Maoist Expects ‘April Revolution’ in Nepal

Ten years after running the violent war against the state to topple monarchy for the communist dictatorship, top leader of the Maoist Party stresses the importance of unified non-violent movement to bring down autocracy in Nepal

So Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, revolutionary by some and terrorist for others, tries to convince us that the Nepal will see an “April Revolution” and that the peaceful movement against autocracy will successfully restore democracy in the country this time around. Writing an op-ed piece in today’s edition of Kantipur daily, Dr Bhattarai says, “It is felt everywhere that the pro-democracy movement has reached to the decisive turning point after the second understanding between the Maoists and pro-parliament forces and announcements of programs of strike and non-cooperation programs beginning from April 6.” He ends his optimistic and ‘the glass is half-full’ type of article with this warning sentence: “But there is only one condition that the party leadership should lead [the movement] firmly.”

It is indeed a refreshing experience to read an article arguing for peaceful movement from the man who is waging an armed struggle against the state for the last ten years. Dr. Bhattarai, second only to Comrade Prachanda, again the revolutionary for some and terrorist for others, in the Maoist Party, heavily defends the second edition of the 12-point understanding with political forces (and points out that the same is has “disappointed a large section of the pro-democracy movement by not being able to find the common slogan and solid agenda for the movement against autocracy”) saying that there is no need to fear the possible state-measures against the movement. It’s been proved, Dr. Bhattarai writes, from the experience of the 1990 movement that we can’t shake the 250-year-old roots of the autocracy without the unity among communists, non-communists, pro-parliament forces and non-parliament democratic forces. “It is absolutely necessary that these two forces be united to establish the democracy by ending the autocracy that both of the movements couldn’t achieve,” he writes.

Citing the examples of how the autocratic king was forced to declare the 1980 referendum after the movement spread and intensified from a small protest against the hanging of Bhutto in Pakistan and 1917 ‘February Revolution’ in Russia, Dr. Bhattarai concludes, “That is why the April 6-9 struggle bears the capacity and prospects of giving birth of an ‘April Revolution’ in Nepal.”

Everyone is talking about “Purna Prajantra” or complete democracy in Nepal these days but Dr. Bhattarai says that no body has come up with the exact definition of purna loktantra or complete democracy. There might be no differences with the conclusion, he writes, that complete democracy means democratic republicanism as there is a huge majority of people advocating for the democratic republicanism in major political parties.

Here is the original article in Nepali.

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63 thoughts on “Maoist Expects ‘April Revolution’ in Nepal

  1. Is this a maoist press release?
    Dr bhattari shame on you. relying on india for your so-called april revolution.
    Another chaite revolution and chaite revolutionaries.

    In april india is expected to impose an economic blockade as trade and transit treaty is to expire. Ihis is where the revolution is coming from.

    Change in Nepal is expected as and when india wants. Dr Bhattari is a no more than a joke and a nepali version of lendup dorje. the maoist cadre themselves call him thro this name.

  2. [He] is just a butcher. it doesn’t suit a butcher to talk of revolution. why april revolution ? to have it another one in october ? [icd] are the people the things to experiment and [icd] his philosophical [icd]?

  3. Dont see much of prospects from this article. I dont what this publisher saw in thsi article, or want us to see?

    I am in favor of total democratic country, dont want the autocrats like monrachy and maoists. But these kind of trash talks, meaningless speeches wont bring the revolution,action is rquired. But for these mornons action means destroying public property, killing innocent people.

    May be its time for these morons to watch RDB.
    Then they will realize how people’s war is fought. Its war for the people NOT against people.

  4. Hey Coke

    What are our wonderful King’s plans then? What’s his road map for a peaceful and prosperous Nepal?

  5. Dear kirat jee!
    It seems he does not have any plans either. A person who is not able to control his own son, how can people expect him to rule the country efficiently?

  6. So why blame the Indians? I’m not too fond of them to but the solution is with us not them.

  7. yes, bro, a political change will occur in nepal according to indian schedule, which is to say with indian help of not renewing the TTT,
    but the change will happen according to nepali people’s wishes, not india’s

    thank you india for helping us
    controlling our destiny,
    for helping us kick out KG, his son, and his spies,
    as a friendly neighbor, we are always thankful to your (india’s) timely help

  8. Mr. Coke:
    I read your post in a previous bolg where I had asked you to expalin why you cannot stop chanting “India” and “Indians”.

