Leaders Vow to Preserve People’s Power

Kalanki Chowk, that witnessed massacre of 4 protesters on April 20, today marked another milestone by paying condolences to them and vowing to continue fighting for loktantra.

By Deepak Adhikari and Tilak Pathak

Victory Mass Meeting at kalanki 022.JPG
Kalanki Calling: Around two lakhs people gathered in Kalanki today Pic by Prakash Mathema

Every nook and corner of Kathmandu Valley is celebrating the victory of people power. It seems that people from all parts of Kathmandu are participating in today’s procession. Kantipur scribe Ujir Magar and I (Deepak) passed through the unending crowd. It looked jubilant, people were singing, dancing and merrymaking in the streets. They arrived in truck, buses, minibuses and motorcycles. Many ethnic Nepali musical instruments such as Sahanai, Narsinha and Damaha were used in the procession.

A huge mass coming from Koteshor, Lubhu and Bhaktapur gathered in Satdobato. UML leader Siddhilal Singh thanked media for making the movement a success. SPA leader Amik Sherchan said: “This movement is not for revival of parliament.” He said that the movement’s goal is a republican Nepal. “This is only the starting point,” he told a huge mass. He warned that unless the king holds power, there is no guarantee that king doesn’t stage conspiracy. He said there was a clandestine understanding with Maoists to be part of movement. He was of the opinion that this achievement was only partial.

He remarked that the upcoming meeting of Parliament would withdraw the charges of terrorist upon Maoists. According to him, the new government will announce cease-fire with the Maoist.
After Sherchan’s speech, the mass marched all the way to Kalanki where around 2 lakh people gathered to listen to UML leader Madhav Nepal and NC leader Ramchandra Paudel.

When we reached Kalanki, the program was going on. Mr. Mani Kafle, racantonteur and Janaandolan star, was entertaining the mass. While he was reciting poems, the mass was clapping. Residents were sprinkling water from the rooftops to cool the mass. Mr. Mani, with his gift of gab, immediately responded: “These are the drops of republic.” Other artists also sang. Martyr Deepak Biswakarma’s father displayed photo of his son and mass applauded to him. Himal Rai of Joint Left Front gave speech. At the same time, Madhav Nepal arrived. He climbed a makeshift stage in a balcony, milling and cooing in the crowd. Mr. Rai had to stop his speech when Nepal received avalanche of applause from the mass. Mass greeted in the same way to NC leader Ramchandra Paudel. This shows that people still respect and love the party leaders.

United People’s Front leader Bednidhi Adhikari said that this change is not for appointment of ministers and parliamentarians. He demanded to form a commission to search the disappeared protesters. Nepal Sadbhawana Party’s General Secretary Rajendra Mahato announced the official decision of SPA’s meeting today morning. He said that they had decided to conduct the poll of CA to fulfill people’s longing. People will choose what kind of governance they want. He warned people to remain vigil, for the king can betray at any time. He asked all to remember the sacrifice of martyrs. NC (D) leader NP Saud also gave speech.

NC leader Paudel said: “This is only the beginning of victory.” He assured people that full-fledged victory would be realized only after parliamentary sessions. He glorified Kalanki as a courageous place. “I salute the revolutionary spirit of Kalankians,” he remarked. He further added: “CA poll will decide on the fate of our country.” People overwhelmingly supported him while he promised not to repeat the mistakes of the past. He vowed to establish democratic system in coming days. MPs have agreed not to take the allowances of the four-year period when the parliament was dysfunctional. He said: “We will make only that kind of decisions that will get accolades from public.”

UML’s Nepal said: “Until and unless our goals are achieved, our struggle goes on.” He pledged the government to provide 10 lakh rupees for the martyrs family and 2 lakh rupees for the injured protesters. “Both of their children should get free education,” he demanded. He assured that the guilty people who suppressed the movement would not go unpunished. He said that the so-called municipal election as well as all the actions taken by royal government would be invalid.

