Police and Riots in Kathmandu Streets

Nepal Police should learn how to control demonstrations

By Dinesh Wagle on December 20th, 2005 in Wagle’s WebLog

A woman washes her eyes after she was caught inside Friendship Khaja Ghar, a Mo mo and tea shop, where police fired a teargas shell and shut down the shutter. Before taking this picture, Kantipur photojournalist Bikash Karki opened up the shutter and rescued the people left by police to die. Both pics by Bikash Karki via Kantipur (Pics in this post won’t work)

An interesting debate is going on in the pages of Kantipur after the daily newspaper published a photo of a New Baneshwor shop in which police fired teargas, closed down the shutter and left people trapped inside. After the publication of the photo with a detailed caption by Bikash Karki, the photojournalist, the paper condemned that incident in an editorial the next day. Kantipur warned police to use their weapons properly and responsibly.

Today’s edition of the paper has a letter by Krishna Basnet, the Police’s Valley Deputy Inspector General (DIG) that refutes the photo, caption and the editorial. “We feel that you only have tried to defame the police with such serious, undisciplined and false accusations.” This means the DIG and the police department have completely ignored the existence of that incident and Kantipur has responded with an editorial titled “Self-defamation”.

“Instead of launching an investigation and taking action against the guilty,” the paper says, “police have continued using weapons arbitrarily even after that incident…. By trying to hide and suppress the incident, Basnet has defamed the police himself…. Thinking that the prestige of police organization would increase by suppressing the mistake, inability, and barbarism is nothing but suicide.”

It is no less shocking to see police deny the event than witnessing that horrific scene of people trapped inside the shop. I was there at the scene and witnessed the detail that DIG Krishna Basnet has blatantly tried to deny. The photo speaks itself. A woman is trying to wash her eyes by water. The gas is still there. But police shamelessly denies the incident. This is an example of how our police force is being intellectually, ethically and professionally bankrupt day by day.

Nepal police should learn how to control riots and demonstrations. They have been indiscriminately and arbitrarily firing and misfiring tear gas shells. That is not appropriate at all. Doctors have been repeatedly saying that teargas is extremely harmful to health.

Riot police go to the places of demonstrations armed with lathi and shields. They wear protective clothes. Contrary to that, demonstrators are unarmed and they have no protection of any kind. It is unethical for police to fight back with bricks and use teargas against demonstrators. They are there to control the crowd and give security to other people. They are not there to play the game of pelting stones.

Many a times, I have seen that protesters get instigated because of police retaliation. In the absence of police they just burn tires on the streets and keep themselves busy shouting slogans. Whenever police intervene into their protest programs, they are provoked to pelt stones. So the protest turns violent.

In the case of New Baneshwor, Police didn’t even let protesters gather on the main road and chant slogans. The road was blocked anyway and police couldn’t have resumed the traffic however they have tried to do so. But police kept teasing protesters by disturbing whenever they started sloganeering. That is against the principle of peaceful protests and riot controlling. After constantly being harassed by the police, protesters started pelting stones. As soon as the game of stoning began, police, instead of moving away from the venue to cool down the situation, retaliated with arbitrarily lathi-charging and firing teargas.

Maya Ghising of Friendship Khaja Ghar, narrating the story of how she was left to die by riot police after they fired teargas shell inside her shop and closed down the shutter.

Some of the protesters entered into that momo shop and police closed down the shutter after firing a teargas shell inside the small shop. Anything could have happened there. People were trapped inside the small room and there was the gas. It wouldnâ??t be an exaggeration to say that some people could have died there if the shutter was not opened for some more minutes. One man fainted and the gas seriously affected several others.

Today’s Kantipur has also a story on the second page about the plight of that shop owner. “Police first asked to open up the shutter, then fired the tear gas and closed down the shutter,” Maya Ghishing, the shop-owner tells the paper. “The shutter wasn’t opened properly, police entered the gun and fired the shot.” Maya said that she and her sister, who was present at the time of firing, are still suffering from chest and throat problems.

“My sister started crying after the gas spread and two customers who were having Mo Mo in our shops started moving here and there in vein. I fainted.” Kantipur photojournalist Bikash Karki opened up the shutter and rescued the people inside. Police thought that some protesters were hiding inside the shop. Even if protesters were hiding, it is deadly wrong to fire a shell and closed down the shutter.