    No one disputes that India is a powerful influence on Nepal. If you have looked a map recently you would realize that our geographic circumstances are such that we have no other choice. I also agree that India is a dominaring neighbour who seeks to economically and socially dominate us. In fact its just not us – they are the regional bully.
    I also know that to fight this would be sheer stupidity on our part. There are those amongst us in Nepal who like to think that we can have the Chinese start exerting more influence to counteract the Indians. In my opinion this is again sheer stupidity! Have you ever been to a Nepali wedding or gone to a social gathering in Nepal? The weddings are showcases for displaying expensive Indian saris, playing lound Indian music and displaying the widest variety of INDIAN food. Social gatherings are also mostly focused on discussing the events of soaps in Indian soap opras on Star and Zee tv. If not soap opras then certainly the discussion will involve Hindi movies and the lastest gossip about the lives of Bollywood actors and actresses.
    My point Coke is that Nepal has strong social, religious and historical ties to the land you called India. On top they are a country of 1 billion with an enormous economy and have goods and servies that are relavent to everyday Nepalese people. With China the only useful connection is cheap motorcycles and misc. electronics that you can by at that Chinese market.

    The other dominant notion that many Nepalese have is this paranoia that India wants to “Bhutanize” or “Skimmize” Nepal. This is just another example of how much we love to flatter ourslves without any basis. India is an economy growing at 10% they are making economic and social progesses at an unprecedented rate. They are concerned with space exploration, bio-technology, trying to get a premenant seat in the security council etc. Somehow I doubt that trying to control Nepal – which literally has nothing to offer them in terms of resources or strategic intestest – is on the top of their agenda. They already have control over our markets. Besides what we forget in Nepal is that India has 1 billion people. Its middle class population is 300 million and growing. Nepal’s population is 22 million and maybe even half have any purchasing power. You think India cares about loosing a 11 million person market? Think again my man.

    I agree that India’s policies are not good. I dislike how they are looking the other way on the issue of Bhutanese refugees etc.
    But my point is that the problems in Nepal are created by our own damn IDIOT leaders! It is not India’s fault that we have people like Madav Nepal and Girija babu on one hand and idiots in the Royal Palace driving the country down the drain. If it pathetic to point fingers at India and say they are responsible for everything. We as Nepal should look at India as an opportunity! Think about the tourism the educational opportunity and other services we could take advantage and make lives for the people better.
    It is just stupid to try be Rambo and think you are being patriotic. Let the Indian goods come in – who the hell cares. As long as people in Nepal have peace, security, education and good economic opportunities what difference does it make????

  9. nicely written bhudai pundit. i agree on your point. i despise people who like pointing the finger to india if our country faces any problem. india would only benefit from a peaceful and democratic neighbor. india has changed considerably afteer economic liberalization in the 90’s and sikkimization is a thing of the past.

    they will only loose if they take any agreesive action against nepal. i believe india is looking at the situation in nepal as an opportunity to increase its stand in global politics. if india is able to find a peaceful solution to nepal’s troubles, it will only make india’s image rise in the spectra of global politics and increase its chances of joining the security council of united nations.

    an autocratic monarch, that to without any substantive vision or plan for the country is not the answer we nepalese have been looking for. i know 27 million people is small compared to india’s 1 billion plus, but can’t we produce any good leaders? its us who are to be blamed for our countries troubles. we sat on the sidelines looking at the situation. we voted let some poor and illeterate villagers vote for currupt leaders like girija again and again.

    all of us kathmanduites are to be blamed. we are the ones who ignored what was going on in the villages in the west. its not india, or gyane, or bire .. its us too

  10. i don care that indin goods enter nepal, this is a free market economy and i’ll buy the one which is cheaper. that was my point. but it is not me who is having a problem rather india is having a problem here.
    there are other countries in the world they are like us listening english music or watching holloywood moviews and watching CNN or … but this does not mean that they have to obey to the american dictates. this is not so.
    And we are paying for everything we get from india. it is not for free. remeber that.
    and bhutan and sikkim are exmples, this is not a paranoia, we have to learn from them. you will see in the future evenif the king will be kicked out India will not remain quite. unless nepal assures india to remain under its protection.
    do not talk about progress india is making. a country of 1 billion people and 20% living above the poverty line. and it is already 2006 , so late india is recognised in the world and still a majority poor country. don’t you think there is a problem.
    and my objective was to make you understand this. not to make anyone antiindia and forget the tradtional ties between the two country. but this doesnot mean that we have to compromose in our soverignty.

  11. COKE:
    Who the hell is talking about compromising our soverignty??? The discussion started because you my friend seem to think that India is to be blamed for Nepal’s political crisis! Which is simply a ridiculous and pathetic idea.

    Yes there is still poverty in India but with a 10% growth rate the per capita income will double in 10-15 years. Plus that is not the point. The POINT IS THAT THEY ARE TAKING THE RIGHT DIRECTIONS TOWARDS PROGRESS!!!!

    Let me tell you some facts about Bhutan. Bhutan had is share of problems with regards to political freedom. But if you read the lastest development reports by the UN or the World Bank you will see that Bhutan has actually been making alot of progress to improving his human development. Moreover, there is now talk in Bhutan of transfering the power to a political assembly. Anyway what is the point of discussing Bhutan??

