volunteers, visitors and foreign aid are being squandered in a quixotic effort to force upon the people a king they loathe and need like a brain tumor.

    I recognize that stability is the key US concern. Fears of anarchy leading to a Maoist coup are reasonable; in my view, an army coup is more likely and would be as bad, maybe worse. But our support of Gyanendra now, if successful, will only push more people into the Maoist fold.

    A far smarter strategy is to work with the party leaders so when–not if, but when–the king decamps, a strong and stable transitional government can be put in place. The army and armed police should immediately be placed under UN, EU or retired Gurkha command, and the current officers held for trial.

    After that, a constituent assembly or referendum could be held. There is no need to worry about the Maoists doing at the ballot box what they have been unable to do in battle; they’re not that popular.

    As one who has seen the immense brutality of the Nepali government, and as someone with great familiarity with Nepal, I assure you that the wisest course is to do, for a change, what we always claim we are doing and support democracy and human rights. Doing the right thing is the right thing to do.

    It’s time to help the Nepalese people find a safe passage to peace, democracy and human rights by throwing off a criminal, brutal, unconstitutional, incompetent and hated government.

    On behalf of my many friends in Nepal, I implore you to use your good offices to help the people achieve their aspirations.

    Brian Cobb, M.D.

  3. this is the first right move the royal regime has made, interms of tone of delivery and, in the game of cat and mouse politics, giving away the minimum required.. what remains to be seen is if the SPA leaders are bold and or clever, if they come up with my vision of action plan we should have complete democracy… here goes..
    1. declare that the parliaments role is to negotiate with the maoists to bring them into mainstream politics
    2. to do that parliament would call for a constituent assesmbly election, and debate all aspects of nepalese aspiration including the monarchy
    3. the parliament pledges and underwrites in law that those in power will respect human rights and the law, there will be no exceptions, including the king, effective immediately. The parliament will promulgate laws that will punish those found to have violated this most basic of democratic principal.
    4. the executive powers of the parliament will be scrutinised and held in balance by provisions in law which will be enforced by separatring the judiciary from political stranglehold
    5. parliament will initiate the process of re-organising the security services to bring them under the control of the judiciary and the parliament, no exceptions to be granted for any individual or party
    6. the SPA and Maoists agree to respecting human rights, law and outcome of the constituent assembly

    This should be the pledge of the SPA under full media fanfare so there can be no doubt for the king and his followers and to the SPA/Maoists and the people of Nepal, so that those who the nepali people will face the consequences.. come on SPA, nepal needs positive assertive leadership now… once this immediate crisis is over could all the old guard please let the newer generation take over… it is time… if you don’t, your fate may be the same as the kings!

  4. well we can at least hope that political parties have learned an important lessons. if they fight too much against each other some other party can take advantage of the situation.

    i do not believe that the whole movement was fruitless. there will be fruits, but they are not ripe yet. we nepalese have to work hard from here on to do our best, our personal best to ensure that our country stays on the right cource of development.

  5. The King also did not do two things that i thought would be crucial. He did not offer to immediately release the detainees (including Kanak Mani Dixit, doctors, journalists, human rights workers and other civil society members still languishing in jail). and he did not call an IMMEDIATE CEASEFIRE. Shame on the King. He waited until the VERY LAST SECOND TO BACK DOWN…do you really want a king as a ruler, even if just a figurehead, who cares so little about his people that he puts them through 4 years of hell? Orders his army and security forces to beat and torture, tear gas, and shoot rubber and real bullets at his own people? Who makes more money than almost any other head of state in the ENTIRE WORLD and all in a country that is the poorest in south asia? whose own son, Paras, is a known murdered and who, himself, most likely had some hand in the brutal and horrific massacre of his entire family? (we all know this in our hearts, even though few of you come out and say so openly). IS THIS THE KIND OF MONARCH YOU WANT?

    Wake up!! don’t go out on the streets cheering tomorrow! go out on the streets in mourning for all who have lost their lives, under the maoists and under the command of King Gyanendra. Go out protesting to the SPA that you will not back down until they create a constitution that writes King Gyanendra off the books once and for all, and who makes sure that his murderous son, Paras, will never inherit the throne IN ANY CAPACITY. This is no longer a feudal society. It is the 21st century. This monarch has to go.

  6. This is the result of real people power. No body is above then people. KG address 180 degree twisted compare to Friday one. This is real win but still partial.


  7. What’s to be done with the royal family now? I don’t think we’re going to get republicanism, but the ‘King’ is going to be a total figurehead from now. Absolutely.

  8. ola, according to Taranath Ranabhat it was Dipendra with ‘Bhatta ta ta ta’ . Oh no wait you are a foreigner , let me rephrase it . It was Dipendra with ‘ Ratta ta ta ta ‘ .. ; )

  9. The following is what the PEOPLE of nepal expect from the parliament.

    1. Immediately take the control of the RNA from the King and make it under the control of the People and call it Nepali National Army.

