25 Words, Two Commas and a Fullstop

In Nepal, we agreed that the Maoists should abandon violence, and that the King should reach out to the political parties to restore democratic institutions.
-George W Bush, President, The United States of America, at 13:10 P.M. NST, Mughal Garden, Hyderabad House, New Delhi, India. Source: The White House.

By D Wagle, in Kathmandu, of course.

That was the sentence that was. A big full stop right after that. They AGREED. And that single sentence has sent a tremor in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Thaha payeu, Bush le Nepal bare bolyo ni! Okay, that was what a colleague enthusiastically told me this evening: Did you know that Bush spoke about Nepal? I am sure someone must have told the occasional residents of Ratna Palace in Pokhara the same sentence with same level of enthusiasm. Well, not enthusiasm but with anxiousness, I guess. I am also sure that the Bush Sentence will find a plum space on the front pages of all national dailies (yes, including Gorkhapatra, I think) tomorrow. Already serious efforts of decrypting that sentence appears to have begun. “It’s really a big news,” one scribe said. “Bush speaks about Nepal.” President Bush is a master summarizer. He must have gotten full marks in that skill. He presented a solution in Nepal in a single sentence (with 25 words, two commas and a full stop, according to a White House transcript of the proceeding of the joint news conference made available at their official web site).

Bush is in India and the heat of his visit has been felt in Kathmandu via that sentence. A sentence is sufficient enough to cerate discussions and make headlines in Nepal just like a 3-day US Presidential visit is for Indian media and intellectual circle. I am simply amazed by how the Indian media and political/intellectual circle is reacting to the Bush trip. Bush’s India visit reminded me of Indian Prime Ministers’ Nepal visits. We start taking about the visit, the Prime Minister, his kurta, his mustache, the Indian influence. We also express our concern about what out government might “sell” to India, how Indians will make us fool in certain deals, how our national sovereignty will be undermined etc etc etc. We talk, debate and discuss about the visit to the extent that almost all important space of the major media outlets is consumed by the issue. And to be honest, we are not alone. Indian media and intelligentsia is does the same when an American President visits their country. Yes, America for India is what New Delhi is for Kathmandu.

I have been following the Indian media (newspapers TVs and web sites) and I would have definitely been overloaded by the information that they have been feeding to their audiences had I not been aware of the importance of America in India and rest of the world. The other day, Times of India ran a front page banner news telling us what would bring Bush in India and went on detailing the widely available information about the Air Force One. I told my brother Email to ignore the TIO report and instead turn the computer on and look for a How Stuff Works file that I saved in the hard disk three years ago. TOI report contained no updates on the plane. Yes, Indian media are talking about Bush and the visit just like Nepali media talk about an Indian premier prior to his visit to Nepal. “President Bush has landed” is the banner headline of Indian Express though the daily’s coverage of the visit is disastrous compared to that of, say, Hindustan Times.

“HE’S A FRIEND” declares HT on it’s front page citing a survey conducted by an agency for the daily that provides insights about Indian feeling to America. Is Geroge W. Bush a friend of India? 45% say YES and 41% NO. And will Indians Invite Bush to their homes for dinner? 45% YES, 43% NO. In the second main news on the front page, HT asks a question via the headline: Why is this visit important? This is exactly the same question that Nepali media asks every time an Indian Prime Minister lands at Kathmandu’s International Airport. “Before, US presidents used to let 20 years or so slip by before visiting India,” says the daily. “George W. Bush and Bill Clinton are the first examples of successive Oval Office residents to come here. This reflects the changed dynamic of th Indo-US relationship.”

Aaj Tak, a TV network is suing the tagline “Aaa Gale Lag Jaa” (Come, hug me) while NDTV is saying, today, Bush huwa Khus! (Bush is happy). The talk is focused on the nuclear deal. Critics are talking about Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh undermining the national sovereignty of India by letting America it’s hand into Indian nuclear power plants where as the establishment is trying to console itself by saying that the government successfully convinced America to, as HT put it, “symbolically end 40 years of the US trying to keep India off the high table of power.”