    Just because we listen to Indian music we don’t have to compromise our soverignty. Like I mentioned before why can’t we piggy back on India’s success and strangthen our economy and improve lives for the Nepalese people? That will make us more soverign.

    Unfortunetly we have such BAD, currupt and selfish leaders that we simply cannot move forward. Besides your thoughts are just too old school – what makes you think India wants Nepal under its protection??? What makes you think they want to strech their military and get involved in such an uncertain situation that could backfire. Also what makes you think that India wants to Bhutanize Nepal and risk what is fast becoming a good and beneficial relationship with the chinese????

    You know what Coke … like I mentioned before there is no point arguing with you. But I really urge you to think with your head and so some reading and researching instead of basising your opinions solely on these obsure and outdated ideas.

  12. Hey, coke,indian coke and pundit….
    I think this BWU is good platform for discuusing problems and to unite all the people who cares about Nepal and Nepali. So lets concentrate on Nepal and Nepalese issues rather than chasing India. India have their own lots of issues to be dealt with.

  13. Mighty_anjil:
    Thanks for that most enlightening suggestion. I was wondering what this blog was about.

    But seriously Coke had some legitimate questions and I was expressing my opinions. Besides you can’t talk about political development in Nepal without including India. These two countries are not mutually exclusive.

  14. A Little Fact Check about India
    Plus, india is the 4th largest economy in the world.

    India has retained its position as the fourth largest economy in the world on the basis of Purchasing Power Parity, behind the United States, China and Japan.

    The United States has by far the largest economy in the world worth $10,978 billion, followed by China at $6,410 billion, Japan at $3,629 billion and India with $3,062 billion. Germany comes next with $2,279 billion.

    France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Brazil and Russia are other countries above the $1,000 billion dollar mark.

    The rich countries of Europe have seen the greatest decline in global GDP share by 4.9 percentage points, followed by the US and Japan with a decline of about 1 percentage point each. Within Asia, the rising share of China and India has more than made up the declining global share of Japan since 1990. During the seventies and the eighties, ASEAN countries and during the eighties South Korea, along with China and India, contributed to the rising share of Asia in world GDP.

    According to some experts, the share of the US in world GDP is expected to fall (from 21 per cent to 18 per cent) and that of India to rise (from 8 per cent to 11 per cent in 2025), and hence India will emerge as the third pole in the global economy after the US and China.

    By 2025 the Indian economy is projected to be about 60 per cent the size of the US economy. The transformation into a tri-polar economy will be complete by 2035, with the Indian economy only a little smaller than the US economy but larger than that of Western Europe. By 2035, India is likely to be a larger growth driver than the six largest countries in the EU, though its impact will be a little over half that of the US.

    India, which is now the fourth largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity, will overtake Japan and become third major economic power within 10 years.

    With a population of over one billion, it is the second most populous country, i.e. with the 2nd largest human resource in the world. India is also seventh largest country by geographical area.

    As home to one of the four major ancient civilisations and a center of important trade routes, India has long played a significant role in human history.

  15. true point budai pundit, its hard to discuss nepalese politics or economics without bringing india into the picture.

    debate is always good. after all none of us are claiming to be intellects or professionals of any sort.

  16. hey india coke, thankz for the facts .. can u tell me your sources .. i want to check out a few facts myself

  17. Check also CIA-The World Facts-India, The World Bank, and Wikipedia-India Economy.

  18. In the changing global situation where you cannot survive on your own, we cannt just take example of two coutries and say they are mutually inclusive. We might be dependent on idnia in the sense that we are geographically locked but indian development is dependetn on the global economy and nepal too.
    But how lon we nepalse being ignorant keep on saying that it is india which is feeding us. afterall we are paying for eveything we are getting from india. nothing is free. common guys there are other countries in the world which are also locked as nepal is.

    What if india progress unless and until they fear from a nation as small as Nepal and neighbors cannot beneift from that prospertiy. And we are not just depenndet on india, we are dependent globally. but indians make us feel that we are geting everything for free and too much dependent on india ofcourse politics is dependent. We are the largest buyer of indian products. instead they are dependent on us. that is why they fear loosing market here with the growing world connextion in nepal and obvioulsy there are chinse products that is cleaning indian products in the nepali market.
    And india fears Nepal is slowly slippin away from their grip. Now Nepal is recognised world over. Nepal is teated equally in the internaitonal forums.
    And the fear that Nepal is gettng matured in international diplomacy, no more need support from india while deleaing with a third country.
    And also the fear that if there is unequality in resource division nepal can talk against the indian hegemony in the region.thats what kign birendra did in Rio de Generio, Brazil in the non-alignment conference.

    And The fear that nepali problem is fastly gathering international concern. Over the UN mediation in Nepal India is the one who objects.India doesnot want foreign mediation in Nepal because they have insurgencies all over and fear that this could turn out to be an example for thier own country.such as kashmir, north east and may be khalisthan.

