The Politics of Darshan Bhet and King’s Maneuver

As the agitation intensifies, the beleaguered king has only few options left

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King Gyanendra seems unfazed by the ongoing agitation that has successfully entered its 13th day. Although, by meeting two former primeministers, he tried to show that he is willing to participate in dialogue, these meetings only indicate that he is hell bent on committing confrontations and violence. His meeting with the irrelevant and redundant leaders like Krishna Prasad Bhattarai is an ample proof of this. Bhattarai is neither active in the movement nor is he up to date on the recent happentances. He is also incapable to analyze the situation and the ground reality of the country. Therefore, he is reiterating the old agenda: revival of constitution. Not only that, he also absurdly claimed himself a royalist. King wants to diffuse the movement through such meetings. He wants to pretend that he’s consulting the leaders. But, what he needs to understand is no matter how many leaders he consults; the ripples of movement will not slow down. Nepali people have marched forward ahead than the leaders can imagine. Their agenda is not the cosmetic change in regime, but sovereignty of people and inclusiveness.

King should now address the agendas, not the leader. But then, even the ex-panchas like Surya Bahadur Thapa is saying that now agenda is greater than person. People desperately need a long-lasting peace. For that, they have proceeded the issue of Constituent Assembly (CA). Except the king, all the political stake holders i.e. political parties and the Maoists have agreed to accept the outcome of Constituent Assembly unconditionally. If king addresses the issue of CA in time, he may have a place for the ceremonial king or safe exit. Even exit will be a respectable one. Otherwise, oft-quoted French Revolution might materialize in Nepali context. Therefore, king’s stubbornness will result in his own fall. But, the king might have felt that people would be exhausted if movement is deferred for some time.

King’s mentality is that of a person who never looks back. His recent meets with the ambassadors has hinted this. Sources say that he repeated the same thing with the envoys. In that meeting, he said that he adheres to dialogue and for that he has appealed in his Democracy Day and New Year messages. Indian envoy warned that if the king remains stubborn, India might not be of any help. Envoys seem fed up of king’s stubbornness. Which is why they are keeping mum after meeting the monarch. The powerful envoys’ reticence signals that king is reluctant to relinquish his power. This point was voiced in KP Bhattarai’s reaction to scribes’ queries yesterday.

People are not ready to give up easily. Because this movement is triggered by the public themselves. People ranging from professionals to common folks are marching in the streets. This time, they are for all-out change, which is why, in the 13th day of strike, its gaining momentum. Nepali society is basically tolerant. They don’t want to be involved time and again in such movements. So, this spring they are fighting for a finale.

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37 thoughts on “The Politics of Darshan Bhet and King’s Maneuver

  1. “asked if the monarch will be ready to abandon power since assuming it after the Feb.1, 2005 royal takeover, Bhattarai said, “How can those who have power abandon it easily?”

    Try to take a bone a dog has in his mouth, he cannot let loose

  2. People should not get too cocky. If the King wishes to be a real dictator he still has the last option – emergency and marshall law – that is a pretty god damned big bone.

  3. why are SPA are other so much concerned about King? if they are doing andolan to remove The King? First be concerned about your own andolan what are your agenda? Now do not again start “purna loktanta, blah, blah.. give some concrete agenda. Maoist have already published their “niyam and kakun” (Law) Are we fighting to bring maoist to the top seat or for the democracy?

    I fill pity towards those leaders who say why to talk with king when people are being sahid and they are getting lathi?? If that is so what are you doing by having working relation with maoist who have killed thousands of your supporter and activist?

    Have you ever thought what will happen if the some member of RNA and security force sneak away with modern weapon to form New Rebels in support of Kingship? At starting in way back 1996 there were only handful of maoist and now there are more than 1o thousand hard-core maoist?

    Welcome to the Nepal with deadleast civil war in the offering.

  4. “Have you ever thought what will happen if the some member of RNA and security force sneak away with modern weapon to form New Rebels in support of Kingship?” Why, One would think that the whole mercenary force of royal palace has been doing just that. And we foot their bill. Bad luck, fellow Nepalese. We pay for the bullets meant to injure and kill us.