    2. Prosecute in public all the people under the King’s old government who abused innocent people and gave orders to RNA and Police to fire on innocents.

    3. Hold Constituent Assembly elections at the earliest possible in order to get Maoists in the peaceful process.

    4. Let the People decide the future of the monarchy based on the CA elections.

    5. PARTY TIME !

  10. I feel the people are already disungruntled!

    Come on, the fight is not finished!

    You can all make the changes you are asking foçr!

    Let not the old parties, the king or the maoists
    dictate the life you want to have!

    25th april could be a different day for Nepal!

  11. I feel the people are already disungruntled!

    Come on, the fight is not finished!

    You can all make the changes you are asking for!

    Let not the old parties, the king or the maoists
    dictate the life you want to have!

    25th april could be a different day for Nepal!

  12. J.P
    We still don’t know how long the parliament would last, given the fact that the last parliamentary elections were held on 1999, according to the constituent it expired in 2004. There is nothing about revoking the parliament in our constitution , so it will be in the hands of our lawmakers to decide how this parliament is going to function.

    I think it will act as an interim parliament, with the main agenda of holding the parliamentary elections as soon as possible. But right now we are also throwing the arguements about election for constituent assembly , I think it will hold the election for CA first. Without revoking the constitution you can’t do anything about RNA, so don’t get disappointed that they are not going to dwell upon the name of RNA.

    They need atleast one year to hold the election and until then, I am not betting any money on the drastic change of the situation.

  13. Dipendra was the young man found after the palace massacre with a bullethole behind his left ear. And he was righthanded… Glade knows that, I know that, everyone knows that. Dipendra´s uncle, Gyanendra, survived… he was not present in the palace that fateful night…

  14. Dipendra was the crown prince at that time. ( are you mocking me by any chance ? )

  15. I think kg has now acted wisely, although late. Now SPA can go to parliament and plan for CA. KG cannot call for CA. It will be the SPA who should form legitimate government, amend the Constitution and call for CA

  16. I am not satisfied with all this but the King surely did play a great card to save monarchy and his power. And I am waiting for political parties to responses. Here are some questions political parities need to answer before they accept it.
    1. Now how they deal with Maoist?
    2. What will happen to our (People’s) main demand of constitutional assembly.
    3.How they will bring military under their leadership?
    4. And finally how they will assure public that they will not be corrupted?

    They have to answer these questions otherwise we “the young people of Nepal” will lead a new protest against all of them.

  17. ps i´m really not a foreigner: i have lived on planet Earth, in the outskirts of the Milkyway, for 50 years now. peace

  18. ofcourse the fight is not over.far from it…
    these marches have proved the power of the people but now that the parliament is restored do you actually believe that REAL DEMOCRACY will prevail?..what im saying is that although we have successly over thrown the king(or have we?) politicians are not to be trusted long as this government still stands nepal will not be completely free from poverty and oppression..what we want is equality and we as people need to continue being assertive and pervasive until justice is served.

    peace, love and Solidarity:)

  19. By Dipendra he means who the actual killer was . Disguised one or the real one?

  20. We stupid Nepali people. because this dictator mumbles a few words,
    the demonstrations stop, we had won, and we gave it up.

  21. We’ve gone through a full circle in the past couple of months and we are still back to square one. The situaltion is still the same. If this is real, if the people do have the power its about time the all the parties come togather and work towards a making things better. But Will that happen, do we really think that it will happen? Wont there be a power struggle and will KG really stay out of the politics thats going on?

  22. Reader:
    It’s difficult to say what KG will do in the future. However, I like to believe that KG has seen the power of the people. He has seen that people want democracy and freedom. Hopefully this knowledge will deter him from future interference.
    Also the political parties must get their act togeather and create a peaceful Nepal with a viberant democracy so that KG can never think of interfering.
    As a people I think we should also learn to demand greater accountability from future leaders instead of being passive and apathetic.

    The real issue right now is the Maoist!!

  23. Next:
    1. Girija, Deuba, and Madabh Nepal must promise that they would not become PM again.

    2. Parliamanet must make ammendment to the constitution: Bring RNA under control of parliament, reduce budget of the palace, limit Shree panch to three only, and so on.

    3. Fire all chiefs of RNA, police, APF.

    4. Make a commission to investigate all irregularaties during king’s rule. No one should be spared this time.

    5. Go for constitutional assembly without any condition attached. Request UN to disarm Maoists.

    6. Provide Rs 1 million to each one of of 14 Sahids.

  24. Reader, ofcourse KG doesn’t want to stay out of the politics. Given a chance he will try to meddle anytime. But yes he’s seen a power of people and he can’t dare to do anything stupid real soon. He should be relieved to get out of the hook at this time. So timing is very important, the more time he gets, more oppurtunity he will have to compose himself. So we can just hope that our leaders won’t spend much time in a party-mood, form a government really soon, make the maoists to give up arm and go for the election… the sooner the better.