    Look bhutanese progress(mere HDI) is due to india there is no other factor that has contributed to this. but what about HR and democracy, no body here talks about this fact.

    ethinc cleasnsing was carried out when the nepalese living in bhutan had started advocating for democracy. as a result thrown out from the country put into a truck by the indian government and brought to nepal.
    Answer me why this happened?

    Fianlly What do we want? Now we have two options either to remain as a pawn of a few indian leaders and have a system similar to bhutan or a nautanki democracy like we had during whihc our own leaders frequet travelling to the dhoti capital made a mokery of the democracy. And that democracy was a one gifted by india to the corrupt leaders not for the general people, And the democracy came when they feared that the King then(birendra) was slipping out and making lecutures around the world against indian hegemony.

    Or we may opt to have more and more discussions make a compromise with the local palyers and decide what we really want.
    Then bringin new generation leaders- capable and visionary, who will stop visiting india when there is a problem here. This is what i want. and may be all of you.

    And indian progess is automatic, a country as large as india and populated with cheap human resources can do it as late as 2006.
    And we are still unable to acheive this because we have innumerable problems- majority india gifted.
    Insurgency, Refugee crisis, stupid leaders and a autocratic monarchy. for the first two i blame india because it was invented by india seeing that the leaders in nepal are really weak and in practice do not represent the mass opinion.
    The last one has come because of the desire to rule than anyting else and due to the ineficiency of the stupid leaders we elected.

  19. You are just unbelievably stubborn. I don’t mind having a debate but if you keep repeating the same points without reading previous posts it becomes a usless excercise in simply repetitive.

    Coke: tell me who the hell is saying that India is feeding us for free???? where are you getting these ideas from man? I thought I made it clear that India benefits and Nepal benefits also – the relationship is symbiotic!!! Oh my God you really think India fears us because we are being recognized in the world. Do you even have any clue what year it is my friend??? FYI its 2006. You might want to leave your house and buy the lastest paper and read what is happening in the world.

    2 points: UN mediation is heavily opposed by us also because we consider the Maoist issue and internal matter.

    Nepal DOES NOT EVEN COME CLOSE TO BEING THE BIGGEST BUYER OF INDIAN PRODUCTS. WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GET THIS FACT FROM??? We are about the poorest country in the world and you think we are the biggest buyer of Indian products. You see you don’t even read my previous posts – I just explained nby only about 11 million Nepalese people probably have the purchasing power to buy many Indian products.

    This is enough from me. I am just now going to try and debate with you unless you learn to argue properly.

  20. INDIA is to be blamed for some reason like being deaf
    for terrorism activity and building dams near our border.
    But, its not good to point finger to them for every misdeed in Nepal. Once K P Bhattarai agreed that he spoke
    against India during election to win election. It is this
    nature of our so called leaders which is responsible to
    set negative attitude to people.
    The real culprits for the problems in Nepal are King, MBS, and leaders. But, despite various flaws Nepal was
    doing well during first few years of democracy. It would have overtaken Pakistan in terms of GDP and literacy. But, then started all sorts of nonsense
    and we are heading backward.
    Democracy is the must to solve all sorts of problem.

  21. Ok i beleive that you will never say india is feedin us. i am fine with that

    ……..and you have no argument except that indian grownh rate is 10%. that’s why we have to go after india. right!
    But give me a simple way as to how to beneift from growin indian taling in UWB forum. ok may be by exporting vanaspati ghee, carpet and sikhar churot to sikkim what else. Also if india allows us or may be wai wai chow chow. haha
    ask the producers in nepal how are they suffering.
    and india is great because of history and their culture. evey country in the world have thier history and culture and all are proud of it.
    Finally read this:
    ” Indian exports to Nepal grew from below Rs 20 billion to over Rs 40 billion. Figures show that the trade between the two countries is heavily tilted in India’s favour. As Nepal has not curtailed imports from India, India too should not check exports from a small country like Nepal. The trade deficit against Nepal today stands at over Rs 25 billion. Restricting exports from Nepal would widen the trade gap, crippling Nepal in the process.”

    now go and say india is great. And also go to Susta in the west, mechi in the east. and ask people how come one fine morning when they woke up thier lands merged in india.

    you know why i look so anti-indian its because there is pain in my heart somewhere and that is because of the continuous problem that my country is facing from india. this will end as i die. and i am talking from facts. and i am not a democrat or a royalists just think being a simple nepali. go to the border areas see the encroachment and read the unequal treaties and feel the hegemony. obvioulsy you have to read a lot. not just you almost all who come to this forum know that the economic grownt is 10% and india is great because of history and culture. but that’s not the end.

  22. Dear fellas,

    Do we have any choices or wayout? I completely lost hope on our beautiful country. The King has no road map for peace or development of Nepal. Same with corrupted politicians. In almost 15 years corrupted politicians completely drained country’s resources. Look at the inflation how far they pushed and negative GDP of Nepal. They only been there to suck the blood of Nepali people nothing else.