  5. sl is damn right….well everyone knows how state of emergency can prove to be a great problem for general people…we have seen it already in the past…but marshall law is something that will surely make things worse for king and esp. for people and parties….i dont think king is in that mood…but if king runs out of options he will surely do that…there is no doubt…and he will give the same reason i.e. terrorism…but king gyanendra is not a dictator…he has centralized the power and misused the constitution….but our country has come at such a point in history that it has to choose between monarchy and republican state….and i think people are supporting the latter….talking about the darshan bhets…well they are simply useless….giving darshan bhets to the ones who do not have anything to do with the ongoing agitations…well if he wants to give darshan bhet then why not to the members of the SPA….that would at least may lead to some compromise..otherwise there is only thing to say….MAY GOD HELP THE KING…

  6. “Have you ever thought what will happen if the some member of RNA and security force sneak away with modern weapon to form New Rebels in support of Kingship? ”
    I am not such a big analyst, but I donot think that royalists will rebel. ‘rebellion’ is not a small thing. these royalists are ‘shaktiko pujari’ . today they are barking only because they are under security and inside cozy palaces, (i have not heard any high royal official killed by this civil war.)
    but once they get down the power , i doubt they will stake their life for rebel. they are all business minded selfish leech.
    did ranas rebel after 2007? they will try their best but will not have enough courage and energy to start a rebel.

  7. ya they wont rebel….but they wont easily get down the power either….they wont just leave it….the royalists and the king will try their every option to make sure that their power is intact….and the last option they have is marshall law…it is simple…everyone knows this i guess….in the upcoming speech either the king will appoint a PM, or impose state of emergency or marshall law…thats all nothing more….he wont definitely give power to people….king gyanendra is another incarnation of king mahendra…if anyone know one incident about king gyanendra or not….

  8. What our country needs is a major coronary surgery not a jharphukh(bandaid solution). If our so called leaders settle for something less than LOKTANTRA the masses that have risen now will rise again to eliminate them. We will give them seconnd chance but not a THIRD one.

  9. What our country needs is a major coronary surgery not a jharphukh(bandaid solution)of a political kind. If our so called leaders settle for something less than LOKTANTRA the masses that have risen now will rise again to eliminate them. We will give them seconnd chance but not a THIRD one.
    The tsunami of citizen’s movement will sweep you away YRH if you don’t take evasive action now!!!

  10. Laxmi’s sense of humour is great! Must be made Minister of Finance (post democracy)-with a name like Laxmi I’m sure it’ll be good for the country. Even if the country goes broke I’m sure well do it laughing our heads off.

  11. We should make Kirat the Minister of Information since he/she seems to be Know it all.

  12. Why thank you sl, so nice of you especially after I called you butthead yesterday.

  13. Sorry I made a typo,
    Did I say Minister of Information? I mean Minister of Disinformation.

  14. Yes why to concern about the King ?? Why the meeting and dershan bhet is always held at Narahity Palace? Every time the dershan bhet was done at Narahity people have lost some power to King. When the force outside palace (police force) is so hard and dominating then imagine the force of RNA and KG inside the deadly den.
    For 13 days people are protesting for complete democracy which was handover at that den by our “beloved leaders”.
    It’s the time to pull down the KG and RNA at people’s court for dialogue definitely not at Narahity.
    And hello leader! Don’t you have any other place for dialogue?

  15. syng,

    It is not of the greatest concern to me where they meet, but since it is to you, how about the parliament?

  16. What the Darshan Bhet are for? What SB Thapa advised to the King when he is always for feudal system and what will do LB Chand or Pashupati S Rana? What KP Bhattarai can think of people’s right if he believes in ‘Naranam Bhupatim Aham'(I am King among the people) a line of Gita which he always recites? There are only two possible scenarioes comming to us – either a cruel dictatorship under the king or the army or a people’s democracy by people’s representatives.
    Like it or dislike, these are the altimate options. Choose your option and be prepared for consequences. Those who pretend to be in the middle,they are like the monkeys of Aesop’s fable who cheated cake from both of the cats.

  17. raj,

    Unforutnately, the one’s who may end of facing the consequesnce are people like us who take sides. The middle poeple are unfortuantely the majority.

  18. The Politics of Darshan Bhet and King’s Maneuver?
    You can not make us fools always with same trick. We are waiting for V Day. Darshan Bhet sounds to me: PANCHAI HO MALAI BACHAI DEU.

  19. “…what [KG] needs to understand is no matter how many leaders he consults; the ripples of movement will not slow down. Nepali people have marched forward ahead than the leaders can imagine. Their agenda is not the cosmetic change in regime, but sovereignty of people and inclusiveness.”

