General Strike Day XIV

Protest rally at Balaju near Gonggabu.JPG
Protest in Balaju

Photo by Chandra Shekhar Karki

Updates by Tilak Pathak and Deepak Adhikari

Thapa at NHRC

Home Minister Kamal Thapa reached National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) at around 12:30 pm. His arrival was greeted with surprise even by the employees of NHRC. He remarked that he was there to maintain the relations.

Karan’s Visit

Indian prime minister’s special envoy Dr. Karan Singh arrived at Kathmandu at 12. At the TIA, only foreign media were allowed. Singh said that he has brought the message of Indian government to His Majesty and political parties, not for the media. He met NC leader Girija Prasad Koirala at 4pm. He said: “I am here with positive attitude. I’m neither magician nor an astrologer. I am just a politician. I can’t say anything before meeting the king. But, we are pretty worried about the problems here.”

At 5 pm, he talked to Sher Bahadur Deuba. Deuba, quoting Singh, said the latter has a package program that will address the Maoist issue as well. In the evening, he was scheduled to meet UML general secretary Madhav Nepal who was released today.

Leaders released

Nepal said after his release: “Nepali people have come to streets to end the monarchy and establish total democracy (loktantra). Unless people’s sovereignty is established, the movement goes on. This release could be a ploy to weaken the movement.” He further remarked: “Only the election of Constituent Assembly (CA) would finalize the political outcome of the protest. All should respect the verdict of the people.”

NC leader Ramchandra Poudel, after he was set free, said: “The movement continues until people become sovereign.” He warned that only people can decide who stays in power and who doesn’t. This would be decided by CA.” Along with these two leaders, youth leaders of NC and UML were also released.

Protests Update

In Kalanki, around two thousand protesters attened a peaceful protest. Today Balaju set another example of peaceful protest. More than 5 thousand people gathered. They marched from Basundhara to Balaju chowk. In Gongabu, there was a protest going on as we left the venue. Peaceful protests took place in Chabahil, Kirtipur and many other areas around Ring Road.

What Next?

On Thursday, Seven Party Alliance (SPA) have announced a program of massive protests. People will gather in many parts of Ring Road. They will defy the prohibatory orders of the authority. As we prepare this blog, slogans are heard from our office. Shutters are closed in fear and the milieu around Kantipur Complex is a bit tense.

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60 thoughts on “General Strike Day XIV

  1. I am sure the Indian Envoys are here to give a king an ultimatum: Do you like to go the way of Sikkim (eventually) or Bhutan. Either you become apart of us or be a vassal state like Bhutan where everything is dictated bby the Dhoties! Do you know that the Indians are suporting all the players her ein town – the KG, the MBs, and the SPAs?

  2. Bhai bhai futyo, gaun lutyo! The Indians are here now to determine the future of Nepal as sadly many disillusioned youths go out into the streets and spill their precious blood.

  3. I think a lot of Nepalis need to see a pyschiatrist regarding their ‘ irrational fear of the Indians’ syndrome.

  4. Pahile aucha bible, pachi aucha bullet.
    Pahile aucha Karan, Rajalai dinakhojcha sharan!

  5. Bhudai Pundit,

    If one man defy India so much why can’t we defy Indian’s objection to a UN presence in Nepal? The UN has already offered to mediate we just need to say yes, what can India do after that? Impose sanctions, invade Nepal? No they’ll just fume and try to be difficult that’s all. Remeber they have pretensions of being a country of world power status so they can’t just do what they want to Nepal. Besides I think the India objecting to UN mediation and later presence is also a good excuse that the King and some leaders have been using as once that happens they will definitely be sidelined.

  6. I wonder why you guys think UN is an independent organization ? What guarantees are there that they will mediate fairly?

    Before any mediation, Maoists leaders must be tried for murdering IGP Krishna Mohan Shrestha and his wife. And Girija and his daughter must also face justice.

  7. Apildev,
    I agree with you. what you did and what u are saying is correct. i mean u burn tires u pelt stones at the houses, they are all the assets of our own. u break them the country will impose heavy taxes and get it rebuilt! so people dont be a fool, we are here for Democracy not to spill out angry among each other! peaceful rally is much better!

  8. There are serious reports coming out recently that some faction of Maoist organisations or some misinformed youths are harassing Indians in Nepal. This is nothing but bad news for majority of Nepali population. It must be remembered that 6 million Nepalis work in India without evident discrimination. Billions of Rupees come to Nepal by legal or illegal channels that help millions of families from starving. High time Maoists leaders should examine the situation and guide their factions for the benefit of majority population.

  9. They care only about coming to power. They do not care about Nepal. Same for the SPA. Koirala will sell us out to the Indians in a heartbeat if India will let him run things here.

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