Meanwhile, long closed Open Theatre (Khula Manch) was captured by the protesters today. At 3:30pm, protesters were gathered there, ready to hear young and civil leaders such as Gagan Thapa, Pradip Giri, Ramkumari Jhankri, Krishna Pahadi, Prof Ram Man Shrestha and journalist Binod Pahadi. SPA has announced another mass meet for Thursday afternoon at Open Theatre.





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  1. Gokarna Avatar

    Wishing all the best for peaceful an prosperous Nepal. Leaders should not make the same mistakes again. Corrupt politicians, beaurocrats starting from Malik Commission till to-date must be brought to justice and punished through fair trial. Era of punishlessness must end.

  2. Rabin Avatar

    Nepalese forget and forgive quite soon… looking back people seems to go back to their day to day activies immediately not caring much of other stuff going around. I hope this participation continues with peaceful way. People in every city, district should form a independent group which puts pressure in a constructive way on the day to day activities going on in their villages, cities, districts and the country… people should step up for the peaceful and prosperous Nepal… majority of the people should sacrifice time and resource for the betterment of the country

  3. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    The Maoists have rejected the lastest political developments!
    Perhaps this anadolan was a goood wake up call for Nepalis…

  4. Biseswar Avatar

    Dear All,

    On Friday parliament meeting is going to be held. A program has been scheduled on Friday from 12:00 PM for the demonstration at Ratna Park for remembering SAHIDS and reminding leaders of what we want is consituent assembly.


    TIME : 12:00 NOON


  5. mp Avatar

    as long as the leaders do what they say they would, we can be a bit optimistic…but, this time around they should get their acts together and get it quick…they just don’t have the luxury of just being parliamentarians like they had few years ago…people shouldn’t be made to wait much longer for what they have been demanding for so long – full democracy…and not just in installments!!!

  6. Democrat Avatar

    I totally support and salute the public decision of reconiging our young and new leaders of Gagan Thapa, Pradip Giri, Ramkumari Jhankri, Krishna Pahadi, Prof Ram Man Shrestha and journalist Binod Pahadi.

  7. Keshav P Koirala Avatar

    With the reinstatement of the dissolved HoR, it seems that the demands of the agitating Seven Party Alliance (SPA) have been met. And, as per their plan and general agreement they have decided to form the all-party goverment that would hold election of the Constituent Assembly(CA). Nevertheless, the Maoists have expressed the disagreement over reinstatement of the parliament and said that there should be no conditions for the elections of the CA.

    The Maoists also have accused the SPA for breaching the 12-Understanding between and betwixt them and said that the parties are betraying the people’s feeling.

    However, the question arises what can be the way out of the SPA and the Moaists being at the odds.

    Now, dealing with the Maoists and the insurgency has been the prime resposibility of the SPA. However, it is too be seen that how would they do with the people’s desire for the Republican Nepal.

    Though the parties have lifted their call of the indefinete shutdown of the nation, the Maoists have announced protest programmes which may be violent.

    By reinstating the dissolved parliament, the King, may be with the Indian establishment as “partner-in-crime”, has played his last cards to save his throne. Despite his reluctance to give up the power, the king had to address the nation twice in four days– first time, to say that he was handing over the executive power to the people (and/people’s representative) and the second time to reinstate the dissolved HoR.

    Yes, it seems that his autocracy is over now. However, is this the end of the king’s autocracy? Has the king really given up the longing for power? Won’t there be sort of over-ambition in future and moves to win the power by undemocratic means?

    Not only from the King’s and the Palace’s side, but also from the quarters of the mainstream political parties, I see some sort of danger for democracy. Danger of interparty and interparty conflicts. That for sure would harm the democracy. And the Maoists who have resorted to the violent means for the power for 10 years are the challenge for the democracy. However, in recent days, they have said that they would abide by the people’s verdict, provided the elections of the CA are held unconditionally.