    It is about time for all Nepalis to unite and find solution. I strongly feel that if we Nepalis at least pass some sort of new legislation on corruption. It looks that Nepal must adopt death penalty for corruption cases. Please correct me if I am wrong. I strongly feel that malpractices and corruption went beyond bearable limit in Nepal. Now corruption has became a tradition. To avoid corruption I strongly feel it is only way. Of course all politicians and many law makers will not agree with this suggestion. Because all of them are looking for opportunity to reach to a right chair and make huge amount of money for their future.

    As a partiotic citizen that is the only way I can think of. After that we can look for real leader for our country. If the law is not secured anyone gets to the chair will have same intention and practice.

  23. Dear Desh Premi,

    I understand your concern and worry- many Nepalese people feel this way. However, the issue of corruption, though significant to some extent, is a fiasco which is created strategically and is being used by more dangerous corrupts to justify their rule.

    Many leaders of the political parties were involved in corruption. However, we should not forget that it is the political leaders who have formulated and enacted strong regulatory mechanism against corrupt leaders and officials. History has evidences. I do not take Sher Bahadur Deuba as a ‘clean’ prime minister. However, ACCA was given supreme authority to charge corrupts under his own tenure.

    Secondly, inflation is not the result of corruption. Nor is it always bad for the country. To some level, inflation indicates growth of economy. If you study the figures related with our economic changes between 1990 and 2000, you can find significant improvements in our previosly ailing economic condition.

    Thirdly, I do not think that today’s problems are the direct results of corruption. Though I take corruption as a serious problem which should be controlled through strong punitive mechanism (not death penalty, though, because there are other more effective measures), the issue of corruption should never be used as an instrument to defame the political parties and their leaders.

    Finally, I accept that a significant number of political leaders was involved in corruption-related activities in the past. However, the present government and its self-proclammed leader king Gyanendra is no less corrupt. What I mean to say by this is that, corruption has become an instrument for the corrupts to do corruption. Therefore, I think we need to look at this issue more analytically and critically.

  24. Glorification of India or Glorification of MBs or Glorification of Royalties or swearing at SPA will not solve our problems in Nepal. However this way or that way above parties are stakeholders of the Problems in Nepal. It is question who is the leading stakeholder?

    Very funny. You name any problem in our country solution is in India.

    The Funniest of all is the supply of arms and ammunition to MBs. Well MBs buys one AK 47 rifle one time some how some where. AK 47 can not fight a war unless it has bullets. So each arm needs a constant supply of ammunition to fight a war. For more than decades MBs are fighting war and, obviously any body’s guess, for MBs India is very convenient source of arms and ammunition. In addition to that the head-less corpse also indicates Indian were training MBs in Nepal.

    Therefore regarding India: I guess we should have a right to say “Hey Indians you are crushing my foot pleasae take your foot away from my foot”.

  25. Hey coke and bhudi pandit,

    Well done with the discussion. Keep it going. This discussion must be widely done among the youths of our nation today coz they are taking everything as granted and blaming either india or the corrupt politicians for the mishappening in the country and are either ignoring the happenings or planning to leave the country to avoid the situation.

    The involement of Indians in our internal politics is widely promoted by the paranoic feeling of our leaders that nothing can happen here without getting support from India. For small matters they would rather prefer to consult Indian parts rather than our own people or domestic pundits. The Indian are taking us as the helpless small neighbour and are keen on the natural resources and our stragetic location. They too have some paranoic feeling of keeping our country under their control for their so called internal security which Nehru had established.

    Here I want to quote one saying “Civilizations die not because of the threat of enemy outside but because of the decay within.” Are we not in this condition today ?

    How these maoists can say claim that the April movement is going to be successful ? How can they declare the result before the movement has taken place ? Is not there anything hidden inside ? What coke assumed here may be correct.

  26. Ok, the king calls the Hindu extremists, BJP, RSS, and Bal Thakare (Siv Sena), thinking they have the solution to his problems.
    MBS align with the Naxlites in West Bengal and Bihar and other Maoists in the South, to look strong in Nepal.
    Nepali Congress will run to social democrats like Chandra Shekher and VP Singh, and even Sonia and others.
    UML people runs to Basu’s descendants and recently other moderate communist factions in the ruling alliance, for their own political muscle.
    Or Pashupatai Samsher (RPP) runs to his wife’s relatives like Madhev Raj Sindihia’s political links.
    but no matter what you say,
    the solution to our problem is not finger-pointing at india.
    pointing finger is running away from the problem.
    in a way you are saying you cannot do anything about the problem.
    then neither the king, nor Maoists, nor leaders would be called bad guys,
    oh, they became bad because of india
    so let’s get rid of india
    is that your logic?
    how do you do get rid of india as you cannot even get rid of Maoists and the king?
    or seal the border and prevent these people from visiting india? This is their right.
    how a crooked logic is it to go after india?

