The #Football World Cup: This Time for Twitter

It feels like everybody in the world is in one room watching the match together. By Dinesh Wagle Every World Cup tournament is a watershed in the history of football. With the stunning display of human emotions and talents, the game rejuvenates millions of people around the world. Those who watch the games will talk about that magical goalContinue reading “The #Football World Cup: This Time for Twitter”

World Cup Football: May The Best Win (Angola Included)

Watching FIFA World Cup: A Nepali Experience (Personalized) By Dinesh Wagle I call that the World Cup Fever. The temperature was well above 104 degrees in fahrenheit and I was in terribly bad condition. I couldn’t sleep for that night and my friends in the hostel of Dorjee High School, Boudha, were in the middleContinue reading “World Cup Football: May The Best Win (Angola Included)”