    About Maoists, we can just wait and see. If they diasgree with the current solution, then yes we are back to square one.

  25. see what happened when Hamas was given political legitimacy? and elected into power? they now realise it is much harder to govern within international laws… as opposed to criticising from opposition standpoint.

    similarly, bringing Maoists into the political arena would diffuse much of their sting. they clamour for political power? OK let them “have the stage”. let them show how they can perform rather than criticise & heckle from audience. they will (like Hamas) have to deal LEGITIMATELY with international diplomats etc. they cannot then resort any more to crazy violence & get away with it.

    the trouble-makers do not want legitimate power. they like chaos because they can do many things under cover of “fighting for rights”. so give Maoists the limelight. they will then feel the heat!

  26. All the nay sayers and cynics please .. I don’t want anymore cynicism to add to my already cynic mind.

    Indeed .. now for the Maoists ..

  27. Hey maybe someone can expalin to be the difference between the House of Representatives and the Constituent Assembly!
    If there is a difference that is…

  28. Constituent Assembly can work as a parliament, but parliament can’t work as CA. MPs can draft bills and change the constitution, but it needs to be signed by King himself to become a law 🙂 … and Raja G is never going to sign it. Constituent assembly can draft or adopt a new constitution and go for the refferendum for it with or without king and hence it is important.

  29. now since the parties will be forming a new constitution(although they say janta le banaucha)…some corrupted leaders like govinda raj joshi,girija prasad koirala ,chiranjibi wagle….the list will go on…i bet since these guys have AAKTHIYAR case behind them(lets say they are fu…d).who will garantee that they will not remove a constitutional anti corruptin body to save their ass????if that happens then this whole movement will be a failure….
    jai nepal…

  30. nepalidude, the new constitution will be made by the people who’re elected to do so. And after that you will have a right again to vote for it . Got it ?

  31. Bundai Pundit, ji
    CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY-Would be made up of representatives from: caste, unions, sections of civil society, oppressed minorities, women, language-groups, ect.

    PARLIAMENT- Is based on representation from political areas or regions (districts).

  32. Good point Michael, but I still think in Nepal it will be based on the regions with the political agendas.

  33. I was too small to realise anything during 2046 revolution. But I’d read that people used to chant similar slogans like ‘bire chor desh chhod’, ‘pamphadevi hai hai’,’aryaghat le kebhanchha, bire lai le bhancha’ etc. during the protests. But as soon as the democracy was restored, poof! the widespread hatred magically converted into a deep respect and reverence. Again , it appears to be the same. The same people will now start chanting ‘hamro raja hamro desh pran bhanda pyaro chha’.
    Now the parliament is gonna be restored. The same old faces will come into power. Amongst them, some will partake in the cabinet. And Girija will probably be the head of cabinet ie PM and say ‘Yo jeet raja ko pani ho’.
    people will hail him with rounds of applause. And then what? What will be the role of MAoists? They’ll call Maoists
    to lay down their arms in a deterring tone. They’ll forget the 12-point agreement. Well, yesterday a shameless brazen leader (i forgot who he was) said ‘hamra jangal paseka sathiharule 12 barsha ma garera dekhauna nasakeko kaam hamra jantale 19 dinma dekhaidiyau’. What an embarassing remark!
    So, there is a probability that the SPA will now side King and isolate the maoists because they are in power now.
    Yesterday, they did the same with maoists because they were out of power. Now, I suggest maoists to beware of any intriuing move that might possibly be made against them and whole Nepalese and continue their struggle until there is a guaranteee of the extermination of burgeous , reactionary, anti-revolutionary and feudal factors chiefly the Royal elements and establishment of a modern Republic Nepal.

  34. Well!

    The History of Nepal had the king and the future will also have the king.

    It depends on the Nepali public now to preserve the Nepalese monarchy.

    The time has come when the lion can be tamed within the premises of Narayanhiti and be the best figure head that the world has ever seen.

    After all one shall not forget the sovereignty of Nepal today lies on Shah Family.

    The King came down due to people’s insistence; let’s hope the politicians will do something good.

    I still know that the Bourgeoisie were only starting to get affected by the movement.

    By looking at the unemployment rate Lakhs of people were on streets in the name of mass political demonstration very easily. (Unemployment figure 48% CIA Fact book).

    Majority of Indians would like to see Nepal as a constitutional monarchy themselves as they haven’t had the luxury to experience an only Hindu state or kingdom themselves in few hundred years. The visit of the Indian envoy and Natwar Singh was important in itself towards the insistence of a Hindu Kingdom.