    Meanwhile, while dealing with the Maoist issues, the would-be formed all party goverment should be responsible, honest and democratic. I mean to say they should recognise the Maoists as an influecing political force in Nepali politics, and they should not be driven by American and Indian interests. They should venture to say that no more meddling with the internal affairs regarding democracy, Maoist issues and the perspective to deal with the monarchy! The international well wishes and support for democracy are essential, though. For that they have to build up a strong diplomatic lobby.

    Regarding the Indian goverment’s fresh activities including that of Dr. Karan Singh’s as the Indian premier’s specal envoy to Nepal, the new goverment should be cautious.

    The parties, the Maoists and the king should understand that New Delhi has double standard vis-à-vis Nepal. Indian establishment is supporting the King, showing its appreciation for people and parties for their desire for democracy, and indirectly providing the Maoists the safe-haven despite taking them for terrorists, unofficially though.

    If New Delhi had no vested interests in Nepali politics, it would not send special envoy to safe the King’s throne at the time when the people’s movement had reached its climax.

    Although the credit for the “reinstatement of democacy” goes to the SPA, they should not forget that people were behind them. It’s the power of the people. should be responsible towards people and preserve the power. Now, the ball is in the SPA’s court. They should diplomatically and wisely negotiate with the Maoists for bringing them into mainstream politics. And all of them should venture to welcome the people’s verdict through the elections of the CA. Even the King should abide by the results.

    Finally, Up with the democracy
    Down with the autocracy.

    Down with extremism!
    Down with foreign interference!

    (From Varanasi)

  8. mr earth from third world Avatar
    mr earth from third world

    Now law and order must me maintained. Justice should be given to nepalese people.

    I saulte to all known and unknown matrays in the nepalese history who fought for freedom.

    Long live my country!

  9. Patriot Avatar

    This has been one of the most emotional moments for all Nepalese in many many years. I could hardly hold back tears as I kept flipping through news channels. There is still a large section of sceptic population who is not yet ready to celebrate. Political leaders must understand this and make quick moves to adress these doubts. Also, Maoists must be given a fair deal and a progressive roadmap charted.

    It is also time to be extra cautious since the power transfer phase can be extremely sensitive. Nobody is in mood for a rude shock now.

  10. bealzebob Avatar

    an even greater autocracy are the maoists with their one party communist ideology. they have started the blockade right after spa leaders got the power. i hate to say it but i have a feeling we’re back to square one, if the maoists are going to do this.

  11. National Highway Avatar

    Many congratulations to the people of Nepal. Had you been vigiliant you wouldn’t have faced this situation in the first place. Democracy is difficult to keep, and I am sure you will keep it well now that you have paid a price for it.

  12. BobbyC Avatar

    This is very good news from Nepal.
    There are still obstacles to a true Republic of Nepal. Mainly the King still controls the army and the Maoists have their own agenda and army.
    The solution is to merge the Royal Army and the Maoist Army and form a Nepalese Army controlled by the people/elected officials and invite the Maoists and the Royalists to join the political process.

  13. chor Avatar

    What understanding between Maoist and SPA? The understanding with Maoist is the there should be CA and KING MUST GO…You guys are being fooled by India. King gave you what he took away. Big deal..loosers you have no clue

  14. Bahula Thakuri Avatar
    Bahula Thakuri

    Today I heard the interview of Babauram in the BBC Nepali service. It seems that they want to capture the power by hook or crook or by any means. Their statement today shows that they do not agree with the King’s declaration yesterday. That means they are the enemy of the people not the friend of the people. They try to kill all the people before they establish their prolitariat of Pol Pol type in Nepal. I think in this situation, SPA government should ask for the help of the India to arrest them and tried them in international court.

  15. Foreigner in Nepal Avatar
    Foreigner in Nepal

    Bahula Thakuri
    You just make the big point.
    The whole behavior of the Maos is similar what Pol Pot did in Cambodja.
    First eliminate the king and following eliminate the political parties.
    Taking over all power and empty in 4 days Kathmandu on gun point and transport all people to remote areas.
    Remember that Pol Pot has killed over 3 milion people in 10 years.