    YES! You can do it, Nepal! Do not accept KG’s superficial attempts to appear compliant with your demands, do not accept anything less than his complete deference to the people’s wishes– as it should be!

    The rest of the world is beginning to hear what is happening, major newspapers all around the world carrying coverage on the strikes, people across the world are recognizing the injustices of the Nepali people– do not allow your collective voice to be muffled by the regime of this dictator! Keep shouting and people will hear!

  20. Iron cuts Iron

    The Shah Dynasty had came to power with complete unfair manner and it can be removed only by unfair manner.

    1. During LigligKot Marathon, Drabya Shah had won the race in unfair manner. He started running from the middle of the race.
    2. Prithvi Narayan Shah has captured Kathmandu without declaring war during Indra Jatra. He played same kind of tricks to capture other small kingdoms that time.
    3. Prithvi Narayan Shah had attacked his so called best friend (“Mitjyu”) King of Bhaktapur.
    4. Tribhuvan ran away to India in 2007 and proposed Jawahar Lal Nehru to make Nepal one of the Indian states. When he was able to came back to Nepal, refused to give power to people.
    5. Mahendra demolished democracy in 2017 in unfair manner
    6. Gyane crushing democracy now in unfair manner.

    I salute to Shree 3 Jung Bahadur Rana who is the only clever person in our history who could clinch power from Shahs for 104 years. He did it also in unfair way i.e. by means of Kot Parba.

    Conclusion – ???? ?????? ????? ??. Iron Cuts Iron. So, Shah dynasty could be thrown away only by unfair tricks.

    Trust Me – King, along with his Rana Bhardars, still think that Nepal is their Private property and the citizens are their slaves. Because he still says that the ruling power is inherited from his ancestor – i.e. legacy.

  21. King’s meeting with the irrelevant and redundant leaders like Krishna Prasad Bhattarai is an ample proof of Bhattarai neither is he active in the movement nor is he up to date on the recent happentances.Merely Girija will be the best who had been proved among the Nepalese society that he was the same evil as Battarai. So what is different??

  22. Most probably King will be thrown after unconditional Constutent assambly but will be kept respected by people if he can win peoples vote. But I think people should think about the wealth of Royal family which should be nationalized, And a small amount should be given with residence and monthly salary about Rs.20000 to Rs.30000 and should be increased by 5% per year.

  23. hello guys,
    it’s been long i hadnt visited the site. It feels good to read all of your posts, some are serious,some are funny and some are both! diversity and differences are needed in this world.
    I met a scholar of indian descent who is at Harvarvard,an analyst of south asian political matters.According to him India and China have an internal plan to make nepal a buffer zone along with Tibet.Autonomy would be given to Nepal under security umbrella concept. China wont object to India’s taking over the security matters of nepal,and vice versa that chinese keep on ruling in Tibet without India objecting it.The bigger picture here: Both nations have expanding economies and more indi china trade and finance means an avenue to the self sustaining economic might both powers need to engage against the Western hegemony.Indian and Chinese businesses are at the play here,that’s why Indian nor chinese government are doing anything concrete.Remember when rajiv gandhi was prime minister?India would care about Human rights situation in Nepal? They dont give a damn about nepal,they just pretend to be acting that seems good only,but their real intentions are more trade with china via the buffer zones that would be created.Their past tensions now ebbed out and both care more about this time is money.nepal lurking in the verge of becoming a failed state and fear of Tibetan uprising anytimein future,both have given this theory of new Himalayan Order makes sense to me albeit it may not be implented in near future. wat do u all say guys? (ooooopppps and gals too)

  24. Kaushal:
    There are too many holes with that explaination. Explain to me why it benefits China to have Nepal under India’s security umbrella? It would give the India greater access to Chinese territory. Plus the Dalai Lama as well as thousands of Tibetans are in exile in India … so why would China be pleased to see India take over Nepal’s security. The way I see it China would object to such an agreement.

    For India to want to Bhutanize Nepal would be too unpredictable. Imagine the outrage and what the Indians would have to deal with… it could mean a very difficult and prolonged engagement for India in an unfamiliar and terrain. For a country with a 10% economic growth rate, other burning issues is it really uncessary to have Nepal under its security unbrella? Indians already has so much control over Nepal – I see no strategic benefit by actually having us under there security umbrella.

