Indigenious People Deserting the Country

By Vishnu on July 27th, 2005 in Bashnet Ko Guff

With the living condition deteriorating, indigenious people in eastern Nepal are forced to migrate to India

As their plea to the government demanding their rehabilitation fell on the deaf ears, the people belonging to the largely overlooked indigenous Satar tribe in the eastern Nepal are gradually heading to India.So far, over 1,100 such families have already moved to various parts in India to settle there.

Although it appears to be a piece of �news item� in a daily newspaper, it is sufficient enough to depict the picture of such downtrodden tribes and indigenous groups of people in our country, for whom the government has been considering with little mercy.

And who knows, one day we all have to flee the country, seeking haven, as the condition of our country is deteriorating day by day. Hardly is there any hope that the current political stalemate will be cracked and new dawn of hopes will be seen on the horizon.

Present time is really a height of anarchy and chaos in our country since there is no guarantee of civil rights. There is barely any presence of rule of law. Hundreds of Nepalese are fleeing the country, not only the indigenous tribes, and left in high and dry in India and other various countries.

Isn�t the Royalist government responsible for such disaster? Certainly the answer as everyone unanimously agrees- YES. The present way of ruling the country and pushing back to middle-ages is certainly the act that is highly condemnable. The main reason behind thier displacement is the escalating Maoist violence. Instead of finding solution to the crisis, the king has only fished in the troubled waters.

Thousands of people have been rendered homeless and similar others have been sandwiched between the warring sides. When will their agonies be over??

One Response to “Indigenious People Deserting the Country”

July 28th, 2005 at 12:33 pm

Why not have the King, his inbread family, and his Mafia and Criminal Government “go to India”?
If they leave the wealth they have stolen from the Nepali People there will be enough to build a NEW DEMOCRACY !!





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