    Nepalis, be aware of this scenario!!!

  16. raj Avatar

    Had not the king cornered the SPA to Maoists the scenario could have been quite different but it is over now. Similarly if the Maoists do not listen to SPA in future, they will gain nothing but loose bit by bit what they have gained till now. SPA is not spent force what some extremists like to paint them. They are the representatives of peace loving democratic mass and that mass is altimate decider in democracy. Maoists just need a proper way of safe landing and SPA should provide them that.

  17. Nepal Avatar

    This was never a people’s movement and hence this movement is not recognized. This was a mob movement. Governemnt and RNA could have crushed the rioteers but it was just that government didn’t want to kill it’s own people.

    Wake up, stand up. Wake up and smell the beans.

    HM’s is still the only person who is spotless. SPAM (seven partya alliance+maoists) is just an assembly of corrupt politicians and terrorits.

    Haha. You fags. Wait till the 3/4 of Nepal wakes up and starts a fight against SPAM.

  18. SPA Avatar

    we are just a bunch of old fag crooks. when we are down we run to india for protection. we love power and want it at any cost and we will hook up with terrorits to get it. we will spend money and hire goons, we will let down our country, we will compare the eqaute the country’s army with terrorists. That’s what we are. a bunch of old power hungry fags.

  19. Srijan Avatar

    Upon the death of Yasser Arafat, I remember an American commentator had given a great assessment on the deceased Palestinian leader. He had said, ‘Arafat never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity.’ His statement was in reference to the apparent unwillingness of Mr. Arafat to bring peace to the Middle East. The same statement can be said to be true about one Nepalese politician in particular, someone who goes by the name of Girija Prasad Koirala. Grand old Girija has missed numerous opportunities in the past, he’s missed opportunities to strengthen democracy, he’s missed opportunities to root out corruption, and most importantly time and again he’s missed opportunities to put an end to this nonsense that has been going on for over a decade now, the so called people’s war. Lucky old fella that bastard Koirala is, for he’s been given a chance to put to rest all the accusations that have been labeled against him. Okay Mr. Koirala, seldom can anyone get as lucky as this, for you’ve got the opportunity to redeem yourself of all the hideous crimes you may have committed. JUST GET US OUT OF THIS HELL HOLE and everything will be forgotten, won’t it guys?
    (And by the way now that grand ‘ol Lets-Crash-A-Plane Girija is the PM expect some…… , well you know what)

  20. Laxmi Avatar

    Srijan, you have to continue the Hi-story, or have you been missing since:
    After Yasser Arafat with his Fatah majority came the American supported Abbas who lost to the Hamas faction, now the trouble starts

  21. Layman Avatar

    I agree with Bahula Thakuri and Foreigner in Nepal. Maoibadis are going step by step to capture the power. That should be stopped by the political parties.Once, Girija said that he can convince the Maobadis. Let see how he can convince them.Because he is PM with all powerful mandate and whole parliament and the people are with him. He must be able to solve the problem of Maoists. I think they want to continue with the killings and abduction, people in the villages also should cooperate with security forces.

  22. surim Avatar

    As KG gave 3 years ultimatum to resolve the maoist problem and bringing peace in the country, i hope our politician also should have some time limit to solve the problem. Otherwise they will say its in process and trying hard to bring maoist into mainstream.
    We have good experience about their work ability.

  23. glade Avatar

    So what is next?

    Girija Prasad Koirala is Pradhanmantri. King is planning the new moves. Mao comrades are point-blank rejecting any kind of reconciliation, the picture is too vague. Being an ordinary civilian I am kinda petrified by the current equation and wonder what will happen tomorrow. I am not an expert and understanding the nepali political affairs isn’t very easy thing to do.

