New Kind of Journalism in Nepal- I

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle’s Web Log

Theme of the Blog: After being banned from writing on hot political topics, Nepali journalists are trying to go cover the subjects that they have been ignoring for a long time. It seems readers are enjoying.

After writing some odd-looking editorials and leaving some blank spaces, newspapers, it seems, are back to business with a difference. They are writing about people, places, traditions and lifestyles. A reader’s comment published in today’s Himalayan Times under the title “Quite a Relief” caught my attention this morning.

“I am very happy to read news and articles that are of importance to the general public these days in the newspapers,” Kusum Shahi writes. “I am particularly impressed by the write-ups on pet keeping, environmental topics, development activities and social issues like the recently published article on widows determined to wear red henceforth.”

The chairman of Diana Travels and Tours, Thamel goes on saying that issues that interest the readers and are relevant to our day-to-day activities should be given more importance rather than repeated interviews of corrupt politicians to the distaste of many. “Too much emphasis on politics can make a newspaper boring to that segment which seldom reads political write-ups.”

Very well said, Kusum. Yes, newspapers are now writing about the people. They are writing about societies, not just how many people were killed in the last gunfire and battle between the Maoists and the security forces.

On the very day of Feb 1 when King appeared on national television to declare that he was dismissing the ‘multiparty coalition government headed by PM Sher Bahadur Deuba and assuming the executive authority himself’, the atmosphere  in the offices of media outlets was worth observing. Here I am shedding some light on how it was like to be in the offices of the biggest publication in the country.

Next: The Newsroom Environment of Kantipur Daily.





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