Anyway, we are yet to see so many sound bites and headlines out from the Bush trip in Indian media. But before ending this blog, I would like to quote President Bush that demonstrates how he loves Indian mango!

“And, oh, by the way, Mr. Prime Minister, the United States is looking forward to eating Indian mangos. Part of liberalizing trade is to open up markets. And as a result of your leadership, and our hard work, we are opening up markets. Our agricultural knowledge initiative is an important initiative for both countries, where we’ll fund joint agricultural research projects.”

>>>You might want to follow the White House link provided above for more juicy quotes from President Bush.

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68 thoughts on “25 Words, Two Commas and a Fullstop

  1. Self-declared Chairman of Nepal is starting consultations with his cronies when Mr.Bush is forging a new strategic alliance with India. Last time Mr.Chairman addressed the nation when Mr.Bush delivered state of the union address.

    Is the Chairman again trying to hoodwink the international community by “starting consultations and reaching out to parties”. The autocrat is reaching out to those parties and leaders who support him. Maybe they are hatching a new machination to rein in the ever increasing support to the parties. Even if Mr.Chairman invites parties to talks he will put a hook, which the parites will be reluctant to pass over with ease.

    Okay…Mr.Bush has finally realized that India is the largest functioning democracy with no extreme extremism. He wants to give a message to the world that his administration desire to spread the good spell of democratic spirit as seen in India. Of course, the outsourcing of back office work, high economic growth rate and the emergence of “good brains from IITs and tech as well as mgmt. institutions are now irreversible. This may be the compelling factor for Mr.Bush to further his relationship with India.

    By mentioning Nepal in the speech by Mr.Bush, there is no doubt that the leaders had a discussion on it. So, I expect more US and India intervention (maybe joint intervention to create political synergies)…this should rattle Mr. Chairman’s autocratic ambitions…

  2. Ha…ha… A witty and reasoned analysis, Wagle ji. I see nothing to disagree with you in above blog. Theirs big brother is the Uncle Sam just like they consider themselves as the big brother of the region. The same applies with the media and intelligentsia.

    The power and influence of the US is unmatched in the world just like India’s influence in Nepal and Bhutan. There were protests in several cities against the Bush visit. But the American attraction among Indian urban youth is unimaginable. The American culture is everywhere in the world. MTV is there, Coke is there, Microsoft Windows, Hotmail, and you name it.

  3. George W. Bush has lost the support of the American people and most people of the world. Only about 34% of Americans trust or support him.
    His lies-for-oil caused the horrible war in Iraq and now over 100,000 Iraqi civilians have lost their lives.

    Bush does not care for India, Nepal or anyother country in the world ! He only cares that the US Imperalistic Empire be built on the back of poor-nations around the world.

  4. Whether we like it or not American people have chosen George W. Bush as their president and people have to come to terms of their decision for two more years regardless who and what he is. For me it’s a positive sign to see protesters on the streets of India. It’s a sign of functioning democracy. In Nepal, you cannot even protest. The tyrannical regime has used brutal force to silence the voice of the people. Political leaders are in jailed and are under house arrest. Wherever there is an American involvement there are protesters from Philippines to Venezuela. The slogan “Yankee go home” can be heard everywhere, but what you don’t hear is the hidden wish Yankee go home and take me with you.

  5. “The slogan “Yankee go home” can be heard everywhere, but what you don’t hear is the hidden wish Yankee go home and take me with you. ”

    – exactly!!!

  6. There is no doubt that aspiring young people around the world see America as a land of oppurtunities. There is no doubt that most people want to live in the developed part of the world with all the oppurtunities and freedom in hand. This does not signify the hatred they have for its big brother attitude.

    How wicked your rich uncle be, how much you hate him, you still want to be in his position with all the wealth and fun he has. So dude, do not confuse your self with the praise with the longing for comfort.