    It will always remain a mystery what made SPA to go along with the King’s offer. Either it was a pressure from the international communities or it was their original intention to betray their new buddies we will never know. But one thing is sure SPA thinks that it might persuade Maoists to agree on new terms. The nomination of Girija unanimously by otherwise power hungry political leaders shows that they have learned their lessons this time.

    Whether it’s Girija or Makune or Comrade Rohit, this is not the game for individuals this time. They need to keep their alliance and keep it up good. Kangresis shouldn’t start to behave like they are THE ruling party and UML shouldn’t start their old habit of protesting everything just for the sake of it.

    Still things are not very much clear about the role of interim government and the parliament itself. Everyone is talking about Constituent Assembly and the election for it. Leaders are telling us that it is the first priority, but nobody bothers to enlighten the public how it is going to be held. What will be the structure of it? What will happen to the parliament itself? Yes we are waiting for the answers, you better believe it. We have come a long way from 1990

    Maoists want unconditional election for constituent assembly. Very strange to hear from the guys who are running the show with the help of arms and ammunitions. They had a wonderful opportunity to be a part of a historical movement. It is kinda irony for them that at the current moment when people are wishing for republican state, they can’t accept Maoists either. If they want to be on the political mainstream, they M.U.S.T lay down their arms. They can’t demand elections prior to that.

    Last thing about GP Koirala, I loath this guy for whatever he had done in past, but right now I actually feel sorry for him. He has a big task in front of him and he should be given every opportunity to finish it, keeping in a mind that this government is not going to be there for a longer period of time.

  24. nirmal Avatar

    I fully agree with the comment on take out the HIndu Kingdom. It is so unfair to other religion. Nepal is famouse for the birth place of buddha. We not need Buddhist or hindu kingdom or anything attach with religion. it causes down grade the development of country.

    Abolish of Nepal as HINDU NATION hence this Discriminatory Caste System and Bahun(Chettri/Tahkuri) Bads and Natabad, Chakaribad and Hajur, Baksiyobads,

  25. Kirat Avatar

    glade, I know it’s back to 2002. But ain’t it better than what is was a month back? At least the king has learnt a good lesson. Now the ball is in the SPAs court. An opportunity to do good is once again available. Ofcourse what will be made of this opportunity remains to be seen.

    One more thing-people power is another factor that everyone must now think about. This can only have a positive impact.

  26. Srijan Avatar

    Yeah in a way, I guess you’re right. But had Yasser Arafat not been who he was, or what the Palestinians thought of him rather, his Fatah party would have lost ages ago. By the way, had Hamas fought an election against the Fatah earlier, I believe they would have defeated them then too, with or without Arafat. (This was the first election that Hamas contested, wasn’t it?) But what has this all got to do with the current scenario in Nepal? (Other than the apparent similarities between Arafat and Girija)

  27. prajantrabadi Avatar

    Unless the SPA takes quick actions to take Maoists into confidence,we are again entering into the same cycle of violence.
    Peace ya’ll

  28. Nepali Guy Avatar
    Nepali Guy

    Check this

    You got screwed by the king again. 14 people died and so many people got injured and economy got screwed so badly. The king is still going to be active in politics.

    Tell me what you gained with this royal proclamation? Did you not have this when Birendra was there?

    OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD..you guys got fooled..After all this I cannot believe Political Parties would still negotiate..

    THis is a joke brother and sister. Read the fine print.

  29. Layman Avatar

    Now we are back to square one in 1990. Only exception is people are demanding Constituent Assemnly.Now maoists are saying it is conspiracy to the SPA. I think Maoists are just saying that for their miltants to get going.BUT… for the general people, they have crssed one hurdle of restoration of democracy and another big hurdle is Maoist problem. So for the SPA government has double task:

    1. Reduce the power of the King to make him only ceremonial head. RNA’s role should be redefined.

    2. Negotiate with the Maoists to bring them to the negotiation and ultimately bring them to the political mainstream.

    Both the jobs are difficult. So how it can shoulder the twin responsibilty ? I think second one seem to be more difficult one.Maoists chose to be always belligerent force who do not agree with anything except the establishment of Pol Pot type government.

