New Royalist Party Formed While Nepal Is Under Emergency

By Tilak on March 13th, 2005 in Reader’s Vision

While the country is in a difficult political situation, and political parties unable to hold programs freely, a new party has arrived. Former Prime Minister Surya Bahadur Thapa has come up with yet another party called Rastriya Jana Shakti Party. He founded Rastriya Prajantra Party in 1991 and left that a few months ago. In a press conference organized today in the office of the new party, the first formed after the Feb 1 Royal Takeover.

When major political parties are in the state of hibernation, Thapa, a man considered a Royalist, has formed new party. Why? Some say that this is a part of a Grand Design. Some say, this is yet another effort of this clever politician to become the Prime Minister once again. He has already held that top post for 5 times. Some say that his news decision will help the government because this party is group of royalists. The foreign minister Ramesh Nath Pandey is in Geneva currently to participate in the human rights conference. There, he might proudly tell the international community: “Look, we have democracy in action. New party has just come up.”

Thapa has his own explanation: Government didnâ t give permission to gather cadres. So I have to announce the party from this building.

He also declared that he has postponed a ‘Broad National Democratic Conference’ that he had announced to hold at this time citing the state of emergency. According to that announcement, he would convene a ‘Broad National Democratic Conference’ to give rise to a new democratic force in the country.

Differentiating between the State and Nation, Thapa said that State is an administrative structure while Nation is a structure in which substantive equality and opportunity is made available to all the people which his party believes.

2 Responses to “New Royalist Party Formed While Nepal Is Under Emergency”

1. Bishn Chetri Says:
March 13th, 2005 at 7:20 pm

Mora haru Kehi gardainan…party matra ta kholne hun…

2. Peter Francon Says:
March 14th, 2005 at 12:11 pm

Oh here we go… Come along Young Nepalis! Where is the New Blood, where are the New brains and Policy Creaters? Where are all you young bright educated souls?

This aged fool has crept in with yet another blurred image of the same old nonsense party politic. What will he do for the nation! Come on! Ask yourselves out loud! He will DO Nothing!

The newspapers claim “The Party’s Central Work Performance Committee” has finalised the flag! How can Anyone take them seriously. Itâ s laughable.

Where’s the “Road Building Plan” – The “Teachers Pay Structure” â â The Hospital – Improvement/Building Plan” ALL WITH RESPECTIVE BUDGETS… Revenue Collection, why has it taken 200 years to create a pathetic Revenue Collection System.

The King doesn’t build roads, that’s not his job â Heâ s the â State Figureheadâ , it’s the job of Government to build roads, political parties just prioritise such activities. Now the “Fund Stealing” problems are being addressed, letâ s see a new party come up with a strategy to build a viable road network. Roads lead to markets and markets lead to revenue creation. Can you think of a better place to start.

I’m British, the Romans built our roads, but you can build your new roads now the stolen money is coming back into STATE COFFERS (Take note CIAA AND Government Secretaries!) The people WILL NOT accept state theft any longer.
If a new Party cannot present a viable manifesto for progress, they face public ridicule. Beware Mr Thapa, donâ t make yourself a â laughing stockâ !





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