    By saying india is the cause of the problem, are you not going to india yourself for the solution?

    Are you not doing the same as the political leaders, MBs, and king have been doing to solve the problem or create the problem?

    if you think the king, MBs, and the parties created problem in nepal by going to india, I think you are creating further problems by going to india or by running away from the real problem (by pointing finger at india, indirectly you are saying that india has the solution to our problem so you are taking the same path)
    The leaders and others also think that both problems and solution lie in Delhi, so they run to Delhi

    you also think the same
    show your helplessness
    and excuse out yourself
    take responsibility and stop running to india
    stop finger-pointing because that is not solution

  27. unless we learn to say
    we, nepali people, are the cause of the problem
    and we are the sole solution
    we are running away from the problem
    we are not trying to find solution
    we are only finger-pointing at others
    we are not taking responsibility

  28. Coke:
    Let me tell you that those unfair treties are a result of OUR incompetant civil servants and politicans who don’t have a brain. Think about we go into negotiations with India and our civl servants are idiots – they are uneduated and “pakai”. The Indians on the other hand are much more educated and they will come out of the discussion on top.
    In terms of the enroachment it is again up to our political leaders to raise this issue with India and raise this issue in the international communnity. But our leaders don’t have time of anything like this – they are too busy fighting for power. For years we had a prime minister who along with his daughter were too busy robbing people (Girija and Sujata). After that we had an idiotic prime minister who couldn’t even speak properly (Deuba) etc. Not only that thse leaders can be bought with a few lakh ruppes!!! So whose fault does it boil down to COKE??????

    In terms of trade our civil servants need to do a better job of negotiating the terms of trade with the Indians – look at what Bangladesh is doing! Our main benefit comes from tourism – religios tourism, eco tourism, casinos. Nepal has the potential of being a transit route for trade b/t India and China. Educational exchanges and improving IT in Nepal with Indian help. Nepal could potentially become a Singapore in the words of our beloved KP Battarai. The possibilities are endless!!!

  29. By the way when did I say that India culture is so great??? please quote me… I am curious to know where I said that. I think Nepal ethic diversity and culture is great but we have not been able to do anything about it.

    Coke you forget many things: that currently the Nepali ruppe is pegged to the Indian Rupee. If it wasn’t we would have a fiscal crisis right now.

  30. To start another discussion, I agree with Baburam Bhattarai’s analysis because it is true that there is no common slogan/agenda, until now.

    But I find him too optimistic. It will time for a common slogan to evolve. His party is dealing with the world’s most indecisive and vacillating leadership as key allies.

  31. It is nice to see people trying to interlink economic issues with political issues. I have to admit they are closely related.

    India has had a large influence on our economy in the past and it will continue to do so. So is true about the politics. Since it is the closest democracy, it is natural for Nepalese leaders(including maoists) to reside there when there is trouble in Nepal. So, we cannot discount the role of India in shaping our democracy. They are partly to be blamed for our situation.

    But the important thing is that we are to be blamed the most. We failed to elect responsible leaders, or better to say, we lacked good leaders. Hence, we were drowned into this impasse.

    About economic issues, we are not the largest buyer of indian exports but rather a large portion of our imports is from India. I guess this is what COKE wanted to say when he said about Nepal being (largest buyer of Indian Exports).

    There have been treaties which are unfair. However, we are highly dependent on India for our living. Hundreds of thousands of people work in India sending millions of rupees every year. So, we have to consider all aspects of our interrelationship before we can bang them on such issues. They can reciprocate in ways which can be unfavourable to us.

    When we open up, we will all benefit. To get the most out of growing India, we need an open access to its market. We can find market niche for our product and sell it to India. However, this is possible only if we are to have a totally free trade. Otherwise the restrictions might act in the opposite direction and make our goods incompetitive.

    So, rather than blasting India, we need to work on creating a free trade with them. This will boost not only our economic situation but also enhance our social interactions. We have a lot to gain from India.

    hari sharma


  33. Coke you are a really idiot and you may continue to think as you wish since I have no right to change your thinking. The only thing I can is that I can urge you to stop being a fool but obviously you are more dense than gold so I am not going to waste any more of my time and energy trying to convince you.

  34. this baburam wants a common one point agenda, to establish maoist regime in the power, and he wants all others to follow him. this guy have been fooling NCs from the begining. wake up NC and NC-D.