  30. Karsang Avatar

    Dear all,
    Thank you for bringing democracy back on track. We sill have to be alert about the king and currupt leaders. I salute Makune’s commitment to give 10 lakh to martyars family, compensate injured, free education their children and finally punish the oppresser of our movement. I want the same commitment from all the learders, most importantly from Girije. Constinuent Assembly is the bottom line so we can decide what kind of Nepal we want. The time has come for the Maoist to join the maintream politics and contribute to the new Nepal. Extremists have no future – we need estable democratic Nepal. This we all should be ready not to vote all the well know currupt political leaders, and make sure the paties dont provide tickets to them. Girije, you ruined Nepal once but make sure this time you make it so we will forgive you and yourself will down well in our history. Groom young leaders like Gagan Thapa not again your own clanes and currupt people.
    Jai Nepal.

  31. melissa Avatar

    Agree with #1. If the RNA’s causing problems now, being under Gyanendra, wait till Paras becoms king and they serve under him. I see mass rape fests along with drunk parties.

    Paras is like Saddam’s sons. He’s very scary and I think the country’s going to be even worse when he eventually becomes king.

    Which is why the role of the RNA should be immediately changed, OR the king should go into exile (that way paras can never be king).

  32. glade Avatar

    reducing the power of King or to do anything regarding RNA is not possible by following this constitution. That is why CA assembly is needed and that is why there should be the election for one . Until then just hope that king has learned his lessons and is not going to interefere anymore.

  33. samyek Avatar

    this is a hollow victory

  34. Kirat Avatar

    I don’t think any document will severe the ties between the RNA and the king. What needs to be done to achieve this is a thorough revamp of the RNA. It needs to be turned into a professional army with all ethnicities recruited at all levels(including commissioned officers) and not a preserve of the thakuris. As a matter of fact I would recommend retiring the present top brass.

  35. shadowrati Avatar

    i have said all along (and the much ridiculed american ambassador moriarty, who i very much believe is right, has said so too) that the seven party alliance was only acting in their short term interests by negotiating with the maoists and not thinking about the long term consequences of this, as the Maoists have said time and time again, WE WANT A PEOPLE”S REPUBLIC AND NO LESS.

    I am afraid the seven party alliance may have sown the seeds for its own destruction by getting in bed with the maoists. It is not too late, but the constitutino has to be changed quickly, the king made only a ceremonial figurehead and the maoists brought into the political process. if that is not done within the next 6 months or so, i seriously doubt the maoist insurgency will end anytime soon. If i were you, i would not be jumping up and down for joy just yet. Keep the pressure on the parties!! Don’t let them become complacent and go back to the thing they do best, which is bicker. they have proven themselves much better at demonstrating for democracy than they ever proved at running one.

  36. killmall Avatar

    What does future holds for suckers like K Thapa, Giri, Bista, S Rana? Is SPA going to take them to court or they are so kind enough to let them go?

  37. Theo Avatar

    I am happy with this step forward, but it is only a first step of a long Himalaya trekking, please realize that. Celebrating this, fine.
    But first Maoist reaction is there… back to reality again!
    Let us see first, what happens the comming weeks and months.
    Ohm Shanti.

  38. hari sharma Avatar

    This is a positive step given that king has accepted to allow people to determine the direction of the country but it would be meaningless if the parliament fails to go for CA and address the issues raised by maoists.

    My prediction is that the king will still remain for some time to come, though as a ceremonial king.These leaders can really be sucked up later on and I do not have a complete faith on them. People learn by mistakes but these leaders don’t.

  39. Layman Avatar

    King has understood and stoop to the will power of the people.

    But how one can convince the Maoists to stop violence. Let us what happens in the days ahead. We can not change the turn of events.

  40. shadowrati Avatar

    I see not much has changed. i would not let your guard down and get complacent just yet!