  7. Our KG is stronger than Bush. He does not care about who said what and when and where. He is taking self pleausure( atma rati) by talking with Bhat and other Bhats in Pokhara. He even does not care about EU talking about the freezing of all his foreign accounts, no visa to all tha royal family and govt. officials. He totally depends on the FATAHA Ramesh Nath in foreign relations or what ? He will open his eyes from hangover of BL whisky when everything will be finished for him.

    KG is not only finishing himself but also fishing all the Nepalese people. We are so ashamed of our country now, our head has gone down in shame in international forums.

  8. well said Waiba…

    Its true whether we like it or not, the reality still remains USA is superpower of the world.

    We can’t settle war within our coutry among TRINITY (KG, Parties & Morons – Mao) and this guy starts a war whenever and whereever he likes.

    So what more ca you expect from Mr. Bush, who himself is so much submerged in WAR crime (can I say tht?).

  9. you –wagle- the indian bandar! You are a Joker. most crooked and opportunistic analysis is this.

    guys u are so stupid, you beleive everyting he writes.

    Now you feel it right, Mr Wagle!

    You are working for a propaganda media house and you look so unaware of media stunts. are you a fool or just pretendening. TOI carries this and TOI carries that……., kurta and paijama of the Indian Primeminister.what a joke!

    When you were printing the indian embassy press statement where was your analysis. When shyam saran had come you printed his picuture as if your dead grand father had suddenly appeared, you were so happy. Saran went there, Saran was here….., you did that….

    and you also blame people of talking against india, you are indeed another dorje.

    Now the americans are urging India to stop the Maoists then you feel to come up with this type of analysis.

    You cannot fool all around you.

    You are already exposed but you seem to be unaware of that. Think before wrting anything.

  10. Who is to disagree with sentence like ” the Maoists should abandon violence, and that the King should reach out to the political parties to restore democratic institutions.”?

    If Maoists had not started massacring and looting Nepali people, the King
    (may god bless him!) and parties would not have failed so miserably he would not have to take the steps he has taken.

    First Maiosts should stop violence and laydown their arms – I trust the King likes have a elected parliment taking over the country and so called “democratic process” (with Sujata, Gacchedar, Joshi, Wagle, Khanal) return.

  11. Guys,

    Nepal does not figure in their priority list. 10,000 peopled killed, you do not find their heart burning. 2 Americans killed in Iraq, it’s a huge news for 2 weeks. Our lives are less valuable; we feel this way, they feel that way. One sentence on Nepal by Bush, and Wagle and Kantipur make head line. UN, US…all are paying lip service. Why are we still heeding to these pathetic statements? Beware guys, if Firangi (US) steps and meddles in our affair we will be doomed! Look through the US history from Vietnam to Iraq, US is hated by millions for this. We’d better consult our friends like EU in the time of hardship.

  12. why blame the usa for all that ills nepal? it is not the fault of the usa that 13,000 people have died…nepal did not attack the usa, and gyanendra is (not yet, anyway) a saddam.

    what is it you are so scared of about the usa? That it is an economic super power? that our people have the freedom to speak out, to disagree openly with our president, to elect our leaders, and then to kick them out of office if they don’t do their job? is it that we value freedom? is it that you are scared to admit the reality, which is that nepal is sandwiched between two other great powers of one billion plus people, china and india, and that nepal does not want to join the global world as india has done, with its huge rising midde class, advanced technology, and highly trained scientists, engineers, etc, who are becoming so valuable and making so much money, and helping India develop, rather than go backwards into the dark ages as Nepal is doing? the usa recognises this, and realises the power that india holds. India is on the world radar screen now, and for good reason. It is a powerhouse with unlimited potential.

