Love, Love and Love

In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make

By Deepak Adhikari
They say, love is in the air. But for me, even it didn’t ring to my ear. Well, another Valentine day passed making me puzzled why we need to follow this western tradition. No, I am not against it. But, you celebrate love all the time, every breath you take, every move you make. Loving or expressing your love in this day dedicated for lovers is not entirely bad, for there seems to be a gap between romance and love, the true love and infatuation. But, what I don’t understand is why there is such a fuss over this February day. I see Capitalism taking over Cupid. You find a jabarjast marketing strategy to promote the goodies from cards to expensive jewelry. The marketing mantra is the more you spend, the more you love your sweetheart.

Last year, I celebrated this day watching Black movie. This year, I watched Rang De Basanti (RDB) a day ahead of Valentine Day, though I was planning to watch it on this very day. Last year’s movie-going was not futile. But, RDB turned out to be a mediocre movie. It obviously can not match the craftsmanship of Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

I fondly recall a day in my early twenties when this trend to celebrate love in the name of a mythical Italian saint was just introduced in Kathmandu in mid 1990s. Wearing a green coat and safely putting inside a V-Day card, the memory still lingers in my mind. The exchange also took place another year, though we were drifting from each other, were heading for mutual separation.

Your first love always haunts you, it remains indelible in some compartment of your memory. So, today I called her to wish her a Happy Valentine Day. As you rightly presume, she’s married and already have a son and a daughter. A husky voice greeted me, she was suffering from cough, unaware that today was lover’s day. I reminded her about it and wished her. She was happy to be remembered by an old flame.

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8 thoughts on “Love, Love and Love

  1. “Your first love always haunts you, it remains indelible in some compartment of your memory…..she’s married and already have a son and a daughter…”
    Damn! rightly said Deepak dai…It comes and goes and u have to roll on…

  2. ehehe i like it !! i mean the article too good to be true why do we need this day to celebrate we can do it anyday we wanna init??

    Learn to love your nation first. Stop flaring the crisis. Stop being stooge of India. Think yourself. Try to anslyse a stroy from your heart. …..finally talk of valentine day……then it has some meaning.

    Prachanda is waiting for the trade and transit treaty to expire.
    He knows India will give pressure to the governemnt.
    Naturally there will be another Economic Blockade.

    Here i cote prachanda

    START……During the 1990 movement, when Rajiv Gandhi imposed a blockade on Nepal, the Nepali people did not oppose the blockade because it was in the context of the blockade that the democratic movement picked up speed and advanced very fast. If India is in favour of the democratic movement and a forward-looking political solution, then it will not be considered intervention…END

    Indians must have told him future moves that their govt. is going to make in Nepal. India will help prachanda fulfill his dreams…..
    ……………..what we thought of him and look what he turns out to be…….

  4. Give us a Break Laldhoj! Why the correlation between Love and politics in this article as well. Aren’t other postings enough to sometimes (as a normal human) make you feel..Ok time for something else???

    And Deepakji it is ironical for journalists to be well aware of the marketing strategy behind “Love” and yet be the ones themselves to have brought this on us.All that love messages in Newspapers and love letter competition and stuff..really makes a good no. of people go crazy. The Media says this culture was to come to us anyway, we’re doing wht people want and the mass think..all this has brought this unwanted problem of Westernization and monoculture mania upon us.

    Anyways it is good in a number of ways that the Valentine spirit reigns in this part of the globe where we are so secretive or rather inexpressive about it all that people though hold onto relationships more of it is due to the sociological construct rather than the emotions involved. People would be happier if there was a frequent exchange of little things that matter like ‘I love You’ I guess.

    N yes though not everything is to be meant to be commented upon in such personal articles. I can’t help but wonder how same things have totally different effects on people. You don’t seem to be so pleased with RDB finding it inferior to Bhasali’s work While we, a bunch of twenty year olds have really been swept away by a wind of change after watching it. Mediocre!!!That was shocking! We found that to be an extension of ourselves, the confusion, the turbulations as a youth, that crisis identity. We indeed got in touch with the fire in ourselves after watchin it.

    The after effects of the movie have been tremendous. Just mindblowin actually! With us constantly trying to figure out wht we can do at this time of crisis in our own land. Just as DJ in the movie puts it “Tamasa dhekte rehena” we are tired of that. Not meaning that now a number of Joan Arcs have been born or anything like that but watching the movie is a mind-opening ceremony for the likes of me well aware that anger and frustrations aren’t the answer but constantly wondering wht they should be doing then? Be out on the streets, merely pouring out your mind bloggin, a hundred of questions.

    So I suggest that everyone readin this go and watch the movie..Yeah watch it feel it , and get charged to do something. Make a difference.

    Maybe age and experience all matter when it comes to being vulnerable to the message the movie is trying to dissiminate or anything else for that matter. Whtever!It is a must watch for us youths. A MUST WATCH..The story is ours not somebody else, it is just us on the screen much our story that it feels like watching ur own frens out there.( we mayn’t agree on this, ok not everyone’s peer grp resembles). Different people, varied reflections. But no harm in expecting a positive-arise- awake and stop not effect….A little stir in the still waters on a mental level is what most youths here require.

    Trust RDB to do that. If it doesn’t .Wht are you, a Robot???

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