“I didn’t know who opened the shutter but I think I would have died if that hadn’t happened,” she said. Man Bahadur Ghale, a neighboring garage owner, said that he put water on the face of Ghishing sister and she gained consciousness.

Inefficiency of police to handle the volatile crowd is the main problem. Police aren’t trained. They take the matter personally as if protesters were doing all that against them. In fact, protesters hardly shout slogans against police. They shout against their big boss.

Some say water canon is the best option to disperse the crowd. But there were complains that police used filthy water. I think, in this season of winter, even little bit of clean water will move protesters away. But the best option is that police become responsible and use thier lathis and shield properly.

33 Responses to “Police and Riots in Kathmandu Streets”

duke Says:
December 20th, 2005 at 3:14 pm

Neither the police should hit the tear gas inside the shop nor riots should hide inside the shop and other general peoples’ housees.

bishnu Says:
December 20th, 2005 at 3:41 pm

Yes! Nepalese police or Army they don’t know what is HUMANITY and how to behave with people? so they have to learn……They don’t have authority to set fire teargas or anything among the innocent people.

As well as they use to misbehave with every people when they got tension because of mass………

Asha Says:
December 20th, 2005 at 3:44 pm

THis blog site always condemns the police but not those irresponsible students who instigate violence in the city at the wee hours of the morning. It is just terrible, awful and horrible that one cannot go to the office, to school. Please don’t do this brick throwing in the mornings , please, please.

blogwatch Says:

December 20th, 2005 at 4:01 pm
What do you expect from Police under KG? KG and his royal cabinet are not even accountable to the people and how D. Wagle expects our Police accountable to Nepali Janata? KG even did not bothered to address the families of victims while he never forgets to give condolence to head of other nations. Moreover there is another intersting point to be noted in this blog that KG wants to rule but do not like the slogan against him. Afai Mapai. Hahahaha

AP Says:

December 20th, 2005 at 4:36 pm
But I don’t see this blog site always condemning the police. Asha, will you come to the point and speak something on this photos published above? What’s the crime of Ghishing sisters that they had to go through the near-death experience? What’s the meaning of human life for you? This incident of New Baneshwor is a clear act of police atrocity and needs to be condemned to the extreme.

The incident must be thoroughly investigated and those police officers who were on duty that day in New Baneshwor should be suspended until the result of the investigation is made public. Fortunately the photographer saw that and rescued them. Otherwise I am sure Nagarkot massacre could have been repeated in New Baneshwor. But Asha, people like you always say that what if a man is killed, we have enough money to pay his families, don’t you? Go to hell.

krishna Says:

December 20th, 2005 at 4:45 pm
But Asha, people like you always say that what if a man is killed, we have enough money to pay his families, don’t you? Go to hell.

Yes that is the way KG and his chamche value the life of nepali people. I think we should be allowed to [icd] KG and them may be we can collect chanda from all democratic nepali people and give huge compensation to [icd] and give him free tickets to leave the country.

appreciative Says:

December 20th, 2005 at 6:06 pm
Please keep up the good work of highlighting violations of basic internationally guaranteed rights. Your website is doing great work for freedom of expression in Nepal.

The police are in uniform, they are accountable to the people. They are Nepal Police, not “Rich men’s Police”. They cannot just beat and tear gas and lathi charge no matter what the provocation. Look at the WTO protests in Hong Kong. So much anger, but no one is injured. The police conduct in Nepal is unacceptable. And Krishna Basnet should ask the government to give his men better pay and risk allowance and better equipment instead of trying to shut the mouth of independent media.

Uglo Keta Says:

December 20th, 2005 at 6:07 pm
The Police and Army of Nepal needs serious training on how to behave with the general public. They must be taught to obey law and order and respect human rights. None of the Police and Army (except officers) personals understand what is Human Rights and Public Security. They are paid from the people’s tax money. They are recruited to provide security to the people but here in Nepal they are going out of control. They think they have the licence to kill once they wear that uniform and carry a gun.

This is a serious problem and they must be stopped from going crazy. They must understand that they are not the one who rules this country. I don’t trust King Gyanendra nor his cabinet ministers and not even those COASs. We must keep on fighting until they learn. There is no one in this country who can lead these bastards into mantaining law and order. We must keep on fighting until we get our power back and then we can teach these dogs how to behave with the general people.

Reuters Says:

December 20th, 2005 at 6:23 pm
at the moment you are flaring the crisis. and now you have come with the idea on how to control riots in the streets of kathmandu. Double standard!