    I am sick of the constant usa bashing. A friend of mine has worked in pakistan, still a country run by feudal landowners, where the barrel of a gun determines who gets elected, where corruption is iendemic, where people are routinely tortured (sound like nepal?)Yet a few photos of abu gharaib prisoners makes the usa look evil. In fact, those soldiers who perpetrated that crime have already been court martialed and are in prison. And the corrupt get caught in the usa, politicians and businessmen alike, and do hard time in a prison for their misdeeds. Wish the same could be said in nepal of all your politicians who have stolen from you, the people, and your polkice and army who are getting rich off the backs of the people. no doubt gyanendra is paying the generals a lot of money to make sure no military coup befalls him!

    by the way, the problems in iraq are mostly of the making of iraqis themselves. the shiite sunni problems have been going on for thousands of years…saddam tried to wipe out the whole kurdish people. the suicide bombings are not done by americans. war is war, but the usa has done the best it can with its high technology to limit “collateral damage”. now it is doing the best it can to train the iraqi army and police to take over the job themselves. Any former totalitarian state that breaks apart (think soviet union, for example, or former yugoslavia) will break up into piececs over the various ethinic groups and hatreds. that is not the fault of the usa. yes, vietnam was tragivc. but every country throoughtout history has had its share of miliatry successes and disasters. that is the history of the world, the rise and fall of empires. but that does not mean the usa does not have a right to weigh in on nepal. ultimately, it is the nepali people who will make change. all the usa can do is forcefully state its position. as Moriarty said, the USA has had its share of dealing with communist regions, and can take a long hard look at what the future might hold for nepal if it were under maoist control.

    I still belive firmly that the political parties are very short sighted and merely trying to save their own asses. as much as many of you may hate the current king, the fact is, the only way to combat the threat of the maoists is to have the king and parties come together, the king to become what he shoudl have been all along, a constitutional monarch, relinquishing his power over the running of the country, to hold elections. a country which is run by the people and FOR THE PEOPLE. NO, VIOLENCE IS NOT THE ANSWER. bUT THEN AGAIN, NONE OF YOU SEEM TO FOCUS MUCH ON THE CONTINUED ATROCITIES COMMITTED BY THE MAOISTS THEMSELVES. HOW CAN THE POLITICAL PARTIES SIDE WITH THE MAOISTS WHEN THEY CONTINE TO FORCE CHILDREN INTO THEIR ARMY, WHEN THEY KILL WOMEN AND CHILDREN, DESTROY INFRASTRUCTURE AND WHOLE VILLAGES, ASSASINATE AND THREATEN EVEN POSSIBLY TO EXECUTE THE KING (AS PRACHANDA SAID WAS ONE POSSIBLITY IN HIS INTERVIEW WITH THE BBC RECENTLY)…

    please, stop blaming all your problems on the usa. yes, bush’s comments made world news. they should, as bush is the ldear of the only remaining super power in the world. when bush talks, the whole world listens, and this makes nepal even more a pariah state than it was before if it does not start taking immediate action to stop the downward spiral.

  13. Bush doesnt care for Nepal.He is there just to support the dhotis.The all are so frightened of the Rising Chinese power. May be the indian puppet leaders are very “enthusiastic” about what Bush said, but it is not going to matter at all. All those puppets including Girija and KPB should be hanged. And i have a message to those barbarians in the jungle “GO TO HELL AND ROT THERE.” Wait….I forgot some thing “DONT FORGET TO TAKE PARAS WITH YOU”

  14. U.S. President forgot to tell India’s Premier Singh not to help Maoists. And also he forgot to tell Singh stop destabilizing Nepalese government by helping cross country terrorists. Everybody who knows how to read in between lines knows that India knows whereabout the Maoists.

    Otherwise, Indians will not possibly find Maoist at the time of signing 12 point understanding with the 7-party alliances. India is concerned about cross country terrorists along the Pakistani Border and blames Pakistani government but India is creating cross country terrorists by giving refuse to terrorists from Nepal. One other thing Bhutan is able to kick out Bhutanese Nepalese with the help of India. Otherwise India should not have stopped these people when they tried to go back to Bhutan. I hope Mr Bush will learn about this during his visit to India.

