Dr Tulsi Giri in Willful Defaulters’ Blacklist

Nepal’s Vice-chairman of Council of Minister Among Wilful Defaulters

nepal bank limited fact sheet tulsi giri blacklist
Nepal Bank Limited Fact Sheet

Let’s look at the face of our vice-chairman of Council of Minister from a different angle – an angle provided by this morning’s main story of The Kathmandu Post and Kantipur daily. Dr Giri who remained in exile for 18 years before returning Nepal for holding the current position is among the blacklisted willful defaulters of a state-owned bank – Nepal Bank Limited. The bank provided loan of Rs. 2m to Himalaya Plastics Pvt Ltd, to which Dr Giri is a board chairman till the date, on February 27, 1986 on his personal guarantee which he never paid back and the amount he has to pay now is Rs. 17.4m.

Dr Giri admitted taking the loan. “The directors of the company had told me that they paid the loan, and the bank never contacted me, so I never knew about the default,” he said to Ameet Dhakal, the news editor of The Kathmandu Post, who wrote the story (Business Bureau co-ordinator Bijaya Ghimire wrote the news in Kantipur).

Noted in the news is the fact that Dr Giri left the country in April 1986 and never returned until the King picked him up in the post-Feb 1 government.

How did the story get out?

A weekly, Drishti, broke the story but as probably they couldn’t confirm the news, they published it small with Dr Tulsi Giri not being confirmed as the vice-chairman. The news did the trick and Dr Giri asked his personal assistant to call Nepal Bank Limited where he asked if it was vice-chairman on March 29. After knowing the names of Giri’s father and grandfather, the bank confirmed that it was in fact him.

Dr Giri himself called the Bank on March 30 and told the bank officials that he didn’t know HImalaya Plastics and said that if they had any documents in his name, it should be a fake one.

The amount is not that big, but bank recording of phone conversation revealed the truth that Dr Giri lied saying he didn’t know the company. The question is of morality of the vice-chairman, will he pay back the loan?



Harke was not surprised at all. You blog bros, it is your stupidity to assume that that KG can get any better person. It’s not mistake of KG. Nepal’s recent history is witness to all this. Professors are against KG, lawyers are against him…Karmacharis are against him….civil society is against him. So, why do you expect that KG could get a better person than T. Giri?

It’s KG’s luck that he got a state-bank defaulters. For God’s sake, don’t inquire about Bista and others. Be assured that they have not committed any crime worse than the plundering state banks.

In the meantime, Harke appreciates T. Giri. Decades after he spoiled state money in Sri Lankan and Indian brothels, he says he will talk to lawyers….Congratualtions to KG, what a moral deputy Lord Pashupati has bewtowed upon you. Look KG, how much your deputy loves the rule of law!


Comment by Harke — 6/11/2005 @ 9:22 am

kg aafai le kati khayeko hola..

Who do you think are the bank defaulters in Nepal? The most powerful ones. An acquaintee of mine once felt so painful to sell a house of a poor man in Nuwakot, he was telling me, ” I knew … in Kathmandu who was sitting atop the bank loan of millions and didn’t have to pay it, while that Tamang widow there had to sell her only land..”

rajah ko kanun, daibale janun.

Comment by chinta — 6/11/2005 @ 11:15 am

Interesting! Let’s watch what happens next…

Comment by Chankhe — 6/11/2005 @ 12:46 pm

Here nepal bank made following mistakes:

1. If it was a loan without any collatoral, that was grave mistake. Loan appproving officials need to be on RCCC list.

2. If the loan was backed by a collatoral, the bank should have liquidated the collatoral to pay for its loan. Another mistake.