Achillies Says:

December 20th, 2005 at 6:38 pm
Coincidently, I also was a spectator to that brutality committed by the police. Kantipur rightly called the defense of the police in the paper as ‘self-defamation’. It is ridiculous to defend the brutality by the police since such methods being used by the state forces are known to all.

AP Says:

December 20th, 2005 at 6:45 pm

Why shame on UWB and Kantipur? Have they reported wrong details here and in the paper? No one is flaring the crisis. We the people need to know what’s going on in Kathmandu and Nepal and they have to report that. Police can’t behave like protesters. They are armed as someone has stated above with lathis and shield. They are there to protest.

I would like to repeat my earlier request to Asha here: Please, talk to the point. Donâ??t just use bad words against anyone. What I have read in this site or in Kantipur about this particular incident (lets not talk about other topics) is truth and truth. There are photos and they are speaking. What police did couldnâ??t not be hidden by anyone including DIG Krishna Basnet. That is a crime, heinous act to fire tear gas over innocent one and then trap them inside a room. Oh..my God. How can we let our police, who are supposed to protect us, doing such works.

ProNepal Says:

December 20th, 2005 at 8:21 pm

Please stay at home and pray in front of the pictures of Chairman Gyanendra (incarnation of Vishnu) and his son Paras for peace.

GTA Says:

December 20th, 2005 at 9:32 pm
they will also suffer some days later as they have made other suffer. they have profession of discipline which the nepal cops n armies lacks most and discipline is the most important factor to win any kind of war.

budnukadunk Says:

December 21st, 2005 at 3:52 am

Reuters Says:

December 21st, 2005 at 8:29 am
UWB and AP listen!

Where is the blog title concerning what is hapenning in the SUSTA- the india encroched Nepali territory and the recent news concerning the demostration by Nepalese in far western district against the Indian expansanism. Don’t get too much involved in politics.
And it is clear that Kantipur is taking revange against the government for the attack by the royal hooligans in the KP premises. isn’t it?
First read this news wagle jee!

Protest rally held against encroachment of land in far-western Nepal

KATHMANDU, 12/20 – Local people in a district of far-western Nepal, adjoining the border with India, held demonstration on Tuesday to protest against the alleged encroachment by India of the land belonging to the Nepalese.

“The protest demonstration was held with the cooperation of the local people of Lalbojhi and Bhajani villages at the area of encroachment of Kailali district, some 800 km west of Kathmandu,” Ratan Regmi, Chairman of Lalbojhi Coordination Committee, a local non-government organization, told reporters.

The Seema Surakshya Bal (SSB), Indian security force, has usurped large tracts of land in the villages bordering India, Regmi noted, adding, “The demonstrators shouted slogans decrying the land encroachment by India and Indian hegemony and expansionist policy.”

Although there were border markers in the middle of the natural lake on the border area, the Indian side constructed additional pillars beyond the lake taking the entire lake on the Indian side by taking advantage of the ignorance of the local people, Regmi said.

“The new pillars constructed by India (Pillar Number 707,708 and 709) are controversial,” Regmi revealed.

“The Indian side has constructed ditches 14 meters inside the Nepali territory from the controversial pillars which has resulted in the encroachment of 10 bighas (6.8 hectares) of land in Lalbojhi village alone,” Regmi quoted a local, whose plot of land has been encroached upon, as saying.

The local people have demanded the location of the controversial border pillars should be reviewed and new pillars constructed in their place and the unilateral demarcation work being carried out by India be immediately scrapped.


December 21st, 2005 at 10:52 am
Write on SUSTA-india occupied Nepali Land

hey UWB do not remove my message. this is not fair. if you advocate democracy and freedom then what you did to my message is not correct.

i again ask you why don’t you write blogs concerning indian encroachment of nepali land in the western part of nepal. are you being paid for not writing against issues of national interest. i know you are taking revange for the attack by royal hooligans at your premises.
you are corrupt!

UWB: No message from you has been removed.

freedomfighter.np Says:

December 21st, 2005 at 11:19 am
Hey Reuter,

Are you all right?? I think you need to take some rest and manage some time to see a psychiatrist, sooner is better.