  15. Hi shadowrati,

    What are you doing here in Nepali blog discussing about Nepal’s future? It is true that “New Sadhu’s scrub too much ash on their fore head”. Remember, no matter how obliged you feel to your host country, how ever faithfull you are to them, you are still the second grade asian browny. Shame on you ! Look to Indians and Chinese how they connect themselves with their mother country. Going to US and getting PR there has not washed your sin back home, the sin that you used hard earned USD to go their and support your education. In return, you became US citizen and lick your masters arse

  16. We Nepalese should decide what kind of political system we want in our country.

  17. Mr sleek have you applied for US DV this year. hope you get it this time. or may be licking indian arse. hahaha
    how is the taste of an indian arse you must reveal here.
    may be someothers follow you. baburam and prachanda.ok!

  18. coke,
    definitely a system that can lead us to geater prosperity and peace rather than some crappy democracy with indians puppets and barbarian from the jungle as leaders

  19. Coke,

    loser, what’s your problem? U sound like you are under the influence of Kalo Padartha? You low life creature, face the reality, people are supreme. Indian economy grew by 8%, chinese grew by 10%, and Nepal’s economy grew less than inflation. Forget Laloo and Bihari style politics, it will be history soon. Comptet with Indians, be better than Indians, otherwise you will alawys remain “Bahadur”. Get a life dude.

  20. Here is a story that happened a few years ago.All of you must know Nepal Bank Ltd.Few years ago the management (by a foreign company) tried to computerize the bank offices.But it never happened.

    Guess why.

    The unions (definitely directly or indirectly asociated to some party) came out and protested the computerization.Why? If there were computerization then every thing would change. No free tea breaks, no hanging out with other employees during office hours,no letting customers wait for hours,…..They simply didnt want to work. So the computerization was never done.This is just an example.

    What should we do?

    Do we need the so called “multi party democracy”?

  21. Long Live America! Long Live G W Bush! At least he spoke about Nepal. I think that is Deuta ko Boli for all.

  22. shadowrati says “… the problems in iraq are mostly of the making of iraqis themselves. the shiite sunni problems have been going on for thousands of years…saddam tried to wipe out the whole kurdish people. the suicide bombings are not done by americans.”

    In solidarity with the good people of Iraq and oppressed and exploited people around the world, I like to say that it’s an insult, total distortion and mis-Interpretation facts to say that Iraqis themselves are to blame for what is happening there.

    I suggest shadowrati look into history and do more research before childishly advocating repulsive view.

    Every country has its own share problems and Iraq was no exception. If anyone to blame for an unimaginable suffering of Kurdish people under Saddam and other regimes, it would be the British who fragmented their territory and people when it ended its occupation. In recent times the US instigated to over the Saddam with Kurdish people when it didn’t work and Saddam’s wreath was imminent, the US abandoned them.

    Ask who armed and equipped Saddam with nerve gases and arsenic agents? Ask why there are suicide bombers in the first place? If the American are not occupying Iraq, do you think there would be suicide bombers? People are desperate in Iraq, and in desperation they take desperate measures. If India invades and occupies Nepal and takes away your humanity and dignity how long can you tolerate?


    if one talks truth then you either call them Mandale or Kalo…. , or [Gyanendra] or some otehr stupid words. u are so limited in your mind.

    So what if economy grows in India. There is another Asian Crisis coming soon. US knows when to pull it. 8% or 80% doesnot make sense to me.

    We Nepalese want to live in peace and happiness, we do not need to compete with blackeees. just need to learn how to live with what we have, 50 ethinic groups and 90 languages. that’s all!

  24. americans are hypocrates. Indians are expansionist. so do not belive on both of them. NEpalse people have to decide theri own destiny.

  25. It’s really a hot cake news that George w. bush speaked about Nepal. It’s really the truth whatever he said, I didn’t find any impearialism in his voice, but rather he is giving a solution.
    see u bush in america if i come there one day

  26. Yes….Bush and Manamohan both are selfish…they talk more about themselves….but since Washington and New Delhi plays more important in Kathmandu, this comment surely will give big wave in Nepal’s political scenario….And such pressure is necessary if given and taken in right way….King has to step down and give people’s right back to poeple


  27. It is unbelievable that Bush, when in India, only a hop skip and a jump from Nepal talks about democracy. He talks about Zimbabwe, I bet he does not mention nepal, if he visits South Africa. The king is a [icd], who has jailed and tortured 1000s of innocent people, plus killed more even than the maosits, with every time he ups his power, more and more deaths resulting, and more corrupt wage incdreases for his own greedy slimy smile, whose dynasty has reduced nepal, to being poorer than India, or China. Nepal is for the Nepali people, not the bauble of a [icd] king, who will ally with any dictatpr on Earth, just so HE can rule, may God send King Gynendra to [icd] for eternity.