  25. I agree with Pundit and do not agree with Indian harvard expert. International relations have tremendously changed now. That may be the policy of cold war period.But the world has changed and they look everything on the basis of new emerging situation. Why Nepalese could not progress ? Because they always are suspicious of India. But if you are economically strong and democratically advanced, no country can touch us.

    But we have to agree that India is still under the influence of British hegemonistic hang-over. They wanr to control small neighbouring countries thriugh the British policy of devide and rule which British were applying on pre- independent India.I an convinced that they will not try to put Nepal under their umbrella because of their Sri lanka experience. If so, India may disintegrate into 30 independent republics like Soviet Union.

  26. Don’t worry people, all our troubles will soon be over. There are roumors that the Maoists are attacking Kathmandu on Friday. Then we will see REAL DEMOCRACY !!

  27. I support Bhudai Pundit and Layman in this issue,
    India invasion is basically a propaganda issue of royalists. i have already mentioned “aakaashko chil dekhayera challa chorne shyal ko dau”.
    In this new world politics, rajya khane daau is too dangerous, harmful and impossible. Big nations have already known the fact.
    When we have kicked out monarchy, we people will be in charge. with new charge comes new challanges and lets have enough courage to face it.
    ra haami nepali janata kina yati hin bhawanale grashit chau ki raaja bina hamro chuttai rajya kalpana garna sakdainau , afnai astitwa ko hifajat garna sakdainau…there are so many small and poor nations who have maintained their freedom with no monarchy.
    jaha samma influence ko kura cha, jaba samma jana uttardayi, spasta, strong ,far-sighted satta hudaina, we have to suffer this problem. monarchy being the weakest, jana birodhi, shaktipujari system will be more vulnerable and succeptible to such influence.
    panchayat, gyaneko present shashan, bhutan, etc are burning examples.
    so i request all nepalese people=
    “haami aafaima biswaas garau, janta ko bal ma biswaas garau, jana birodhi rajalai hatayera nepal ko chuttai utkrista pahichan ra parichaya banau.”

  28. its good thats these blog sites are there, some people can pour their fustration on these sites instead actually going on the roads to support! you people help! there are thousands on the road make it lakhs and lakhs! and about Surya bahadur going to meet the KG, i hope he hasnt made promises to him that are no accepted to us(the citizens). We need a change and who is going to bring it to us!

  29. Friends !

    This press meet by the indian prime minister and MK narayan does input some suspicions to the theory I had posted yesterday about the greater buffer zone between India and China.

    here is the link:

    The scholar I have mentioned about is a very knowledgeable person about the future Indian and Chinese strategies in the new millennium.I dont want to disclose his name here as it is a breach of friendly trust between us,we are good friends.He also doesnt feel this would be the right thing for the superpowers to engage into in future,but certainly it’s an options amid several others to consider for them.Indian ruling class will never rid itself of the slave driving and hegemonistic interests they have had.Indian diplomacy is largely run by beaurocrats not by politicians.And only reason china seemed like a reliable friend to the past nepali government and sadly most people still think is a total lie.Indians knew this truth about china’s own selfish intentions log time ago,and they tested it in the past whether it was a real friend of nepal.Remember when mane bhanjyang was burnt in 2044 bs by Indian police? China didnt say a word at that incident about it,it’s only one example.China didnt even defend its arms sales during marichman’s rule when India was heavily criticzing it?China doesnt care about whether nepal is run by king/parties or India,all it matters to it that there be no uprising inside Tibet.That would ensure the prospects of increased trade between the two giants which would be in par with the present day European Union’s worth in 10 years.This grand theory of New Himalayan Order is scarier than Paul Wolfowitz’s new world order..Irag is the victim of this theory.

    Just my two cents! based on the conversation I had with my good Indian friend.

  30. By the way,
    Americans seem to understand this and that’s the only reason why American Ambassador kept on asking the reconciliation between parties and king.They have seen it possible for this theory to be implemented not to materialize only if there is King in Nepal, which they seem to see as the last hope of nepal becoming a failed state.Always remember this:America will never like Nepal to go republic,because should there be such state in Nepal the elections will be won by communists only,it’s a done deal which america doesnt want.

  31. what a mess. maybe the royal family will have another “accidental” gun go off?

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