You got a khukuri?? Hey man, you are a son of gorkhali, why don’t you go to ‘SUSTA’ (as you said) and fight back??? Crying anti-indainism here won’t do anything. Nothing more than ‘man ko laddu ghiu sanga’, and same rule apply for your anti-kantipur cry.

Hey, you know so much about royal hooligan attack to kantipur!! How come??

But my suggestion for you is, take break and see a psychiatrist.

duke Says:

December 21st, 2005 at 1:43 pm

What is “man ko laddu ghiu sanga Khane” Is our land man ko Laddu?? Don’t talk about it go and fight…what does it means.. you don’t love for our land or you freedomfighters only love for power…aren’t you representing this country to give such answer.

Is that your good answer? How you will be judged in front of people if you give this answer in the mass. Atleast you should have to tell that what India is done is not right. The question is not democracy or anything the question is for our land and somebody raise it doesnot mean that he is anti- India or royalist. You people are cry for democracy in which land don’t forget it. Are you Indian to say that? Our blood is mixed with our mud, don’t forget it…. paid people or slave of the Indian only say that….are you freedomfighter of India or Nepal???????????????


December 21st, 2005 at 1:52 pm

Thanks UWB you showed some respect by re-inserting my comments.

Now dear freedom fighter(another uwb stunt)!

Be cool! don’t get excited!

I am not able to fight against the anti-indianism form here, sorry for that.
but i’ll act as you said nowonwards.

1. i’ll stop writing for SUSTA.
2. I’ll write for Sikkimization!
3. I’ll also write how happy are Women in Sikkim after the indian takeover, like kantipur did.
4. I’ll write for buying weapons from India but not from PAK or China.
5. I’ll be happy to see Shyam Sharan’s picture in this blog repeatedely, more happy than watching Aishwaryo Rai dancing.
6. I’ll be happy to call India, the largest democracy.
7. I’ll be happy when UWB publish Indian Embassy press release but not press release from Ethiopia.
8. Finally I’ll be very happy to sing Jana Mana Gana….. how’z dat?

Please forward this message to the press secretary of the Indian Embassy. I hope there is a direct link working now from KP to the Indian Embassy.
Another Nepali in Indian Fold, how’zzz dat.
Process goes on and on until all Nepalese go into Indian pocket.

krishna Says:

December 21st, 2005 at 2:49 pm
Dont talk about sikkimization…

It is never going to happen atleast in next 50 years… it may happen if current muslim population of india increases from 12% to 40%… muslims had attacked nepal in past also but because of malaria in terai and extreme cold in kathmandu they did not succeed… they will try that again… when they are in control of business in india.

Plus having china as our neighbor is a balancing factor… we do not have much threat from either of countries. Gyanendra is souring relation with UK USA Japan when they have been major donors for nepal along with india and china… He is jeopardizing national security thus… he wants maoist war to continue so that he has pretext to hold on power… when army is busy in internal problems external problems are bound to happen… assam has 32% muslim population now… if border with india is not regulated we would soom have similar situation in nepal… Once muslim population crosses a thresh hold value.. disaster is bound to happen… lebanon became bankrupt state while it was considered switzerland of arab world when it was christian majority…

So we should focus on establishing peace in nepal so that we can focus more on the problems like border encrochment… as long as we are not united and keep fighting for our respective communities… we may be able to develop our community but not NEPAL.

I admire india as democracy and also admire the help nepal has recieved from india directly or indirectly… though I also agree there are problems between india and nepal… but being part of india is strict no… same for china… we would and should remain independent always not only from external powers but also from internal thugs like KG.

mika Says:

December 21st, 2005 at 3:55 pm
It is horrible that nepali police could do these sort of insane things that openly. Poor shop owners had to suffer for nothing! They intentionally closed the door…….obviously they knew what would happen!

It is no surprise to me as I remember growing up in Kathmandu and how I had to be careful of policemen rather than regular people. How sad is that? They were supposed to protect women. I think it’s mostly because of lack of education and extreme lack of proper training. What happens when you give a gun to an ignorant person……..Over use of power! Shame on them!

King Kong Says:

December 21st, 2005 at 10:06 pm
Simply amazing, how these propaganda employees of the illegal ruler are trying to fool the people by trying to incite nationalism and racism.

It is just a joke to cry about India stealing some squaremeters of Nepal, when the whole country has been taken hostage by the Maoists and Kathmandu is occupied by the king and his antidemocratic followers. But some people are like that, shouting at the neighbour instead of bringing the own house in order.