  28. In Nepal, we agreed that the Maoists should abandon violence, and that the King should reach out to the political parties to restore democratic institutions.

    Mr. Bush,
    In USA, we agreed that taxpayers should abandon their incomes and surrender it to the government. That money should be used to finance the flow of tomahawks and cruise missiles to some distant land so that people will always suffer and savor the dream of American life. The president should set up the standards of way people of the world should behave. This is democracy and this is democracy. This is called democracy and this is democracy………………

  29. Bush is right. First, the Maoists should shun violence and then the King should start consultations with the 7 parties. In fact, he has called for dislogue with the party leaders but they don’t recirpocate his hand for a handshake. That’s why on March 3rd when he spoke at the Purana Qilla, he didn’t even mention Nepal. He mentioned about Cuba, Myanmar, North Korea and Syria only. This is probably because the Americans and the Indians are fed up with the egoistic political party leaders who want that the power be handed over to them on a platter without even contesting elections.

  30. who does not know that maoists should shun violence and king should reach out to the political parties? wish it was as simple as Bush thinks.

    i still think maoists should shun violence and join hands with political parties and fight the king. because the root cause of the problem is our deep rooted feudal system where a human being is not treated like a human being and someone’s economic wealth or his/her position is seen as a justification to mistreat someone.

    political parties compromising with the king would mean the continuation of our system. just like patching up a old dress to make it look new.

    i think we should keep the fight going with the feudal system since more people than ever are realising the fact today why maoism in Nepal was born.

  31. Most of us who come and share our opinion are feudal. i do not think there is a single one here who belongs to the opressed class. The one who talks big and shows talking for the opressed class is lying. Like Nepal born Bihari baburam and traitor Prachandddd(), not prachanda.

  32. Coke,
    yes, you are probably right saying no one here commenting on this website belongs to oppressed class. but isnt that the result of the institutionalised fuedal system of our country? fortunately or unfortunately, i do not belong to the oppressed class. but at least i realise that our system has a big role to play about not only the way we think and act but also about who gets what.

  33. Oh, i’m always the last to comment on these. Guess this American Nepali is too busy studying to pay attention to his motherland.

    D mike vandaveer,
    god! Why do you always sound like a machine! Just because you use the computer doesn’t mean you have to always blast out soundbites like it’s playing from a prerecorded tape!


    Yeah, you are right. I just wish you were not a robot…

  34. I’d rather be a supporter of India than a supporter of the Shahs. India, whatever its problems (and it has many) at least has the fact of being a vibrant democracy. Bihar was under Laloo and his wife for so many years, but they did manage to kick him out you know. That should tell you something.

    On the other hand, the Shahs are like a bad hangover that just won’t go away. They’re still stuck in the 18th century while India has gone on to the 21st.

    I sometimes hate what Indians do, but lets be realistic. India is going to be a pretty influential power soon; should we keep on holding stupid grudges against them and half boiled ideas of “expansionism” or should we take advantage of the fact that we are its one neighbor which it often treats better than others?

    On the other hand, the Shahs have done nothing for Nepal at all and won’t amount to anything in the future. Their corruption, laziness and drug-taking is a national disgrace. We don’t need them to be any sort of ‘national symbol’; our symbol should be the Nepali people themselves.

  35. You know, I hate cults of personalities. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, all these guys had them. But one man whose cult of personality makes sense is Turkey’s Kemal Ataturk. The man almost singlehandedly took Turkey from being a backward, overly Islam-oriented country to being a secular, progressive one.

