April 11 Photos

People-police clashed at Gongabu where armed police force fired more than 100 rounds of real bullets injuring more than 130

Photos by Shruti Shrestha & Santosh Acharya

The usual beginning.

The usual scene.

The rare but not unusual scene.

Probably the innocents.


At Panga.

At Kalanki.






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  1. Newar Avatar

    Look at the problems created due to “MANDALE buddhi” (MANDALE MIND) of KAMAL THAPA and TULSI GIRI.

  2. Kathmandu Newar Avatar
    Kathmandu Newar

    Recent news on Nepal in International Media

    Voice of America


  3. glade Avatar

    I wonder whose orders the policemen are following. I wonder what are the orders. I understand their frustration and once the uniform is out, they are another ordinary Nepali citizen. But talking about ‘mathiko aadesh’, is Kamal Thapa so stupid to issue an order to beat the crap out of demonstrators in front of hundreds of cameras ? Or the police have got the mind of their own ? The police brutality is pictured widely around the globe, more they continue this behaviour, the more support SPA will be getting from the international community. So actually police are helping in a very unorthodox way. Will KG and his cronics will ever realise this ?

  4. ram lal singh Avatar
    ram lal singh

    its no one’s order other than KG’s himself. you can call him a mad dog. thats what he is.

  5. manan Avatar

    Kamal Thapa’s so stupid. If the Maoists had infiltrated the rally, do you think they’d be getting the crap beaten out of?

    They’d likely be armed and have left 60 or 70 policemen dead by now. Or forced the cops to come with them and tortured them somewhere.

    This is a peaceful protest, and the police ham handedness is only going to increase people’s sympathy for the Maoists.

  6. Kalupande Avatar

    Bravo! go on stupid mobsters! go to the streets carrying the flags of makune, girija and chanting their slogans! seeems you lazy stupids( creativityless fools) have nothing to do than loose time in stone throwing and shouting dirty words. Beware! you will get only lathi and dhunga for your sacrifice and selfish leaders including maoists will get power at your cost. Don’t believe? look at the history or ask your elders.

  7. Kalupande Avatar

    I am not supporting the king but believe me he is still the best among the worsts. Listen the speech of foolish hawaldar girija, see the criminal acts of maoist butchers. You will realize. But no doubt, king must do something concrete and positive and should not listen to the selfish Bhardariyas or opportunists like Ramesh Nath Pandey or Tulsi Giris.

    If terrorists compel king to exile, I swear, he will be the most admired hero expected to rescue the country back(within 5 years like Narottam Sihanouk of Cambodia)!!

    After the King, the Makune and the Girija will follow him at some foreign country to unite against future Khmer Rouge(Maoists) of Nepal.

    This is my futurecast!! though not rosy, it is true! Please write it in your diary for future reference!

  8. unknown Avatar

    It’s difficult to see nepalese being beated up by the policemen.The same policemen that we pay our tax to protect us are beating us….yet i don’t blame them, atleast they are doing their job, if only all nepalis have job they couldn’t have time for all these….
    I wouldn’t yet call KG made…what choice do we have????..we have seen your 12 years of democracy, what had Girija babu done?? all that i can remember is Laudha Kanda…lets say we throw your king and if Girija becomes President that what will happen, i don’t see future in his hand, too old time for him to take a nap……..
    If my counting is right we had about 13 prime minister in 12 years of democracy……wooo, that really funny…sometimes its a laughting stuff. Lets say that Prachandra become the president, He has been able to develop rolpa..forget about whole of Homeland….then come the rest of the political leaders…I think they all suck, Talk about Deuba, what has he done??? have the democracy to the king.. let’s say it this ways sold democracy to the king.
    Lets talk a little about the press AKA ” 4th IMPORTANT ORGAN” it’s good that they are doing there work and decribing the context of whole nepal, but what has be exectly achieve ???? They were suppose to keep much more pressure to then people’s minister to develop the nation in my view they failed too….
    And finally, come the PEOPLE..the one that suffers in the hand of all, where it be KG, Maoist or then demoractic gov…to sad story to describe upon…very sad personally feel like to cry…..
    For me the political parties should be resposible for all these,they were the once who failed the people, they are the once who should be throw out including maoist, not police nor army…. there is a say ” ARMY’S DON’T START WAR, POLITICS DOES. ARMY JUST SERVE THE NATION”.