    Two journalists beaten, injured by police in Dillibazaar

    SOURCE: Federation of Nepalese Journalists (FNJ), Kathmandu

    (FNJ/IFEX) – Two Nepal One television journalists – senior reporter Tilak
    Koirala and reporter Janak Pandit – were injured when policemen beat them on
    the evening of 23 April in Dillibazaar, Kathmandu. They were stopped by the
    police on the streets as they were returning home and badly beaten, said

    According to Pandit the policemen did not allow them to go, even after they
    showed their identity cards. The security personnel beat them, saying that
    journalists always present negative stories about the police.

    Koirala is undergoing treatment at Kathmandu Model Hospital while Pandit has
    returned home after the necessary treatment.

    The FNJ has condemned the attack on these journalists. It has also demanded
    immediate action against those responsible for their injuries.

    For further information contact Mr. R. B. Khatry, Executive Director at FNJ,
    Media Village, Tilganga, Kathmandu, Nepal, tel: +977 1 449 0063, or +977 1
    449 3873, fax: +977 1 449 0085, e-mail: fnjnepal@mail.com.np

    The information contained in this alert is the sole responsibility of FNJ.
    In citing this material for broadcast or publication, please credit FNJ.

  41. Stefania Avatar


  42. response1 Avatar


  43. shadowrati Avatar

    Read this article, an interview with Kanak Mani Dixit in the BBC a couple of days ago. Only two days ago, he will still in jail, and his stark words are a reminder, do not let your guard down! one day your king is brutally cracking down on protestors, and the next the world sees images of you dancing in the streets as if it is all over and everything will be ok. How dare you allow this King and the security forces he commanded to do these things? They are acts that would get other leaders in a war crimes tribunal! And yet today, a day later, parliament is restored, the parties are back to giving their speeches,all is forgotten. Good luck. Let’s hope and pray the nepali people are not as short sighted as the political parties were when it came to bargaining with the maoists…that will be the downfall of the parties unless something is done quickly

    here’s the link to kanak mani interview:

  44. rabin Avatar

    People can stop the maoist violence… people power got back the freedom that was stolen by the king… people power can also bring back the peace the maoist is holding at the present moment… we need to keep up this unity then pressure the SPA to bring the Maoist to peaceful politics, if not then the people need to rise once again to get back the peace.

  45. Republic Nepal Avatar
    Republic Nepal

    We all know about Girija ! What he has done to Nepali People . He is one of the corrupt neta in Nepal . After getting power all he does in to bring his family members in the power and abuse power . it is true that nepali people forget quickly . they already forget about the Dhamija kanda , all the kanda girija has done . how much money suja ta and girija got from that deals
    we know that when he gets to power he can abuse it and use it for the sake sticking into the throne .
    he is cunning politician . he used his cunning intention with all other political parties including maobadi
    Spa used maobadi to get the chair . It is their intension to just to get into the power
    it is true from the pas experiance that girija really doesnt care about the democracy but care about the chair
    we need real republic nepal where people can be free and do things they like to do

  46. Republic Nepal Avatar
    Republic Nepal

    we want republic nepal
    and king and paras should be sent to excile it is the only true freedom we can get from the present situation
    we need freedom freedom

  47. Clear Digit Avatar
    Clear Digit

    Watch this video report and tell me if the Mandales like Bharat Keshar Simha still have “courage” to talk like this, then what the hell we have gotten so far!!!???

  48. ???? ? Avatar




  49. kali Avatar

    I don’t think that people will live in peace. I don’t think this is a victory! The leaders teh same who had sucked blood from people. I think people are in illusion about this victory. Democarcy for leaders is their ” power associated with chair and not well beeing of people”. This needs to be differentiated and I think no one is thinking about this or realized this.
    Soory Nepalese!! You people are still growing up and identify democracy as waht it means to leaderr or western masters! That is not a kind of democracy that people deserve!! Wake up and don’t fall into illusion or fantasy that you have won. You have not won but the corrupt leaders and their agenda have been met!!

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