    To do that, he dismantled many of the old hangovers. The fez, the traditional Turkish hat, was banned in favor of the European hat. The Entire Turkish script was changed from being an Arabic one to a Roman one. Women were treated well. The power of the Islamic fundamentalists was checked.

    That’s the first thing Nepal needs to do if it is to join the modern age. We must thorougly destroy the old feudal systems.
    Absolutely. Beginning with the Royal Family, the most conspicious symbol, and then going down. However, I believe the Royals are headed for self-destruction in two years or less, so it may not be necessary for the first step. Then we have to reform the RNA. Today, Turkey has the strongest military in the Middle East and while it quite cruelly attacks Kurds, the Turks as a whole see it as a very positive force. It is first and foremost, considered extremely professional. It is a merit-based institution. Last names will not get you very high in the Turkish Army.

  36. Nepali people who support India: IS NOW THE SYMBOL OF NEPALI NATIONALISM. [icd] you are all great

  37. Manan,

    I can understand how you come to the conclusion about rather be a part of India etc. etc.

    But as a Nepal we can still proceed. The King has immense pressure put on him from inside and outside. It is not really absolute rule. If the Maoists come to a peace negotitation, the King will have to give in.
    We can say whatever we want, the newspapers say that they are being gagged but if we were really under absolute rule I doubt our papers would see daylight the next day with some of the things they say. There are demonstration which call the King a crook and ask for a republic, but if this was a real absolute system, there would be hundreds slaughtered for just saying that.
    So to give in so easily and to say we rather join India because it is doing well is simply pathetic. What would you do when India does not do so well, say in the next twenty years as their population is crippling or say the communists take over and shut down the liberalisation? I doubt you can join them as a state when the sun shines and leave when the shit hits the fan.
    Why do you propose India, why not tell the Americans or the British or the Japanese to take us over instead. They are even more democratic and progressive than the Indians. Maybe we should just become another state or a colony of these countries.

  38. As for India being a “vibrant democracy” – it may be the largest democracy but it is definitely not vibrant for the majority. Case in point “35 million female babies have dissappeared in the last century”, that is more then the population of Nepal today. Economically India is vibrant in the cities, but they have yet to address the remaining 70% of their rural areas, which is as worse of as our villages. I think if we want and let our new gen. take over we can do it and turn our nation around with our 24 million, as for the Indians they still have about another 700million to cater to and convince with their “India shining” liberalisation.
    Lets take a case study to see the divide between rich and poor (far more of both in India then in Nepal):

    Say the King is worth 500 million dollars (rich guy), and say someone like Khetan is worth 200 million dollars (another rich guy), there are only a handful of these guys (you can count them on your ten fingers), placing them all together, on average our richest are probably worth around (100 million- 150 million dollars, this includes the bank money they dont pay back as well), our poorest have 0 dollars (around 7 million of them), so in terms of a layman, the difference in around 100 million.

    In India the average rich fellow is probably worth 2 billion dollars (and there are in the hundreds) and the poorest 0 dollars (around 250 million of them), the difference is around 2 billion dollars. But the numbers are staggering. Therefore the gap is even wider.

  39. I’ve at no point said Nepal should be part of the Indian Republic. All I’m saying is stop blaming India for everything. It sounds pathetic, like a kid who’s always blaming his parents for everything bad that happened in his life. Like a guy at 50 who still goes, “you know, if my mother had not done this to me when I was 11”..etc.

    Yeah, Indians act like bullies sometimes. But what are you going to do about it? Take your khukri and go fight them?

    Understand that Nepal is weak and its dirt poor, and millions of Nepalis go to India for work, more than in any other country. They get treated much better there than in other countries. Indians might call us ‘bahadur’ but you bet that’s better than the kind of treatment Nepali laborers get in the Gulf Countries.

    I can’t understand Nepalis sometimes. Twelve people were killed in Iraq, and Kathmandu is shut down, Muslims are attacked. Hritik Roshan supposedly said something and everybody goes berserk. Immature. We can’t get anywhere if we keep having these conspiracy theories all the time.