  9. Mero Desh Avatar
    Mero Desh

    Mehenat Gara, Khau kina desh lai kamjor ra putali banauchhu , kina gulam banauna tir lagiraheka chhau,

  10. guest_001 Avatar

    Just a horrible sight.

    the sooner the better, i hope everything settles down faster and things start to make sense for ppl up there in positions because that damned position is not here to stay.

    I sincerely hope that protestors begin to realise sth like protesting/ demonstrating/ vandalising(if feasible) in front of kamal thapa’s house. Btw, where does he live, what kind of protest is going around his area? Does anybody know?

    Following the same question, how are ppl deciding places for demonstrations, just random gathering or is it actually all planned?

    I just came from class and i wanted to check updates, everytime i see blood all over Nepal. Sad but true and hopefully it is right for the country. I pray for all those in demonstration fighting for their RIGHT.


  11. goodnemesis Avatar

    Yesterday after the curfew was lifted, a group of about five or six men started chanting slogans against the king on the street. So far good. Looking down from the comfort of my room, I admired their commitment to the country; onlookers were slowly building up and then the piercing sound of whistles started in order to shoo away the taxis, and then I had this bad feeling. Few taxis that braved their way through the protestors had to suffer kicks from them, but soon one protestor started pelting stones at the taxis and the rest joined in, and one misfortuned taxi had its window shattered to pieces when a protestor hurled a stone at virtually point blank. Then I wished the police would come and put to jail these hooligans.

    I have seen many images captured of the police brutality and I am not denying it; I have heard the government’s accusement of Maoist infiltration in the protest and I don’t believe it; but after what I have seen I think this protest should not continue for long, it’s just giving few people to vent their personal anger and I believe this is what hooligans are.

  12. manan Avatar

    There will always be a few hooligans in such situations. Fellows in it for the thrill.

    The thing is that there’s much anger in the street. It’ll calm down.

  13. xevex Avatar

    nepalis still in the womb.
    it is suffering the labour pain.
    lets hope it borns soon and grows faster.

    jai nepal

  14. Ashokanism Avatar

    the King is been more and more autocratic – this mornarchy should be uprooted. As long as there is monarchy – democracy could never develop. This does not meant that I am in 7 parties side. They too have ruined this country. We have general conceptation that democracy means parties but I democracy is something more than just this f***ing parties. so now its time for all of us to wake up and for our rights. The picture is only a part of a step towards a PURE AND ABSOLUTE DEMOCRACY. There are still more to do. SUPPORT PRO – DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENT FROM YOU OWN SIDE. Do something no matter how much, just support this movement otherwise we will be always supressed. Supressed by the autocratic monarchy. Its right time to struggle for our rights.

    FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS – no matter what how much corruption the party leaders have done, they are nominated by us, they can be punished later on but the corruption done by monarchy is not acceptable. Prince enjoyed visit to Europe by the money collected from us as a tax. The royal son in law started a business which will surely effect other publics business. Dr Giri who is not even Nepali is enjoying the benefits and salaries for bad advices to king from the money we have paid tax.
    Now it really a time to FIGHT FOR RIGHTS

    lets take part in this movement for good future of Nepal


  15. replytoall Avatar

    it is very very sad to see our country in this position.
    it is surprising to see what the hunger for power can do when it is backed by this many number of foolish brains.
    destruction and paving the way for civil war.

    i dont blame the cop for beating a kid or whoever invloved in that vandalism.
    few people lost their life which is very very very sad when you consider they lost their life for a stupidity and for somebody from some party.

    peaceful protest is a right and everybdy is and should be allowed to protest but violent stupid protest as this should be dealt with iron fist.
    not a single protestor is there as an individual…they are all puppets of some political parties…. i would had supported if it was leyman who was protesting but i can not support when they are the cadres of political parties who have continously betrayed the country.

  16. nepali Avatar

    just remember


  17. Tori Laure (*-0) Avatar
    Tori Laure (*-0)

    chi! chi !chi! hamro Tax khayera hami lai Goli hanne …….. Mao badi sanga Ladai garna na sakera Bandook bujhayera Bhagaera aaune tai Aramed Police ani Nepal Army nihatta janata ma goli hanna taayar chha kasto desh !!!! wha !!! wha !!!

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