    What I seriously hope now is that after the power being received by the nominations of people goes to an educated politician who is also an economist who can manage the economy well which will make a tiny state of 27 million worthwhile existing as a sovereign entity.

    Not necessarily a dream but hard work it is!

    Jaya Nepal

  35. oh c’mmon UWB, rest aside your censorship at least for today! please!


    1. SPA must choose PM from a younger generation.
    2. Ammendment in the constitution a must. Bring RNA, POLICE & APF under government control.
    3. Bring all Chiefs of RNA, POLICE & APF to the court including Fr. Home Minister Kamal Thapa & Shrish sumshere for supressing the media.
    4. Form a commission to investigate irregularies during King’s rule and put behind bar those who are found guilty.
    5. Remove the “Terrorist” Tag, Disarm Maoists and bring them to main political stream.
    6. Free education to the children and yearly allowance to the Sahid’s family.
    7. Now the people’s government is back into the parliament, rename “Government of Nepal” instead of His Majesty’s Government.
    8. Through voting let the people choose the fate of the monarchy.





  38. I still beleive that the monarch was clever when he said that the parliament was dissolved as recommended by the elected Prime Minister. And i do not think he was wrong. And the leaders thereafter recommended the King to control over the precedings. These are the things of past. And i hope that king won’t repeat his mistakes, his ambition caused his downfall, listening to the mandales around brought him to this stage.

    But this step from the King has recognized the people’s power and i positively take his words when he said, “We extend our heartfelt condolences to all those who have lost their lives in the people’s movement and wish the injured speedy recovery”.

    Now Nepalese must have understood very clearly that it is India and India alone which creates problems in Nepal and shows its might again by finding solutions to our problems.

    India supported the maoists, india supported the political parties and also showed the monarchy in Nepal that without their support they cannot rule on their own.

    The King was punished just because he was distancing himself from India.
    No government in Nepal can run efficiently without agreeing to India. Be it water or politics all leads to India.

  39. Nepalko Chhora,
    about your first demand, whould we put some age limit to it ? like say between 18-35 ?

    2, 7 and 8 can’t be done because of the current constitution.

    5. depends a lot on our Mao comrades. what they want.

  40. Nepalko chhora,
    Keep up the pressure and don’t let the parties and the maoist divert from their agendas.

    Some questions though…
    All the culprits should be punished but, can the parties or maoist or people punish the head of the culprits???
    Will India allow UN or any other 3rd party mediation??? If India does not support it, will US back Nepal unconditionally in this matter??? Will Maoist lay their arms without UN or 3rd party mediation(besides India) or if RNA is not brought under the govt???

  41. So can we have a constituent assembly and a parlament at the same time?

  42. Pundit, no we can’t have both at the same time. And I have no idea how it is possible here in nepal either.

    CA is practised after the revolution in a lack of constitution, but we already have a constitution. So I think, the parliament is going to vote by majority to dissolve the constitution first which will dissolve the parliament itself. And that time the interim government will handle the situation.

  43. Vandeveer,

    The relationship between the monarchy and the people of this country is a lot more complex then you could ever grasp. Gyanendra who many of us dislike is just one person. The institution of monarchy is a completely different issue. After emotions are back to normal and either a CA elections is held or the the constitution amended, many Nepalis will opt for a ceremonial monarchy (a monarch with a ceremonial role and no political authority).

    Do you think when Americans like you who hate Bush so much could not even get rid of him in the second elections, that Nepalis no matter what their experience with different monarchs over the centuries could so easily get rid of a tradition that is so much a part of this country?

    I think you place too much of emphasis on the emotions of the last two weeks, which is in reality very unclear to us. Now it is being cleared that many, many people with their families (hence you also saw many children and infants) were forced by maoists to come to these rallies from villages 2-3 days walk away, and not return till they were called back. Unfortunately, these people were not the “media friendly” version. Neither would they be able to communicate with the likes of truly independentt media like the CNN or BBC nor would they want to due to fear of their coercers.
    We have also seen great influence on the politics of our nation from our Indian neighbour. There is no doubt at all that none of the parties (the King, the parties and the Maoists), can hope to function without help from one faction or another from the southern neigbour. It is futile at this point in time and the state of our economy to even attempt to fight this. Let us just say it is a foregone conclusion. I hear top maoist leaders have already gone into hiding in India under the protection of the communists parties there.
    At this point in time I’m afraid a republic will be nothing but a 20 day emotional for some and coerced for many outburst, brought about by really the pathetic state of our nation due to years of war and bad economics. the King’s direct rule just accelerated and channeled the anger to be focussed on one target, when in reality there are far too many.

    Maybe in a decade and a half or two when we hopefully are more economically independent, educated and prospering, we can bring this discussion up as valid. Until then adios amigo!

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