  35. deep down the coke is a pro-indian, a leader of pro-dhoti movement in nepal
    thank you, durbaria dhoti
    you are bargaining with india to help your king stay,
    but that will never happen
    you are unhappy with your indian leaders
    because they are not helping your cause.
    it is wrong on your part to court india to help you keep the king
    it is also wrong for you to think that only your king can keep this nation together
    neither KG nor his son nor india can be the savior of this nation
    you are marching on a wrong band, wrong thinking

    why else would you want to scare us by saying ANOTHER VERSON OF MAOISTS ARE IN THE MAKING IN THE NEPALI TERAI?

    you are a confused character, very young mind
    but you can be something after a couple of years of studies, i am sure
    for now, no more talk with you from today for a couple of years
    i keep my promise
    ciao !!!!

  36. You Lendup!
    Except for personal attacks you are not capable of forwarding good ideas and try to convince people with your arguments you are a brainless head.
    Solution to Nepali problem lies in India. i repeat this, whether you like it or not.
    Now indian leaders are merging for your april revolution.they will give you a solution.
    I am never confused i always stick to the same idea that is we are handicapped we cannot do anything.

    MR Pundit you have right to convince me thro academic discussions but it seems you have given up.
    I am not stupid you are an illetrate as you are running out of ideas. I remember most of you guys here either support somone or disagree completely you guys do not have a clear cut idea on anything.
    I still remeber 10% growth rate.most of you just know that about india. because you donot read just come here and talk stupid. HaHaha

  37. Coke:
    Academic discussion???? Do you even know what that means coke???????? All you say is that India is responsible period. Then you talk about Bhutan and throw some lines about how we should not compromise our soverginity and give an example of Bhutan. All of which are irrelevent to the discussion – I mean I have explained things in terms of economics, international geopolitics and socialogy. However, you have not counteracted by claims through logical arguments. You have just keep repeating your stance or saying something no one said like “Indian culture is great”. Even that one fact you mentioned about Nepal being the biggest buyer of Indian products was totally wrong and baseless. And your claim that India is scared because Nepal is getting recognized in the world – will provide many laughs for some time to come.

    HAHAHA and you say I have run out of ideas and we don’t have a clear argument?? Coke You are one THICK DENSE WALL. Hey do me a favor and read through the posts here and tell show me someone who agrees with you.
    I think you should be grateful to Indian Coke and the rest of us for not atacking your personally. Its perfectly okay for people to have other arguments. But when the argument is so pathetic and baseless and you cannot say anything except its India’s fault you cannot blame others for attacking you.

    “because you donot read just come here and talk stupid. HaHaha”

    Well at least we read – you just talk stupid without even reading. And whats with he “HaHaha”?? I didn’t think that was really funny.

  38. Interms of geopolitics you think that nepal is not in a good position but i object. because strategically Nepal is placed in a right place, because of china in the north and india in the south as they are the emerging nations.
    The problem here is our foriegn policy that is so distorted in india’s favor or virtually bended by our leaders in their favor in practice.

    We have to devise a new stratey to exploit our strattegic importance by dealing with both the nations in equal proportion. don’t care about the cultural proximity to india if we are to raise above the occassion. King gyanendra can be termed as a dictator but his showoff in Bangladesh to bring in china as an observer was a good move in SAARC which has created another fear in Indian leaders mind and that is south asia would no longer reaim under indian hegemony. this is what i call a a balancing act. The move was also welcomed by sri-lanka, pak and bangladesh.

    This is what i meant by fear. india fears that china can enter thro their sublte diplomacy in south asia unlike india which feels that countries around are hell bent on poving india wrong. India makes big noise to this. pak a terrorist country, bangladesh another growing threat to india, in srilanka the same by funding tamils first and then kiiling them in the name of peace, they have made enemies. And Nepal is slipping out, pashupatinath alone cannot help india bring nepal in their favor. now Jimmy carter is coming, do you think this pleases india, neve my dear never.

    And i absolutely donot care if people like my idea or not but i’ll keep on telling my people, you and others the undistorted facts. It is then upto you and your intellect how much you can grasp. And finally i am sorry for hurting your sentiments by writng hahaha. This will not be repeated again i assure you.

  39. well said coke, and I do agree with you. If India really wants problems in nepal can be solved.

    and I believe what nepal needs is a dictator.

  40. hawkeye
    we already have the worst dictator in the world, KG
    all leaders, including P and BB, in nepal are dictators.
    how many you need?
    what they gonna do for you?
    solve your problems? they only know how tp create problems
    “nepali dictators” is equal to “problems,”
    never solution
    look at all the dictators in nepal

  41. Wow coke!
    Congratulations on your well played card!

    You think Nepal can play well taking advantage of the geographic location? Are you kidding?
    Have you forgotten the sanctions that India pushed against us and we were nearly drowned? China is a country which can be exploited but there is a long way to go. The developments in China in the east coast are of far less importance to us than the nearby Tibet. But, you should be familiar with the poverty that persists in the border areas of Nepal and China just as it does around Nepal and India.

    Nepalese people are taking advantage of socio-cultural similarities with Indian people. There is a lot of factor mobility between these two countries which is near impossible with China. Major problem seems to be the language hurdle. And if you still think we can play regional cards, you are none other than a fool misguided by cheap surfacial agendas.