People of Nepal, kick them out, these so called civilized rulers, sucking your wealth into their foreign money accounts since years. Kick out the king and the whole bunch of his paid bootlickers. Then vote people to power and again kick them out by electing others, if they do not perform up to your wishes.

King Kong says: Kings are history!

freedomfighter.np Says:

December 22nd, 2005 at 3:02 am
Dear Reuters,

It really feels bad when a stunt nationalist turns his back when it comes to fighting for the nation (as must of the royal-nationalist’s business is to talk nationalism, particularly anti-indianism which is not nationlism in fact, merely for the shake of their personal benifit).

I asked to carry you khukuri if you really want to push the india back from susta. However, what I believe is, it is the stupid anti-indianism, as you do, that pose threat of sikkimizing nepal. Don’t forget that there are indians who love nepal and want to see nepal doing good, and at same time there are some waiting for an oppertunity to make this beutiful land part of them. The later indians always use this anti-indian sentiment to prove presence of ISI in nepal and present nepal as a threat to indian security.

Be careful and wise, don’t be a part of stupid herd.

freedomfighter.np Says:

December 22nd, 2005 at 3:14 am
Dear king kong,

Some squarmeters of nepal is as important as democracy, may be more than democracy, if they were related in that way. Nationalism is just a ploy of KG and his herd, how did indians occupy kalapani when his father was in power?

freedomfighter.np Says:

December 22nd, 2005 at 3:27 am
Dear duke,

Just keep in mind that I am as nationlist as you are or Mr. Reuters, may be more.

“man ko laddu ghiu sanga” is to say that anti-indian sentiment to protect KG won’t work anymore.


December 22nd, 2005 at 11:03 am
Attention Freeedm Fighter- a wise heard!

You are right when you said advocating nationalism in Nepal is being anti-indian. I agree at this point that the indian design to divide nepali population in this regard has started bearing fruits.
Whenever people talk of Kalapani, Mahakali, Mechi, Susta and others still to come, they are labelled as anti-indian.
I think people like you (a UWB STUNT)are helping indian design to succed in this aspect.
But i still pose a simple question to you, your UWB and Kantipur that what is the reason that there is no blog concerning Susta.
But i know where UWB has to answer if they raise this question.
I am asking this knowing that i cannot make money out of raisig this issue.
My question was very simple which you could not answer.
you are making it more complex by exposing yourself.
And also understand the fact that still in Nepal there are people who talk of national interest without being guided by any quarter.
And another thing important is that i am not in an influential position to make some benefit putting national interest at stake.
May be KP knows how to make money out of these issues. Because in the past KP bowed down to the Indian mentors for getting advertisements for not fighting aginst the himalayan times.
hoping more fiery lectures from you

Victim of police Says:

December 22nd, 2005 at 5:27 pm
Gr8 narration and BIG thumbs down to Gundruk ko Jhol. Its bcoz of them that Maoists born day by day. Shame on Nepal Police for their barbarism.

duke Says:

December 22nd, 2005 at 5:53 pm

If maoist rule or KG rules the country atleast Nepali is ruling the country which is far more better than India ruling Nepal. Just remember it….and it is not the question to safeguard king. We are not telling that democracy is not needed in Nepal. But we are just telling that our land being occupied by other country. For which we have to criticise. One thing please remember the role of RAW is 1000 times effecting in Nepal than ISI. Important decisions are being made by RAW in Nepal. People are being funded by RAW and many professionals are being funded by RAW like KGB in India. You may say RAW is good and ISI is bad but we say both are bad for Nepal. That is the difference between you and us. You may say your leaders and their professional activists are right and king is totally wrong but we say both are wrong. In that sense you are more democrat or we? Remember, that population are much much more bigger than royalist and party activists. Convince us….

freedomfighter.np Says:

December 23rd, 2005 at 10:08 am

“..You are right when you said advocating nationalism in Nepal is being anti-indian”
I never said that. What I have been saying is, anti-idainism alone is not nationalism. Nationalism has a broad prospect. Crying nationlism in a stupid way doesnot serve national interest and is not nationlism.

“indian design to divide nepali population in this regard has started bearing fruits”
I agree with you. So lets don’t fall in hands of people who cries nationlism to fulfil there mere political and personal interest.