    And I stand by my arguments that India is a “vibrant democracy”. You seem to be confused. Democracy does not equal richness. Democracy merely means that one has the power to vote. And how vibrant India was was demonstrated when the ruling BJP was brought down. It was the BJP which went on with the slogan of “India shining” that you mention.

    There is poverty in India, huge poverty. Farmers are dying. But you know what, people fight for them. Incidentally, those are mostly the Communists.

  40. :”We Nepalese want to live in peace and happiness, we do not need to compete with blackeees. just need to learn how to live with what we have, 50 ethinic groups and 90 languages. that’s all!”

    Coke, you are racist and stupid. If I had a time machine I’d send you back to the 15th century, where you belong. You’d live with your fellow ignoramuses. Or maybe to the time of the caveman. Maybe you want to hunting with clubs huh? Eat raw meat?

    I say that we throw this idiot out of here.

  41. better shut my mouth. but say somehting
    i know mr manan you have a souce of information in the name of UWB and that’s all. Your views are limited and distorted.
    1. Scrap the RNA
    2. Merge into Indian Republic
    These are the two beautiful examples of how your mind is set.

  42. I’m sorry I offended you, Coke, but you’re a racist, and I think UWB’s policies don’t allow for that sort of commentary. Lots of Nepalis are ‘blackees’ too, you know. Maybe you want them out of the country as well.

    Lets give Coke the chairmanship, people. He’ll start by kicking all the ‘blackees’ out, and then we’ll have a great country.

    And instead of running water, we’ll have Coca Cola. Amazing.

  43. simple:

    Your mathematics sucks man. What about US? Billgates 50 Billion USD, and you are dirt poor (0 USD) and the gap is 50 Billion?? Does it make any sense? I think you are just a child and politics is beyond your grasp. Lets talk about snow white and seven dwarfs, how about singing simple simen ….. SIMPLE…

  44. Manan,

    Vibrant means basically “alive and energetic”, and does not just entail dropping a piece of paper in the ballot, it also means active participation in the process of government and influencing the powers that be with your input no matter rich or poor. And yes Democracy does mean making your citizens richer by letting citizens have access to resources and the ability to use one’s hard work and brains to economically advance, as you will agree a better economy both in the macro and micro level will bring more choices thereby more degrees of freedom. That is the way the world functions these days.

    And SLEEK, for your info, in the U.S. there are’nt 250 million people with 0 dollars!!! That’s the entire population of the U.S. (i.e. 250 million in case you missed the fine print). Their poverty line as they see it is about USD 20000/year. Probably more than what you earn and definitely more than what I earn in a year.
    In another topic, I believe I mentioned there is no point in trying to change you narrow minded views. So let’s leave it at that.

  45. If there is any pressure put on the king, he is not showing it. He is on a leisure trip offering pujas and flying here and there. I hope this will be his last puja and last sight of beautiful Pokhara. He is not in touch with reality. There is an acute water shortage in the capital, roads look like a bombed out street of Baghdad, constant power outage is creating havoc to industries that needs electricity, prices of daily commodities have sky rocketed. Political unrest is continuing, yet he acts as if everything is ok. Unless India or US threaten his with forced removal, he is not going to give in. I hate to see our king being forced out of power and country.

  46. go and save your indian republic which is so vibrant that with in a month or two either hindus or muslims are killed in a bomb explosions. We don’t want that vibrant democracy where buruing living human beings and slaughtering dalits are still common. Where poverty, hate, corruption, religious intolerance, inharmoney are still present after 60 years of democracy.
    Building roads, raising living standards of people living in the cities not only makes a country developed.
    May be
    ALIVE means burning human beings alive and
    Energetic means energetically exploding bombs in temples and mosques.
    Vibrant means vibrating all the time with bombs.

  47. support india…save nepal
    say no to palace…save nepal
    kick out coke from here …also from nepal

    say no to coke [drug]…be a hero

    i am indian but i love nepal more than Palace coke
    i live in Rimmik, near Terahthum, at the border
    i speak better nepali than coke
    i am not far in France or belgium with palace money
    i do not speak French or spanish, cabron, pinche, puto

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