    Those people who think of playing a regional card are misinformed about our power. If India were to reciprocate, how you going to survive dude? We import more than half of our total imports from India. What are you going to do with that? Don’t think of communist idea of producing what you need.That would be the worst idea ever.

    Moreover, India would not be affected as much as we will be following such action. So, they are capable of bringing us down to their toes no matter how much we brag about regional card.

    So, consider various factors including socio-cultural similarities, language aspect among others besides political “regional card” weapon which is too weak. I don’t know about politics but economically we are going to be dead if India wants. So, we are better off taking advantage as far as we can from the open access to India ( not in goods market as such but still it largely remains open in terms of labor flows).

    hari sharma

  42. Here you come to my point.

    You talked as i wanted you to talk. this is a victory to me.

    you said, “If India were to reciprocate, how you going to survive dude?”

    so w’ll die without india, that’s what you mean. so from today better call yourself indian than a nepali.

    but it hurts. yuck. prefer hanging myslef than calling an indian.

    but you agree as and when india wants we will suffer. So what next. perhaps lickiing their ass, this is good right. that’s what you want to say.

    Balancing act is not playing any card. this is also an indian rehtric(playing cards)the half educated neapelse know by heart.

    The 60% of the world speak english, half of the people beleive in Islam and the rest christins.

    Does this mean that there is no conflict between coutries. Absolutely not.
    so why we the nepalese think that just becoz we have same religion and culture and close langage we have to think the same. can’t we remain different.

    for your kind information balancing act is same as non-alignment movement, it is a tool to survive between biggies.

    India did that during cold war though they were much closer to russia. it is another topic of discussion.’ll talk later.

    So you remember the sanction, and still talk of happliy living with india. this is a joke in itself. read your posting again and come back to talk to me.

  43. G-Hangman,

    was he to be a dictator, you wouldn’t even be posting here, this site would not even exist.

  44. Hey Coke,

    The only way we can deal with India properly is by educating ourselves so that we are as smart as them and most of all having pride in our people and our country. But which Nepali had been able to do this? Why blame Indians when our Nepali leaders don’t bother keep themselves well informed or have no self-respect for themselves?

  45. Coke:
    I must say the wall is breaking down. At least your arguments have improved although it just dead wrong.

    Like Hari Sharma said playing this China card is an outdated foregin policy tool that has not worked in the past – remember King Mahendra tried that same feat.
    Besides what you must understand is that India and China are themslves starting to cooperate and engage in mutually beneficial trade and investment. So if we keep your Rambo attitude and think we can paly these two neighbours off each other it will come back to bite us in the ass.

    “so w’ll die without india, that’s what you mean. so from today better call yourself indian than a nepali.”

    I am now convinced that you have grown up in a cave or a place very far from civilization. Tell me what excatly defines a Nepali? Have you ever been around Nepal and talked to people or like I mentioned before gone to a wedding or even gone out to eat? How is our culture so different than a culture of North India. You think those Anmul resturants around Kathmandu are Neapali? With the exception of MoMos what excatly sets us apart from India?
    You listen to the same Hindi music, watch the same movies, eat the same kind of food (with some slight variations), pray to the same Gods, use the same products to lighten our skin etc. In fact everywhere you go everyone speaks Hindi. Hey in fact you can even use Indian currency.

    I am not being unpatriotic I am just trying to show you that we have a unique relationship with India. To fight this is just foolish. Why don’t we see that we can harness the relationship and reap the benefits. I want to see Nepalis have peace, security and economic opportunities in Nepal instead of slaving away in some middle eastern country. So you can continue to be Rambo – although my guess is that you too will probably go watch Zee tv or listen to Hindi music or go out for chaat soon after reading this post.

  46. Careful Mr. Pundit, we might have a lot of similarities with Indians but we are different, with our own seperate identity. Have no illusions, India and Indians have their own interests in heart not ours. It’s time we Nepalese too did the same-then only can we work with India or whoeverelse with dignity.

  47. Dear Countrymen,

    Now you can see why we do not go forward and we need someone to do our work! Instead of us to unite together and think carefully on constructive subject matters to move forward our friends are argueing here to each other. Please don’t feel offended that is the scinarion here. I imagine same thing goes with our great leaders they only fight to each other for the chair!! In majority our countrymen fight for their own benefit and has extremely short sight. In many cases very few countrymen think for long term and find very few people fight for the country. As long as we Nepalis don’t change our thinking from me and my family to I and my country nothing will move to right direction. I have come across some situations like compromisation for own benefit, does not matter what is going to happen for his/her own children in future! Of course everyone has right the way anyone thinks. But it would have been better if everyone try to understand the situation and think in same direction. At least unite to build our nation.

  48. what is so unique about our relationship?
    UP and Bihar,getting married, indian mithai and now you talking of momo.

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