Comment by Chankhe — 6/11/2005 @ 1:09 pm

Tulsi ko samachar le malai kunai achamma laagen…. kina bhane yo mandale haru chor ho bhanne brahma maile uhile nai paayako ho. moral ko kura kasaile gareko jasto lagyo…. yo aasha garnu bekaar ho ….. baru mailo sahu ani Giri le press lai bandej lagaaun ali dhilo bhaa’ko jasto chha. magh 19 ko din nai sarkari gadha( gorkhe, ntv,radio nepal) baahek kaa sabai media band gardinu parne. aaja inko kukarma baahir ta aaudain thiyo…. aba bujhnu bho kina yo sarkar press, Bar, Teachers jastaa professionals haru lai peldai chha…. aba aru ko pani chhanbin hunu parcha …. sher bahadur lai jail halnu parcha sathai oonko sarkar sang paisa line Helen (dancer hoin) shah lai pani …. ani oonali paisa deu bhaner sifarish( darr,dhamki) dine lai pani….. ki kaso bhrastachaar ko naam ma prajatantra maasne haru???

Comment by sanu babu — 6/11/2005 @ 2:46 pm

???? ?= ???
? = 5
King = K
Gane = g
so from now
?? 5 Kg
is perfect name for KG.

Comment by ?????? ??? ?????? — 6/11/2005 @ 9:50 pm

i think that dr tulsi giri should resign on moral grounds!well well but i do know that he does not have one!nepal ko paisa khayera bhageko manche lai nepal ko government chalauna dine???yo ta bhayena…

Comment by tarkasur — 6/11/2005 @ 10:16 pm

On the other note, all their life, KG and Tulsi Giri lectured Nepali people how the political leaders were corrupt, and what we got here? The mother of all smokescreen by these people who have looted the nation quite liberally themselves!!

What more? We all know in detail how corrupt Kirti Nidhi/Radha Krishna /Dan Bahadur Shahi were anyway!!

Comment by chinta — 6/12/2005 @ 12:12 am

i’m glad at least things like these are coming out. could you have imagined a bank statement like this being printed during the panchayat era? we’re progressing folks, and a day will come when dristi or any daunting newspaper will bring about the corruption of gyanendra and royal plundering of national capital.

Comment by Blogbahini — 6/12/2005 @ 12:17 am

So, where is that Royal Commission for Corruption? Well, If any one can go prior to 1990, such things won’t be new. My suggesstion to blog for a khoj patrakarita – could you please try to find the Mallik Commission and expose these bastards!

Comment by republic nepal — 6/12/2005 @ 12:58 am

1)Why T. Giri only at this time? There are so many loan defaulters roaming around freely. Like somebody said, those who gave the loan and never followed up with T. Giri earlier should also be penalised. Bring them back from their graves.

2)The overinvoicing carpet scandal that Dr. Giri was famous for when he was the Primie Minister needs to be investigated. It is said that Dr. Giri took the money and ran away. All he was made to sacrifie at that time was the PM’s post. It is also said that the reason he was advised to get out of the country was he knew too much who else in the higher ups were also involved and if he opened up his mouth, then “lahara tanda pahara…” saying will come to be true.

What else?

Comment by Dharni Prasad — 6/12/2005 @ 3:14 am

It’s time that the all knowing, all powerful Dr.Giri visited RCCC. Let’s see how fair RCCC really is! Dr. Giri mentioned in one of his TV appearances that people with jaundice “see everything as yellow- for example white, black, etc…” Really? How can black be visible in yellow, no matter what the disease? Dr. Giri should refresh his medical (and general) knowledge.

Comment by sameer — 6/12/2005 @ 9:59 am

Hey Guys, if you will read the lines of Kantipur News and see the scanned copy of Nepal Bank Ltd Fact Sheet, you will easily figure out the FACT!
“The bank provided loan of Rs. 2m to Himalaya Plastics Pvt Ltd, to which Dr Giri is a board chairman till the date, on February 27, 1986 on his personal guarantee which he never paid back and the amount he has to pay now is Rs. 17.4m.”
Date loan:2053/3/28(July,1996)
Due Date: 2053/9/27 (Jan.1997)

It is clear that the loan, on which Dr Giri has been Black Listed was not taken his guarentee.

Comment by anonymous — 6/12/2005 @ 10:31 pm

nepal ko paisa nalageko bhaya yetro barsha bedesh ma ke ko kamaele bachnu tiyo haina ta giri geeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Comment by shuphal kafle — 6/16/2005 @ 4:00 pm

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