“…your UWB and Kantipur…”
I am not connected to UWB or Kantipur in anyway. So I cnnnot argue with anything related with UWB or Kantipur. As far as I know, Katnipur is good friend of freedom, democracy, human rights and of course national interest; and have been targeted many times for the same reson.

“..you are making it more complex by exposing yourself..”
There is nothing secret about me. You can easily find out who am I and what I advocate for, from some previous comments and you may find some more in future as well.

“there are people who talk of national interest without being guided by any quarter’
Almost all Nepali actually, if you compare people guided by quarter and people who love their country.

“i am not in an influential position to make some benefit putting national interest at stake”
I don’t expect either.

I recommend you to visit groups.google.com and search for topic on nepal. You can find some good places where you can blow some stupid Indians, who are happy with indian occupancies. You can find many more forums on the net.

freedomfighter.np Says:

December 23rd, 2005 at 10:39 am
Dear Duke,

“If maoist rule or KG rules the country atleast Nepali is ruling the country ..”
I don’t see my country safe in their hands. I trust myself, and people who I choose to rule my country. Only they can truely lead this beautiful nation to a stable prosperity.

“We are not telling that democracy is not needed in Nepal”
There is no excuse, we need democracy in Nepal. Democracy and indian occupancy is not related in anyway, at least not that way.

I never told nobody that RAW or India is good. RAW, India, ISI, Pakistan, China, all are bad. Don’t expect nobody to favour you without there own vested interest.

duke Says:

December 23rd, 2005 at 6:22 pm

I am totally against you regarding the initial point. We are directly effected by Indians whether you trust it or not.

1. During King Birendra and most democractic government regime the moaist problem started that eveyone knows. During that time they collected arms and ammunition not only attacking the security forces but also from India. There were many news about the supply of arms to Nepali maoist from India.

2. The leaders of the maoist stayed in India safe and sound althogh democratic government announce them terrorist. The visit of Madhav kumar and other people in Silguri and Lakhnau is the proof of that.

3. Even maoist used to cut the heads of many their dead warrior which were also the proof that some Indian maoism supporters involved in the killings of Nepali people(that maybe security forces).

4. With initiation of Indian government Girija and Madhav got the chance to meet Prachanda in Delhi and made some agreement. That is not the big proof that India has greater role.

reuters Says:

December 24th, 2005 at 12:13 pm
India is our enemy first and then a friend

Dear Freemdom fighter
It seems you are really confused regarding the issue of nationalism. Nationalism is not just a tool to rule like the present govt under the King is doing. Don’t just confine it by making boundaries.

People like KG, GP and others come and go but we will always be a Nepali. This is nationalism.

At least people educated as we are will never be confused with thie tactic that the present government is using under the name of nationalism.

Rather we should learn from India what nationalism is. They have survived under the british raj for many years finally to acheive the independence. They have paid a lot to acheive this freedom from outsiders.

Look at today’s India they are way ahead than the rest of the SA countries because they love thier country and each and every individual in India contribute for the country’s development. This is nationalism.

They are not divided in the issues of National Interest as we are. This is one part of the story but on the other hand they are cunning aswell while dealing with the neighbors. This is also nationalism in their part.

But we the Nepalese with the BAHADUR and KANCHA mindset are so confused over issues that concern our day to day life. That’s where they are exploiting us.

They are with the Maoists, they are with the Political Parties, they are also with the international community and also with the present King in Nepal.

You must agree that Shayam Shran’s press conference has indirectly supported the King.

This is a fact that each and every educated individual in Nepal should clearly understand.

The deadlock in the issue of Bhutani Refugee Crisis, the issue of Maoists and the issues related to Mahakali, Susta and others are all India invented destabilizing tactic in Nepal.

They know that in these issues we will always fight with our own brothers and sisters because with the BAHADUR AND KANCHA mindset we will never be able to slove anything.

Unless Nepal handovers eveything that we have such as Water resources and security they will continue to create issues that we will fight with our own.

And another fact important fact is that If the King handovers in part or in whole what they are asking for then this system will continue to rule in Nepal for hundreds of years to come. KG knows this very well.

Analyse the present arrogance exhibited by the government whcih has come after the meeting of Shyam Shran with the King and the invitation of the Nepal Army chief to India also indicates that politics in Nepal is heading in this direction.

nepaligirl Says:

December 25th, 2005 at 4:16 am
This is the disgusting act done by the police who supposed to be responsible towards its citizen…They are granted the rights to protect us not to kill us…Think and act ….

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